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Rice County Breeze from Lyons, Kansas • 5

Rice County Breeze from Lyons, Kansas • 5

Lyons, Kansas
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Ry, Co. GOING EAST, 336, 388, Santa Fe. Fe. commodation: 10:05. 13:00.

A. GOING WEST, No. No. 387, 335, Santa Fe Fo. M.

Trains 335, 336, 337 and 338 runs daily, except Sundays, Train 386 leaving Lyons at 10:05 arrives hit Kansas City at p.m.; Chicago 9:43 next morning: St. Louis at 7 a. Train arrives at Pueblo at 7. a. colorado Springs at 8:40 a.

m. and Denver at 11:15 a. m. Ten per cent. reduction is made on round trip tickets v.

the A. T. S. F. Ry.

where the one way rate does not exceed $5, with a return limit of ten drys. are sold via this line to all points checked in the States and Canada. Baggage to destination. Information regarding rates, and connection will be cheerfully given application to the undersigned by letter or person. F.


No. 122. 8:15 M. GOING WEST." No. 9.

....8:05 P.M. No. 121, P. M. All trains run daily.

Free chair cars between. Lyons and St. Louls. DICKESON, Agent. KANSAS MIDLAND RAILROAD.

GOING EAST, No. No. 2. 10. ..8:02 10:31 M.

GOING WEST, 1. Passenger. ....3:31 P.M. No. 9.

A. M. F. S. SALLS, Agent Union Depot.

Information regarding rates and connection will be cheerfully given on application to the undersigned leter or in person. ST.L. AND SAN FRANCISCO R. R. The following is the time card of above road which connects at Wichita with the Kansas Midland No.

106. Joplin ....7:15 Leave Monett 8:12 Wichita 12:35 Arrive Springfield 11:00 St Louis 7:25 a 9:25 85333 Wichita 9:45 Joplin ....5:10 a carthage ...5:55 a Monett ....7:05 a Springfield ....10:35 a St Louis 7:30 1 St Louis 8:25 a Wtchita 5:15 Leave Monett 7:40 Springfield 5:20 A. M. carthage .....8:54 Joplin 9:45 St Louis 8:40 Wichita 3:40 onett Springfield 7:10 5:10 a a rcha ge 8:13 a P. M.

Joplin 8:58 a This line is now running through chair cars (seats free) and Pullman Drawing Room sleeping cars, Wichita to St. Louis, dally without change. This is the only line running through Pullman cars from Wichita to St. Louis, where direct connection is made with all eastern trunk line points in the most magnificent railway station in the world. Quickest line to all points in Southwest Missouri.

Northwest Arkansas, East and Southeart. This company now also have on sale steamship tickets to all points on the globe For further information address LINGENFELTER, city Ticket Agent corner Main and Douglas Ave UR DELANEY, Ticket Agent, Union Depot, Wichita, Kansas LOCAL ITEMS Court convenes next week. G. W. Carl was up from Nickerson Monday.

Geo. Moore was over from Chase, Monday. Revenge is sweet but remorse is better to bear. Mr. A.

L. M' Millan was in Sterling last Monday, The merchants are all busy this week holding inventory. Chas Shuler, of Chase, was in the hub on business Monday. S. Sutton is enjoying a visit from daughter of Sterling.

Joe Deupree is home from Missouri to spend the holidays. L. D. Harter made a trip to Bushton on business yesterday. The M.

E. pulpit was ably filled by Dr. H. P. Smith Sunday.

George Mitchell was visiting friends in White city this week. Bert Lindsey of Sterling is doing business in the hub today. Jacob Zerbee formerly of Lyons, is suffering with rheumatism. Boys clothing at cost at the P. P.

clothing house, Lyons Kansas. J. K. Smith and wife of Geneseo are guests at the Palace hotel to-day. S.

W. and A. Ramage, are over from Little River to-day on business. Boys knee pants suits at cost at P. P. house Lyons, Kansas. Mrs. Elbert Hoyt of Ponca City is visiting relatives and friends here. John Ashwell of Little River is transacting business in town to-day. We have some special bargains in underwear and gloves.

Peverly Bros Ed Nordstrum was doing business in the neighborhood of Noble Thursday. We will close out all our hats and get ready for sping stock. South Side Square. PEVERLY BROTERS. A large crowd was over from Chase Christmas to 'er up" for their team.

Joo Peverly was over to Little River yesterday looking after his interests there. Roy Cowdrey is home from Kansas City where he is attending dental school. Dave Heist was over from Chase yesterday doing business with our merchants. Attorney Evans, of Ellinwood, was transacting legal business in town Tuesday. Mr.

