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Montgomery Argus from Independence, Kansas • 3

Montgomery Argus from Independence, Kansas • 3

Montgomery Argusi
Independence, Kansas
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PERSONA MENTION. Stella Mcliee went to Elk City Tuesday, THE ONLY SHOW TO VISIT YOU THIS SEASON Isaac Clapp, of Cherry vale, was over Tuesday. Hroderick was on the sick list Tuesday. AT Hrlnkraan went west on business Monday, June 7 Wednesday. Mrs.

Gertrude Wldrick is visiting at Humboldt. W. C. Musser of Havana, was in the city Tuesday. tal Duet, Annie Hill and Ola Journdt; Kssuy "The Elizabethan Age of Literature," Cecile Miller; Essay "Once to every man and nation comes a moment to decide," Tillie R.isenbalm Essay "The Child is Father of the Man," Annie Hill; Solo Mrs.

J. M. Anderson; Essay and Valedictory "Not Finished hut Begun," Adda Ferrell Address, J. D. McCue; Address to Graduates, Superintendent T.

W. Conway; Presentation of Diplomas; Quartette Mrs. J. M. Anderson, Miss Mary E.

X. Sickels ami Arthur Devore Benediction. Heal Estate Transfers. The following aro the real estate transfers for the past week It Jones and wife to Jas A Ball, a portion of lot 12, Holman's addition to City of Independence. CTalbott and wife to Elcara II Walls, lot 1, block 2, York Wilson's addition to the City of Independence.

Montgomery county to Griffith Rus Next Monday a new time table will go into ell'ect on the H. K. It. It. The morning passenger train will arrive at 4:10.

The evening train, which has made its sleeping place at this point for some time, will go on to Hiivana, and return on the morning of the following day. This arrangement is decidedly satisfactory to Independence people as well as those along the line. People from Havana and Holton can come to Independence, remaining about six hours, do what business they care to transact and return all the same day, Can they ask more? A large crowd was drawn out upon the streets Tuesday to witness a runaway team's marvelous feats. The team, a span of mules belonging to De-liverynian Hurst, started from the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Main street, going north one block, turning west, thence south around Brodcriek's livery, back on Main street, thence east to place of stin ting, where a large number of men made an unsuccessful attempt to stop them. The team more frightened than ever, ran south to the W.

Baker, of Elk City, was in the city AVednesday. Otwell, of Coffey villo, was on our streets Tuesday. Thrasher, of Elk City, was in the city Tuesday. mm, howe UNITED R. R.

SHOWS In Combination with the OrltriniU WILD WEST! West, of Hk City, was on our streets Wednesday. Neilan, of Havana, was on our sell, the south half of the northeast, quarter and the north half of the south streets Wednesday. Kolb, of Elk City, was at the metropolis Tuesday. east quarter of section 10, township 85, range 15. James Gordon and wife to Riggs, lot 3, block 5, City of Coffeyvillc.

Susan Hart to Elizabeth Brown, the 8. Spencer and T. H. Barrett, of M. E.

church, when they turned east and were stopped near the lumberyard. No serious damage done. Judging from a six inch article in the Fredonla, are town. It. Blair, groeeryiiian.

of Havana, northeast quarter of the northwest quarter and the northwest quarter of Globe and Torch of yesterday, the daily newspaper business over at the future great, is not a paying persuit. Well, Hro. load up your traps, come to Independence, the metropolis, and issue a noon-day daily. There is plenty of room, and our town has a prospect ahead. It must be awful lonesome over there anyway, and our heart beats sympathetically for a publisher who strives to advance the prosperity of a town which has long since Are We Ready For Btroet Care? The Nkws does not desire to bo too hasty in its advocacy of city improvements, nor does It want to advise the council to enact any law that would plunge tli city into a heavy indebtedness.

