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The Udall Record from Udall, Kansas • 1

The Udall Record from Udall, Kansas • 1

The Udall Recordi
Udall, Kansas
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Tol. 7. No. 32. an m.u Directories.

We Offer You the Mrs. J. D. Austin is quite sick. Pension papers made out at the office.


fhicasro express 10:05 a. tn Jitssouri Kiver express 7-46 p. ra, Way freight a. OOIMQ SOUtH AND WEST. City and Oklahoma 8:33 a.

'iVxas Express frlT p. m. Tay frejsrbt 3:03 p. in. The Kansas Legislative Situation.

Perhaps there has been a parallel scene in America enaoted iu the past similar to that which has been enacted at Topeka tor the past three weeks, but we do not know of it. A review of the situation may not be out of place. The Btate board of canvassers issued certificates ot election to 64 republican, 58 peoples, 2 democrats and 1 independent representative. Four con Business Cards, Before We Commence to Invoice. 5 pound all Wool Scarlet Blanket, worth $5, for 3.75.

4 pound all Wool Scarlet Blanket, worth 3.25, for 2.00, White Blankets, 2.00, worth 2.75. Our 1.35 blanket for 95 cents. That Same Old Clock. Now, Mr Guess, we've botb said enougb, But you began tt and I'm rather tougn. Tbe clock has changed, aa I said it would.

And went to ticking as honest clock should. It is now satisfled its party is de id And never again will boo np its bead. If it does bob up. and you're in tbe group. You'll bob back again, slap into tbe soup I Yes.

you're in the -oup up to your chin, And never again a victory will win I know it is bard for you to think that. The oniy show that you have i turn, democrat. Then, my dear friend, you'll be in 'be swim. But remain republican your chances are slim. Now be a democrat, go with tbe erowd; -Stay with your old party, die under a cloud.

T.M.K. Y. P. S. C.

E. Program. FEB. 5. Subject Joy in God's service and in His house.

Leader, Alta Smith; Literary work Nettie Smart, Allen Bilsing, Minnie June, Oscar Seaman. test cases were taken to the supreme court by the populists and argued I -r i i I Or. T. Gardiner, Physician A Surgeon, KANSAS. UOALL, Remember the teachers' association here Feb.

4. Rufus 'Huff was at K. U. this week with a load of Come out to the lecture at the Congregational church, Monday night. Only 25 cents per year.

Our Youth, P. O. Box 2329, San Francisco, Cal. It will pay you to try one sack of Armour's fertilizers, advertised in this issue. 2t Grandma Kelly ia slowly getting weaker, and little hope is entertained for her recovery.

Sheriff Nipp went south Tuesday evening with two badly nipped criminals from Wichita. ill s. Barnes, of Elk City, is here assisting in the care of her mother, Grandma Kelly. Miss Susie Jewitt went to Stillwater, last Friday to assist in the county clerk's office. Mrs.

Ratliff is organist of the Baptist Sunday-school. It seems our first information was incorrect. Elder A. II. Lee, of Oxford, will, preaeh in the Christian church next Sunday morn and eve.

Everybody is invited. Geo. H. Dresser was up Monday making photos at his branch gallery. FIis next visit will be Monday, February 6th.

The Epworth League social Monday night was a success in every way. The tu tterfEies were nuiaeroas and" of great variety. The meetings at the Baptist church are being well attended, and Rsv. Via Epworth League meeting next Sunday evening will be led by Li 11a Dale. Topic ''The great King and his kingdom." in.

4:3. $1.00 Comforts for .75 1.50 Comforts for 1.10 Less than Cost. 2.50 Comforts' for 1.G5 Here's AnotherOnly a Few. Left. LADIES' AND MISSES' COATS.

14 Fur Trimmed, Scotch Twilled Garment, for 9.50, $12 Trimmed, Scotch Twilled Garment, 7.50. f3 Ladies' Short Coats for 3.50. Misses Long Cape Cloaks $2.25 to 3.50 worth 5 io 6.001 Strayed, About two weeks ago, from my farm near Udall, one dun raare, with white f8ce. Any information of her whereabouts will be rewarded 32t2 James Kasekbcr, Udall. yy iv rJ? Dental Rooms In the Farmers Bank Building.

Teeth extracted with or without gas. All work warranted. WiNFlELP, KANSAS- REUB. li. MOFF1TT, Physician Surgeon, Udall, Kansas.

