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Emporia Real Estate Register from Emporia, Kansas • 3

Emporia Real Estate Register from Emporia, Kansas • 3

Emporia, Kansas
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REMEM2ER, EMPORIA, XOX-ItKSIDENT LAND OWNERS. Tie Heal Estate Register. Remember, that you would sti The fa-jt that Emporia is to be We wish to call the attention have been paying tho old hig EMPORIA, KANSAS, MAY, 1877. great central city of Kansas, of all non-resident land owners to rates of insurance had we wen as anything in the lollowing considerations in Publishers and Agents will publish cards of one inch space or less, for Real Estate Agents In any part of tho country, ot for Publishers of Period IcaU ol any kind, for five dollars per annum In advance. Or we will exchange equal space with publishers.

When a sufficient number are received, we shall classify them under proper heads. A 1 I the future can be. forced tho 'ring to put down it LOCAL MATTERS rellcrcnco to tho tax law in wvw vmv vma tltM WVM 114 Jt will require the most serious force in this Sut. an.i hinh now dation of all subsequent title is not to bo found. A vast number of patents for this land district were burned some years ago at Topcka.

These would have been furnished, if called for, to tho owners gratis: now a duplicate must bo procured from the General Land Office, for all and enterod prior to that date. We attend to this business for all who desire it. rates. Remember, that bottom has For a good square meal, with all ot un our part 10 prevent publish in this issuo. It will be the "gardnn 8as3" and flxlns, go to yet been reached on tho best iss Seen, bv Cfirpflll Pvninlnqtinn r.f tuo Delmonico.

of risks. Call on us beforo ou ma ui-uicr 0l population oi section 79, although phraseology insuro and lo convinced of th the stato in 1870 was sixty eight Send three cent Btamps for map fact. miles north east of this city of Ljon county with statistics of is rather obscure, that If tho first half of tho tax is not paid by Dec, 20th, that the whole tax becomes due at once, and a penalty of five Remember, that wo have vulun Iu 1875 it was in this county, Parties desiring information in tarily reduced tho cost of insu sixteen miles north east of us. The proportionate developo county and city. Kansas never Lad a butter pros regard to Butler county, should ranee, from twenty-five to fifty per cent, is at ouco added to the K.

P. Bancroft, lamU Loan and Abitract Offict, (KkUbllihod 1857.) EnroRU, Kansas. pithiness confined principally to the count 1 ith seventeen yearn experience iu the real estate business at this place. Absthacts ok Titlk a Smoialtt. Publisher til a lurge nectloual map of Lyon county, pnro fii.UO.

Publisher of ItKAL i.s-Tatb ltKinsTKB. Send for a copy. Taei Paul for uon-rosidentH, and laUsfactlon guar, auteud in all my operatious. write to or ti.ll on D. M.

Bronson per cent. whole an additional penalty of pect for a full crop of fruit than ment of tho southwest will not be a great for tho current five at Eldorado. Mr. B. is an old- Remember, that the Nationa on this first day of May, 1877.

timer, and what ho don't know years, and the centor of popula Hoard agents aro trying to make about the State of Butler" is not Please read the article on first you believe that there aro no sound tion in 1880, will not probably be mere than five miles from this worth knowing. For particulars page, on "Kansas Railroad Pro companies outside of their ing. see his card. city. Remember, that for years you iecta." It will well repay perusal.

A new way to get business Is to To thoso who aro lamiliar with have been paving enormous prices Kansas Central Land Agency. 8 Berks, Uon'l Man Ituul Estate llusinesi generally: alsoliavo for a the lauds of the Kansas I'aoin" llailwav Company, amounting toover B.OUQ WO acres of the most desireable in Central and nve per cent, on the 21 of March, and another of same amount on tho 21st of June. In order to inako this perfectly plain, and to save writing a great many letters to explain it, take this illustration: Suppose your tax 19 $20, and nono of it paid on or before December 20, of the year for which it is levied, five per cent, is added at once, making it $21. If tho whole the whole state, it is evident that for insurance in order that oast run In debt at every store in town. the Eastern third will, for all time, ern property could be Insured for TJ.

