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The Neosho Valley Register from Burlington, Kansas • 1

The Neosho Valley Register from Burlington, Kansas • 1

Burlington, Kansas
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TTh row' Fl Hi tmmimmmm 1LU 9 Devoted to the Interests of Southern 1 Kansas. olume lNAlieri9i' BURlMlM, XOFFEY CO, IC0SAS, TUESDAY, MARCH 27, I860. Tetras--2 Per Annum. For the Noslio Valley Register. Trip to Spring River, Mo.

country and so camo to Kansas ap sought a home on the Walnut, to jet eioow room, dui mo wnucs are crowd vejy mnch broken, the liills very bar-ren! nl valleys very rich, and the rpaji who would ho satisfied wi.h a rjrty-ocr0 farm can find one hero as can ask for, while 'the ing Urn. i (H0 has 'about fifty heidf; B.UELrNQTbN, COffEY CO. KANSAS, b's. cattlejire4jther farm stock, and he Is a man in tweriibly independent cir or a a ni ption I I' i i i i His wife Us nearly; FniKNDPnovTr Having been called by" business to visit stbe South-Eastern portion' of the Territory, I tike liberty (if it. is not presuming too much on tha valuable space in yoHi-Jpaper) to give you a few "items" of what is going on Down SoitlL" y- making a halt at Neosho Falls we found the citizens Yamonsr whoni 2 00 i 00 i ftoreo (Jopioa oao white.

They have six daughters and Ten i mi Payment. in all 'e3 rquirod in advonco. twp Rons, iniifit is one of the rafly iky of their houses but they appear to be satisfied so long as they own a nigger 1" mule, and the invariably accompaniament," a yellow cur. Sol suppose it is none of our business, and we will pass on. The Grandby lead mines, situated eighteen miles from Carthago, the county seat of Jasper county, is truly a God-send to that part of the State.

It gives employment to one or two hunred hawie, the lead- vifiaPof Galena, It is hauled in wagons to Syracuse or Kansas -City, and 'there' shipped 'to St. Louis. fcThe land iii the vicinity of the mines are owned 'by a more enterprising class of farmers, chiefly emigrants from Iowa arid Illinois. refined and intelligent families I ever saw, that could not read nor' write. He rodo with mo -to the Arkansas DAtu $.

Jkrge fanp nst go sofne where flsej' or takljl jn piecesi'f But this is not trno to the northeru snctibn of the. county, as I believe there is as good land there as there is in 'westcrn portion" of the south of the Verdigrisj will he without" s'ettfers for gfeatJjUJg-rf tim'fl My course was over a broken and iflhe yentabie c'onrrat river' ana backl and I nassoil. For the Neo'-hii Valley ttegirt-N The Pat. the Pak What are you go' ing to do about it May he it Mae' not been properly improved may foul misdeeds stain it. Will yon at tempt to.

go over the ground again and better a bad matter Vaio effort You can do nothing in that 5 you fall dow'n'aad ro wn ourjself with frtfjf' Will yiwi ikiyfafyf ftnwirda of.tears, andweep day and night aW past' follies you continne to reproach yourself from day to day Will you occupy your time in vaifc, Will -yon refuse to take nourishment for mind or body, and glory in the idea of pining away Away with such thoughts Oh, foolish mortal I hearken to the voice of Measonind you will, find a belter way. To-day in the day of salvation." The pment is yours ta improve. You have nothing, to io with the 'past. Jt has gone from ftightvfti hil'MTififf vef'coftrtao1y7l 'i-'0." 'ehtftflHl on 'the Riibsoriptldn list "jntij uud allpapem tlis-i jontitnyi. at tha timo Stir whiqlt paynwut is TERMS OF in I 8 I 6 I j( Fit Inaot'tionl p3'r line' 10 otg Each subaaquont insertion.

po.t liho, fi Jhi rates are fir transient falvv 4ibwjl deduvtf'tn rhillo to 'regiiliir advertisers. Business Cards' 'of 12 lines cr less, one year, $10.. Annoiirtoemetit, of candidates, $5. Advance' poyment wi'l required for egal and transiont iidVertiseinonts. position of the County.

Line question! Having been asked up" we of course 'went 'deposited our stony country, not a tree or drop of load," started, previously having been informed that there are several I new bnillings in contemplation to Returning we had the pleasure be erected this season, and that the mill, under the direction of Mr. passing through thatZive town of Fort Scott. Several new building are nearly completed, a Methodist meeting house among the number. "The Mowry, our old townsman, will, no doubt, give an impetus to the growth of the town. I i' and Office is not open, nor could we Our next stopping place was Hum boldt, Allen county.

