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Greenleaf Enterprise from Greenleaf, Kansas • 2

Greenleaf Enterprise from Greenleaf, Kansas • 2

Greenleaf, Kansas
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mL ZE5 mlSJ JJ GREEKLEAF ENTERPRISE One Whip, Net and Duster with every Buggy read Harness sold. Real Bargains entered at the postofpcx at OREtSlFAF. KANSAS, FRIPAT MORN- jt.fa.ifAKCifjn law.Ai uncus ClASI MA TTEfS. 9 a Market Report CvMIs 3 toU Bo Corn eents Oats eer Butter JO cents Egg. eeuts Cblokoiw 8 eeuts putatoes so bushel Sweet Potirtoet pound A tr-KXif PAKA fVBLUmtM AT VRCEXikAF, KVERY FRIDAY, 3 Eh CO tn Eh Prices on all goods are marked to $1.00 Per Year In Advance.

FRIDAY JUNE 5. 1896. the lowest Cash price. 0 Wm. Howell, Editor and Prop, CO CO.

We now have the largest atid best Stock of LINN DEPARTMENT. Drytoods Carpets, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Dress Goods, Window SAPHO, Editor. Shades, Chinese Mattings, etc. Th repnlobf Enterprise spoiled some advice by ringing ia That hoary oltr fftory about the two frogs which foil into' a pail of milk. One of them got discouraged and sank while the other kept on kicking nutil it churned enough butter to float on, K.

C. Times. The article referred whs In the EcmvRPRistfc of May 15, and although Wo doo't with the Times, for the simple' rea-ton that they are on the back seat of jutirnul-ism, and it seems as though this article w.w blown into that "puddle inhabited by those foul mouthed bull frogs," or in other words the Kansas City Times office and its force," but come to think it over these were two little woi ty toads," just like the one that wrote' this article in the Times and the one thati represented the Times oi thatCommercial excursion. But say little froggy if you read that article over again Jyon will observe that not a one of them sank. The sinking frog that you have re "-QRQETFULNESS.

A Man's Ususry o4 a Vsars ef PU Ufa Usatrajisa fcy au JuJury. One of tbe tuut icuuliar freuksof tint Keuiory resuiliug fi-uia concussion of the bruin- ever Uwd of hereabouts waa fn the cna of Charles) 13. Lamb, a ma-thiuist, who was struck by un engine lu the railroad yards at New Haven, two weeka tigo, and bo has since been In tbe botspitaJ. Lamb went tlrnre from Stumford to visit relatives ou Howard venue, says the ltegl8ter. Monday night two weeks atro he utnrted for tite tie pot, and instencl ef going hi a rnuutluboiit route he limbed down from the Howard avenue tridge and walked np the railroad cut.

As he vtu passing the wutch tower one of the men called to hiui to get out of the way of a switch lie did not lo so, and was knocked down and Injured nbfrtit tlie head. Uunb waa removed to tle Enwrg-eoey hospital In tliBOrponizedCliaritie l.lillillng.and it wus thought tliej-e that he had becu drinkiug. He was unconscious nil night, nd had to be slrupprd U) his bed, he waa so violent. After he was taken to the hospital he did not recover consciousness- for several days. Meanwhile his relatlvea, who hud been worked about his dlfiapeui'iiiice, found out where be wus.

11 ia mother and his brother came to see Uini. A few dnyaago Lamb began tivrccover eonsclousueai'. but he remembered nothing that had happened in the last ten years. He continually culled to his school friends, and seemed to imagine that wax back at school'n. When liia mother visited him he recognized didly as they always do when they go to Miss Bertha's.

Tbe friends of Mrs. Randill gave her quite a surprise last Wednesday. It being the anniversary of her birthday, all came with loaded baskets and Mrs. Spiers having obtained her consent to take a morning ride, succeeded in keeping her away until all was prepared. There will be a lawn social at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. Spiers 2 miles south of here Thursday evening. All are invited, proceeds to go to M. E. Church.

Parties have; been the order of entertainment the past week. We have not yet been struck by a cyclone, although some of our bravest people made a midnight visit at their caves last Saturday night. Quite a number of Linn's young peo plo wended their way out of town last Thursday evening to the home of Miss Bertha Adams where they found quite a nnmber of her friends assembled and all enjoyed themselves splen J. R. Pruden Son.

