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The Emporia Daily Journal from Emporia, Kansas • 1

The Emporia Daily Journal from Emporia, Kansas • 1

Emporia, Kansas
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S'ate Historical SocUty Inrrfi- "tv- -i ait ENA A VI 7 JLJO EMPORIA, KANSAS. TUESDAY, SEPT. 20,1910. No. 190.

i VOLUME II. TUESDAY, SEPT. 20,1910. A Word to the Farmers About Post-Offices TWELTH AVENUE IS TO roaay a woman from a LONG WAIT OF CLAIRE IE NEVE farm which is about seven iEMATOR HODGES MAKING I IT WARR EOR STUBBS miles from town arrived at a BE PAVED AT LAST local produce house with number of chickens in a gunnj The question of a postmaster in any town causes more or less strife. When Sen.

Curtis represented this district in congress, Sen. Baker was 4 dipping" into all the post offices. Curtis got tired and went to Pres. McKihley and told him that he would make no more recommenda- sack. It was hot today and Mr.

Wood. Before the last of iother ninor Matters Make Busy ten chickens dumped into The -Weather Man The Famous niirder Trial Being Held in London London 20 Something of what Ethel Clare Le Neva suffered as she waited the fili Day for the Commissioners sack do not leave much room for air and as a consequence six of the chickens became ex owes up the bogus Claims of the Grandstanding Insurgents Topeka, Kansas, Sept. 20 jThe pending campaign in linsas isf going to be one- of -ucation, writes D. O. Mc Jay in the St.

Louis Republic, about twenty five additional will probably be recorded. This is the, largest fall attendance on record and is near ly the largest. The heaviest attendancce isr in the spring noirai. woe tnff mpnr or iir iiawiev Baiter hausted with their struugles tions if Sen. was Kansas, partly cloudly tonight and' Wednesday.

Cooler southwest tonight. Oklahoma, cloudy with tem-. perature unchanged tonight and Wednesday. North east- TTll urn c. Uk) The city commissioner met this morning with Mayor Mc Cain and Commissioners Law-Jer and Corbett present.

Although the day was warm and the deficiency of the air sup ply soon finished them. The have anything to do with it and McKinley wrote an order that has stood until recently that the congressmen shall Crippen's promise to make ner his wife, was revealed at, today's session of the inquest into the death or Belle El other four looked badly wilted when released from the ernly winds. term and from now till then voters are hearing some the increase will be gradual bag. The market house people have the post office patronage "Ifl COC! Hflmnnrotln 1 rl a The enrollment will reach the refused to accept the dead and the Senators the federal Kr governor, which will have birds but paid an average of patronage. But President Taft two thousand mark by June.

What Shall We Do? per cent, which is saving the farmers of this state more than $100,000 each year, it stalled in the house, and ille effect of dispelling the il- thirty five cents for the four has broken that order, now live ones. On the deal the by accepting Sen. Br'stow' recommendation for post, mas woman cauld have had $2.10 Messrs H. Levy Son, Ben ask the following pertinen the member who was blocking more but because of her lack ter at Salina. This means that if Cong.

Miller attempts questions: To the editor of of precaution she lost this, All animals must have air to naipe Bill White for post tsion that Governor Stubbs jld his insurgent followers in A last three sessions of the islature were responsible fo the square deal and pro- jussive legislation written in the statutes of this state. Senator Hodges is on the imp every day the to the voters and show- them that but for the and the majority of them master, ithat Sen. Curtis will interfere. It is not likely that die if deprived of that com its passage was A. C.

Mitchell of Douglas county, Governor Stubbs' trusted leader, and insurgent candidate for congress in the Second district. Mitchell claimed that the act was unconstitutional, but after Hodges cited him United States supreme court decisions pound of oxygen and hydrogen more, with the murder of ffrhom the doctor and his typist are jointly charged. In her distress Miss LeNeve coitffided in her landlady, Mrs. Jackson, and the story that she told' on the witness stand rivalled the most sensational evidence introduced at the preliminary trial. Mrs.

jack-son said that the accused girl gave up the room which she ias occupied at the home of the witness on March 12, explaining that she was leaving to be married to Dr. Crippen. Until the first week in February Miss Le Neve had slept regularly at Mrs. Jackson's After that she stopped at the house only occasionally. She said she spent the other nightei nt.

the homes of friends. On filler will do such a fool thing, but you can't tell now If you bring animals of any kind to town be sure they will days what will happen. The real fun has only begun. The live till after you have been progressive De- Journal is in that easy frame Attendance At Normal the Journal: Will you kindly have some one of your many readers answer the following: XVhich would be the most sensible way to dispose cf the dead animals in your county to allow the people to feed these diseased animals to the hogs, and then the people eat these hogs fattened on these animals or to render them and thus eliminate disease. Benson Parson two houses, where similar legislation has in of mind caused by that old been sustained, he yielded and one of the measures foi proverb, "Blessed are they that expect nothing for they the hot room at the city build-, ing was not conductive to heav mental labor nevertheless a great deal of businesss was accomplished.