We simply want to see the many modern improvements adopted by our city as fast as it is able to bear the expense, nnd if it would jeopardize the finances of our town, then we had better go in the old rut and use the devices of our ancestors until we are rich enough to buy without crippling the city financially, or incumbering our citizens with an excessive tax. Fortunately, Independence is in the best financial condition of any city in Southern Kansas, and, as progressive people, we must maintain that lofty reputation and enviable prestige, no matter what the cost may be in inconvenience. But, however, we agree with many of our most enterprising and careful citizens, that the time lias come when we should have street cars in the city of Independence, which would add greatly to the convenience of the people. A line is much desired between the principal streets and avenues to the depots, and, if we had lines running into the suburbs, east, west, north and south, in a few months you would see many of our business men building fine residences a mile away from the center of town. Why? Becausothey will then have cheap, pleasant and reliable transportation to and from their business places.

There is no place more cheerful than a surburban residence, and people who have an eye to pleasure as well as to business, will not be slow in taking hold of such opportunities. Now, citizens, shall we have street cars or not? Councilinen, can you negot iate with safety for such convenience? Is the old Independence Street Car alive, dead, awake or sleeping? Let us think, act and negotiate intelligently, and if Independence is able to support such an enterprise, then The News would be pleased to see a line built. LETTER LIST. List of letters advertised at Independence, Montgomery county, Kansas, for the week ending May 20, 1880. Parties calling for same will please say, "advertised." -Hates, Miss Cattie Langdon, Frank Lange.Rutlo Birdie, Gabriel Mann, Black, Martin, Bertha Boyd, Sarah Moore, LTC Brooks, Parker, Mrs Lizzie Burgess.

Casto Beggs, Maggie Plaid, Milly Campbell, Bettie Richardson, 2 Center, Mr Jas Richardson.Rich'rd Robinson, MA Durlier, Thomas Roush.Jno Evans, Mrs May Ropp, A Evans, SaleliQtt, Jemimia Fumes, Benjamin Seborn, Amanda Funbosser, Esther Smith, A Grissom, Mr Stiffy, Hall, Eugene Stoyle, A Harvey, Mary A Sutherlin, Ida Hedstrom, Taylor, Jas liaison, Alonga Tomlinson, Mr Ingalls, Todd, Carrie Jones, Georgetta Urmey, Johnson, Laura Urmey, Johnson, Belle Wells, Ella J-Jones, Robert Ward, Peter Johnston, Brick Wheeler, Kelley, Katie Wilson, Wm if died in the shell. the northeast quarter of section 8, township 35, range 17. Susan Huffman and -husband to Frank Guesnier, lots 1, 2 and 3, block 25, City of Coileyville. Programme for L. L.

A. The L. L. A. "will meet with Mrs.

J. M. Anderson, Friday, May 28th. ritOGltAMilE: Roll call. Reading of minutes.

Responses on "Observance of the Sabbath." Song "America" by the Society. Essay "Observance of the Sabbath" Mrs. Barwick. Recess. Lesson "Vast Waters of the Earth" conducted by Mrs.

Mason. Music Mrs. Anderson. Items of interest. Mns.

Homer Shields, Clirn. Com. on Prog. To enable all to attend Decoration was in the city Wednesday. W.

Conrad and J. M. Wilson took a trip to Liberty Tuesday. Broadbent, trustee of Fawn Creek, was at the bub Wednesday. Morgan's sister-in-law left for her home in Colorado 'Wednesday.

Long, of Matanzas, Chautauqua county, was in the city Wednesday. Billings, city assessor of Cherryvale, was at the metropolis Wednesday. A. H. Clark and E.

E. Matthews went to Cofl'eyville Tuesday. E. A. Hamilton started for Attica and Wellington to visit some friends.

B. Emery, of Springfield, Mo. is on hands with a full line of cigars and tobacco. Snderstrom, of Bee, was in the city Wednesday, visiting friends and relatives. services, and to witness the unveiling of the monument at Haxter Springs, the Kansas City, Ft.

Scott Gulf rail LATEST PERSONAL DOINCS. Hates went to Cherryvale yesterday. Stump went to Fredonia on business, yesterday. K. Wright, of Elk City, was among us yesterday.

