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The Udall Record from Udall, Kansas • 3

The Udall Record from Udall, Kansas • 3

The Udall Recordi
Udall, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

Udall Record About three dozen porsons with evil intent and niallco aforethought on Thursday morning, made an attack on tho homo of Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Miles, just southeast of tho city, surp lined and captured tho entire garrison, including "Dutch A glorious timo is reported. Tho "lunch" spread by tho ladies caused Seaman and Bainum both old Mis-sourlans and familiar with acorn dietto shed tears of sorrow to think they had not always lived in thi3land of plenty and cobs.

UDALL, KANSAS, 13 Miles N'W. of Winfield, 26 Miles S-E, of Wichita, Wm. B. NORMAN, REAL ESTATE LOAN AGENT. Udall, Cowloy County, Kansas.

Will sell you a Better Farm for Less Money than any other man in Southern Kansas. No charge for showing lands. Como aud Sco Us. Udall has Watcp Works. Straw hats.

Plant com now. Bare footed boys. Farmers vory busy. The elms arc in bloom, Apple blossoms are with us. Tlio meadow larks are merry, Po'tatocs are getting quite cheap.

Screen doors now need attention. Slock of all kinds is doing nicely. Capt. Sivard was in town Monday. This is a busy time with the tree men.

All nature is having a time of re Udall has a Fine, Largo Holler Process Flouring Mill. Udall has extensive Quarries ot tho Finest Building Stone iu Kansas. Udall is surrounded by as Fino an Agricultural country as can be found in the Ureat West. Udall has no Saloons. Udall has no Lawyers.

Udall has a Jail to rent. Udall has Five Churches, and a Graded School. Como mid Look us Over. JAS. H.

BULLEN LUMBER DEALERS Carry a Large and Complete Stock of BEST GRADES OF LUMBER, Doors, Sash, Blinds aud Mouldings, LIME, CEMENT PLASTER IaATH HAIR, Fenco Posts always on hand. Call and get our prices All Besi Kansas Coal Always In Stock. Sole Agts ar Canon City Coat F. If. LATHAM, Manager.

JAS. H. HILDEBRAND. P. SMITH, BANK OF tJdall, Does a General Dunking who own it.

They personally look after your comfort. 7tf J. P. Baden is paying tho highest prices for live or dressed turkeys, as he has orders for several car loads for his Pacific coast trade, tf. The subsoil was never so thorough, ly wet and so far down sinco the timo Father Noah sent out tho dove for a dry twig to kindlo tho fire with.

The newly opened territory will be about twice the size of Cowley county, with good land enough for between five and Bix thousand homesteads. Bov. Burns, newly appointed pastor of tho M. E. church, will preach his first sermon bore next Sunday (31) at 11 m.

Ho will also preach Sunday night. D. B. Smart camo in from Syracuse a few days ago, hunted "up a vacant house, and has sent for his goods and family, Ho will make Udall his future homo. Gov.

Humphrey has designated the eleventh of April as official arbor day, but every bright, balmy spring day should be a practical arbor day with all Kansans. Tho tables of the Bobbit House arc spread just as at your homes. Patrons of this hotel are not fed from sample dishes. It is the most home-like houso in all the land. 7tf D.

Akcrs is pushing rapidly to tho front with his new stock of boots and shoes and family groceries. Ho is a close buyer and offers to give the benefit to his customers, Mad dogs are making serious trouble with stock about Constance. Several fine animals, worth more than all the dogs in the county, have been sacrificed and many more likely to follow. Tho Recoup will have a word to sny at an early day about a canning factory in this city. In tho mean time let every farmer make preparations for plan'uig a good eizod "patch" ot vegetables.

Itev. E. J. Collins, pastor of the Mt. Hope Congregational church, his wife and family, and Mrs.

Ida Itob-insou of "Wichita, arc spending a week visiting the parents of the ladies, llev. and Mrs. Trover, Dr. Knickerbocker reports being ctiiled to the Shoup farm over on the Arkansas, a few days ago, to assist John in his first paternal rejoicing Daughter and mother doing finely and John will manage to get in his big corn crop somehow. A gentleman who has spent some time among tho "boomers" in informs us that many persons there havo neither team nor money, and it is a question with him how Uiey canobtain an honest living.