S. PIAWO CO and then promise to pay in part if sustain as heavy a population as less than cost. Salliiaandtue neighboring town for tale at the merchant will insure with you. the western two thirds Remember, that no Board agent The magnificent system of rail in this city ever even tried to get Winter undertook to "linger in roads centering here reaches rates reduced, except on his own the lap of spring," but our Kansas irectly, forty four counties of tho property, or that of a particular $290. tax and'penalty aro not paid on or state, and Indirectly all which friend.

before March 10th following, an ave railroads. Remember, that wo represent other five per cent, is added, mak- npnng wasn't that kind of a hair-pin, po she just bounced the old sardine. The spring had been unusually favorable for late sowed wheat. ftaJ-hend for the "Kansai Central Land Journal" a large IB-columu monthly paper joe what they have for tale and read all about the great Keystone State of the West. S.

L. SnOTWELL, BUTLER COCDTT ABSTRACT AND LOAN OFFICE, Eldorado, Kansas. Lands Bought and Sold on Commission. Abstracts-For certificate H.OO. Kacu .25.

Collections made. Remittance prompt Exchange bought and sold. 1 1 II fthlinnonr. nrafnn nAnAK It costs less limn ftioo to make any JtfOO Piano sold through agents, all of four of tho best companies in the ng it $22, and so again tho 20th and cheap coal will secure our United States, and that they are of Juno following, making it $23; uuui uiuiia 100 Percent. Profit.

pre-eminences as a manufacturing able and willing to sustain us in after that comes the expense of This is fortunate fer thos who put city, while our easy communica our fight against oppressive rates advertising and sale, as provided ion with all parts of the country Remember, that the Insurance We make only one style, aud have but makes the collection of material, uue price, ring will resort, to any means, no in section 81, the foes being the same as tho old law. Now, wo propose to show that and the distribution of the manu Two Huiidrcd Ninety Dollars matter how low, in order te- make J. B. Cook off sowing until late last fall from fear of the hoppers. Mr.

Blandm's brick dwelling, at the head of Merchants strce is fast approaching completion. It will be quite an ornament to that end of the street. factured product, easy and cheap. you pay high rates. net Cash.

With tin lHwnilnt: in REAL ESTATE AGENTS. The beauty of the site is re Commissions to teacher. Onr. Inmlm. I Remember, that we do not re it is best snd cheapest for the non.

resident, unless the amount he has to pay is very large, to pay the luorougmy seasoned Our cases are new your insurance without your marked by all strangers, while its healthfulness has passed into a Chktopa, Kansas. 200 Farms For Sale! Our Lfinrla InplnrlA fVtnl TimU BHJa knowledge or consent. Double Veneered proverb. Remember that this is the best whole on or before December 20th. Suppose again your tax is $20.

It is the central and natural built city in the state, and yet you torn Lands in in Nnnuhn ami with rosewood have front round corners, If the whole Is paid on or before Un the btute line we have the best sW market and trading point for a are not allowed the benefit of it iiwituua iu we acute. Ail inquiries by mail answered promptly. Xeauu to lttud December 20th, you are entitied to serpentine Dotiom ana carved legs, we use the full iron plate with overstrung (t'rmil'll Oram) Antinn mill. block of counties which have no 11VU Ul UilUIti, superiors and few equals in the WMUI 4.VUVU 11U Wl dampers, and our keys are of the best a rebate of five per cent, on one. half, leaving your total tax $19.50.

