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South Haven Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 4

South Haven Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 4

South Haven Voicei
Wellington, Kansas
Issue Date:
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qade in tbe East. Rather a poo time now to 'be1' no 'honronjiiu TO Wrjck nue front MnrsoAT ep (3f H. 8. Nutt' Dear Cowrada: Your kind words sink deep into the hearts of the Corns, and thy autbpiie me to hay to that t'pf prbu'd fit thfi fat hat can at last stapd gs protbers, with a common case and destiny, realising an believip'g (-hat the only hope and salvatipc of our republic is in the great pommcp jpoople enlisticg under end Dapner and marching on to victory" Jhe principles of rh? N)boCo. Otyjnail cineti at Erie the last etivtj ft D.

Harmoa, Saa'jr. a Counw ConnaU mU rafulanly at Altamont, tbe Ont ibnridty Ineeebquartev, Harrr HUlf Seo'y, Annual Report of the Treasnrer of the City of Kfisitb Havrit. Anipunt oj Water Tcwer Fund Apr. 1800, $122.01 (leQ.eval fond PI Amount Jfecfiived: fronj County Traa's General Pund 443.87 forSinkii'gF as Liceasa fow H. G.

Pay 44,00 tt- 1. Pioes frost Judge Credit by Amount of Order Redeemed 324,0 Amount oa hand in So, Haven Bank Ras pec tf nlly submitted Maroh3lstl89l. N. W. Baker.

Citv Trea's. 40 Ceuta. 4 Council 4, of Cherokee meeta rogularly every third frltUy in sceh month. H. S.

Coon WelrCHy, Mayor, am'l Kvff Fftlffie; Jdff, ktl-Boonj City Clark, B. C. Payne UmrthH, eNlgcilaaea: Baaw'l Adkinaon, II, MgtoVf, ThomM JXiehjBoad, Jay, The Uonitiau Co, CouncU aieota at eallfbm nle Mo. the 4tbg4tardy In eaob month, at 1 pifjlpclt p. S.

E. Metti Fm'n. G. A.Stark Sto converted. Le'tt-aii vc Repentance.

But with all his pleading for in 1 think ha will get left. Ve are growing some 40a fee? confident that though small in numbers we are strong and lasting. Thanks far the privilpgo tp write you wherever wish kj. Truly Your Sister Comrade in P-ora MatheQu. Montgomery Co.

Ks. The trusting cpnfjdeuce, pf two above mention poancila, ij alone sufficient; to rolj the jealous, slanderous, abuse of the Jfo Con editor pf ail its sting. I would not exchange the trust: ing, respectful confidence have won from my many reform friends and comrades for all the money my vilifier' boasted circulation brings. Ior -could the largest salary so fully compensate me for my labors as the grateful letters receive. I thank the many comrades and Alliance friends for their jtindly appreciation of my eflcrte tp expose fraud; and shall still strive to bo -worthy their respect anc confidence.

Mrs, N. Nutt City Clerjte Report for Fiscal Tear Kndlii April General Fund Debt To Balance $0.32 Amount Tax Geneial $4438? License collected Policy Judge oio' Council (I of Montgomery Co. meeti tbe Jit. and 3rd. mondaya of each month.

Matbewton. Lay, Ka. Seo'y. Credit The Coupty quD of CraaJord Co. will meet tba lit Tueiday of eaeu Quarter in Girard, Ks.

Joe. A. CunniDgham See'f. Couupll one of Moniteau Co. Mo.

ueot it-gularly at Clarfceburf, the tbunday on, or before the full moon in each mouth, at 6:31) P. oi, J.L. fey Seo'y. ft, Lob1; Saa Franoleco. rainy antre b(I depart i folowa.

feaeengerNo.4at. Passenger No-1 Wes'l. 0:10 p. reifbt freight He.fQJasC t4SP-m. MQWP.

-f-ent. uppers rawn ior dui Auowea fudges and Clerks Elect 1890 Marshals and Special Police Warrepjs Street War repts Statues 1880 Clerk Salary" Stationary Old orders (1888 89) Long Boll Lumber Co. Pound Rent Treasurer's Salary Wm. Shaffer Undertaker Orders (99 to 104) drawn by previous clerk and not charged 10. 0Q: 66.58 15,60 10.60 lo.odi, 17,83 17,8 5.50 9,7 Couuell of Lawrence Mc, meet regularly tbe first aud third friday of eaeb mouth al Oak Orote School Uouae three mUei North of Peirce City, at p.

m. John Heiaton Seo'y. Tbe Couuty Oounoll of Jaaper county Mo. will meet regularly a K. of L.