Mrs. Mclntlre wife ot the venerable editor of tho A. C. Democrat, died suddenly last week at the age of 70. She with her husbaud came to Kansas thirty.

four years ago, and have commanded tho highest respect of all who knew them. J. S. Newton is prepared to fill all orders for first class nursery stock of every kind r-nd description, lie has been with the Winfield nurseries long enough to be able to give absolute guarantees for tho stock ho furnishes Give him your orders early, tf Exchanges all over the state are rejoicing over prospective This city does want any thing to do with that article, but intends to push along at a lively gate, doing a good nice job at steady, legitimate devel-opement and improvement. Flease make a 6pecial note of this fact.

Uncle Joo Austin's sister and her husband. M. M. White, of Des Moines are sponding a few weeks with him. They aro spending the winter traveling over sunny southern Kansas, enjoying her Italian winter, and delightful climate.

They speak in the highest terms pf everything they find here. The crazy supper given by the W. It. C. on Tuesday night was a genuine crazy affair throughout.

If there was any foature about it that was. not crazy it was not discovered, The hall was woll filled with a jolly prowd, and the ladies netted a neat sum for their trouble. They will bo cni couraged to try again. Obsorvant people who noticed Tom Kelly's beaming face the first bright ray noticed thereon sinco election day began to believe G-rovor kid bought Cuba and would continuo to rule, but it sooii leaked ou that Tom's efforts to rcduco the eighty thousand majority in Kansas were resulting in something mora than talk i a bouncing bigboy. About this season t-f tho'year Kansas towns are full of office seekers, who try to make tho voters think they are tax rUUlcu.

and that they should at once "clean out tho tax eating when the fact is' that if theso Panic office seeking gentlemen would pay even half of their proper and just taxes, tlie ordinary tax payi Pr would not be eo Ver7 heavily burst 'ncd. 8ATUUDAY, MAHCH SO, 1889. OFFICIAL PAPER OF TUB CITY, CITY DIRECTORY. Robert lUtlltr Mayor. J.

li. muiHhranu, pres. (). K. Knlukuroocker, W.

11. limy W. It. Adklnson, A. Htumun, II Horuaday.

J. Coffey Judge, City Clerk. BIOIlll. Treasurer. Auimoa City Mursliitl, SANTA FE TIME TABLE.

NORTH, Aooora dully, 9 05 a Express 8 42 tu Expresfl. 7 67 SOUTH. Chicago Express, daily, 8 27 a Express 13 30 Accom 0 10 This train will wait at MulvautS for passim-tter due tbero at 8 65 id. ftHUROH DIRECTORY. CONGHESATIOITAIi Borvioes every BaD-bath morning and evening.

SHbbatb school at iO a P. W. Smith, supt. Prayer mooting every Wednesday night. Uev.

W. D. Trover, pastor, FIIHT M. 15 Preaching every two weeks, by Kbv. IS.

0. Pollard, pastor. Hunflny school at 9 SO a in, C. A. Steele, supt, Prayer mooting every Thursday evoulnur, BAPTISt-ltsv.

A. Coffoy, pastor. Preaching every first and third Sunday at 11 a and 8 pm. Sunday school at 10 a W. C.

Evans, supt, CHRISTIAN Services every lordsday at 11 a m. CHUHTUX ADVENTS-rreachlng every first and third Sunday at 11 a ra and 8 in. J. D. Nurmiin, older.

SOCIETIES. A tf W-Udnll Lodge, No. 141, moots In Aker'sbull every sooond and fourtn Thursday cvonlnsr. J. B.

Wise, M. W. Zob Foster, Uecorder, O. H. Card nor Poit, No.

SIS, moots every seoond and fourth Saturday afternoons. J. Hawley, C. W. Iloruaday, Adj.

W. tl. C. moots every first and (bird Saturday a'ternoon, Mrs. Alloa Miles, President, Mrs.


5S, moats every llrst -and third Saturday eveuinga. WALLACE HOllNADA Captaiu; Wailuoo Seaman, First Serg. POST OFFICE DIRECTORY. Way mall north oloses at 3,2) Way mail south closes at 14 15 ra and Augusta star routo closes at 8 00 a on Tuosdaf, Thursday and Saturday. OlHoe opn from 7 00 a ra till 7 30 Sun-flay from 12:110 to 1:30 UOlvr RATLIFF.


