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Oxford Weekly from Oxford, Kansas • 4

Oxford Weekly from Oxford, Kansas • 4

Oxford Weeklyi
Oxford, Kansas
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Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Jndy returned from Olathe last Monday night, wither he had beeii ou a short business trip, UKKlo KU I Ko, 33.

F. WT3DT33, rcw.isiiKH. Mr. Geo. Ilosick will, iu a short time, be found at his old place of business ready to wait npou his old friends aud everybody Persons needing tombstones, monuments, should give their orders to Daw-on Sou, at Winficld.

They do good work and guarantee satisfaction. Shop on Ninth Avenue, next to the Moui-tor office, Wintield, Kas. iw8 Teacher and Pupil. Teacher child wbere from are these gifts Thou caust have nothing from thy- iulf 5t IUKSPAY, JANUARY 13th, 1881- AXD PEALKBS IX ABSIVAI. AXO DEPAETUKE OF MAILS.

eise uo may can. Oxford Blasts. Doctors still in demand. Buffington still buying pigs, re Hardware 10:25 p. m.

5:20 a. in. 6:15 a. in. 10:30 p.

in. Child Why, I received every tiling from Eastern mail arrives at departs at Western mall arrives at depart at gardtess ot aeonnc. Ual that we We have received the first number of the The Daily Pantagraph, published at Topeka, by Hamilton Curl. It is full of news and is an honor to the profession. We predict that It will grow larger.

Notice. AH those who are entitled to receive free Passes over the Oxford Bridge, are requested to call on the Secretary, at Grid-ley Maggard's drug store and get tiieui. J. STEELE WEIR, Pres. A.

GniDLsy, Sec. If you want to buy a lot, If you want to sell a lot If you want to buy a farm, If you want to sell a farm If you want to rent a farm, If you want to exchange a farm, If you want to buy or sell anything, it does not matter what, Advertise in the Oxford Weekly aud secure vour wants. TINWAEE, SHOVELS, rapa. Teacher And lie, where did he get it? Child From Grand Papa. had a pea full of Buffs, Oxford Teacher Why theu, where did your would soon be a town.

Morris Bro's are doing a fine busi ness, to prove it nostoves on hand If you don't believe it, ask Patton. AND And In fact U'dly kept in a TOST OFFICE HOURS. Fom 8 a. in. to 8.

p. m. Sundays, from 0 1 10 a. ra. No money orders Issued after 6 o'clock p.

in. Mails made up at night for both night and morning trains. J. T. Coldweix, Dep't P.

Ui-iina rapa get it Child lie took it. The Coy. On a most clear spring morning A shepherdess went and sang. Younsr and beautiful ns the luoriiinsr, HOES, everything na first-class STORE. Collins has tho

Cause boarders git away with tod much That it went through the Ileitis vibrating HARDWARE Also, Garden iu grub. 'and Field Seeds George Ilosick intends opening, in its clang, Lo, la, la le, ralla I Thvorns hid her iu the distance of a' mile. Communicated. There were two or three sheep remain- a few days, a first class grocery Bravo I George. Oxford Heading Club in fuH blast Meeting Saturday evening at the res idence of Mr, Grittlcy, Como one, We beg to say to any one whom we have unintentionally omitted or offended in our remarks on the New Years Eve party, that we would be the most meek, the most humble, the most unpretentious, the most unassuming, the most willing to appease SUBSCRIBE FOR THE Oxford WEEKLY.

come all. GRIDLEY MAGGARD Will occupy this space. Cunning she cast a smile, Then in her song aud laugh commenced regaining. Lo, la, la le, ralla And another offered her bands, And the third offered hisJieart But she acted with heart and bauds As with the lambs, so smart le ralla! Anonymous. Subscribe for the Oxford Weekly, if you want to get value received.

their anger, the most willing to beg their Andy gave us a flying visit on last 81.50 per 3-car. Single copy, 5c. Published In the Oxord Weekli-, Jan Sabbath. Come often, Andy, your visits are appreciated. Our city "dads" mean business, only met twice this week.

uary Wtli, ISSI.J ORDINANCE NO. 21. J. T. M.

