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Fort Leavenworth News from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas • 1

Fort Leavenworth News from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas • 1

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
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ems. NO, 28 FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS, OCTOBER 7 19Q. VOL, VL CROSSING THE STYX AT NIGHT Riders during the time of the Span- MANEUVERS. ish-American War. Mrs.

Everett D. Barlow, wife of a Lieut. Barlow, 13th Infantry, returned Or When Ferneau Swamped the t' Major M. L. Walker, C.

has been ordered to Omaha, to receive the funds and records pertaining to the office of the Department Chief Engineer Officer. He will leave post on or about October 10th. 10 me post ycsiciud Hum tutu Harrold A. Fissinger and Howard! H. Whittle of Co.

were transferred to the Hospital Corps Detachment at this post. Tipler of Co. got off pretty light on his latest stunt, his sentence of 3 months and a push being disapproved by the reviewing authority. 2nd Class Private W. L.

Crail, Co. has been ordered to take the course of instruction as Cook at Fort Riley. Ponton. There was a non-com in Co. He was wondrous wise, He threw a dough-boy in the creek, summer vacation which was spent visiting relatives through the State of Missouri.

First. Lieut. William Bryden, Battery Fifth Field Artillery, who is The depth up to his thighs, at present on detached service as in- And when the land-lubber began to structor at West Point, N. has bawl With wondrous might and main, He jumped into the Kansas brine, And eased him out again. GENERAL OFFICERS TO PAY VISIT TO POST, been transferred from Battery and assigned to Battery Fifth Field Aritllery, relieving First Lieut.

Edmund L. Gruber, who has been placed on the unassigned list. First Lieut. William B. Graham, Twentieth Infantry, formerly in charge of the post laundry, and who -4.

AMONG THE OFFICERS. Colonel and Mrs. Ezra Fuller of the has been on a leave of absence have returned from a visit with ed to the post for a brief visit. friends in Sedalia, Mo. Lieut.

R. S. Thomas, C. has been Miss Winn, daughter of Major F. granted one months' leave of absence L.

Winn, of the Post, who is conced- to enable him to take advantage of ed to be one of the most attractive the hunting season at his home, debutantes of the season in San Captain John R. S.lattery, C. of E. Francisco, California, society, will was on ieave from the 2nd to 4th in-make her formal entrance into so- stant. ciety on October fifteenth.

Captain W. G. Caples, C. and 7 Mrs. Edgar Collins of the Post has men of his cornpany have been or-invitations out for a tea on Saturday dere(1 detailed on special duty by the afternoon as a compliment to her Deoartment Commander in order to With Company back on the job duty is lightened considerable thereby.

And still the progressive military map work furnishes annual vacations for several of the specialists. Walter C. Grover, Co. is now Head Gardener. Hardwick of I company has been made first-class.

Sergeant Battie, Company was discharged on the 5th instant. He and Corporal Evans of Co. who were discharged on the 6th will journey to Pennsylvania, where they have jobs awaiting them as instrument men for the Intercolonial Railway. Beattie and Evans were very popular men among the boys and will be missed. Koenig and McPherson of Co.

have landed indoor special jobs during the cool weather. Clfford Farmer, Co. was discharged by purchase on the 4th inst. Herman Weiss of the popular rag-time piano player, well known at the Fort and in the City of Leav Major General W. Carter, and Brigadier Generals W.

W. Wother-spoon and James Allen, U. S. are expected to pay a visit to the post the latter part of this month. The troops will be turned out for a review as a usual courtesy, weather permitting.

The general opinion seems-to be that the matter of placing the entire command under one head, as recommended by General Smith in his-annual report as Department Commander, will be looked into and 'the situation examined at close range. The matter of determining the proper compliment of Signal Corps troops to be attached to a division of troops in the field and their equipment will also be decided upon by this board, three field companies' of the Signal Corps, being present at the post at that time. General Allen, one of the expected visitors is Chief Sigr nal Officer of the Army. -4 sister-in-law, Mrs. Van Home, wife of Captain Van Home, who has arrived at the Post for station.

