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The Bethany Visitor from Kansas City, Kansas • 3

The Bethany Visitor from Kansas City, Kansas • 3

Kansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

THE BETHANY VISITOR. natincr patients to occupy without THE BETHANY VISITOR. charge a bed in a public ward. (c). When a corporation, however, is the donor the privilege shall expire in twenty years.

3. The payment at one time of 000 or upwards, shall entitle the donor to be. enrolled as a benefactor BETHANY HOSPITAL. Cor. Orchard and Tenney Avenues.

Telephone West 20. Rev. S. E. Betts, General Superintendent.

Miss L. M. Wright, Superintendent of Nurses. Van Gunter 25c; Fireman No. 1, 25c; VV.

R. Uminetham 10c; Edith Hines 10c; Mr. McEntee 10c; Irene Love 10c; D. Yates 25c; M. Richman 25c; Miss W.

Sampson 25c; Mr. Purvis 50c; R. C. Robinson 25c; Mrs. It.

C. Russell 25c; Mrs. Chambers 25c; Mrs. W. C.

Pypes 25c; H. F. Turner 25c; Mrs. Mininger 25c; H. Gates 50c; C.

B. Wilcox 25c; L. Rose 25c; Mr. Barton 25c; J. W.

McCibbin 20c; Miss O. E. Teed 25c; John Manker 25c; A. C. Homes 25c; Mrs.

Singleton 20c; Oakley M. E. Aid Society 50c; Miss Monroe 25c; E. N. Stern- and to have privileges as follows: (a).

A eril't of $5,000 shall entitle the donor in perpetuity to a bed in a public ward. (b). A gift of $10,000 shall entitle the donor to endow in perpetuity a Officers. F. W.

Sopeb President W. F. Rotert Vice-President T. O. Cunningham Secretary Alex.

Fchbmann Treasurer bed in a private room containing two beds. inger 25c; Mattie McFerrin 25c; Ida Ber-- (c). A gift of $20,000 shall entitle the donor to endow in perpetuity a private room containing one bed. BOARD OF DIRECTORS. F.

W. Soper. Edwin Locke, D. D. C.

W. Lamar. W. F. Rotert.

1 M. H. Newhall. Alex. Fuhrmann.

Rev. T. H. James, T. 0.

Cunningham. E. L. Barnes. 4.

Benefactors and tneir shall have the right in perpetuity cl nominating patients to occupy, without charge, the beds tnus en AUTHORIZED SOLICITORS. Emma Bryson. Birdie Edwards. Lina Coleman. dowed.

5. Patrons may increase their do nations to the amount named in a Wilson 25c; Wm. Roop 50c; M. Peck 25c; Mr. Hayes 50c; M.Manning 25c; M.Hoffman 25c; A.

E. E. Hammoud 25c; Geo. Holt 25c; W. P.

Porterfield 50c; Sadie Sherden 20c; Mrs. C. F. Monnaly 25c; A. Marceno 25c; L.

F. Carver 10c; Mrs Barnes 25c; C. A. freight depot 85c; E. S.

Hampton 10c; Mr. Faulkner 50c; G.B. Sader 25c; Dr. May 50c; A. B.

Blue 20c; Mrs. Reynolds 10c; Mrs. Rhode 25c; Mrs. Stadley 25c; Mrs. E.

J. Campbell 25c; Mrs. F. F. Hoffman 25c; Mrs.

Olson 20c; Mrs. Cook 60c; Mrs. J. E. Marckei 25c; D.

Finkelstein 15c; P. McClellan 10c; Mrs. Geo. Storz 25c; J. P.

Wiles 25c; B. Cohan 10c; Mrs. E. Flanagan 25c; Hudson-Kimberly Pub- Co. 20c; Summit Street Church Aid Society 50c; Miss Gaffney 10c; Mrs.

Cowden 15c; Mrs. Chas. Nevins 25c; Mrs E. B. Elliott 10c; Mrs.

