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The Neosho Valley Register from Burlington, Kansas • 2

The Neosho Valley Register from Burlington, Kansas • 2

Burlington, Kansas
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1 ADVERTISEMENTS; fepicy Timet in Lino Cditnty. They 'have been having a grand Breaking 100 acres at 3 (300 00 Putting in the crop 100 00 135 bushels of scad, at 1.25 156.25 Harveatiug, 3 200 hreshjng, 15 eta. per bushel Total i- i 1 1315 8,500 bubals, at 1.25 j. 3125 row in' tinn county, latety, titer a county teat matter. It seems ttlat at If.

'rritOTTEft; fts PROPRIETOR. Baity. jCassiua M. Clay, whatever his enemies may 'aay-of hitn-r-says the Whiti Cloud fhieJUit least; lias the merit of bpeaking plainly, and to the point. His speeches usually contain more troth than poetry.

Here is a specimen. He recently made a speech the last election the place for the per fnfs- Hoflsi-if a lawe and commodioiif atructure.thoroueb- manent location of thd county Scat of ly nnlshed ana conveniently furnislied, and i rpen for the SOUTHER KANSAS. reception of euestn. The tanle will be fiiinnlipH with the hut, nrfinlpfl vhfrh ititt KANSA8. JAN.

8,. I860 Profit 1984.25 8. Tbe world does not furnish a better grazing country ian the Neosho "Valley. Cattle readily fatten through the summer; and in the busiest portions of the Spaing' farnieri seldom feod their working toams. Of Tlielfeosho Valley is well adapt at Covington, Kentucky, in which the afford, and the charge aMeaiWrY- moh that destroyed the Free Soil pa-; bl attention paid to the enj tertainment of frvcJi rs, and everytlupg hnr at- Vunni'v sua a lianllail tirlrhant 1..

iL- .1 inf. i gloves. In the course of his remarks, I ujJr'tt0ehge'1 10 house Ore ia wood County. Mr. WH.

IJolman, River township Greenwood, recently called, at Our eucei, and fur nished us with a few items concerning the resources and wants of that county. He says that the Government surveyors have just completed the surveys of the county, and the lands are now open fat settlement. But a small, portion of jtbe county js settled, as yet, but what few settlers it has anTd'a sterling, energetTc mainly farmers, who 'are 'improving the country as rapidly as circumstances will The soil will compare favorably with that of most portions of Southern' Kansas, but timber is somewhat scanty, though respectable bodies border "frail river and tributaries, Good prairie claims, in abundance, and a timbered claims, can be. obtained jv i Two towns (Pleasant Grove anil Eureka,) have beW 'jl out, but National Republican Convention1 1 to beheld the 13tk OodiHMW frori Waahinjtok "By a UtcdispatcTfrora n. ed to wool growing; Sheep are very prolific, and are not liable to disease.

he was interrupted by a voice lnllie crowd, telling him to1 Sot free, to which1 he replied' a They are, and now wantj the next best" thing. ,1 wan to set those felloe's call iherflWlfe Democrats for God tfie'y Abundant pasture can be had without prico and It costs but littlo to feed that county was submitted to a vote of the ahd the result was that Mound City received a sufficient nuni ber of votes to entitle it to the honor of the; abiding place of Jtho county officials and accordingly the Probate Judge issued a proclamation, requiring the records to' be removed from Parish the foVmeVf'couhty seat, to the new one. The howj ever, would, not tamely submit to the process of being thus shorn of tli honorable company 1 of the con nty dignitaries1, nor would the latter gentlemen, consent to part ponipany with the affectionate 4. Parisians, and so they obstinately refiised to comply with the demands of the tyrannical City people however, detarmjlaet be baffled Notice tpTownphip 1 4 -TttiAiUBEitv Oounlvof Cofrcy.K.T. NOTICE Isherehy givn lhat on the )2th day of Januarv.

lit II a. My (lie Treasurers for the different Townshfpsfn this'CoUnty (H be required torepwt to the Coiinty Treasurer for a final Settleiticnt of their accrfiints as eoIlcloi's of Coiidty and Territorinl Witness, my hand and m-al. Dono at Bur- war, had through' the winter. Wool is "worth! but two and a half cents less in Kan chanan rneed it nire thanjthe VNbw, sas than in the New JfWk market; be-1 Imglon, this, Hrt day of gentlemen, it ypn, allo.W me to tell yon, niggers get a gqojBa'sjer spnif-times, hut your masters feed or plothe ypn, hut put hiir hantls i nd ascertained or him that he was in favor of. the admission of Kansas Tinder the new though would have nothing to u)hfivibjct, owing to the Wy-ndott, Coagaitettoiial Convention ing the cost of froight, commissions, and insurance.