Office East of R. K. Track. 22 5. B.

PARK, Chronic Diseases Diseases of Women Office boars, 9 to 12 a. m. 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 p. m. JKooms 4 and Thompson fil'k, Winfielo, Kb I J.

Maggartf, physician Surgeon, OXFORD mere Dy uuage eoo anu otuers tor the populist side, and by Atty. Gen Ives et al for tbe republicans. The attempt wag made to get a mandamus to compel the state board of canvassers to reconvene and issue certificates of election to the other candidates in the four counties. The supreme court decided it could not reconvene the board. The casos were, Haskell county, where a clerical error on the returns showed Stubbs (rep.) in the majority instead of Rosenthal but as every one knows Stubbs refused to take advantage of the technicality.

In Coffey county a tie had been cast by lot in favor of the republican, and latar the populists elaimed to discover an error in the original count that would give the populist one majority! In Jackson the republican wa3 elected in one district in which was the town of llolton, but the legislature had tailed to mention the town in the apportionment bill. By leaving out the vote of the town tbe populist would have been elected. Iu another county a part of tbe tickets had printed on them the old number ot the legislative district but with names of candidates and everything else in due lon. By throwing them out the populist would be elected. In the first case, of course, the other man ought to have bad the certificate, and perhaps so in the second 'r but that was a question of evidence.

But in the third and fourth cases, it was simply an attempt of the populist leaders to take advantage of the teehnicality to seat their men. In the organfzition the populists claimed ho man whose seat was contested should have a right to take Herman MICE ITTING ARM IN -i In memoriam of little Christina Valentine, daughter of S. and II. Valentine, who died Jan. 23,1893.

Aged two years and four days. She bad been in tbe borne but a short time but long enough to win the hearts of the And Men, Women and Children's Wool Hose, DOWN, DOWl As blizzards are not yet out of style, the above are.all seasonable goods, and if you can ftse them, at above prices, will do you good. Must go before our inmates -of the homo. But she has gone ever to the other side. Funeral services were held in the Mt.

Vernon church a number of friends and neighbors met at the home. After song and prayer the pro-session moved to the church, and Elder Via, of Oxford, preaehed the sermon, afte? which kind hands laid the little body to rest in the cemetery hard by. Weep not she is only gone before. J. M.

Via. is doing good work. Everybody is made welcome. A. McKinlay, who hnrt his shoulder quite severely by a fall sometime ago is now tnllv recovered, which is very fortunate for a person of four score years and one.

The cTothespins used at the Butterfly social will be reserved and given to the first member of the Epworth League that gets married. Who- will it There are three or four suspicious members. Berrey Grow; General agents for JPtire Blood, and. LEGISLATIVE NOTES The populist election committee in the Kansas house has reversed the action of the supreme court in the contests from Reno and Jackson counties. BonRertiIizers E.

B. EMORY, D- Specialist. Diseases of Women. Jfas the celebrated Oxysrn Treatment for Lung and Throat Di.eenses. Endorsed and used by the best phypi-ciam of the country as the best and most scientific treatment for Phthisis.

Pneumonia and heart Failure, Asthma, etc. .16 t' Hooms 17, IS anrl 13, Thompson Block over Vtoflioey "Winfiolcl. Kansas. T- S. BROWN.

X3 IV rX I BEST MATERIALS USED. OSice over First National Bink. Kansas When a Kansas politician gets his Kelly wants produce. Paystfie top of "the market. i.

Lemons at Alkineoii's for dozen for a short I imei Seajjan's for Lap K-ocs. aed1' Uaruess. Good 1S Go to Kelly's for good Gas'o'Mm4. 7d 1.1 will close out my buggies at, cost. Achancc for a big bargain.

I 1 23tf AT BECK'S, VVInfleld, Kansas. ts. the place to-get first class plcturto. JlVmemberat takes a well fitted studio to take a good picture, and rtijis. you can get at Beck's better thao a any.

sideshow. ti A Card, Iwill do general dresjsmaiiVn; a5l family sewing in TJuall ard.yjcinHy at reasonable Address, me "kt 29 Lola Tu aye if. part. The populists had contested eighteen cases and the republicans seven, so such a course would have turned everything into the populists' hands. A schoolboy can see the im-propsiety of such a posit ion for each side could go right on contesting each other till there wouldu't be a quorum left to organiza a house.

