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The Neosho Valley Register from Burlington, Kansas • 2

The Neosho Valley Register from Burlington, Kansas • 2

Burlington, Kansas
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mumTMn hi T' Mr vi may require the same to be paid at! tha time of delivery of such notes. dec. 41. Jncaetli9 securities deposited with the Auditor of State, te secure tha redemptien of the cir lully pray your Honorable Body to nominate a full State Ticket, of efficient Uuion men, without reference to their political antecedents men who will conduct the State Government with reference to thegood of the whole country aud not upon more personal grounds. In accordance with the request of culating notes of any bank, shall be Coast Attacks.

The folloVing is a military corres-' pondeiit's programme for attacking the rebols in their weak points along the coast, The plan looks feasible enough to civilian but perhaps a "military necessity" would pre- elude its being carried out to the full extent. We believe the Navy Department is fully aware of the vulnerability of the Southern coast, and j)lo must remember this Lawrence has already mail and stage communication with this country, thanks be to the inhabitants of the Neosho country and that they have elfocted this arrangement through their own exertions and that if we expect any more favors of a mail and stage nature, that w'e have got to perform the work ourselves, if wo co-operate with the Lawrence interest. Topeka has, already set on foot a project to same way if ho deserves to be so treated, when we have the power. We have sufficient confidence in tho patr riotism of Jim to believe ho wil' do his duty to his country and the people of Kansas, if his insanely jealous rivals will let him alone.and it is evident that be now shares the confidence of the mas of the poople of the State, of all parties and that he also possesses the esteem of President Lincoln. Tie is now laboring with his usual energy to establish a that petition, the Republican Central sold in pursuance of the requirements hereof, one-eigth of one per.

cent, on the amount received for the be allowed the Auditor of State for iiia services in scllingtho stock and redeeming the notea of such bank, and the amount of such per centage together with all necessary expenses incurred in advertising and 1 in tht county ii which said bank banks are located, and ths expense thsreof shall be defrayed by the banks; and, if any hunk shall fail famish to the Auditor its quarter-lv report in time for such publication or Mull fail to pay the ex-peases incurred in the publication its report, whim they shall be demanded by him, it shall forfeit and par tha Auditor of State the sum of nnffhundred dollars, to be applied by him to t)u4 exponso of publishing tho: Quarterly reports and the Auditor of State is authorized to collect said forfeiture in his name, upon his application to any court of competent jurisdiction, in the county where such delinquent bank may be located, The -Auditor" of State Khali, also, tuanSmjc, annually, to the Legislature, attihe commencement of its session, aoondened summary of all the reported to him by all the bunks; which nummary, verified by his shall contain a true and correct statement of tha oondition of all tommittee asssmbled at opekaon the 16th inst. and nominated the ticket referred tQ. Their candidate for Governor has always been a Democrat, but as he is plnce us in tri-weekly mail communication with that city and the East selling such stock, shall be audited by the State Treasurer, aud on his certificates the Auditor of State may thoroughly sound on the question of deduct the same from the proceeds i trie present day, he is entitled to (ho of such sale. support of evry man. What par- bKc.4-2.

Any person or persons licilllr, oommenJg him to the sup- separate military department in Kansas, the Indian country and Arkan-sas, which measure, if it could be accomplished, would make Kansas as safe from harm by tho rebels as the Canadian As usual, his cnomios are endeavoring to frustrats this scheme. It is evident that KansaR is too small to hold such great men as Lane this act, not hereinbefore specific that operations will be carried on in that quarter with all possible expedition "Semi vour naval expedition down the whole rebel coast, from the mouth of the Potomac to that of the Rio Grande. Wherever there is a fortiliiid inlet, occupy it. Wherever there is a former port of entry, reestablish there a United States custom-house, under the guns, if need be, of a fleet.

Occupy both the Beaufarts in both tho Carolinas, nd Wilmington ami Georgetown be-' tween them. Take Charleston, freeing the martyrs of the Union who have been sent to die at Castle Pinck-. ney to fill tho roll which was left. port of the people of Southern Kansas is, that ho is a resident of Fort Scott, being thus a Southern Kansas man, and he will see to it that onr Southern border is rescued from the As such a route is so imperatively demanded, and as tho influences at work to establish it are so potent, there is not the least, doubt that the next Congress will grant it. We will then bo in nearer and better communication with Atchison ami St.

