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Oxford Weekly from Oxford, Kansas • 1

Oxford Weekly from Oxford, Kansas • 1

Oxford Weeklyi
Oxford, Kansas
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1 i 0XJ S.FORD WEEKLY. PlTBUSllEB. WIDXEtt, 7 jj A paper for the People; devoted to tlie Interests of Oxford, Its citizens, its sur RATES OF ADVERTISING. One column, 1 year, $100 00 1 column, one year, Ao 00 one year, 30 00 one year, 15 00 Card. 1 inch space, one year, 10 00 Legal advertisements at legal rates.

Displayed locals, 10 cents per line for first insertion, and 6 cents per line for each subsequent insertion. Local notices, plain type, 9 cents per line for each insertion. Religions and literary notices will be Inserted gratis. All bills will be collected monthly. rounding country, awl btuuuer country also, its Publisher.

45, TKKMS Or SUBSCRIPTION. One Copy, one year, $1 50 six months, 76 throe mouths, 40 Single Copy, 5 NUMBER 6. VOL. i. OXFORD, KANSAS, JANUARY 21, 188I, History of Oxford.

Jackson and His Wife. OFFICIAL DIRECTORY, ed the organization and installed thtf officers. Tehuantepeo Ship Railway. Following are the terms of the con In the fall of 1870 the first white From Lippincott's Magazine. One of those to whom it is a fascination to listen has recently given us cession granted to Capt.

Eads by the settlers came to the present location Mexican Government. It is exceed of Oxford and 'pitched their tents." Among the earliest settlers were ingly liberal, and was duly executed a book full of memories, which he calls "Old Times in Tennesce." But a greater treat than reading it is to OOVKRNMKXT OFFICIALS. President -Rutherford B. Hayes. Vice Wm.

A. Wlieeler. Chief Justice M. R. Watte.

Secretary of State W. M. Evarts. Sec'y of the Treasury. John Sherman.

i Sec'y of War- W. McCrary. Sec'y of the Navy R. M. Thompson.

Sec'y of the Interior Carl Schurz. Attorney General Charles Devens. Postmaster General David M. Key. Speaker of the House- S.

J. Randall. and given to Mr. Eads before his re John Burnett and family, Wm. Bur turn from Mexico hear the author tell how be saw Gen "By the terms of the document, he nett, John Horton, Lafe, John and Perry Binkley, A.

Morrill, J. M. Buf- eral Jackson "scare and put to flight has a period of two years from next 20,000 men." It was on Clover-bottom race-course. The narrator, then a small boy, was stationed on a cedar fington and the Sleigh and Bussard families. Iu January, 1871, a company was formed to lay out a town-site.

Four blocks were surveyed on May within which time to commence the building ol his ship railway, and ten years thereafter for its completion. He is authorized to select any line across the Isthmus which his fence. The betting was very fierce. STATS OFFICKRS -John P. St John.

Lieutenant U. Uumphrey. Secretary of State- -Tames Smith. State Treasurer. -John Francis.

Attorney General Willard Davis. State Auditor. P. 1. Bonebrake.

Supt. Pub. Instruction A. B. Leminou.

Horses and negroes as well as money the west bank of the Arkansas river, and the town was named Neptawa, surveys may show to be best, and Oxford hat always taken the lead in educational matters in this county. It was the first organized district and has ever since sustained a good school for nine months in the year; In the winter of 73-74 a large two-story stone building was built which reflects credit upon our people and has been tho admiration of all visitors. Wo have before mentioned the fact that oh the Arkansas river at thi point we have an excellent water power, unsurpassed by any other in the southwest. With the expenditure of capital tho power could bo utilized so that it would drive a largo number of mill stones and thousands1 of spindles. There is nothing in which our citizens should take a greater interest than the improvement of this power.

There are par-tics in the cost at present contemplating coming here for the purpose of erecting mills, but iftheycomo there is room for more. We aro informed by a surveyor who has exam has tho right to improve such har in honor of an Osage Chief. In bors on either side of the Isthmus was put up, a large pouud being filled with the live 6hock. Murmurs arose that it was to be a jockey race that "Grayhound," one of the famous racers, had been seen tho night before in a wheat-field, and his rider was to receive $500 to throw him off. In the height of tho excitement General March, 1871, a company from Oswego, Kansas; bought out the founders of Neptawa and laid out a town site, and to construct such works across it without any official interference whatever, as he may deem proper.