9" ference to- 1 one of the "Times" mXKB STUIVB Annual Convention Kansas Christian Endeavor Society, Kansas City June 9th to 12th 1896. Cme lowest first-class standard fare for the round trip. Tickets sold June 8th and 9th. Limit tq return June 13th. For furthur particulars see L.

M. Shippee, Agent. The National Republican Convention will be held at St. Louis, Juno 16th, 1896. One lowest first-class regular fare for the round trip.

Date of sale June 13, 14 and 13. Limited for return to June 21st. Continuous passage each way. National Democratic Convention, Chicago, July 7th, 1896. One lowest first-class fare for the round trip.

Date of sale July 4, 5 and 6. Final limit for return-July 12. Continuous passage each way. Democratie State Convention, To-eka, June 3rd, 1896. One first class Standard fare for the round trip.

Tickets sold June 2nd and 3rd, limited for return June 6th. Continuous passage each-direetion. For further partiulars see L. M. Shippee, agent.

Annual Turnfest, of Kansas, Leavenworth, Kansas, June 13th to 16th 1896, one lowest first-class standard fure for the round trip. Tickets sold June 12 to 14. Limit for return June 18th. For further particulars see L. M.

Shippee Agent. Annual meeting German Baptists (Dunkards) at Ottawa Kansas, May 26th to 29, 1896. For the above named occasion, rcund trip tickets may be sold at the rate of one lowest first class standard fare for the round trip with final limit June 1st, with no extension of limit. Tickets are to be sold May 18, 22, and 25. breed.

Gas Jem "SAMPLE COPY." LI. If. GARDNER, II D. The publisher of the Enteki-kisk hr, but aermrd puzzled to know why sends out a number of sample topic her hair wis so gray. At Linn, Kansas, Handles FARM MACHINERY Thia condition continued for several Dealer In Fine Harness.

A general line of Horse Furnishing Goods, Collars, Whips, Bridles, etc. Repairing promptly and neatly done. vneli week, and jf you receive one we days, mid occasioned many odd occur rences but the oilier day Lnmbcntlrcly tisk your careful perusal of it. Un less you are a subscriber, no subse recovered his memory, and it is thought he will be able lo go home before long quen bill will ever be presented to KANSAS. Wagons, Carriages, Buggies LINN, fully recovered.

you, and you need not fear to re move the paper from the post office, Just consider it an invitation to sub TABBY CAUSES A SENSATION, Ooa a Hr Now-Horn Klttsas proved to scribe for the Greenleaf Entebpkisk Be a I'uppy. Tabby, an ordinary cut, satisfied with 0 tho best local paper in this part of the county. We are receiving new the life of the avcrnge feline, aa obscure ua any of them, was one of the incidents in the home of Buach- subscribers every day andiliope you A "GOOD THINGS-PUSH. will soon join them. ner at 217 1'ark street, Cincinnati, O.

February 13 saw a chnnge iu her life, and In a few hours she was on the high Logan Center. road to notoriety. AND SEE Jugck Kappleman, At LIUU, WHO HHVS A Grand Superb Spring Stock Dry goods, Fancy dress goods Clothing, Gent's furnishings, Hats, and On that day Tabby became the proud Miss Millie to ii tun fnnnl.i unci relative hi Logan lust rvturuiUK mother of six baby kittens. That waa four too many for Huschner, and the Tho GrunnlBQf "ENTERPRISE" liuuie fcU idjy. four little cata ware assisted to the cat'a paradise.

A peculiarity of the It sei-ms as though some of our young expedited infanta noticed, but tJie girls are trying to lake too un c'i advui lw uf Leap Year, I-hkI Saturday uielit there matter passed out of mind os juickJy na the bubbles coming up from the wi-rti two fooliNh Kirla looking for lliei tn-n to cotue to take them to tuts dune bucket, where the martyrs expired died In the air. 'Kansas City "Weekly Star" For Only $1.20 A Year. Dail Star and Entkkprisk M.00 a year in advance. atMjyer 'vheuitdid n-allvlook aHl-bough I wj KOlng to storm. Tbey at gut tired watiliR bulb started walkiiig audKot Two of the supponed kittens were retained by the Buxchnera.

