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The Argentine Advocate from Argentine, Kansas • 4

The Argentine Advocate from Argentine, Kansas • 4

Argentine, Kansas
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BABCOCK. Babcock Smith. GOCEIEar STOEB. We are now opening our new stock of goods. As an evidence that we mean business read the following prices ARBUCKLE COFFEE, 20c.

SOAP, 10 BARS, 25o. SUGAR, 161b, $1.00. AND ALL OTHER ARTICLES AS CHEAP IN PROPORTION. Spear near cor. 4- I EUAND AANDEKSO Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Florence Landrey to Mr.

George Ninabar, Tuesday, April 24, at 2 o'clock. Prof. Roe, of Wyandotte, has been here this week assisting Mr. Capron in drilling the singers in the cantata of Queen Esther. A.

F. Hilton, general store keeper of the Santa Fe, was here Tuesday, looking around the store department at this place. W. E. Clark, of Sedgwick, Kansas, arrived here Wednesday with a car-load of household goods, and will locate here permanently.

John Gibbs, was in town Monday with a bevy of beautiful, happy little girls, to each of whom he gave a "mocking bird." Mr. Etheridge hands the cigars around and smilingly says, "It's a boy, weighs twelve pounds. What do you think of that I Messrs, Scbofield, Lyons aud Murphy, rccompanied by their wives, came out to the K. of P. dance Wednesday night, from Kansas City.

T. Woodward, with bag and baggage, landed in Argentine this week from Arkansas City, and will make this place his future home. J. Ed, Urie, formerly of Carbon-dale, Osage county, has opened a real estate office in tbe city, in the Osborne Powell building, Spear avenue. George Stroble, of Armourdale, was in town this week, looking after his interests in the Knights of Pythias lodge here, of which he is a member.

Mr. B. F. Marshall, together with his household goods, have landed in Argentine, from Van Horn, Iowa. He will perm anently locate here in the jewelry business.

John Symington, formerly of this place, but for several months past a resident of Topeka, has come back to Argentine. "Jack" is running an engine on the Santa Fe, Anson Pike has rssigned bis position as watchman for the Santa Fe, and will take charge of tbe circulation of the Kansas City News for Armstrong, Armourdale and Argentine. y.r. T. J.

Payne was in town on Tuesday last, apparently ul'y recovered from his late serious illness It is a pleasure to record the prolongation ofthe life Of so good and useful a citizen as Mr. Payne. Mrs Wilson, ife of Master Me" chanic Wilson, of Wellington, Kans was in the city Tuesday the guest of Mrs. F. II.

Rastall, Mr. Wilson has been connected with the Southern Kansas at Ottawa, but recently removed to Wellington. Notice. Persons desiring to improve their property in Argentine, can be accommodated on reasonable terms at the Argentine Bank. TO i -Dealers in- I STAPLE 51 FANCY GROCERIES.

ARGENTINE, KANSAS. 1 Latest Returns in Prices: lib Arbuckle'sCofTee, 20 cents. 1 lb Young Hyson Tea, 25 IB Gunpowder 25 ft Japan Tea, 25 4ft Prunes, 25 2ft California Prunes, 25 4ft Crackers, 25 2ft Figs. 25 3ft Dates, 25 2ft Drv Blackberries 25 I lb Old Colony Tobae 25 Try Our KEY Strong Argentine, Kans. iijiii ill 4 2 3ftCans Apples, 2 Cans Salmon, 3CaiisSasdlnes, 5 Boxes Matches, 1 Gallon Apples, 1 Gallon Cal.

Apricots, I Can Cil Apricots, Bars Soap, Evaporated Apricots, Prurells, Honey, 25 cents. 35 25 6 30 45 20 25 19 23 WEST Cigars. GARPETS, STOVES, AND' WINDOW SHAMS. AND SILVER AVE ARGENTINE, KANS. STORE OF Mayor Culley Polios Judge J.

H. Blythe Clerk Dowzenrotn Marshal H. Hlchardaoo City Treasurer D.G. Bllw James Russell, President. Councllmen I Stephen Marsh, M.

lHiobliis, Charles Dodsln. SCHOOL BOARD. Dlrectlor T. J. EnrlKht Treasurer Btefflns Clerk c.

Dowzenrotn COUNTY OFFICERS. Judge of 20th Dlst L. Miller Clerk District Court John Warren Sheriff T. B. Bowling Probate Judge R.