Owing to the abnnd-unce of pasturage and the' ow price of.jand, it requires less capitJ to County per 3. AV WAlkiisTG, Depufy 9, i 1 -j- uie -pxcuequer io iase wi inc. contents, and the pf ijiit pf they give to you pe3r fstlo I b. P. FETTER, commence Kljeop here than at BOOT.

AND SHOEMAHtR; have often thought tula as .1 have in j'theirienipla ilo': seWrri towns, being exhibiteiV them, as -IT yYm iwowjir yivwymi patative expense of wool growir.g in New-York "and kansas (, ing ine ieia, ana.xnen nava Girl Wanted. 'iA the dirty. lazy, lousy Democrats, tin yet. i here is not a saw mill nor a store in 'the county; both of which are wanted'-''" fed and halloaipg for TTTfAKTED at the hotel in Burlington a girl to do general touse work. p.

ply ,1 fyf NEW-VOBK. 1 1,000 ewesi- $2,500 Fine wool bucks, 1,000 Cost of land for raisin? seed and IJemocracy, and damn niggeriiimj" Stone coal abounds in large qnan. i Another Inyation. 5,000 ities in some' localitif on Fall river. V'lO'liJ organized a company of about" fifty persons, supplied themselves well with' such convincing sTn gumenta as rifles, and a cannon Black' Betsey," 'end, marched over to the tehelliona Paris to vindicate the honor of 'tbe powers thai The was snccess XV and the county pfficiala, "Sontheni-Rnnsasr- Mr.

IIoLMAjf has, diicovrod a bed of coal on his claim, which pror tisD Tlio Louisville Cowrwr, an admin-istration paper, says that tlie Northern Douglasites are marching" to the Republican plitferiin1 with a-sure and bounced, by those who claim to be l.OOfl ewes, ii -1 Fine wool bucks, 1 i I 1,250 Land for raising 300 10. Apples and. Peaches, are suc capable of judging, to be of qiiality most of the coal. KINGSBtJRY, and all the concomitants, were tri- n.iiphantly i borne off by the be A specimen weighing about two pounds was shown us, which looked like the dear quill." cessfully cultivated here, i The country is also adapted to small fruits and Sutveyor jand Conveyancer, Over BmuHfton 'i'-'WwwtCs? 6 have a long and crooked road to travel if they try tofolloiw the ras seigers. i jit! Star it More Expiation.

The Fall river valley is claimed to cally ramifications of; the Adminis tho cultivation of Grapes for wine being in, the same latitude as tho Catawba vineyards of Missouri andOhio. Shields Green and John Copeland, attend to the: nbiire tnsitipss in of ac-1 1 ftTr tr ito, nrirorr KtMm, tration party for the purpose complishing jhq ends of the jjlave, wiu4rnapisiejr vrectly tq toth breucnes or Congress, instead of sanding it to the President lalone, as was done in the case of Or- ij'i'f jJ. Mf is Wdorstood that all theifortn-crn Congress favor our admission) and that none but the ultra Southern fire eaters will opposo it. 7 i 'A'lw Jacti Concerning the Ee-'TofcM of the Hiosfce Vallej. The soil atast two and a 'half feet dcpthVand is Remarkable for.

Similar lands in Missouri hare beqn cropped for thirty years ia succession, without showing any signs of exbaustion It is composed principally of ashos, deposited by the annual.firpa which -aye swept over thf prairies fronvtime Immemorial. i No other kind of aoil can possibly contain the same amount of food for plants. i 2. to the composition, the land is! capable of absorbing and for future use ah' immensd mountoir 'moistu'reji' while its ondu-lating surface is a. snte protection against floods.

Tlie country, there fore, Biiffbrs less from drought, and from excessive rains, than any other, "The 'country 'is better' watered by fci.i i possess superior advantages for raising stock. The climate inVioter is mild, and fresh green grass for gfa-zirig'is' obtained' the year round. 11. Almost every quarter section the colored men who were convicted yityjohn 'Brown, were hung at i.Charlestown, he l6th Decern- of land has'limo stone sufficient for fences and building purposes. The expense and trouble of raising beri according to i programme, as were also Cook and Ooppic.