It was resolved by the commissioners to authorize the lighting department of the city to furnish electricty to the lamps) which are to be installed on Commercial street providing the town's business men will furnish the posts and other necessaries. The posts are to be ten to every block five cn each side of the street. The underground conduits have already been laid and nothing remains to be done but set up the posts and connect the lights. The result will be one 'of the best lighted streets Kansas, and every Emporian should be proud of their own "White Way." The business men will act as soon through their legislative body, the Commercial club. Not satisfied with this contribution to the uplift of the jommunity the granted the petition that 12th avenue be paved from the ea st side of Exchange street to West street.

The petition was signed by three fourths of the property owners and this does away with The Normal people are taking a breathing spell. After two weeks of hard labor they are able to relax them ich Governor Stubbs is 'cing all the credit would become law. He is corn- shall not be disappointed." permitted the bill to pass. The criticism of Governor Stubbs and his administration made by Senator Hodges in his speeches is pertinent and pointed. The worst offense, from a Democratic standpoint cent to discuss this record, selves.

During these two weeks one thousand and nine Col. Bryan Coming The Democrats have dated Col. W. J. Bryan for a speech at Fremont park, east side on ty five students have been giv en permits.eight hundred hav given a detailed description of them selves to the Normal's was the governor's statement reported from three different localities in the state where The wedding of MissTDsther M.Benson of this city and Mr.

Earl V. Parson of Kinsman, one occasionMiss LeNeve men tioned having been at the Hill drop Crescent home of the Crippens early in February toUielp the doctor in a search for a bank book which showed an account of $1,000. She added a diamond tiara and card index, eight hundred of spoken that he thought Ohio, was solemnized this them have so patiently ex I jving been 14 member of the te senate during the last en years, and supported all good a of Jiich he initiated and push-to passage, receiving a 'gatory support from the gov ior, who was a member of house of representatives. Hodges will be the st candidate for governor 4 any ticket in Kansas to it and speak to the people Srv county. This state is next Tuesday night at 6 p.

m. His subject will be "Roosevelt." It will indeed be interesting to hear how Bryan hand-leg Theodore, whom he has heretofore praised so loudly. a dishonest Republican was morning at 10:30 o'clock at almost as badi as a Democrat the home of the bride's parents on Cottonwood street. The plained to the exactmg faulty all about their rooming and boarding places, seventy three have cut chapel, four hundred Governor Stubbs is also cri rings had been found in the The county Democratic edi- ticised by Hodges for increasing the number of state employees after he had promised and twenty nine have cut clas- house and that fhe doctor had raised $850 on these. About the middle of Feb itors have long quarrelled with Bryan because he made house was tastily decorated for the occasion.

Just before the ceremony Miss Sophia Guettel sang two selections. Rev. John II. J. Rice of to reduce them; for getting such a consumate fool of him contingent fund of $20,000 ruary, the witness said, Miss Le Neve appeared miserable and depressed.

Such Avas her self by continually praising Roosevelt whom they were de ese, three hundred and twenty one had conflicts, all of which had to be adjusted, eight hundred have enrolled in the var ious phases of gymnasium work, two hundred and thirty four have enrolled in the train ing school, one hundred and the First Congregtional churcl performed the ceremony, us sif.aite that Mrs. Jackson fol nouncing as a grand stand- all chance of a ing the beautiful and impress lowed the girl to her room to er 'em" scrap, they're ive Episcopal 1 riiifir service. no kin." vvhil Miss Marian Guettel r0 miles -long and 200 wide, with its 105 counties the tsk is a trying one. Already lias spoken in about flQ inties many of which he addressed two or more eetings. During July Sen-or Hodges and Lot Ravens-aft, candidate for lieutenant -visited 40 counties the western half of the Vtfi Two days after the ite It Wasen't So Bad played Lohengrin's wedding march.