I must say, I obtain any definite information as to when it would be. SOUTHERN KANSAS. your grasp lorever unti.t- The' prospects for a good wheat A little child, standi by a brook, BUKLTNGTON, KANSAS. MARCH 27. ISfiO.

th year crop in the several counties with its apron full of, flowers; and and I would recommend to travelers passing that way to inquire for the as lie is best known by that name; or Bcckner, on the west branch of tho WThitewaterJ lean-not describe the land on the "Whitewater, other than to say that it is as good as any I ever saw just rolling enough, and not too rolling. The Little Arkansas river I passed about six or eight miles from is! rilouth. It is a stream of some size, with considerable timber abounding, and is about three miles this side of the other, and between the is a perfect level as far as the eye can reach a good soil, underlaid with white sand, the surface of which is about ten feet above the water of the Arkansas. "The Arkansas, I should think, is about one quarter of a mile wide; a perfect fchect of sand, with here and there a current running so crooked that it would seem that nature had received some assistance in preparing a channel and forming numerous little sand islands. The stream is usually fordalje at most any point.

I returned to Chelsea, and, by in Eor fhe. Neosho'Valley. was disappointed in the looks of this place. I had always been under the impression that this was the largest town in the Neosho Valley. Instead' of that I found that it did not contain more than half the number of houses there is in Burlington and tho ma A Trip to tne Arkansas River.

South and East is far from being fa- continues to cast in, one by. one, till vorablc. Farmers are looking anx- tha last one is gone borne rapidly iouslyfor rain, and unless it rains down to the river, be carried on, water, across Ranges eight, nine and ten, on the north a range of mountains and on the south the different branches of Fall river, winding their way through high bluffs, with rich and fertile bottom lands. the first night I partook of the hospitality of Anderson Hill, the man who, at Hampden, a few years ago, sold whisky aud salt to preserve the morals and meat of the citizens of Coffey county. Ho is the first settler on the Verdigris got a good farm, and, by the help of a new wife, is improving his farm and getting rich.

second night I slept on the prairie, having went about a mile out of the, course of my route to find a tree, to tie my horse to. In the eighth Range, which is the first township in Bntler county, I ascended a flint stone bluff, and there was open to my view the most splendid prairie prospect I have ever seen. This was in Towirship 24, Range 8. AH to the west of me was one boundless prairie, with here and there a string mailing the course of some of soon the wheat will, undoubtedly, and on, the ocean. Now it criea, perish by drouth.

W. because they are out of its reach. jority of them not half as good' Poor, creature Such is life. Such is the way of man. When you For the Neosho Valley Register! To-Monow.

find yourself in neediest regrets about Do hear aright the past, and giving way, to grief, Didst thou say, To-morrow then think of the child hy the brook. Where shall we find I have search- But the prttent- the pwenf Leaving Humboldt we passed through a magnificent farming conn-try, well watered and timbered but at present shut out from settlement being claimed by the Osage Indians. The Catholic mission oi those lands isell worthy of note. Permission having been obtained from the' Indians this institution was built about sixteen years It is howin aide hailds Father Shoemaker beinz the ed diligently for it, and find it only don't nor neglect to stamp im if in the fool's calender. then, proveraent on, its fleet way.

Attend do we not lay more stress on It to this. one, thing it Is, the wkola i Hampdek, K. March 22, 1860. Friend Prodty: I will improve the columns of your paper to answer th? thbusaucl ami ono "-questions wkotl me aboat the country I pissed i over on my recant trip to the Ar'can- fis river, and I most cheerfully do it, i it may be some assistance to the emigrant in directing his course in selecting a future horn. The icbject of my journey was to make a thorough examination of the oilf face of country and adaptednoss to aettlement of a section of country muck i of which has generally been i considered as unfit for agriculture.

The course which I traveled from Hampden was south, about seventy-. one degrees west, through Coffey, Madison, Butler and CH6 counties, striking the Arkansas river where it 1 1 crosped by the Gth principal meridian, and about four miles south of will always be before us one day duty of mas. vitation, stopped to attend a nliA I i I raijroad meeting, the in that Tobacco a Poe trf Matrimony. there seems to be something pecnl- Superintendent. He has tw'o'priests part of the Territory.

By the spirit the branches of the Wain nt. Near to me was the head of the cwst branch, which I followed down a gentlv in larly pleasantsomething captivating Qne of our exchanges inquires, with and interest which wae manifested in the sound of the word to morrow, much alarm, how it is that there are as assistants, and several "sisters" who teach the young ideas how to shoot." There are at present one hundred and sixty children attending, It enchants the whole soul, and we so many nice young girls our city at this meeting one would think that no effort wou'd be loft undone, and no expense spred, by the Chelseans, to 4 i unmarried ana nueiy iu rciuoiu i i r'j Our answer is comprised in one word duties of to-day. Taken in a tempo- rnh Tn nld times, when vou clined plane to. Chelsea, a distance of eleven miles. Chelsea is the county scat of Butler county is situated at the junction of three creeks has a saw mill and grist mill and a good settlement secure the completion of a railroad through their section of country.