Clark Register of Deeds A. A. Lovelace Treasurer Ben, Hchnlerls County Attorney Nathan Cree County Superintendent F. M. Slosson County Clerk Frank Mapes J.

Bwlngley Commissioner 1st District S. S. Sharp Commissioner 2ipistrlct G. U. 8.

flovey Commissioner 3d district TOWNSHIP BOARD. Trustee William McMahan Clerk F. Chick Treasurer Wm. McGeorge SOCIETIES. In TT Meets every Tuesday nln O.

Jt Mili.rh 1 1 -v Kif Meets every Monday evenln, i Ul F.M.Bbbs8ucj,,C. AO TT meets every U. evenlua. X. Of Ii Meet every Frlda'' evening Argentine Band for di every Tuesday Ing.

A Meets every Friday eveniivs, S. M. A. Aof N. A.AJfo' 12, meet tun second and fourth Sundays of each month at X.

of P. Hall, Argentine. CHURCHES. CONGREGATIONAL Services every Sabbath at lo o'clock a. m.

and 7 so Prayer meet-' lng'every Wednesday evening Rev. H. M. Colb, Pastor ETHODI8T--Services every Sabbath at 00 p. m.

Sabbath school at 2 p. m. Krv. Ralph Wilcox, Pastor, BAPITST-Servlces every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7 :30 p.

in. Sunday at 10 m.E Prayer meeting Wednesday evmuig. Bible reading Friday evening, Also services at at 2 :30 p. m. each Sub-bat h.

Kkv. Frank F.Stkrbtjer Pastor. 8T. JOHN'S CATHOLIC CHUKCH-Mass every Sunday at 10 a. m.

After mass.linstruction for children. Kkv Robert Lokhrkr, Priest. AFKICAN METHODIST-Servlces every Sabbath at ll a. in, Kkv. it.

J. Venablr, Pastor. AFKICAN PRIMITIVE BAPTIST- Services every Sabbath at II a. m. Kkv.

Austiv, Pastor. AFRICAN FJftST BAPTIST-Services every Sabbath at It a.m. Kf.v. H. Bbadhhaw, Paator.

J. H. BLYTHE, Attorney at Ltyvv, Notary Public, ttVul Estate and Insurifiica Agent. Ahgkn'tink, Kansas. I FASHIONABI TAILOR ESTABLISHMENT.

LATEST STYLE CUTS-COMPETITION DEFIED AS TO WORKMANSHIP AND FIT. Cleaning and Repairing Neatly Done. Samples of Finest Suitings Constantly on Hand. Simmons' Block, cor. Second and Metropolitan Avenues, up stairs, Aeqkntinb, Kas.

J. M. ASHER, Attorney Counselor At Law. Office in Simmons' new bloek. Abgintho, Kas.

FRANK KTJNZE, Boot and Shoemaker rv en- -I SB, V. If, PALMER, J. W. DUNWELL DEALER IN- HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OTSWABE, OIIGLOTHS offenders of the law are far too ineffl clent, Tbe council chamber is hardly a suitable place in which to confine prisoners, much less the sidewalk, and yet under the present circumstances we have no jail building and nothing to employ the time of those who vio late the law to while away the time while tbe city's guests. Tbe council room should be a better one it would add to tbe appearance of the town.

There are many needed re forms, and it lies wholly in the power of tbe council to furnish remedies for failures past and improvement in the iuture. Several prominent men being inter viewed on tbe subject of the proposed dummy line, it was found to be the universal idea that the line would cer tainly be put through here this sum roer. The excellent results arising from this great institution are almost incalculable. Property In Argentine will increase in value immediately and then the easy manner of going and coming from Kansas City will be highly appreciated. The line will most likely run up Ruby avenue to or nearly to Fourth street, then turning to the north enough to avoid the bill at that place.

Chas. Hartley and It. W.Baileyhave formed a co-partnership in the car. penter business, uud er the firm name of Hartley Bailey. Their shop is south of the Baptist church.

