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Lawrence Journal from Lawrence, Kansas • 10

Lawrence Journal from Lawrence, Kansas • 10

Lawrence Journali
Lawrence, Kansas
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LAWRENCE WEEKLY JOURNAL. WEATHER REPORT FOR MAY, 1901 Prepared by Onancellor F. H. Snow of the University of Kansas, from Observations Taken at Lawrence. The past month was cooler, calmer and drier than the average May.

The mean temperature of the month was one and one-third degree below the May average; the total run of wind was with one tion the lowest on record; and the rainfall was less than for any other May in the past thirty-four years. In other respects the month was normal, Mean temperature-63 66 degrees, which is I 33 degrees below the May average. The highest temperature was $87 deg, reached on the 2d; the lowest was 42 deg, on the 26th, giving a range of 45 degrees. Mean temperature at 7 a 59 87 at 2 72 16 deg, at 9 p.m, 61 30 deg. inch, which is 3.62 inch below the May average.

The entire rainfall for the five months of 1901, now completed, is 11.59 inches, which is 0,52 inches below the average for the same months in the 33 years preceding. Rain in measurable quantities fell on six days; in quantities too small for measurement on 4 days, There was one thunder storm dur. ing the month, Mean per cent of the sky, the month being 1.60 per cent clearer than usual. Number of days clear, (less than one-third cloudy) 13; half clear, (oneto two-thirds cloudy) cloudy, (more than two-thirds cloudy) 9. There were five days entirely clear and two entirely cloudy.

Mean at 7 a 47.74 per cent; at 2 55.16 per cent; at 9 33.22 per cent. Wind -N, 21 times; NE, 9 times; 8 times; SE, 8 times; 14 times; SW, 6 times; W. 6 times; NW, 21 times. The total run of wind was 7,939 miles, which is 3,607 miles below the May average. This gives a mean daily velocity of 256.1 miles, and a mean hourly velocity of 10.67 miles.

The highest velocity was 33 miles an hour, between 3 and 4 on the roth. Barometer--Mean for the month, 29,0 13 inches; at 7 a 29.108 inches; at 2 29,027 inches; at 7 29,996 inches; maximum, 29,494 inches, at 7 a on the 25th; minimum, 28,644 inches, at 9 pm, on ohe 22nd; monthly range, 0.850 inches. Relative Humidity--Mean for the month; 65.22 per cent; at 7 a 76.09; at 2 m. 47.93; at 9 greatest 97 at 7 a on the 17th; least 20 at 2 on the 31st. There was no fog during the month.

BOENER BROS. TO BRANCH OUT. Have Traded for the Old Leis Ohemical Building and Will Move. Boener Bros have negotiated a trade with I Bowersock for the old Leis Chemical factory building, and the details of the deal will probably be satisfactorily arranged. Boener Bros have had in comtemplation the erection of an addition on their present building to care for their growing business, but the Leis building will give plenty of room for the present and put the cigar factory in the best location that could be found for it.

The removal of grain from this building will necessitate the addition of a room to the Bowersock elevator, and plans have already been made to this end. Milling Company Complaining. The Bowersock Milling company of Lawrence has written the board of railroad commissioners to inquire what authority the Missouri Car Service association has to collect demurrage on cars. It is claimed the associatian is not operating under a Kansas charter. The matter will probably be referred to the attorney general.

In five hours Saturday the brick plant made 28,000 brick; the record since the plant was started. MRS. DE WATTEVILLE DEAD. News Received of Her Sudden Death in Her- Switzerland Home. News has been received in Lawrence of the death of Mrs Margaret de Watteville at her homs at Bayarda, Switzerland She died: a peaceful, painless, but very sudden death, caused by heart disgase, brought to an acute crisis by chronic bronchitis.

Mr and Mrs de Watteville and the children lived in Lawrence and Douglas county for a number of years, and were well known here, Since their return to their native land of Switzerland the elder de Watteville has been a minister. The other members of the family have lived in close proximity to the home of Mr and Mrs de Watteville. RURAL ROUTE REVORDS. The Four Carriers From Lawrence Carry Out Much Mail. The four rural route carriers from the Lawrence postoffice have increased the amount of mail delivered and collected as the record for the last month, given herewith shows: Route 1, Bidgood carrier.

