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The Augusta Journal from Augusta, Kansas • 1

The Augusta Journal from Augusta, Kansas • 1

Augusta, Kansas
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1-85 Culture of Motherhood. larly so considered. Thi president by CORRESPONDENCE. this unlawful use of patronage is en J. SKAER, abled to control enough votes to virtually make him a dictator and to ar Numa Happenings.

BY P1KB. Strip, ho, for the Strip. It is quite the fashion at the present time for women who are mothers, to complain of the want of time for self-improvement and to bewail the fact that they are learning nothing, forget bitrarily give such laws as he pleases Is it not time to eall a halt? We COST Nearly every man in this vicinity is read ii the London dispatches that ting the greater fact that every good going to be a stripper. GENERAL DEALER IN the government was defeated or the mother is learning and developing as she could not do, though her best en Alexander Rueb is up from the ter- government was sustained, but Eng ri tory. land's government is monarchial while ergies were spent in the highest college in the country.

Each woman A set of thieves broke into the store ours is democratic. Clearance Sale. Iron, Steel, Wocnxlwork, Packing, Ropes, Iron and Wood Pumps, Chains, Hoes, Rakes, Forks, Spades. Shovels, Grindstones, Rubber Belting, Powder, at night last week and Let Congress then make the laws has a lifetime in which to learn from stole about $25 worth of goods. and let the president keep his hand Guns, Pistols, Bird Cages, Oil Cans, Screen Wire, Bells, Tapes, Measures, Cutlery, Iron, Brass, Copper and Granite Kettles, Locks, Wire, Cut Steel and books, but she has only a few years for the lessons which, learned in the off until they art presented for his The bridge at Bodark has been re RE PUBLIC AN COUNTY TICKET.

For County Clerk, JOHN T. EVANS, Of Sycamore, For Register of Deeds, STEPHEN II. BRANDON, Of Douglass, For Sheriff JOHN W. MIDDLETON, Of Augusta, For Treasurer, SAMUEL R. CLIFFORD, Of Clifford, For Representative to All vacancy, J.

M. SATTERTHWAITE, Of Douglass, For Coroner, Dr. N. L. GUNN, Of El Dorado, For Surveyor, JOHN II.

AUSTIN, Of El Dorado', For Commissioner First District, LAFE STONE, Of Richland. signature. Wrought Nails, Saws, Flax and Wood Fiber Ware, Tools of all Kinds, and Commencing August and Continuing For babyhood of her little ones, will make her better and broader and wiser all paired and is again open for travel. E. C.

Rice, M. A. Rice and J. A In short should we not return to the ways of our forefathers when the three everything pertaining to the business. her life.

McMillan are off to the World's Fair. J. I. Plummer has quit the grocery branches of our government were in There is, first, the new language for 60 DAYS, dependent of each other. her to learn, in which her voice lakes trade in Douglass and moved back to on new tones and modulations, and in bis farm.

The Question of tha Hour. which, if her mind is on a written Wright and wife of Providence A FULL LINE OF book instead ofsthe unwritten one How can I get a claim in the new were visiting in Numa the first of the from which she should be learning, week. lands? is the problem agitating tbt minds of thousands. At any hour ol her tones will have a sharp, querulous The Haverhill baseball boys brought sound rather than the low, sweet. it FOR SPOT GASIK1 the day men can be seen riding as their girls down to Numa last Satur winning one she should acquire.

day, brought their dinners with them the angel of darkness were after them If he is he does not put in an appear As she progresses, there are new and had a picnic in the grove, and ance at tne present. The men are after dinner they and the Numa boys AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. Sulky Rakes, Plows. Drills, Seeders, Listers, Harrows, Cultivators. Star Windmills, Carts, Spring Wagons, Buggies, Surries, Farm Wagons, and everything on wheels.

only practicing for the race at the commenced -to play a game of ball words, terms of endearment, words of tenderness and soothing, and. as this is not alone a language of words and tones the face grows sweeter and kinder with a beautiful light that no "Opening." Be a Woman. they played six innings when the Will there be a race? many are ask tally stood 25 for Numa and 24 for CARTS, SPRING WAGONS, ing. Rumors are flying alxut that Haverhill, and Haverhill weakened there will be a drawing. Secretary md backed out of the game.

