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The Wolverine from Michigan Valley, Kansas • 4

The Wolverine from Michigan Valley, Kansas • 4

The Wolverinei
Michigan Valley, Kansas
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Tflfi MCHlGAtf VALLEY, KANSAS THE WOLVERINE o'clock. They had gone but about three miles north when one of the buggy thill's came loose from the axel and dropping down on Poster Lumber Co. We Strive to Please Mrs. Chas. Nelson and son, of 03sawatotnie, spent from Wednesday till Saturday with Wiley Nelson and wife.

Mrs. Burdett, of Herington, Kan. visited with her old friend and neighbor, Mrs. Alvin Ash-will Wednesday. Visitors at the Ashwill home Sunday afternoon were: Mrs.

Jas. Baker and and Mrs. brothers, Frank and Gail Louk, and their families and brother, Linis Louk. Thelma Perry, of Topeka, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs.

John Botoroff, left for Lyndon Monday to visit her grandmother before returned to her home. Rev. John Patterson returned to Baldwin Monday and Elmer McDaniel and Joe McNalley left smsrsoioot Lesson: (By E. O. SELLERS, Director of Evening Department, The Moody Bible Institute, Chicago.) LESSON FOR SEPTEMBER 13 MRS.

OTTO KLISH. Editress J. H. ANDREWS, Publisher Entered as matter January 8, 1914. it the post office at Michigan Valley, Kansas under the act of March 3, 1879.

SUBSCR1TION PRICE One Year $1.00 Six Months 50 Cents ADVERTISING RATES Display lOcts per inch, column wide Locals Per line, 5cts, School, lugde and church notices for sociais, fairs, etc where ohare is mac'e, will be charged for above rates. Bills due the first of each month. A 11 news items to be sent to Mrs. Otto klish. Michigan Valley.

Kansas. Communications pertaining to to be sent to J. H. Andrews, Ov erbrook. Kansas.

Issued every Thursday at Michigan Valley, Sept. 10, 1914, Church Schedule: The churches of Michigan Valley extend an invitation to all to come and worship with them. Especially the stranger METHODIST EPISCOPAL Rev. John Patterson. Pastor.

Sunday School at 10 a. m. Preachiug at 1 1 a. m. and 8 p.

m. Epworth League at 7 Young People's mid-week meeting. Wednesday evening at 7:30. Prayer meeting Thursday eve at 7:30 Junior League. Saturday at 2 p.

FREE METHODIST Rev. U. B. Williams, Pastor. Preaching at 2:30 and 8 p.

m. Prayer Meeting, Thursday, 2:30 m. Local Happenings We print Sale Bills. Yes. we do job printing.

Gat the habit of reading "ads'. Take this paper for home news Potatoes for sale. J. G. Yos Vassar, Kan.

Mrs. Beaver spent Friday Lomax visiting her son. Mr. and Mrs. C.

T. McDanie visited Vassar Sunday. Brooks McDaniel commenced his school Monday near Quenemo, i Mrs. Craddock enjoyed a visi from her grandchildren at Lomax this wejk. The Quenemo telephone man and wife and child visited Mich igan Monday.

Roy Yost and Howard Supple have ontered the Strickler Bus iness college at Topeka. Steve Louk and Ed. Ausman accompanied the ball team to Ov erbrook Friday. Nute Brand, of Quenemo, came londay for a few days visit with his son, Owen and family. Miller, the Quenemo News editor, made this office two very pleasant calls during the pas week.

Grace Yost and Mabel Shuster started to Hig'h School here Monday. They room with Mrs. Em ma Moore. Mabel Davisorr left for Nor man, Thursday where she will again teach domestic science in the high school. Leona White, who is attending Dougherty's Business college, at Topekai visited her mother, Mrs.

White, over Sunday. J. H. Andrews, of Overbrook, was down with Rev. Reed Thurs day night to attend the meetings also to tranact business at this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Miler, of Topeka are visiting with Mrs. Miler's DR. F.

E. MEDIANS DENTIST At Home Office, Quenemo, Erery Monday. Friday, Saturday, Pomona. Tuesday Mclvern Wednesday Lyndon, Thursday the horse's heels frightened the animal and it ran away, being caught at the home of Cal Gurss. Both ladies were thrown out but the daughter suffered no serious injury.

Mrs. Davies, however, had her right leg broken between the knee and thigh, the fracture being such a severe one that Dr. Stahl says imay result in a permanent disability. Mrs. Davies has not been well for some time and this, with her injury added, makes her condition a very serious one.

Burlin game Chronicle. Building Operations. Work on the new McMullen livery barn was begun Monday morning. The new structure will be 46x60 and two stories high. Just to the north of this building and a few feet away will be erected a garage where Mr.

