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The Argentine Advocate from Argentine, Kansas • 4

The Argentine Advocate from Argentine, Kansas • 4

Argentine, Kansas
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0000000000000000000000 A. W. LITTLE. G. A.

TAYLOR, CASHIER THE ARGENTINE BANK SECOND )STREET, BETWEEN METROFOLITN ND SLVER MC'ALPINE, LITTLE TAYLOR. Bunk open from 9 A. M. to 1 P. We Loan Money, Buy and sell Exchange, Discount Commercia Paper and do a BANKING BUSINESS, Deposits Received Subject to Check and Interest Paid on Time Deposits.

Sell Fereign Exchange and Make Collections. Correspondence and Accounts Solicited. G. A. TAYLOR, Cashier.

STORE NEWJEWELRY OFFICE. nice assortment al everything in the line of Jewelry, Watches, Clocks, Silverware Spectaelns, ete A full variety of -HEAVY SOLID GOLD CHAINS. -4 Gents and Ladies Set Rmgs, Emblem and Scarf Pins. Fine Watches and Jewelry repatring 21 Specialty. Everything warranted as represenred.

B. F. MARSHALL, Argentine, Kans. WILLIAM: MCGEORGE, -DEALER MEDICINES AND CHEMICALS, -E- -FANCY AND TOILET ARTICLES, Toilet Soaps, Brushes, Combs, Perfumery, Etc. Physicians' Prescriptions Carefuly Compounded par News dealer.

All latest periodicals and newspapers. ARGENTINE, KANSAS JAMES F. IRVIN, -UNION----Barber Thursday is especially devoted to cutting ladies' hair. We run two Place of business, next door south of Gaskill' drug store. ARGENTINE, KK AS ALVIN BOYCE, M.D.

to Dr. PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. Office with J. B. Marshel, Second street.

Call attended day or night. Office hours, 11 to 12 1 to 3, and after 7 P.M. DR. S. ALEXANDER, Physician Surgeon, Office and residence corner Ruby avenue and First street, ARGENTINE, KANS.

CALL AT THE SANTA FE BARBER SHOP. For first crass shave and haircut. Ladies' and children's haircutting a specialty. Satisfaefaction guaranteed. B.

G. VENERABLE, Prop. Two doors west of P. Argentine, Kans. ICE CREAM PARLORS Over the Boston Store, is the place to get FRANK KUNZE, Boot and Shoemaker Does Only First-Class Work, Satisfaction guaranteed in prices, quality of stock, fit and workmanship.

Argentine, Kansas DR. G. D. ALLEN, Office in Simmons' new brick block ARGENTINE, KANSAS J. L.

PARKINSON, Architect 117 WEST 6TH KANSAS CITY REFERENCES -Many of the leading buidings Lu the city, offheseveral classes. JOHN BIRNBAEK, MERCHANT TAILOR, Keeps- constantly on hand a choice lin of goods and samples. Doesonly first -class work. Cleaning and repairing done on short notice. Metropolitan west Argentine, Kans.

J. H. BLYTHE, Attorney at Law, Salary Public, Real Estate and fasurance Agent. ARGENTINE, KANSAS, LIMBER BADGER YELLOW PINE, DEALERS POPLAR INT AND LUMBERS, Shingles, Mouldings, Doors, Windows, Blinds, Building Dupes. LUMBER IN EVERY GRADE.

We Own Our Own Mills in Wisconsin. Cor. cold and Head office, Kansas City, Mo. Between Yards State co and Kent Strong street, Aves, Argentine, Ks. 000000000 TO a 2 1 EMBRIDERY, AND GOODS 0000000 CA GOODS.

DRESS WHITE FINE SUMMER SUMMER UNDERWEAR 000000000000 00000000000000 dAre On Furnishing goods elsewhere. UMMER a Shoes, 8 buying white before examine and 00000000 to THE ARGENTINE ADVOCATE SUBSCRIPTION RICE, $1.50 PER YEAR PUBLISHED EVETY SATURDAY. SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1888, A. T. S.