Coldwell says, who cares Relating to the Sale of Intoxicating GET YOUR JOB PRINTING AT TIIE OFFICE. for a one horse post ofiieC 1 Not I Ijiquors, Only weighs 9 pounds. May ho soon And Repealing Ordinances No. 5, Approved Nov. 8tn, 1878, Relating to Dram-Shops.

pardon, the most willing to be forgiven, of any living person that tho sun ever shown upon. Sincerely, fcc, Alma. Oxford Literary Club. 'The following is the programme of the Oxford Literary Club for next Saturday night, at the residence of Mr. Ansel Grid-Icy: Music Miss Humphrey, Miss Lida Sher-bum, Messrs.

Cold well and Giiilin, lieadiug Miss Lyda Sherburn. Declamation Mr. W. P. Grilliu and Dr.

Stockinger. Debate Question Resolved, that which is mightier, The Sword or the Pen? Affirmative, Frank Tiiew; Lena Walrath. Debate Question Resolved, That education is worth more to mankind than be able (the boy) to chaw. One gentleman in town; O. E.

Oh, I forgot E. Sleigh. 6, udgo Abbott returned a few days ago. Will move to Kansas City in 3 Also Repealing Ordinance No. Approved Deo.

11th, 1879, Relating to the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors. Post-Off ice STORE Can Imj found a choice and very complete Stock of G-roceries, QUEEXSWAIIE, CIGAES, TOBACCO, ETC. Subscribe tor the Oxford Wkekly. Get your job-prluthigat Oils office. Hunting expeditious seem to be the rage just now.

A new store and new goods in the near future. More changes will take place in a few weeks. There was a meeting of the City council Monday night. There is a prospect for Oxford getting another railroad. We want a few more men to take subscriptions for our paper.

Read the ordinance which appears in another column of tills issue. Ileal estate is going off at a rapid rate just now in a southerly direction. Business must be looking up," as the city is full of people almost every day. A child ot Mr. and Mrs.

Surguy died from croup, and buried last Friday, Just received, a new invoice of School Books. II. Cole. Mr. W.

E. Mollit, the live merchant of Milan, is visiting friends across the river. Hereafter wc will publish the Weekly-on Friday instead of Thursday, as heretofore. The days are lengthening, and the weather is strengthening" bracing up," we mean. The probability now is that there will be a demand for business houses in a very short time.

The Oxford Free bridge is now a reality, 'litis is an enterprise of which all should feel proud. Another snow last Saturday, but it did not keep the people in the country away from town. Mr. George Mc.Kee, who lias just returned from Colorado, has been badly afflicted with sore eyes. A little sou of Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas Surguy, aged about three years, died from diptheria Tuesday night. N. O. Thomas is closing out his gent's Sole I'ropri'Aora cf or 4 weeks.

Judge, you have oar best wishes. We have three "boss" hunters in Be it ordained by tho Mayor and Councilraen ot the City ot Oxford Oxford. Out all day, result, no Section 1. That no person or persons game. New Arrival.

within the City of Oxford, shall sell, give away, or in any manner dispose of any wealth. Affirmative Will Griffin. Neg spirituous, vinous, fermented, or other in ativeJudge Walton. Paper Mrs. Smith and Dr.

Evans. W. W. Wyatt, Prcs W. M.

Allison has purchased the Sumner County Democrat and will take possession on the first of February. So says tho Telegram, which is toxicating liquors within the corporate limits of said city, except for medicinal, mechanical or scientific purposes. What Makes tho Sky Blue. presumed to know about such things. Sf.c.

2. That no person or persons shall within said City of Oxiord sell, gve Mr. Allison graduated in a printing Oxford, Jan. 11, 1S81 Editoh Oxford eekxy away or otherwise dispose of any spiritu- mi. office in Illinois, we believe, and when ons, vinous, fermented, or other intoxicating liquors for medicinal, mechanical, or a mere boy with a handful ot type The ethereal blue color of the sky and a cheap press, commenced the scientific purposes, as specified iu Section is duo to minute particles of matter one of litis ordinance, without first havin, i F.I P.

MuriKft publication of the Cowley County Telegram, at Tisdale, in 1872, with a obtained from the proper authorities of My Stock is always full and of the Best quality, and everything sold as low as It Is possible to sell good goods. Dou't vou forget it, but call iu and see. Respectfully, C. G. TILTOX, Fost-ofllee Building, OXFOKD.

KANS. said city a license for that purpose. which float in the air. Were these particles removed, tho appearance of the sky would be dead black. It is a fact in optics that exceedingly fine Sec.