The grant is to endure uiuety-nine naming it Oxford. COUNTY OFFICKRS Representative. A. B. Mayhew.

District Judge W. P. Campbell, Probate Judge- E. Evans. County Attorney.

Chas. Willsie. Supt Pub. Instruction J. V.

Ratline. Treasurer. M. B. Keagy Register of Deeds John T.

Hickman. J.M.Thralls. Clerk of District Court C. W. Morse.

County Clerk -Stacy B. Douglass. Surveyor S.T.Wood. Coroner. John H.

Folks. I. The first white women living west Too Lata. Among Pennsylvania's queer people is Austin Seldon, who has lived a hermit's life for forty years in a cave. Seldon was born in Bradford, in 1806 the son of a wealthy farmer.

In dne time he foil in love and was accepted by the girl, but rejected by her parents, who sent their daughter to a boarding-school somewhere out of her lover's way. He started out to hunt for her and traveled fur, and visited all boarding-schools he could hear of, without success. He returned home heartbroken, and soon disappeared. He hid himself from his family and friends as effectually as his promised bride had been hidden from him. He found a hole in the rocks in Lehman township, Pike county, and bought a small tract of wild land for the sake of the hole, in which ho buried himself from the world.

He lived on game and berries, auu clothed himself in the skins of animas. A few years ago his surviving relatives in Connecticut heard of his whereabouts, and tried to call him home to comfort, but he would not go. Lately ho so far relaxed the austerity of his seclusion from mankind as to admit some visitors to his cavern. Such an occasional association put him in the notion of getting a constant companion if he could, and after forty years of lifo thrown away he started out to find a woman who would marry him and share his cave. He offered himself first to his nearest neighbor, a respectablo widow.

She looked at him and reached for a kettle of boiling water. The reception was likely to be too warm, years, during which time the works of tho Arkansas river were Mrs. Jackson appeared, "riding a gray are to be operated without any offic John J. Burnett and her grandmoth horse and carrying a long pistol in ial interference on the part of the each hand. I think they were as Mexican government, and the ports er.

The first child born in the vicinity of Qxford was "Willard Binkley, son of George Binkley, who was Jcwett. Samuel Bain. H. T. Simmons are to be kept open to the vessels of long as my arm, with muzzles that a ground squirrel could enter.

He swore 'by the eternal' he would 6hoot born in March, 1871. First marriage, Mr. Lafo Binkley and Miss the first man who brought his horse all nations at peace with Mexico, and these are guaranteed free transit across the Isthmus without tho imposition of any duties or imposts by the Mexican government. Mr. Eads ined the river, that there is a fall of Josephine Rowe, ceremony performed CITT OFFICERS Mayor H.

Barrett. Police Judge T. W. Cole. City Attorney J.

L. Abbott. Treasurer A. Gridley. Clerk Geo.

T. Walton. Marshal A. Blake. on the track that the people's money should not be stolen iu this man about eight feet from the bend north by Rev.

Perkins, Apiil, 1871. First religious meetings were held by A. ner. Ho talked incessantly; while the spittle rolled from his mouth and B. F.

Smith Morrill. The first sermon was is also to have tho' right to import, free of duty, all material, of tho bridge to the railroad bridge. With the volume of water which can bo controlled there can be sufficient power obtained to run three or four Oouncllmen. A. Barnard.

I). L. Stump. W. II.

Smith. preached by Rev. Perkins. Tho first store was owned by John and Lafe ery and the like, during the entire period of the grant, both in construction, repairs and maintenance, and in Binkley, and located in the deep ra fire flashed from his eyes. I have seen bears and wolves at bay, but he was the most ferocious looking animal I have ever seen.

His appearance and manner struck terror into mills, and all would find business that would prove lucrative. township officers: vine cast of town. The first school enlargement of the work. One mil While tho growth of Oxford has was taught by Miss Whalcy, after G. Tilton.

