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Rice County Breeze from Lyons, Kansas • 5

Rice County Breeze from Lyons, Kansas • 5

Lyons, Kansas
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COUNTY BREEZE Officials. Judge 90th Judicial District A Clark District Clerk George Six Representative hi. Feightuer Treasurer T. Godshalk County Clerk Robert Findlay Sheriff R. J.

Watkins County Probate Judge Attorney H. S. Hinshaw Register of Deeds G. J.J Doddridge Sup't, of Schools Surveyor proner A Vermillion Supt. County Infirmary MT Wilson Physician for Commissioners, F.

H. Lamberson. Hammond, Revel. CITY DIRECTORY Mayor Conkling City clerk WT Nicholas City Treasurer Police Magistrate Woll ALDERMAN First Ward -E. K.

Miller: E. c. Fisher, Second Ward- B. Martin; Third Ward- Aug. Meyer, J.

N. Diskey, Fourth Ward--J. A. Blair: c. A.

cooper, Mails Close Santa Fe east 9:35 a. m. except Sunday. Santa Fe west 6:03 p. m.

except Sunday. Mi Hand south 7:15 a. m. Midland 2:30 p. m.

Missouri Pacifie south 7:45 a. m. Missouri Pacific north 7:35 p. m. mail for Geneseo and 1 Trivoli daily exeep Sunday, 8:00 m.

General livery open from 7:30 a. m. to 7:00 p. m. Sunday Y.

noon 12 to 01 p. m. money orders issued from time office ens until 7:30 m. FREDERICK N. COOPER.

Si Plunkard at Opera house, March 7th. the 17th to Mr. and Mrs. M. Wilson, two miles west of town, a son.

J. W. Layton came in and made the BREEZE a pleasant call Friday and gave us a cash subscription. Thanks. Robert Lytle will have a public sale at his residence four miles north and one half mile east of Mitchell, Thursday March 3rd '98 STRAYED: From the Butler -farm, a spotted steer calf, with white face; is about four months old and very wild.

When last seen was miles west and miles north of Lyons. Reasonable reward will be give' for information. 0.1 T. Cook. The Lyons Implement company have received a car load of the "Famous Ohio cultivators" during the week.

Our funners will do well to inspect this line of cultivators before buying elsewhere. They will be displayed at the Implement company's store on the west side of square. Jefferson, O. T. Feb 8th 1898 Messers Long Taylor, Sir': Please send me the address of the firm that manufacture Shining light axel grease.

It is not kept in stock here and I wish to procure, more of it. It is the best that I ever used, also a better liniment then I can buy. Yours Respectfully, Sam'l Gilmore. Special Gospel Services and Bible Study At the Reformed church, beginning February 27th, 1898. The following subjects will be treated.

PROGRAM. Sunday Feb. a.m. "Neglected opportunities." 7:30 p. "'The asy yoke." day Feb.

28th, 7:30 p. "Prayer" esday March 1, 2:30 p. "Forgiveness." 7:30 p. "Faith." Wednesday March 2, 2:30 p. "Humility and Confession." 7:30 p.m., Thursday March 3, 2:30 p.

Mission Society. 7:30 p. "Conversion." Friday March 4, 2:30 p. "What to do for unsaved." 7:30 p. "Regeneration." Saturday March 5, 3:30 p.

"Consecration." Sunday March 6, 11:00 a.m., "The true Bread of Life." Everybody cordially invited. Oity School Department. following is an article in the three months' series arranged for by the city EXAMINATIONS. BY MRS. M.

D. FONES. First, what are examinations? The literal meaning of the word is the act of inquiring into or finding out the truth. By that is meant the finding gout of how much knowledge a child has assimultated and made a part of himself. That is the purpose of school examinations.