P. Strauaii went to Parsons and South Mound yesterday. C. Darrow, of Fawn Creek, was in town yesterday on business. Wm.

Diinkin and I. W. Hroderick took a trip to Drum Creek yesterday. E. Ronton, trustee of Cherry township, was over yesterday, and reports everything prosperous.

II. H. Kellogg started on a visit to Carthage, where she will remain about one month. Don Lavy, the tailor, went up the road yesterday on business, and while gone he will visit Iola and Humboldt. Taylor, of Fawn Creek, brought in a car load of fat cattle yesterday, which lie is going to ship to Kansas City.

and Mrs. Aaron Sullivan and Jenuiu Latimer, parents and sister of A. J. Sullivan, went to Cherryvale yesterday to visit friends. Kimball, abstractor in C.

M. Ral-stin's oilice, has intelligence from his father at Mobile, Alabama, stating that he will be here in a few days. J. Gaston, of Elk City, was in the city yesterday, and failed not to call on The News. Mr.

Gaston is one of Elk City's most enterprising citizens. C. Stich returned yesterday morning from a triD over the V. I. W.

railroad. He was over the new line from Yates Center to Buffalo, and reports everything moving. B. Irby, of Bartlesville, I. was in the city yesterday, and purchased a selfbinding machine ot A.

C. AVhitman. Mr. Irby lias 125 acres of fine heat that will be ready for harvesting about June 10th. Wednesday night just as we were locking up our forms for press, our sanctum was visited by several ladies, who kindly came in to inform us of an entertainment given by the Misses Eva and Myra Amsden to the Sunday Scool class of Mrs.

Cullison. The evening was one of rare and exceptional beauty, and the ladies did everything, not in vain, to cause their guests to enjoy themselves. Ice cream, strawberries, cake, were served in the most palatable manner, and all the ladies expressed themselves as having a most excellent time. Miss Crampton, Miss Flora and Elder Cullison were among the guests, and can testify to the merits of the feast. Mayor Walker called in yesterday to inform us that Mr.

O. M. Richards, of the Sperry Electric Light had arrived, and would, as soon a possible, begin making arrangements for the introduction of the light. Mayor Walker speaks very highly of the manner in which the Sperry Light Company transacts its business. You don't have to take Sperry Light unless you want it; the city can buy it or let it alone, just at it deems proper.

No exclusive franchise is given. Such an arrangement can not but too plainly show that the company are sure that the city council and citizens of Independence will at once become satisfied that the Sperry Light is just what they have been looking for, and will at once make necessary arrangements for lighting the streets, stores, offices, hotels, residences, etc. If the Sperry Company were not quite sure that they could please the people, then that company would not be so eager to accept the proposition. The Sperry Light is unexcelled, and the company has no tears whatever of the result. It will be a happy day for The News' night force when our old coal oil lamps are laid away and bright, brilliant and safe Sperry Electric Light illuminates the oflice.

Nor will there only be joy in Tutf News camp, but every enterprising firm in town will also feel that at 0APT. E. E. STUBBS THE CHAMPION RIFLE SHOT OF THE WORLD, Has the Direction of the "Wild West" Department, Comprising the Leading Features of WILD. WESTERN LIFE! AND A HPIiKNUlD Ring Performance! Fred.

Palmer was among the callers at the court house Wednesday. Williams and family spent last week in the Cherokee Nation, near Claremore. ONE 25 CENT TICKET road company will run a special excursion train on Monday, May 31st, 1880, leaving Cherryvale at 7 o'clock a. m. Hound trip tickets $1.00.

Keturning train will leave Haxter Springs at 7 o'clock p. m. In order to secure benfit of these low rates, parties must secure tickets. Those who pay fare on the train will be charged regular tariff rates. J.

