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South Haven Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 4

South Haven Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 4

South Haven Voicei
Wellington, Kansas
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A. 13 PATRICK HSHRY, HAYSEED IS amid vild enthusiasm and deafening cheers for Jerre Simpson, the people reluctantly dispersed at a lato hour, feeling it was and our country is calling us as honest, intoligent men, to come out from the old parties, come and Vote with the party that is COjVIE apd SEE THE We kin all of us remember how along about ITT tAtimSAT BT TB t.O. Jf. for justice and humanity, for good to have been there. To the families of Air.

L. W. Beldin and Mr. D. Whitehead we VTT, Editor.

Cxfeacriptloa per ftiar 75 Cents. C4f fetaUM 40 Cents. liberty and freedom. Nathan Hiatt. Dunkle 111.

Ed. P. tier vie n.rp enpnurafinc lastsakur- day Oct. 4th the F. M.

B. A. held XZsyov, Swn'l Nutt Fol6 Jtfdge, B. H. Boone City Clerk; B.C.

Payne TrMtiren N. W. Baker KHh, B.O. Cheatham ttoftiic'Uineiu SaWI AdUnson, M. Harry Attacks, Thomas Utohmond.J.C.Jay.

11 vi a picnic at the fair grounds at September The paper used ter tell about the caucus or the fair, End them fellers from the city used ter git almighty witty Oo the feller with the duster what had hayseed in bis hair. they had fun Jri legislators with the man what raised pertateia If by any hook or crook or chance elected and sent there, End the reportorialfriskers used to comment on the whiskers End the carpet-sack of Billsdn, what had hayseed in his bair. Ves, b'goshl he rid his pass out end he used ter blow the gas out End he used ter drink hard cider when he went out on a tear, End be used ter piach a dollar till the ba- zard used ter holler End tbl man cut up ree-e-dlklous what had hayseed in Lis hair. owe our thanks for a large stare of the day's pleasures. We are also -indebted to the family of Mr.

John Moore, a very intelligent negro, for a pleasant visit with Mrs. C. Whitman, who is their guest while canvassing the city for the of her husband's book of poems, a volume of which we proudly place in our library; both because of its merits and novelty, it being the only poetical work published by a negro. We highly recommend the book to our friends N.S.N. Pana 111.

notwithstanding the bad weather the grounds were swarming with grangers1 never saw such a multitude at a picnic; -a 1 1 a 1 -J 119 A 1 mUil ri ffm 'illy If II I Mpx -jk XUXHTAT IHE TABLES. It. iMtild San Francisco. Train! arrire and depart as follows. Mftt No.

1 Bait. 7:15 a.m. and tne luds; on my: it tney are allF. M. B.

A. in the bnd, we are sure to win the tassle in the future if notsooner. We marched through town, and every street was full of vehicles There was ten or twelce lodges represented, all bent on winning, besides five more lodges and hkar Mo. a Weat. 6:10 D.

in fet No. i West, p. ht Ke. 80 Baft, 4:18 p. t.

D. Montague, Agetit. NOTES ALONG THE LINE. Atbhisb'h. Toneka Santa Fe; ITjwawiter tralni run on the following items Pertaining to the Order and state wagons, pulled oy a steam engine, which'were prevented by the bad weather from reaching the ground.

The audience was addressed by Mr. McElroy the farmers candi o.afeii Southbound. 10:25 p.m. 393, North Bound. 6:05 a.

m. Its Progress Cleaned From Various Sources. iTfo reaches Wellington at 7:03 a. To the U. O.

A. M. Comrades: ana rtranung wavet mere ai iau p. m. At Wellington oonneotlon li made at Z-rat a.

with local ior Winfleld and East, date for tha legislature, utner gentlemen also spoke. If such We will soon be called upon to protest against the two great ar r-TiM a. m. witn loeai ior nuivane. a -a naM tvaln fnr f1n1l1arfiL- But, by gum! ef you've been readin' you observea strange puroeedln' It's the feller with ohin-whiskers tLat is is slowly gittin' there, End it won't be too surprisin' ef by slowly organizin' Old parlies may wake up tew find the Hayseeds in their hair.