They have the contract on the Dr. Gaskill residence as a starter, and are figur ing upon other work. They will put in some light machinery for scroll saw ing, etc, before long, and keep a shop open for job work. We wish the new firm successt mi inm. r.

yj.m met jrriday eve ing, April 13th. There was a good at lenaance, xne roiiowiug associate members made application and were admitted as active members Fannie E. Rastall, Mamie Peterson, Minnie March, May Asher, Elsie Thomas, Mrs. Yearnshaw, Mrs. Dlaine and Mr, Morris.

The society decided to have a social on the 26th and invite tbe un ions from Wyandotte and Clyde church, Kansas City, to be present, Owing to the unsettled condition of the road bed of the Chicago, Santa Fe California road, the new vestibule cars will not be put on until fall when the new road will be ballasted and put in good shape. The road expects then to make the run from Kansas City in twelve hours, which will be several hours shorter than any road now makes it. For the past thiee or four years the water works system has been dia cussed, and at several primaries has been made an issue for discussion, As yet no more Las been done to se cure the much needed plant. A fire department in a city of 4,000 inhabit ants is certainly a needed institution Mr. Ihomas McMahan, township trustee, called on Tnesday.

He kindly informs us that anything needed in the printing line by the township shall be done here at the home office, so far as he is concerned, and he believes the other township officers will cheerfully fall in with his view of the matter, as will undoubtedly every taxpayer. It is apparent to the most casual observer that before another year. more school buildings will be an ab solute necessity. During the past year tbe present building has been crowded, and the result is, too many children for each teacher to properly care for. On Tuesday last, about noon, a stran ger walking along the street, quietly appropriated a horse and buggy which was hitched near the sidewalk, and drove off.

The Marshal and deputies made pursuit and captured him about a mile west of Argentine. At the meeting of the city council Tuesday night last, Joseph Thompson formerly deputy marshal, was ap, pointed and confirmed as city mar shel, and D.G. Bliss was re-appointed and confirmed city treasurer, No choice was made in the matter of city clerk. Seigle Smith, who works at the Ce ment Works, stumbled and fell upon a chopping axe on Wednesday morning last, badly cutting bis left hand -in fact nearly ssvering the thumb at its thickest part. Dr.

Burke attended tbe injured man. Thursday last a meeting was held in this city of the Argentine River Im provement Traffic Company, at the office of the secretary, J. H. Blythe, Esq. Engineer E.

D. Thompsonwas in attendance and his map accepted. Arrange ments were made to at once commence work. Mr. Gill, from Mt.

Leonard, Mo, who is tbe owner of eleven lots in Gibbs Payne's addition, was in town Wednesday, arranging to build a four-room residence upon each lot, lie also arranged for the purchase of other lots in that popular addition. A Union Baptist church is about to be organized in this city by Rey. A. Johnson, State Missionary. Thirty members of that denomiation have ex pressed a willingness to join.

A "Union Baptist" does not practice "close com munion." Contracts taken, plans and specifica tions furnished for buildings and in side work of all kinds. Our shop is just sonth of the Uaptist church. Promptness and reliability is our aim. HARTLEY (K iAILEY. Quite a number from Argentine at tended the Kirness in Kansas City last week, and are very enthuniastic over the novel affair James Ham brick has juxt put in the foundation for a.

two -story store building on Spear avenue, to be 22x40 in size. Special attention given to collections. iU., Miss Edith Rliss returned from Olathe Monday. Prof.

Roe, of Wyandotte, is visiting Rev. H. M. Cole. Mrs.

N. A. Yearnshaw has been quite ill this week. T. J.

McMahan was here Monday on a business trip. Dr. Drollinger, of Kansas City, was here Wednesday looking after his real estate interests here. Mr. Grauel has been quite sick during the past week.

Mrs. Chamberlain has been quite sick, but is rapidly recovering. Mrs. F. M.

Bressler has been seriously ill during the past week. Mr. T. J. Fultz has gone to Osborne, where his wife is attending her father, who is not expected to live.

Mrs. Scoville is preparing to erect two cottages in North Argentine. Mrs. Annie Lewis has returned to her home in Jnnction City, Kansas. Master Mechanic G.

W. Prescott is moving his family here this week. Mr. O. Oloff has nearly completed a handsome residence in west Argentine.

Mr. D. Prickett has been somewhat indisposed, but is all rightagain. Mrs. M.

Willis has returned from Lawrence, where she has been visiting -Mr. Ekhdahl will erect a 2-story brick store building on his lot east of town. Frank Hillier, of Princeton, is visiting at Mr. Frank's, of this place. Mrs.

