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Lawrence Weekly Press from Lawrence, Kansas • 5

Lawrence Weekly Press from Lawrence, Kansas • 5

Lawrence, Kansas
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-ttiH Hi At a recent meeting held at Washing 1 8 6 9. George R. Shane, City and Vicinity. Judge J. 8.

Emery has gone to Arkansas ARTIST Photographer, Farmers Institute Meeting. The Farmers Institute of Douglas county will have a winter picnic at Vln-land, at their next regular session February 7. The following is the program i Welcome address A. F. Allen J.

Smith Rotation of Crops B. Thomas Macadamized roads J. M. Shepherd Practical working of electricity Blake. From 12 to 1 o'clock will be devoted to a picnic.

Discussions will follow each of these kubjecta. It is to be hoped that Studio 615 3as3ac2rusetts (Opposite Fietioa Roller Hills.) LAWRENCE, ED. R. LEARN ED, -DEALER IN- FURNACE, Sra PUMPS. TINWARE, TIN ROOFING" and GUTTERING.

Pump Repairing done to order. and satisfaction guaranteed. E. B. EAEN'E 045 Mass.

Street Lawrence, Kansas. CLOSING OUT. it looks like J. M. JONES, 706 Massachusetts Street, is closing out to quit the business at the low price he is selling Groceries to-day.

For instance, he is selling a good Smoking or Chewing Tobacco at' 20 cents per pound. Finest Jellies on earth at 5 cents, etc. 1 THE YOST WRITING MACHINE. DEFY COMPETITION W. HAYES, Agent Lawrence Kan City on buslnee connected with the Cherokee Strip.

James Dumars and Edward Jones, of Lawrence, were granted pensions last Thursday. Will Jackson, a colored man about 25 years or age, died Monday mgnt at tteno, where his aunt lived. W. Bradehaw, a young man living southwest of Baldwin, accldently shot himself through the leg last Thursday'at Ottawa. Mrs.

Wra. Gibson has returued home after spending a week with her friends, Mrs. T. B. Parnham and Mrs.

T. H. Gray, of Topeka. Geo. C.

Bailey left Sunday on a ten day's trip east He will visit his mother at Rome. N. and a biother at Hew York City. Hiss Lillie Raskophf, who has been attending school at Baldwin during the nast, winter, has been very ill for abort three weeks, The water works question is again be log stirred in Lawrence. The company threatens to sue the city if the bill Is not immediately paid.

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Judson Pullen, of North Lawrence, died Friday morning and was buried in Maple Grove cemetery last Saturday. W. Randall was called to Tecumseh Wednesday by a telegram announcing that his brother, James T.

Randall was very low and not expected to live. Mrs. W. H. Pendleton left last Thurs- day for Denver on a visit, accompanying her Bister.

Mrs. H. P. Tremper, on her way to her home at Shelton, Wash. It.

S. Saunders, the popular teacher of guitar, mandolin and banjo, is prepared to receive pupils. Address or leave word at J. H. Bell Bro's music store.

Women's gospel meeting at the Y. C. A. rooms Sunday will be conducted by Miss Hattie Byington. Subject: "Op portunities." All ladles are welcome.

Ben Grains, of the Boston Square deal ing clothing house, left for the East this week, where he goes to buy the biggest stock of clothing ever brought to this city. Mrs. L. B. Putney and Robert left Monday for the Pacific coat.

At Albu querque, N. Mr. Putney will join them. Thev will be none aoout nve months. John Hutt, formerly of the Southern KanBas offices in this city, left Monday for Memphis, to accept the posi tion of cashier of the Ft.

Scott Mem. phis freight office. Jack McConeaged about fourteen years: died last Tuesday evening oi Pony creek six miles east of the city. Young McCone was the son of John McCone, a wealthy farmer at that place. Hesper, a little village situated in Douglas county, has alone sent six wagon loads of necessaries td the sufferers in western counties, while Eudora has sent out a whole car load.