The bride is an ac While driving his car down complished musican and is al ing Bill Brier's auto struck so admired by her many friend for her gentle womanly ways. a small boy on a bicycle and bore the boy heavily to the learn, if possible, the source of her trouble. Miss LeNeve. the witness said, was iri a terrified state of agitation. Her eyes seemed fairly starting out of her head.

The landlady insisted on an explanation, telling the girl she must have something awful on her mind to be in such a condition. The witness said that the other replied: "Would you be. surprised During congratulations a sur ust primary, SenatorHod- prise to the assembled guests ground. Witnesses of the accident say that Brier was was in the field making twenty five in the music department, with the prospect of a large number being added next week, eight hundred and sixty one are in the Normal proper and; eleven hundred per pie have paid over $5, 000 into the coffers of the state institution The inrollment at the model school is larger than ever before and the corpsi of teachers for the grades are completely filled At no time in the history of the school have so The dream of every person town who owns a ridable vehicle, from the bicycle to the sweir'automobile will be real- ized. It will be possible in all kinds of weather to, ride over fifteen miles of the pre-tiest streets in Kansas.

This will form the middle link that will join together some mighty fine boulevards. A similar petition was lost some time ago when the eld city council was running affairs because of a misunderstanding with the state. The signatures of three fourths of the property owners effectually block all remonstrance, to the petitions presented this Commercial street last even- was gently harolded by Rev. Rice, who introduced Mr. Fred Benson and bride saying on the right side of the road when his predecessors had found more than enough, and for devoting nine-tenths ott his time and energies to politics and only 10 per cent to the business of the In his speeches Senator Hodges touches another matter which is quite humiliating to Governor Stubbs and his insurgent followers.

At the session of the legislature of 1909, T. P. Morrison, a Democratic of the house and now a candidate for attorney general introduced in that body an act providing for the election of United States senators in Kansas by the Ore gon plan of a state-wid vote for each candidate and the pledging of the members of the legislature to vote for each candidate receiving the highest vote, without regard to political affiliation. This act never saw the light of day. It was defeated by the en- and th'at the boy was on the that he had quietly perform wrong side and moreover was if I told you that it was the ed the marriage of Miss Lillian M.

Burlingame of Erie, riding carelessly along andgt rdoctor and Miss Elmore? He not taking any precaution Kansas, iand Mr. Benson at started to turn off of Fourth from accident. The boy kmany been taking the teach or three meetings eacn ay in a county. The state I ommittee has billed him for very day until November 7, nd this strenuous campaign i all permit him to spend only i wo Sundays at his home in )lathe, prior to the election. Senator Hodgets' speech is vote getter.

He is surprised very day with the number of epublicans who have never Ntofore voted a spilt tiek-'wta tell him they intend vote for him in November. his home last evening at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. Benson is highly respected by a large host of friends. He is employed was the cause of my trouble when you frist knew me.

She is his wife and when I see them go away together, it makes me realize my position avenue onto Commercial stree going north and Brier seeing the lads carelessness turned ers training work. The model school is becoming more popular year by year and the great advantages of the gymnastic training is causing the as a telegrapher at the Santa aa to what she is and what i The bids were opened for the out for him. The boy saw Fe depot. The contracting I parties left this afternoon 01 Lm; axie oexween the car about, the same time and turned directily in its Mrs. Jackson asked: "What nourtn ana rum avenues ana schools selection by a growing a wedding trip to points in the east, after which Mr.

and Mrs. is the use of you worrying a-fnumber every fall. path. Brier stopped the mom bout another woman's husban he presentation he is mak Benson will return to Empor entum of the car as quick as possible and the boys wheel To this Miss Le Neve answer ng of the records of the legis-ftire Republican vote of the ed: "Miss Elmore has been between Commercial and Mer-cant streets. Trumble and Matlfewson and Ernest Ballweg were the respective bidders.

The contract will not be let until later. A petition for a storm sewer was In the Normal proper the thing first noticed is the increased number of boys over their representation in previou years. While there are still house came clear of the car all ex i' ature to show how largely th ia to live, while Mr. and Mrs. Parson will go to Ohio to make their future home.

i eople of Kansas are indebt threatenting to go away with another man. Dr. Crippen cept the hind wheel. The car knocked the boy off the wheel and badly smashed the the bicycle. The boy declar been waiting for her to.