Hall, Webb city, the first eaturday night in each quarter. O.K. Smith, Peter McEntee, Seo'y. Foreman. ALL SORTS, Mrs.

Jnp- Jilackwelder. ppesen: ted her husband with a fiue boy Easter Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. 'Patrick Henry' were the guests of C.

H. Algop oi Ash ton Easter. Aftchteon, Topekft Santa, Fe, 3rPessngr trains run on the following xt ef set gunday Nov. Wo. 8:00 p.m.

888, North Bopup. 5:10 a. m. Ooeneotiooforall points norland east at 3rgo)I Vestlbujed traips thrnuati without Chicago to Denver, or Ifanwis pity to Rulc rJa Wicfcita and ArJrojwae JV5Ktj In ehn'r car map. Fr information st-mst tickets, rtites, routes Pullman reservations, etc.

ere, address X. T. TpCKSH, AQKNT, -b. r. 9.

3., 80. paren.Ks. Balance ip (feeral Fund $191.27 Council 12 of Montgomery conhty Ks. ni, To Balance regularly tbo 2nd aqd th tbursdaya in eaoh Tax from city $122 01 $193,80 21.12 Credit mcnth, at, p. at Farm Bldge sohool bouse 19 miles north west of Independence.

M. Weods Seo'y. Bj interescupon Uncle Billy Clark took unto himself a third wife thursday. The happy bride was Miss, Sarali tomhn. Subscribers, 5172.77 Total amount pf all money in the hands of City Trta-.

surer $364,04. Respectrully submitted P. P. Payne. City Cerk.

TTN REPAIR SH0P: Xi. li, es, we recognise that there is no issue between us longer; and extend the hand of fellowship and brotherly love to the comrades in Kaphas, asking you to say. to them fpr us, that we will meet them and stand by apd with them; and fall if nes ceisavy with them in the great Qght for the emancipation of the pepplpof this great and grand country." Comrades, I ajn weil pleased with the work and so are the comrades of council four. The people are becoming aroused by some of the actions qf the Governor and Legislators of this State, b'Jt thpse- who play with nrp taay expect to get burpf is an old adage, and is proving to be a porrecfcQne in this iustanpe. How longl Oh how long are the people to be robbed of their liberties and Justice defrauded of her priviledgee.

Enclosed find some subs for P. I will do my best but money is very scarce at present. Wishing success to you and the order and all that labor for the cause I am Fraternally Yours inE. L. F.

J. J. Miilfc Hopkins Cc. Teg. Among tne many kind letters I receive none strikes a more tender chord than tiis.

one, through which the grey extends through me the hand of fellowship ti the comrades pf Kansas, upon my assurance that to Kansas reformers the old war issues of the past are dead; and today the blue and gray are marching abreast, comrade in the noy battle for the emancipation of toil? ing humanity. Comrades of Kansas, do you not unanimously authorize me to grasp the prof; fered hand in full assurance of Equality and Fraternity? In tbe rebellton Capital caused the blue and gray to array themselves brother against brother. Todav, we march as comrades, shoulder to shoulder against centralized capital, our cemmon foe. Then muskets, was the persuasive fcrce; today we armour-selves with the sword of truth and shield of Justice, vhiie in the name of the author of Justice we demand th) emancipation of the toiler, and the liberty of the masses. Comrades, we welcome you not Only we of Kans.

but of every yorthern State whero E. L. F. abides. So when marching in unity against our common foe, our principles shall have triumphed and ushered in tbe coming era of peace, no capitalistic oppression, no fends of our fathers, no imaginary lines shall divide us.

but as comrades in one general fraternity, we will hold a grand reunion to celeb' rate the emancipation of Industry and the now birth of Liberty, While I hold this council in remembrance I shall feel I have not labored iu vain. N. S. NpitNaflSeo'y U. O.

A. M. Wednesday was All Fool's Day and throngh the efforts qf Mrs. VanFossan they were pretty nearly all fools in our neighbor: hood. State Fort-man I.

T. Kcllog wij( meet with the rcuilcD o. couueii at their regular monthly meeting in Apll. A ful) attendance is desired as matterf of impprtanpp jrlll come before the epuncil. 8.

Nutt Act. Nat. foreman. Cowley Co. Cuuncsl V.

