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The Quincy Gazette from Quincy, Kansas • 1

The Quincy Gazette from Quincy, Kansas • 1

Quincy, Kansas
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GAZ THE QIMCY Immt JL A LLd VOL. 1, QU1NCY. GUEENWOOJ) COUNTY, APM'J 22, 1901. irnimti'ili f.n ues the first of liie week A.T. A l.TIMKOARP vj Itiitnti! 1 (1K.I.KI(SI Mr P.urris we in town business! :20 Ko, 273 AVot bound.

-3 Church Directory. W. Ji. OHI IIVII. Sunday school :0:30 a.

h. iPrenoliinK sjiiarnnte Sunday niul 1. m. Your it I'onnur iUctitv'(J. il'liOl'.

Prayer; me, iug" every Wednesday If yi.u have a good lliingaiiil don't let people know it. It will never do yon any good. If you tell the people liwiJ you iNive su iiei hiog prove it lo lliem by allowing them that it is all right and worth inoie than the price you ti for it, you are fiiirled well on the road If you are huntiiig a ealion in a first elassi to vn and Avant to date propfrly, Pallor write to-Shaw A TuMtH. We have sonieihing for yuu. in evening hi rPasior.

SAIil all dry ools lu'll ('reaching alternate Sundays at p. m. Knv, U.K. rXolions, Hoots, shoes, Hals, J. R.

PUSEY M. D. Pjjj'tiin and Surgeon. promptly aUended T.V. I4i Miaioml was working in Vernit, Kinsel'a 'blucksmith shop the first of lie week.

Zaek (lilroy finished planing eorn George iCaiii1ias Earnest rivers limine almost inclosed. Ilenery Foolheege attended the dedication services at Toronto Sunday Gilrny and Wife, and H. Al-lis and Wife attended the dedication services at Toronto Sandny. The weather man reports that we will have changnble weather (hiring the rest of April. G.T Ileklen employed three painter thin week.

That is doing ntt iiiess on a large neule. THE, YAM) OAKDKN. Seeds' t'hiekans. 'iifil(enn Tit AXS1TORY Fame, Paiid Caps. Conunoiicing, Monday wnltVlwMiui.v IS mn i 14, I'lioitATii I am a candidatefor the nomination of probate judge on 'the republican tiCKPt.

Jaine Mills Jr. iluy awl night. 1.90-1 of (rllii'e one dour east the put olUeo Call and sM ms. LocUra 13i meets every Wednesday iVisilors invited. JoniSpc.

S. S. Si.nniii, N.G. M. "No.

B09B meets every Saturday night. Victors aUny wel J. JR. tllftGtiATT. Hotel v.c.

come. Pimey. Mlleln-U, 'tOlerk. Jolt WDltK. If you have any letter heads, bills, statements, or anything1 in our line ea! and see us.

guarantee salisfa-ction Trices ivautiutle. The (layette. fjOCHl XoWK. i(uul l'uoins, IkhIs cv ery tli'wijj; lirt I HAItBKIi. Painted barbed wire at 'WjH.

Allia. What ha ibeiuiiiie rif 1 Ta-Ra-llooni-De-Ay? ankiMoloair I ('IXCY, KAXSAS, Capital Sloek $5,0.00 A Jewel City man received a letter CITY MARKET Hum Turkey hen Toms turkey Unos'tars nlil young Spring ohicktm Ituttef ry bids "firoeu Ai'list. ,..10 ..13 ...10 ,10 from hie wife that caused him to take the first train for home Republi Sluiviiia; Wu'w cut- can ayi. He thought she had under 4W- .1 i New has. the most w.idowi' Chicago (lie most divorced women and Kansas the most molherg.

D.Mit Ie.l iieriiie otitukle the family kir-l the hab j. 'lie I'ill City Bank has three women direetorK. Our City street ear ran off ithe (rack late Sunday erenlng and amashed In one end. No onews hurt. litio', aV gone a mrgieal operat ion She wrote that she bail just had her kimona cut ont.

ijMazoiis Jionod iut in Hurplus I A.GKXEPAI, BAXKING HrSINKSS! zL condition. m. vYottr accoiintis solicit od. QxjZ2S3Cz- state JBsjtz. A iwrenoe man; is so absent minded that ho unhitched from the buggy and tied it and then banked himself into the carriage shed.