The 12. Timbsr is plenty in most por cattle are comparatively nothing. tions of the Neosho Valley. The execution was witnessed at least The settlers of that -vicinity and biiyhui'jind 'selling axa, renting land and house, collecting dubts and -i. I have rorrcrt p'ats of all the lntid Coffey county, received mrp a ironth (im the General Land Office, at Having been connected wiib the Gen'-rat Lard Office for some; time, I am prepnrcd to give eorrect.

and reliable infnrmi.tion in regard to any bnttnefS connected' with iho General Land Office at Lecimptouy to enter land fi om, personal inspection or good -i I have, now for sale Several valuable farms sitiiated from one fo eitrlit nriles from Burlington fm under cultivation, with comfortable, dwellings on. 4bem. tw.ll, watered and fimliered. A full deiicrintien price of wood cut for market is from one to three dollars. Saw sixteen hundred The two colored men were hung and at i That paper instances cases in which runaway slaves have been rescued by Douglas Democrats.

17 J. Merriman, principal of a female seminary at has been arrested for committing a terrible rape upon a girl fifteen years of age, whose room ho entered at night through a dressed in rough clothing, and terrifierj her by presenting a dirk at her her striigle she tore his fajfe whiskers, ana that exposed him. ed lumber, consisting principally of beyond to Butler and Hunter counties are now engaged, in" surveying a road from Hunter county, to Burlington passing through Batler and Green- oak and walnut, is worth about 925 per thousand. i IV I i 13 Uuimproved lands, which have will lie given. upon Jipplication, perscnally been pre-empted, and.

the title to which has been extinguished by purchase, can be obtained at prices vary Feveral. va1uahli To-cri Lita for sale-choice selections suitable for Stores, shops. wooa county. iiiey are anxious get the road legally established, and to that end are moving to secure: a charter for a Territorial toad over this route. As this is a matter which directly interests any.vas- ing from three, to eight dollars per vnnrrnt nt on, r.

'It Botary Public and Conveyancer. Iesal the 22d of December, says tht V.5eTHfartrnmentScan-fully'dmwn npre1aiillfd acre the value of the land depending jipon its distance from a town onj and declaratory statements promptly si St an rn sbpxan render tovards fl'-- ui, a smau ponton oi tue valuable 11:05 A. accompanied by the Rey, Messrs. Wangh North and Lehr, 'tlie prisoners mounted the" scaffold wjth a firm Mr. North the Presbyterian Chnrch made a prayer, and the prisorers bade farewell to each of the Green was heard to offer up a fervent prayer, At il minutea, after 11 o'clock the rope was cut, and they both fell at the same instant.

Green's neck was broken, and he died without a struggle, while Cppeland writhed in violent contortions for several minutes, 1 M'j rf ll-nl I Cook and Coppic 'were ihen bro't out of' the'jail, and, beingTridden to the scaffold, were launched into eter. nily a few minutes, before 1 o'clock, They evinced the unflinching firmness, and said nothing ands in the Neosho Valley have been Vv Cml hnjjincer and Is pre- pared with superior iiHrnmeiits to do all kinds of surveying, drafiing, fhort Itotiee. 'ynvrn oiiifttm eral Territorial papers have been" circulating report about thi remoVal of the Lan Office from Fort Scott Leroy, (Joffey Ye haye heard nothing of it, and believe it a pre-empted." The great bulk of thete pan yet be obtained at the, govern rt- ment fper acre. The story got up for the occasion by in- emigrant is frequently told at St I-. Li 1 1 1 teresteil persons." mg a apeedy consummation of the project, must not be Continue our present Territorial road as this scheme proposes and the.e would be a continuous line ot Territoria' roads from Leavenworth City to Eldorado, the Kouthmost town in Kansas.

Tho road would be about 180 miles in length, which, wonld be not only the longest direct north and south but would also te the most extensively traveled 'one; arid1 within turee years a daily mail coach would be traveling over, it from Leavenworth to Burlington, at 'And good wells I can usnaly; be pbtaeij by digging, from fifteen to to (he. limestone formation which pre-J tails throughout the Territory, is pure and agreeable. 1 4. Our cHmats is pleasant, and the aitnronpliere remarkable cle" ar i i and VmtitffJ' The heavy winds, which ''aroVommoii in winter and early spring are the principal drawbacks, but these ompensared by tho; steady breeaa' from' the South-West, which Louis and upon the Missouri River, that tho best portions of Kansas are now occupied. This a mistake.