Des livered -Letters 1,486, postal cards 169, newspapers 5,948 circulars 592, packages 75; total 8,270. Collected -Money order applications 7, letters 684, postal cards 48, newspapers 11, packages 9, total 959. Route No 2, Risley, carrier: Delivered -Letters 1,379, postal cards 169, newspapers 5,275, circulars 132, packages 52; total 8,270. Collected- -Money order applications 5, letters 651, postal cards 83. newspapers 7, packages 10; total 756.

Route No 3-L Woodring, carrier: Delivered -Letters 992, postal cards 93, newspapers 5,293, circulars 167, packages 129, total 6,675. Collected -Money order applications 8, letters 625, postal cards 53. newspapers 9, circulars, packages 28, total 724. Route No 4, Patton, carrier by A Wiggins sub: Delivered -Letters 1,004, postal cards 133, newspapers 5,535, circulars 237, packages total 7.970. CollectedMoney order applications 4, letters 689, postal cards 88, newspapers 4, packages total 802.

The total number of pieces of mail delivered on the four routes was that collected 3,041. Requisition for Dr Woodruff. Requisition papers for Dr Wylie Woodruff and Mrs Edith Moyer of Lawrence, charged by the woman's busband with kidnaping Moyer's four years old daughter, were issued Saturday at Kansas City, and forwarded to Portland, Oregon, where Woodruff and Mrs Moyer are out on bond. Mr Moyer, accompanied by a detective, reached Portland Tuesday. Suicide of a Farmer Reported.

Word was brought to Lawrence Monday by Young Hellstrom, who lives out on the California road that Gus Johnson, a neighbor, bad committed suicide. He did not stay long in town, and notified the coroner who went out at once. The cause of the act is not known, but Johnson committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn. Eugene Marshall, one of the boys who was caught in the Leader a few nights ago, was sentenced to the reform school Monday afternoon. Police court: Rand, vagrant A Griffith, disturbance of the peace and disorderly conduct Fowler, drunk, $10.

The house of Mrs Hoyt at 1009 New Jersey street was quarantined Monday for two mild cases of smallpox. About half an inch of water fell in Monday night's rain, GOOD RAIN FELL. The Drouth Broken by a Heavy Shower Monday Midnight. The prolonged drouth was broken when the threatening clouds broke into rain about 12:30 Monday night. Therain fell in good hard showers for quite a while, and continued intermittently until morning.

It is believed that Monday night's rain, which was very badly needed, will revive the berry crop, help the wheat, make the corn grow, and prevent potatoes from ripening before they have reached full size. At any rate the dust is laid, and there is a much better feeling than there was before the rain. NORMAL IS IN SESSION. The Four Weeks' Sessions of the School Teachers Begin Tuesday. The four weeks' session of the Douglas county normal institute began Tuesday at the high school building with an attendance of about seventy, the usual number at the opening of the institute.

The institute is conducted by Prof Parmenter of Baker university at Baldwin, and the instructors are Supt Smith and Etoile Simons' of the Lawrence schools, with Miss Ethel McCartney as conductor of the model school. Died from Appendicitis. Miss Ruth Wheeler, daughter of Mr and Mrs Wheeler, died Monday of appendicitis. She was 10 years old last January. She was of a sweet disposition and a favorite of all who knew her, and her untimely death is mourned.

by all, The funeral took place Tuesday at 2 o'clock at the house. New Chief in Charge. The fire department members Monday evening presented Will Shaw, the retiring chief, with a handsome silver comb, brush and mirror, appropriately engraved. Mr Shaw was taken completely by surprise but appreciated the gift most deeply. Will Reinisch, the new chief took charge of the department Monday, and conducted his first drill, Haskell's New Bullding, Plans and specifications have been received for a new building at Haskell Institute.