CM. Sears left Monday on his return home to Chlllicothe, after a visit with the family of his son, W. Sears He will visit Memphis, Tennessee, and the Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, on his return trip. A Leavenworth gardner says that 11,000 celery plants can be raised on one acre of ground. Fixing the wholesale prine at thirty cents a dozen, at this rate an acre of ground would produce $275 worth of celery.

Walter Payne, a prominent young bus! ness man of this county, has recently started a grocery at the little town of Clinton. Mr. Payne is a live, energetic young man and he will doubtless succeed in his new venture. Mrs. T.

B. Headen reutrned this week from Tower Bill, 111 where she was called two week ago to attend the tick' ness and death of her sister. She was accompanied home by another sister, Mrs, P. M. JOllam, of Newton.

R. W. Luddington has given the Fra iler Hall a thorough renovating and kalsomining. A new floor has been put in and the hall Is in elegant condition for dancintr. For rent at reasonable price.

Apply at the corner Connect! cutt and "Winthrop. A large crowd attended the lecture a the Baptist church last Friday night glv en by the popular lecturer, L. O. Arm. strong, on the story of "Ben Hur." The illustrations were a great deal better than the average, and the closest attention of JUSTUS HOWELL, 840 and 842 Massachusetts Street, Central Dealer in ton, D.

Prof. Blackmar was elected member of the Executive Council of the American Economic Association or which Francis A. Walker Is president This association was formed In the spring of 1885 and has for Its primary object the encouragement of economic reseach and perfect freedom in economic discussion. The association publishes economic works each year and has done good practical work In this line. Mrs.

Rebecca Cooper died at 12 o'clock Friday night of consumption, aged 30- She is the wife of George Cooper the mad" who was sentenced to the count all In December for shooting in Albert Gregg's barber shop the fore part of November with Intent to kill, while In an Intoxicated state. It was only by Mr, NevUon's request and several good recommendations from prominent citizens of Lawrence that kept Cooper out of the penitentiary. The funeral was held last Saturday. A petition will be presented to the board of county commissioners at the next regular meeting asking for an appropriation of (3,000 from Douglas county to aid In building a bridge in conjunct ion with Leavenworth county across the Kansas river at Eudora. The plan Is to ask an appropriation for the same amount from Eudora township, the same from Reno township, Leavenworth county, and also the city of Eudora to raise the same amount The estimated cost of the structure Is to be 10,000.

One of the old and most highly es teemed citizens of Lawrence, Phillip Preisach, passed away at his home on Vermont street at 4:80 o'clock Wednesday morning, after an illness of nine months. Mr, Preisach had been in business in Lawrence continuously for 80 years, passed through the Quantrell raid and had always held a high place in theses-tlmation of the people as an upright business man and citizen. He was 62 years old. A wife and, four children are left to mourn his loss. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock under the auspices of the A.

O. U. of which or der he was a member. Prof. W.

A. Quayle, president of Baker University, Baldwin, delivers his lecture, "Westminister Abbey," at the Christian church on next Monday evening. 8th street. A number of our citizens have heard the lecture by Prof. Quayle and ak of it in complimentary terms.

This is the first of the twelve lectures arranged by Prof. Ronp, city superin tendent, for the benefit of the Salina public schools library. Next on the list will be a lecture by Chancellor Snow, of the State University, for February 20, and following that will come a lecture by Prof. Canfleld, for April 17. Salina Sun.

Quarterly Report of Y. W. O. From Oct. 1st to Jan.

let. Gospel meetings for women, 11; total attendance, 523 number of conversions, number joined church, 1 total attend ance at Junior gospel meetings, 69; total attendance at colored women's meetingst 390; total attendance at colored bible classes, 67; lunches served in rooms, 52; visits in behalf of association, 43; prayer meetings in rooms, 13; personal talks with young women, 10 number of visit- ors in rooms outside of socials, 432. The young women of the association extend thanks to the friends who have so kindly supplied our reading table with magazines and periodicals and have brightened the rooms by presenting them with easy chairs, curtains, for screens, fancy articles, kindlings, coal brooms and inkstand. Mollis J. Jones, Gen'l Secretary.