But the populists didu't carry out. this theory eveu in their own house, for they let Try One Sack tliis 'i2TLiiigj- 7 On your Garden and a few rows of corn, and see the great difference it will make in your crops. Spring delivery, Feb. 20th, at Udall. J.

W. Anderson and L. McKinlay, 'Local will take your order. 31d Coanty Superintendent Kirfcpatrrck has got wefl'settled into office duties, and says she likes the work We bespeak for her a successful administration of the OiSce for the best school interests of the county. J.

B. Wise says he told the Raj' county. folks where he was recently that they were 25 years behind u. That wa strong as he dared pt it so near the James boys, but since he got back here he says they are 40 years behind. partisan prejudices fully aroused he has no more respect for the ermine than he has -for a coon skin.

Kansas City Star. In the populist house Saturday morning the Rev. Mr, Mel viu offered a prayer, part of whieh was as folio i78 Lord, we thank thee for separating tne chaff from" the precious grain the sheep from the goat 3 and we supplicate thee to bless this branch of the house of representatives." We wonder which ub ranch" of the legislature is the "olive branch." their own men 0 or 6) who had no Cbas, J. Peckbatn, Ed L. Pcokbam J.

T. Beekman, K. B. Cooker County Superintendent Eva L. Kirkpatrick desires to announce that certificates of election, not only help vote the republicans out who had no certificates of election, but fcelp vote in.

also. We are truly sorry with all good citizens of the state that thn rouble 4 has arisen, for we had hoped for some good work by this legislature, wheth-er peoples or republican and already Saturday and Monday of each week -A small, brown band-sacheF, Dec. 4, 1892, between J. S. Brown's and Dan-sard purse with change, brown kid gloves, small new paint brush, pair child's yarn mittens, and other articles.

Finder please communicate with M. A. Kindig, Wilmot, Kas. It will hereafter be her office davs. I'hose having business with the counlv The situation in EansaSF to -day presents an outraged people on the one side, arrayed against an usurping plutocracy on the other side.

All the contests for spats in the house having been previously decided by a biased supreme judse in order that the republicans might be able to elect a superintendent will find her at her office from 8 a. m. to 6. p. na.

en these da three weeks are thrown away out of PECRHAM PECKHAM, Attorneys at Xaw, Booms 1, 2, 3 and 4, F. N. Bank WINPIKLiU. KANSAS. Attorneys for First Nat.


Douglass, WICHITA, KAS. States sena to The- popu-lists Successful Oparation. An important suricil operation was-performed yesterday by Dr. Wilson, of this city, assisted by two physicians from They amputated a leg for Miss F'mnie Hill, a professional nurse in the Miss. Hill injured her limb while skating on the ice some years ago and it, had "always given her trouble nd made her a cripple until finally amputation was.

necessary. The operation was 6-kil I oily done and was what is known to the medical profession as a "dry opera-tion," that 's the limb was takeu off without loss of blood to the patient by forcing the vital current baok and tying the arteries. The above is from a-Paris, paper. Miss Hill is a sister-in-law to Mr. Ed.

Aldous, of our town. Mrs, Al doc who is in Paris writes that she return to "EMail In a week or two. in addition to its severe winter and snows and biizzirds, is having fatal outbreaks of hog cholera in some parts. The Montezuma, (la Republican tells, of the high-priced disease fhere. A coal-black Berkshire or Poland-China hog almost glitters with fifty daj'8.

Some one is to blame and will be tried before the tribunal of the whole people in two years. The majority must rule. 125 men constitute the houee of representatives and 63 a majority, and two houses can not exist in the same hall and be legal, each one with 67 or 68, members answering to roll call. gold. aRd eilver rays Kansas farmers are blessed with a country al most entirely free from this scourge Great is Kansas and long may she Business Pointers.

LOCK FOR BARGAINS HERS. Large Clothes and Feed Basket given away by Duhkin Sence. tf FOR One Binder and 5 head work horses. 3H4. W.

T. Gaodjle, Udall. EXTRA; Oa my next trip to Udall," Monday, I will give an Extra Picture in 8x10. frame with every dozou cabinets. Work guaranteed strictly first-class.

I will coi8 psrsonally. Geo. H. Dresser, Wmfield, Kas. Photographer.