McMullen will house his own car and have room for his customers cars. The Lawless blacksmith shop and garage is complete all bu the concrete floor which will be done and the building ready for occupancy in a couple of weeks The carpenters have completed their work on the A. N. Mayden photograph gallery and the build ing presents a mucn improved appearance and Mr. Mayden has much more room.

ineueo. w. t-radit house on North Fifth street is nearly com pletion and will- soon be ready for occupany. Quenemo News. FIFTY YEARS OF WEDDED LIFE A very quiet golden wedding was beautifully celebrated at the home of Thos.

Mimford in Overbrook, Sunday, Sept. 6th, 1914. Those present were James Mimford, of Overbrook; R. W. Mimford and wife, of St.

Louis, Mr. and Mrs. S. Fair child and Mrs. Huston, of Over brook; Mr.

and Mrs. Sidney Vann, of near Overbrook. Mr. lhos. Mimtord was Dorn near Belfast, Ireland, Dec.

1, 1837, and came to America with his parents at the age of five years. Mrs. Martha Mimtord was born in Cincinnati, Oct. 4, 1842. They were married in Cincinnati.

Sept. 6. 18G4. To this union were born six children fourbovs and two girls. One son and two daughters have passed away.

Mr. and Mrs. Minford came to Kansas. Dec. 4.

1866 and settled near Gardner, Johnson county, where they resided until 1879, whence they moved to Osage county and settled on a farm southeast of where Overbrook now stands, moved to Overbrook in 1908 where they still reside. Citizen, Bitten by a Snake. Otto Garber, the son of B. M. Garber, who lives twelve miles northeast of town, while out walking in the timber Sunday afternoon, was bitten by a large copper head snake.

He was bare footed and in less than an hour his limb was swollen up to the knee. Dr. Hpover- was called and treated the bite, Otto is getting along nicely anrt will soon be able to take another hike. Citizen, Gleanings Last Thursday the small child of Mr. and Mrs.

C. D. Scoville fell and her larger brother trying to save her from the fall grabbed her by the arm, The bones of the small child being soft one of them was easily broken. The lit tle one is making rapid recovery. Quenemo News.

Prior Feltner is said to have had the best colt at the show here Sunflower Days and would have taken the sweepstake prize Otto Klish, Manager You should fix the places that need mending on yourStock Sheds your Hay Barn or your Tool Shed before winter sets in and the snow rain and wind blows in at the cracks and poor places in the buildings. but for a slight injury the ani mal had sustained through a fall a s'iort time before the exhibition. The colt is five months old and weighs 745 pounds. -Melvern Review. A young cyclone visited Frank Wads worth's on Tuesday evening of last week, doing quite a bit of damage.

His new silo, which he was intending to fill the next day, was upset and one end of his barn was twisted about two feet off of its foundation. A Shetland pony was picked up and carried over two fences in to an adjoining field. Citizen. While at play last Friday, Alfred the small son of Mr. and Mrs.

W. M. Eagle, fell from a tree at considerable heigth and broke his left leg about half way between the knee and hip. It was thought for a time that it was broken in two places. The little fellow is getting along fine.

-Quenemo News; Little Russell Ferris, the three year old son of Frank Ferris, is having a streak of bad luck. Some ten days ago he fell from a bed on to a jar, cutting his head badly, and on Saturday he fell off the porch, cutting another bad gash on the other side of his head. It took three stitches to close the wound. Burlirigame Chronicle. In general, the depth of the si lo should not be less than twice nor more than three times the diameter.

The greater the depth the better the silage, on account of the pressure from above. If less than 24 feet in height the quality of silage will not be the best. A very great height, how ever, is to avoided on account of the excessive amount of power required to elevate the cut corn into the silo. Arnold, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs, Arvid Larsen, just missed a severe Injury and a possible death on Monday.

The ittle fellow was playing with the wringer attached to the clothes washer run by a gasoline engine and his finger getting caught be- ween the rubber roller, the lit tle fellow was fed into it till it reached his shoulder. Being dis covered, the child was liberated from the hazardous position and It wa.s, iQu.n.q that no bones were broken. Peoples Herald, Missouri Farm For Sale 200 acres in Ozarke county, 20 miles from West Plains, 30 acres cleared, balance heavy timber. Terms Very reasonable. See Cole Mix.

ftf having a sale this fall? Let us print you bills. Rail Road Time Table Dec. 7, I9IJ South Bound 25 a 35 a Freigh North Bonnd 13 00 Freight. Wednesday where they will take up another years work in school. Morrow Bros, finished their contract of grading the Karnes hill, which was started last win- ter, Tuesday, and which is a very great improvement over what it was before.