F. TIME TABLE. effect June 17, -GOING EAST.No. 2 Atlantic Express. 4:00 P.

M. No. 4, Dodge City Local. 3:10 M. No.

6, Eastern Express. 4:45 P. M. No. 8.

Texas New York 6:15 A. M. No. 10, Kansas City 9:15 A. M.

No. 142, Leavenworth Atchison 8:15 A. M. No. 144.

Eastern 5: 15 M. -GOING WEST.No. 1, California and Mexico 12: :10 P.M. No. 3, Local Passenger 9:55 A.M.

No. 5. Denver and Utah Express. ..11:35 A.M. No.

7. Colorado Express. 9:55 P. MR. No.

9, Osage City Topeka 6:15 P. M. No. 141, Leavenworth Atchison 9:00 A. M.

No. 143, 92 11 8:45 P.M. SOUTHERN KANSAS. -GOING EAST. No.

202, Winfield Wellington 5:55 P.M No. 202, Parsons, Girard Cherryvale 5:55 P. No. 204, Texas Panhandle 6: 10 A.M No, 204, Kiowa Medicine Lodge 6: 10 A.M No. 206 Ottawa 9: 37 A.

-GOING WEST. No. 201, Winfield Wellington A. No. 201, Parsons, Girard Cherryvale 10:05 A.M No.

203, Texas Panhandle 9:35 P. No. 203, Kiowa Medicine Lodge 9:35 P. No. 205, Ottawa 5:55 P.

M. except Sunday, J. Z. RORABACH, Agent. J.

C. LONG, Ticket Agent. Mrs. D. Haward has been seriously ill the past week with malaria feyer.

Fine assortment of solid gold band and set rings, at MARSHALL'S. The tower has been removed from the school house as being more ornamental than useful, and other improvements and repairs are in progress. Watch and clock repairing a specialty at GASKILL's. The location of the new school house is now definitely known. Three lots have been purchased of the Home Investment north of the tracks.

The building will be 25x40 feet, Fine assortment of ladies' lace and jersey pins at MARSHALL'S. Watches and clocksrepaired at MARSHALL'S. There will be a caucus of Prohibitionists, and of those intending to vote for Fisk Brooks, on Monday evening next, before the meeting of the law and order league, for the purpose of selecting delegates to the Prohibition state convention, which meets in Hutchinson on Wednesday next, the 18th inst. Solid gold ornaments at GASKILL'S. As a result' of their premature Fourth of July celebration, Frank Rastail will lose five finger nails and carry a mark upon his forehead for life, whiie Allie Thomas escapes without a mark, but will grow three new finger mails Some beautiful silver pieces, suitable tor presents, at On Saturday night last a man was found lying along the railroad track insensible, He was thought to be injured, and was brought to this place, but examination proved that he was suffering from on overdose of Missouri red-eye." BADGER LUMBER COMPANY.

Extensive Lumber Yard in Argentine. For a growing city nothing is more needed than a first-class, well-supplied lumber yard, and that mammoth combination of capital and energy known the Badger Lumber Co. has given to Argentine such an instituion. Their advertisement elsewhere will tell the but a visit to the yard will well repay the effort, though the sun is 105 degrees in the shade. Mr.

W. A. Mack is the focal manager here, and on Thursday kindly showed us through nearly an acre of lumber and building material all manufactured by the company at their mills in Wisconsin. The office is a neat structure 16x24 ane 12 feet in the clear. Just south of it is a warehouse for sash and doors which contained, at the time of our visit, about one car load and a half of these articles.

The capacity of the building is something over two cars. Immediately cast and adjoining the office, are the sheds for the storage of mouldings, and the finer grades of lumber, in infinite variety and quality, all neatly arranged and classified. The yard proper contains fully onehundred car-loads of all kinds of lumber, all dried, and the arrangement of the immense piles is such as to facilitate easy access and handling. The whole is enclosed by a neat, high and substantial fence. Roads well paved, intersect the yard at right angles, and the whole establishment shows an eye to busy, and thorough familiarity with the trade.

