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Carbondale Independent from Carbondale, Kansas • 3

Carbondale Independent from Carbondale, Kansas • 3

Carbondale, Kansas
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The best smoking tobacco is Little Joker." Lucy Mitchell, of Lawrence, was visiting at the Merchant's last week. Our Bank. On Tuesday evening the stockholders of the Carboudale Bank held their annual meeting at which the old offic CITY PRODUCE MARKET, Report for Sixth School Month. Wheat, per Grades (5) F. E.

BUSH 0. BU8H. Corn, per ers were re-elected with the addition of Number enrolled 70 Number 15 IB. HOY BUSH BROTHERS. 85 3334 30 50 05 10 Car load of trunks from $2.25 to 810 at Minshall's.

MOORE'S John Atchison to the board of direct (2) 6T 0 0 18 0 6T (I) 109 8 21 50 1 101 (4) 44 3 3 31 4 44 (3) 71 1 0 0 4 70 Oats, per bushel Rye, per bushel, Flax, per bushel 1 Caster Deans, per 1 1 1 Dealer in all Kinds of Number reinstated 5 Number absent day. 20 Number visitors 6 Number at date 60 Aggregate belonging 917 Average attendance 42 otatoes, Irish ors. A dividend of 25 per cent, was declared, and ordered to the surplus fund making the cash capital to $15,000, I The present quarters were rented for Fresh Meats Potatoes, sweet Onions, 75 I I 75 50 First established and well known RELIABLE DRUG STORE $1.50 buys a good pairof men's shoes, at Stoltzmari's. Look o.ut for a big drive ou corsets next eek at Minsh all's. $1.00 buys a good pair of ladies Newport ties at Stoltzman's.

Over 7,000 rolls of wall paper at 810 1144 1073 1225 40 62 64 61 15 23 40 105 94 94 95 75 20 20 20 20 02 03 02 05 the coming two years, and the rooms Number late 55 Per cent of attendance 90 Days taught 20 Per cent, late 035 Tomatoes, Apples, Butter, per pound Eggs, per dozen -AND- 20 10 00 will immediatly be improved by the addition of new counters and other fixtures. DIRECTORY. OSAGE COUNTY FFICEES. County Clkhk. C.

A. CottrelL l'RKAM'RKK. Jollll ItallklU. Kkuihtkk. II.

W. Jenness. i.r.RK ok Court. W. A.

Cottcnnan. Probatk Ji-dor. Alex Ulake. KiiERirr. H.

W. Smith. Ouunty attohnky. K. C.

Ileiscr SlTRVKYOH. 1. V. Coon. 1'OHONKH.

Civlvln Ransom. Com i hni on ers. (. S. lirock, A.

L. Lauulng, R. II MeClalr. ok District Coitrt, C. B.

Graves County St'PT. H. K. McConnell. TOWNSHIP OFFICERS.

Trohtkk Ernest Weatzlg. Clkrk. O. J. (tauter.

Trkasurkr. Aaron Kinney. ucriOKS. John T. May.

1. V. Grigus. Conhtablkh. Chas.

Munrose. J. McDonald. Chickens, per 3 CITY RETAIL MARKET. Corner of Third and Main street Carbondale, Kansas.

Bradley's and more GAME IN SEASON. Cash Paid for Hides I Tallow Flour, per 100 2 753 70 40 The following list shows the names of those who have not been absent or tardy during the month: FIRST GRADE. Mrs. M. A.

Biddle, Teacher. Gussie Griggs Ell Rider Corn meal, per hundred, Wall paper trimmed free ready to Jas. Dickensheets, was re-elected President on Tuesday evening for his third term, without a word or action to the contrary. -Always on hand Shorts, per hundred. East Shop on put on the wall at Bradley's.

Harry McKay, of the Kansas State Journal, called on Friday last. Main Street, First Door of Moore's Drug S.ore. FRESH DRUGS, J. D. Salmons was also unanimously Bran, per hundred, Chop, per Butter, per pound, Eggs, per dozen Chickens, each, 90 75 1 00 25 12 20 15 18 Orbondale.

Kn re-elected cashier, and the truth of the matter is the corporation could not do Early Rose seed potatoes cheap at Heisel Urich's. for sale as Kiltie Stewart red Harris Susie Jxtng Robin Bailey Tamkin Stevens Eddie Carr Lizzie Wolf Katie Jockey Addie Crites Rosa Vaughn Mary Furdy SECOND PRIMARY. Riley Varner, Teacher. PERFUMERIES, STATIONERY, OILS, PUTTY, INKS, Lard, per Cheese, state, Sorghum, gallon Syrups, gallon N. O.

molasses, gallon, without him. During his entire term of service every part of the basiness has been executed with dispatch, the books being always brought up to the Who said Old Grimes was dead-drunk was all, So said the Court. CHEMICALS, -VARNISHES, PAINTS, GLASS, DYES, 60 75 75 1518 1720 Coffee, green, per pound. Coffee, roasted per pound. Hogs and chicken cholera warranted prevented and cured, at Moore's.

Rosa Ellis Grace McKee Jessie Curry James Darcltz Frank Hoar Elmer TJrie minute, and this too without two or three clerks standing around with Teas, per pound 251 00 10 their hands in their pockets. A great Cora Kilvernail Gibbs has everything in the staple and fancy grocery line. Call on him. Kice, per pound Potatoes, Irish, per Charlie Ellis Webster silvemail John Hord May Davis Atkinson Thomas Wilson Kp Love Klanche McCartney Mabel McCartney Jollie Keltz Morris Stevenson Jennie Wilson Nellie Connill Mat-in Rico BOOKS. Lucy Scaeirs part of the time he has had two men's work to do.

