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The Leavenworth Tribune from Leavenworth, Kansas • 1

The Leavenworth Tribune from Leavenworth, Kansas • 1

Leavenworth, Kansas
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7 READ THE TROBUNE SOcIPer Year BOcXer Year 8canenlJorl(i, StnitfaS, Srcitng, kit 6 Juuil 1917 Wo. 1765 Our IPolitics; Clean, Economical and Non Partisan Government My country, may she always be right, right or country J. C. Davis Elected Mayor. Our Indebtedness to France." (From Irish World.) Statement of the Ownership, Management, Circulation, Required by the Act of Congress of August 24, 1912, of Leavenworth Tribune, published weekly at Lenvomvorth.

Kansas, for April 1. 1017. One of the points on which the lioAvIing dervishes of the Allies me tri veil to shoutinjr is our indebtedness to France. Truly France ill one time, helped us, for her own sake, to shake off the English yoke. Therefore, siiy Hie.

howlers, we should now put on again the English yoke to help France. Is it France these troublors of the peace The people of Leavenworth on last Tuesday elected Mr. J. C. Davis mayor of our city.

The hotly waged contest is over, but not so the responsibilities of the voters. It is not enough to simply elect a man to such an exalted position, a position of trust, a position clothed with great responsibilities. It rather strikes us that in order to assure success for the official and the city, the citizens must support the man whom they have elected iis their chief executive in his efforts and undertakings to make this a better, a greater city. It's trtn, Mr. Davis was not the choice of all of us, but as believers in a democratic constitution which gives the niajorily the right to rule, wc should forget all unpleasantness of the campaign and assist the men (deeted with good advice and None of us can claim to possess the virtues of a saint, none of us can claim to be possessed State of Kansas, County of Leavenworth, ss.

Before me, a notary public in and for the State and County aforc-said, personally appeared 15. Thiol, avIio, having boon duly sworn according to law, deposes and says that, bo is the Editor of the Leavenworth Tribune, and that the folloAving is, to the host of his knoAvl-ed ge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management (and if a daily paper, the circulation), of the aforesaid publication for the date sliOAvn ill the above caption, required by the Act of Congress, of August 121, embodied in section 1L'5. Postal Laws and Regu are interested in or her old eiu'iny and seducer, England? We can nil remember tin, when Judas Chanilierlniii was comparing France to tiie devil wilh whom one must sup with a long spoon while at llu sume time lie ogled peace loving Germany, these Niime dervishes howled against decadent Franco, I'oiiinnist France. Latin France, ami praised the modesty, (lie learning, the industry, the skill of I't'olcstii lit iind Teutonic Germany. Sometimes (ierniany.

England and the United Stales Avero pictured to us as mother, daughter and grand dill i filter. Sound imes they were inetaniorphosed into Hie Teutonic sisters. The nhii I i ng i 1 1 1 was that all were good, were the wisdom ol a we all nave our virtues and so we, instead of making political capital out, of the failings of the men elected, or decrv them to the delrinient of the city, Ave should strive Lnti And now Proleslant and Tent onic. is our -ill to assist tliem by good n.dviee, providing they we to the I'n I al rv of 1 ierniiiliv hns liceoine a Hun. and the alicesl same.

the Teuton of English is lost. 1 we In I'll The poor cleat ill'es have hecoiuc foundlings, buck into the pnges of past history the contortions) On the other hand, avo expect of the newly (deeted officials to io Iruo to the promises made before election, to guard the interests lations, printed on the reverse of this form, to-wit: 1. That the names and addresses of (he publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: Publisher German American Publishing LoaveiiAvorth, Editor M. 15. Thiol, Leavenworth, Kas.

Managing Editor M. 15. Thiol, LoaveiiAvorth, Kas. linsiness Managers M. 15.

Thiol, LeaveiiAvorth, Kas. 2. Tlint the owners are: (Give names nnd addresses of individual owners, or, if a corporation, give its name and the names and addresses of stockholders OAvning or holding 1 per cent or more of the total amount of stock.) the howlurs lieeonn still more ludicrous. For if we were indebted to Franco, then it was open to us 1o pay her back hy aiding her against of the people, to further and foster the Avoll'are of the city. Thousands of eyes are turned upon them, and every one of their movements is jealously observed.

(Sood officials make a good city, is an old adage. the same enemy agmnst whom she helped us. The opportunity cann within a few years of the lime at which the so-called debt was in Let's see how true it is! curred, and when Iticro actually exisled a treaty ot aniilv mid alliance between his count vy and Franco. We refused to help Fj'aucc. Wc repudiated and doiiouu I tin treaty.

Notwithstanding this, the howling dervishes of the time, the predecessors and largely the direct By the time this reaches our readers Congress, iioaa: in session, may have decided that a state of Avar does exist between us and Germany. No greater calamity could befall any country than war. The Tribune has heretofore striven to preserve the peace for this our country, but should Congress decide on Avar, Ave will, like all other loyal citizens, support the Government to the last ditch. True, we do not favor physical ancestors ot those of today, were not satisfied. Hy their German-American Publishing a corporation; Arnold Flint-jer, M.

Toffler, B. Thiol, John Bautn, L. Stoiehinanii, stockholders; of 1 per cent or more of stock; Louis Wulfekuhler, II. C. Feller, A.

M. (ieiger, II. ('. Bayer, F. W.

Ruder, Win. Bccher, S. ('. Hoffman, Theo. Ililpert, Henry Poggemeyer, M.