Foster, of Gardner, Kansas, is a guest of Mrs. D. G. Bliss this week. Wm.

Wilkins, of Hutchinson, Kansas, is here looking up a business location. Miss I. Jessup returned to her home in Cedar Junction the first of the week. D. R.

Shannon, of Edwardsville, is a guest of Mr, David Taylor this week. William Whitcomb, of Aurora, 111., is visiting with Mr. A. Williams of tins place, John Thompson has returned to work again, after several weeks' severe illness. W.

E. Corcoran and family are visiting relatives and friends in Jackson, Michigan. Mr. Petrle is filling up the deep ravine near his house, and will build two bouses there. Mrs.

Dr. Hittell went to Ola the and spent two or three days this week, calling on a friend. I. J. Gilmore has comejfrom Welda, Kansas, to Argentine to reside.

His goods came in Friday. A A. ltobinson, chief engineer of the Santa Fe, passed through iu his special car on Tuesday. Mrs. Hagan, of Kockaway, was called away Thursday morning by the sudden death of a friend.

Samuel Justus and James Carter are each erecting nice residence buil dings in Korth Argentine. John Condron returned from Tope ka Monday, where he had been for several days visiting friends. iavis nau quite an un pleasant time last week with a very sore arm caused by vaccination. Charles Blaine has written that he will remain in Nebraska and try farming instead of railroading. Murray Lawrence and wife, of Kansas City, were guests of Mr.

and Mrs. (i, W. Killmer last Sunday. Mrs. H.

A. Bailey and Mrs. II. Cole were the guests of Mrs. Churns, of Kansas City.

last Tuesday, Mrs. Geo. McDougall left for Buena Vista, Colorado, Tuesday, to remain some time visiting friends. N. G.

Jones, of Wyandotte, gave us a pleasant call on Friday. He is adju tant of the Wyandotte G. A. R. post.

J. W. Wefford's worldly effects came in from Chanute, Kansas, Thurs day. He has purchased a home here G. B.

Webster is having his front yard sodded and graded, walks laid out, and is otherwise beautifying his premi ses. C. L. Nicholas, superintendent of the S. F.

came west over his line one day this week in his special car. E. Murphy, stenographer at the de pot, has resigned his position to accept one with Union Pacific at Kansas City. Mr. C.

II. Miller, of Junction City, was here one Jay-this week, looking after his real estate interests here. Edward Hansen and J. Pike took the final degree to become mem bers ofthe A. O.

U. W- on Saturday night. Mr. A. W.

Little, of the banking firm of McAlpine. Little Taylor, was here Monday, calling on Cashier Taylor. Albert Hugo, time keeper of the Bantaxeac xopeKa, was calling on his brother in law, J. Engel, on Tuesday. Mr.

J. 1. Dinim was taken quite Bick Friday morning, and was unable to sit up. He is not considered dangerously ill. G.

B. Webster, material agent at this place, went to Topeka Wednesday evening on business pertaining to his department Wm. Pointer, of Arkansas City has located in Argentine. He brings a car load of household goods and a car of horses. John Drew had a big box of cigars and a larger smile, Monday, as he an nounced the arrival of a young lady at his place.


No, 4, Denver Kxpress 6 15 A. M. No. 10, Osage City Kxpross 9 1 15 A. No.

I Cail ornla Kxiiress. 8 40 P. M. Denver Utah Kxpress 4 P. M.

No. Dodge City Galveston Ex 6 46 M. OOINO WEST. No. S.

Doriue Citv Galveston Ex lo IS A. M. No. 5, Denver and Utah Express 11 i35A. M.

No. 1. California and Mexico Ex 2 :20 M. No. City Express 5:15 P.

M. No. 7.Colorauo Kxpress 8 iitO P. SOUTHERN KANSAS. GOING EAST.

No. 74, Texas Panhandle Express 5 55 A. Nn 711 (lltHWuftVniimrlH Mull 11 45 A.M No. 72, Wmlleld Wellington Mail. fi 55 P.

M' GOINO WEST. No.71.Winfleld Wellington 10 No. 75, Ottawa JEuiiiorltt Mail 6 65 p. M. No.

73, Texas Panhandle Express 10 UO P. uany excepc-awaiaav. J. fiORABACH, Agent. J.