Joseph than we are by the route which wo now use. Tim river towns of this valley, from Humboldt to Ottuniwa, will be in tri-weekly communication with each other, which will supply a pressing want. Topeka has long foreseen what benefits ally provided for, shall, upon conviction thereof, pay a fine of not less than fifty dollars or more than five hundred dollars for each aud every offense. In lirt rftrtrwirnil liafirji unv the banks in the State attl'e time of court having competent jurisdiction; that 11QW tha. making of their last report.

34. Every bank and bank The other candidates are selected lng association, formed under the and all tines nd penalties so recovered shall be paid into the State Treasury. Skc. 43. This act to be published from among both the Democraticaud ppublican parties, and are well distributed throughout the State.

i in one newspaper in each county iu and Robinson. Ono of them and possibly both must leave. But let lis still stand by the one that enjoys our confidence and let the ether slide. For God's, for our country's, for decency's sako and for the sake of the safety of Kansas, let us have this dirty quarrel between Lane and Robinson, settled. Lrt us kick Robinson over and land him where ho will be incompetent to commit any more harm, and then, if Lane don't "toe previsions of this act, shall, annually, on.the first Monday of January, in ach year, cause to bo published, for successive weeks, in one public newspaper printed iu the county in which such bank may be and in some newspaper printed the sent of government iu this Stale, a true and accurate statement, this State, where practicable, and in 1119 committee adopted the follow-ono newspaper published at the capi-: ing platfoim tal lor six weeks previous to the next jesolvejt That the vigorous pro-goneral election, and to be submitted i fieCution of the present war the ear-to a vote of the electors of this State anil heartv sunnort of thn Ad- at the general election; to be in force ministration in its efforts to crush out tnrified by, the oath of the cashier, of from and after its approval by the majority of tho votes cast at such election.

Tho ballots used at said the rebellion, tho maintenance of the Constitution, the enforcement of the laws, and the ornservation nf the such a mail route would yield her, and consequently sho has been laboring to have it established. Wo want tho towns of the Neosho Valley in mail communication with each other, and tho only hop1? we have of getting such an essential measure established, is through this project-We can get no mail accommodations nor any other favors of Lawrence let us help those who will help us. While we are voting for Topeka for the Capital, we are not only voting for onr interests, but tho mark and perform his duty, let usslay him, too. election shall be written or printed, avo the issues upon which as follows "For Bauking Law," or i ti18S(. nominations are made." Against Banking Law," as the case deficient at the bombardment of Sumter take it at.

cost. Hold tho splendid harbor of Port Royal and all thet inland passages which lead thence to Savannah. Take Savannah itself, and command by that stroke all the-railroad network of Georgia. Capture Fernandina, the life-long pet and proposed seaport of the traitorous ex-Senator Ynlee. Entor the mouth of the St.

John's, defended by the weakest possililo fortifications, and take Jacksonville, the great business emporium of Florida. Enter the gut opposite Saint Augustine occupy that city, valueless in itself, and protected only by tho dismantled old Spanish fort of St. Mark, bub holding the control of tho Mantanzas Inlet, which is a very nest of piratss. Still further down the Florida coast, lock up to freebooters tho Halifax and Indian rivers. Enter the Gulf of Mexico, not only with a blockading fleet, but an army of occupation.

Once more unfurl tho flag over the The State Capital Again. Wo havo given reasons why the people of tho Neosho Valley should vote to locate the State Capital at Topeke we wish to say a few we are laboring for the inrerests of may be, and the returns of such election shall be made in accordance with the election law of this State. Approved June 4th, 1861. SECRETARY OF Ol'TICE,) Topeka, Sept. 10th, 1801.

I hereby certify that tha above is a true copy of the original Enrolled Bill, as tiled in my office. JOHN W. ROBINSON, Secretary of State. The State Constitution provides that Tho Executive Department shall consist of a Governor, Lieut. Governor, Secretary of State, Auditsr, Treasurer Attorney General, and Superintendent of Public Instruction who shall bo chosen by tho electors of the State at the time and place of voting for members of tho LeeiKla-ture, AND SHALL HOLD THEIR OFFICES FOR THE TERM OF moio words on tho subject, and then loave the question with our readers.

