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The Havana Press from Havana, Kansas • 5

The Havana Press from Havana, Kansas • 5

The Havana Pressi
Havana, Kansas
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Mi.e C. KoVjnsoii wiJl 1.0 Uglit'Bf6-Sugar pp, for llOOatLoub Epsteins; Caney Kansas. j. 1 Mr Jatnes Qdem had a. sinking spell 'Saturday night and was insensible' lor several hours, but recovered again so a to be about the house, on Hon day.

turn, to his farm the first of tlie year. lie says the Alliance store paying as well as' jit did; fbr'the rearoa that the 4.1-Ijahcppeople, after starting a store of own will go (t.o any other store, or tWn if they can but save a nhkle. Call Early Havana, jcanb, fjp per year wintered at the at Unyapa Aft second ctu68 watteft 1 Gents all wool red Gents all wool socks for 25 cents a pair at 'Louis Epsteins; and SQcur the greatest bargaings in sum mer goods, you over have had- Summer HATS at COST wear for 175 cents a1 pair at HLotus Epsteins Caney Kan: Paney Kancas. i "I mi ir it Beautiful weather, Rad Epsteins locals. fjouis Epstcia, Caney KanM.

ine u. jj. aupper eanes- )Yid Ross; Eldr 0. How. day evening was a dicidod sue- rv.

11. andWrL'' H'Vnrc1 cess, financially and Socially; 0f Havana, wevo in the citf laU'Monf beside netting tle May for' the purpose of' -pui'chaVinjs Another good ihpwer Sunday night. 'See Dr Reynolds in, another about 919.00 'in cash." There hu inner for a new I), B. cburol. Thev was enough provisions bft over dosed a contract with Brown! oojumn.

1 for another such sdppey. fur the Journal Leavo vour subiuiintian with Wnrrt Rhn. and Vu. tlwkeS Mcrs) K. Blake.

Weed '40 cents per lb at loui9 and VVinstler appear rUther slim fitou at the American when in In Epsteins; Caney Kansas. vonr best and finest impendence. Louis Eostein of Caney who knows shoes and'at the 'lowest Havana has a prospect for a the vahif cf priuters ink, urove to our; go to Loaid Caney ill sunctum on the farm yesterday and Kansas. BAve us'abont fifty hnes 'Wal adver. lumber yar4.

B. K. Blake fa still unable jtq leave Ills room: Judge Schboley of Caney was in town Monday: wreck occur. tisinc. which heoaotes astonishing Unite a senoua W- L.

CUBT IS. I i ry ft. ow prices in Clothing, Dry goods and edun th Soutnern Kansas roceries: Read them. li Tuesday nornlng about 830J at a. in wmcn aoour.

iweuiy Square lueals and good beds the American, Independence person 8 weye rn ore cr less wr- Call in and send a sample copy to iously injured- At present- (jhc I'rihb to your friends, free, writing, '2: p. m. Thursday Jjadies and Children's fine shoes $1.00 to 94.50 at LoHiis Epsteins, Caney Kansas'; Louis Epstein, Canrya, merchant King sat in bur best chair yeaWrd. rumor has it that the Conductor Prints cents' per yard" at Mr. Eli Parsons who is well Louis Epsteins; Caney Kan.

Clotjiing- known on die S. j. jr7 and Why cot reorganize the G. and after chatting for a time, hamled ns a number of locals setting forth UB some of the crew ha well as pey post here iy yog Boys. L1 msnffP'rs will' die trom hio nrffien which dl-fv COmDetiUOn ID i- Good Prints 5 cents per yard k'-- a 1 their injuries, The agage car, coach' and' a' slt'epVr any of our larger towns Louis Epsieins; Caney Kan.

Onr meri'liunts houid offer special fr the Cbrirtnias ti'ade HAT, pAPS BOOTS AND SHOESlfrC Buyr And Shipper of Cattle And HoS. H.M(UnUt.t,1r.mal mer rolled down an eignieen xuu a rr embankment and were burned The wheat is growing nicely chandife pouinern lvausas aim i ci enjoying a magnificent tradC from while the engine and one-on J. R. BLAIR, Manager. did not leave the rail.

during ibis real Italian weather HAVANA, IVANS, both State and Teritoiy. Go to Louis Epsteins Caney Good Ginghams 5 cents per ardat Louis Epsteinsj Caney To.e4o Weekly Blade ree aB0'y8 A FORTUNE Soraehody. It yon A Vaoa'tion la New Mexico Blade, the know political g. wnpre yuu ww bu iwg -have any money coined before 187S keep it and send 4 cenU in 4b Campbell came oyer frpm JSlgii) last Sunday and returned weekly Of the United States, are ft I Wlfl fill for circular on rare Tneaday. Reliable Men.

wanted to collet rare A o. 1 Koast coffep 01b for siitiotn this winter by sending a million specimen copies as many roiHora tn nil narts of the United on9 jn every town in tne Utned Died. At her home 2j nriles north of Havana on Dec. 11 States Special inducements. $1.00 at Louis Epsteins; Caney To get the full heneflt of mnn t-dn air and sunshine, It will amply wwnrd all travelers intend tr Oo'ondo summer trip' to that chr-a, I'isr revrt k-jown piles frora 0 A.