We recently sold a half section JAMES P. IlEIRV Ac, VO. GENERAL in the west. For grain, fruit and lyui yyiiu jvury irons, uur I'lano lias 7V ftftftVPH la ft foot 0 of land within six miles of this Agent's fees, say $1, cost of money stock, Lyon County, and others lcet 4 inches wide, and weighs, boxed, Real Estate Dealers (Si Brokers city for five dollars per acre, one order, draft, or registored letter, mo iJuuuuB. every nano is tuny war ranted for flvn vnara surrounding it, are unexcelled.

Little Kck, ark ansas. quarter casu. ana the balance in Emporia has long been cele 15c, one letter and postage, 5c; Send lor illustrated circular In which we refer to over i.aoa three equal annual navments, IT We are frequntly asked to give parties the refusal of certain tracts of land for thirty or sixty days. We cannot do it. It is not doing justice to the owner.

About one in a thousand of the grasshopper eggs have hatched, and the cold rains of April have effectually squelched the young hoppers in this part of the state. Immigration is pouring into the state in a continuous stream. A large proportion comes to stay, some only as visitors, and- a few, less than the usual number, dead beats. total, $20.70. brated for its business enterprise.

ams, 01 wnom you may know). USinS OUT Diano In 47 Ktntoa anil uaiuc 111 nil 1UI branches. Dealers in Scrips, Bonds, and other securities, and publishers of the "Real Estate Advertiser nirmilntinn mnn.hln .1 which the buyer says is vastly su its moral and intellecual society, rieft. Please state whora von saw this. perior in quality to that shown and copies; subscription price only tweuty- UUtlLCi and excellent schools Suppose again your tax is $20, and you pay half in December and half ia June, your account will a hundred and fifty miles uvo cents peraunum.

Send for specimen copy. 1 arties desiring good investments lu Arkansas lauds, should write us lor particulars. It is the end of a passenger TL S. PIANO CO. west of here, at twelve dollars per and freight division of one rail acre, besides being nearer to rail stand about like this: Tax $20, agent's fees $1.50, exchange 30, The Solomon Valley Mirror.

810 Broadway, Y.3V. raod, the head quarters of the roads, We lisve more of the A real estate Inn two letters and postage 10: terests of the Solomon Valley. Particular Land Department of another, and same sort. total $21.90. uttuuuuu given to pensions and bounty lUW8.

All SOldiftrfl rpnpi vincr nr antitlA.4 has secured the general offices and Thus you will have paid $1.20 We find an item going the machine shops of a third. pension and all persons wishing to learn about Kansas, should send for It. Sub. WHAT PAYS? 0 IT PAYS every Manufacturer, Merchant. Mechanic, iuveutor, farmer, or Professional man, to keep informed on all the improvements and discoveries! the ago.

for the use of 10 dollars for six rounds, credited to the Hutchin It has no business rival within oui ipuun so cents, sample copy free. Address Solomon VullowMI months. a hundred miles, and as a job apolis, Kansas. Our charges for paying taxes son Interior, to the effect that Cowley county had voted down a proposition to aid the Kansas bing point, is the third in the It pays the head of every family to intro-diieo into his household a newspaper that is A house! A house! My kingdom for a house! has been the cry in tlm city for the past three months. Fifteen to twenty per cent, can be made by building neat and comfortable houses state.

Osage County Land Office. E. MILLS are based on the number of descriptions, or tracts ot land, and iiiul lusters a lasio lor investigation, and promotes thought and encourages discussion auiongthe members. City, Emporia Southern rail Emporia can be reached easier Real Estate, Loan and Insu road. This may suit the ullerioi and cheaper from all parts of the not on tho amount of the tax.

It is no more work to pay one hun The Scientific American, rance Agents, state, than any other point in it purposes of tho Interior, but, un to rent. fortunately for the Interior, it and will be made the, state capital BURLIXGAME, KANSAS. thirty-one years, does this, to an extent beyond that of any other publication: in fart it is the only weekly paper published iii'tlie Uni- bears upon its exterior the unmis as soon as the people can be heard Plfblislifra nf Vmn. Il.i dred dollars than it is one dollar, provided the number of tracts are the same. In the above supposed cases the agent's fees may be more uc ic iui- Ictin and nrnnriptnm nf r.

uuvuiuu juumuHctururs, juecnan-ICS. JnventiniiQ nn.l Yaw on that question. takable brand of an inferior false hood. Cowley county has not vo Arts and sciences. Property is cheap, and taxes Abstract Ollice.