Toffler, Aug. Kommerle, F. C. Schuite. shouting and minion vers they brought us to Hie verge of war with France, to whom Ave wore "indebted," in favor of England to whom we certainly owed nothing hut distrust, and defiance.

The (dement, which in our early dnys whs most earnest and active in denying that Avar, in the face of the horrible conditions war has created in' Europe. We are rather inclined to subscribe to the views of Carl Siehurz. that, war between America and Germany was unthinkable. we owed anything to Friince, is that whim now insists on our in dehtcdness. It has not, in reality, changed its position.

Tory through It appears to us that we as yet have not exhausted all efforts with Rser, Otto II. Hesse, J. II. Conrad, F. W.

Wulfekuhler, M. Kir-a view of preserving the peace with Europe, and that this should ieyer, Lambert Beyer, N. E. llcrrig, L. Barrenschmidt, A.

F. Ilerrig; have been done before Ave entered upon an undertaking from 0 t. if once begun, there is no alternative but to fight to the bitter end I Alois Kirmayer, L.Sanger, II. Merger, Edward Studer, German-Amer- and through, its aim now as then is the glory and aggrandisement of England. For England it would sacrifice France at any moment We are inclined to voice sympathy for the administration, because of the great responsibility res.ting on it, due to war abroad, but we nevertheless believe that our country would come to internal com posure, it one ot two courses was strictly aunereu to uy our gov and also the United States, I jet ms say, in conclusion, for those inclined to forget that.

France, if she ever had a claim to our gratitude, effaced it when she joined with England in the attempt to disrupt our country (hiring the Civil War. But of course, the howling dervishes, who adore England, must forgive France fey that. ernment, namely Equal forbearance, equal friendliness official expressions and equal patience towards both groups of the belliger ents, or equal untorgiveness and equal harshness in official expressions, equal alacrity in demanding, equalfirmness in insisting and equal diligence in enforcing that, the rights, interests and lives of iean Alliance. 3. That the known bondholders, mortgagees, and other security holders OAvning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are None.

4. That the tAvo paragraphs next above, giving the names of the owners, stockholders, and security holders, if any, contain not only the list of stockholders and security holders as they appear upon the books of the company but also, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is acting, is given also that the said two paragraphs contain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge For a Greater Leavenworth. Americans be respected and protected by botn groups of belliger ents. However, after all of our efforts for peace with which we be The election over, the citizens of Leavenworth might now settle down, and exert their energies to the furtherance of better conditions, if such is possible. leaven worth is no worse and no better than any lieved to serve the country have failed, we like all other true and patriotic citizens believe it to be our duty to subordinate our policy other American city, proportionately, in regard to its government to that of Congress, for Congress is the responsible part of our Gov- and general conditions.

However, there is room for improvements, eminent. We realize that all the German papers published in the and those can only bo brought about hy co-operation of the citizens United States will join in common sorrow at the thought of Avar between this country, whose best interests they have at heart, and Germany, whose people we sympathize with in their struggle for and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books of the company as trustees, hold stock and securities in a capacity other existence against the Allies, but nevertheless' affirm that all German n. .1 iiit-in iiiiuiru in mis vuuiui win 111 raw ui war wim utrniiaiiv, uu 1 i 1 ti vv i i i i 4 i. i than that of a bona tide owner; and this affiant has no reason to their full duty to help preserve the Union against all foes from, Within and from without this nation's boundaries. i ooneve uiai any ouicr person, association, or corporation nas any Ambitious and Progressive! with the officials.

I rue the election may not have resulted to the liking of all of hn, but nevertheless nothing would he more folly than to nourish any factionalism in the future, We mu-st prove ourselves true to the American spirit of, Let the majority rule, and forget all antagonism if wc hope? to prosper and improve. A city is very much comparable to a household. If one member pulls to the right while the other pulls to the left, nothing can or Avill be accomplished. It requires united efforts, harmony and the good will of all. Nothing can be more disastrous to a community than political strife.

Lot's now forget the election and every one put his shoulder to the wheel. Leavenworth more than any other city of its size has the material from which great things may be made of; lot's utilize that material. In Unity there is strength. To our sorrow have we seen what political strife will do. bet's work together and our success will be assured.

With a feeling of regret did Ave read the communication by the t'hamber of Commerco in the Times of last Sunday, and Ave hardly 'an believe that such linloyarciti.ens could be amongst us. Could it not be possible that those gentlemen rend the morning or evening papers and formed their own conclusions! interest direct or indirect the said stock, bonds, or other securities than as so stated by him. 5. That the average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise, to subscribers during the six months preceding the date shown above is- (This information is required from daily' publications only.) M. B.

Till EL. SAvorn to and subscribed before me this 29th day of March, 1917- LOUIS A. MILLER, (Seal) Notary Public My commission expires March 5th, 1921. It is gratifying indeed to see hoAV the young business men of the city are forging to the front. They seemingly have faith in themselves and the city.

One of them deserves mentioning in particular, Mr. Olson, the shoe man in the Axa building. He just lately has enlarged and remodeled his store, put in a new front, and stocked the inside with as complete a line of up-to-date shoes as ever were shown in the city. That's what we call boosting, and real boosting. Mr.

Olson is a quiet, unassuming kind of a chap, but he has demonstrated that he is an alert business man and a believer in Leavenworth. It's to be hoped that more will follow his example..

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