It must be remembered that our the State are laboring to jdace the Capital as near tho center of the State as practicable, and to permanently settle the issue. If Topeka gets the Capital the question is set il Stato Constitution has made liberal provisions for appropriating a certain aMr- vptnc err alls deposits made with said bank, and of all. dividends and interests declared and payable upon any of the stocks, bqnds other evidences of indebtedness of suid bank, which, at the data of such statement, shall have remained unclaimed by any person persons authorized to receive the aama.for tivo years then next preceding. Such statement shall set forth the time that every such deposit was its amount, the name and wwlerice, if known, of the person, the name of the person in who favor the dividend or interest may have been declared, its amount, and upon what number of shares and cq what amount of stocks, bonds, cr other evidence of indebtedness of any such bank or banking i Siic. 36.

All dates, die, and such lifee. Materials, of and peculiar to any Individual btnk or banking associate shall have closed business, itJmr by its own voluntary act, or by of law, under the direction' of the Auditor of State, in presence, of the Governor or Treasurer State, shall bo destroyed; and sue.h. destruction, specifying the articles so destroyed, shall be officially oertffmd to by all the three aforesaid flip or. and hat view alone is an im- amount of lands for the erection of now nearlr deserted Navv Yard m)0 OllelJ Register, ond Monday of January. State buildings at the place that shall pojtfint argument in lavor ot 1 IVnsacola Tampa Bay may be left next ttlllil nii'ii nuuiiuii, nun iuii.ii (heir successors are elected and qual be selected for tho permanent location ified." of the Capital.

As Knon then, as It seems plain enough to at least this question is decided, the first Plain Talk. Fifty-four commissioned officers of the Kansas Brigade, ha-ve issued tin following card Wiikrioas, Cbarb's Robinson, Gov ordinary minds, that the Executive 1 i i Ml 1 move made will be to take advantage of this Constitutional appropriation. i i.ipparimeni win expire nexi 'January, SOUTHERN KANSAS. if another should be elected. To Buildings that will bo an honor to ernor "I Kansas, in a letter dated I'M BURLINGTON, KANSAS, OCT.

24, 18 l.jul" we should nave a new set 01 otatc officers, or at least a new man at the Ij This is a time when patriotic hearts must all bent together. Thti must rise above. 1 head Tho reasons are as apparent tho State and that will undoubtedly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, will be erected. Such being the caso, we want this enormous expenditure so apjdied that it will result in a permanent benofit to thn State. Suppose that the Capital should be located at Lawrence, and to others as they are to lis.

We now havo an opportunity of making to us lever aim musqiuioeg it needs only tii be locked against pirates by a single ship. Then distribute a powerful force between Mobile and New Orleans, and subdue, instead of merely menacing. Galveston. After that we shall hear of no more rebel advances upon Wellington. Tho Manassas army will be scattered like sand in a tempest, in the (general scamper of Stat partisanship an I selfis'i interest." Kansas Piist Going to Tipton.

The following is a copy of a dispatch received at Leavenworth, dated Citii.iroTiiu, Oct. IT, 1801. To Captains Ketner and Ze.sch, aad all other officers and men of Kansas First You are ordered to join your regiment at once. We leave to-morrow morning for Tipton, via St. Louis.

A. Haldehmav, Maj. 1st Kan. By order of Col. Deitzler.

the miserable considerations nf party, and aet together. He. irho attempt, under any mime or any designation or any pretense a much needed reform in this most whutsaerer to engraft parlies upon it, is an 37. It shall be the duty of enemy tphis country, and little br.tter than a important branch of the Stato service It is our duty to do it. as a necessary event that the 1 1 hern I Tlt.lirOH.

Daniel S. Dickinson. STATE UNION TICKET. appropriations of the Constitution should be apjdied in erecting State buildings at Lawrence. Experience in older States has proven that whon the State Capital has been located in any point which is not in the center of the State, that the State has event I 4 Oct.

4th, 1801, has preferred charges against the Kansas Brigade, now in the lipid under the command of James IT. Lane, designing to affect its reputation as an army, as well as the individual character of every man composing it: now therefore we, the undersigned officers comprising said Brigade, and without reference to the spucific charge contained in said letter of Robinson's do pronounce the whole a base and cowardly slander upon the only efficient force now in he field for the protection of Kansas and tho western frontier, and a base ingratitude to tho memory of the gallant dead of our State who have already fallen in defence of our conn-try's (lag, and that the conduct of the said Robinson since the commencement of organizing volunteer forces' in Kansas, has exhibited a record of vindictive selfishness that is without a parallel and that it is clearly evident that he would have liailod the defeat of this Brigade and the destruction of Southern Kansas by the enemy with joy, rather than a victory should have been attained by those whom he believed in the way of bis own personal ambition, and we do therefore brand the said Charles Robinson as a base slandorer, a traitor and a coward. A. CH Wholesale Drug- Store Lane and Robinson. The bitter feud betweon Lane and Robinson is now being waged more fiercely than ever.