Glaze, father of E. W. Glaze, returned from Dodge City, where was visiting a son. Herman Moots, the cigar king of Sterling, ras in town yesteaday looking up bus. ness.

Ed Mitchell and Perry Buckley are at Little River this week invoicing their goods there. D. E. Lawrence came in Christmas eve and ordered the BREEZE for 98, the right thing to do. Frank Fleming and sister returned today from Council Grove where they were visiting friends.

S. Swenson came in yesterday and paid for the BREEZE until January lst 1898. Who will follow? Charlie Rankin has opened up a new barber shop in the building lately accupied by Mr. Zerbee. Mrs.

A. L. McMillan preached an able and interesting sermon in the M. E. church Sunday evening.

Jimmy Dickeson is home from a several weeks visit at Marquette with his sister Mrs. Dr. Smith. Editor Harding was over from Chase Christmas to witness the game between the Lyons and Chase boys. See the hats in the window of the P.

P. P. clothing house. They are cheap. South Side Square.

Rev. G. E. Studebaker of McPherson, was in Lyons between trains yesterday while on his way to Scott City. W.

E. Wade of Lyons, was in our city last Monday in time to catch the Santa Fe train east. Democrat. Miss Bertha Lucas and brother, returned to Little River yesterday, after a holiday visit with friends here. W.

H. Wonderly came up from Wichita last evening to visit a few days with Mrs. A. Wonderly and family. If you want a good business or a fine dress suit, Phelan, the Sterling tailor would like to make it for you.

If you want a good business or a fine dress suit, Phelan, the Sterling tailor would like to make it for you. E. G. Suttle is home from his trip out in the in the interest of bis bible interpretator. He reports many sales.

Miss Ola Thompson, of Bushton, is visiting with the family of T. R. Williams. She will return home Friday. Peverly Bros.

has the largest stock of clothing in Rice County and they are selling boys suits and overcoats at cost. A. E. Ketcham will leave Monday for Topeka on business. He will ride his wheel providing the weather permits.

If you want one of those boys suits at cost, you must come soon for they are going fast. P. P. P. clothing house.

Miss Christine Wonderly is visiting with her grand-parents, W. II. Wonderly and wife, in Wichita. She will return Monday. J.

Conger and son of Belvidere, Illinois, are here looking after a farm they bought near Sterling. They will be here some time. G. Bucholz and son of near Lorraine were the guests of Mr. and Mrs Swen Swenson Christmas day.

Mr. Bulcholz is Mrs Swensons father. Harry Hooker, one of the best looking young men in Rice county, came over from Lyons to our city Monday on legal business. -Democrat. Robt Sutcliffe is the proud father of a new son which came to lis home caristmas eve--a present from his wife.

Rob is happy over the gift. Oakley Maxwell went to Winfield Saturday evening to spend a few days with with his parents who in thet City Courier. Henry Dilley will return to his work in Kansas City this week. Henry has a good position there and is building up a reputation for himself as a worthy, 'employee. Mr.

Glaze returned to his home at Lyons, last Saturday, after a three weeks visit with his brother Wm. of this -o Nrwich Courant. Miss Rena Clark will go to Kansas City the latter part of this week to visittwo or three months with friends. She expects to have a good time and no doubt will. Miss Olive Nutt left for her home in Abilene last Friday evening.

She has had, for several months past, charge of the millenery department at D. C. Webb's dry goods house, Robert Findley, whose Christian name is "Bob," stopped buying broom corn long enough to attend the clerks' association. Fle is clerk of Rice county. -Hutchison News.

Ed Shiffard, of Salina, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. Mitchell. He is well pleased with Lyons and says he thinks he will make periodic visits here.

Some attraction we presume. A man over at Sterling claimsto have a sword carried by Napolian and a man here says he has a bible owned by Martain Luther. The difference between the two towns are in accordance. E. H.

Rice who has been stopping at the Hotel Palace fo: some time and who is engaged in the fence business is now enjoying a visit from his wife and daughter of Oakland, California. Quite a number of the Lyons boys are sick because three or four of the Lyons girls wore Chase colors during the game Christmas day. These young girls will now have to: look to Chase for beaux. Sidney Holt, who has been assisting us in this office returned to his home at Marquette Monday evening where he will remain until his fingers are well. He got them mashed in one of our job presses recently.

Rev Cornelius late of McPherson has accepted a pastorial charge in the Christian church here and has moved his family to this city. He is well spoken of as a minister and we are pleased to identify him as a citizen. For Rice county Farmers. We are able to make the owners the most liberal Loans and give the best contract cifered by anybody. Money paid the day papers are signed.