T. -t. lj nr Ihre iuay he. tnd the a-jtrr cboi est of Now V'Viooair, Koaoxry, ir A wiushiu'e; and a hotel. lLo Monteii.

nn, Unit in jarge, Aj-indsorne, cotnfoi. 1 1 1891, from over exertion Kansas. y.s- rare poiisr lurliw'h in Box 541 IVlir.n, Miss A. E. Smith and Mrs.

ner. To that ent tnev inviie every vv- o1 to send he addresses of asMvi, iVAio. xu jriiiuiuu, 32 tnatv oeonle'aA they caw to, by pm 01 AlOf-rt ti. flttman; ageci from Plains to Peaks. In the Ufa Pass, neir Colodo btal card or lottcf- Send one name years and a few' months.

Sh ten twniiiv. one hundred or a was bed fast for three month Springs, aro several peasant places and. As rnanv as vou have t'nni'. retained her senses unti to cool off in during Lae Jiot 'eunnner write or.Jy take core to send coirect within a. few hours of her death months.

jiotel, xjettnge uddretMM of people that you Know She leaves a husband and two pocket drove over to iotaze Wednesday evening. liuulated Stiga? iV 'or at Lonis Epipins; Paney Kansas. Owing to an alternation. b-iwen himself and the teacher Lo Prather left School last A No. I Greeh Coffee Mb for 00 at Louis Epsteins; Casey Kansas, and tent rotes, Toucan g-.

to the top of Pikes Peak on foot, hor' Tue irip to L.vt Vegas Hotpriflg can bo made it) ooiincotjo.u with tfie iJolorado tour, at a very srnaii addi. tioual expence, by punHng round-trip excision ticket to the Hot Springs that includes a Hide to Pueblo, Colomio Ratings, ry Den- good reading.Jt il children, arid a host of relatives coat buv a little trouble, and the an Mends to mourn her un back, in a earrno, Of vis the co- wheel railwav. housands who receive sample copes Ujmtiy departure. PunLa Fe Route is tlie only line will feel grcatful. Send all the Her remains were laid td ver that runs Pullman vestibule sleepers namea and addresses you please rest beside her babe, in the inquire of B.

Sm-th. tc Manitou without p. hbBladi, v. .01 Havana Cemeterv on Saturdav agt 1 Santa Fe Route. Chejj excuraiou ticket 9 now on last in tn nfpfienC tit verv Mr.

It. Moato, agent for the German to principal Colorado resorts iYXViii.xx uvu large concourse or sorrowing i Insurance Company came in on ye and to Las Vegas Hot Springs New Tlt Ynn Want friehds. Before her demise she I A. Mexico, the favorite all the yeir fcrdav'B train to adjust the Moo re 1, r. exjuessfid a readiness and will mpioytlieilt.

iunesg to 'g0 an(j- toeet her ound watering place, wh. re Mount on Charlie Camp.ella houe, uaia Hoti't is located. By which you can make from darling Babe who had preceded When in need of anything in Inquire of A. E. Smirh, local ii-r Havana 00 to ftf 60.00 per month -tn UB1.

80me 8ix or seven years to the shape of general mercnan Kausa zanta Fe Houte. amount depending on whether yon be better land. Thus ended iiise, go to Louis Epstein's, ork a art or all the time and on he Hfe 0f 0ne of the most dull tne amount of VIM VHioR lift rLL'CK Ulld Veil pl.t the kindest and ul Caney Kansas. Mr. Wm.

'SWhistier and Mrs. Lydia Adams of Tiaca hoe Indiana, are visiting their Wotber, Mr. A. C. Whistler.

he work. If ho it toigut jjay yoi'i to mothers, and oiie of the most Peru Marble Works' patient shiferets thiA con try writo us. it-t- i tlit goes, and 1 here's reoni fur si few ever ktieW; and, doubtless witiie more to cume in it wont cost you Stunts, 1 TaUe The lumber for the U. her body returns to dust, htr cent Tops, Ku Fine Oarvi ivr v. I -I much to investigate- two Cluirch arrived yesterday, and! I much to investigate- only a two Btlmp, the building will be pusnett to cbmpletion as rapidly as possi 3 To thote who conren-nlar I wins -h 1 1 1 1 in vom e'e mm unity, either MAN Oft" WOMAN If you're interested we'd like lo hear bit.

Rpv Holmrt (lulliaon lZ inaver a former minister in charge oi the trom you. We'll show you where-s some money. All information by re spirit is gone to God who gavV it. The funeral service was r.n ducted by He v. J.

B. Rr. and the sermon was on ol' file most touching and sympaihetic. AftVr the exeicises tf the grave Rev. J.

Blake made a lew wry appropriate remarks. For iill kinds of Fancy Dry Goods and especily Diet Goods prices from 8 cents to Caney Circuit is visiting his taking a visii daring the winter, before pnrchasiag tickets do not forget to call on the Agent for at eft at the t. who recently movfd inU Havana. turn mail. Then if you are not con viuced, a'l right; there'll be ft harm done-only you'll miss a good thine.

Butler write at once-Amius wauia Iftt. js always head. You will regret a trip via A. T. The Brodix Publish- Messrs Pilchard and Whistler went over to Coffey villi lust Satntday to pvwse.

thn of the luuil)er to the U. B. Church. $1XK, and all kid of Trim iiifl; Co. Wiishington, B.

V. S.P. A. E. Smith A rent.

ming to match. Cull oa I Epstein; Cane -Kansas. hit-.

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