ral or spiritual sense, it is all the could approach a young man withia sarao; and if we do uot resist its whispering distance without being and their appearance denoted the caie taken of them by their teachers. They are well dressed, well fed. and behave themselves very creditably in the Alter spending another Sabbnth at hewitchinir infliiflnee. it nauseated by his breath, he used Chelsea, I started for home down the school room. This is it should be, spena nis evenings wivu wnw gwuu A serpent is secreted in the grass.

irl either around the family hearth valley of the Fall river and through tho central and north-eastern portions of Greenwood county. In the valley and it is a pity that such institutions are not attached to all the different An innocent, unsuspecting bird is or in a pleasant walk, or at, some in- around. On on cminenc6 near by, I counted seven branches of running water, which were well timbered. No fault can bo found with the prairie, and stone is plenty, I can see no good reason why Butler county rrrw perched on a bush above. Poor, fool- nocent place of amusement.

ne ish bird It is soon decoyed into the vounS man the. Presen tribes on our frontier. The settlers on tho Osage land hi sn htarv nme. and Duns away nis jaws ot clea n. We are jusr as of the Fall river, I think there can be found some of the most desirable locations of any that I saw while on my trip.

The grass had acquired a bettor growth, and I saw there the only field of wheat that promises may not be ono of the first in the Ter thoughtless and foolish. We are gter and then eoes to some saloon to have got themselves in a fix." The Government having given orders them all to abandon their claims, and move off the lands until a treaty is ritory. The settlers are or the better frequently lured on from day to day, quench the thirst created by smoking; only to be deceived and undone, and sheds crocodile tears every time We say to ourselves, "To-morrow his stockings are out the toes, that class, and they could say, until quite lately, that no whisky could be bought in the county but recently a made (which there is a very small anything this season.und tho country the standard parallel. -Were it not that this commnni-' cation may fall into the hand of some would be unnecessary to Fpeak of Cofiey county, but lam daily 'meeting people seeking a homo in Ivanaas who are just as igno-' rant of the cbnnty as I was five years ago, wllcn I landed at Kansas City and plodded my way to this county, where scarcely a cabin had been erect ed I. th ink but pve and although I have passed through many of the hardsjhips to pioneer life, I seen th time I would nlichange tny county for any other in 1' the distance from market equal aiid.

although the tim-' oered and claims are taken, one need go beyond this county to git as good a farm, there shall be better with us than to-day," Lj tbnat the fellow8 can.t'afford to prospect of at present) some have al seems to bo well watered, very well timbered, and the soil is rich. ready packed their duds" and left, barrel of whisky has been brought on to an adjoining claim. The owner, and put torth no exertion, make get married." Nine young men eut no effort te better our condition. of ten deliberately give up respecta-We expect batter times. but do bio' female society to indulge in the others state their determination to re In conclusion I will say that, as a however, promises to bring no more main nntil driven off by force, which general thing, on the western slope not work to brina-' them abnnl solitary, enervawug y.

there. The Rev. J. Saxby, Congre of the Fall river, towards the Arkan will not be long, as there is a detainment of U. S.

soldiers under orders 1x until their broken-down consnrauon How long will we thus foolishly feed Llftmf)f for careful nursing then they I sas, there is a great deficiency of timber but I think there is a good gationalist, is preaching there on his own hook, and the fourth day after I left home being Sabbath, I rode with for that ostensible object. Passing overa long stretch of supply of coal, and what nature hag on false prospects Have we not cooly ask some nice girl to exchange tried it long enough already Will her health, strength, beauty, and un-we continue to idly gase at the ill- impared intellect, for their Sallow ii -i. face, ta nted blood and breath, irriU-timed allusion forever? Do we wish iwilitw. him and some others to one of his out prairie, broken at intervals by a few not provided will eventually be supplied with a railroad, which will de posts, about ten miles distant, to at straggling streams the largest of tend his meeting. It was one of the to wander after an ignis fatuus through Women may well hate smoking and rive great advantage from the desti bogs and ferns, and deep, dark, dan- smokers.

have known the most jammed-to-thc-ntmost-log-cabin con- .1 1 1 1 i .1 which are Lightning and Thunderbolt creeks, on which thero are a few of the forbidden settlers, we reached the famed Spring River. (And here tution of timber in the shipment of lumber, which will be taken in ex gerous ravines over rueeed rocks, gentle and refined men grow nrsn if in temner. and uncleanly in their per- gregautms we ruau auum ai uie est. I received great kindness at the hands guus, ingimui, precipe Ii.t,-- change for tho products of an excel of the people of Chelsea, which I it may not be out of place to thank lent and easily cultivated soil. it.

ces, on and on, till we plunge into tyrH1By which they had not love or the abyss beneath reSpect enough for woman to break shall remember long with pleasure is in Ivansas, at a fair price, and there ''are good boxes in Ooffey county to obtained for the price of a hnd land I see but ljttlo diiTer-i'nee. between the eastern and western 'of the county. find is much land in the 1 -western portion of the county nnoc-ctipied, and, to all appearances, far that now occupied and our friend Johnny for the dish of pocine game furnished for our Nor are the good people of Butler con W. A. Ela.