IWe are Oft I've heard a gentle mother, As the twilignt hours began, Pleading with a son of duty, Urging him to be a man: But unto her blue-eyed daughter, Though with love's words quite BUGGIES AND ROAD WAGONS. Hokesmith has said that the cripple curious to know what the Haverhill afoot will stand as good a chance a the able-bodied on a race-horse. What oys have to say. Ed. Leon Locals.

other lesson ever teaches. Again, if the student is not attentive, in place of the proper expression will come one which betravs (how quickly!) that the high aim of the lesson has not been understood. She learns mechanism while mending the broken toys and develops an inge as George W. Snyder of Coldwater, does he mean? There is a senfceuce in the procla mation that gives the secretary great deal of authority, which 1m THIS is no catch-penny sale, but an actual Cost Sale, for spot cash. Everything iii be marked in plain figures.

ready Points she out this other duty "Strive; my dear, to be a lady." What's a lady? Is it something i.i town this week, having his building, the old Mussel.nan hall, ton may change the usual plan of opening. iuwn ana freighted to Pond Creek. Oklahoma. This largo building wa AGENT FOR THE CHLEBRATED Buckeye Binders, Reapers and Mowers, Russel Engine and Cyclone Thresher. 'oi iiheu lor any tiling, tan ine space COME EARLY AND SET YOUR CHOICE vacated by it has such a lonely appear-tnce, it surely would have paid the ity fathers to purchase it for the sole purpose ot the looks of the town if so the crixple would be placed on at equal footing with the able-boiiiec It is this: "Said booths shall be opon for tin ransactiou of business and afi.o Monday, the 11th day the month September, 18i)3, from a.

m. to 12 in and 1 p. m. to 6 p. each busiues-day until the same shall discontin tied by the secretary of (he interims who is hereby authorized to ue the same at his discretion." Notice that the booths are to opened for the transaction of iiotmug else.

r. Snyder is well pleased with his hardware industry in this town, operated by the genial W. 1 A 1 J. Martin. nuity which an apprenticeship at a trade, or a dozen trades, could not give.

She gains a practical knowledge of medicine and surgery whilt-ministering to the poor little sick body or handling the crushed finger and broken bone, at the same time displaying a capacity for nursing which makes the nurses' training school in her case superfluous. The mother who cons her lessons well is sure be a diplomat, managing with more than the skill of a statesman not one but several tyrants, smiling at and petting one, cajoling another, placing the law and the consequence, if violated, before another, treating all with a mixture of kindness and firmness and managing all with such consummate tact that they scarcely ever know they have yieluV.l to a will stronger than their own. What book has ever been writ (en that could teach this lesson? Pipes John was at Forepaugh's cir cus at 11 Dorado Monday. Augusta, Kansas. at seven o'clock Monday morning bui Kunkle's family, except Jerry, were BRIIiGK AND BEACH COOK STOVES AND RANGES The most jxtpular stove to-day on the market.

More or them sold in Augusta than all others combined. THE QUICK MEAL GASOLINE STOVE-The most handsome in tlnish, the best in construct ion. the most perfect worker ever yet produced. Every one guaranteed. A NEW AND COMPLETE LINE OF Buggy Harness.

Whips, Fancy Lap Robes, not hand made, but the finest machine work you ever saw, and prices that know competition silly. nests of Forepaugh's show, Monday the secretary is authorized to discon lie them at his discretion. John arren is seen on the streets Made of hoops, and silks, and airs, Used to decorate the parlors, Like the fancy mats and chairs? Is it one that wastes on novels Every feeling that is human? If 'tis this to be a lady, 'Tis not this to be a woman. Mother, then, unto your daughter? Speak of something higher far Than to be mere fashion's lady Woman is the brightest star. If you in your strong affection, Urge your son to be a true man, Urge your daughter no less strongly, To arise and be a woman, Jes, a woman! Brightest model Of that high and perfect beauty, Where the mind, and soul and body Blend to work out life's great duty.

Beit woman! Naught is higher On the gilded list of fame; On the catalogue of virtue There's no brighter, holier name. Be a woman! On to duty! Raise the world from all that's low: Place high in the social heaven Virtue's fair and radiant bow; Lend thy influence to each effort, That shall raise our nature human; Be not fashions gilded lady a brave, whole-souled, true woman. There are 22,000 claims in the Strip. igain after quite a siege of illness. When the booths have issued that Congestion of the lungs and some at is to pre- isthma was the trouble.