There are thousands' of farms of 160 acres 6th Anneal Announcement Continved 'Sttrreni of ti Coimdpllitan- FROM all'partt ot the cotiutryM'ibVcHbers-to this" popular Art Mjn fts Wh year,) b-iug reeeive1 jny unparalleled wilh thai ot'any previous jear. pes'oti can "become a meuiKcr liy'sub-'scnbing 'three dollars, which' ill entitle liim to lstj-7 beavtiful Sttfl Enrnnittp "Sliak. tpenr uni His Fricndf. 24 Copy of tit iffgfntl'ti IlluttratedjTt Journal one ytar. 3d; Frt RMton Admission to the GaU hrkt, 543 Brooiwy, i'i In addition to ftiur.

bundm.4'. yet unclaimed in the Neosho Valley, and in the range of country South except to bid farewell to tho ministers It is true that most of the desirable and i An attempt was made on Thursday night by Cook and Coppie to escapel lands in Northern Kansas and along the Valley' of the Kansas River, are prevails the Summer either occupied by settlers or Owned in Whicli thry Succeeded so far as to Artesian well at Columbus, Ohio, has reached a depth' of over two thousand feet, with' ia pros! ect again striking, a sandstone stratum, This well is now the deepest in the United States, and, wSih one exception, the deepest" iii" the World. 'i i people at the South ere growing crasily lawless in' viext -of the Brown plot. A Mississippi pa- per coply, proposes that jw jicrsons slio'uld travel $outhern States without accortlirigi to the customs of the European despotisms. i 'it'll I tST Twenty years ago the number of colored men in Canada 'West -was now there are more than by speculator's, but, fortunately) the months.

i 5., The Neosho" is healthy I and free from epidemics.1 Lung disr operations of the latter have been extended only to a limited de relieve themselves of thmr shackles and break through the brick wall of their i Theyii'were. discovered, however' by a sentinel, who firei) iiDon when r' retreated gree to the Neosho and as leases are frequently brought into the but they seldom originate Richard Realf. 5 i Considerable curiosity 'has been manifested by the 'Amerjicai) people, ever since the upshot of the Harper's Ferry tmtuU, Jo know, the whereabouts of this who was Secretary of State under BrOwn's t'lobulk of emigration has here- valuable yorks of. Art are given to Rultwri- bersas premiums, comprising choice Pnint-ines, Hcglptures, Ontlines, c.y' bv the first American and Foreign Artist, vlj superb every ub- scriber iinmeiluitely on receipt of 'sibscrip- -tinn; entitled "SBAKSPEARE AND-' BIS FRlENnSi" Is 'of a oharactor to give unqualified pleasure and sal Jfo work -of equal value was ever b' fire placed wi hiii reach of the peopTe at, such a fhe. Engraving is of very large me.

hem) printed on heavy plate per, 30 by 3S inrhea; ial in? fore been" penetrating into the I again into thejail and delivered them Northern sections of. tho Territory, it hereof, and the most i common- complaint among us but owTtig the absence of1 stagnant "water, these diseases are less frequent, will be seen, that a large majority of the lands in the Neosho Valley is yet in the hands of the Government, provisional government. The last that Old Brawn kuew of him he was awl 000. Ihfonr month after the pas mo-" superb ornauteut su the professedly on his way lo England to Western States. -ilu; I ready (o be taken by settlers at sage of the Fugitive Slave Law JO, wans oi eitiier.tite parlor, lilwarr or office.

It can be sent to any part' of the country, -by mail, with safety, packed in a Under, itatn rt paid. Think. -0. 'The'seaaon'of vegetable growth "'Ujpng'ia the, NeosW Valley, We per aore, and even at less figures. They ean be located by land warrants UUt poured into the country.

tt3Ti Washington 'living 'leaves'a JSyich a work delivered frsaf charee. aud Mlvea.npw 'iHi The followinpr, which we clip from the Ktotko i ydUy Rtgkttf, will doubtless be interesting to our readers hereabouts assembled oa.tha 5th inst. Ther? wro 431 members present at the organization of the Jlouse. All of', the absentees were of the 8outh Everr member from the North answered to his name. Sherman (KepublicjwJ.

of was elect edSp-aker Everybody, ef course, is ready. to inquire what is the cause of this sudden increase from to 431 mem solicit fands for their mad but as no 'intelligence could' be obtained from him his depaitiire, his fellow conspirators supposcd.hitn to be dead.1 Ilecent c(eveIopraenta large fortune, to be divided among l. i i' free rom frosta f9r nearly seven months' of the year, i The season for ''blanting corn oontinnes throngh the which can be purchased at the present time in Kansas tor $125.00 for 160-acre warrants, making the cost of the land about J00.7812 per acre. have shown that after his departure months of April ''Maj' Jn'ne-; tne.rt Jnnrnal one yi-ar, fortArer Siibscriiiii-iis ill be received until tlie evenine- of e31t day of tf60, at which time Hie books be cloed i'nd the Tnmiiims be (riven to sub. scruSers- Ko pernm restrictpd to- in.