3. That each person or association of persons, desiring a license for tiie pur portions of matter disperse or scatter poses specified in Section two of this ordinance, shall make application hi writing to the blue fays of light, coarser pof- the Mayor and Councilmen of said City at lions scatter red rays, still courser some regular or special meeting of the entd'Mjjn ofCv. 0 -i cclim- tlv TUlltfi Mlllv.f t'S-ii, VWoltH. 8irr(i 4 I V5it'i, fuil ac'iffe 1.11 rf mil Crt.t, r.irTtu Ifs ersvy ttrpastm I 1 t' tvi. same a i' tll hrt.

Iau 1 m- br it.iti: itiv(l nw tt it fci. p-v-il vii- n. frrl jkJ1. 'illit nvc ttti'i-i Wiiv Jisiii'iicj-, nj-r tr-'-l. 1 1 Hi xn 'irtfi'l rie.

I I fvrry t'ltt kry i4Ha icrfiNMi vl I'aU lUitr jini-nt d-i Writ tt-M-J. Wk I a- A 1t. --tiu wlj thU Plan. r-r .11 1 v. 1 S'-rr." it InstrnwJ.

nrn.i,-r J.rti.i I ts tbirit ovtitvw 1. -v f.i 1 rotimi at il is inwn-rA ras-. title iDUiuaitu; ly Cxaiguni f-ou. xv Shipped Directfor-S2S6. nti ii a iJ cc 1 jirtui.

ftt.d fi- Yi VI' lj.ti r.Vu:c V.v. tj ulmi It to b- liid f-r. t.Ilit i tr ully VKuk jr. and lm in rtrf.iiicij vr Mt Ekbto! but ciiV- ntir If st i (.. tl a in -tfrf "iei; if niwi.

1 J.jji-f Ut tr otr SEW STOI1E NEW STOIIE! City Council, which said application shall portions scatter all tho rays, making white light. Tho atmosphere is full state the place where said applicant pro funiisliiiiir sroods at cost. Xow is the time to get good goods at small cost. of aqueous vopor, llio particles of which diffuse white liyht in all direc Tliis is exceptional cold weather the worst we ever had, and wo don't like it, tions. "When tho particles arc en iavged, they become visible in tin but we'll try and worry through.

dozen or two of subscribers and very iittle patronage. It was then a time when the settlers were scarce and poor, and it was a struggle to make a living at anything, much more to build up a great newspaper from such small After working there a few months lio removed to Winficld, the county scat, and hero began work in earnest. He encountered a thousand difficulties and discouragements, but he had faith in the future of this county and indomitable pluck. Year by year lie increased his subscription list, his printing material, his presses and tho size of his paper until his paper was one of the largest county weeklies in the Stale. His oflico was well stocked and his circulation and patronage large for any Kansas county.

In addition to poses to engage in or carry on said business, and that he, she or they, will conform to and be governed by all the provisions of this ordinance, and that tlicyare not indebted to said city for any license previously granted. Six. 4. That any person, or association of person, violating any of the provisions of this ordinance, by selling, giving away, or otherwise disposing of any spirituous, Nearly everybody in this section of the form of clouds. That tbo diffusion Ffrvv- i rjurrn, run country is putting up ice this winter, our of light in our atmosphere, tho blue people are determined to keep cool next raiitiil live xmnii scrt 'tn- i 'l ii'il i i lh-j rmn i PuMy li'f c- lie i A 'erv lit- i.e ct ii.nitt.Mf I vU IJtt.i Jv l.o 1 tfi divide summer.

The Sumner County Press is an enterprising sheet. The last act is it publish on 1 -11 of tether rim- coloring of tho sky and the colors ol tho clouds, aro due to tho presence ol matter floating in Iho air, has been conclusively proven by Tydall. On passing a beam of sunlight through a DEAI.EP. IH DRUGS, GROCERIES, GLASSWARE and QUEENS WARE. 1 cordially invite all who desire to get bargains to call on me and examine my gootts a nd Terms cash.