What waa SHOES "qo tue name. The Ninth Annuul Convention ot the Kansas Clirlsilsa Endeavor Union, will be held at Kunsas City, Kansas, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday sad Friday, June 9, lo, 11 and It, 1896. Speakers ot national reputation have scoepted Invitations to be present snd occupy prominent places on the program. Many of tueni hare delighted tne audiences ot International conventions. Reduced rates will be secured In hotels aad boarding houses, and the homes ot tbe residents of the city will be thrown open to Endesvorers st very low prices.

The railrosds have granted an open, one -fare, round trip rate from all points In Kansas aad from Jos eph, Mo. Tickets will be as sale two days before the opening of the aseetlna. Rood to return until three days after the the airrprlsn of the Husebnera and Mother Tabby to learn a few days Inter that one of the retained kitten One of them wore fortluab-MnBetling a Prices to suit the times. Quality always considered. Come and bite brad to see her noma.

But the other young girMiad te wait untill day light to waa no kitten stall, but'a puppy. be convinced before purchasing elsewhere. go bouit when she met her papa omlng An enterprising individual saw the valuj of the freak, nnd made haste in 2-4 tiL is ar tm tw iml.VT. if lr (turner. He asked htr why she did not Address "ENTERPRISE," Greenleaf, Kansas.

purchasing It, and now Tabby find her two queer little ones occupy a com come back with ber mate, The girl answered aha told mtiha briber would break with three in it. lia ba try it again gli fortable neat In the show window of there to be another dance nex Saturday the Kat store at 188 West Fil th street The three were placed In the window, Bight at Wolvertou's June (i. nd attracted much attention. Wilt Muuch got ll iu the Jaw last wstfc Ill proportion to tbe size ol tho city in The kitten is a sprightly little creature, and tolerably graceful, but the by one of his working horses. which lr is printed, Tbe Kansas City Star sal puppy, while hearty, is awkward The Jveut ralnjliao damaged suinriaora has a larger circulation than any other American newspaper.

Its remarkable They ars nourished by the mother. ktplactti. Sale success baa been achld by Its unfaltering adherence to the rule of giving its readers Tabby seemi to be perplexed at a duplication of hersejf and children In a mir The dauceat Mr.Foulin's last Tuesds) uighl was a regular aiuaali up. Mrl'ouliii tbe best that The Star's Increasing rcven ror at her back, but thia does not in the says be will postpone havtug dauues In ues could furnish and its Improved facili least affect her dignity. their lovely Unto crib until zl sprtug Pumps, Windmills and Plumbing fixtures, rubber hose, hose fixtures, etc.

Does all kinds of work in repairing pumps and PERPETUAL MOTION AT LAST. Missus Nelson and Fete visited friends ties could supply. The Star was the Hrst ne spaper to give It readers a full week's papers six evenings and Sunday morning for 10 cents, a thing that could not be profitable except when done on the in thiuvieiniLv last Mundar. Also Mrs Ottuoaira, Drugglit Bars Ha lias Hop piled the Mining Link. Kmina'Bliacbettu'and tKfirsueIretured noma picseo quite a 101 ui muioerries.

CountOtovon Holtzsohuherr, of royal descent and the leading drvggist of Ot- few big scale on which The Star does every everything. The Star was also tbe first tuma, makes thestartliugunnouuce' HAS FAITH IN DR. NANSEN. to establish a weekly edition for thn trill- ment that he has discovered perpetual price of 25 cents a year; 110,000 regular Prof. Bntr, of Christ Ian 1m, Expects film motion.

The story is an Interesting one, circulation for tbe weekly edition demon Bates. In the Fram Kext Autumn. SI 63 strates the wisdom of the idea. and a great many Ottumwa people unhesitatingly believe that the count has really discovered the principle ao dili The St. Petersburg Geographical society held a nieelinff the othr day at HA27SAO.

ll It 8 (C E8 ansEiTisisAr. gently sought for by aclentista of all ages. It haa been known for years that an old wood sawyer of that city has Take which Buron Toll, the arctic explorer, read a. letter which he bad received on March IS from Prof. Brogger, of Christiana, saying that be had no doubt that Dr.

Xausen hod been successful and whs now returning from the. north pole. Vhen Dr. Kanseu left him ot Tromaoe, pent a life and Beveral fortunes in search of the science, and be has often Both said that all he needed to put hia ma' Prof. Brogger wrote, he said he had cat Ton caunot afford to get along without lOUBOWM liOstE PAPF.B culated upon returning in two or three year.