The former made a speech in Leavenworth recently, in which he denounced Robinon and Capt. Prince, Commander at Foil Leavenworth, in the most, pointed terms, branding them as traitors, and alleging that they were endeavoring to stab him in his back and to destroy the Kansas Brigade. Lane's speech was bad enough in all conscience, but Robinson, in his reply to it through the Leavenworth Times, out-Heroded Ilcied in exhibition of meanness, littleness of sonl and want of dignity. Ha slandered the Kansas Brigade, most outragem1-ly, and even pitched into and abused the President for sustaining-Lane. It is a burning shame and disgrace that these two men should ho contin- Legislature, annually, to elect a joint committee, whose duty it shall be to examine the securities deposited in the Auditor of State's office, by, banking associations and individual bank, together with bonks and papers therein relating to the business of banking; and the said committee hall report the true state and condition of that department to the Legislature, 88.

Every officer, agent or clerk of any. banking association or banker authorized by (his act, who shall wilfully and knowingly subscribe, or make any false statements of facts, entries iu the books of such person or association, or shall knowingly subscribe or exhibit false papers, with the intent to deceive Htjy person authorized to cxanine as to, the condition of such bank or association, or shall wilfully or Inow-ingly subscribe and make false reports, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be subjected to at hard labor in tha State's prison, for such term, not less than one year, nor more than ton years, as the com trying him sluiR designate, and, likewise, any commissioner, examiner or other officer, willfully and knowingly subscribing or making any fals report, shall, he deemed guilty of a aiid be subjected to like Sao. The Auditor of State shall, before entering upon tha du ually proved to be the loser. It is well known that Lawrence is far from being a central position in the State. Look at Illinois.

Vandalia was at one time considerelto be tho center of the settled portion of that State, and it was supposed that it would always retain such a position, and in accordance with such a view tho jicople of Illinois once voted to locate the Capital of that State at Vandalia, and tho State Legislature thereupon voted to erect costly State buildings at that place. What was the consequence A short time afterward it was discovered that Vandalia was not in the center of the and on submitting the Capital question again to the suffrages of tho 1 von uovkrvor GEORGE A. CRAWFORD, of Rourbon Co. I'ou i.iECT. oovernoh: L.


ST1NSON, of Leavenworth Co. KOR TREASURBR, n. R. DUTTON. of Brown Co, FOR AUDITOR, JAMES U.

McCLURE, of Davis Co. for supt. or venue instruction, II. 1). PRESTON, of Osage Co.

mi n'l i mi wijiMii ii iiiiiiiini iwm State Union Ticket. We jdace at the head of our editorial columns a State ticket, constructed by the Republican Central Committee of the State, to be considered by the people at the ballot box at our next November election. The circumstances that gave origin to this ticket will bo the best explained by reading the following petition which is said to have been signed by upwards of three thousand WOODWARD FINLEY, Have e1 1 and fine st. DRUG ESTABLISHMENT in the State of Kansas, and sell at prices that suit the times and defy competition. Terms, exclusively a sh- WOODWARD FINLRY'S INFALLIBLE AGUE The surest, safest and best Preparation ever offered for tliejcnr of FEVER d- A QUE, DUMB AGUE, And all forms of 'l nally keeping tho people of Kansas people, Vandalia was forsaken and John A.

Washington. A writer in the Portland Advertiser sums up a genealogical notice of John A. Washington, recently shot as a rebel sjty, as follows George having no children, left the Mount Vernon estate to bis nephew, who occupied the property his death iu 18-9, and bequeathed it to his nephew, John Augustine, who died in 1832, and thi estate descended to his son John Augustine, lately killed in the rebel army. So that this John A. Washington, who sold Springfield was selected instead.

in hot water, and thereby sacrificing and endangering the interests of the State, all to gratify tho personal hatred between these men. In our opinion they are both to blame, to some extent. We have never been implicated in ml BILIOUS INTERMITTENT FEVER. For sale wholesale and retail by the Manufacturers and Proprietors, Lawrence. Kansas.

