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Severy Leader from Severy, Kansas • 4

Severy Leader from Severy, Kansas • 4

Severy Leaderi
Severy, Kansas
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1 THE SEVERY LEADER. Wo don't bulnri" to our patrons, Our pppor Li wholy our own Who over liko it may take it, Who don't mny let it nlono. Fkvkuy Kansah, Fkhhvary, 20, 1SSO. 8ALVTAT0E7. Lovlier weather, uo ehma'o under tho Sun over gavo.

SI. Do's Canal is to coat $150,000,000, and roquiro eight yoara in building. Tho Pepulilioui Stato Convention of Now York, met WjJnovliy 23th atUUoa. are tint ties 0 mklinj; ialuoa.iai will prevail, Tho Leads a hhowei's a thousand lilossingn upon the of friends, who have called and offered their many winhes for its success, and future good. With this Lumber (In Leader rn.ikt'6 it' debit to tho public It not as lurjjO as some of its neighbors, but hopes in tho near future t- irrii t'ut condition of m.

i'mUii. as IVdiic; 1 it i-: i id but will r.ctiy and u-dy djvoie its energies to tho mi i in-t-XKis of tho on in whio.i it i Town of hji CotHi, an! a SriM Future, On tlio 17 th of January last, the town HtualeJ at the jniistion of St. Louis Sin Francisco, and Emporia bian-h of tho T. S. R.

I. wus laid cut. and tho liist buildings began being erected, and since that time ban, thronga tho and energy of its advanced in improves en ta ami accumulated a proportion that ia nsf.oi.ishirg to tli i traveler the ad-n i ration of the bifants, and has 'thrown among the citzmsof its sistu cities, whos er.vious ition has wished for its dovvnfjill, and predicted its fa'lui'c. Ami a or it and man- lined its dignity in all tho phases of Anieiijan iv lizatiou, until itt The Chijago Tribuno Bayard an.l (I rant from its list of Presidential candidates. This leave ut nlono ti shuor nd freeze with Charles Franeu Adams.

"I'm the republican party," says John QuiuccKs, "I'm ny'iist it on 'count of its cIuhu'jsh to petticoat government! Mrj President Ilavos, jint think of it! not to bo behind Chicago or St. located- We belit a new era of prosper-, ily dawning Wo' liuv an i b.din it.itli in iis future, i itK toil, its jivodiv tivo- itss. We l'i'j )icu ar, fclio cv.djncol pvo-Tiss on every hand. A.s th lc-oj)iC of t.ns counliy tU dl frot-per, we tnall prosper; thty advauce. wo i a.vli ad van vvuatcver tho fiilnro may hae in Ktoro for ieia.

I ill hold tl t-iunu for na. Toe Li ises to hi a i inm-il Mi-it-. A. It. Tomlinson, and F.

Oreenstroct, south side Main do a general blacksmith and wagon making business. Chicago Lumber Co, Chas. Clark, manager, cast end of Main st. near T. S.

depot, keep a complete stock of this commodity. Joseph Kigeby, north sido Main docs a general hlaeksmithing business. James llivers, east side Kansas Avenue, saloon and billiard hall. Stump uml Kirwin, south side Mam st-barbers. Ellingson C.vrey, north side Main are opening up an excellent stock of hardware and agricultural implements.

J. W. Green, north side Main saloon and billiards. Druitt Warner, house and sign painters. Win.

Meridith, Saligman Avenue architect. Young Day, east side Kansas Avenue, saloon a'nd billiards. Physicians Dm, It. It. Grimos, N.

S. McDonald and C. C. Baker. J.

W. Uccchcr, west of St. L. S. F.

depot, general dealer in coal and fuel. In l'-e legal fraternity, II. C. Ueece from Louisville has permanently located in the second story, at the corner of Kansas and Scligman Avenues. Peyton tier, west side Kansas Avenue tinware and stoves.

S. A. Brown A. F. Thule, manager, south of St.

L. A 3. F. depot, lumber, lath, shingels, lime and plastering. At the St.

L. S. F. Depot, we have the genial D. G.

White, ns agent, who nlso represents the Adams Express for both roads. Kaler Toleman, Kansas' Avenue, keep a constant supply of meats and John Murdock, Severy House, is an accomplished, knight of-the raizor. Louis Fuchshn, in Coleman's store boot and shoe maker. J. M.