E. Lockwood, Gen'l Passenger Agent, Kansas City. Our special correspondent from Har-risonville writes: "Mrs. John B. Sevv-ell, living two miles south of this place, is a raving maniac, requiring several assistants to hold her, and prevent the woman from killing her children and attendants.

No reason can be assigned for her strange derangement." We are personally acquainted with the family, and it is with heartfelt sorrow that we are now called upon to publish such reports of our friends. We hope, however, that she may soon recover. A social gathering was held on Monday evening at the residence of A. J. Sullivan in the Third ward, it being the eighteenth anniversary of Mr.

and Mrs. Sullivan's marriage. Their father and mother, Aaron Sullivan and wife also their sister, Jennie Latimer, from Mil-sonville, Iowa, were present. Ice cream, strawberries and cake were served, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent. ADMITS TO ALL LOCAL AND GENERAL.

C. Bouldin and Charley Cowell. of Cherryvale, were at the county seat Wednesday. W. Whitman, of Peoria, brother of A.

C. Whitman, of this city, is here Dr. Masterman returned from Elk City Titesday, accompanied by E. E. Masterman.

To arms I To arms I The bugles call 1 The captain loudly, hoarsely, cries I've loRt my pnckethook, my all I Well, in Tub News I'll advertise. Shall we have street cars? It Will Remain True. The Independence Weekly News made its salutatory bow to the public last week. We congratulate Brother Sullivan on the neat and newsy appearance of his paper, and wish him the highest degree of success, so long as lie remains true to the sentiments so well expressed in his salutatory. Caney Chronicle.

Graded Stock For Sale. Sixty-live head of cattle of various ages, 25 head of cows, balance yearling and two year old steers and heifers also 2 grade bulls, 8 head of horses, 3 Tornado mares, 2 Tornado and one Norman colts, and 2 Morgan saddle horses. Will be sold for cash or on time with approved security. 6-fl P. K.

Lynn. Real Estate Transfers. The followingare the real estate transfers recorded yesterday Harry Porter to Cribbs, the east half of the southeast quarter of section 33, township 34 and the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 34, township 34 and lot 8, in section 4, township 34, range 14. Cribbs to Geo Guernsey, undivided half interest in the east half of the southeast quarter of section 33, township 34, and the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 34, township 34, and lot 8, in section 4, township 34, range 14. II Kellogg and wife to Guernsey, the northwest quarter of section 21 township 34, range 14.

Geo Guernsey to Jas Gilbert, the undivided half of the east half of the southeast quarter of section 33, township 3 and the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 34, township 34, and lot 8, section 4, township 35 range 14 also northwest quarter of section 21, township 34, range 14. Peyatt has gone to Sedan on a visit, and while absent T. M. Shocky is working in bis stead. A.

Biggs, examiner of real estate for Angell Matthewson was in the city Wednesday. Retta Reynolds, of Havana, sister of C. is in the city visiting Mrs, D. W. Stevenson.

B. F. Devore, P. M. Memorial Day.

The following programme has been arranged for Memorial day, Monday, May 31st. Comrade W. R. Brown is designated as Chief Marshal; Comrade J. S.

Way Cummins, Gravely, Washburn, Ash ba ugh and Painter took arun to Havana Tuesday on the tram. as President of the day; Rev. J. Ferrell as Chaplain. The procession to the cemetery will form on South Ftth street at 9:30 a.

m. Wm. Clay, who resides near Parker post oflice, and S. B. Irby, of the Territory, were in the city Wednesday.

Craig was moving his effects to the house formerly occupied by Mrs. Rhodes, on Ninth street, Wednesday. We were in error Tuesday in stating that John Epperson and Mollie Loy were married, etc. Hut then, it is all the same, the happy couple having had the ceremony performed Wednesday, in order that Tn News might not be term ed a liar by our envious rivals. In our eagerness for news, we sometimes get a little ahead of time, but this is better than publishing articles four and even five days old.

Tuesday's congratulations will answer all purposes. W. B. Dana, of Bee, was in the city Wednesday reported that Mrs. John Sewell, the insane woman, of whom mention is made in another column, is in a critical condition.