Strike Atkinson for Lemons. tf W. E. SEAjiAJit baa a fine lot of Par. lor: -Zeaters and Cook STOVES on hands.

Call and see them. 18 blow A few days ago W. Seaman re ceived" a highly prized war memento. It was from M. C.

Eiguus, of Forrest, Ill'nois, who was Mr. messmate in Company 89th Illinois, in war times. The memento is an oil painting of their camp four miles south of ELunts-ville, Alabama, in the autumn of '6-fc. The scene is in the woods at the head P. T.BEBKEY, BE AIj ESTATE infield, Kansas.

Offloe on g-roudd floor, between arid 10th East sida Main St. Choice Farms and City Prepay for SALE AND EXCIIANGE. 3 HOTEL De SMART, BOARD BV DAY OR WEEK. At rtcESonable Prices, Two blocks from depot on JIn St. UDALL, KANSAS.

P. W. Smith. Jas. B.

Hildtlrand. Smith Hilde brand, FBOPRtBTOR UDALL, KANSAS. Collections promptly made and charges reasonable. CITY MEAT MARKET W. HUF Fv Proprietor.

Fiesli add Salt Meats Constantly on nand. aasrPaid for Fat Stock and Hides. hold that the house should" organize and decide all contests itself. Industrial Legion (Udall). That's right.

The "outraged people" are jusj, about equally divided in Cowley county between the populists and who are all a very intelligent and industrious mass of citizens, who feel truly "outraged" by such "plutocrats'' as. Jerry Simpson (et al), who had to- be invited" to stay at Washington and mind his own business by a resolution of the alliance of his own county. And the same "biased supreme" court decision which said the state canvassers, could; not correct the mistake in favor ot a republican in Haskell also prevented the correcting of a similar mistake io favor of a populist in another county. So the "bias" ran both ways. And republicans also "hold lliat the house should organise and decide all contests itself," but the burning question was who should organize.

We quote the following from Gov. Lewolling's latest manifesto to the public "The supreme court decided it could not call the board? together to correct the or fpaudwhich the county clerk, tinder pressure of public oplqiarir sought to correct, or uudov" The- governor likely bad in nryn4, whm he wrote-' this, the sensational HARDWARE STOVES AND TINWARE, Farm Implements and 'agons 'Fasifs and1 pump fixtures. Tin ak done to A good line Kerosene and all kinds- of oils. Coal on hand at all Kaat Side 'of Rail Road. ALSO.

HARNESS AfiD SADDLES. Sand Creek. We hope this sudden appearance will cause no alarm. Alas what has become ot our friend J. M.

Brady threshed for Mc-Alister last week. Miss Carrie Chase, of Winfield spent Sunday with her sister Nellie. A number of our young people atT tended ch-ijpch at Udall Sunday eve. We observed the smiling visage of W. F.

Brown passing Uiis-wav Sunday afternoon. (Where was he going?) C. Si McAlist? has returned from Guthrie, bringing samples of the soil on his-overshoes. Ttanho. of a lake on which is a canoe which til Mr.

S. had cut out of a walnut tree to use in running picket lines for forage. The tents are In the background, and also the headquarters of division com T. J. DURHAM, mander, the man who was stuck in the tunnel in trying to escape frona Libby prison alterward.

The Dealer la A Lecture. Mr. Frank Terry, who was first county superintendent of schools at Guthrie, now recently from Grand Junction, stopped off iu town Tuesday and arranged to give a lecture at the Congregational, church on next Monday evening at 7 The lecture is free and he extends a cordial invitation and welcome to all to attend. The following notices will well introduce Mr. Terry to our citizens Mr.

Terry in a very able msnnec spoke for nearly an hour on his chosen theme, "Tolerance." The lecture was a most excellent one, plain, dealing with fact, well spiced with illustrations and quotations- iu aiicipoet-py. The lecture was well received Grand Junction CGol Star. Mr. Terry is a very pleasant speaker and holds the attention of his audience from beginning to end. It is a pleasure-, to listen to-a lecturer when every idea presented ean be understoodand thoughts stored away for future use and benefit.

It is a literary treat, whieh none can afford to miss, Grand Junction Th lecture is pervaded1 by a ppfrlt that is- pecnliary adapt etk to our work-The lecturer is an eloquent speaker and-a christian Ellen W. J. Fi8ftr Presidettfc WC. T. UYr Grand Junction, Co.