Argentine is proud of her mammoth lumber yard. Her citizens have no need to go outside, either for varieties or low prices. Law and Order. At last Monday's joint meeting of the Law and Order League and the W. C.

T. aggressive action was resolved upon, The Attorney Goneral was to be requested to proceed against the city oftieers for complicti in the illegal sale of liquor, and the saloon keepers under the nuisance clause of the prohibitory law. A committee of ten was appointed to wait upon the attorney general when he arrives in the city, urging immediate action, and asking an explanation of the compromising of whisky cases in this county. Adjourned to meot next Monday night. The following extracts are from the Sunday Laws: CHAPTER 31, SECTION 255.

"Every person who shall labor himself, or compel his apprentice, servant or any other person under his charge or control to labor or perform any work other than the household oflices of daily necessity, or other works of necessity or charity, on the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined not exceeding twentyfive dollars." CHAP, 31, SEc. 257. "Every person who shall be convicted of horse racing, cock fighting, or playing at cards, or games of any kind on the first of the week, commonly called shall be deemed guilty of a misdemennor, and Gned not exceeding fifty CHAP, 31, SEC. 258, "Every person who shall expose to sale any goods, wares or merchandise, or shall keep open any ale or porter house, grocery or tippling shop, or shall sell or retail any fermented or distilled liqu on the first day of the week, commonly called Sunday, shall on conviction be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined not exceeding fifty dollars." A Now Church Assured. Rev Wilcox, pastor of the M.

church of Argentine, informs us that the Board of Church Extensiou of the M. E. church, has made the church here a donation of $250, together with a loan of $250, with which to assist In the erection of a church building. The society has on hand in cash over $200, and there has been subscribed about $400 more, making an aggregate fund of over $1,100. This is thought to be sufficient to justify the board of trustees in beginning their building at once.

Unless a change of location more advantageous can be made, the structure will be erected upon the lot owned by the church, on State street -on the "bottoms." The subscriptions so far have been given with the above loeation in view. Auction Sale of Lots. The auction sale of lots by the Ar. gentine Investment company, which took place on Saturday last, was quite successful, some 150 lots being sold at the sale proper, and about fifty at same prices by parties subsequently. Mr.

Norton Thayer, the general manager, informs us that the prices ranged from $180 to $320, the average on all lots sold being $200 per lot. The excursion from Kansas City was quite. a success, there being five new coaches, which were sidetracked at the Radia- tor Works. Married. On June 20th, at Leavenworth, Mr.

R. T. Darnall, of Argentine, to Mrs. Emily L. Loomis, of Wyandotte.

Mr. Darnall and his bride are in Colorado, where they will remain for about two months. A solid gold watch cheap at GASKILL's, Mr. Eckdahl will soon erect a twostory frame building on his lots near the south approach to the new bridge. It will be 24x45 in size, and 22 feet high.

Tippecanoe ice cream at Cock's. A standard silver time-keeper cheapa GASKILL'S. Judge Lucius P. Little, of Owensboro, Kentuteky, brother of banker A. W.

Little, was in the city on Wednesday. He is a polished and cultivated gentleman, whose sociecy a number of business men greatly enjoyed during his visit. Go to Killmer for shawls, lawns, and white dress goods of all kinds. CITY GOVERNMENT. W.

Gulley Police J. I. Blythe Clerk. Dowzenroth: Thompson City D. Bliss James Russell, President.

John Steffens, Councilmen Stephen Marsh, M. Dobbins, Charles Dodson. SCHOOL BOARD. T. J.

Enright Stettin Dowzenroth COUNTY OFFICERS. Judge of 29th ....0. L. Miller Clerk District Warren T. B.

Bowling Probate P. Clark Register of A. Lovelace Benj. Schnierle County Attorney Cree County Superintendent. M.