He expresses great sympathy for the afflicted lady, and also for her husband and children. Dr. Bradley, of Tyro, is attending the unfortunate woman. All civic orders and other organizations of the city nre earnestly to join the procession and participate in the exercises at the cemetery. The Memorial address by Judge Geo, Chandler, will be delivered at the M.

E. church at 2 o'clock p. m. The evening exercises at the same The Caney Bank was chartered last Tuesday. Cherries are ripe, and the small boy is In his glory.

Crops between Independence and Havana are looking splendid. What has become of our open air voncert by the Independence Cornet Hand? A new crossing is being put in on Myrtle street, from the Citizens Hank to Calk Heard's drug store. Work is progressing on the Parsons Pacific railroad, and parties who say they know claim that the work is going to lie pushed with more than ordinary rapidity. The electric light men will be on hand about Wednesday, and will commence on their work. In six months, if nothing happens, our streets, stores, hotels, offices, will be lighted with the superb Sperry Electric Light, Ed.

Brannanna, general agent of Scgrist. Howe Co's. United Kailroad Show and Wild West, called Thursday and made arrangements for advertising his show in Tjik News, the best advertising medium in the eity and county. Mr. L.

Greenough, wife and two i-hildren, of Missoula, Montana, and Miss Callie Greenough, of Bloomfield, Iowa, are the guests of Mrs. J. Greennugh. and her son, J. W.

Green-ouch, this week. They will visit Mrs. llosenbalm, of Independence, sister of Mrs. T. L.

Greenough, next week. Globe and Torch. Mr. Logan, who resides about seven miles south of the city, is stopping at the Laurel Street House, receiving treatment for his eyes. Mr.

Logan lias almost completely lost the sight in one eye, and he entertains serious fears of eventually losing the sight of the other. The Xewk deeply sympathizes witli the gentleman and sincerely hopes that he may soon regain his full optical Notice. J. S. Huey has the accounts of 11.

D. Washburn, for coal, to collect, and all place wiil consist of Prayer Chaplain Ferrell. Song "America," Audience. Address S. C.

Elliott, Esq. Reading Mrs. G. B. Leslie.

Song "Tenting on the old Camp E. Mears. Address Comrade Rev. A. Cullison.

Quartette Messrs. Ross, Devore, Sickels and Mears. Reading Mrs. Homer Shields. Song.

Benediction. last the day has dawned upon the beginning of a new era. parties knowing themselves indebted to Mr. Washburn will please call on Mr. Huey and settle, or all delinquent bills will be put in the hands of an officer for collection.

29-tf. Business men are always judged by the kind of stationery they use. If a business man, no difference whether lie be worth a million or a thousand, who writes a letter upon, a poorly printed Post No. 4, G. A.

B. Comrades, a full attendance of Members is requested at our regular encampment Friday night, 28th as Comrade J. P. Swatzell, District Inspector, accompanied by visiting comrades from Elk City will be present. Other im letter or note head, is generally classed as a careless, shiftless fellow, who, J.

Bailey, of Hopson store, is enjoying a lay-oil for three or four days and is rusticating in the country. A. Jones went to Elk City Tuesday to officiate at the wedding of John Epperson and Miss Minnie Loy. Turner, of the Independence Medical and Surgical InstituteJeftWed-terday for Sedan, where he will remain a few days. ..8.

Swangle came in from Harrison-ville Tuesday after his daughter, Jennie, who has been visiting relatives in Labette county for two weeks past. B. Hansom and wife, of Elk Falls, are in the city for a few days, on their way to Michigan, where they expect to remain during the hot summer months. J. C.

Paxson, of Cherryvale, was in the city Tuesday, and reported our friend, Dr. Gard. still on earth. Call again and bring the Doctor with you, J.C. Concannnn was over the u-turegi eat(V) Wednesday with his picture machine.