LaFlower was down from Ar- kansas City on business, yesterday. He was formerly a business man here and was connected with the Modle, a great store occupying a space 25x140 -Ponca City Courier. The revival services at the Christain church are intesting and Evangelist Sims is doing some good work for the christain cause. He is a fluent and eloquent talker and his sermons are full of power, truth and logic: Dr. D.

H. Snowden has been appointed a member of the pension board of this county in the place of Dr. W. A. Todd, deceased.

The appointment is a good one, as the doctor is well qualified for the position. -Democrat. Elish Ernst came down from Kansas City the latter part of last week to spend the holidays and enjoy a needed vacation. Elish is employed one of the leading implement houses in that city and has a good steady position. F.

M. Watson came up from Ponca City last week to spend the holidays with his daughter Mrs. Wm. Elble and his brother living north of town. He is engaged in raising broom corn and making brooms and reports his buisness good.

Minor Stevens one of the little fellows about town, had his eye almost knocked out the fore part of the week while engaged in a game of foot ball. He was accidently struck with the elbow of one of his playmates during the progress of the game. The barber shop recently owned by Frank Slattery and run by Chas. Rankin has been sold to Mr. Capp of Coun.

cil Grove, who has moved his family to Lyons and will continue looking after the patronage of that shop. Mr Capp comes well recommended as a good workman. William Jones, of Rice county, Kansas was in the city today with his brother J. W. Jones, of Kildare township.

Mr. Jones is an old friend of the publisher of this paper. He is very much pleased with the appearance of this town and the surrounding country. Ponca City Courier. The old horse doctor and wife, who made themselves particularly obnoxious in this city and neighboring towns a few months ago, are still on the road.

They were driven from McPherson to Canton and then on to Marion, where they are now boarding at the city's ex -Hutchinson News. John Belden, and Eliza Stowe were married at their future home north of Sterling Dec 29th. The groom is one of the prosperous young farmers of Sterling and the bride is one of our most succesful toachers, the accomplished daughter of J. O. Stowe of Sterlig, Geo.

H. Harris BREEZE employee had the pleasure of taking a ride over the country south west of the city and informs us that he was very much impressed with the country. The well arranged and neatly kept farms impressed upon him the thrift and likely prosperity of our farmers. Storling boys seem to be infected with a desire to run away from home. Young Norris Fair's esepade is followed by that of a boy named Bladen, who left home Thursday morning to see the world.

He was stopped on his journey at Arkansas City and returned to the paternal roof. The story of the prodigal son will be good text for the sermons next Sunday. -Hutchinson News. Christmas day Mrs. N.

Van Brocklin received $2,885.47 from an estate in Illinois thet had been in litigation for some time. This was a goodly christmas present and was thankfully received by Mrs VanBrocklin. It will be remembered by our readers that Mr. Brocklin was killed while in the employ of the Lyons Rock salt company in the company's mine. On Christmas evening at six o'clock, Mr.

L. Welch and Miss Nina G. Lovett were united in marriage by the Rev. J. Ratliffe.

Lew and Nina are so well known to our readers that they need no introduction. The wedding was a very quiet affair, only the relatives of the contracting parties being present. The BREEZE and its readers, wish Mr. and Mrs Welch a long, happy and prosperous wedded life. The rabbit-scalp industry in Sumner county is developing at an astonishing rate.

So far the county has paid 3 cents bounty upon 33,000 scalps, aud are being brought to the county clerk at the rate of 3,000 per day. It is estimated by the Wellington Mail that before the limit of the bounty on March 1, the county will have to pay out $12,000 which will represent a total of 400,000 rabbits killed. It seems beyond belief that so many rabbits could be found in one county.Sterling Bulletin-Gazette. Charlie Rankin has rented the building just north of Charlie Hartmans restaurant and opened a new barber shop. The room has been neatly papered and now presents a tidy appearance We have been expecting to see Charlie start for himself for some time and are pleased to see him make this adventure.

He has many friends and patrons in the city who will encourage him with a continuance of their patronage and with his reputation as a workman he will certainly succeed. Wm. O. Orr of Sterling and Miss Leota L. Dudrey of this city were married at the home of her brother, L.

L. Dudrey, in this city Wednesday afternoon last by Rev. A. J. Bixler.

A large number of relatives and friends of both bride and groom from Lyons, Sterling, Chase and Bend were present. After the ceremony an excelent wedding feast was served. Mr. Orr is manager of a grocery house in Sterling for Mitchell of Lyons. The happy couple went to Sterling on the evening train, Their many friends wish them the very best of life's Bend Register- The Missouri Pacific will run four passenger trains daily after Saturday beginning Sunday.