Country Produce taken, in exchange for goods. I WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD. KSyCall and see me at the Old Stand, near the Lumber Yard, South Sunnier Avenue, nl OXFORD, KANSAS. tt-rM-w'll Ht lite iVUhh-i. ni.f.U i to Ibt vinous fermented, or intoxicating ing the local news of all the papers pub The Keriden Purchasir liquors, for any purpose other than the purposes mentioned in Section numbers lished in the county.

one (1), two (2), and three (3), of this or Mr. John Jackson and Miss Luna Hurst glass tube, the beam is rendered bril dinance, or by so disposing of any of said were married during the holidays. liantly vtsiblc by tho re flection of Mav hanniucss be theirs during their ouis gype foundry AND PAPER WAREHOUSE, liquors, without lirst obtaining and at the time holding a license therefor in accordance with the provisions of Section two journey through life. light from tho dust particles, floating in tho air contained in tho tube John Lucas, James Cordell and Charles lfMftarwf DUra la (2), and three of this ordinance, shall, But on removing tho dust panicles, M. Cltouvront are off on a hunting expe upon conviction, be fined in any sum not PAPERS which is done by filtering the air by 2ST.

-VvT. dition to the Territory, and expect to re less than live, nor more tliau twenty-live dollars. cotton wool, or causing the air to main away two or three weeks. -DEALER IK- cf au riiii. CARDS AXO pass over a flame, tho beam of light Sec.

5. That a quarterly tax of five dol PRESSES, Monday morning, January 10th, 1SS1, was au extremely cold morning for this lars, for each quarter of three months or Boards his weekly he had been publishing a daily for some thne, when last summer ho sold out his office, made valuable by years of hard work, to C. C. Black. Mr.

Allison is a newspaper man of much talent and perseverance, and if ho has faults, cowardice is not one of them. Wo wish him every success in his new field of labor. Winficld Courier. A Card. To those good christian" ladies who.

part of the country, the thermometer indi less, be levied upon and collected from is no longer visible in tho tube. MuLTUM IN l'ARVO. Salt City and Vioinity Items. FURNITUKE AND UNDERTAKER, cating 8 degrees below zero at tnat ume, TAGS, each person, firm, or association of per CABINETS, Mr. Abbott returned from his trip Envelopes CHASES, sons engaged In the business or sale of any of the articles unincd iu any section of this HQ WJt IU BRONZES, alloy to Kansas City, last Saturday night, and looks as though lie had had a good time, Tho liiam Jiro havo been in ordinance.

Said tax to be due and paya KANSAS. OXFORD, PRINTING the territory hunting for the past few ble quarterly in advance. Tho first in and that that part of the world suits him INKS, Ana PRINTIN0 IJachiijery clays. stallment of said tax to be paidMipoti thq Our boot-black reports business in Ids Hun ilnll. but he is not discouraged He ssuing of said license, and all subsequent tnmsHES, In our absence, interested themselves in Rev.

Broadbent, of tho Christian denomination, is holding a scries of thinks the crop prospect for 1SS1 is good, Ac, tnsuir. Hip '-Fjf installments to be paid each quarter, (or three mouths), thereafter, iu advance. of all kinds done to order. 1 also manufacture Spring Beds and aft kinds of Fui'tiiluie and Cabinet work. and that he'll come in for his share after ks ivzsnnua tut trssi nt i nnnmi ornci Kr.s.

115 117 Pine Street, ST. LOUIS. Skc. C. That any person, persons, or my behalf by stating aud industriously circulating a report to the effect that I had left the town not again to return, I take pleasure In announcing myself again at association of persons, having taken out a awhile.

Win. Bruce Baughn, Sim Baughn, Jo. Potoosick and John Tlltoi license in accordance with the provisions KAXS. meetings at this place. Salt City has a prospect of a rail road in the spring.

Mrs. S. B. Snyder is very sick. Tho school at this placo is progress ing finely.

OXFORD, of this ordinance, and who shall fall or re Home, anil, in the language of the learned "Dutchman," wo may now sav "A started 'Monday morning for the Territo pad penny most always sometimes will I. J. MAGGARD, M. Phyaloioa, Surgeon, Aooouchour. SGrOillce tlndley Maggard's drug stoix1, OXFORD, KXA.

come pack." 'though perhaps It Is iustlv ry t)U a grand hunting expedition. Ihey expect to bo absent a week or more. A regular boomis predicted for Oxford as soon as the weather will permit. due those good souls" that I explain the Mr. B.