KNICKERBOCKER. pilYBIClAU AND BURGEON Office on Main street, first door east of Santa Fe depot, STdall, Kan. Office Hours to 12 AM, 2 to 4 M. 1 GEO. KNICKERBOCKER, M.

ft W. A. COX, M. tk PRACTICING PHYSICIAIT, Office at the Udall Druj House, West Mala street, Udall, Kan. 1 VT.

A. COX, M. ft H. M. BANTAi M.

pHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office two doors west of Bank cf Commerot Vdall, Kansas, H. F. HORNADAY, M. PhYSICIAN AND SURGEON.

Profession al calls attended to at all hours. Office ami residence near (he Santa Fe depot, ROiK, KANSAf E. B. EMORY, M. Physician and suhoeon.

Speoiaui tention to Female Discuses, and Diseases the Throat, Oltlce over Steinriiiber's Dnn Store, residence, IMS 'tenth avenue. WIIIFIELD, KANSAS T. H. SOWARD, TV. T.

UGNHAM. i SdwARp AiBONHAMj Attorneysjat laV, i Office, Rooms 14,15 and 16, Thompson fiulld'g WINFIELD, KANSAS. Will praotlce In all oourts of Cowley county, and adjoining counties. Collectioni and Real Estate litigation specialty. G.

W. Justice of the Peace, tonal papers exeouted, collections made at reasonable rates. Agent for the famous Phenli of Hrooklvn, and Springfield insurance oompnuiBS. Insure your live stock and building aifnlnst Iobs by tire, llghtutr-- tornado and wind storms. ClBoc ovor city- A.

GREENLAND, Manufacturer cl BootslShoes Good fit tunranleod In all caseB. Rppalrlns oeatly and promptly lone, and as cheat) the cheapest. Udall, Kansas. JOHN H. SANDERS, j.

Tbrisorial Artist. i First door East of, the Commercial Hotel First olass work at reasonable charges. UflALL it KANSAS. Neighborhood News. RED lVD GLEANINGS, BV "Carbino" missed firo last week.

Grandpa Ilayncs is sonio better at tills writing. Farmers aro busy preparing their corn ground. Win. Atkinson gave our vicinity a call this week, E. J.

Cole sold Dan Winn three yearling steers on Wednesday. Tho patrons of the Red Bud Sunday school will meet on tho first Sunday in April to reorganize. Het all attend. II. N.

and T. E. Colo, Mothers of EL gavo an entcl'tainment at tho Red Bud school house the evening of the 28th. Tho performance consisted of slight of hand aud ventriloquism. G1JEEN VALLEY CllirS, A fine rain on Sunday.

Oats sowing is iu full blast in the valloy. Sunday school will begin tho first Sunday in April. Just risk Al Shoup if hunting is good on ho river. Al Shoup has hired to his brother- in-law for the summer. Spring is opening and tho farmers are improving the lime.

Mr. Holmes has succeeded in getting the cattle that his lease called for. Harry Coinrelr and Simeon ltobb have quit working for Judd Ilollister. Shoup Hawkins have launched their boat and are waiting for an invitation to go boat riding. J.

Copple has moved his bachelor outfit and will hereafter manipulate the frying pan and may be the dishcloth. Rev. Merritnan seems very energetic about meeting at tho school house, but the people are not so much inclined. We learn that Mrs. Martin, who has beon visiting her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Bruington, will return to'her homo in Illinois soon. BUSIINKLL BKEF.ZES BY farmers very biis'. O.tts aro looking nicely. Corn planting is now progressing.

Our Sunday school should now be at work. Wheat is, large enough to hide the jack i'abliita. Webster Thompson started for Chicago a few days ago. Logan Horner is rapidly recovering from an attack of lung fever. Mr.

Votaw of Providence, was dehorning in this vicinity a few days ago. The Bushi.cll school will give a literary entertainment on the evening of April Gth. The Bushnell nine will bend the willow with Udall nine Saturday afternoon at this place. Sampson Stout is for the road running west from Bushnell to to b3 opened to the river. Fruit of all kinds is in good shape, with fair prospects for an enormous crop of peaches this year.

