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South Haven Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 1

South Haven Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 1

South Haven Voicei
Wellington, Kansas
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-r- cT) In JCo) rr7 1 Th QRoffip? of AJJ WKo Strlv for justice. Official Org! of tKo Orter pf 75 OTS. 4. TEAR, JI. NO, SOUTH HAVgyi KANSAS, gATUBPATj 80, l89q OFFICIAL Poverty and bankruptcy drives men to all kinds of moral 'deljn date for so responsible a position, and may justfy be considered as out of the race, ijuomrea auu X4uooi3, CONTINUED.

ON 4th PAGE. Press Qpinqtts from Many 1 Sources. The next legislature of Kansas wiU have 115 farmers and but three lonesome lawyers. Home Rule. 4 J01NJ.THEGEE4T, PearVot Xtae, Now 1 Bit down end I'll relate The soetlmopts that were uttered, 5 By John James Ingaljs tb "oKiAt." He saM one-time In New 'York, (Don't you heer our Kfljemin,) That "Purity in FolUlcs wat Tuomas Jefferson declared na Df rectory of OflIocrw o( the tJntea Order oC 5 si i' Anti-SXpnopolltH.

tional banks to be more danger pu3-thair standing armies. William Penn said that it TVia hanlrinc ctretAm should be part of everv man's re An Irldloeht dream TQ THE COMRADES. As I am at the national Head-quarters of the U. O. M.

I feel like addressing this letter to you. As it is impossible for me 10" answer all my personal rlendi ly correspondence noi Now, my ojmraees want to has been, and is, an injury' tb Officers within? their name insert- ligion to see: that'his5 eountry is all classes of labor. Jfix. weiigoyprpea. 'J edPin the directory will please jiotity us and send; their address 1 A What right has a resident of Eurone rto demand tribute of The great west wantig to know NATIONAL OprZCZBS.

-V-V say1 this, oil. I find the work representative casting reflections upon their' integrity and lbyality to their people; an4 'competency to select a successor to foe pret sent by presuming to dictate who they vote tot; some going so far as to propose to submit the question to a vote of the sub alliances. Don't do it friends. The unite) people elected those representatives, knowing the duties of their office, and believing" in their competen cy to perform those duties; and their integrity to stand true to their constituents. It is well enough' todiscuss the merits of the different and present their or to make known the choice 6 your district to youb representative; but when the alliance presm'es to decide by a vote, and insist on their decision being carried out, they establish party' boss-ism, insult their officers and des trov the chief element of success in '92, Unity of the people regardless of locality, trade oredc- Americans for the privilege of headquarters in' good cohdi net; if land fs not as goodsecur-ity for money as bonds.

Ex. tipn, and our Order will be a grand success, if each comrade In France a laborer ouly has to pay about One twentieth of his will stand true to the Leaders and each one bear his. or her. equal share of the burden which income for rent. In America he has to 'pay about one fourth.

X. is very light on all, but if any, hi i i Have you seen the new sjgn begird on the national highway? "Congressmen attend to the business of thpir constitu ents" Huroft Independent. 1 Does it pay a farmer in North Cafolina to have his: sjnbke house in Chicago, bis corn crib in St. Louis, his manure pile in It was Daniel Webster who neglect to bear his share; it throws his burden oh to some other comrade and thereby an said: "LibOrty' corinbt long en I' dure in any country where the injustice is done someone. Now my comrades, we all know bur duty, let "each one take hold with a will, and we will surely be tendency of legislation is to concentrate wealth Into tqe hands of a few':" Baltimore, his tailor in New Vork? Progressive Farmer.

crowned with success and above cupation. all, let us' have entire harmonj and let us remember that fiend The national Alliance in at Ocalar Fla, has denoun Think People all. teurseutlments to recall, When' John J. trlee To blind your eyes, To the tatt ot Willi Street thrall. He says "Its lawful to dedere." Honey SoMnt tank however Acquired," (I aent that a better pl) 1 isail they need He'll find oift soon trust in the lord, 1 And keep odrFowber dry," Pliorua.