When Ihe fashions change you fellers will all carry green umbrellas End trousers wide across the seat to make the dudelets stare; In them times ef you pass muslar you taut wear a linen dnster End ef you want tew throw on style put hayseed in your hair. State Chronicle -St a turn out don mean anytnmg j. don't know what will, the farmers say that if they don't help a. m. through Ex.

for Kiowa, uedl tfu TmIm anil Pan Handle. Tex. my Corps of tyrants, (the republican and Democratic Parties,) themselnes. nobody else will a. m.

with the Atlantio Express which runs through without change to Wichita, Jtewton, Emporia, Topeka, Atchison, Kansas Fraternally Yours E. N. Vincent. HOUSE CLOTHING HaCtose oonneotlon at Newton for all Colo Our terms and Conditions We havo one Price which is the Lowest rado, Hew Mexico ana otner western poinm. And at Kansas City for Omaha, St.

Paul, at T.nia ami ail nnlnta "anuth and east. Net, Cash V-ilne. vvm. iNeison. IVCaldwell trains leave going north at 9:50 who have rnied, to ruin tne i-aD orers of cur once free repnblic; therefore let us lose sight of all else but Liberty in the coming contest Let us make it a daylong to be remembered; let none falter now, for in the scales are poised life's brightest jewels, Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity, against, usurers, tax gatherers, and extortioners, Be prepared to act with firmness, be resolute: be readv for anvthinsr a.

m. and 6:00 p. m. mm i. A.Vanaaa riv tminn oarrvinir Dassen "Will Stay And Vote." Coni.

Masterson seems to have vni ned tne sentiment of reform WWm lair, amna, Krirth a. 6:15 B.m AT WWH1TA. 0:35 a. m. and 0:10 p.

m. Going South leave at 9:43 a. 10:15 a. m. and 6.30 p.

m. fjrOnly 84 hodrs ride South Haven to St. an cMton nrrivinir 11:55 a. m. Wichita never does things by halves, so when, she decided to ST Solid Yestibuled trains through without workers generally, in his letter in last week's P.

H. in regard to Bro. Butler's decision to stay and. vote, It is pleasant to note the reluctancy of one who has have a People's Rally on the zzna. ar.d23d slie made it cover ine THE VOLDO LIBRARY.

A 73 page Quarterly, publishes July. October, January, April, devoted to aggressive politicoeoonomic discussion in defense of popular liberty and Nationalism as the imperative substitute tor Plutocracy. No. 1 Our Kepublican 'Monarchy. No.

2 Songs ot the Coming Revolution. No. 3 The Hand of Hamilton. No. 4 What ia Nationalism? Price, SI a year; single copies 25c.

Sanderson Publishers, 1108 Olive St. Louis, P- 0. Box, 708. wflOLE people. Onthe 22nda 1 is that may come up; for all the hellish ingenuity that a depraver! mind ran suffsrest.

will be soldier reunion was neiu ac Uivprsidfl Park, at whbh "Col. Jeems' Hallo well" was the chief used by the leaders of the two old Parties, to put the people in subie'etion to the money pwer. stood in the front ranlis witn patriots, and given the wheels of reform in "a gambling institution," an energetic push, to "simply leave his her dark honr of need, even to "up. at.fran.Mnn: This was for her Rfiirahlican and negro popula- Put ncne but Americans on guard j- tion, wno cling to tne somier fnr if we do not elect our stand ard bearers soon it will be ever- lift" the "brainest people of the land," in an "isolated" paradise. sti r.

cl too late Then our re from gratitude. At night at Garfield's Hall Democrats and People gathered to listen to Jerre Simpson, and if anyone has any doubt that Jerre TURNERS EMANCIPATOR. Is a champion of the rights of labor. Ex public will follow in the footsteps of all other elf murdered re And seeing his reluctance to desert his friends and Comrades," I almost feel dispos. publics; and will be overthrown This old grentlemaV is oA iiis -way to Subscribe Folr THE ed to forffive his uninna mis poses fraud wherc-er found.

Its editorials are snac cingcr and nitro-plycerine, If you by the clamor of Despotism, the is the choice ot tne people 01 me "Ri Seventh." thev should money power. are a laboringman you want it! If your farm have been at Wichita those two is mortasased, or you cannot get work you I ask you, then, to simply uo your duty, and then will be re want it. A strictly Labor paper. Only 25 days and all doubt would have vanished. The 23d was however, the day of, by and for the people.

stored to us, our forefathers gut, cents a year. Send for it. Address "Turner's representations myself and the P. in the Integral Co-Operatior of some weeks ago, If we elect, our men will have a paradise in our own country, where Bro. B.

seems to think Co-operation won't work; and thus Ave will benefit the "politically blind Koodoos" and f.mancipator," Seattle, King Co. Washington a true Kepublic. enange, Chicago to uonver, or jvbubbb OalVeeWn, Texas, via Wichita and Arkansas in chair ear free, i ryr information about tickets, rates, routes Pnllman reservations, etc address 14. T. TUCKER, Agent, a.

t. 4 b. r. k. So.