Porter 25c; Mrs. R. J. Boyd 20c; Mrs. Johnston 10c; Mrs.

J. E. Marchel 25c; R. Johnston 10c; Mrs. Clements 25c; Mrs.

J. H. Gray 25c; Mr. Y. F.

Bender 25c; D. Hayes 25c; T. Devine 25c; M. Lambert 25c; Mrs. Van Allen 20c; Mrs.

B. F. Taylor 10c; Mrs. M. N.

Schaeffer 25c; Joen White 25c; VV. A. Taylor 25c; P. H. McAleney 25c; Mrs.

H. T. Millis 25c; Little Mary Clark 25c; Mrs. L. A Miller 25c; Mrs.

Going 25c; Mrs. Shreck 10c; Mrs. R. B. Young 25c; Miss Haern 25c; R.

F. Hollenback 25c; Jacob Rush 25c; C. Kantzman 25c; Mrs. J.Man-garn 25c; Frank Wettengel 15c; J. S.

Davis 25k; J. W. Hewitt 25c; C. 0. Newman 25c; J.

Miller 25c; Mrs. Thompson 25c; Mrs. Gunmier 10c; Mrs. Moore 10c; Mrs. Pollman 10c; Mrs.

M. Owen 10c; Mrs. Fairley 10c; Mrs. Wilhelm 25c; Mrs. Maggie Murray 25c; Mrs.

U. S. Duncan 25c; Mrs. Vaughn 25c; Mrs. J.

Dodd 25c; Mrs. G. E. Gilhans 25c; Mrs. Scott 20c; Mr.

Cogin 35c; 1. 1. Fennell 25c. MEDICAL BOARD. higher class, in which case they shall become thenceforth entitled to tne privileges that attach to original do bon 25cc Adda Mitchell 25c; Altha Hamilton 25c; Myrtell Fowler 25c; Minnie Groussinger 10c; Katter Consider 10c; H.

Hart 25c; C. Lehman 25c; Mrs. Madson 25c; Andy Chase 25; J.Prewett 50c; Mrs. W. F.

Wright 2oc; A. Andrews 25c; C. P. Shipley 50c; Edward Reihl 25c; J. C.Wise J.

M. Rankin 25c; D. E. Stonert 25c; J. Fox 5c; Mrs.

Clapp 10c; Sam Hartman 50c; Armourdale L. Co. 50c; Mrs. Senison 10c; T. VicRoy 25c; Putman Tomlin-son 25c; Hazen Cart 25c; Mrs.

McRoy 25c; Mrs. Hitcher 10c; Mrs. Craig 15c; A. E. Jehu 25c; Mrs.

H. G. Seaman 25c; Mrs. G. W.

Bradshaw 10c; D. 0. Donnell 25c; D. Graham 25c; Mark Maxwell 25c; Geo. L.

Plank 25c; Martin Newhall 25c; Mrs. Maldner 5c; Rachel B. Armstrong 25c; Mrs. Wylie 25c; Mrs. Ferris 25c; C.

H. Wagner 10c; Wm. J. Stone 10c; C. W.

Litchfield 50c; Dr. A. L. VanArsdall 25c; nations of such larger amounts. 6.

When the rights of donors may pass by succession, the successor must be nominated by the donor, or by a Attending Staff, physicians. John Troutman, M. D. Z. Nason, M.

D. F. Campbell, M. D. BURGEON.


Stenen, M. D. General Surgeon. DISEASES OF THE EYE AND EAR. J.

W. May, M. D. Assistant, W. H.

Schutz, M. R. A. Roberts, M. D.


diseases of the nose and throat. Assisting Staff. J. A. Mitchell, M.

D. D. Mabie, M. D. Consulting Staff.

J. M. Thompson, M. D. S.

S. Glasscoek, M. D. J. T.

Axtell, M. D. J. W. Kyger, M.