"The Decalogue and Golden Hole, Hare no place ie Polincs." It Beema high time that we refuge 1 With suoh fleritles to mix. He'll show him that we knew our men, 1 They 'er all as true as steal. The verdict which will be gent forth Ho sever can repeal. Oborua- Ob I John J. Ingalls, you will with, You had taken a different way The t(me bai come to let you out, No longer shall you stay To block tba wheel! of honest toil, For the sake of Wall street gold, The Peoyle see now how you have planed And dont mean to be sold.

Chorus. Think People now, And rcgistes tb'ip row, John J. matt go, The People say so, No Bribery we'll allow. Mrs, Hattie V. Beluin.

Oh no, your your daughter; the pride of yonr life, is not temoted bv starvation to steal ced the Force bill and demanded the immediate free 'coinage of ship prevades and hallows all social relations, and leads the or barter virtue lor br6ad. But silver. This is just what they way to that comforting angel, We all have our county favorites, and dur 'particular friends; and all feel pioud to have our county honored; but dear friends, a more vital issue lies in the choice of a Senator for Kansas than honor to locality, or personal friendship; and if we would the' son' of your brother, the did. in common with the whole Hope, withe ut which, man would country, on the' fourth of last daughter of your sister is, bt, L- Monitor. OB mosi miserable.

Let us endeavor to cherish monthn On with the fight. spirit df charity for' our fellow man, if we find them the friends lift the American people put of France, one of the most pros FOBEMAK, Q. W. P1KB, Springfield, Vice-Fdbkha. SAM KUTT.

86'. flavcri, J19. NUTT, South Haven, Ki. CHAS. GALLOWAY, Galloway, ORGANIZERS.

FRANK A.huBCH, Fort Soott, Iuui. i. Cifawf oW, Buckley HA ORGANIZERS. JOHN JIOGG', Huston, La-, -W. j3.

ALDUIDGE, California, Mo. J. J. MATHENT1, Gleasoni F. B(JyDEN, Neosho, Mo.

E. 'H. Diivxix" Orlando Ok. F. H.

Anthony Ark. City, Kansa faissouri State pffieers Foreman, 8. p. BoVden, Neosha. Vice-Foreman, W.fil Thomas, WlUow Spricgj Treasurer, J.

B. Mifikis, Marlonvilic. 8eoretary, S. B. FjemjS, Sprfngflcld.

ORt3AKIZEIg. STATE. W. H. Thomas, Willow Springs.

DISTRICT AND Jnpi'McMerirey, Bll jirs 3. 6. Pattedsburg. TFcppestio state Offlcr; Foreman, E. if.

kolan, Woodtord. Vloe-Foreman, 1. j. hathekt, See. i.

yr. hpkt, Pleasant view freas. i. nV jnES, Ralaton. 8tate Organizer, j.

r. tillman, Paijnetto, Arlcapj State gflcera. Foreman, isom P. langlet, Little Sock. 8jec.

iil pAUl pfk, Devalb Oluit. po. Organiser, Jj'. Poe, Henderson, Ar. Tf tate Officer.

tates Ceuter, 1. bfioDES, Burllnirton. 6igariUer, jjrd blst. G. W.

Awbrev station; 0 Co. O. J. H. Ritchie Larimer.

Colorado State Offlperf. State Organiser, R.A. SOCTHWOBTH, 1407 Laramie street, Denver, ITexaea Organizer tyro Middle to Purl jy. of virtue, let us stand shoulder, to oerouS countries the world, Harrison opposes free coinage from the very simple lact" as he says, the religious papers of the country, oppose it. Too thin shoulder with them.

If we find that vice has enslaved them, let us try to raise them tJ a higher and nobler plane; Let us be has $57 per capita, while this country has about' 1Q. Tho vdlumo of our currency" is entire iy too small and should he Ben-jain-in. Why didH you say, because Wall street opposed it, then every mother's son of a men, the world likes as a man. eniargea. iispaxcn.