C. Lono, Ticket Agent. The Santa Fepay cur came in Monday, last. on Carpets at Kansas City prices at Bliss variety Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Longnieke 1.

a daughter. TailAi'Aaa uranlorl na rrii'l otifc I. i. learn. Appiy at tnis omce.

The Good Will Society met last Wednesday with Mrs. Way. A new night watchman has been added to the night force in the Sun ta Fe yards. Men's, boys' and children's straw hats, the largest ana cheapest line in the city at miss' ariety store. The Metbodist Ladies' Aid Society met with Mrs.

Shaeffer Wednesday afternoon. The largest and cheapest line of srents' spring ana summer wear in Argentine, at miss' ariety ntorc. TheiSanta Fe began using thedouble track between Argentine and Turner last Tuesday. d.M. Asner has lor sale on easy pay ments, lots in every part oi tue citv.

uince Mmmon's Block, Argentine, sas. The yardmasiers are arranging for a picnic to be held at Excelsior Springs in the very near future, If you wish your titles examined by an experienced and competent ab stracter, apply to J. II. lily the. W.D.Gaston is completing a hotel building, and also a residence building north of the tracks.

I have improved town pronertv in Argentine, and some good farming lauus ior saie at a bargain d.M. ASHEB, The patent medicine man held the fort for several nights, and raked in many stray dollars. J. H. Blythe, Notary Public and conveyancer.

Also does a general insurance business omce on Metro politan avenue, Argentine, Kansas, Tbe party dance which was to have been given on the20th, was postponed to give room for Queen Esther. J. W. Palmer, merchant tailor, in Simmons' new block, has just received all tbe latest novelties in sunn a styles. Call at once and see his sam ples or suitings.

Several new men have been added to the platform force at the Santa Fe transfer depot. I have a four room residence in the city of Ottawa, and one acre of nice ground in tbe same city, near depot, to sell or trade tor improved orunimnr ed property Argentine. ai. ASHER. II, Richardson, city marshal, bad the misfortune of having his horse run away, pitching him into the mud.

Tbe only pleasant feature of the trans action was the marshal's good humor, I am now located in my new quarters. opposite the Smeller ollice, with a large assortment of house fdknishinu goods, and shall sell very low for cash, or on weekly or montniy payments. Give me a call before buying else' wnere. j. w.

Official notice has been issued, changing the date on which the C. V. C. will be delivered ta the oper ating department from the 15th to the 29th of this month lueLoan Investment company held a special session this week to place their institution on a sure basis for the conducting of business iu that line hereafter. A wreck occurred Sunday afternoon on tbe belt line at Turkey creek.

Sev en cars were derailed and considera ble damage done. No one was hurt and the track was soon cleared, The sidewalk near the Congrega tional church is and has been in a de cidedly dangerous condition, about six feet of sidewalk being entirely gone, leaving a deep hole to trap unwary pedestrians. This walk should be dropped to tbe level of the street. The usual crowd, augmented by several parties from Kansas City, who were driving through here Sunday, gathered at the river banks Sunday afternoon, to witness the baptismal ceremonies which were conducted by the colored Baptists. Several con verts were immersed.

The five coaches which were used to convey the delegation from the City of Mexico as far as Kansas City, were in the Santa Fe yards here the early part of the week. Each coach was docorat ed with the words "Mexican Central of Rome "painted in large letters. The delegation went east from Kansas City on the B. Q. road.

The residents of First street were all awakened last Saturday night by moans and cries as if some one were in terrible agony. Immediate search was Instituted, when it was discov ered that a dog. sitting on a log in the ravine, was enjoying itself with un earthly cries, without any apparent reason. Its howl was the strangest ever heard. The residents have not an overly kind feeling for the canine 'iace that time at'thi- 'kCOR- FIRST ST, "Ited.

-NEW- MUSIC 7 PI '1 O- WTLLI-iIMIS CO. Dealers In all kinds of Musical merchandise. Old instruments taken In exchange. Tuning and Repairing will receive prompt attention and work guaranteed. Orders from tho country solicited mull i McGEEFIA.N'8 BLOK.

Argentine, Kansas. William: DKALKB IN HDRITGS. MEDICINES AND CHEMICALS, FANCY AND TOILET ARTICLES, Toilet Soaps. Brushos, Combs. Perfumery, Etc.

Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded U.m ilaala All latest nprlrwiiftllta ftnd neWSDaUCrS. RUGS, EDIGINES, fj HEM I CMS, vt PERFUMERY, I Fancy and Toilet Articles, Patent Medicines, Family Medicine. I I Physicians' Prescriptions accurately Compounded at all hours, i Republican Primary. At the republican primary held in this city on Thursday last, the following delegates were elected to attend the county convention: Simpson Mitchem, T. J.

EnrigU, J. II. Blythe, J. Ekdahi, G. B.Webster, D.

G.Bliss, G. W. Gulley and C. R. Sorter.

Justice Court News. Tuesday morning last, two men were brought before Judge Blythe charged with keeping tippling houses. The judge was lenient owing to the fact that it was their first appearance before him They were each fined ten dollars and costs. Frank Bono, keeping tippling shop, fined $15 and costs. Frank Bono, assault, $10 and costs Pay Days.

The usual complement of bill col lectors, book agents, and such unwel come visitors followed up the advent of the pay car lpst Monday. The one special day in Argentine is the day the pay car comes both for railroad men, merchants and a good many others. Hereafter there will be three pay cars and three pay days per month, One on the Santa Fe; one on the Southern Kansas, and one on the S.F.&C. Narrow Escape. Frank, Andrew len, young sons of Thomas Cullen, aged 12, 10 and 9 years respectively were playing on the river bank, west of the bridge, on the south side, Sun day afternoon about six o'clock, when the bank, which is quite high at that point, caved upon them, burying the youngest completely, and partially covering Frank.

The latter released himself and commenced digging with his hands for Benny, whose body was entirely covered for a foot or more Andrew ran to tell some men near by who came with spades. One of them was named Hulburt, another Will Sat- erfield. a boy, and tbe other a man whose name we could not learn They worked industriously, and re covered the buried lad. He was near ly suffocated, his mouth, ears and eyes being full of earth. It was a nar row escape.

The family live on Ku-by avenue, south sida, third house from Second street. A Bad Hitch. There seems to be a hitch in the ar rangements now being made for tbe new bridge over the Kaw, owing to the Santa Fe not desiring to make a viaduct over their track for the south ern approach to the bridge, without which the bridge will hardly be a sue- New Houses. Among other new houses not here tofore mentioned we find one being erected by Dr. J.

O. Gaskill, west of tbe school bouse, on Second street. Also, a house by Henry Leibman, on Second street. Also, a fine two-story and stone basement house hy Dr, J. K.



LUMBER CO. DEALERS, Sashes, Doors, Blinds, Arge OtillG TvftllSclS I DR. G. D. ALLEN, Office in SimnTJns' new brick block jjtouTiHK, Kansas J.

L. PARKlNePN, Architec 117 WEST 6TII ST. KANSAS ifJY REFERENCES Many of the leading buildiop, in the eity, of the several dasaea. Shingles and Lath kept constantly on haud. Office and yards, two blocks south of depot.

J. O. TRBNOR, Agent, tar Satisfaction guaranteed In prices, quality stock, tit and workmanship, i Argentine, Kansas E. C. PETERSON, House and Sign Fainter.

Three doors north of Baptist church, BUBNTIKC, KAMM. HENRY J. WALTER, -PRACTICAL Horse Shoer, Horses entrusted to mr ear, ertstf without abuse. Particular attention ri Tea io Interferinr flint lame horses. Cor.

btate and street, ArgeniiM, aaasM. SANTA FE BAEBEE SHOP. a KNKHABLS, Prp. Batrcuttlng a specialty. Two doors west of P.

0 Argentine, Kaaa. invention; 'has revolutionized ha would durins the lat half enturv. Not among the wonder of Invent io progress la a method and system of work that can be ner- formed all over he country without separating the workers from their hom. Pv liberal anvone ran do Hie work: either sei. youngor old; no sp-eial ability required.

Capital not needed. You are started fre Cut this out and return to us and we will send yoo free, something of great value and importance to yoo, I tut itl start jron in business which tmng voq la more mine? riglil away than anvthlnti in (Ue worid.Urrnd otuatlre A44ra Tat August GRANT OR EM, Physician Surgeon, Office In Jay Salmon's drug store, Argentine, Kans, DS. L. BURKE, Physician. Surgeon AaocKTiKS, Kansas.

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