XlTE are closing out all wint-)f er goods at greatly reduced prices. Remnants at half price. Ladies and child- ren's Cloaks at your own price. Blankets, Carpets, wool under wear and Hosiery at reduced prices. If you want to buy Dry goods or Carpets cheap come and see us.


Highest Market Price. W. H. PENDLETON. GO TO HARDWARE and FARM.

IMPLEMENTS WAGONS, BUGGIES, SPRING WAGONS, DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINES, at prices to suit everyone. Call and examine before buying elsewhere. All Goods Warranted. LAWRENCE Business College. WILBER M.

HAYES, Pres. JOSEPH STOTLER, Supt. W. H. SEARS, Secretary.

It is acknowledged by all that in this day of commercial activity a business education is one the essentials to success. If you wait to learn by experience, you will find the ground occupied ahead of you. In business you must compete Lawrence is ustly proud of her institutions of learning. The term Athens of the West," is not inaptly applied. Among these institutions none ranks higher in its own field than the Lawrence Business College.

Established in 1869, ft has made for itself a reputation possessed by no other school of its kind in the west. ADDRESS LAWRENCE Business College. 18 9 1. SCHULZ BOYD, General Blacksmiths, Wagon and Repair Shop 3Xera Shoeing' sl Specialty. When in the city stop at the Qommercial "fTonse One block east of Postofflce Newly furnished throughout, (iood accommo' dations.

Stable room free of charge. Rate $1.00 Per Day. HUGH BLAIR, AND CHATTEL LOANS at Lowest rates, and FIRE ND TORNADO INSURANCE. Office over Fluke's Music Store. WAIST'X-BID.

100 sett of old farm harness in exchange for new. We Retail at Wholesale Prices. 0 SJISTJDS CO. Saddlbrt, FRENGER'S SHORT ORDER RESTAURANT. On Warren Street, between Massachusetts and Vermont.

Steak and Chops, Fish and Game in season. WILL ORR, REAL ESTATE AG'T Over Leis1 Drug Store. Lawrence, KaoM NATIONAL BANK The Oldest National Bank is Lawrenoe. A. Monroe, President.

N. Newmahk, Vice-President. R. G. Jamison, Cashier.

W. F. March, Asst. Cashier. Capital $100,010.

Surplus $20,00 DIRECTORS i James Marvin, 6, Grovenor, r. Mm.Evatt, Newmark, A. Monroe, Geo. Innes, E. F.Goodrich.

Prompt attentien given io all business placed in our hands. PLACE TO GO. DEDRICK Sc. TIPTON. They have the most conveniently located barber shop in Lawrence.

Best work in the city. T. NEWBY, ealer in ALL KINDS OF COAL. Orders Wleen City Drug Store, 716 Massachusetts ButW Massachusetts street, Zook's Grocery btore. Office Cor.

Warren and Delaware. MERCHANTS KANSAS. Country Work done on short notice LIGHT, COMPACT, DURABLE-SCIENTIFIC AND SPEEDY. A "Thing of Beauty" and Service. For specimens of work, circulars, or trial of machine, Call on agent at Business College.

FOR SHIPMENT. OATARRH (JURE. HEAR SEE "ACTINA." the great eye restorer and only v- cure. "Actina" is a small Docket battery composed of a copper and line Qv and changed within an inner cylinder with a commnanon ui cuiuu.i in contact with the skin or any part of the body, active circulation of the blood andii parts a soothing elecinc current to the nerves. It as harmless as water and yet as potent as sunshine.

Children of tender years as well as aduUs mav use it at all times and all places with perfect safety. One million persons are using these in-steuments with perfect safety in a 1 parts of the world and thousands testify to its wonderful cures. These include ministers, bishops, priests, Judges, lawyers, merchants and all classes ot society here in Kansas. Ladies who value a clear skin and bright eyes will never be without it. Weak eyes from age or any cause are restored to perfact "vision." "Actina" Is a family physician always at hand.