B. F.Smith. E. 8. Miller.

Joseph Sleigh. lion acres of land, to bo located on Trustee. Justices of the tho Isthmus or elsewhere within the the hearts of twenty thousand peopled If they all felt as 1 did, every X. fc. Keen.

wards wife of Frank Maddox. The first public school was taught by Mr. G. T. Mason.

The first Sunday school was organized in the spring Republic, are likewise to bo given to one expected to be slain." not so rapid asjjthat of some of our sister towns that have sprung up as if by magic, yet we have ono advantage in tho fact that the growth has been slow. The country around Oxford and tributary thereto, has been making wonderful progress iu The end of it was that there was a him to aid iu tho construction of a harbor on tho Pacific coast, and he is entitled to collect a toll amounting to CHURCH DIRECTORY. of 1871, with A. Morrill superintend ent. They met from "houso to and he beat a double-quick retreat.

at least $5 per ton on tho total great rush to tho pound to get back the money staked, and tho boy on the fence was overturned and nearly trampled to death. But he still lives, M. E. Church. Services every Sabbath.

Sunday School at 12 o'clock ni. Prayer meeting every evening. Ksv. J. Romixk, Pastor.

flic old gray-bearded, unshorn re weight of ship and cargo on all ves tho way of permanent improvements house" until a school houso was built. The first skiff on the Arkansas at this point was a white ash "dug cluse has a mania for marrying now sels transported across the railway, possibly the only survivor of that and 15 for each passenger, besides and in no section of Southwestern Kansas can be found so largo a scopo of as good under as and is looking further, just what he ought to havo done forty years ago. great crowd. He gives tho most viv out," 14 feet long, built by Binkley brothers and A. Morrill.

Christian Church. Social Meeting each Lord's day at 11 oelock a. in. Preaching first Lord's day in Ciich moniii nt 11 o'clock a. ni.

and evening. Rkv. J. E. Cain, Pastor.

id idea of Old Hickory's" personal ono per cent of the value of all coin, bullion or jewels iu transit. He is authorized also to construct fin aux high state of cultivation, as in the With the settlement of the town His mistake was that it took him too long to make up his mind and he ity, when Lafayette visited Nashville in 1821, and Jackson greeted him in tho public square, approach country immediately surrounding Oxford and while this is so wo may and surrounding country, church societies, schools and secret societies postponed life too late. Baptist Church. Services at Scliool House on lirst Sahbatii of each month. Rkv.

Gkkroky, Pastor. iliary railway of such gauge as he may elect, and a corresponding tele reasonably expect that this will be FRATERNITIES. ing the carriage with "peacock stride" the eyes of all were attracted to their graph line across the Isthmus. For ono of the leading grain and stock were promptly organized. The charter of the Presbyterian church was secured May 20th, 1872.

Tho first Convention of Wool Growers. Washington, January 15th. An markets of the southwest. the conveyance of passengers, freight own hero rather than to their distinguished guest. A hundred voices ex or message, he is entitled to make We do not build our hopes on rail directors were Rev.

W. K. Boggs, J. I. O.

O. F. Outbid Lodge, No. Meets every Tuesday evening, at Chandler's Hall. All members in good standing are cordially invited to attend.

W.Ii.CoL,X.G. J. T. 51. Ooluwkll, Sec adjourned meeting of the convention' of Wool Growers and Manufacturers of the United States took place here A.

Maggard, W. P. Hall, B. P. Pea the same charges as arc made or may be made on similar lines in Mexico.

claimed, ust look at old Jackson road excitement, which is ephemeral in its nature, but on tho rich pro cock, W. F. Stanton, L. J. Goddard There was something in his face, his In consideration of these liberal tind W.

E. Austin. On tho 16th of ducts of tho soil of our valley, which grants tho ships, troops, property June, 1872, the church was organized to-dny. A number of interesting papers were read upon 6heep culture. Mr.

Kclar, of Lcman Dessang, Australia, an extensive sheep grower, with greatly increased shipping facilities, will yield our farmers a rich and mails of the government of Mex martial presence, that enchained the public gaze whenever ho appeared. Of course, amid so much talk of Gen. Jackson, the lady whom he irot'ft tlm iitj kf rtrtr an At1 hij noiA nn.l A. F. A.