(Tie putiscnpnon. Those remitting 15 lars are entitled fo iixmentb-nhipRv Stib--' script ions froi Ca1i fo. n1a r. vninH, and aH Foreign b-3t Ut-lar. iqstead of 3 dollars, in order cis nepuews aim ihe last eight br ten years he has probably received from his books alone an average annual Income' of 820,,000.

The Electoral Vote. The total from his companions he at once pro-, wiftter wnBa iufcuio wuuv, ceeded to? becama a con vert to the divine institution of slate T. Tho cost of fence is from thirty tents' 'to1 "one" dollar er rod. Sod electoral volo'of the ''U'liitetpStates bers, and what necessity there can be joined the' Catholic Church (he as formetly a MetUoditiL) and is round can be broken for 83 per acre. The corn crop Tanea from fifty to one for wasting day lafter daT in balloting 1800 will be Northern elec- for Speaker, when, one was electedon toral vote, 1 including i Kansas ,186 now living aenouncing hundred bushtta per, according toW and 1aborf bestowed npon the hrst day ot; the; session J-r-Uav- Sonthern electoral vote 120: Northern abolitionism as bitterly as the mqsl interested is suspi majority .68.

The average yield ii i' cioned of "being the person that wrote Wheat present year Avis' about twenty-eight Wheat At at the anonymous letter of warning" to Texas editor named- his child 1 Another one wickedly says his would be afraid to call his SecreUrj.loja.,,llf nf! torm cinos win appiy lor circular terRf; e. The Art Joartml, giving full particulars; will be" sent re--wipt of Jt. frcoi'nr Ainfress'C. L. DERBY.

1 546 and Broadwiit'ir: Yi Subset iptiona alaa received bv Jk -KINGSIURY, Hon, Sec. for and FRAZER ft HUGHES, VTATCa-MAKERS AND JEWELERS VLfic-ks Hi Fin JtEYOLVERS, j. la-wIkkc, Krir, Realf used to live in, Kansas and rould tW. Gov of Ky.f mends the Legislature of that State to prohibit bylaw, undar severe penalties, the marriage of cousins. He says that the imbeciles, insane, deaf-mutes and blind in the different asylums of that State, who are tbe offspring of cousins, is from sixteen to twenty per cent, of the whole number; and, he claims that it is the right and duty of the State to protct herself against the evil and expense by forbidding such unions, which nature plainly forbids by the natural penalty he uniformly inflicts, 'jGyThe St.

Joseph and Atchison Railroad will be completed by the 20th of January next.1 This will give Atchison a decided advantage over all the river towns in an advantage which, if properly used, will make Atehisoa thi town. jresetit worth from fi oy per hu'shel. of pur flour is "(Ibrouffht from St! Louis. This Only a slight mistake, in tho honored namesake.7 i Telegraphic dispatches are not always to be relied you knbwj; 'and as-this item( was receive the' Jackass your astonishment will probably be removed when you are informed that one of ita operators is the Editor of the Lecompton child Kansas," for fear lt, never have any. was one of the most radical abolition disunionista we had.

1 1 v. to he the case onaccooat of -A It. is said that a mesfengerhas i the demand occasioned by the discov been-dispatehea by the eommitee appointed by the- Senate to investigate into the origin of the Harper's FeVry transaction, for Realf. to obtain what Slaves The St. "Joseph Fret Democrat estimates that at least twenty thousand slave laborers have been taken from Missouri daring the past 7 i i 1 M3T Mrs.

Baily, the proprietor of the Xalional Era iris saidto be an applicant for the i p. i 1 The age of a young lady is erjf of gold on-. Out Western borders. 5 When it is rpmembered that it costs fifty cent per bushel to transport this taple from- StLoaU to Kansas, it eTident hat wheat rmwt rule kigh for aereral years to The il fcilowing' is an estimate of the ex-WiU aW pteBfef growing now expressed according to the present style of skirts, by saying that eightten springs have passed over her' i -v .1 information-he may I Such a traitor and icoandrel deserves a much Worse fate than Old Brown and his comradei rartilvad. WILLIAM B.

PARSON8," A IT; PRACTICES in" CanVy, Madison" and Breekerridge coniwies. ColleCtiona state and taxea paifer aon-msidenta. Offica at-MilWa HcM, T. rt tM .3 Wi f'30. Jtt If'.

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