Willard is hauling wood cause of my prolonged abseuce, by saying across tho river on tho ico. fuse to pay the quarterly Installment when the same shall become due and payable, shall forfeit auy and all rights which they may have had by virtue of said license and any person or persons having so forfeited their license, as in this section provided, and who shall thereafter continue It: the business, or sell any of the articles in this ordinance named, shall bo liable to all the penalties In this ordinance provi We sav, let her boom," it is Just what I was (to my regret) unavoidably detained several days longer than anticipated. As Tho literary is held at tho school Oxford needs to make her what site Is uYs-Uued to be, the boss" city of South-west liouso every Friday evening. Qnes- to reason of detention will say, I was at H.H. BUCKLES, OXIOUD, KANSAS.

Dealer In SHELF AND HEAVY Hardware, Consisting iu part of BOLTS, FORKS, SCREWS, SPADES, tion for next evening is, Resolved Kansas. tending strictly to my own business. As to jiist when I shall airaln leave the town. XEW BLACKSMITH SHOP. T.

O-. OX-X-VEH, rUOt'KIKTOR, that there is moro money to bo made Oxford, "twenty years written 1 am, at this time, unable to naiiio the in Kansas at farming than stock by some unknown author, lit the Litcra'-y Gem, for last Saturday night, was excel ilalc, but It Is a matter will known to all Mnnufuetutvr and Dresner of lent, and we have no doubt that those who that I havo for some lime been making preparations lo move lo Kansas City, and I shall do so so soon as I can satisfactorily raising. There a protracted mooting being hold ftt tho Jenkins school house in Vnlvordi, by tho Baptist and Unit arrange nil business and other mutters to LANTERNS, SHOVELS, AXES, that effect, which I now think will he mi- ded, the same and to the same cxlcut ns they would havo been had they procured no license therefor. Sec. 7.

That tho giving away of nny intoxicating liquors, or any other shift, or device, to evade the of tills ordinance, shall bo deemed aid held to be an unlawful selling within tlio provisions of this ordinance. Skc. 8. That ordtnnnco No. flvo approved November 8th, 1879, mid entitled Relating to Dram Shops," mid ordinance No.

six approved December Cth.lS7fl. ed Brethren denominations, aud is largely attended. or to tho first day of March next. But ns I am at this thne tumble to give exact date, and in order, If possible, lo relieve the Mr. Jnmes Axlcy is talking of HOES, ETC.

Also a Largo Stock of "Wagon and minds of those good christian moving to Salt uny in a low weeks. hereby promise to tit least one week nrlor Mr. Roberts intends to start for to removal, give notice by publication In Plow 33epalrs. are still living hero at that time, ill lliul the prediction, us regards OxWrd, about correct. Mr.

J. F. Paul, who lived a few miles cast of Oxford, died lust Friday night and was buried last Sunday ith masonic honors, lie was one of the oldest pettier nml wa respected by nil. The family have the sympathy of the entire community In their sad bereavement. Mr.

J. T. Caldwell rushed Into the olllce a few day ago nearly out of breath, and frightening us miwt and just ns wo were about to make" tor tho back floor, he relieved our anxiety by staling It wa a boy, nml weighed 1J pounds. All are a w-li could lie expected. Wc can bum up eitfar.

Thauk. Arkansas in about six weeks. tho "Sun Beam" of time and date of de and entitled, Relating to tho salo of lu tox Mr. Berkoy is doing a thriving A full and complete Stock ot ical Ing liquors, are hereby repealed. Skc.

0. This ordinance shall tako effect Everything Iu the line of BLACKS ITHI NG ASD WdGOX WORK Douc lu a wurkinatdlKC inanner. df-ricks mnlo and hhnrpened. ratronngo solicited. Shop west side of Bitinucr Avcuue, OXFORD, KAXSA8 parture, provided, however, that "Hetuns" from the solar center at that time, penetrates the most remote comers of tho vl- rowdcr, and Shot, business in tho dry goods line this winter.

mid Iw In force ou and after Its publica Wuter-rroof Well BuukeU and cl tinge," otherwise will publish the same notice In tho Oxford Weekly. Axle Grease, tion in the Oxfonn ekkia. Approved January 11th, 1881. IlKttimiiT Barrett, Wo think a hardware istoro would lo a good business in Salt City. Yours, Pete Andrews.

Hoping this may be satisfactory, I re anu it iiHiow uiass. will not bo undersold, and don't main, Kespctfully, Ac, Geo. T. Walton, Mayor. J.

L. ABBOTT. I Clerk. you forget it either..

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