Mrs. H. A. Adams left to- h-bout three girls to one lone ed to the Democrats for tnej lare deal laws for whicn he linsurgent Republicans tre claiming -all credit, is day for her home in Gatesville also granted. The commis- Texas, after spending the sum- sioners could not finish this ed himself to be uninjured and gathering the remnant of Not one of ten Republicans square dealers, the insurgents or the Stubbs meni were to found supporting this measure Notice to real estate agents, You are hereby notified that I hereby withdraw my residence property from the hands of all real estate agents.

Mrs. Emma Tiffany. mer here, the guest of her daughter, Mrs. A. W.

his wheel and wandered on i nut; i iiiuttuio session on every voter who t- -nres more for the public good boy, the caliber of the boys has so much improved that that they make themselves a far greater power than is their lawful share while at-thletics are on the boomThere are eight hundred and sixty one in the Normal department and of this number the most do so when he would d-'vorce her." Solicitor Newton, who is looking out for the interests of Crippen and Miss Le Neve, closely cross examined Mrs Jackson, suggesting that her lodger's excitement was due to the landlady's having re his way The ladies of the First Pres morning and adjourned till one thirty this afternoon. Mrs. Dan Richards of west of Olpe returned home ye er-day after a few days visit, in the c'ty, the guest of Mr.and Mrs. Gus Graber and family. byterian church will be.

entertained tomorrow afternoon at he does for party victory. Senator Hodges prepared the present antipass law and push 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. nilitiamen Notice ed it through the senate. On its consideration in committee W. W.

Jones, 310 Sylvan st. surrected a trouble yWhfeh the of the whole, his vote alone it from rdefeat. After All members of the K. N. G.

are hereby ordered to report at the arm ry of Co. L. for drill at all times, and any one, disobeying this order will bei punished by a court' are in the Normal and the Col lege freshman class. These two classes have been organized and permanent officers will be elected soon. Another fact that has caused comment is the absence of certificate people.

l6 had gotten through the upper house an act reducing freight rates on grain and ELITE THEHTRE P. J. Con cannon, Mgr. Commencing on Monday, September 19, the program will be changed three times a week. Charley Burns Stuck At the police court trial this morning of the three negroes who assualted Frank Smith of Strong City, Bill Burns and Bill Williams were released because of lack of positive evidence showing that they were concerned iri the actual beating of the man.

Charley Burns the other member of the trio was fined fifty do! larsi and the costs of the case were assessed against him. Noit having the money to pay he was sent back to the city jail. He will be re-arrested as soon, as he leaves that prison as Sheriff Cowan has a grain products in Kansas 15 (The Normal is getting to be Rceived today by express about Monday Tuesday 100 Very Pretty Wash Dresses for Children and Misses at $1.39, $1.69 and $1.98. girl experienced during her earlier association with Crippen, but the witness maintained the correctness of her evidence as given. Professor Pepper, the the testimony which he had given at the trial in the Bow street court.

In response to questions by the court he said: can form no definite opin ion as to whether, the parts found were those of a male or female. There was a suggestion that they were from the body of a female. I have formed a very strong presumption, almost conclusive evidence, that the parts were those of a woman." The inquest then was adjourned until September 26. H. C.

White shipped his household goods to. Amity, Mis souri, today where he will make his future home. staite warrant against BIOGRAPH DRAMA "A SALUTARY LESSON'V A picture showing an object lesson that everyone, parents especially, should see. Also another lot of those $3.98 Taffeta Silk Petticoats in black and all colors. the same as a college and uni Versity.

The people coming in now enter straight from the grades to the Normal or come with high school diplomas and enter the college department The largest number of A. B. degree, people will be turned out in 1914 that has ever been seen in Emporia. From present indications it is likely that about one hundred and fifty jyjoung men and women will receive their sheepkins. at that time.

In the music department the enrollment to date was only one hundred and twenty five The College first and sec ond teams are playing a practice game on the grounds to- received New Garments and Millinery day The melee being VITAGRAPH DRAMA "THE THREE CHERRY PITS" l'he result of a practical joke, by three young men, that came near ending fatally for one of the jokers. Daily. watched by a large crowd. Dr. D.

S. Fisher of Read lng wasi in the city today. He assisted Dr. Zane in two operations at St. Marys hospi "SHORTY AT THE SHORE" Comic scenes on the beach at Newport.

but many are holding off until the arrival of the new volinist tal this morning..

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