D. Katharine B. Richardson, M. D. OBSTETRICIAN, E.

M. Hetherington, M. D. NEUROLOGIST, M. P.

Sexton, M. D. House Physician. Frank Wakoman, M. D.

successor, as the case may be, in writing, by will, or otherwise; and failing of such appointment the right will cease. 7. Certificates of the right to nominate patients to use and occupy beds in the hospital free of charge shall be issued signed by the President or Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation, who shall affix the seal of tne same. 8. The admission of patients nominated by these privileged classes shall be controlled by the rules generally governing admissions to the hospital.

C. Patison 10c; O. Wherrell 25c; H. Galer 25c; Mount Bros. 25c; John A.

Adams 50c; S. S. King 25c; B. L. Short 25c; J.

B.Jones 10c; Geo. F. Griffin 25c; W. E. West 10c; J.

M. Tramp 5c; Wm. Dennis 25c; C. Colston 15e; David McNicole 25c; J. It.

McNeel 25c; Ollie Bowers 10c; H. L. Benjamin 50c; Mr. Isbell 50c; Mrs. Jones 15c; Mrs.

Taylor 10c; J. L. Hynes 25c; M. October Cash Donations. Dr.

Louis Zorn Anheuser Bush 5.00; Ferd Heim 2.00; A. S. Sotermeister 2.80; K. C. Gass Employees 3.30; Dog- P.

D. Hughes, M. R. A. Roberts, M.

Pres. and Chief of Staff. Secretary of Staff. McClean 50c; H. Peterson 50c! Mr.

Grat-ney 25c; Schlenker 25c; Daniels Bros. 50c; Mrs. G. W. Grossley 10c; Mrs.

Wiley 25c; D. It. Cole 25c; Dr. Campbell 50c; N.Wood 10c; Mrs, Rogers 25c; W. Pearson 25c; October Donations.

Farmers and commission men, twice a week, give vegetables, fruits, chickens and fish; Eli Lilly Co. drugs; Crystal Pharmacy drugs; T. H. Wood drugs; I. P.

West drugs; H. A. Helfenbine saucers; Department House thread and pins; H. W. Moserhay; Thomas Conkey soap; D.

W. Chumley corn; Great Western Bakery bread; Bohnet Bakery bread; Tigler Bakery bread; M. Shaw Bro. oats; Kimball Tom Scharkerford 25c; A. Gunning 50c; C.

Lamar 25c; H. E. Ceefer 50c; Mrs. S. Floyd 50c; Mary J.

Filkins 50c; H. R. gett Dry Goods Co. 3.00; Riverside Iron Works 5.00; Argentine Smelter employees 7.70; Fowler employees 2.50; It. L.

Marshman 2.00; B. M. Whisner 2.00; Patric Moore 5.00; K. C. Belt Line employees 3.60; Wm.

English 2.00; Grand Ave. League 5.00; Cash from friends 11.65; Monarch Scale employees 8.05; Riverside Iron Works employees 7.05; Santa Fe employees 1.75; Alfred Pullar 3.00; R. I. R. R.

employees 1.70; K. C. F. S. M.

employees 3.25; Thos. Barker 20.00; Cash from friends 12.00; Road and West Side employees 6.50; Mo. Pac. Rosa 50c; Mrs. Bidwell 25c; Mrs.

B. W. Barnett 25c; P. Chessney 25c; Mrs. C.

W. Fincks 50c; H. B. Bowen 50c; Mrs. J.

W. Baker 25c; Fred Graberger 10c; C. W. Lenard 25c; Mrs. C.

A. Lee 20c; Henry Edmons 50c; Mr. Hunt 25c; Mr. Hender son 25c; L. A.

Cooper 75c; Mrs. Payne 10c; Mrs. A. Groves 25c; Mr. Fassett 25c; Mr.

Crawford 25c; Mrs. C. F. Vaun 25c; employees 10.05; W. B.

Raymond 2.00; Morgan Co. 1.00; Vanderslice Linds Mrs. E. Stewart 10c; Mrs. E.