Lightning Rods. The wise man knows no to-morrow, through. fined to Chelsea, but thero'oro other but busies himsslf aoout the respon The Charleston Convention. ample appetites.) The bed of the river is principally gravel having an citizens of the county who would W. P.

sibilities of to-day. it Vi There can be no doubt now, that despise an heirship to tho wealth of Burlington, Kansas. As we have inquiries almost every week about putting up lighning rods wo will, therefore, irive a ceneral I average depth of four fest, with a fall, Croesus for a title to nature's noble the Constitutional right to enter the Territories of the United States with Ji. Affairs in Kansas. nrovertv of any end every kind, will man.

There is room for good seltlers, and no others in Butler county, Mr. Beale, from that portion of be the test question of the union of and all ye whisky-guzzlers, with red Kansas not covered in the Wyandott the Northern and Southern sectiont at almost any point, often feet. There are several well conducted mills along its banks, owned mostly hy Eastern men, and better flour I have never had tho pleasure to use, than that obtained at these mills. But the blight of involuntary servitude shines conspicuous even in this eyes and fetid breath, never let your Constitution, and designated as Jef- of the Democracy in tne naneaiov were it not for the prevailing idea that wt must get beyond everybody jeisej possible, to soma point beyond sundown, we would 60on see 'see these' prairies settled with an in-jlustriotwand happy rural population. jfy route passed through the southern part of Madison filthy steps pollute that deligtyful II 11 terson is nere witn a me jonvenuuu.

ucuuv-morial to be presented to Congress, tion from this principle, that Con sierned bv 'eleven' thousand Peak's wress is bound to extend protection soil, hut stay hpre in these eastern counties, where the land-sharks and answer to all thoso who are in pursuit of such information. In putting up a rod care must be observed to have all the joints perfectly connected for it has frequently happened that lightning has passed from ill-jointed rods into buildings. The rod should be clamped to tho building with brackets of varnished. dry wood or glass insulators, and its lower end should always be carried down. into the damp soil.

Care must be exercised that no masses of metal in tha building be situated near the conductor, because if such a mass be greater than, that of the rod. i I Peak miners praying for a Territorial to Slaves, in common with other' turkey buzzards will devour your dead government and protesting against property, while a lerritory is in an far off part of Missouri. Among the farmers, it is noticed, mostly; instead and woithless carcasses. annexing to Kansas. Private letters inchoate state, mis will a pro- yy touching the north-west cor- iipr n( fliffinwood.

and that countv. received here by General Pomeroy, liminary question before aay other of the energetic, persevering farmer what I saw of it, is far behiud Coffey, As the Walnut and' its branches are to Butler county, so the Whitewater and its branches are to the new of Kansas, you find the lazy, shift- from Governor Stanton, in Kansas, business is brougnt Lei ore tne, con-announce the fact that the Territorial veution. The Southern State Awill Legislature has abolished slavery in be unamimousv we think, a on the taking it as i whole and here I see less.nigger-loving old fogy. Ten acres countv of Oto', with Whitewater for V'- the grounds for the various opinions under fence is considered by him a a largefarm. No such thing as a stable or a barn is to be seen, unless Kansas, liovernor Medary is sard to principle, in its abstract lorat, vn be in a quandary "about the matter; on its practical application," to wit for if he signs the bill he is likely to tho right to claim protection of Con-sacrifice his political head, and if he gress fes slave property nrrtil a Ter-vetoes it he will become obnoxious to ritory has adopted a Constitution, in regard to the valley of the Vr Tigris." One will say that it is not worth settling upon, while the text the lightning is liable to pass from the latter to the former.

The point of the conductor should be carried about (onr or five feet above the highest chimney, and if it is iron it should bo one half an inch in diameter for a building 40 feet in high. Scientific American. one mistake their houses as such in its co mty seat, about six miles north of my course. I found in that county a black man who was once a slave in Missouri, hut was made free by will fourteen ye ire ego. He went to Nebraska, but he did hot like that 'T' one will say it is the very be 6t of deed doubt whether some of our the lose his present popularity a legal shape, excluding slavery rota And both are correct, in some and tne bill be pasaed over his.

veto lit, it already mere, or proeiomag 1 Coffey pounty fanners would even al low hi hore winter in the major entrance. Chvrkstm Xew- York Herald. jesnect. lnt part of the county i IS hi Li.

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