Mrs. William Stephenson of the SERGEANT EFAW i enworth will give a few masterful selections at a Golding Wedding Anni complete reports, maps, and photographs in connection with the Fort Benjamin Harrison maneuvers of which the Captain was Chief Engineer officer. Lieut and A. J. Davis of Fort Wright, announces the birth of a son.

Mrs. Davis was formerly Miss Muriel Ingalls of Atchison. Lieut, and Mrs. Davis were formerly stationed at the Post. Mrs.

E. R. Gibson of the Post and sister, Miss Durham of St. Paul, were the hostesses at a charming tea for one hundred guests given during the week in compliment to Mrs. Hammar of St.

Louis, Mo. Mrs. Edward Calvert, who was visiting herparents, Mrs. S. Neely returned to join Lieut.

Calvert at Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming. Mrs. C.

A. Donaldson left the Post versary in Kansas on Saturday even ing, October the 8th. Jahnke of who made his getaway Post entertained at a charmingly informal tea Wednesday, October 5th, as'a pleasure for Mrs. T. Q.

Donaldson, who is spending a few days at the Post, en route from a tour in Europe. The marriage of Miss McCord of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Major F. (L. Winn, Thirteenth Infantry, U. S.

will take place on Saturday afternoon, October fifteenth, at four o'clock at the bride's home. Major and Mrs. Winn will come directly to the Post for station. Major Frank L. Winn, Thirteenth Infantry, has been granted a leave of absence for seven days to take effect October 12th.

First Lieut. Walter C. Jones, Thirteenth Infantry, who will be relieved as commanding officer of the cable ship "Bumside" at Seattle, by First Lieut. Frank R. Curtis, Thirteenth Infantry, has been ordered to proceed to the Army General Hospital at the Presidio of San Francisco, for treatment.

General Funston and Mrs. Funston and forty-six officers and their wives from Fort Leavenworth attended the at the People's Theatre tember 29th, as the guests of Aubrey who is the daughter of the Ninety-eighth Illinois Regiment, Wilbur's Brigade, the original Rough jto join Lieut. Donaldson at Fort Sergeant George W. Efaw, Co. IC, 3rd Battalion of Engineers, died at the.

Hospital at Des Moines, Iowa, at 6 A. Monday the 3rd instant. Sergeant Efaw "went to the Military Touranment with his company and' was taken sick with a complication of ailments which the medical officerir early determined would end fatally-Mrs. Efaw was present when he died" and accompanied his remains to his-home Maysfield, Ohio, where the fun eral took place. Sergeant Efaw had many friends in the 1st and 3rd Battalions of Engineers in which he has served for the past nine years.

He was a capable" non-commissioned officer who justly earned the respect of his 'superior officers and comrades and it was with deep regret that they learned of his sudden death. at Riley from a sentry with an empty rifle and was later caught near Ogden by Sergeant Ferneau was handed the "bob" he sought, but it had a two years' string attached to it. May of Co. who was chore boy about the headquarters tents only got 3 months and a kick. Albert Parker and Roy Burlingame Co.

are still among those wanted. The one time Corporal Gallagher of Co. I is on recruiting duty at Chicago. Tom Cody, late of Co. is now on his way to the Phulophrunes among a bunch of 100 rooks for the 12th Infantry.

Bernheim led the company in shooting at Russell. He qualified as Sharpshooter in a 40-mile wind. The company just completed target practice. Result unknown. W.

writes that he is still busy. Wayne, after a month's visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Roth of the city of Leavenworth. Lieut.

Emmert W. Savage, 13th U. S. Infantry, was married to Miss Emma Kurts, of Waterloo, 111., on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

Lieut Savage was one of a class of six who received their commission at Fort Leavenworth on Aug. 17. He was assigned to the 13th Infantry on September 1, and arrived at Fort Leavenworth Sept. 30 with his bride. Major Frank C.

Baker, M. CM returned to the Post with Co. Engineers from Ft. Benjamin Harrison. The ordinary soldier never appreciates what a good place Fort Leavenworth really is until he gets away from it..

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