Do a general real estate business. A large list of improved and unimproved lands for sale. Loan money for Eastern nnrtien annnrarl hir r-, or less than stated. Ave ask our ted down, or up, any proposition igut as compared with other west on real estate. Furnish Abstracts nf Tl.

correspondents, for their own tern cities. to this or any other railway com tie, collect rents and pay taxes for non- sakes, as well as ours, to be very pany. With this slight modifica The above are a few advantages icoiucuus. vorrosnondenoe so mitm careful in writing the descriptions present and prospectvie, of the tion, we permit the item to pass For Sale. Cheap lots on Copley's Addition, west side of Commercial street.

Also five-acre lots joining Emporia the south. Time given. Address, Mrs. E. D., ll-2t Council Grove, Kansas. We offer this month several choice bargains not heretofore advertised. We are glad to note that several of our Id citizens are awaking to tho fact that now is the time to secure themselves valuable homesteads at low rates. F. S.

Page, of the-property they desire us to "Queen city of the Valley." attend to. Much delav. and some Real Estate and General Bus We must again reiterate that i iw lamst anu most m-terestinit Information pertaining to tho Industrial, Mechanical and Seiontillu Progress ot the worldi Descriptions, with beautiful Engravings of New Inventions, New Implements, New Processes, and Improved Industries ot all kinds Useful Notes, Recipes, Suggestions and Advice by practical writers, for workmen and employers, in all the various arts, lorming a completo repertory of New Inventions and Discoveries; containing a weekly record, not only of the progress of the Industrial Arts in our own' country, but also ot all New Discoveries aud Inventions in every branch of Engineering, Mechanics, and seionees abroad. The Scientific American has been the foremost ol all industrial publications for the uast tnirtv.nnn vonva if i Our people extend a cordial times loss, is occasioned by inac- is next to impossible to make ex welcome to all strangers, askin iness Agent, 1007, Broadway, Oakland, Cat. Publisher Of nnVlnnrl l'-l( changes of good Kansas property them, not "how much you are urste or illegible descriptions.

After we once get the correct descrip for real estate at tho east. Not worth," but "what is your charao Circular, which will be sent free to any-onedesirine information about tion of your property in this coun otfe in a hundred who wish to sell ter and what can vou do?" ty, you need have no further trou intend to leave the country, and property. Real Estate bought and sold, collections made and full charge taken ol property for non-residents. LAKUKST, CHEAPK6T, and the BEST WKKKLY Come and see us when you vis illustrated paper devoted to Engineering, ble about it, unless the ownership MfWlllfllf4 I homuimr it Kansas and judge for your would have no U30 for eastern property. Science and Industrial Projrrcss.

Dublisliej shonld be exchanged. In that Tho Official Paper of County and City. iu the world. selves. The cheekiest thing we have heard of lately, was the insuring case, please notify us of it.

It Almost every mail brings offers doos no good to ask us how much of the property of one of our bus to trade for some tract in our de CHASE COUNTY LEADER, APPRAISING REAL ESTATE, your taxes arc, unless we know iness men without his knowledge The practical Recipes aro well worth ten tunes the subscription price, and lor the shop and house will save many times the cost of subscription. Merchants, Farmers, Mechanics, Engineers, Inventors, Manufacturers, Chemists, Lovers ot bcicnce, and people of all professions, will lllld the Nnlnnt.lfln A Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, exactly what land you own. or consent, by an insurance bum We have concluded to charge a W. A. MORGAN.