M. Oxford Lodge, Xo. 105. Meets nt Chandler's Hall on Saturday evening, on or before each full moon also two weeks thereafter. All members in good standing are invited to attend.

J. G. Ouvek, W. M. J.

A. Conm.v. Sec'y. ico aro to bo carried free during the by Rev. W.

K. Boggs, tho first minister cf this church. In the summer of 1S73 Messrs. Hosick and Richmond reward for their labors. It has been tho history of every stated that one of the most odious at entire period of the grant.

No right its incipiency, and afterwards one of" town in Kansas which was built on is reserved by the government to re took the contract and built tho first the most popular measures ever en duco the tolls or to exact any portion merely tho excitement of a railroad church west of the Arkansas river. Tho first marriage in this church was of them during this lime, and at the enterprise, to take a "back-set" after Knights of Honor. Oxford Lodge, Xo. 481. Meets every Monday evening at Chandler's Hall.

MeTNijers iu good standing arc invited. C. G. Tilton, Dictator. W.

W. Wyatt, Reporter. that of J. T. Coldwell and Miss forced by the Government was the establishment of the Commission to secure the eradication of infectious diseases in domesticated animals.

Mc- end of this period the works are to bo taken by the government, and the fever had passed over. While railroads aro indispensably necessary to the development of a country, yet M. Lou Malaby, by Rev. J. E.

Plat two-thirds of their value paid for ter, of Winfield. BUSINESS CARDS. Kclar has visitod the United States them to the company. The right is alone they do not ordinarily mako Th6 M.E. church was organized in 1871.

This society has sustained a towns. Thero must bo some natural also given to export, free of duty. honor comes in for her share. Many a sly littlo anecdote about her has been preserved. One lady tells that tho last timo her mother saw Mrs.

Jackson the hitter remarked; by way of accounting for a cold under which she suffered, "The General kicked tho kiver off last night." One of her negro women came to her in a good deal of trouble because she had just been told that tho world was round, and sho had always thought jt flat. "Never mind, aunty," said kind "Mis' Rachel," "don't you bo disturbed. I think it is flat myself, and honey" so sho of the money required to pay tho debts and dividends of the company abroad. advantages in the way of fertile soil, good water and water power, all of minister ever since its organisation. In 1877 a charter was secured and steps taken to ei-cct a church.

The stono walls were partially reared T. X. ASECTT, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Notary Public, and Real Estate Broker, OXFORD, KANSAS. City Property for She. rout or trade.

Office East side Sumner Avenue, one door south of the post-oHiw. The greatest evidence, however, of which we possess. It does not take for the purpose of locating an extensive ranche here and importing his sheep and shepherds from Australia, believing wool can be grown as cheaply here with added advantages of much better market John L. Hayes, President of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers, read a paper upon products required by tho desiro of Mexico to co-operate a very vivid imagination to foresee when for lack of funds tho work with the United States in promoting tho execution of this important worl stopped. Tho church is now being completed, tho lumber having been is shown in a notable clause of the concession which gives to Mr.

Eads tho right to hypothecate the revenues of tee company to any foreign gov M. II. EVANS, M. PHYSICIAN SURGEON. OXFORD, KAS.

Office In east room Oxford nottse, first floor. purchased and contract let. This will be a neat and attractive building being of stono 30x50, with sido tow looms and tho best modes of producing them in tho United States. He ten called the general "honey thinks the possibilities which lay out before us. It is our prediction that our town will bo increased one hundred per cent, in population and in tho number of buildings during the coming season.

If tho present expectations in regard to tho coming wheat harvest are realized, there will be an immense amount of grain marketed at this point, as also there will bo thousands of cattle and hogs shipped from this station ernment which will aid him with er, built in gothic style. attributes tho falling off in the production of fino wools to tho fact that so too." But her veriest detractors find nothing to say against her looks or money or guarantees in the construe tiou of the works. tho manufacturers will not pay high character. "She was beastly igno prices for fino w'ools, because the II. STtfINGER.