Slosson County Clerk Frank Mapes J. J. Commissioner Ist District S. S. Sharp.

Commissioner 2d District G. U. S. Commissioner 3d District TOWNSHIP BOARD. Trustee William McMahan F.

Chick Win, McGeorge SOCIETIES. I. 0. 0. F.

Meets every, E. Tuesday MILLER, evening. K. of P. Meets every F.

M. Monday BRESSLER, evening. C. C. A.

0. U. W. Meets meets every Saturday evening. K.

of L. Meet every Friday evening Argentine Band every Meets for Tuesday practice evening. G. Meets every Friday, evening. G.

BLiss, C. S. M.A. A of N. A.

Argentine Lodge meet the second and fourth Sundays of each month at K. of P. Hall, Argentine. CHURCHES. DR.


DR. J. K. LEWIS, Physician Surgeon. Office opposite Smelter, Metropolitan ave, ARGENTINE KANSAS.

J. M. ASHER, Attorney Counselor AT in Summons' new block. ARGENTINE, KAS: ROUTE. Specia Inducements to he Traveing Pubic Fast Trains, Tourists' and Round Trip Rates, Etc.

April 15th the Burlington celebrated fast train 'Eli" will commence running from Kansas City Atchison and St. Joseph to Chicago, leaving was City at 6 :30 p. m. with new Pullman Parlor Chair Cars free--the fmest run on any road new Pullman Sleepers, with the famous dining car "Kansas City," arriving in Chicago in the morning in time for business, thereby giving Kansas Cityans an opportunity to leave after a full day's business and have a whole day in Chicago, returning the following night. In short the service and equipinent of this train is unexcelled This was the first line to establish a fast train ser-, vice between Kansas City and Chicago, and its patrons may be assured that this train will be rnn on time.

The Burlington Line West runs two trains daily from Kansas City and Mis souri river points to Denver, for all points in Colorada, Utah and California, and are selling tourisis' and round trip tickets to Colorado points, Utah and California. The morning train leaves Kansas City at 11 :10. arriving in Denver the next morning in time to make all western conuections for Colorado Springs, Salt Lake and points west. The might train leaves at 9 :45 p. mI.

and connects at Denver for all points throughout the West. Train leaves Kansas City at 7 a. m. for Lincoln and all points in Nebraska. The equipment and meal service of this line is unexcelled by any.

The Bur.ington Line for Omaha, Council Bluffs and St. St. Paul. Train leaves Kansas City at 11:15 a. m.

with Puilman Parlor Chair cars free, and through Buffet Sleepers from Kansas City to Minneapolis and st. Paul without change. The night train leaves Kansas City quily at 9 :15 p. for Omaha. Council Bluffs, Sioux City and points north and Teket Offices- -Ninth and Main streets, 1044 Union avenue and Union Depot.

If you are going to take a trip East, West or North, business or pleasure, or wish to know the tourists' rates, call on or address H. C. ORR, Gen'1S, W. Pass. Agent.

Kansas City, Mo. A. DAWES, Gen'1 Pass. Ticket Agent, St. Joseph, Mo.

Sea Wonders exist in thousands of DEEP: are Storms, wonders in need but of of are invention. profitable surpassed work Thore by that who the can be done while living at home, should at once send their address to Hallett Portlaud. Maine, and receive free, full information how either sex, of ail ages, can earn from to 825 per day and upwards, wherever they live. You are started free. Capital not required.

Some have made over $50 fu a singe at this work. All succeed. BAPTIST -Services every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school at 10 Prayer, meeting Wednesday evening.

Bible reading Friday evening. Also services at Turter at 2 :30 p. m. each Sabbath. REV.

F. L. STREETER, Pastor. CONGREGATIONAL Services every Sabbath at 11 o'clock a. m.

and 8 Prayer meeting'every Wednesday evening Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. REv. H. M. COLE, Pastor METHODIST--Services every Sabbath at 3:00 p.m.