We have failed to learn just the time the train will arrive in Lyons, but the new train from the south will arrve near ten o'clock and return again from the north about four in the evening. This gives two passenger trains daily each way on that route and will be a great benefit to the traveling public. There has been some talk of the freight trains discontinuing passenger traffic after the first of the year but we hardly believe it will go into effect, though cannot state positively that they will not. On last Saturday night unknown parties made a hold attempt to steal a fatted hog from W. H.

Libb's pen, south of town. A large porker was knocked in the head and its throat cut, but the dogs put up such a tremendous howl that the thieves abandoned the job, evidently being frightened away. The hog was found in the pen near the fence the next morning. A loaded shotgun should be kept in waiting for such notorious theives, and the owner should not be slow or timid in setting the trigger in motion should an opportunity be Little R. Monitor.

A happy New Year to you all. H. B. Wade was over from Geneseo this morning. A good thing to do-subscribe for the BREEZE.

Now is a good time to order the BREEZE for 1898. J. T. Nash has been enjoying a visit from a brother, of Illinois. Miss Lucy Haning is assisting in the Exchange bank this week.

Dr. Hall and family spent Christmas with relatives in McPherson. Fred Clark of McPherson, was the guest of M. L. Grimes Christmas.

The wind from the north is preparing to blow the old year out and the new year in. H. G. Doddridge and wife gave a Christmas dinner to a number of their friends. Benjamin H.

Stover and Miss Carr, both of Claflin, were married Christmas by Rev. Sims. George Lantz and wife are spending the holidays with Will and Mrs. Tandy in Concordia. Grady, of Galt, were married Christmas Wm.

Bowen, of Sterling, and Grace eve by Judge Hindshaw. W. IT. McCormick and Lena A. Henderson, both of Ellsworth, were married by Judge Hinshaw, Christmas day.

O. L. Lennen and wife, of Ness City, were visiting relatives in Lyons and vicinity the major part of last week. J. Couger and son, of Belvidere, Illinois, are here looking after a farm they bought near Sterling.

They will be here sometime. While cutting ice last week Len Russell took a cool bath. The icegave away, and so did the water. Len can tell you all about it. J.

J. Caldwell is rejoicing over the arrival of a new son at his home that appeared Sunday to brighten his and Mrs. Caldwell journey through life together. W. M.

Kenton, one of Rice county's most prosperous farmers and Miss Katy B. Cox, were married December 23rd at the residence of the bride's parents in Center township. John Applegate enjoyed a visit Xmas from his nephew, A. J. Applegate and daughter of Wichita.

Mr. Applegate is a pleasant man and is chief clerk in the K. M. R'y, general office. He will visit in this city again New Year day.

A pleasant surprise was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Embree's Saturday night, the occasion being M. E's birthday. Aside from a large gathering of older folks, her Sunday school class of "tender buds" were present.

A nice time was had. The University Geological Survey of Kansas, working under legislative authority, early in 1898 will issue a report on the mineral iudustry of Kansas, covering any product obtained by any kind of mining, smelting, or quarrying operations. In order to make this report complete in every respect the hearty co-operation of all interested citizens of the state is solicited. Statistics regarding the larger products, such as coal, lead, zinc, salt, can readily be obtained; but statistics on stone, clay, sand, mineral paint, and all lesser product can only be obtained by a generous help from the individual citizens. This cou ty should also take pride in reporting the productions of her own, for to a certain extent it will be injurious to have but a fraction of her output included in the report.

Sunday Excursions. Taking effect Sunday, August 1st, and each Sunday after that date the Midland Railway will sell tickets to any points on their line where return can be made on date of sale for one fare for round trip. F. A. SALLS, Agent.

Letters Uncalled For. The following is the list of letters remaining uncalled for for a period of thirty days in the postoffice at Lyons, Kansas, for the week ending December 20, 1897. Fred Blesens Enoch White John Ralph Dawson Ins. co cards- M. Skidmore If not called for within fourteen days the above will be sent to the Dead Letter office according to Postal laws and regulations.

Parties calling for above please say "Advertised." All due one cent for advertising. F. N. COOPER, Postmaster, Cheap Excursion Rates. For Christmas and New Year Holidays, the Kansas Midland will sell excursion tickets at one fare for round trip tickets on sale Dec.

23-24-25 to 31 and Jan. 1st, good to return on or before Jan. -F. S. Salls Agt.

K. M. Ry..

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