Peoples state ticket; bhief Justice Supreme Court. if, V. RIGHTMIRE. Cf Lyon. Governor, JOHF- WILLlTS, of Jefferson.

Lieutenant Governor, A. G. SHINN, of Franklin. gfecretary of State, R. a.

OSBORNE, of Rooks. fjtate ty. BlDDLER, of Butler. Attorney. General, IVES, liice.

1 State Superintendent, Mts FAnnIe Mccormick, of Barton. Auditor. B. FOSTER. Shawnee.

Fraternally for Justice Frank A. Murch. lATMCK i The ball opened witn a granu parade of over five, miles of vehicles and horsemen. The cartoons, banners, and mottoes, makins? a errand display. Con- Tlrolhers.

I want to vou WT.IaE3I3ION, SOUTH HAVES, KANSAS. Physician Surgeon. "-yahoos, wno navent ora.ias that this contraction of the cur HENRY snir.ous amonsr was the enough to go to Mexico." We rency of the country is a power cartoon upon a five foot OfSce one door North of FootSffice, i also inarn.uith srreater pleasure, that another old comrade has ful thing; it is a ternoie ana iear-ful thing; it is the warning voice, plainly telling us tnat onr government is in the hands of Brit decided, not to go at all. banner enlarged by Mrs. Hattie V.

Beldin and painted by her husband Mr. L. W. Beldin. A tarrarl naner caonon.

into which knfiw his heart was witn ms peo- pie, and with them he belongs. IJ -j QUSGi ish shy locks: brought about by this National Banking system; Reed and McKinley were stuffing JNot in the rear, out in ms iigui the McKinley tann bill, to nre because there is no other power ab the people, gave the politici ful place, AT THEIR HEAD. Here's our hand Bro. It takes morn to desert one's OF THE in this government that would r.ansp. this contraction of the cur- ans some wornment.

j.u attempt was made to upset a float country than to fight her battles. rencv. There is no other way V. a a a. -1J fj.

SEYTfl OttFj Fro-Special Attention Given to the Accommodation of Commercial Men. upon which rode a long eareu re -nrpspntation of Prince Hal; but I move too, we tender uro. v. a vote of thanks for his ballot for u. o.

by which it could nave oeen done, only by and through this National Banking system of mon was quickly checked by the our cause. As many as are in police, and the. procession 01 u- avor say, aye! Mrs. N. S.

Nutt. ey, that has been estaonsnea in nn vp.hicios and two diocks oi Good Saiiiplo Booms in tlio Kouoe. 3L horsemen passed on to the fair Bus, To And From AU Trains. our government, and. why is it the leaders of -both old parties have failed to toll us that this grounds where alter enjoying a basket dinner an mieiieciuu spstom of money was robing and An Even Climate.

Feast awaited the people. Hon T. Willits. W. F.

Richtmire enslaving the American peopier Now it iz a selfevident fact that POLTBY WANTED At all times the top Trices Vow Mn-rir-n is noted as hav smrf Mrs. Fannie McCormick ad they are aiding the Britit.ii in TRUE dressed the neome as state can will be paid the entire i ing one of the most equable climates in the world. Sudden changes of temperature are. al didates. tnen tne cry ior oene their schemes; it is a self-evident ftw.r i.hnfc t.hov arts encased with Simpson could bo put down no the British in this wholosale most unknown it is an mui longer, un ms appearance upop t.Vx; stnsrp thn wildest enthusiasm Season.

Dop't Sell till you see B. It. BOONE robbery that has been, and is, Rtil nn in our crovernmont. place for winter residence. Very low excursion rates to Las Vegas Hot Springs, whore OSOPOLY prevailed, and the most aeaien They never havo.

said a word a inr vfint tlio air. No pre r-H OB IN js the celebrated Montezuma noiei sidential candidate ever elicited bout it and they never will, untu, tho. nrnnlp. find it out themselves. pAiER PUBLISHED Vinartinr cheers, or wilder en is located.

i--r Rnt. on the. other hrvnd tnev nave thusiastfl from the people ihan snnrial nains to have it It does not cost mucn iuu TT. tr-rAT over from Hot Springs to Santa gOUTH HAV JiiJN does plain Jerre Simpson. i hoisted up in ail tno leaning pu, feature ot the day's entertain the capital oi rsew iusaiw, L.