A. M. Mecu at ranjjas City erery aeoond Satur-dy of eaeh month, at In tbe Bldle Block, Cor. Summit and Central Ave. M.

L. Williams, Ceo. Presbury. Soc. FopMjian.

BUI? nmmvi -r T-1 1VT i UTrTTTrXjn Nave and Misa Mary Be-reiter were made one ou wednec: day, at tho County Sat. The P. II, wishes them the usual amount of matrimonial bliss. yVi this paragraph, means that jour subscription has expired; 'nd we solicit your renewal. A OpecUllty of all tuah no TIP Work, Goal pd qasollpe Otoves 3LQ Order Oasttpgs for ali Kirida of Stove.

And handle something; in Gatolinjt Stoves. Snp Three Pgonp jjf orth or Hotbt. F. A. HAMBLIN, Tbe Uourbou Co council will bold Its next regular meeting at Redfleld, April llth, at 10 a.

m. sharp. Each sub-council Is requested to send a full delegation as no delegate will bare but one vote apeordjng fe getlon of last 3. M. Simpsqn, Wm.

Sutler, Seo'y. foreman, Mrs. Reed who is visiting in the city, with her brother, Mr. Christian, gave birth to a three and a half pound boy eunday, Mother and child are (toing well under Dr. Hollingsworth's care.

-OI)R TRIAlt OFPER The Patrick Hexby to new 4 months subscribers, on trial. O15 cts. -(Formerly with J. H. Parties In districts where tbo order Is not who endorsp our pripuiplea, and desire organizatibn, should address U.

S. KPT Nat. Sec. South rjaven. Kansas.

ORGANIZERS. CUT MEAT MARKET OAKS, rUTDS Ot FURS, OKOXPS Here after ao reports will ba acoepted from organizers, unless all the rules are complied with, and the pound) subscription to the II included with the ohatter fee. It is Equality and discipline, or it Is nothing. S. Nutt, Aot.

Nat. Foreman. Browh's Cure for Rheamstfsm. This is a medicine that never fails to cure. Sixty-four case3 have been cured by it, sixteen of them in Arkansas City during the last year.

Jt cures all cases and kinds of rheumatism, For sale by, Lyman M. Brown, 9th St," between Adams and Jefferson Ave. Charley McClellan and lamily returned from Winfieid Sunday, bringing Charlie's mother with them, she baying sufficiently re? covered from her paralysis to bear moving. She wiil now re side permanently with Charley. Facts and Figures.

According to the public debt satement for Jauary the out: standing principal on the Union Pacific Railway bonds is $64, 623-512. The interest paid by the United States is 188.302,073,86; the interest repaid by railroad companies is $24, 352, 277 16; the balance of interest paid by United States is $63,930,396.70. Great Wesst Ouly the lctt viiualltjR-Willholiandledt. 11. Tt.

BOOm. Send in your orders for the Dgeg composed by Com. Hattie V. Be'idin, expressly for the U.O, A. which beautifully portray ithe object of our work; and let ins all sing together.

Printed on jUgfet card board, only 25 cts. jper.doz. Discriminate earef nlly between ithe roan who is willing to take office wheu the people want ibim to take it, and the man who it after it whether the people -want his services or not, Le-tfaar'iSun, The promptness with which imany councils are sending in itheir quarterly reports shows a jhet4y condition of the order the interest of comrades 3un the work. Only by 'Eternal u.o. m.

TlioC. O.A.M. of tbe 3rd Cong. Dlst will meet at Cherryrale, May IStb 1801, for tbo purpeso of completing the Dfsl. Co.pouuoiis Injalddiit.

wilt eaob elect two (legates at their regular April meeting. CounUes not fully organbted will meet with oouncil pm by special call aud elect their delegates before data qf dlst. popneli. All comrades are Inrlted to attend. By order of O.

W. Awbrey Dlst, Organizer. WW LEMMON, SOUTH HATa. KASSAB. Physician Surgeon.

QC3.ce one door North of Poatoffice, L. W. JOHNSON General Kakea a apeciaUty of' cry-la SflB alee. Eas had years of Ton! a Ad4lroai liim at- lerth Rumuer Co. Organizers and councils will bear in mind that ail reports, monies aud communications in tended f.or r'i? genoral bead-quarters should be sent direct to THE VOLDQ LIBRARY A page Quarterly, published July, October, January, April, devoted to aggraesire politloocoourimle dlscusalon In defense of popular liberty and Nationalism as the mperatlve substitute for Plutocracy, No.

1 Our Bepubliean Monarchy. To. Songs of the Coming Revolution. No. The Hand or Hamilton.

No. 4 What Is Nationalism? Price, ft ayeari single copies ISc. Sanderson Publishers, 11US OUre St. Loula, P-O. iaiflll then keen abreast in the jgood work without faltering, sraiting the enemy with the tword of' Truth, until Justice ireigns o'er a liberated peopla.

