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The Bethany Visitor from Kansas City, Kansas • 2

The Bethany Visitor from Kansas City, Kansas • 2

Kansas City, Kansas
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THE BETHANY 'YISITOR. THE BETHANY VISITOR. Through the kindness of Dr Wm. Stemen and Mrs. Armour, ting and studying the effects of wounds made by these deadly missiles and explosives that they Published Monthly, In the interest of Bethany a very nice child's carnage was Hospital.

Kansas City, Kansas. sent in, in which our little ones may treat tnem a successful with paralyzed limbs are taken manner. All correspondence concerning the Hospital, ad-dresH to Corresponding Secretary Bethany In the treatment and nursing All moneys solid to Alex. Fuhrniann, Treasurer. out in the sunshine.

Family Notes. of the wounded of the present Supplies, address to Bethany Hospital. We have had two additions to SUBSCltll'TlON PjtlCB, 25 Cunts A Yeah. our family. Miss Alice Young, from Perrv, has come to Entered at the Tost Office-, Kansas City, an second class mutter.

The mother and child came a long distance to Bethany. The moment we saw the little one with its great dark eyes and silken hair, we felt that it was doomed. And too true; in just eight days the black eyes closed and the baby forgot to breathe. And the young mother was forced to return home with empty arms and a new grave in her heart. Perley Pike still sits in his chair, "On the downward path of life, the story almost told." Later.

Mr. Pike died on May second. Luella Wheeler is very low. We are unable to determine the outcome of the disease. Miss Barker is convalescing assist Miss Bryson with solicit day asepsis wrill play a most important part.

Hundreds and thousands of lives, during the late Civil war were lost which can be saved by modern methods. Many of those wounded in the stomach or bowels who were left on the field to die in former years will be cared for by our modern ing. Miss Tattnan to begin the Kansas City, March, 1898. probationary months of the nursing: course. But we lose one THE LANE PRINTING COMPANY.

Kansas City, Kansas. member of our family this month. Miss Best will leave us on the 4th of May for her home in Reading. 1 4 4 surgeons and nurses and saved. Thus surgery and medicine has advanced in proportion to the advancement in destructive Miss nas been witn us 4 4 4 almost tnree vears.

ana we re- gret her going more than we can agents and all for the higher ob tell. Always cheery and sweet, from typhoid fever. Two mem ject of alleviating the suffering of 4 ill bers of the same family have even under circumstances tnat our fellow beings. Modern Medicine and Surgery, versus the Ravages of Modern Warfare. The practice of medicine and surgery has kept pace with the progress of human affairs and especially with the advancement of the science of war.

No new engine of destruction, no new explosive, no new projectile is invented, no new death-dealing weapon of any description, that is not a matter of the keenest interest to the modern surgeon. It has been said that while on one side there has been a constant study to make battle more dead would tend to depress. She is In the coming contest our sur died at home, and three more are down with it. beloved by all. geons and nurses will be found We bid vou God speed, sweet Joe Grimsley has gone home.

at the front with all their accustomed valor and self sacrifices, nurse, our Best, Dr. Hughes got some very good As vou stand where the cross striving, with all the energy and photographs before and after roads are meeting the operation. courage of the most gallant hero and all for the one noble and sin Jennie McClain is doing well gle purpose of healing the battle- That no thorns may pierce and none love thee less, Than Bethany Sisters who send you this greeting. (We are listening for the bells.) after the amputation of her torn bodies and nursing back to right arm. Her suffering is almost over we trust; she is a most life the loved ones of the nation, the honor and glory of which i ly and cruel, on the other side each step has been met by the physician and surgeon to make it more human, and the thought and ingenuity thus awakened is utilized for the sake of humanity.

they are upholding. 4 4 4 4 4 4 patient sunerer. tier motner is very devoted and spends much time with the little girl. uouia tnere De a nigher pa triotism No, a thousand times Our Graduating Exercises. We have four graduates this year, Misses Henry, Best, Hill and Gardner.

Our first public graduation will be on the evening of May 3rd. Dr. Quayle, of Independence Avenue Church, no. Then let us invoke the Di Mrs. Dr.

Eager and Mrs. Knap Modern warfare has changed vine blessing upon those noble made us a visit and left a much nurses and physicians who go to from mere brute force to that wonderful and almost boundless power intellect. Were it not appreciated donation of jelly and fruit, and made their first the front in the interest of those brave bovs who never falter for this grand attribute of hu when thev are called to defend manity, wild animals and sava their country. Anonymous. trip through the hospital.

Mr. Draper and Mr. Gill and other workman have donated of their time to the hospital. Further note of these donations will be made later. ges would rule the universe.

Many of the best and brighest minds in our country to-day are will give the address of the evening. Our friends are cordially invited to attend these exercises which will be held at Washington Avenue M. E. Church. Our Patients.

'Had I two loaves of bread ay, ay, One would I sell and hyacinths buy To feed my soul." We thank the friends who Our Children's Ward. engaged in the study and de At last we have one! And in it are three little crirls. Little velopment of death-dealing weap ons and seemingly with the hap I 1 TV! piest results, ine coming conflict which is about to begin The Sisters of Rebecca and Royal Neighbors gave a joint entertainment in the Armourdale Church for the benefit of Bethany. The program was literary and musicale. Mrs.

King: crave will demonstrate the power of favored us with the sweet spring flowers. Even at Easter tide Gracie Brothers came to us in a most deplorable condition. After four weeks' treatment the bed sores are all healed. She has gained several pounds, sits up most of the day and even bears her weight on her feet a few moments at a time. Then we have a little girl we our modern weapons in taking when flowers were a fabulous human lives.

A conflict at the price, they did not forget us. present day, between equally prepared forces, will certainly be This has been a very trying the most deadly in the annals of month on our patients. The frequent changes in weather bring history. It will be intellect against intellect. The forces of pain and unrest to our sick.

call Topsy, and for cunning speech and good nature she surely is a Topsy. She came from Lawrence and her real name is Mrs. Rev. Moors, of Kansas the opening address. The church was crowded to the utmost.

The proceeds amounting to is to be used in furnishings in the hospital. We have had many charity cases from Armourdale and the people are determined to show their appreciation for our care of their sick poor. A dear old Mrs. Ray is still with us. This is her nineteenth week in Bethany Hospitah City, has been with us three weeks under the efficient care, of Alice Hawkens.

She is 8 years old, but has never walked. Our surgeon is in hopes to remedy this by surgical attention and braces. nature being utilized harnessed as it were and driven over all opposing forces. While all this terrible work is being done, let us look at the other side of the case, where we have engaged the great army of nurses and physicians and surgeons whose intellects and brains are just as bright and powerful as the death dealing instrument makers battling against the ravages of war for suffering humanity. Investiga Then we have Jennie McClain Dr.

Beaty. Major Keanee still occupies No. 2, and is jolly and cross by turns. He is much improved and will return to his home in Arkansas City some time this month. We lost a dear little fourteen months old girl this month.

from Garnett, fourteen j'ears old, who came to us for amputation Dr. Wm. Stemen has been on duty in the charity medical ward this month, and seems to have of the arm. She is a sweet, pa tient little girl, and is doing well found general favor with our patients. after her surgical work..

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