It being the one method we, parents, have of knowing how much our childrens' minds have developed. The pupil does not regard it in this light. They look upon it as a bug bear this they have been taught to believe from the primary up. One little boy of this city, on being asked, what examinations were, said, "I don't know. No teacher ever told me what it's for." Then, after a minutes' reflection, he said, Oh! I know, they're to pass." That was his idea and he doubtless expresses the opinion of his school mates.

Examinations were formerly thought by the pupils of this city, to be a disgrace to which all who did not study were subjected. But now they are learning to look upon them as something for their benefit, not their de- gradation. The monthly grades of a pupil merely represents his daily recitations, They are not a test of his ability to make his learning a part of himself. Often you hear parents complaining that their children get very poor grades in examinations; while their grades are good. Then these same people will invariably blame the teacher.

Their business is not to prepare the lessons, but to hear the recitations and to do all within their power to make the children understand the lessons. When a teacher has fifty or sixty pupils, he cannot see that each pupil prepares his lesson. Now as examinations have been established, let us give the teachers and professor our hearty co-operation. And endeavor to have our children enter into them with the same determination as they would enter into the sports on Field Day. When we do this our schools will be on the royal rond to success.

On Tuesday of this week the Rhetoric class attempted to write in classical style some one of the old nursery rhymes, the following are some of the amplyfications. The new version of "Jack and Gill" includes two stanzas of the rhyme. Several years ago as it is related John and Juliana ascended an eminence for the purpose of conveying to their habitation a vessel of aquous fluid. But unfortunately John had the mis-adventure to fall prostrate at the extremity of the eminence and his conjutress was precipitated after him, when the affair terminated, John's skull was perforated and Juliana's maternal ancestor achieved the task of embellishing the contusion with a tawny, colored, compressed, evaporated pulpous material, of little thickness; This was immersed in diluted acetic acid." The translation of Humpty Dumpty, does, not agree with all considered authorites, in gender, yet may be correct. "A minute specimen of hnmanity christened "Humpty Dumpty," sat upon 21 stone enclosure.

Suddenly he inclined backward at to great an angle and naturally not being capable of overcoming gravitation was attracted to the earth. All the rules of Monarchies. quadrupeds and bipeds with vain exertion, endeavored to conduct him to his former position but discovered that the performance was an "An exceedingly ancient maternal relative distinguished by the name, Hubbard. was reduced to a condition ef extreme poverty by the wanton extravagance of her filial decendant, who upon his decease, bequethed to her as a legacy a woe-begone cauine, which shared her affections and sorrowful condition of attempting to exist without nutriment. This unfortunate companion maintained lofty position in the affections of his mistress, and his uncomprehensible craving became a perplexity of 'enormous propensity.

Upon one occasion she became desirous of satisfying his avaricious capacity so as to contemplate securing for him an ossicle. Accordingly she approached the recepticle where, in days of prosperity the culinary articles were stored but found to her consternation that the appartment was devised of occupancy. It is not certainly known what became of this canine, but is generlly supposed by most students who have perused this oft repeated narrative that he succumbed to the pangs of starvation and left his worthy mistress to lament his departure. School Notes. President Murlin, of Baker Uuiversity, has accepted the invitation to deliver the sermon and the annual address before the graduating class.

At its last meeting, the board of education appropriated $35 to purchase additional books for the library. This is the beginning of a plan so important and far-reaching in its results that it should be well understood by all our people who are interested in our schools. It is well known that the pupils that read most, reap best. In accord with this, the board intend the coming year to increase the facilities for the grades from the 3rd to the 7th so that each room will have as many books as pnpils. It will then probably be made a requirement that each pupil read a certain number of books-say 6 -before passing to the next grade.

Several advantages will follow: The pupil will(1)have a larger vocabulary; (2) be able to read aloud better; (3)have a wider range of subjects and thoughts for composition (4)understand more thoroughly what he reads; and more than all, will(5)form a taste for pure literature, so that he will turn away in disgust and nausea from the trashy, unwholesome stuff and vile poison that is found in too many homes. A thousand dollars put into a school library of uplifting character would save our community five times that cost in criminal suits at court, to say nothing of the other measureless benefits. Ella Nash had charge of Miss Ralston's room a day during the latter's absence at Wichita. The senior class weighs 1120 pounds. Washington day was duly celebrated in several rooms, on Friday.