Smith, Smiths drug store, dentist. Carpenters, and builders. Well, there are too many to attempt an enumeration. Say perhaps, half the population. And the ladies are not forgotten either, Louis, is to erect at oncn, an House forty feet front, and two htories high.

Wo understand it is to be dedicated by tho world renowned Hilly Arlington. The St Louis and San Francisco, company have several acres covered with iron, ties, bridge timber nnd lumber. The most active preparations are made for the early completion of the road to Wichita. i i wMlbna a'o emit visitor in cttxy usohold; which shall b.i a messenger of aee, hoi and whoso cuneiiig glial! bo watched with da.sim., and whom appeal atl-'o Miaii be bailed witn Uchyut: a journal which rtliail contain a word of encouragement, a word of cuter, a word of pr i I every person ri'iu0' biittar his condiii in. The tl it priou iirice has been nit within the reach of all, and what it ls fdrly worth to publish the paper, wo contemplate.

Latest information from Ireland, is to the dTujt that the 'all jei rows mule widespn a 1. is only ti.r -tiii the adum-abie machinery of U.f tiibtuion organized by tho Man-Mon Housa and Marlborough Com-luitfos that actual starvation is ci k-(d. Hi famine will probably in tern ily driing tie comramg forfc-1 isfhl, ai'iti which, for a sho'i jier'o 1, enemies are bound to acknowledge it as a permanent and important muuicapajity with a brilliant future before it. 3 a little over one Kioiiths time there have been elected on hundred and liftejn lih lings, and thirty more are now in progress of construction. There are forty individuals, and firms tng.ig in trade.

Numbers cf raiding uoiises, but no dance housi. cr its female appendage La the community with their poisoning influence. The businei-s houses and names of tho (inns are us follows: M. E. Kraft, east side Kansm Avenue, carries a full stock of groceries, boots and shoes, and gents furnishing goods.

E. Ellington, west side Kansas Avenue, general dealer in dry goods and groceries, carries a very complete stock. Keck Deny, west side Kansas Avenue, general dealers in groceries, Hour and feed. This firm have the exclusive agency of the Neodesha Milling (Jo's (lour and feed. Sales ranging from 2ot)0 to 3000 lbs.

per. day. S. S. Coleman, wtst bide Kansas Avenue, dealer in groceries and general merchandise.

J. M. Smith, west side Kansas Avenue, drugs, rikI groceries; is meeting -with a deserved success in this line. J. E.

Meuser, located in Smiths drug store, watch-mikm- an.l jewelai', is a good workman and can supply anything in his line. Simon Lyberger, west side, Kansas The Leadville Democrat is not at all enthusiastic over tho appointment of Sir. Trowbridge of Michigan as Indian commissioner. It evidently thinks, though not Maying so in bo many words, that some Colorado man might have been selected for tho same place. Tho New Oreleans Picayune declare that the South is sick of tho "Ohio idea," and that the road to Democratic vietojy lies outside of it.

Nevertheless, the "idea" wriggles, and will continue to wiggle for soma time to come, liko a scotched snake. Ohio is an old hen that never deserts hor chickens. Tho Ion a State liegister is in favor of Blaino and the unit rulo. "It stands to rea-boii," it nays, "that seven l.uudred Iowa Republicans in a state convention, representing every county in tho state, could better decide whom tho Itopublicanj of Iowa want for president than could twenty-two Iowa Republicans at Chicago." It is rumored the St. Louis Arizona railroad is to ho torn up from Leroy back to within the vicinity of Garnett, and then built through Neosho Falls, Yates Centre and Toronto to this place.

This rumor is based upon a report that the above named road had consummated arrangements with the St. Loui San Francisco to run over their row! from this place to Wichita. Tho Troy Budget (Hop.) doclaics that Mr. Bayard's "course in Congress shines against tho background of Democratic idiocy and maliciousness, like a dimond on the sin-faco cf a hogwullow." And yet, if Mr. Bayard were nominated for the Presidency iu 1880, "political necessity" would obhdge tho Budget to remark that this his brilliancy was not tho ro-ilcction of a real dimond, but of base imitation.

i. nil lie jiubioy veie, I. forM. Joles have located on tho west side, Kansas Avenue, with a millinery dressmaking establishment. For bording houses, Severy has, T.