Mr. and Mrs. Botoroff and daughtf-r, Thelma Perry, of To- peka, and.vMr. "and Mrs. Otto Klish went to Pomona Sunday to spend the day with the form- ers parents.

Monday with Anna Bulmer as primary teacher, Anna McNalley of the grammar room and Hurst (Joriman. ot Overbrook, as prin cipal. With the above corps of teachers we plan on having a successful term of school. Rev. Reed, of Overbrook, who has been conductinsr meetintrs at this place the past week, preach- ed his last sermon Saturday eve-ning.

Every one seemed to enjoy Rev. Reed's, sermons and any time that he could come back he would certainly be most welcome. Joe McNalley and Elmer Mc Daniel have given up their posi tions in McDaniel Bros' store to enter -une aim una iuwanvy j. ii i I ana unas. louk iook tne.r places 1,1 1 in ine store as ciems, uue anu Elmer have made good clerks.

Ones who were liked by all. Correspondence. COOK. Loring Cates John Allen. is workme for Ralph Gates is suffering with a sprained ankle.

Carrie Schneidewind called at Barton's Saturday eve. Mrs. Daugberty called on Mrs. Morrow Saturday ni, Nina Ashwill was a caller at Gail Louk's Sunday p. m.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lee attend ed a picnic in Miami county Sat urdav. Devilla Louk was caller at Pete Throne's, near Richter, Sunday. Earl Hewitt and Fred Louk called on Amps Harvey afternoon.

Sunday Mrs. W. A. McDaniel helped Mrs. McClure cook for threshers Saturday.

Mrs. unas, Nelson and son called at G. C. McClure's and Swena's Friday. Oscar and Henry Marconett spent Bunoay witn their cousin Ora Marconett.

Max and Eva Cates and Mrs, Cook and children called on Mrs. Barnes Sunday eve. The Morgan young people at tended meeting at the Appanoose Dunkard church Sunday, BenJeters, of gugaF Creek, spent Sunday and Sunday night at S. S. Gingerich's, Born To Mr.

and Mrs. Alvin Ashwill, a girl, Wednesday a. m. Mother and babe doing fine. Alvin Ashwill had a mule kill ed by lightning during the elec trie storm of Tuesday night.

TV. rvawfnrd did Rnmo nm- essional work and to dmmf at D. II. Morrow's Saturday. Gertrude Miller, Brooks Mc Daniel and Arch ingersoll were the.

Sunday guests of Ethe? Swena. Mrfi. Wiley Nelson and daugh- ers, and Airs. tJfcas. and son cauea on Mrs.

Ear). Lpp Thursday. I I' at in (ed and ly a her Morrow and Lelah. Ethel Swena, Gertrude Miller, croons wcaniei ami oem mux- itr i row ana wue spent weanesaay evening at u. n.

Morrow s. Arch Ingersoll, Brooks Mc- Daniel, Gertrude Miller and Ethel Swena attended the show at Quenemo Thursday night. Mrs. Harmon, of Pomona, is staying with her daughter, Mrs. Ashwill, this week and caring for'her little grand daughter.

T. nf ewi. dewind's Sunday were: John uikie, Henry, Dora and Anna Wiggers and Elsie and Edna Pieman. Mrs. Lentz and Dae, Mrs.

Shrank and Olive, and Mrs. Lewis returned to their homes in Missouri Thursday after spend ing a week with their relatives and friends. D. H. Morrow and family.

Boyd Doings. Plenty of rain at last. Perry Cox visited Will Hen- drix Sunday p. m. Anna Hendrix has been quite sick, but is improving, navo rofnnoj from IV.

HVVt IIUIUV Yates week School began Monday with Miss Mary Davis as teacher. John Johnson and family spent Sunday at Walter Johnson's. B. A. Hendrix's son, Henry went to Williamsburg Thursday.

John Clark and family and Geo. Tohiberlin and family SDent Sunday at Frank Tomberlin's. Dean Items Delbert English spent Sunday Mr. Walter's. Miss Bell English spent Sunday with Miss W.

Abshire. Mr. and Mrs. Emery Beard spent Sunday at Ray Ward's. Winnie Abshire hag been do- ng house work for Mrs.

Vack Watt. The largest part of the corn this neighborhood has been harvested. Anna Bo wen spent last week with her sister Mrs, Fred Ray of Overbrook. Mr. and Mrs.

Clyde Hettick and children spent Sunday at Ora Cowan's. Mrs. Robt Maag returned from Missouri Saturday where she has been visiting her mother and other Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ray, of Ov erbrook, were Sunday guests' a the home of her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. Jerry Bown. John Montgomery and family, Minnie Brown, Eva Watts, Ar thur Denniston and Fred Bald win spent Sunday at' Jerry fown's. A Vry Bad Accident Mlsiortuneg, it is said, never come ilngly and the truth of the adage has been sorrowfully ex emplified in the case of the D. J.