If we laugh, the world laughs granger would have believed it. with us, and we are happy. If Banner, If yau wish to get a glance of we worry, and fret, we make ourselves, and all around us mis It is reported that there wil ihe recent progress of eastern profit1 makers, take onp 'of me trust companies. In 75 years its erable; Comrades our life is too be a gigantic scheme presented to congYSs'g i' at 'the next sesSidh short, for us to do aught but capital and deposits rose to vzz, gooa. My me may oniy xasi a 000,000, But within the last six Dy asynqicate, wuicncomempia tes connecting Chicago and the moment, yours, is tbe same, but, months they have increased $10, 000,000.

The Great West. 1 WALL'S SUCCESSOR. northwest with the Atlantic sea my comrades, to fill that moment with duty, is enough. Let us board, by means of a ship rail There lias probably been no 1 .1 4 not be deceieyed, as tp our duty, way. Some twelve millions of Reform must come in the by the cunning of the interes.s of the whole industri enemy.

Qur duty is, to be true money wui oe required, fpe interest of the Canadian gpvern-mec will also be enlisted in the to each other, and' all else, will al people, or it fails its object. To simply shift the reins of pow ei fmm Ann flnfia 'nnnrnftr. then, he well. We all, have a the slums nnanciaJ oppression, we must lay aside all personal feelings, and work for the best good of the whole people and the success of the industrial movement, even if we sacrifice our own personal ambitions for the office, Lett's then, use wisdom and judgment in our selection. Let us choose a man whose past life inspires and merits confidence; and whose qualifications as a whole, proceed those of the others.

Let us rehearse the merits of some of the -leading cannidates already presented and upon the standard of efficiency and worth fix our choice, then if we wish, present our choice to the consideration of the electors, not presuming to dictate) and be assured friends your body of representatives will not refuse to consider the claims of each candidate; then trust them to do as you should do, cast their vote for the highest worth and efficiency. Most promineni perhaya, upon the list of candidates, is Judge Peffer; we are informed, by good authority, canvassed the state in the interests of the Feo pie's party on the promise of a nomination as Ingalls successor. Represeutatlves sleeted upon the principle, the office seek the man," will 'of course dispose of that fact accordingly. As his abilities have been so fully his supporters we will pass by them tc notice scheme if possible. New f)ra.

cross to bear, let us bear it mac fullv. There is hone for a man when would simply be subitituting one eyil for another. Class legisla tion must be abolishecf, and the he begins to think and study and We need to know each other's minds. let us make them known strike out on original lines ol to each other, through the P. general welfare of the whole country considered.

thought 'for himself and at no period of our history have the and my prayer is, that the God of Never in the history of the re Justice, will deal Kindly with Yours till the war is over Frank A. Murch, farmers or our country been to earnestly and persistently striving to solve the problems involved in freeing agriculture from iorm movement, nas it so greauy needed the exercise of intelli TJnitPl Order of Ait-. Mouppplptf. gence, wisdom and sound; judg j. 1 i.

i tne tetters, tnat bind it down. The force of circumstance has much to do with the develope- ment of mankind. The great industrial movement is develop Self Evident Truth, We hold these truths to ue telf-erldent: o- ing talent and ability, of no Beallsing that our American covcrrrrcnL That God created the eurfaoe of the earth not proQtipg by lessons froru her prtdn'Ct sore, must now aMnint for comailtting the same for the equal use and enjoyment of all men reached a critical point, which if safely passed, will lead to cer tain triumph; but a mistake now oh the part of the managers of the movement, would, lose all we have wop, and lessen our chances in the future. Let those then, who have assummed the responsibility of management, be careful that they make no mistake. great crimp wbkh bat caused tbe dowpall ot That a ayitem which allows a fajber to ael bit obiidren into bondage, by selling tbe land from under his feet, is the wrong kind pf a tbe sooner it tspbangod the better.