M. Officf. one of Mr. Blake's residence, east slut jf Sumner Avenue, Oxford, Kaxs. Washington, January 17.

The appor rant," said on fino old gentleman, "and Jackson married her, not from Tho christian church was organized in tho spring of 1876. Elder Craig was engaged as pastor and served nearly a year. Ever since tho organization the society has been in a flourishing condition. Tho Bupfist church has an organ tionment bill Introduced lit the House by Rcpresentati ve Cox, to-day, fixes the num love, but from an impulso of chivalry, ber of Representative at 301, and appor f6rSpeclal attention given to the treat toiling his protection around her ment oi cnronic diseases. tions them among the States as follows but sho was perfectly beautiful, and Alabama, Arkansas, ij; California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, ized society.

They have lots for a church and expect soon to bo able to as fino and good a woman as ever lived." present fashions have created a demand for coarse wool cloth. The following resolutions were adopted That it is advisiblo that tho. Department of Agricnlturo instituto a register of tho different breeds of sheep and cattle in tho United States That this Convention earnestly urgo upon Congress the importance of establishing in the District of Columbia an experimental farm, to bo maintained E. C. GALLOUP, PRACTICAL Florida, 1 Georgia, 0 Illinois, 10 Indi erect a building for their use.

But ho did lovo her. They tell ana, 12; Iowa, 10; Kansas, Kentucky, 10; Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, 0 The Masonic Lodge, No. 155, was organized on tho 17th of December, that tho Hermitage, which stands rather oddly just back of an eleva Soot SllOO Massachusetts, 11; Michigan, 10; Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, 43; Nebras Tho population of tho state, iu 1880, was us follows Mules, 536,077 Females, 459,258 Native, 885,707 Foreign, 190,628 NHite, 951,546 Colored, 43,789 Chinese, 19 Indians, 693 Half-breeds. 104 Siamcso, 3 Total population, 995,835 1875, and oiHoers installed by Dopu tion of the ground, instead of on its ty Grand Master, L. J.

Webb, of ka, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, 31; North Carolina, Ohio, 19; Oregan, Pennsylvania, 20 brow, was so placed because Mrs, Winfield, Kansas. Jackson, walking ono afternoon with the General, stoppod just thero and at tho expense of tho Government, for tho purposo of acquiring and maintaining tho best species of do Rhode Island, 2 South Carolina, 0 Ten Tho Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 136, was organized in tho full of 1876, nessee, Texas, 10; Vermont, Virgin said it would be tho right place for MAKER AND 23e palxe r. oxford; KANS, WATCHES, ia, est Irgitila. aim isconsin, 8.

mesticated animals, and especially of by Col. linn for, of South Haven, who As compared with the present number of sheen and catllo for distribution tho new house, as it was only a short distance from tho spring whero they went for water. The General struck members, this bill makes tho following loses- ami gains Arkansas, California, also installed tho officers elect. Tho lodge of I. O.

G. T. was or among tho States. Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi. South Carolina and West Yirirhiia.

iraln 1 each: Kan ganized in Juno, 1877, by Dr. V. W. the ground with his staff and said The Senate, conllnned Edgar Stanton, of CLOCKS AND JEWELRY thero should the foundations bo laid, Kimball. The Knights of Honor organiwv sas gains Texas.

Minnesoto and Nebraska gain 2 each; lViinsylvnnl. Ohio. New Hampshire. Maine, Indiana. Tennessee, Florida and Vermont, lose one each Illinois, now Consul nt Bremen, to be Con sul tlencral nt St.

Petersburg. And there they were laid, in spito of We are In receipt of two numbers of the Oxfoiid Weekly, the new paper recently slat ted there. The business men of Oxford do no! wm to appreciate the efforts or the publisher. At Ieat they do not advertise In tlie Wkkklt to a very alarming extent. Mr.

Widner gets up a very iwuE Nblu palter, mid dewrvos sueoe. Ilarner Republican. tion effected on tho 22d of February, Repaired and warrranted. ISrAU work will receive prompt attention and especial care. Flmt-class work In every particular, our ptrrouage tollcuedt ami Aew oik loses a.

expostulation. i Subscribe for tho Oxfobd Postmasters R. F. Llzler. Kirwin, 1877.

Deputy Supremo Dictator, A. Vi KeycM, of Wixwtor, OUo, pttrfrotr Indlau agents John D. Miles, Cheyenne tod Arapahoe ngeucjr, Indian Territory. wui. S.

umige, Auiteuo, ltw, is a.

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