The new building will cost about $25,000 and will be called a "'special domestic building," for it will be used for teaching the pupils the domestic arts, such as sewing, cooking and housekeeping. With this addition to Haskell Institute it will rank third in size of the Indian school of the United States. Congressman Bowersock has nominated the following for principal and alternate reapectively to take the examinations for naval cadet: Principal, Truby Martin of Ft Scott; alternate, Vernon A Clifton of Paola. Martin is a son of Martin, commander of the A for the state of Kansas. Clifton is the son of an old Kansas soldier.

The board of county commissioners has done nothing so far but allow bills A petition has been presented to the board asking that the appointment of Mr ing as bridge watchman be set aside and A Parnell appointed to the place, but no action has been taken. Minnie Pendley, aged 3 years, died at 3 o'clock Tuesday morning of croup at the family home at 341 Lake street, The burial was Tuesday afternoon in Maple Grove cemetery. Work was commenced Monday to repair the damage done to Mr George March's house by fire a week ago. The Yewdall sanity hearing was continued in probate court Monday morning until June II, $500 REWARD! We will pay the above reward for any case of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion, Constipation or Costiveness we cannot cure with Liverita, the Up-To-Date Little Liver Pill, when the directions are striate ly complied with. They are purely Vegetable, and never fatl to give satisfaction.

25c boxes contain 100 Pills, 10c boxes contain 40 Pills, 50 boxes contain 15 Pills. Beware of substitutions and imitations. Sent by mail. Stamps taken. NERVITA MEDICAL Cor.

Clinton and Jackson Chicago, Ill. Sold by Dick druggi ts, Lawrence, Kan. National Watkins Bank Capital. 8100.000 Surpuls 20,000 J. B.

WATKINS, O. H. TUCKER; President. Cashier, A HILL, W. D.

HAZEN. Vice President. Ass't Cashier. DIRECTORS. J.

B. C. A. HILL, C. H.


0. MOORE. Savings Department deposits received Tuesdays and Fridays. Exchanges on all the priacipal cities of the world. WHENational Lawrence Bank, United States Depository.

2 The security of depositors is integrit of the bank's directors and oncers. "Directors. 8. L. Moore, F.

A. Bailey, F. W. Barteldes J. H.

Glathart, A. Henley, W. R. Williams S. Hall, R.

W. Sparr, J. D. Bowersock W. R.

Stubbs, meers. J. D. BOWERSOCK, W. L.

HOWE, President. Cashier. R. W. SPARR, E.

E. BENSON, Vice President. 2nd Vice Prest. RAILROAD TIME TABLE SANTA FE ROUTE TIME OARD, MAST BOUND, 4 California limited 1:38 a No 8 Kansas City and Chicago Express. daily 6:00 a 110 Kansas Oity daily 8:13 a No 114 Kansas City Express daily 2:40 No? Chicago No 6 K.

C. and Chicago Express, daily 5:90 pm No 116 Kansas City Passenger, daily WEST BOUND. No3 113 Texas California 3:15 a a 5 Col. Utan Tex. Express, daily 10:37 a No 1 California Express.

11:57 a 109 Topeka Express. 5:47 No 17 C. and Texas 11:25 BRANCH ARRIVES. No 131 Sunday 9145 a 133 Passenger, except Sunday 4:35 LAWRENCE BRANCH -DEPART. No 132 Express, daily except Sunday 11:00 No 184 Express, daily except Sunday 5:50 p.m UNION PACIFIO-WEST.

3 Overland Flyer. 11:45 a No 1 Denver Pacific Coast Limited No 5... 5:20 UNION PACIFIC -EAST, No 2 Kansas City Express. 6:50 a 1 No 4 Eastern No 6.... a LEAVENWORTH BRANCH ARRIVE.

Pacific express, except 11:35 a Mixed, except 7.15 LEAVENWORTH BRANCH -DEPART. Mixed, Pacific except Express, except ..3:50 7:00, a MAILS CLOSE. 9:00 T. S. 11:00 a 8:30 T.

F. East 3:50 5:00 U. West 1:00 a U. 8:30 Night Mail. 10:00 Southern 9:80 a Leavenworth 8:00 A marriage license was granted Tuesday to Mark Ellis and Florence Pratt, both of Lawrence.

The preliminary hearing of Harry Walters, in the county court has been set for June 11,.

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