He savs: As free as the air you breathe," tried his dis Nothing. aid true, as it may be, is certainly conditional, judging from the way he -bodied will Vow suppose number of certificates vent the secretary from i cret ion and closing The cripples and nh each tret a certificate, that the claims are i. that the first man to claim number one and tl1 number two. The crip felt Sunday night. lock iUiy imbered and Blakeman's were at El Dorado show register gets She learns much of natural history that the most voluminous work does not teach how long a grasshopper or day.

second man le and able That vas a good joke on those young people who went up to "take in" the night show Monday. Ask Operator a firefly can live in a bottle, and how far a toad can jump if stimulated by a stick in the rear; how the kit ten en bodied are placed on an equality. To us it appears that this or a similar plan will be adopted, and our read Givens, Will Ryan, Henry Pugh, et al. Is the Largest, Newest and Most Complete In Butler County. CALL AND SEE ME.

joys the hananng ana puiiing II. II. Marshall has purchased an ers who hope to get claims will do hands not always gentle, and how very seldom these same little rough THECITY GROCERY SELLS EVERYTHING IN THE Groceries and Provisions Line, As GOOD as the BEST and as CHEAP as the CHEAPEST. try me. S.

E. Baldwin. other new farm, Mr. Sloan's, adjoining him on the the south and west. Con well to see that they get a certificate at the earliest possible us unent.

sideration, $4,000. hands can hurt it. She becomes an authoress, and in her stories, sermons. Chinch Bu Leroy King Butts is still feeble, or whatever she originates, she has having been down for several weeks. Colorado republicans will not follow the leadership of the monometallic republicans of the east but will still be republicans.

the advantage in that she can see as It is thought now that he is convales- she progresses whether the idea she ng. We sincerely hope he will im wishes to convey and the lesson she wishes to impress are being favorably prove rapidly and be out again in a snort time. Cor. Sixth Avenue and State Street. The populists of Iowa declare that there are but two parties in Iowa, the peoples and gold party.

They will know more in November. Lots of passing through and profitably received. She is thus able to so adapt hereself that she is sure of success. If these productions could only be given in writing, what a town every day. We counted ten John Treweeke, Frank Church.

covered wagons at one time one day recently. choice addition they would make to The Leon Cornet Band, accompanied the literature of the world! by the ladies of the dramatic troupe But while enumerating the many The prohibition republicans of Iowa have seceded from the whisky republicans and put out a ticket of their own. The same thing would be done in Kansas if the prohibition ism, as it is called, should bedropred by the party. ways in which the mother is progres will go to Augusta, Saturday, and at night will present their grand drama, sing mentally, we must not lail to speak of the cultivation of her moral 'Gyp the Heiress," at Hindman's Treweeke hurch opera house. tj, rK nature.

She never realizes what absolute purity is until she sees it stand Mrs. II. S. Traughler of Florence, is isiting relatives and friends here this 1 WANTED ing forth prominently from the mys week. Jjl.

terious depths of her baby's eyes, and her whole heart goes forth, either consciously or unconsciously, in a prayer A fire in Case's hall was discovered John Martin's certitlcate of election as senator seems to entitle him to a seat in the senate with all its advantages. Mr. Martin was not elected but he received a certificate. According to the populist theory he should not be allowed to perform the duties of a senator, or draw $410 a month salary. 500 PEOPLE one evening last weeK just in time to be herself fitted to guide and teach to prevent a mighty conflagration flnvite you to call and inspect their NEW STOCK of Groceries which they have purchased, paid for and will sell as cheap as anyone can.

might have been.) The hall had been ighted by Janitor Hawkins for the the little being placed in her charge. Her love for her own little ones broadens and enlarges her heart so that there is room to take in and feel a subtle sympathy for all children, and Odd Fellows. There was no meeting the order and it is supposed that a TO COME AND SEE MY FINE STOCK OF GROCERIES defective lamp exploded, splashing The Topeka Capital may be excused for its opposition to free silver but what excuse can Vie offered for its opposition to the Sherman law. Presi helps her to better understand that The editor spent considerable time and money this year in supplying farmers with diseased chinch bugs. No charge was made and in many cases they were of inestimable value to the applicant.

