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Land Buyer from Emporia, Kansas • 2

Land Buyer from Emporia, Kansas • 2

Land Buyeri
Emporia, Kansas
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2 ew seasons ago, stopped at his stone THE ASSESSMENT ROLL OP LYON A LYON COUNTY HOMESTEAD, walls, he being the only one in UUUNTY, Abstraot for 1878. he vicinity who had hay left, and es caped with little if any damages. His Ive stock now on hand is nine head of ABSTRACT OP THE ASSESSMENT OP PERSONAL cattle, three mules, five horses, and PROPERTY IN LYON COUNTY FOB THE YEAR 1878. THE UNI) BUYER. EMPORIA, KANSAS, JULY, 1878.

Owners ol land who are ready to sell at selling rates, will please remember that advertising helps to sell, and that we advertise real estate free of charge. Lyon and surrounding counties comprise the best stock farming section In twenty hogs, and he owes about $75. NO. Torses six months over. 0,293 This farm is simply evidence of what can be done in Kansas by hard work and Neat cattle, 27,645 Mules and asses, 803 Sheep, 7,237 Hogs, 10,149 Goats, 12 economy, in six yeass' time, on a cash capital of two cents, a cow, a calf, one arm implements Wagons 1,339 VALUE.

$188 083.00 271,458.00 14,302.00 9,803.00 19,825.00 14,00 30.015.00 22,420 00 9,936.00 3,618 00 2,011 00 5,132 00 2,582.00 94,350.00 85,144.00 70,825.00 Pleasure carriages. horse, and the usual family outfit that can be put into a wagon. It is a very fair record for any man to make, and especi 296 Kansas. This Is what we claim and can Gold watches and it behooves stock farmers to Silver watches prove. 125 832 54 81 ally a man.

who before coming west had his skull fractured by falling from a make a note of this statement. We cannot undertake to get Other musical inst'm'nts Stock in any company or up any What Six Years of Work Can Do on Two dents Cash Capital. In April 1872, J. H. Phillips andiaml-lv, wife, four boys, two of good size, and two girls reached Emporia in a farm wagon, drawn by a team of horses, and accompanied by a cow and calf.

In addition to his household goods in the wagon, Mr. Phillips had 27 cents in money, 25 of which he spent for crackers and cheese, and then punished on over the Cottonwood. After passing Phenis creek one of his horses died lrom over-work, it be mg like this, a very wet season. Near the soot where he lost his horse, Mr. Phillips lound a good 80 acre upland tract open to homosteadlDg, and he promptly camped on and proceeded to improve it.

His wagon and horse he sold to a settler on the Cottonwood, to obtain lumber to begin building with, and went to work breaking ground, fencing, putting In a sod crop, and farming some bottom land on shares. Life was a little tough that year and for some years afterward, as labor was about all the currency he had to offer in exchange lor the various articles he he used that currency to the extent bridge, so that he has never since been corporation Moneys Sell where more trades In real estate. able to labor without sudden and unex Credits Average amount of mer pected prostration. Strong arms, willing you are, for money, and you can buy for money just as cheap in proportion, so that there is no loss in selling cheap. chant's stock for proceeding year hearts, self denying stomachs and backs, Average amount manu- enterprise, prudence, fair judgment and lacturcrs stock tor preceding year perseverance, will bring success in Kan Aggregate value ot all sas, and in Lyon county to any man and 78,305.00 2,060.00 162.3547.00 $1,030,217 00 279,800.00 "$150417.00 otner personal property Total amount family.

What Mr. Phillips and others have done, others can do, if they will Deduct constitutional cx simply try and stick to It. emption All land owners who sell through us are expected to furnish good deeds. We consider it our duty as land agents to see chat every person who buys through us gets precisely tbo kind of title that he Is given to understand he gets. Any defect in title is a matter that we will promptly Inform tbo purchaser about, and he can act to suit himself.

Total taxable per. prop. No herd law in Lyon county. E. Borton, land agent, is entirely reli AGNES CITY TOWNSHIP.

No. aeres taxable land under cul able. tivation 27.021 of his ability. The wet weather this Average value per acre, $3.25 H. E.

NORTON Co. This old and Among the established real estate agen season reminds him of the hieh water of Ag. vai. ot ail lands taxable, $31,991.00 Ag. val.

of all personal property, $25,112 00 well known land agency is in the field as 873. He went one morning then to cul usual. Mr. Norton has had eighteen xoiai vai. taxable property, AMERICCS.

ivate his 38 acres of corn on shares in years' experience, and there is no better the bottom, and found men and boys No acres land taxable, 83.399 Average value per acre, r. $5.32 Ag. val. lands taxable. $176,319 00 No unimproved town lots, 2,336 sailing in boats oyer the corn, spearing land agent in the business.

ama-M fish with pitchforks in six feet depth of uunningnam Mcuariy ran kino, i as water. He went back to work without attorneys and collecting agents. Their trouble In his own upland patch. card will be found in this paper. Of the efforts of Mr.