"The mwi in regard to arisen, chine in motion and too keep it running waa "just one little tliirjg." The other night heexhiblted his machine to Count von Holtzsohuherr, and the count assert be Immediately saw what was needed to start the wheels moving1 for LOOK AFTER YOUR FENCES, POSTS, PICKETS. AND FENCING, or a 6. li Si vhirh had been telegraphed a few weeka k'6 as snd THE ago, could not have come from Noceeii personally, Prof. EroggereaJd, "but. an eternity.

The community is aroused and large crowds are continually clam lie continued, "I expect him on board the Pram, to arrive In Norway next autumn." After reading the letter Baron Toll oring' at the count'a store for a look at the wonderful contrivance. No one has yet been granted a glimpse at it, hut the Semi Weekly count has promised a view of the ma' chine soon. A good 80 Acre Farm under good state of cultiva-tiongood well of water, good barn and outbuildings, pasture with lots of water, good orchard, a comfortable seven room house and in good condition, an a-bundance small fruit and berries. If sold soon the crops go with it. Also will sell the stock and farming implements if so desired.

Will give po session anytime to suit purchaser. added: "We also believe tn Kaosen. If he dona not arrive in the autumn there will atill be time to send an expedition C3rress Slat -fciogr OK THR Central Lumber Co. CAPITAL, II Co A PRECOCIOUS CHILD. 65 Bat tmstHi Month Ola.

Tat Caa Re peat the Alphabet. Gordon Edward Payton Wright Is the 1 t-1 lT-months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. E. Kansas.

Greenleaf, Trafford Wright, of No. 6810 Harvard street, Pittsburgh, Pa. He knows all When yon caa get both for little more than the price of one. The Semi-Weekly Cspltal la Issued twice each week, Taesdsy and Friday a pases, 86 columns of choice reading matter very Issue. It contains tbe full report of tbe Associated Press and more Kansas news tbaa any other paper, all while It Is fresh aad Interesting, besides a large amount of blight, ploy and Interesting nalseeUsaeous reading matte of evary description.

tbe letters of the alphabet, and Is a wou- der to tbe residents of the Rast cod. Among' his playthings I a linen book R. showing 28 different Initials. Jacb animal was designated by a large iuitiaJ I S3 I letter of its name. When 15 monUis old to explore the new Siberia ialajida and paasibl Sannikoff land." NO IRISHMEN SEEK DIVORCE.

bmurkabU ibwiM ml thm Kstlonallt la Crt t'aasas Conmrnt. Judge Pryor baa Jjuat concluded a booth 'a experience in thedirorce branch of tbe aupreme court in New York. In closing the divorce work for the month, the judge remarked: "It ia a singular that of more than it divorce cases I have tried thia term. In not a single in-stance waa one of tbe partie concerned Irish, would not have taken note of fact were it not that almost every nationality except tbe Irish haa been represented on one aide or the other In these eaaes. There must be controlling Influence.

Thia roonUi'a record la a gnat credit to the Irish." Wark Ti'l" la Caad flaalta. liewa has lcn received at London that Mark Twsin haa completely recovered hi heul'b ami that be baa fcuilej from tSombay 1nr Mauritius and ('sjxs Twn. He liaa sold the copyright of a iirw wi Un 5T.0(Xi. the child would take the book to his parents, and, pointing to a letter, ask Painter and Paper Hanger them to name it. Cradually.

be got to know the letters and animals, until now he can call them without hesitat ENTERPRISE Baa made arranaesasnts with tbe publisher whereby tteaa offer the ing. Thia la remarkable for a child so young. Semi-Weeklv Capital Lews; Train i. The trains running through Conway Charges Reasonable. Spring-a, Kan- according to the Star, of AXD Greenleaf Enterprise that place, are ao long that when the engineer stops at one station for water the people get off on the platform of the depot the first atatioa behind.

Uorlc guaranteed to lie first-class. tot tbe very low Pries of Atatkaa IsSaatetee Eihaas. Dr. P.sJl. tbe eminent naturalrst, say! S-Qive mo a slnquire at this office.

ISTIRFKIXE that the whaJirar and sealing industries I ltettla af Jarkrft. Jockeys are oct lowed to ht on the Irwult of tnr in hU-b ttej are riding la tiflttU. La Alaska are practically exhausted..

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