"The 3rd district Council of Ks. will mAAf at PKarvflvnln ev Tnv Gen. D. A. Alden and wife, Lilliputian Glass Workers, gave three of their fine art exhibitions in this city tho 28th 80th and 31st, which were well worthy of patronage.

The little couple, worth the admission fee to see, a-? the smallest glass workers, in tho couulry. Mrs. Alden three feet high is a thourough business woman and highly intelligent. The little Gen. thouroaghly vn-derstandi his business, having learned it in New York from the Bohemians; and dees some very fine work.

Those whe failed to visit his exhibitions were the losers. Some pf his thread, fi. nor than a spider's web. spun from glass adorns our desk and wiil bring us the memory of a pleasant day '4 visit from the lit-tie couple, on monday. Mrs.

Alden is a thourough Anti-Ma? ropolist in principle; and has a good understanding of human character. We recommend them to the notice of our friends who come in the line pf their travels ine ai. oec. rj.o. rjuic.

South Haven, Ks. Organizers must be careful in giving tho seprptary's P. address correctly, that their communications and papers may reach themsofely, N. S. Nutt Nat, Sec.

i 44th Ac Ka AJHaifR Mrs. Nutt. Dear Sister Cora: Your splend'd, long letter was received yesterday and 1 was so glad to hear from you again. We went to the council last night and I read your letter. Tho comrades were much pleased with it as you gave us information cn several points we were so glad to get.

I cannot tell you how much new strength and courage your letters give us. Com. Ritchie Jives a short distance from here and is highly prized for his active work and good influence. He visited our corjccil after his visit to Hutchin-soe and told us of his talk with you. Received the P.

H. today. Any perso.i who would not regard a pledge as solemn and binding as ours, has not a spark of principle or manhood about them. Such men are too eon-temptibU to be recognized by honest people. The only way for us to make our great work accomplish its eud is to stand firmly together and not heed the mean stories circulated about our order ci its members, i am willing to do anything in my power the reform movement.

I do not pretend to know mua About it. but read and try to learn all I cm; I think May South-worth must be a very intelligent young lady for her years. We WAKE UP TURNER'S EMANCIPATOR Isaohautpionorthe rights of labor. Bx-imscs fraud whererer found. Its editorials are snap, finger and nltrolyeerlne, If yon are a laboring man you want It I Ifyour farm Is fnortagaged, or you oaunnf get work you waut It.

A strictly ptrr Only cents a year. Svnd fur it. Address "Turner's Island Co. Washington aeets At the same place on the -jUth, let all comrades aiming to sittond the Alliance wake ar-3TAD gements be present at the 4disk council also. AH comrades ti good standing are invited to aattend as visiting comrades.

Let 3s many possible avail them-lves of the opportunity. Let M8 live a grand pro-eyctlye jpf an Stato ProfWoot foU down to vnirtoap InttrroftKton pnIM 4he minirj oan jlook fw tpost anjiolpg. Konouof ormtaty. wWa the! '(editor of the; Non Joa gts 4ownto swearing in the ace ci 50.000 witnesses, and State Officers, Attention! Officers in charge of States will turn their attention to preparations for a National Council as aariy as sometime in May The exact date and location not being definitely fixed upon will be gh'en later All leading com redes of the Nation are invited to attend as advisory delegates in matters of importance to the Order in general. Remembef the sacred ness of our cause and prepare to be pre sent Let us have-a grand harmonious' Council for tho promotion of Justice and Epuality.

S. Nutt Act- Nat. Forcwau Si 9, Mi ei PATENTS, Trade-marks, Labels and Copyrights promptly pro-aured. -A 40 PAGE BOOK FREE. Send sketch or model for free opinion 8s to patentable ity AH business treated as sacredly confidential.

16 tars experience, Highest references. Send for book. Address, IV, FITZGEALD, Att'y nt Ifw. 800 F. efaiaitwlionct.

tbatlha 'Videt-fbie oomjKwed of republi-. ATRICK HENRX lilt -HlliMHt' If ouooaniou SAfTVL qOTt' mtm WI9r House. Speoial Attention Given to the Accommodation of Cow-I -lrpial Mon. Qoc4(8i1Ke9ms) (a tt Bouse toe oovotry pitffjapite urprisei to learn 1mi Jjjyred P.oorman air his tjfelowrtai to Ainlrch a and Are all members of the Farmers 1 road Job 11 ty Jufnp-.

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