GRAMMAR RooM. The spelling-match challenge which the fourth room pupils gave to the grammar room was accepted, and the contest took place Friday night. In two trials the grammar room was successful. The seventh grade takes up history at the beginning of this school month. The room will give a special program on Friday in honor of the birthday of Washington, Lincoln(Feb.

12) and Longfellow (Feb. 27). The largest audience of the season greeted J. C. Lewis and his very clever company at the Grand last night, and the quaint sayings and doings and Yankee wit of "Si afforded no end of merriment.

Unlike many of these character plays, there is a distinet and well defined plot in "Si Plunkard," and the different plots were well taken care of. Many new and funny specialties were introduced, and if laughter and applause meant anything, the company made a great hit. Mr. J. C.

Lewis, who has been seen in this city several times before. was received with ovation, and the large audience left the theatre highly pleased with the performance. The same will be presented to-night, tomorrow afternoon and W. Daily Intelligencer, Dec. 11.

At Butler's Opera house, March 7th. Marriage License. The following marriage license were issued during the past week. Feb. 18-Oliver D.

Yoder, Mitchell, and Mollie F. Boone, Lyons. Feb. 19-Geo. Suttle, Sterling, and Mammie Vermillion, Lyons.

Feb. 22--Charles Wampler, Olathe, and Nannie Harter, McPherson. Feb. 22-Oliver W. Holmes, Geneseo, and 1 Clara L.

Little, Geneseo. A Call for Action. The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition is preparing to open its gates for a material display of the resources of the Great West at Omaha, Nebraska, during the months of June to November, 1898, and it is of great importance that the natural resources, industrial development and general progress and wealth of our county should be creditably represented by the side of our neighboring Kansas counties, which are in active preparation. Therefore, all who are interested in making the Rice county exhibit such an one as will' be a credit to our county and her people, are requested to meet at the Court House in Lyons, on Monday, February 28th, 1898, at 2 o'clock p. for the purpose of organizing a local board and to take such other action as to advance the work.

M. FINNLEY, Chairman. Sneak Theives. After a long period of comparative quiet in police circles, this town is excited this morning over the report of several robberies and attempts last night. The home of J.

W. Pulliam was entered and in E. B. Pulliam's room the robbers went through his pants and extracted about $25.00 in money and $45.00 worth of checks. At the home of Mrs.

C. E. Williams the room of C. Elliott was entered and the theives took his pants and a couple of dollars. Some one was prowling about the house of I.

L. Wright, but as Lerton was awake, waiting upon his father, they were scared away without molesting anything. On Wednesday evening the home of Frank E. Hoyt was entered, but when it was discovered that that they were in a newspaper man's house the robbers were abashed and left as quickly as possible. It behooves every one to load up their old shot guns and sleep with one eye open for a time and give these nocturnal visitors a warm reception.Republican.

Double Wedding. At the residence of Mr. R. O. Boone, east of town, a double wedding occured last Tuesday, wherein two of his daughters were united in marriage.

Miss Mollie Boone to Mr. Oliver D. Yoder, of Mitchell ard Mrs. Nannie Harter to Mr. Charles Wampler, of Olathe.

Only the near relatives were present to witness the ceremony which was performed by Prof. C. E. Arnold, of McPherson college. Every thingwent off pleasantly until midnight, when all of a sudden a wagon came up the road, pushed by twenty or thirty of Estella's sons with an old engine boiler, tin pans, clubs and such, by which they seemed to think they made sweet music.