Chandler 10c; S. F. Darby 25c; Mrs. Davenport 10c; Mrs. Graham 25c; Celeca Blasher Co.

1.00; Wingeut Bishop l'OO; Green Tree Bry. 1.00; Grand Avenue S. Stable 1 Oc; Mrs. Solherlen 25c; A. Andrew 25c; Mr.

VV. F. Wright 25c; A. A. Powers 25c; Mrs.

Clark 22c; Mr. Weems 25c; John Byrne 25c; Foster L. Co. 50c; Mrs. S.

II. Horseman 25c; Mrs. Arnold 25c; Mr. Mc Loon 50c; T. Erhart 25c; J.

W. Anderson 25c; Frank Kunze 25c; L. L. Maxon 25c; Mrs. G.

W. Gully 25c; Mrs. II. B. Appropriations of Money.

1. The payment of $10.00 annually shall entitle the donor to be enrolled as stockholder. 2. The payment at one time of sums not less than fifty nor more than four thousand dollars shall entitle the donors to be enrolled as Patrons and have privileges as follows: (a) The payment of fifty dollars by an individual shall entitle the donor to nominate within one year from the date thereof one patient for admission without charge to a bed in the public ward. (b) The payment of $100.00 shall entitle the donor to nominate one patient for admission free of charge, to a bed in the public ward.

(c) The payment of $250.00 by a corporation at one time, shall entitle it to nominate one patient for admission, free of charge, to a bed in the public ward. (d) The payment of $250.00 shall entitle the donor during one year to nominate patients for admission, free of charge, to a crib in the Children's ward. (e) The payment of $365.00 shall entitle the donor during one year to nominate patients for admission, free of charge, to a bed in the public ward. (f) The payment of $500.00 at one time shall entitle the donor during life to nominate one patient each year for admission, without charge, to a bed in a public ward of the Hospital, and those contributing at one time $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 or $2,500 shall be entitled respectively to nominate two, three, four or five patients as aforesaid. (g) A gift of $3,000 shall entitle the donor during life to nominate patients to occupy without charge a bed in a public ward.

When a corporation, however, is the donor the privilege, shall expire in fifteen years. donor of $3,000, at the time of making such gift, shall have the option of endowing in perpetuity a crib instead of the foregoing privilege. to). A gift of shall entitle tthe donor and one individual successor to the right during life of nomi- Butcher 25c; W. C.

Aartley 25c; Mrs. Al Grain Co. meal; E. R. Boynton hay; C.

F. Buchhalter flour; L. H. Termier meat; Wischbausen Gro. Co.

oatmeal; Mrs. L. A. Small groceries; Louis Bosehoe meat; W. S.

Thompson soap; Parker's Feed Store hay; Miss Louie meat; The Pinegar Pharmacy drugs; I. L. Hayworth oats; Gust Lund drugs; Chas. Molloy drugs; James hay; J. W.

Giesburg drugs; G. Q. Lake drugs; Randies Son drugs; A. E. Nokas stew kettle; Mrs.

Saffarn socks; E. Homuth stationery; J. Wallin safety-pins; W. A. Griswold wTax; Blum's Meat Market meat; J.

W. West meat; M. Myers oat meal; Svvarts Bakery bread; S. Stewart coffee; J. E.

Burmer groceries; Shore Gro. groceries; Theo Teepen groceries; Surface Drug Store drugs; Smart Meat Market meat; Maluana Drugstore drugs; J. Derry Co. dry goods; P. Bakes shoes; John Jacob meat; Lowery Hardware Co.

hardware; Hyde Park Bakers bread; A friend cakes; Mrs. Peaters dry goods; Roth Roth dry goods; Hotel Pharmacy drugs; Kindergarten soap; Allie Tramp merchandise; Nashold Bakery bread; Rushton Bakery bread; City Drug Store drugs; Suramerwell groceries; Union Drug Store drugs; groceries: Mrs. Trussell jelly and fruit; MissBargej safety pins; Mrs. Sable oat flakes, coffee; C. W.

