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The Merchants Journal from Topeka, Kansas • 7

The Merchants Journal from Topeka, Kansas • 7

Topeka, Kansas
Issue Date:
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THE MEBOIIANTS JOURNAL. 7 Arnold's Paint List, Expert Advice 0 Given as to success in busi PACKAGES. ness or as to any difficulty Oa goods requiring a jug or can, wo will nuke a cnarge or iwo per gauou ror ssrae, GLASS. Our stock of Glass It oompleto, and will be tilled you may be in. buccess guaranteed if advice is acted upon, or money refunded.

Fee 5j.oo in advance. Can furnish the best of refer at Dcsi quotations. ALADAGTINE. GEO. A.

BAYLE, St. Louis, U. S. A. flaker of High Grade Food Products, The permanent wall finish, in Mb.

packages, 100 lbu. in a case. Per lb. White fO 10 ences. Address All Colon 11 White, in 100-lb.

drums 9 JOHNJ. HOPPS, Less a discount or 40 per cent. MIXED PAINTO. We handle the Aluminum Taint Celebrated Caney, Kansas. Men Wanted Keadv Mixed Paint.

We have a full line embrac ing all colors. The Aluminum Paint is sold under a positive guarantee, and retails for $1.50 the world over. The paint is composed of Pure White Lead, to engage in the mercantile business who can show a and Is absolutely free rrom barytes or any adulteration whatever. Our prices are Per gal. clean record for honesty, Such as PREPARED MUSTARD, SAUCES, CATSUP5, PICKLES, DRESSINGS, SEASONINQS, 1-galloncans $1 00 -gal Ion cans.

1 06 -gallon cans 1 10 MALT AND TARRAOON VINEOARS, RELISHES, PASTES, POTTED CHEESE, SMOKED HERRINQ, MINCE HEAT, DETROIT CARRIAGE PAINTO and can put in not less than 5500.00 cash. Success guaranteed from the start. No risk, no chance. Address In Cans. Qt.

Pt. K-Pt. Yellow, Citron 90 75 to 45 $0 30 Black. Raven Coach 75 45 80 Vermilion 75 45 80 Quaker, Green 75 45 SO Wine. Dark 75 45 80 BAKINQ POWDER, SALTED PEANUTS, and HAND-MADE BAKERY PRODUCTS.

JOHN J. HOPPS, Caney, Kansas Discounts 40 per cent. Editors note Four years ago John J. Hopps Price List mailed on application. IRONCLAD MIXED PAINT.

started in business wun a total oasn capital 01 tiw. lie did a business the first year of 124.000 and has For Barns, Fences, Shed, etc, In four colors: Red. Brown. Mahozanv and Slate. made big strides In volume of business done each year since.

He now is tne owner or three stores. Per gallon $0 65 Bis rating in Dan and Bradstreet is first class. VlfT WULUHUi Per lb. tacacacaooeaoaaoaoaoaoaca Chrome Yellow, pure, 6-lb. boxes.

..90 15 Chrome Green, pure, 6 lb. boxes 15 Vermilion, pure, 6-lb. boxes 15 Venetian. a we rrmi ni Venetian, by barrel of 338 lbs Mineral Red Ochre, French Ochre, American A Storekeeper Wanted Fine Stationery 8 Pay the Express. IN EVERY TOWN IN KANSAS TO ASSUME THE AGENCY FOR Mil WUkUKU IN VIS-.

Per lb. a a Lamp Black $0 15 Coach Black 15 Ivory Black 15 Drop Black 15 for Kansas Merchants. a Burnt Umber 14 Raw Umber 14 Chrome Green 18 Indian Red 10 The American Steam Laundry OF TOPEKA. The finest grade of work. Absolutely up to date.

A modern plant forqulck work. Newest Improved machinery. We have a large number of agencies all over Kansas. Merchants make a good thing every month. We furnish baskets, lists, and everything.