London Electric Association, 917 MASSAHTJ-, SETTS BT. OA.TSTJP! Fresh and pure. Best in the mirket Alfo Horse liaclish! Always supply Ilp tWos i'h tie reshest make Guaranteed pure aul good. HE8HOK. all thoBe who.

attend will not neglect to bring the beat the household affords. The train will leave the Santa le de pot at 10 a.TB., and return at 5 p. thus giving ample) to see the village of Vlnland an attend the session of the institute, By Order of Committee. The Watklne Road. A special dispatch from Alexendria, to the St Louis Globe-Democrat says H.

Bracy and J. A. Ware, rail- road contractors of St. Louis, are here, and will commence at once the construction of the Kansas City, Wat- kins Gulf railway from here to Spring Creek, a distance of thirty miles, for which they have the contract of grading, They will make this place their headquarters, and it Is expected they will grade at each end of the line." We Offer! 1 he balance ot an winter un- 4 derwear at great bargains Men's all wool double brest shirts' 75c, former pr ice at 1.00 All wool drawers 65c, form erly 85c. All winter goods MUST go.

Caps will be sold regardless of profit. Come and get 7 spools best thread for 2 5 cents. All Silk Ribbon All Silk No. 12 Ribbon IOC 15c All Silk No. 16 Ribbon 20c A dozen good lead pencils for 3c.

One reason why we sell heaperhan others is because we sell for cash only. Robinson Hutchings. New York Store. SUBSCRIBE for the WEEKLY PRESS. KEELER'S The place to buy.

Books Stationery! i WALL PAPER, Picture Frames, School Supplies, etc. Lowest prices. JA.KEELEH, 827 Mass- St- Lawrenoe Large Stock OF Fine Woolens with very latest styles of Fall and Winter Goods. First-class worK', guaranteed and prices the most reasonable in the city. JOHN DALEY.

Merchant Tailor. Winthrop Street. WM. M. ROWE, JEWELER DFTICIAL.

WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY Silver Plated Ware and Spectacles. YOUR SHOE STORE. UNDERTAKING Special Attention paid to EIVIBAIjIVIIHG AND PREPARINC All calls promptly and satisfactorily attended to either day or night FFICE ALWAYS OPEN. J. ROBEE TiS NORTH NATIONAL BA1STK.

Telephone 9Q. "ACTINA." GREAT EYE BEST0REB. THE DEAF THE BLIND CATARRH IMP33JIBLE. Thes rme nts enreg whe.n all otherremedies fail eeycu hre dyspepsia, rheumatism, chronic laiu backs pinal disease, loss of memory, prolapsus, nervous prostration and all female weaknesses. Five hundred thousand patrons In Europe and America tesTify to this fact.

If you continue to suffer.blame yourselves or your doctor. Persons must not confound our Magnetic Canservative Belts and other appliances with the bo called electric or magnetic belts now in the market. There is no possible similitude in such goods to those we manufacture. We are obliged to thus warn our patrons owing to the constant disappointments persons have experienced who have been unfortunate enough to have Durchased those fraudulent imitations off ered under special names and cheapness, vaunted as an incentive to purshasers. Kemember our object is to cure, not to sell you a cheap and worthless article Just to get your mon- y.

Our testimonials will show what our ppliances will do. Branch Office Y. and '6J MASON'S C. W. AL.L.ENDOR PH, Manager.

the audience was elicited from first to last. A masquerade ball given at the rink Monday night by the Degree of Honor, A. O. U. W.

was the most successful affair of the kind ever been held at that place, one hundred and twenty-five people were dancing at the same time; in fact, the floor was overflowing with queer looking beings nearly all night. The funeral of A. G. Eidemlller was held at his late residence on Tennessee street at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon, and was attended by a large crowd of sympathizing frlendB of the family. The services were mo6t impressive.

Rev. Van Pelt delivered the funeral address and the singing was rendered by the Presbyterian church choir. -FOR BOOTS and SHOES. JOHNSON SMITH, BAHBERS. 838 Massachusetts Street, opposite Mason's Shoe Store.

Satisfaction THE FAMILY.

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