There must be some attraction over at the suburbs, for Tom. makes frequent visits. Stevens, of Caney. was a caller Wednesday. He reported everybody anticipating the early construction of the M.

which, if built, will make Caney a nice little town. C. Ii. Sipple. of Feru, was in the city Tuesday, and paid The News a friendly call.

The Doctor is very sanguine of the glorious future of Peru, and says that ere the snow flies, it will have two railroads. The Southwestern will reach that place by July 1st. Harrisonville Notes. The Quakers had quite a crowd out last Sunday. Millard Huffman is building an addition to his house.

David Goyer has the finest field of corn in this section. P. V. Ilockett and wife were in attendance at the Quarterly Meeting. Jesse Reynolds, who lias been sick for the past week, is now able to be out again.

Miss Jennie Swangle, who has been visiting in Labette county, returned last Wednesday. Miss Retta Reynolds, of Havana, was visiting relatives at this place last Monday and Tuesday. Miss Evie Hadlev closed her singing school last Tuesday night, and a large in all his business affairs, is loose, slov J. It. Charlton, who, for several months, ably edited the Elk City Democrat, invaded our sanctum Tuesday, and swopped lies with the editor.

Mr. Charlton is one of the best newspaper men in Kansas, and by his close attention to his paper, made for himself an enviable reputation. Come again. .1. W.

Crampton. of this city, showed us the first copy of The National Union, a five-column quarto published by C. A. Power, at Terre Haute, I nd. It is neatly printed and ably edited.

Republican in politics, and is in favor of ''Union, Loyalty and Protection." The social at Dr.Chaney's last Monday evening was a success financially. The most pTeTtsstttt feature was ihe children's picnic from 4 to 7 o'clock. More than one hundred were in attendance, and it was a treat to, see them enjoy themselves. A friend at Ilarrisonville writes: "Has Alaska a representative at No; Alaska has no representative at Washington, why, we do not know. Alaska lias a territorial organization, the sHine as Dakota.

portant business will also come before the meeting. Adjutant. enly and neglectful. This man may be correctly judged, and a great many times lie is. A merchant who uses nicely and neatly printed paper will receive prompt attention every time.

High School Commencement. The first annual commencement ex The News turns out most excellent ercises of the Independence High work, having the exclusive right in Montgomery county, to use the litho- School will take place this evening, Mav 28. at Favne's Onera House, when the following programme will be pre crowd was in attendance. type system, which is almost equal to lithograph, and all in need of job printing should not fail to cast an eye over sented: our samples. They are unexcelled.

Instrumental Duet, Annie and Emma Dill; Invocation; Saulutatory and Essav "We have reached the bay in Mr. D. W. Stevenson, formerly with one of the best job printing housrs in safety and the ocean lies in view," New York City, is employed as foreman of the job department, and be is We are glad to learn that Mrs. Babb who has been sick for some time, is rapidly improving under the treatment of Dr.

Turner. Joe Ray. George Thornton and his best girl made quite a spread in this vicinity last Sunday. Getn-ge has came up missing and his friends offer the reward of 2 cents for information leading to his A. L.

Whitman had the misfortune to net his arm broken Wednesday while helping Judge Craig about lnovim; bis household eoods: the wagon was being backed up near the sidewalk while Mr. Whitman was standing in the back end. and by some accident he fell out. breaking the ulna lione near the wrist. Dr.

McCullev was at once summonsed Mr. Whitman was put in as -otn-fortabie a position as possible. every ready and willing to show you Lieily Truby; Essay "The Poet ana Philosopher," Maggie Nelson; Vocal Duet, Mrs. J. B.

Adams and Mrs. D. McKelvev: Essav "Bequests of Rome" work and quote prices. K. P.

A'len has purchased of Charles Schoenfield the lot on which his blacksmith slvip stands, and the prospect for some more fine buildings on West Main street is almost assured. Five entries were made yesterday at May Madden Oration "Soap and Civ whereaboH the U. S. land office, in this city. ilization," Marion Nelson Instrumen I.

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