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National Echo from Burlingame, Kansas • 11

National Echo from Burlingame, Kansas • 11

National Echoi
Burlingame, Kansas
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THE NATIONAL ECHO: DEYOTED TO S. D. OF BIMNGAME, MARCH, APRIL MAY, 1891. 11 year. As soon as she become one of us, the National President appointed her installing and mustering officer of the New England States, and immediately she put her shoulder to the wheel and has accomplished all of this work in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Mrs. Gammons deserves much credit. NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Daughters of Veterans. UNITED STATES OP AMERICA. Order No, 1891.

In conformity, with the principles and objects of the Order of the Daughters of Veterans of the U.S. each Tent will observe MEMORIAL DAY, Saturday, May 30, 1891, by assisting the Comrads of the Grand" Army of the Re public and Sons of Veterans, in decora ting the graves of the Union soldiers, sailors and marines. Every true and loyal daughter of a veteran will esteem it a Married in Feb. at Quiucy, Illinois. Mrr.

T. W. Greenleaf to Miss Eva Ware, both of Quincy. Miss Eva Ware is National Junior Vice President of the National Alliance Daughters of Veterans. We hope the man' who has selected Eva for his life companion will prove worthy of so noble a woman.

The sisters congratulate Eva on her good fortune, but While attending to the duties of her new life we hope she will not forget her sisters of the "Daughters of Veterans Eva, God bless and protect you through life and, may we remember you as we have known you to be, the sweet, companionable and beloved Eva Ware; this is the wish' of yc ur of V. sisters and the readers of Echo. privilage as well as her bounded duty to render tributes of respect to the memory sary article at present, as they are now preparing to heat and light the one building, also putting in the water supplies of this same building. The Tents that have reported on this subject and whose boxes have been received in good order, are as follows: Mrs. Ma.

McKinley Tent No. 1, at Massillon, box valued at Mrs. James A. Garfield Tent No. 3, at Prairie Depot, 0., $10.00 in money; Mrs.

Anna Wittenmeyer Tent No. 1, at Keokuk, box valued at Mrs. John A.Logan Tent No. 2, at Alliance, box valued at price not given, and $1.50. in money; Mrs.

Hettie K. Painter Tent No. 1, at Kearney, package valued at Mrs. Car-roline Scott Harison Tent No. 1, at Quincy, 111., box valued at Tent at West Newton, box valued at $8.00.

Some things in the boxes are duplicated, and some things which are needed in this room we perhaps did not send. The necessaries to furnish one sleeping room are as follows: $8.00 cash for wardrobe, $2.00 cash for wash bowl, pitcher, 3 rugs to protect carpet, 2 pairs of blankets, 4 pairs of sheets, 4 pairs of pillow slips one yard long of 42-inch cotton, 2 white counterpanes, 2 pillow shams without ruffles, 2 feather pillows 21x29 inches well fitted, 2 dozen towels, 1 dust pan and 1 hair brush. Some have sent baby clothes They will not be needed for some time yet. At present we had better look after the older ones. Mollie A.

Bobertson. History of the Daughters of the heroic dead, That our labors may be truely hallowed, let every sister reverantly attend Memo rial Services on Sabbath, May, 24. No.l." Members of each tent will assemble at the time and place appointed and attend a body, the place selected for the holding of memorial services. No. 2.

On Memorial day, Saturday, May 30, the members of each tent will assem ble at the time and place appointed, to perform the sacred duty of a daughter of a that of assisting in the decorating of the graves of the heroic dead. No. 3. Let the Presidents of each tent arrange for the making, or assisting to make, the wreaths or other decorations that the Grand Army of the Republic may wish to use in decorating the graves ol their comrads. No.

4. Presidents are requested to see that note 1 and 2 page 22 of Ritual is observed. "These heroes are dead. They died for liberty. They died for us.

They are at rest. They sleep in the land they made free, under the flag 4key rendered stainless, under the solemn pines, the sad hemlocks, the tearful willows, the embracing vines. They sleep beneath the Head the 6tli of April at the MomoriaV Meeting held in honor of the 25th Anniuxmry of the O. A. 11.

hadow of the clouds, careless alike of The President or Secretary of each tent are hereby requested to send us an account of. all installations and entertainments of each Jtent, or anything of interest to the Daughters of Veterans. All such accounts should have the names of the president and secretary of the tent from which they are sent signed to them. Charters have been granted to tents in Spokane Falls, Washington; Lansing, Michingan, and Ean. Clair, Wisconsin.

The Ohio State Council met at Alliance, March 28, Alice Gilbert, of Alliaece, was elected and insalled as State secretary. They will hold their second annual convention at Ada, May the 20. Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer Tent No. 1, at Keokuk, Iowa, gave a crazy tea in the G.

A. K. Hall, April 20, netting about fifty dollars. The National- Convention of D. of V.

will be held at Massillon, Ohio, the last week of July, one week before the National G. A. R. Encampment. The National President of the Daughters of Veterans, attended the G.

A. R. Encampment of Ohio Division, Kansas Division of the Daughters of Veterans, will hold its first Convention in June 1891. The National President of the D. of The order of Daughters of Veterans grew out of ah organization known as the Ruby Seal, a society among the A.

grammar girls, of Mapsillion, Ohio. On the SCth of May, 1885, live of these girls on their return from the cemetery, where they had assisted in decorating the soldier's graves, decided to organize an order sunshine or storm, each in the windowless palace of rest." By order of, M. EsteijwV McMillan, National President of the DaughUn of Veterans. Lfor the purpose of assisting the Grand AVrR. C.

HOME. -o- Army on Memorial Day. On the 5th of Jnne, 1885, they met at Miss Eva Merwin's and the order of Ruby Seal was changed to that of Daughters of At their third meeting, held at Bertha Merlin's, they were mustered in by Mr. James Merwin and the first advisory committee was Messrs. James Merwin, Charles King and Jacob Wise.

In December of that year a committee of five member of Hart Post, No. 134, Ohio Department of the Grand Army of the Republic, secured the Articles of Incorporation for this new Society. This committee consisted of Lawyer R. A. Pinn and Isaac Uhlman, and Comrades Martin, Kicand Huber.

CONTINUED. Let us do all we can for these widows and army nurses, and show them "we girls" appreciate their work of helping our fathers save this flag. You do not know but one nurse in this Home nursed your father when he was lying sick, or perhaps saved his life, or cared for a brother. All things which have been sent to this Home are new and nice, and every one who sent them seemed to take a pride in sending the best of everything. Let not us daughters be behind in this, but let the little we do send, be the most neces desires each Tent and Division or Dep't, to appoint a correspondent for the Na tional E'lfO, for the purpose of foward-ing anything occuring within the Tents of interest to D.

G. A. R. and S. of to create more of an interest in our Order.

Mollis A. lloberlson..

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