Davis family, to whom in the past four or five years accident and death have been repeated visitors. ne iainer.iwo sons ana a aaugn totoKPfljPfJ F'thin the period only a couple of weeks ago, now comes an accident to Mrs. Davies that, while not like to result fatally may leave her cripple for the remainder of life. She was in town Thursday last accompanied by her daughter, Jvaloo, and left for home about 4 THE TEN VIRGINS. LESSON TEXT Matt.

GOLDEN therefore for ye know neither the day nor the hour when the Son of Man cometh." Matt. 26:13. A parable is "an earthly story with a heavenly meaning." An analogy Is "a likeness." This Btory Is a parable. It Is to Illustrate the vigilant, expectant attitude of faith, Heb. II Tim.

4:8. Leaving temple, Jesus drew the. disciples' attention; to Ita buildings and predicted Its destruction. Proceeding to the Mount of Olives, his disciples ask him, "Tell us, when shall these things be? And what Bhall be the Bign of thy coming, and the end of the world?" In reply Jesus gave the disciplea his Olivet discourse and prophecies found in chap ters 24 and 25. To fully comprehend this parable we ought to review all of this teaching.

The discourse as a whole falls into these parts (1) deals with Israel as a nation; (2) deals with the church as being responsible for the king during the period between his two advents; and (3) deals with the Judgment of the nations when the Sou of Man comes in his glory. It will be seen then that this lesson comes la the second part and is oao of three parables concerning the responsibility of the church. Jesus ia the bridegroom, John 3:28, 29; Eph. II Cor. Rev.

21.9, and sets forth the love of Christ for tho church, Eph. 5:25, 28, 30-32. Two Classes. I. "While tho bridegroom tarried" vv.

1-5. The first and strongest idea of this section Is that he, Jesus, the bridegroom, is coming again. Among those who wait are two classes, the wise and the foolish, though both were right intentioned. The lamps symbolize Christian profession, Luke II Tim. 3:5, and tho oil that which 13 essential to givo us power whereby we maintain our profession Acts I John The foolish virgins were superficial and had not enough to maintain their professions.

The wise virgins had enough; oil; so also may the believer have the. abiding spirit of Christ's presence wherein to maintain his Christian profession. Waiting they all nodded (slumbered) and others evidently lay down (slept). The wise virgins could afford to rest a3 they had all things ady. If they had been awake, how ever, tney might have seen and ren dered aid to those who ere in tha sorry plight of not being ready.

Tho tarrying was a test of the faith and patience of both the wise and the foolish as both awaited the "fulness ef time" when he should appear. The Great Question. II. Behold the bridegroom cometh" vv. 6-13.

All are awakened by this. midnight cry. The hour was when he was least expected, and thes church of today needs to be awakened to a realizing genso of this truth. Both the wise and the foolish have to meet him, but the wise were the only ones whose lights, could shine and show the way into tho banqueting; room. They all outwardly appear alike even to the very point separation.

The church of God individually and collectively, has yet to sense the dagger to it and to others if its light for any reason, be not continuous. This; cry was a call to "meet him" and wa all need to ask ourselves, "are wa ready to met him?" The hour was too late to make needful preparation meet hin. In their emergency they turned to the five wise ones but tha wisdom of one cannot supply the deficiency or the foolishness of others (v. 9). There is no Scripture to support the teaching that one man's merit.

Is applicable to another except tie merit of the God-man Jesus as applied to sinful humanity. Hence tha wise sent their sistera to the original source of 'supply for oil, and aa they went "the bridegroom came." So will It be. with all who put off too long tftd ecuring of tho Holy Spirit la their lives. "They that were ready" went In, they that vre not ready when they CAma frilinri the rinni "cfnit Tn ot tend a marriage feast is highly esteemed everywhere, but It is priv ilege that Is worthy of careful prop- aration. Remember that Jesus ia here showing the attitude towantes himself of those who profess to bo-devoted to him during the period ot; his absence, and who expect his re-, turn as king.

That being so, we need, to remind orelves' of the laws ot th as he gave them. Jesua knows thoso that are, his-, John II Tim. 2119; I Cor. 8:3, but such are not who mnVn a mere outward 'profession of faith and lack tlia Abiding prespneo and power of, tie Holy Spirit Tho day of separation between the true and the false la purely coming, a time when tha $eaV genuine. Spirit-filled Chrisliaua Hill rejoice "at his Tha lesson for us Is "Wttch." Re cause we do not know tlie Cay nor the- hour when he will eome, I "watch." Thla word does not mean simply to look or to gaia but Vt keeg Awake, to be vigilant..

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