Phillips and his amily to make a home on their claim we The Land Buyer is sent free, to any need not of course speak in detail, but as address, whether one copy or a hundred is wanted. Parties east who can distrib this article is to show men of industry and grit what labor will do in six years' cies in Emporia, Holmes Holdentake front rank. These gentlemen have large and excellent list of lands; do all business in a careful and correct manner; are responsible in every respect, and we take pleasure in commending them to the confidence of any who may read the Land Buyer, in which their card will be found. Call and See Us. We ask land hunters to call and see us before making pur-chases.

Sinee our last issue we have added more than a hundred good bargains to our list in Improved farms, wild land and city property. We feel confident that our list presents attractions not surpassed In Southern Kansas. Call and see us. We take pleasure In showing what we have. The Emporia National.

We take pleasure In calling the attention of our readers to the advertisement ol the Emporia National Bank, In another column, This is the oldest banking house In Emporia, having been in existence some twelve years. It is carefully managed, Ime in Lyon county, we will simply state ute a number of copies in their neighbor hoods, are Invited to send for them. results. Mr. Phillips' 80 acre farm is paid for, 30 acres fenced, 20 in cultivation, The Emporia Furniture Factory.

has a large young orchard, good vinery We are pleased to be able to say tha a v. vaiue town lots, Ag val. of town lots, $28 966.00 Ag. val. personal property $68,338 0 Ag val railroad property, $54,852 .98 Total val.

taxable $328,475.98 CENTER. No. acres taxable land, 66,563 Av val. per acre, $2 .15 Ag val. land taxable $189,648.00 Ag val personal property $36,610 00 Total val.

taxable property. $226,318.00 EMPORIA. No. acres land taxable 89,167 Av. val.

per acre, $10.46 Ag, val. taxable land $409,816 00 No. unimproved town lots 508 Av. val. town $64.12 Ag.

val. town lots, $32,565.00 Ag. val. personal $66,506.00 Ag. val railroad property.

$89,552.74 Total val taxable property, $598,499.74 ELMENDARO. No. acres taxable land 61,885 Av. val acre $3.22 Ag. val.

lands taxable $199,321.00 No. unimproved town lots 882 Av. val. of town $15.44 Ag. val.

of town lots. $13,622.00 Ag. val. personal property $48,193.00 Ag. val.

railroad property $9,759.13 Total val. taxable property. $270,895,73 EMPORIA CITY. No. town 2.794 young grove of forest trees, strong house, manufacturing furniture on a large scale one and one-half stories high, 10x20 feet, In Emporia, is an established success.

unplastered but bricked up to the second has been tried by various parties for ten years, but each successive attempt failed floor, good dry rock bottom cellar under 'lean-to kitchen 8x20 feet grouted and to establish the business on a permanen celled, bedroom addition 8x9 feet also loonog, until Arnold jo, iook nold grouted and ceiled. Hia barn is of rough it. They have now got the start of the stone wall, with hay roof and stone floor, eastern factories, and on a solid footing but he has the stone and lumber on the Their motive power Is the cheapest of al ground, except shingles, to build a barn kinds, water. Their building was espe and docs a large business. Its officers are Senator P.

B. Plumb, president; Major 26x40 feet, and fehedding for 400 cattle cially made for their use; their machine C.Hood, vice president; and Capt. L. T. He has a full set of tools to do all the Av.

val. of town lots 161 .38 ry is complete and first-class; they buy Heritage, cashier, the latter having this work of a farm, carpenter and stone black walnut lumber at bed rock prices, Ag. val. ol town lots $450,498.00 Ag. val.

personal property $238,428 00 Ag val. railroad property $10,983,26 position in the institution since its start. work Included, and In the way of ma generally in the log, Rawing it up them The board of directors embrace our best chines has a cultivator, combined reaper Total vai. taxaoie 26 FREMONT. selves, and their management is skillfnl, enterprising, and business like, backed and most solid business men.

and mower; single mower, horse rake and full assortment of smaller tools. Good No. acres taxablo land 44.690 A v. val. per acre 95 The two story brick building going up by the necessary working capital.