A western buainemar. has a three page Utter from a woman saying how i'V lar ry she was that fdie crxildnt come IB, II II Physician; O.lls responded to to tee him not word aboiH the buHiiiet. THE HIGH WAY, Csntifliwd, After talking Miles Flomerfalt E. ALLIS Jim 'Koom received a er load of Iniwber Monday. SuliiM'ili fu- i.l.e, Ciaxeita.

Wanled- a' in 'dislnet in thin vicir.ity AW will ''fujKifth' -stationery. tln'iiwetie office, K. M. for anything in jdie general leenhandise line. lt you want any thins in the dress ltiidkinK or m.Uinery line all on hs Crook If you want a fnn 1( 1 11 nlitv A-

-W give you the best I rates. ff.E. Atlis Carries a full 'line of farm imtilu)nt and see him. If you of good fltationary Pall at the office. day and mi (-ti'l'iiM'-noitli mnii "street.

Neal. Kansas, -c many kinds of Ypgtable nd bird are utA women hats thirf spring tlwtthe 'llobe thinks they would look becvd serieved in '3arBes I a il a i 8 (. Tin a and I.nplciupijtK of all kiii(1. Some of the members of congress are home taking (wvie thisr fences, others are looking after thier others, the Colby Tree Press suggests we turned our co jrse 'North and soon came to the farm house of Mr. John Jones.

is a fine man and has a nice well improved farm. After meeting him it was not long before he wag convinced tliat'flie Gazette was a fiiw Hud one that he needed around fire side. 'e then went on our way and soon came lo the home Of Claud Claud, works for his father who has a fine farm, and quite a number of fine Angora Goats. In fact he is about the only man in the county, who has tried and made a success of the business. Allis for all kinds df aretgetung reauy to emirate -u ler CtO tn'W offences.

DLL DO IT! viuio yotii- nil', t'OSl THK.oI.! IMOI.IABl.K, FARMERS AI.LIAXCK I. SCRACE sYA'rhc ue, A. A. W()TTlN, ftt- TORONTO. KA.S.

A o-eneral slock ol' evervthin usunl ly caurled in a tit's! dardwftrr Slorei. 'Call and -fioe us. iiiiiiiiiaiaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiaiiiiiH Mr Roy Ilurgan went to Toronto Saturday returning Mondey. Mc. Pearson hue a remarkable reading oircle.

It missed a meeting recent rami implements. 'Dont forget lo look at the city market found on the first page Of this paper Ibeefl jrice ove right AV1.11wVins deals in drugs and groceries. He will pay 'the highest price for your jiroduce call and see him. 'Holland was hauling lumber for Mrs Carpenter's house Monday It being almost night by that tinio ly for the first time in the entre twenty of its existence A Company with a capital of $678,000 has been organized e.t Nevade Mo. to we headed our course South once again.

As we passed beautiful farm of Mr. Singelton, we met his Son, I). W. Singelton who stopped us and continued his subcription to The Gazette. We were very sorry to thiiiK that we had overlooKed ihim on our oil and gas in Uernon, and JONES Barton CoontieB.

fr Cirri' fcirdav. I 'Kd lorlslia i tO 1110' SI on, rday i 1 ii 5 ul Asa i is tli name of a lif rJof. larly one morainf disaoversd the dad body of Rboca Ettleman, the olse-yar-olil rtaogbter of his meater, lrluf at the bottom of an air shaft ia a Fourth street tenement, dowawhioa sat bad falUa iurisf tee nijlt. ts aeard atr fall, and the kuew-'kt( that souuthinf was wrong soityht the father, who wa tlpiiif ia VY Jewell county woman lias iued for a' divorce and also prays for the'euslo- dy of the eight children. The Jewel first trip.