eaon zormer aepuDllo: and understanding, that this blighting curse to ps results from, secret bandt of oonsplrltors, by whiph the, great sovereign powers pf government are, being used to crush out the liberties of tba Kyery pbild born, comes into tbe world with sagred Inalienable, God-glren rcht to a his late proposition, advising that each representative district elect three men to go to Topeka and watch their representative. When the People's conventions portion of the sol on whiph be is bora. people, and nuke tlavet of the misses, paus-. With unrestricted aooess to tbe soil, tbe poor Farmers create seven eiarths ing tuoh a ttate of destitution, discontent andj crime, that no people can long endure. We man always holds oarte blano op Qod'i boun ty.

CTose the door pfQod'sgrp! atorehoute of the weallt of the country, pay seven eights of the taxes, direct believing that "when bad men combine, good, look up the natural reservoirs of food nd men mutt nave formed tbe organ- plenty, and the worklngman'a present ooou ly and mdirect.y, and still they are in debt to money lenders patlpn bepomes at pnee a case of lire nee zatfon known the United Order- pf esslty, and be stands the helplos victim of cor oenaipnai eiepuun swep iodu, so fraught with interest to" the whole people as the coming election in Kansa. The intense anxiety oi the Republican's to return Ingalls, is more than balanced by the interests of the people in the election' of his successor. While outside the state Ihere is scarcely less interest on both sides. Kansas having -so long held her record gcod as a republican strong hold, npw so battered and demolished by the late election; together with the republican pef eats in other localities; creates a feeling of desperation on the part of the Rep. party nationally, to redeem Kansas by the return of the idol of modern republicanism; while the hope inspired in the ranks of La-por by recent victories by the people of Kansas, causes a (deep interest among the masses his defeat.

To day, all over the couutry, the question is being asked by all parties, "Who $rill Kansas send to the U. S. Although the republicans boast of their supply of superior material, and some other candidate would draw a strong er support from the state legis Jature, yet their determination eems fixed to make a desperate Attempt to return the ''ornament pf their party;" On the other hand, the luxuriant crop of aspi rant to tho regardless of fitness, is somewhat amusing, in spite of the intense seriousness of the matter. The people for the first time are a-tout to choose a Senator toie present them. AY.

eyes are up: on Kansas. Upon a wise selec tion rest much of the hope and fate of the people's movement in '02; and their gain by representation in the U. S. Senate. The recent victories have brought to the front a host of demagogues poising as reformers, with their eyes upon a fat office; while almost every little connty Alliance paper presents some candidate from their county, whose claims they urge.

The people are terribly in earnest; ana the men they have elected to the legislature fere all pledged to Ism. Yet as though fearing And doubting the competency of those representatives, a crowd Of would be leaders whose ambl-tlou exceeds their ability; and whose egotism over rides their gaud sense; Insult Ibosd chosen and declare that there la a vital, dnuranm. porate oppression and soulless treed. and overshadowing question pow before this. Tbe purse of the suffering poor 14 non your nominated those men as their representatives, and pledged them not to support Ingalls, they selected them as worthy men.

who would be truslothe interest of the people they were chosen to represent; and tc set guards ever ihem to watch them, net only exceeds old party boss-ism, but is an open declaration that we dare not trust the men we chosen but doubt their integrity. The man who makes "title deeds," Every sfripg of then) begins with the fatal law of uneuthorited appropri nation, compared to which all other? are In-, significant. That question is: Shalt the gtea powers or tbe Rovernment be used to out tbe liberties pf the people, rob tbe Indus-, tries, make serfs snd slaves ot the masses: or. ation. Tho trafflo land la a trafllo in stolen property; for the rightful authority bat laid; more than they can ever pay un der the present eystejn.

The wealth producer is the debtor while the non producer is the creditor. The Government loans to the National banker 350,000,000 ar one per cent, and these in turn loan it to the farm erg at from 8 to SO per cent. Nc wonder the farmer is in debt when the Government has enter ed into a partnership with usur Tbe Land shall not be told forever; for tbe mean order, where few suspected their existence: and the next generation will stand a step in advance of their fathers. Progression, or decay, is the order of Nature's law. There is nq stand still to life.