Sabbath school at 2 in. REV. RALPIE WILCOX, Pastor. ST. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CHURCH--Mass eyery Sunday at 10 a.

m. After mass, instruction for children. REV ROBERT LOCHRER, Priest. DARRICAN in, REV. METHODIST- R.

J. -Services VINABLE, every l'astor. SabAFRICAN PRIMITIVE BAPTIST- Services every Sabbath at 11 a.m. REV. AUSTIN, Pastor.

AFRICAN FIRST BAPTIST-Services every Sabbath at 11 a.m. I. BRADSHAW, Pastor. Harry Boyd met with a serious accident. on Friday evening of last week.

He was just getting into his cart to drive home from Alcutt's packing house, when the horse started to run, throwing Harry to the ground, his foot catching in the cart. He was drngged some 200 yards, when the horse ran into a fence and stopped, Harry's injuries consist oftwo broken bones in his left foot, and 2 badly sprained ankle, which will probably him laid up for some time. A fine line of jewelry at GASKILL'3. The storm of last Sunday night started just about the time church services were over, and many were detained down town oyer night. The rain fell in torrents, and upon slopes moved quite heavy rocks.

The pipe work put in the ravine at the Philip Petry corner Wag badly wrecked. Save from $5 to $15 by buying a watch at MARSHALL's. Ladies Go to Killmer's and buy your summer shawls, ladies under vests, and fancy articles. There was an installation of officers at the K. of hall on Monday night.

The following are the present officers: P. C.C. F. M. Bressler; C.IC., David West; V.

A. B. Crawford; prelate, W. B. Blaine; K.

of and J. B. Marshell; M. of D. G.

Bliss; M. of E. Harris; M.A. C. H.

Critchfield; I. G. J. E. Wiscoskie; 0, Wesley Smith.

An elegant line of beautiful toilet articles at GASKILL'S: Mr. Albert Miner and wife, of Burlingame, were in the city the first of the week. Mrs. Miner is the sister of Mrs. James Asher.

Mr. Miner is ASsistant cashier of the Bank of Burlingame. Go to G. W. Killmer for white dress goods, lawns and underwear.

Any subscriber to this paper can have a copy of the Kansas City Weekly Journal, sent to any address, post paid, by simply getting square on the books and paying 6 months in adyance. Tippecanoe ice cream at CooK's, Every article of jewelry purchased at Gaskill's warranted to be as Jack Palon, an employe of the Smelter, while intoxicated on Monday evening, tell over the rail at the bridge on Metropolitan avenue. With the exception of being badly shaken up, he was unhurt. Watches and clocks repaired at MARSHALL'S Gold and silver spectacles, rings, repaired, good as MARSHALLS. Married Saturday, June 30th, 1888, at Wyandotte, Kansas, by the pastor of the German Lutheran church of that city, Mr.

John Moody, of Argentine, to Miss Emma Miller. Young men's straw hats, summer underwear, and campaign hats, at KILLER's. Solid silver table ware at GASKILL'8 The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Purcell is quite ill.

PURELY PERSONAL. -Mr. Myers, president of the Smelter Company, was in the city on Tuesday. -Mrs, Sallie Remy returned on Tuesday last from 1 visit to Strasburg, Mo. Fife, of Wyandotte, was in the city Tuesday, -Wm.

Haskell has gone to Detroit, for a few weeks' visit. --Miss Viola Cox, of Chanute, was visiting Miss Mattie Elliot the first of the week. Joseph Schwartz has been on the sick list this week. -Mrs. John B.

Gibbs and children have returned home from the Springs -Mr. Hutcheson, of Lyon county, called on Wednesday last. -Mra. I. B.

Cole and daughter are vititing in Wyandotte. --Mrs. Jubge Blythe's three nieces, Julia, Gertie and Josie Hill, of Lawrence, have been visiting her this week. -Mrs. Maria H.