Retail by Wnlkling A Burlington; Dr. G. A. Cutler, Druggist, Leroy; Moore A Coleman, Ottun.wa; Dr. Jacob The State thereupon lost hundreds of thousands of dollars by locating the Capital at Vandalia, and erecting State buildings at that place.

The same tale might be related of tho Stato of Michigan, an 1 we presume ties prescribed by this act, give to the 18 the Robinson-Lane quarrel neither mesMCK, v.amp ureek; Ueo. Harper, fcl-ineiularo, Madison comity: L. L. Nortbrup, (do we intend to get involved in it State, of hausas.a bond in the penal sun) of fifty thousand dollars, with not less than five sureties, to be approved by the Governor and Secretary of State, conditioned for the faithful, dischargo of all the duties ot. his office, piovled.

for. and in the estate of Mt. Vernon to the patriotic ladies of the Union, has none now. WThilo vre havo generally stood by Old Jim, we have neither in of the blood of the groat and good President in his veins, and was no public or private, opposed Governor nearer to him in kindred than great Robinson. We have always been cumbent upon him under, this act grand nephew that is, son of content to let their acts speak for that Iowa can furnish a similar account.

These facts prove one thing that tbe State Capital must be eventually located in the center of the State that if it should, perchance, by some skulduggery operation, be located at any other point than the center, that the State will eventually prove to be deposit the same mthofhee of the State Treasurer and tlte Audit ueneva, alien conntv; Jl. JNeal Humboldt; Fick A Eskridjje, Emporia, ly. WATSON, BRACE CO. WHOLESALE DEALEK IN DRY boots and shoes, 0 I Gt. HATS AND CADS, AMI, ITT IX GOODS? 12 Delaware Street, 32tf Leavenworth, Kansas.

themselves, and hoped for the day when their disgusting imbroglios would be settled. We are satisfied John A who was a son of Corbin, who was sou of Col. John, who was brother of George, the well beloved. The news from Ohio leaves or, State shall not bo directly npr indirectly interested in any baak or voters, Republicans and Democrats alike ToA.C, Wilder, Chairman of Repuldicna Central CommU'ce of Kansns Sir: We.the nndersigned citizens, suffering, in common with all others, from the imnotency or raslice of the present State Executive, and earnestly desiring a Stata Government that will in a patristic and energetic manner defend rnn-peoplc frem invasion knowing thsl Vy the plain and emphatic provision of the State Constitution the term, of onr State officers expires on the f.rat day of banking association, or as au indi now. that if the presses of the State had refused to take sides with either greatly the loser by if.

no room to doubt the election of the entire Union ticket in that State. We do not deny that possibly for the present time, Lawrence would be as an accessible point for the peojde I Tod's majority, so far as beard from is 33,000, with a fair prospect of reachimi 00,000. vidual, banker. 40. Any banker or bauking association that shall organize under this act, shall be required to pay the Adnitor.of State for the wivice performed by hi in, or under his diiec-tion, in beha'lf of sindt hanker or banking association, aecordim: to the provisions Thereof, one hull of ouftper vent, on the nm'iunt of circulating notes comiti'rsigut' I and registered ai heieiiibvfjie ymviJed, and i.Ianunrr, and that tne Legislative party that their quarrel would now be either definitely settled or both parties kicked into the middle of a political hell, We knot that Gov.

Robinson has done wrong, and now that we have tha opportunity we are in favor of laying him on the shelf, and serving. Old Jim the WI1LLIAM n. TAnsONS, A TT OR XE A LA IF, Nut C'MiKKt t. It is it true that' the 1'resident is iefued to recoir-1 of tho Neosho Valley to refich as anv central point in th Stato, an 1 possibly it might always be a jdace! enactment continuing the State cdli-oer hevond that time is nnll and void. Mid that there is not sufficient niz? the Commissions of (Jen.

Fie-! 1 RACTICES ii, Coffev, Madison anrtt that thev cnnl 1 visit as eonvenientlv i mt Si I. Brvc-riJKe ronmic. Collec iZv rounMcs. Va ectionsi -i i time, before the election, to hold a Nominotiug Convention, do respect- as they could I opcki. But our poo- the telegraphic statement was fa sc.

0ilice at his residence, Burlington, K. i 14 4.

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