Let us then, move onward and upward; not as individuals only, hut as a Nation; by surrounding the people with progressive, rather than retrograding circumstances; through a and natural order governing the conditions of life. With Ben Clover, who wore the blue, and Livingston, who wore the gray, standing side by side in Congress demanding justice for the farmers of America, and with them thirtyslx other men pledged to their constituen cy, and them alone, will be a sight that will, send a thrill through the reins of every farmer in this broad land, With these men there is no North, no South, no East, no West, but the same flag that flutters from the Bon Homme Richarp, floated over the battlefield of Lundy's Lane, waved from the dome of Mexico's great city, and come unsullied from the field of Getty burg, Spottsylvania and Appomattox, is their flag, and the cause of tho agricultural classes is their cause. Let politicians rant, the people are on deck and there to stay. There is no Mason and Dixon's line. We are the people.

All hail! Cory don Herald. thai! it be used at intended by tbe fathers-- LMd tstnlne!" (Lev.xxv.83.) Not a county In tbe Union but contains an to protect the Interests pf tbe people, guard, their liberties and aid their happiness tbundanopof uncultivated land land created byagreatQodforthesustenanoeotbls crea We, therefore, declare our objects to be: 1. To An all In nnr iwiwa IamIIv In such a proposition, not only insults our representatives, but casts a stigma upon the delegates who nominated him; as being in -capable of choosing honorable the repeal of all class laws. tures, Yet the poor man, hungry, homeless, and miserable, cannot find a spot where the sole of hi foot may rest in peace I The only era to keep him in debt, Indus I. To work for the abolition of the national trial Age.

door open to blm If tuoh can be called an banking system in the United ptates, and re-, store to tbe government alone tbe riant to. open door" It for him to enter the ruinous The legislature meets on the representatives; and the incompetency of the voters to judge the merits of their candidates. Issue and control the volume of money. competition, with multitudes ol like unfortu second Tuesday in January, 3. To abolish every species of monopoly In nates, for the little labor tbe markot affords theiohard timet.

land; and we believe that aotual oeouoanta whr.chwlll be the 13th of the Can these representatives trust only should bold titles to land. month. The election of United 4. To transfor tbe ownership of all rallroadj telegraph and telephone lines to the nnn YOU ment, where they belong, to be operated tbe postal svstem. Are requested to subscribe 6.

To secure a nure ballot and a fair count States Senator is regulated by federal law. The election of senator will take place oh the secoud Tuesday, after the meet ing and organization of the legis lature which wLH make it the 27th of January Each house will vote in a viva voce manner sep and with a view to this end ws want th themanwno makes that proposition, to go single handed, as the only representative of the plain people in that millionaire House of American lord's un-watched, when they remember that he never gave up his. affiliation with the g. o. p.

until he got his eyes on a crack through which he thought it possible to squeeze into the Senate, among his old associations? Surely, among men scruDulous of oerson Auttrai'ian tyttem of voting. for this paper, show it tb your friends and ask. them to sub scribe. Keep passing it along? erately on the first day. On the No dtms ever follow the PAYBX03 second day they will meet id KXKAT.

Xf vou receive aamnlti joint convention at 12 and each day thereafter until some one is elected. The state printer copies it is to solicit jrour ittbeorlpWen Inns while helping us ou will si, as well as political dishonor, IX it eornei to yw wanirl7 it in The toilers tackle tho strongholds of the enemy first- Kansas and Nebraska for example. The small fry had bettor climb, Iowa Tribune, tho exuoaeo of Oue utend. wnu will be elected on the 20th of the month in joint cop ven tipn, be spreading the light or liberty and aiding the Mine of buwbity. wishei you to become a conitttt rtti.

inaimau has forfeited by that proposition all claims to a mo menu consideration a caudi' Standard, i r..

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