P. Shockey, west side Kansas Avennc, E. A. Barnhart south side, Scligman Avenue, and A. Kasner, east Side Kansas Avenue.

The Severy Post Office is in charge of a very worthy gentleman, Mr. 11. P. Dodds. ft is a fourth class oflice; but does a third class business, and will in the near future be raised to a salaried office.

Messrs. U. P. Van Sant, and Frank Lawson, aie local agents, for the town companie's real estate. Hotels.

Severy boasts of three of the best hotels in Southern Kansas. The Severy House, by L. G. Lindsey; "Weir Hotel, by Whittcnhall Wier; and the Wells House, by Wells. The stock yards arc complete in all their appointments, and as a shipping in conse.pici cj of tl.o emplov-n out of lain in sowing of the croy.v 1:1 la.timfacturjis.

taat of woolen p)ds limi bo one of the firs ii tartan on a paying bust) in Kansas. Water is abnmi nit, t.iio wool is ro-vn hero: and the uui it for -ods laced is Icre, cols I ant and l'i vailing prices on, 'lit. to pay handsouiniy for this production at once. Elctions have been ordered in Qnincy and Salem townshipn, in Greenwood county, to vole cacti $10,000 to nid in extending tho St. L.

A. ra lroad. The elections to be held on the 9 of March. "They toll mo Leadville is pretty high up," remarked a Deuverite to a visitor from the carbonate field. "High up!" ejaculated the other, "well, I should say so.

The air is so thin that you've got to fan it to a corner to get a square breath. Why, I live sorter in a valley, but many a timo when I went home at night I had to push a cloud from tho door to get in." Denver (Col.) Tribune. Avenue, proprietor of City Drug Store, has just put in complete and well appointed htock of drugs, chemicals and glassware. St Joan Seber, A. II.

St John manager, west side Kjinsus Avenue, have general stock of groceries and canned goods. A. Evans R. McConnell west side Kansas Avenue, general dealers in hardware and Agricultural implements, carry a very complete st ock. F.

Pjllmnn, west side Kansas Avenue groceries and queensware, carries a full stock. Stewart Stewart, north side Main st. livery feed and sale stable. 11. P.

Dixon, south side Main street, tobaccos and confectionery. Yasser Olinger, south side Main St. next to post ofhee, are alliable gentlemen hailing from Fredonia, with an excellent stock of furniture. south keep a constant supply of fresh meats. Joseph E.

Hosley, south sido Main st. livery feedund sale stable. point Severy has assumed an important place, as one of the leading points in this branch of western industry. Severy. now has a population of about three hundred, which is daily augumcnted.

Owing to the rapid growth, and continued influx of pepole, the citizens of Severy, realizing the fact that those now here, and others yet to come, should be protected by a legal government of sufficient dignity to secure to all protection of life, liberty and property, held a meeting on Monday evening last, to take steps for its incorporation as a city or the third class, and as soon as it can he accomplished, the town will be incorporated, and a full quoto of officers elected. Tlic next National Convention of the Democrat party will bo at Cincinnati, June 22d. When all the wise provisions upon which depends tho preservation nf the great principles of liberty and justice, declared by tho fathers of tho Amercan public, are carefully considered, that relating to the freedom of tho press will appear to be of commanding importance. Compared with tho wisdom dicplayd in the discussion of tho public question by the journals of tho Unitee States, the wisdom of Congress is but folly. The constituent turns frm the perusal of the speech of his representative to tho editorial comment thereupon of his favorite newspapers, and in nine casos out of ten, where the comment takes issue with the speech, adopts the editor's views, The reason of this is plain enough.

The newspaper is the oracle ot the people. Congress, in tho great majority of the instances, is but tho oracle of In a new country-thera i-t capital in ttrong hands and brave hearts, as well aa in gold, greenbacks or bonds. Severy Ins, telegraphic communications with St. Louis and all eastern points. We can't all be born in Ohio but, we can cuss thosfl who were.

Tho Cincinnati Enquirer lias dashed tho great ambition of John Sherman. It says ho has "a cold glass eye," and no man with a cold glass eye can ever be electud President of tho United States. the politician..

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