These are all necessary to the establishment of Ag. vai. taxable land $201,797 00 Ag. val. personal property $54,643.00 flag walks run from his house to bis stable, cern crib, chicken and other cut buildings, enabling the family to reach Ag.

vai. ranroact property $21,033.63 on Commercial street, for the Emporia National Bank, will be a very handsome structure. Geo. Bragunlcr is building a a furniture factory in Kansas, and they combine to make the Emporia factory a Total vai. taxaoie $277,473.03 JACKSON.

any building without steppiug into the No acres land taxablo 55.191 two story brick business house, 25 by 60 feet, on the same side of Commercial mud in the wetter weather. His orchard, is enclosed on two sides by a stone wall Av. val per acre $5.13 Ag. val. land taxable $315,494.00 No.

unimproved town lots 540 success. Dealers all over the State are buying from it, saving freight. i Our Land List. As those who read the first issue of the Land Buyer, in Av. val.

town lots $13 40 Ag. val. of town lots $1,235.00 street, near 4th avenue, and Thomas Jones are to also erect a similar one next to it, this season. Dwellings have been Ag. vai.

personal proporty Ag. val. railroad property $61,281 20 built and are built this season In 'local vai. taxauie pike. every part of the city, and a great deal April.wlll list of real estate for sale, has grown rapidly, in city and country.

Since the outside of this issue was piloted, the price of No. 31, house and lot 72 Exchange street, has been reduced No. acres land taxable 31,106 building has been done in the country. A v. val per acre $6.30 It's a growing time.

Ag. vai. 01 lands taxable $194,963.00 No. unimproved town lots 1,446 to $8a0, and it is cheap at that figure. Lumber.

This Important article is Av. vai. 01 town lots $417 Apr. val of town lots $6,056.00 sold as low in Emporia as at any compel Ag val of personal property $55,206.00 Nos. 71 and 72 are canceled, and readers need not correspond In regard to them.

and two sides by hedge. His pasture of ten acres is enclosed by stone wall un running spring, stoned down seven feet, which gives a reliable supply of water. We suggest to Mr. Phillips, that a dam across the rayine into which the spring discharges, near the north Hne of the pasture, would form a fine pond, and not lessen the flow as the present arrangement possibly docs. Mr.

P. drives his stock into his pasture at night, and has no strays. It serves as a fine calf lot, and barn yard generally. The range comes up to the gate, and extends for several miles round him, most of it in sight of the house, which commands a beautiful view of the Cottonwood and creek valleys, of Safford, Plymouth and Emporia. His land is all tillable except a rocky ing point, and large and well assorted We take additions to our list almost eve stocks are carried.

Price-Fencing is ry day, and have a number of good real $25 per 1000 feet; stock boards estate bargains. In city and farm proper dimension lumber from $22.50 upwards; flooring 27.50 to $40; siding $15 to ty, not advertised, but on private sale. We are about closing arrangements lumber $35 to $55; Shingles whicn will enable us to furnish tracts of $3.50 to lath $4 50. These are the lands in almost any quantity, together, at very low rates, especially desirable for prices for useful grades, the $15 siding being the only grade we advise letting alone, as the $20 grade would be much Ag. vai.

01 ranroaa property Total val. taxablo property $308,220.00 WATERLOO. No. acres land taxable 56 387 Av. val.

per acre $3 43 Ag. val. lands taxable $193,432.00 Ag. val. personal property $43,165.00 Total val.

taxable $236,597.00 BEADING. No acres land taxable 42 ,596 Av. vfl.per acre $3.90 Ag. val. lands taxable $166,524 00 No.

unimproved town lots 814 Av. val. town lots 9.94 Ag. val. town lots $3,123.00 Ag.

val. personal property $39,510 00 Ag. val. railroad property $54,065 00 Total val taxable property $263,222.00 TOTALS IN THE COUNTY. No.

acres land taxable 458,011 Ag. val. lands taxable $2,135,365.00 No. unimproved town 8,870 Ag. val.

of town lots $542,065.00 Ag. val. personal property $750,417.00 Ag. val of railroad property $353,523.54 Total val taxable $3,781,370.54 colonies. We think no real estate agency better.

These are prices on small lots. ever had land put upon Its list more rap piece oi aDoui seyen acres in one corner, which supplies any amount of building Doors, by the way, are from $1,50 up Idly than our case, and we return thanks for the friendship and confidence stone and flags. Springs abound in that ward, sash the same. Shutters $1.25 and locality, and the stock range being good the owners thus manifest in us. Our ar upwards.

Native lumber is lower than pine, depending somewhat on buyer's rangements and facilities improve every he has devoted his attention more to stock, fruit, buildings and fences, than to nearness to the mills. Fence posts co week, and we believe buyers will con grain crops. The great prairie fire which from five to eight cents each on the suit their own interests by calling upon ground. burned hia neighbor's hay and barn a or writing us before they purchase..

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