WlOTIEtD KasI, Ja 23 It hasbeenfmy pleasure to listen to the lecture Or "Tol-spaace' by Mr. Terry and I do? not hesitate to-pronounce it very able, instrpfMlve and entertaining. Tt is just such a Uictnre as will hasten the day ofgood will on and give lig'ht and inspiration to thGse who are laboring and praying for its speedv eoraing. It is a lecture that should- be heard by every comtmimty, and" no one who love's-, the day of peace" should fail to hear it. Milton W.

PiiiUiiJSL'res. S. W. Kas. College, mi 1 sir eh I i interview of Rosenthal et al aboat tbe notice.

The City Drug Store will hereafler be run on the Cashiplan. Customers will please take notice. 31b E. II. Barxhakt.

Go to Kelly's for notions. 3-Remember you- ean- save aboat 1Q per cent by buying round trip tickets for all local travel on the Santa: Fe. 18 C. E. Bechtei- Agt, Keen- nd sharp, cheap and are those pocket-knives at Evans' store, 2Stf PHOTOGRAPHS.

My next visit to Udall to make negatives for Photos will be Monday, Feb. and I will give as- extra picture in SxlQ frame witbr Every Dozen Cabinets, We guarantee the 'shall not bo excelled anywhere. Merit wins, Gko. II. Winfieldj Kas.

Photographer. Be fixed New Orleans Molasses, high grade, at SenQer ti THE BaSS ITT House at Winfield is lht besjt and handiest place in town- to gej, SQUARE ME AiSv." A.few extra wagons left at W. camp, was near one of old? Gen. Jackson's Indian battle grounds, W. prizes the picture very much.

A terrible accident occurredto a two years old chilct of Sol. Valentine, in the south part of thi township, last Saturday The little- one some way tipped over a kettle of boiling water and then fell down in Unfairly cooking the flesh from the knees to- the waist oa-its back. It seemed' to be free from pain though after about half ait every thing seemed to indicate recovery. Sunday night the Look to your interest and see him before seftirig, HE ISHERE TO STAYi threats of hanging and; the county clerk absconding, which 'wa alj a lio. Ruseey is a honorable, upright 6e was- wi Mirgas soon as-the Rod Bud Biossoms- IJro.

Hicks missed it some on January therefore items are 6Garce G. XV Carlton- is again confined to his bed, Mj-8. Danio5's has been quite bul unde? the treatment of Dr. McClnggage is papidly improving, Ifr Taylo? of Xfcno conty is a gsest at J. Cdlers, Tha- raeetjflg; a-t Pleasant II11F In-creases hi Merest each night f(jqitaran interest manifested among the yonog peojBe, one on Sunday night and three Monday night arose for prayers.

M-ay the- good go on- nntil tb; whole community is Time Is SSSorts Conundrum Why does Hitchcock al ways come to school Monday "tnofninS with his Sonday-go-to-meetin'clothes on? Answer. Because adjournment, break fast, and 9 o'clock are too near together. (Respectful I submitted, Ed little sufferer was-, takei with spasms 33 CABTER, Tonsorial lAirtist. Satisfaction work solicited. JO" Sasttfit id of Main UDALL, Kas and died in a snort time.

The scald I must have been so-deep as to deaden error was-discovered to do all heeould Jo correct i'fc. The oveshor iS mi'sin-' formed. one holding a certificate of election has been fop a moment denied participation in any of the proceedings midw the speakership- of Mr. Diusiiiore7 Reader, just think a minu te And 63" men," with the' said a majority of the whole 125, voted for another. man for speaker.

If you were one of the 63 woo kt you recogniz-3 the-nerves-of sensation, and probably 11ritC3s Aeoomniodtion. A Few Doort Weet of Df poti. COMMERCIAL HOTEL and "JRestanrant CHAS. WALLACE, Proprietor jttATES fl.gO TO tl-25 PER DAY, SliUrt Order Meals Second i Urn- iPEN i)AY AND NIG II T. blood poisoning -set in.

The burial took place at tbe- cemetery Monday. Elder Via a very appropriate discourse. There were a Afscr. BOOT SHOE REPAIRING. Bound trip tickets' to Topeka, 9th Ilth at one and oner-third large surabeE ot sympathizing friends Evans'.

If yo need one, now's t-fe time to bay, 23tf -eii and 616 El.t)jiglas, present- IDoinsmorelL I.

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