How ever all is well that ends well and-as we had no more adventure that KOEiMTR a a mm a mnm Republican points out that ittaircs a woman strong in the faith to 'pray for day, we will continue Un the highway in next weeks, issue. Mr. 'C K. Tubbtt 'and Jess Knowles were in between train OVark is working for liis Brother 'fieorge Mr. Hovers The Kev.

Jones was painting the TJ. B. Church this week. Mr Pood rloldrirman 'is builbinga tiaivi'for his Itroilier Scott. 'H IToggatt returned from Neod- asha'roudiy.

Will llobrrts is working on Scott 4orway, and, awakenlnf hini, Ud him tawher the body lay. Tbt night was kat, quarUii close, end all the ia-mates of the bouse slept on roofs and flr-eeaps sal in doorways. This it a typle-al New York tenement hoeee tragedy. I handle' everylhiug iisual.y. carried in a on oral Merdliandisu iok and pay tlio Ihirsfliest market price for yom produce.

Call and (vc-ainino any stoolf and el prices ood Coi Should lie llespected The woman who Bneera at a decent house girl ouht to madd to do her own cook is a highly respect ed business, and to do it good requries brains many girls need the mcney earned in the kitchen but hesitates tu out to woi for some foolish sticx np people. the custody of eight children Some body is stealing wood'from Hie Texae county Mo. Star Maim wood pile Anyone who would steal from a county Editor should be given theoapital prize for meanuess. Here quieK, "ehouted the eieited circis Manpgertoona of the Menagrie men, the leopard has escaped. Shoot him on the epot.

Which one ift tsked the new mun. John Duttcn we.s in town Friday. F.vert Slough is home on a days visit Holdermann ron. Ittr. J.

ClingingAmitli and tamitily of near Hamilton spent Sundny with A CaaaeUn Urns feceatly placed wit tbe Moatre! ead Toronto newspaperi an advertisement of a new nurk'Sf bottle it Hd patestd end was about to plaee om the nerket. After glnuf direotioas for the ended thie nanner: "When tke baby Is Aot drUkiaf it muH be a evrewed aod laid In a cool plane an-der tap. If Ue baby does nol lirie bU frh tullk it akonJd be boiled." hiseititer Mr. W.J. Hawkins.

OBITUARY. William Gilett was born in Tioy county, New Yor-k 23, 1828. Trank 'line's father of Severy is a-s Cashier of lh bunk dtlrnlng his illness. Hied Monday April 18, 1004. at the-age of 75 years.

Mr Coble and wife df Virgil were in town trading Tuesday. T.K. Jones is building Mrs '3nrp-enter'a house. 'Oscar Miuidy was in town on business Friday. uiiett came to Qumcy 28 years The sUter.ivt ifcat it tone of clgt.

agewhere he has since made his home I rttti we eiported fro Eyot A abort time ago Mr. Gilett left to 101 u-jU tbe Wteafhe that tJi visit among his children, His death Uuie of Mwws ad Hiaraoti tbe worK cane at Nevada Mo, and his body was spared smear aAlfotfeoe as iM. arrived at Quincy Wednesday April Tbeii the plague of Kypt wr kupt Herbert 'Loveknil was wer from F.urckt Sunday. vMiss (Ulie lunim is working for T. (tata.

(uite a number of iopl from Vir-gii! wer in lovvn Kirs Hons Knbcits ra in town Friday. Jim P.oom we unloading lumber Thuredey. lomt. 20, aeeompanied by his son II L.Gilett and his daughter, Mrs, Sherly, WAGON SiiOP 1 io all kinda bT blacksmithing wood work at reasonable prices ami guarantee, satisfaction Bees lAt iDTaded a Cbtaffe nW. Qubefnatorkl, eesatorlal er pr.csidea.

HaiT aeki the UUwanase JmirasO. DON'T YOU KNOW, That it pays, to trade with reliable people? Then eall on BelderftJones JJI. Hoggatt was rps; hie hitch postiFridsy. His funeral was preached at the U. Church Thursday April 21 by the Rev, Jones and the remains were laid to rest in the-Pienaent Yalley Cemit-.

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