Green soap; Eckers drugs; L. H. Henry soap; Thomas Hempstead groceries; Shumate Shumate Mrs. Welk 1.00; Cash from friends 1.80; People'slce Fuel Co. 1.80 Badger Lumber Co.

1.00; Mrs. Bruner 1.00; Fred Smith 1.00 Geo. Bailey 1.00; Joe Ceva 1.00; J. H. Reed 1.00; Mrs.

A.D. Johnson 2.00; Mr. Notter 1.00; T. N. Johnston 1.00; Dr.

D. E.Clop-per 1.00; Chicago Great Western 1.35; H. W. Baker 1.00; Mrs. S.

Kirby I. 00; Long, Bell Lumber Co. 1.00; P.D. Kininan 25c; E. L.

Kruse 25c; wood 25c; J. II. Bradbury 25c; S. "Brown 25c; H. J.

Scherff 25c; Jessie Williams 25c; W. M. Gibson 25c; W. G. Snyder 25c; Ben Carr 25c; S.

F. Fink 25c; D. R. Bennett 25c; R. A.

Wakeman 25c; F. E. Thompson 25c; II. vYPlummer 25c; W. Reynolds 25c; J.

Broadhurst 25c; R. Neudeck 25c; R. Wilson 25c; J. W. Vanhorn 25c; T.

P. Kennedy 25c; M. Todd 25c; O. B. Fuller 25c; McCollough 25c; M.

N. Hording 25c; E. E. Stockdale 25c; M. L.

Fleck 25c; L. B. Boach 25c; F. J. Jennings 25c; Firemen No.

4, 1.00; Firemen No. 5, 50c. W. J. Reeling 25c; Mr.

English 25c; Davis Ware 15c; Geo. Whittier 20c; Nrs. W. S. Harney 25c; M.

D. Archibald 25c; II. Kula 25c; H. Walker 25c; Lechtman Printing Co. 25c; Grace Rooks 10c; C.

C. Haider, man 10c; E. E. Eiffert 10c; T. B.

Chamberlain 25c; Hanna Leinbach 25c; U. C. Bowman Co. 25c; C. Voorhees 25c; Mr.

len 25c; K. F. Employees 10c; U. P. freight depot 85c; W.

F. Ryan 50c; K. C. Mo. fireman 80c; Chas.

Loopold 10c; F. O-Rielley 10c; James McVay 5c; W. H. Williams 00c; M. Donovan 10c; T.

D. Lef-ler 25c; J. Horn 25c; Mrs. Steudels 25c; Mrs. S.

E. Smith 25c; Mrs. Hammond 10c; Excelsior Dairy 10c; G. DittmanSOc; Mrs. Linn 10c; Jos.

Reed 25c; W. W. Loveless 25c; Mrs. Dreier 10c; C. L.

Chapman 50c; Wm. Humphrey 25c; J. A. Anderson 10c; J. I.

Wallace 25c; K. Loth-inan 25c; Fred Richardson 25c; J. H. Se-christ 15c; E. M.

Longnecker 15c; Mrs. McMichallin 15c; D. J. Greist 50c; R. B.

Patrick 10c; Chas. Moran 50c, Mr. Mas-serman 25c; J. M. Forister 25c; Mr.

Stearns 50c; Mr. Dreviest 25c; M. J. Hick 25c; Wulf Laundry 50c; M. A.

Diel 10c; Mrs.Faurell 10c; Mrs. James Jinkens50c; J. L. Howard 30c; Mrs. J.

Hayard 25c; L. Holsinger 10c; B. E. Phelps 15c; Jas. bread; W.

A. Yearnshaw groceries; J. L. Jones groceries; H. L.

Gilbert hay; H. Babcock groceries; Ackenhausen Bros. drugs; C. A. Petit groceries; J.

F. Brown merchandise; Morris Hardware Co. hard-.

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