Prof. Snow di siresa report from every person who the infection and it is but fair that a report be made. Will those who received bugs from this office please answer the following questions on paper and send them to this office when they will be sent to Prof. Snow. Tle Journal did the work unselfishly and without ren timer ition, and it is but natural that we would like to have the credit if credit be due.

We would also like to see the reports that we may be able to do more effective work next year and thus be enabled to add several hundred dollars to the wealth of the farmers of the community. 1. Name and post-office address. 2. Date of receiving infected bugs from roe.

3. What crops were being troubled or threatened by chinch bugs, and how much of each? 4. In what crops did you try the experiment, and were the chinch bugs scattering, numerous, or overwhelming? 5. Did you closely follo directions for handling the infected bugs? If not, how did you vary from the What method of spreading the infection in the field did you adopt? 0. Give the details of the experiment in the field, giving information as to closeness of observations, condition of weather, etc.

7. What is your belief as to the result of your experimenting? Were the chinch bugs checked their destructive work? Were they practically exterminated in the field? What amount of crops (estimated), if any, did you save by the experiment (give different grains, in bushels)? Did your killing of the bugs (if bugs were killed) in one crop probably prevent the carpet beneath with oil. The carpet was consumed and the floor pretty Divine love which enwraps and shelters us. generally ignited when it was put Second Door North of Famous Drugstore, dent Cleveland says repeal the law and As the children grow older it will nder control and the licking flames take your chances of something bet extinguished. not only be a pleasure but a duty to ter.

No suggestion of what is better. 20 take up the course of reading or study, W. H. Martin came home sick, Fri-ly, from his carpentry near Cave or other methods of self-improvement, In effect he says, inaugurate chaos that 1 may restore order, and the Cap- that may have been denied us for a springs, lie is some oetter now. tal says amen.

The Capital is raak- ,1 PI With High Quality CO CD time. But while the little ones claim our first attention, let us not be impa ngagood light against anarchy and Charley Swaim of Ouray, Colorado, isited his cousius, the Marshall and Brissey families, the latter part of tient of the lesson placed before us. It should be remembered that on our populism and is to be commended, but its course on the financial question is condemned and republicans will not Yoked to Low Prices, last week. He has a fine $150 bicycle. diligence in the few brief years given xle part of the way hack, and from follow it.

us in the school depends our happiness and peace all the remaining years AS. STARKEY, DRAYMAN. 2 CD Secretary Osborn has our thanks for Parsous, his former home, ne will make the trip to the World's Fair on his wheel. of our lives, and what is infinitely an official directory of the state. It contains a great number of valuable statistics, which would be valueless if A.

T. Wajde, our corner groccrnian more important, the character of those given to our charge. Philadelphia Times. ays Ue must close i ine utn nisi, at ransfered and de- any price, lie win tnen remove tne they were no more reliable than the political part of the directory. The ivered to depot and Baggage i emaing slock to Oklahoma.

Time to Call a Halt. secretary fails to find a single republi all parts of the city. It is reported that. 1). G.

Runyan, can or democrat voie xor presiaent When our government was organ WHILE WE ARE JUST PLEASANTLY WARM, ur rormer townsman, is at juos Ange last year. The writer plumped a solid les, California, drivei on a street car ized it provided for three co-ordinate but independent branches of govern vote for Benjamin Harrison who was nominated by a republican convention iuc. His Sisteus. AUGUSTA, KAJVS. ment the legislative, executive and Mrs.

S. Etta Young, a former resi and who was not a member of the judicial the legislative to make laws WE ARE MAKING IT HOT FOR COMPETITORS. dent of Butler county, and favorably "republican and stalwart dem." party. Closing Out Sale of Dshhsi Smk Fm Having sold my farm I will offer for public sale to the highest bidder, on Saturday, Sept. 9, 1SD3, At 1 o'clock, p.

at the Beardsley Barn on South Main street, EL DOllADO, TWENTY-FIVE HEAD Of Trotting-bred Horses, consisting of Brood Mares, by such sires as JUDGE GOULD 1264; CHADWICK 9875; SAILOR BOY AND IRWIN'S HAMBLETONIAN; Geldings and mares by CHADWICK 9875 and CUSTER WILKES. Yearlings and suckers by TARCOTUA 6924; also the stallions. TARCOTUA 6924, and KANSAS RUSSELLE 11107. The brood mares are all in foal to the stallions Kansas Russelle and Tarcotua. This is a choice lot of horses and they are sold for no other reason but that I hare no place to keep so many horses.