1 pers in tins government tnat we noted ior its many scenic ment not; to be forgotten was tne published have tho Lest system oi money recitation bv Mrs. Caddie Whit tions. 1 J. i 1.1,-. the world ever saw, ana true en mnn nf nnpm written bT her mnmro local ociuta a- nnM Koute, or address G.

T. Nichol- ough it is to Bankers, to uond holders and tho money Lords, husband. Auorey vvnuma.11. negro poet, of whom Kansas may The Ofder son, G. P.

T. Topeka, j. tQ bl 9000 for conv of Kew Mexico lower, well be proud. Jurs. wnuraan, great Brittiau; The best system of money tho world ever saw, but in a.M Mir npohlQ that labor and 1 1 Irst issued.

call on D. "own oy who is canvassing ior- ner nus a 1. Jt-fm. the Frisco Depot. Give a live in these United Stotcs except a 4 band's book, is a quadroon of more than ordinary intelligence nnd nWlitV.

anrl llPV nxcollontlv call. South Haven, Kans, Bankers, Bondholders and omce holders, it is eternal slavery for A Troniisc Carried Oat. rendered 'poem was a pleasant all mo to come: It is tne uriisn SHOULD 'pffeted three months for fifteen Brstnm nf finance1 and" has beou it is ono thing to promise; an conts. oubscnoe nowr leturooi the proves ucyona dis pute that the Peoplo'a'party recognize the rights of the negro, forced upon tho American pco- other to fulfil. Many railroad fi lines offer much and realJy give Urll OUl ploby.eeLnsh legislation, has given old British rnDney Our Nat' Wf.nSrictrd some lftT.m.Tit.

hnairtfeSf! for. the 01' in n' in practice, as well as inoory The rally closed with a big mooting at hall. General Auctioneer. Wo' in dittorcctly. Lords the power to rob and en ar, while at Wlcbita.

Councils "iiiri rt.omradAS are warned to'' be Makes a speciality of crying farm slave the American peopic. Onv fnvms. oiir homes and al To the list of candidates was ndfWl the Hon. I. N.

Ives, candi Just try our Handsomest Train in tho World, which runs daily between Chicago- and Denver, that we havo must soon or "lato 'oil theiHuard against the fate to one Dr. and Others Cems Year date for Attorney General S.M. Bales. Htis had years of experience AtltlrtNS him nt gb into tho hands of British Ghy- Scott and H. v.

uoidinsnng iinlnod vn rn.n havp JOtriS- without change, ana' sco it is not just at little bit nicer than you hod anticipated. jwreseTtvingtnemseives asw nd organizing bogus councils, irUVt Ran tvinirRteVii as members, lution LhatwiU aton this Nation In AdVapb al Banking system oi money in niut aav. 4m ntaK work 119 harm, and uur new vesuotuo siecperb are furnished stimntousl.v anddalnti- Attention reon'e. Siflten the old dodge IV. Thev tiro suvmlled 'With our government, ixtu-u ia uu possible chanco 'or i's to escape.

Now mv ItVnUiers. in' conclusion their popular song, "Good bye, Frihce Hally, good bye," and M. Wilkins cotnploted the program with one of his most forcible speCchs which wcrds fail to de'acvibo. Clean, deep, logical and convincing Mr. W's speeches cut to tho marrow of ihrthartfi hnnn of class legislation tpnti ftAT! a few good one xtm1 we reopies pafvjr.

suiseCFYBE How ('TT -1 and two year Old steers and ,1 would to God I could say td you north' and south," from heifers, alsq come gooa everything that ministers, to pleasure and eopifort. 1 G. T. G. AT; PftntaFo KoUW, Topefca Kah.j Ei'Tr Tucker, -Age?" i South Hovel), Kaus.

iMVe fiOCttlwe lo ne usnarau ftttf-ndble bWloitBiicittles u-i' knWrl it Ytat.f iflf 8 Inqulrooi GefrWr the Atlantic to tho Pacific occku, havo all been deceived by the ivft. of oth fW khilo ht' thowt! re vtAy. With mtti py wo hand, "ty'g greatest op.

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