They demanded to see the newly married people and be treated to cigars, but after two hours of shivering in the cold and listening to their own tumult, they were willing to leave after seeing one couple and receiving a couple of cookies. Before leaving they changed the wheels on Mr. Boone's buggy, thinking it belonged to Mr. Yoder. Both the couples received numerous presents, which are both valuable and useful.

Mr. and Mrs. Yoder will move onto the M. E. Brubaker farm for the coming year.

Mr. and Mrs. Wampler have started for Johnson connty, eighteen miles from Kansas City, where Mr. has a farm. The friends of the contracting parties extend congratulations.

CALL ON A. B. MARTIN For all kinds of Material Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Building Paper, Lime, Brick, Cement, Etc. All kinds of Coal and orders promptly filled. Wall Paper SPECIAL AGENT FOR WILLIAM STEVENSON CHICAGO, ILL.

The largest selections of designs and colorings in the market; Deep Reds, Greens, Blues, Tapestries, Floral Effects, Ingrain and Varnished Tiles. PRICES THAT WILL SURPRISE EVERYBODY. REMEMBER NO OLD STOCK IN THIS LINE: EVERYTHING Don't fail to see these up-to-date samples and save money. Estimates given for Painting and Decorating. Call on or address, EVANS BROTHERS, LYONS, KANSAS.


THE Model Restaurant Is the place to go for FRESH CANDIES. Also a nice line of CIGARS, TOBACCOS AND NUTS Always on hand. We make short order meals and lunches our business and invite your trade in this as well as our other lines. Very Respctfully, L. D.

GALLAGHER, PROP. 4th of July! Is coming and that should remind you of this: C. H. Warden will give you a large line of Harness, Saddles, Whips, Halters, Curry-Combs, Brushes, Etc. To select just what you need from.

Come in and see our stock and get our prices before buying elsewhere. Repairing of All Kinds is Done Quickly at Lowest Prices. We have several kinds of OILS ON TAP. Call and see us. One Door South of Palace Hotel.

C. Il. WARDEN, Lyons, Kansas. All package coffee 10c at Mitchell's. J.

Purcell, living one mile east of Chase, has lost three head of calves and one very valuable thoroughbred shorthorn cow recently with hydrophobia. Pleasantly Surprised. Pleasantly Surprised. A very pleasant surprise was given on Joshua Good and family as a token of high esteem in which they are held by their host of friends, which their long residence and sterling qualities merit. A few minutes before noon, a carriage entered the yard; it was followed by another until over a hundred guests, with well filled baskets, had complete control of their pleasant home.

A sumptuous dinner, followed by social chat and music, both vocal and instrumental, caused the hours to glide rapidly and all too soon the shades of evening warned all that once more they must part. Er'e they departed for their many homes they left their blessings and good wishes, as well as a substantial souvenir in the form of a handsome onyx clock. In the departure of Mr. Good, Rice county looses one of its best citizens and Golden City, Missouri, gains an excellent family. Attention Farmers.

Now is the time to exchange your wheat for flour. Remember we give you more flour than any body and better. Just call and see us at Lyons, Sterling or Little River. A. MITCHELL SONS, Lyons Mills.

A. H. Meyers, our leading tailor. has just received his new spring samples, and will take pleasure in showing you through his tailoring establishment. Call and see him.

SARAH, W. RICHARDSON PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. All calls promptly attended to day or night. CHRONIC DISEASES and diseases of women and children a specialty. RHEUMATISM, PARALYSIS, ENLARGED TYROIDS, STIFNESS OF JOINTS, and many other diseases treated successfully with electricity.

Office South- corner square, up stairs. IF YOU YOUR CLOTHES TO FIT SEE J. J. PHELAN, STERLING, KAN. SWISHER CO.

HAS THEM BRID ANT LOSS Best Galvanized Steel tanks and Wind Mills, that are on the market. We have two kinds of Hog Fence; examine them before you buy. Remember the Red Jacket Pump is the only Quick repair pump made. So easy to fix Remember the place. SWISHER CO.

North Side Square..

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