Write us. Tuscan Red 18 we nave a maernincienr Chrome Yellow 20 Sienna 14 tail equipment for modern print- ing. We are doing lots of work for Merchants all over ARTHUR C. KEATING, Manager. WnilC bBMU.

Per lb. Southern Brand, less than 500-lb. lots $0 08K St. Louis Brand, a non-trust lead, strictly 5 Kansas and adjoining terri- 2 Dure, less than 500-lb. lots 05 Packed in 124.

25, 20 and 100-lb kegs. Subject 5 tory. We can please the to market cnanges. LINSEED OIL AND TURPEIITME a mosi exacting. sen a tor samples and prices.

Will be billed at the lowest market price, and you will be sure to receive tne very lowest quota a tions. H. B. HUNT, PRCST. A.


V.WC- Per lb. MrKI.HAN IS JIHIKNAI IZII. Ornwm mw -mw mw mm mmm mw mwm Printing Department. American, Good $0 15 American, Ground 15 White, Extra 20 White, Ground 20 Irish Ribbon SiO STAEUsPDLaIG TOPEKA. KANSAS.

flfl q) MMY in) Inliyiliul DODODOOODODODODODOOOOOaoaO VARNISHES. Per gal. 70 OMLY 05-00 1 75 1 70 Berry Bros. Hard Oil, Patent Can. Pratt Lambert Hard Oil Masury's Hard Oil Imperial Hard Oil, in 1-gal.

cans. Premium Hard Oil, in 1-gal. SEND US $5. OO as a guarantee of good faith and we 1 00 1 will send you any fireproof safe 125 Dy rreignc, u. v.

suDjectto examination. Ton can examlna Ji-Gal. Manufacturers of all Kinds of PLAIN, DECORATD AND LITHOGRAPH CRESCENT BRAND. Cans. 1-Gal.

Cans, per eal. llit at jronrfrelght depot andlf. you Iwflnd It the equal of any flre- per cal. I I I (ITT. $4 00 3 00 ana Bieei eaie maae ana aoouc onethlrd the price charged by others for the lame alio and grade, pay your freight agent our 2 20 .1 60 mr' aj HrGal.

Cans, per gal. $3 85 2 90 2 10 1 45 1 85 1 10 1 10 1 10 3 10 sneeiai factory nnee and 2 00 frelarht ehararea. less the 15.00 sent with order; otherwise return it at our expense and we will return vour AK.OO. 100-lb. combination TIN CANS 1 20 1 20 Carriage Body $3 75 One Coat Coach 2 80 Wagon Varnish 2 00 No 1 Coach 1 35 No.

1 Damar 1 75 No. 1 Copal 1 00 Japan 75 Cherry 1 00 Walnut Stain 1 00 Pure White Alcohol Shellac 3 00 Hard Oil, light, 1 50 Hard Oil, bulk 1 25 Asphaltum 75 1 20 loek safes for the home, 16. 95 SOO-lb. office and store safes. S1S.95; 600 S19.05 700 J000 S2.

95t 12 60 Iba. 8 4. 95 1 Terr large double outside and doable Inside door safes for large business, factory, Jewelry or bank. SO Inches high. 8400 S71.0&I 68 Inches hie.

8000 lbs. 3 20 $99. 75. Freight averages 25 eentsper lOOIbs. for 500 miles: for 1000 miles, 40 cents.


OFFICE AND FACTORY, 1210 and 1 12 West Ninth Street. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI. Per gal. WOOD FILLER. Pratt Lambert, Liquid Imperial Liquid Howey's Liquid 50 1 00 1 25 Send Us an Order.

Telephone 9 Hickory. A. 'HrHrH' 4H 'MMH" "ASK YOUR GROCERFOIL- CAPITAL CITY VITRIFIED Awarded First Premium World's Fair In 1893. Makes an Everlasting: Sidewalk or Pavement. Shipped all over the West.

Write for Samples and Prices. WILLIS EDSON, Topeka, Kansas. PAVING BRICK. SO Millions In use In Topeka alone..

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