Some of these horses can be seen at the stables at Augusta. Come and see them. Terms of Sale: and the executive to execute them. the destruction of other lat er or adja created in the imagination of Mr. On the executive was conferred a known to old residents, will give an elocutionary and musical entertain cent crops on your farm? Osborn.

There were several other re- 8. Did the chinch bugs injure your ment at the opera house next Monday Dublican votes cast in Kansas last negative law-making power, the power of veto. This was given for a wise MORAL: "Come to-day. neighbors' fields? If so, to what ex tent? year. evening.

Mrs. young is energetic and comes with flattering testimonials purpose, the suppression of improper laws that might be enacted by a small DR. MARGARET FOLK, M. A printer recently walked into a cer 9. Did any of your neighbors get majority.

from places where she has given entertainments. We feel sure that all who attend will be amply repaid. tain business house in his rounds to know who desired anything in the infected bugs from your field? If so, give names, where you can; at least, The president was not intended to war advertisements, ana ne no give approximate number. Letter pljystctcm Surgeon, be a law giver. Laws were to originate in one or the other of two branches of congress, and when passed ticed a drummer standing by the coun 10.

Add any details or notes which The following letters remain in the ter with his samnle case ready to you deem pertinent. postoffice uncalled for at Augusta, onen. you want to say in Kansas, September 6th, 1893: were to be enforced by him. We have wandered from the path marked out by the constitution. "Very truly yours, F.

II. Sxo-w, ENTLEMEN. the paper this week?" said the printer to the business man. "No" said the busiaess man, "I don't believe in Director of the Station. Now.

certain legislation must be Cartmill Walter I. II. Cronn Do you want a Hfgli Grade, Diamond. Frame, Ball Bearing1 all Office No. 4, Opera Block, up stairs.

passed because the president wishes it advprtteiasr The drummer waited Dover Theodore The young people of te Baptist Although having no vote he attempts Henry Mr. A. church gave a pink social on the old uuwruumnni- until he was half way to the door, then slowly taking up his sample case remarked: "Well, that lets me out. I Hawks n. F.

school ground last evening. The Lily to dictate the course that congress is to pursue, and the charge is publicly made that he is using his appointive McClure J. H. Lake band rendered some delightful An not-, rare to sell on time to a man Offers her Professional Sebyices to the Citizens of Augusta, and Smith Mr. C.

J. music and the many in attendance arouna, uicycie, way aown cneapy it so, getou Uat-alogue. AVe want agents in every town In the United States. Write quiet for circulars and terms. AVe also manufacture Brewster's Safety Rein Holders, Champion Stove and Grate Heaters, sl Carriages, Road Wagons, and Carts.

Medicated Electricity, Bres-ter'8 Lightning Soap, Champion Kitchen Knives, Sewing Machine Fans, Indian Magic Polish. Blanket Fasteners, Fence Building Machines, Sewing Machines, Tea and Coffee Makers, Needle Books, Cfi Parers and Corers, Sewing Machine Relief Springs, Cream Testers, Coal and Ice Tongs, etc. When you write please mention this parer. BBEWSTEH EUNUFACTURING C0 HOLLY, power to influence the minds- of the who, at his age does not believe in ad appeared to. be' enjoying themselves Ladies.

Sedge Miss Addie lawmakers. vftrMsiner. I orefer to deal with live The number in attendance was Bri bery the giving of money to se men. When I want to strike up a Parties wishing the above mail will 1 months time with 8 per cent, on bankable paper, or per cent, off for cash. S.

H. ALLEN. JOHN NEFF, Auctioneer. excess of what was expected and some cure votes is a crime and the giving Vicinity. All Galls Promptly Answered, Day or Hlght please call for advertised letters and trade with a 'dead man, ru go to tne rravevard and ewao business.

Good were probably disappointed because of patronage for the same purpose is give date of list, A. ktan, the supply of refreshments ran low. none the less a crime, but not popu day." Ex..

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