Nbtlo to Hunters. Notices under this head, laserted for 25 ots for each (arm We the undersigned do hereby warn all persons from hunting; or shooting on our premises or those under our oontrol, uiidep penalty of said warning to hold good until Jan. 1, '90. J. N.

Floharty, for the Wilt farm. Stephen Hawking W. C. Miles. James ilollister.

W.A.Hill. J. N. Flclitirty, for the Cullcno farm. Mart.

Shoup. Winn Baehr, PROPRIETORS, CITY MEAT MARKET 'All Kinds of FVesla FlsH Constantly on band. Highest prioei paid for tat Cattle anil Hides. mm mn UDALL ROLLER joicing. Up to dito a fair crop of peaches is assured, A.

W. Carr went to the hub on Tuesday. This is a glorious spring for tree planting. Plant 'more small fruit, and plant it quick, EnormouS Crops' will be planted this year. Kelly will still take your photo at half price.

tf This office is turning out some neat job Produce will pay for photos at Kelly's gallery. 9tf James Whitson has opened another stone quarry. G. Shoup of Illinois, is visiting his brother John. Plant a good sized patch of sailer kraut this year.

Go to Carr and Son for bargains in uoota and shoes. F. M. Latham went to the county -iettt on Thursday. The potatoo inarkot appears to be slightly weakened.

J. S. Ifewloii returned on Tuesday from a trip to Texas. Mrs. llackworth has had her houso painted and fixed up.

Charles Stewart, of Winficld, Is vis. iling friends in this city. Wellington salt is now arriving in this city by the car load. Some fanners have finished planting planted early corn, too. I will sell you a saddle cheaper than my body.

E. B. Bradley. Miss McKinlayV new millinery ifoods have arrived. See them, "I want to be an angel, and with the angels stand." W.

C. Miles. Winn Baehr will erect a stone s(loro house in rear of their market. President Strong passed through on i ho Santa Fe on Tuesday Morning. The best assortment of.

brushes and combs in town at the harness shop. Two pointer bird pups for sale, for cish or trade, cheap. C. W. Connelly.

J. AV. Anderson is going to devote some attention to the real estate business. Marion FitZiimmons, who has been tiling lor some time, is reported much better. Call at Carr Son's and get their prices on groceries before purchasing elsewhere.

T. M. Kelly lias recovered from his cent sickness and is again busy at his gallery, J. O. Hawley, of Akron, has return- ed from bis visit to his old home at Washington.

Toil will now find staple groceries at Akcrs', which can be bought for cash or produce. Messrs Dale, Nessly, Beebe have paintrd up their grain elevator adjoining the mill. Madison McCollistcr arrived his fathers' on Tuesday, and is suffering from bone erysipelas. The carrot headed carpenter of the Winfield Visitor has discovered a "willow lady's rocker." Akron ilour at Carr and Son for $3.00 for first grade, $2.80 for second, and $2.60 for third per. cwt.

Many of the Oklahoma boomers are concluding hey will raise another crop before they leave Kansas. Just received direct from St. Louis the genuine Spooner Pat. collar. Call and see them nt the harness shop.

Bradley has an assortment, ot sizes of the Half Sweeny collar. Best collar made for thick necked horses. If the binding twine trust holds out, there will be more grain cut with headers this year than ever before. I have now three styles of sweat pads. Dont gall your horses shoulders before getting a pair.

Bradley. The News permits people in Nor-tonville to be hinrricd two or three months before it makes the discovery. J. is supplying his farm with fine blooded stock. lie received a Missouri bull purp by express on The Bobbil House is the only hotel in Wiufleld that is run by the people Full Koiler Process, Dale, Nessly Beebe, Proprietors; C.

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W. SMITH, Cashier. 0 o'o 0 0 0 0 0 o' Illustrated. a Year. by the best artists.

i is published. Oltorfs. to recelvo subscriptions for the Americui' only 13.00. MILLS 0 .0 0 0 6 -O 0 0 0 0 0 Cents a Number. BECAUSE: 1 1st.

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