Grafton, of dotte, was in our city on Tuesday, the guest of Mrs. F. H. Rastall. Tippecanoe ice cream at CooK's.

Homer Eversole, a lad about eleven years of age, fell from a tree on Tuesday evening last, badly bruising him, and rendering him unconsious for some time. Dr. Burke attended the little sufferer. Visit of Attorney General Bradford, In response to the request of the temperance people of Argentine At torney General Bradford visited this county in the interest of the ment of the prohibitory law, on Wednesday last. Arrival was not known, and as he reached the.

city about 5 o'clock p.m., and left at 9:40 p. many of our citizens, including some members of the committee appointed on Monday evening to see him, had no opportunity to meet him. He, however, spoke quite encouragingly of our prospects, and asserted that he meant all he said in his letter published in the ADVOCATE on the 30th ult. He asserted that he had that afternoon closed Steve Hays' saloon and collected the amount of fines and costs; and the fact that convictions could be secured in Wyandotte ty was established. lIe bitterly denounced our county attorney for neglect of duty, and signified his willingness to prosecute him, as requested by the committee.

In answer to. the request that he proceed against the saloons as nuisances and enjoin the same, he said he had that day issued injunctions against the saloons conducted or in property owned by the following persons, and would do the same in other cases soon and success was assured: Frank Bono, G. W. Zoler, W. Rogers, Thos.

Downley, Tim Enright, Geo. Lynch and Mrs. Mary Clancey. He had also filed informations against Stephen Bilerd and Thomas Fox. County Matters.

Mr. J. J. Swingley informs us the the new bridge at Argentine will be the finest structure crossing the Kansas riyer. The T.

S. F. gives $6.000, and the Metropolitan Street Railway of Kansas City, $10,000 towards the cost of the structure. The contract price is $65,000, and the work will have to be completed on or before Jan. 1, 1889, There is a little hitch in the bond of the contractor, but that will be fixed up in a day or two.

Some $25,000 is to be expended in improvements on the county farm at once, an institution Mr. Swingley informs us, is a great saving to the county, and pay. ing; its way. About $7,000 has had to be expen ded to repair the losses to bridges and culverts caused by the heavy rainfall of Sunday night. Four pounds of our combination coffee for $100 BOWMAN Bros, A young Indian, belonging to the Shawnee tribe, returning from school at Erie, became intoxicated while in Kansas City last Monday, and started for Lawrence to visit a brother on the 10 o'clock train.

Through some unexplainable circumstance, he fell from the train, after dragging quite a distance, at the east end of the yards, and was picked up soon after by some employes and taken to the east end switch shanty, where Dr. Chapman examined him and pronounced him drunk. He had a few slight scratches about his head and face, and was pretty well sobered by Tuesday morning, He refused to give his name, for fear it would get into the papers, and claimed that when he came to Kansas City Monday morning he had about $700 in his purse, but it had disappeared. His ticket and papera were still in his pocket. Kansas City fire water serves Indians and white men alike.

Ladies' fine jewelry in great variety at Gaskill's. J. W. Palmer, merchant tailor, in Simmons' new block, has just received all the latest novelties in spring styles Call at once and see his samples of suitings, In the Gazette's report of the great republican ratification meeting last Saturday evening at Wyandotte we find the following mention: Hon. J.

M. Asher, of Argentine, was then introduced. He delivered an enthusiastic speech, heartily endorsing the nominees of the party. and pointing out their many excellent qualities. He said that above all things it was important that the candidates of the republican party be men whose moral character bore no stain.

Ho closed his speech with a description of a funeral which would occur on the 4th of March next, at which the democratic party would be interred, and Cleveland, Thurman and Jeff Davis would be chief mourners. HI. Blythe, Notary Public and conveyancer. Also does a general insurance business Office on Metropolitan avenue, Argentine, Kansas. Iwent to Kansas City some, time, andpurchased a large variety of boots andshoes.

Come and see them. FRANK KENZE.

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