Editor nmi mer of this city. That fellow The clerk is not required to fee for appraising real estate here The Leader la li iiouiiu uiriu. it slioulcl have a place in every family, library, study, ohico and counting room: in every nently established, now in its sixth year, and after. We have appraised proper- keep a record of real estate trans. ought to rent his cheek for a road scraper.

i scriptive list, not one of which can be used in that way unless so advertised. Again we say, sell your property at any price. Come to Kansas prepared to buy, and you can do enough bettor to repay you for the sacrifice you may be compelled to make on your sales. ty a thousand times without ers, as he is in some of the states uevuien io uie interests oi t-nase county. It gives tho ollleial reports of county and township officers, all ollleial advertise- mentS.

thn lirnp.nnrllnu-a nf flia mum, conege and school Anewvol-ume commences auuary 1st, 1877, A year's numbers cnnlnlna esq Those who desire us to pay their charge, and frequently made ene, We acknowledge the reoeipt of tV niKl taxes, should send their lists at mies by it, with no gain to our SEVkkalhoniirei) ENURAV1NOH. Thousands ol volumes aro preserved for binding and reference. Terms, 3.20 a year by mall. j. an invitation from tho Secretary selves.

This is the wav it, works once, unless we already have them ciumng postage. Discount to clubs. Special The time in which taxes can be Sn nig muu rities, sent iree. sin gle copies mailed on receipt of Ju cents. Way comes into our ofilce or meets v.

mi uowa ueuters. paid without penalty extends from us on the street, and asks the rua of the Royal Agricultural Society of England to attend their annual meeting and fair in Liverpool in July next. It is probable that pressing business engagements November 1st to December 20th, value of a certain piece of proper of twenty days shorter than hereto- 1 ty. We give him our opinion ioro. uur ciiargos, sent with each its value.

He uses that opinion to will deprive us of the pleasure of A TTTi'WPQ 1,1 connection with the jrXlXJjil lO, Scientific American statement of taxes, are understood convince the owner, fouo a lai amount of general news, and more reading matter than auy other county in Kansas. Terms 82 per Tear. Chase County Courant. Theonly vmpor printed in Chase County, Kansas, tho great Btock and agricultural region of the West. Independent in Politics Devoted especially to local interests.

Isoue ol the best advertising mediums iu South-western Kansas. Subscription $2 per Annum. Its editors will attend to the buying and selling ot real estate. For sample copies address Martin Timm ns, Cottonwood FallJ, Kansas. iuussi-s.

imunn to. are Solicitors for American and Foreign Patents, and have the lar to apply where the whole is paid attending, yet we thank the Honorable Secretary for his courtesy all the same, ting us as authority) that he, i i CONVEYANCING. There is a popular impression, that it does not require any particular skill, or knowledge to do conveyancing. Let any one attempt to make a perfect set of abstracts, from tho records of any county, and he will soon find his mistake. There are now over six hundred instruments on record in gest establishment lu the world.

More thau lllty thousand applications have been made naka t.nn miinli fnr it Tliia in one navmcnt. If VOU nrflfer t.n buiuugu uiuir agency. I'nlpnfa nra course, offends and does us no ma i(i in two payments, we shall 1, 1 1 Models of new inventions and sketches ex chargo half price for the second good. We shall, therefore, hereaf lir 1 11 1 am men, aim ativico iree. A special notice is mado in the Sclent! Ho American of all in-ventintifl itiLfptifpfl tlivnnh payment Strangers in our city desiring information will be made perfectly welcome at this office, whether they wish to buy or not.

We em ter, make a careful personal examination of property, taking into ijf, nitu tna nUnin ntlH ypan i vi uiu i iiti-llbUU. Patents are often sold In part or whole, to PROCURE YOUR PATENTS. consideration all the circumstances this county, purporting to convoy nvuuciuii to me invention oy such notice. A pamphlet, containing full directions for obtaining Patents, sent free. The ploy no "cappers" to dog strangers which in any wav affect its value AmAinan n.r...nn realty, or to effect a lien upon it, which are absolutely worthless for volume bound in cloth and cilt.coutaininir the give a written opinion when de Not one-half of tie land in this county has anything on record to Patent Laws, Census of tho U.

8., and 143 W. H. PAGE'S Land Office, sired of its value at the time, and the purpose designed. show the origin of the title. charge a reasonable fee tor it.

If engravings or mechanical movement. Price, 25 ceats. Address for the Paper or concerning Patents, MUNN 87 Park Kow, New lork. Branch Ofilce, Cor. F.

and 7tU Washington, D. C. There are defective descriptions, missing dates, miss-spelled names, Tlic Great Arkansas Valley Land Agency ou the streets, at the hotels or railroad depots. We profess to do a strictly legitimate business, in an honorable, straight-forward manner, and have a large, pleasant office in which to transact it, which can bo easily found. Come and see us.

our judgment of the value of prop There should be a patent from tho Stato or from the United States, placed on record for every erty is worth anything, it is worth faulty acdnowlcdgements, and un AVE ALSO PUBLISH "The Valley Eclio," A monthly unnrir li. intml tn thn ii. paying lor, not, do not ask. it. We hope land men' generally will liSTABLISUED 1807.

ESTABLISHED 1867. filled blanks. Many of these have already separate tract. Most people aro very careless this country. oin us in this reform, and assist 13.

M. 13 TV OAT caused trouble, litigation and ex about this matter. Titles are Sent to any address, postage paid, at twen cents a year; specimen copies free. pense, and all are sure to do so Eldorado, Butler in banishing an evil from which wo have long suffered. traced back to and tnerc it sooner or later.

Attorney at Law Address vr. n. page, Sterling. Bice Kansas. stops.

"But," says "I entered Too much care cannot be exer And Proftttional Seamintr of Tillet. this land That may be The demand for our little map, cised in tho preparation of instru A complete set oi Abstracts to all Lands In true, and probably is; but there is with statistics ot county, ments of any kind, particularly HEAL ESTATE AGENCY IN TQB Old Shenandoah Valley. We hfive fni ftnlA r.A r.m. ae i. jjuiiui iuiiiij, ivnnsiia.

ray Taxes for 'on-Kosideuts and return receipt sumo day, nothing on record to prove it. unprecedented. At the present those which aro to affect the title Mr. William Powell, of Lexington, will in a few days open a hotel on tho European plan, in the building formerly known as the Fifth Avenue Hotel. The building is now undergoing a thorough renovation, and being located near the center of business, will prove a great convenience to the traveling public.

Mr. Powell comes well recommended, and wo trust ho will receive a liberal patronage. The first and most important rate we shall soon be obliged to of real estate for all time. ui u'liurg and Rnmnnf conve3Tance in the whole chain ol der another supply. We Ptill If you have real estate to sell ail thcin to correspondents for a western land.

Also, a No. 1 farm of 186 acres at per acre in Koss county, Ohio, lor exchange for good city property. We ftirnlHh Frhr Tmrvrn REFERS BY PERMISSION TO: E. Ti. Urainard, County Treasurer.

V. Hrown, County Clerk. C. N. James, Clerk District Court.

1. L. Knowles, Hegistorof Doeds. Uctts A Frazier, Murcliarts. J.

fcwing Urocera. J. P. liordon Hon, Druggists, L. B.

Snow, National Hotel. at fair prices, advertise it in the three-cent stamp, though we Axwmn vw mi. uu purchase ol us. title is missing. No man of prudence will take a title with an intermediate link missing, much lesi whon the foun- Register.

Wo make no charges argo our citizens five cents unlcssit Hend stamp for circular, to J. H. BKISTOW, Martlinburg.Weet Virginia. ach, or fifty cents a dozen. Subscriber to "Unbinds Legal Directory,".

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