Potatoes, sweet, per Vinegar, per gal, Apples, per bushel The stockholders are so well pleased Alabastiste Something new to put on your ceilings nd walls. Call Gertie Henderson John Mattingly James McCartney John Stewart Jessie Stephens Artie Silvemail 1 00 1 25 30 75 8 50 912 40 40 that not a dollar of the bank's stock CARBONDALE. CITY OFFICERS. Mayor. S.

Minshall. J. G. Ellis. City Clkhk.

F. V. GrUrpt. rRF.Asi'RKR. (.

J. Ganger. City Attohnky W. J. McCann.

Marshal Tho. Bentlev. Covncilmkn. R. 1.

McKee. Fred ltoesslcr, S. J. lrvln, Geo. Wactzin and Morgan Meredith.

SCHOOL BOARD. Ci.KitK. R. 15. MeKee.

rRKAsi-RKH. R. H. MeClair. DlltKC'ToH.

Jan. Diekinslieets. SANTA FE TIME TABLE. WKWWA RO 4 I Xlckerson accommodation 10 15 a. 3- Colorado and Utah express 1 13 P.

5- raeiIlc express 10 A.M. 7-Emlgnmt 6 34 A. M. I I Way freight 11 15 A. m.

KAOTWARD a Nlckerson accommodation 10 15 a. M. 4- York express 2 53 p. m. 6- Atlantio express 1 18 A.

m. Callfornla emigrant 10 15 A. M- 12- -Way freight 8 35 M. Tralni 3 and 4 are fast trains and do not stop. No other train will carry passengers Kactiage checked for trains No 1-2-5-6 only This station can now furnish tickets to all east J.

M. CURRY Is again on deck at his old business of keeping the BEST Livery Stable in Carbondale, Or in Osage County, lie-member the place, At MONROSE' OLD STAND can be bought at any premium. llay, bailed, per ton Coal, per bushel Corn, per bushel Oats, per bushel and see it at Bradley's. A miuature syclone struck Burlin-game on Sunday, which tore off chim Pliysicaii's Prescriptions Pilled With Care. A fall supply of all descriptions of PATENT MEDICINES.

Sow is the time to PAIXT. Get our prices before purchasing. We keep THIRD PRIMARY. Lizzie Hendricks, Teacher. Notice of Dissolution.

May 14th, 1883. live stock. Belle Burdette Ida Dareitz neys, broke down trees, and done other damage. The partnership li ithertof ore ex Shipping Steers -4 504 70 Eddie McDonnell Ella Bradford isting between Martin Heisel and Hen Feeding steers, 44 (a ou Cows and Heifers 3 253 -50 Hogs 5 756 25 ry Urich, under the firm name of Addie Williams Hattie Muir Charlie Hendricks Dollie Davis Willie Hendricks Frnk Muir Ida Manrose Lizzie Kathary Katie Ellie Lizzie Conniff Mattie Shields LTeisel Urich, dealers in hardware. New suits commence at $2.50 and up slowly $4.50, $5.00, $6.50, $7.50.

$8.00, $10,00, $12.50, $14.00 aud $15.00 at Minshall's. All The STANDARD PAINT. Don't Forget the Place. At Moore's Old Stand. Milch cows 2a.oo()3o.w Frank Luman Erneat Robinson Harvey Silvemail Chas Mattmgiy John Fointon Banium Brown Charley Carr is this day dissolved by mutual consent, All accounts for or against the old firm Our Band.

At last we have a cornet band, and will be settled by them. Persons know Will. Collins returned from his trip in Southern Kansas on Wednesdav it is a live organization, having already mg themselves to be indebted to the ern and western points guaranteed to be ITE GLOSISTQ" OUT iLLE old firm will please call and settle at as low as Atchison. Kansas City or Tone.ka Tickets to Europe procured on short night, and looks as brown and rugged as the veriest Granger. The Carbondale mill paid out during once.

Martin Heisel. liaggage checked to destination Henry Urich. got down to business. Geo. Waetzig and A.

M. Sutherland are deserving of great credit forth air indefatigable efforts to culminate this object, they having labored inceasingly for nearly a year. The following is the instru FOURTH GRADE. Belle Knight, Teacher. Joseph Schafef Edith Williams Willie Mattiugly Ida Stevenson Fannie Miller George Luman LiUie Bradley Miller GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT.

A. V. Sparhawk. Teacher. Lizzie Kolb Annie Kathary Mary Wilson Charles Stovall Charles Couwell A.

V. SPARHAWK, Principal, Justice Court. 1882, over $80,000 for grain. The value A.T MINSHAL-L'S. Notice of Co-partnership.

Notice is hereby given that a co-part mentation: of this product amounted to $90,000. Pretty good for a small town. Hold on contractors! The city wants some one to build a bridge on the Berry nership is this day formed between lames Wilson Leader and Eb Martin lleisel and J. W. McCartney, Xi.

K. EAKIN, Blacksmith SHOP North Side Main on 2nd, Carbondale, Kas. Wagon Si General Blacksmith Work under the firm name of Heisel Mc David Hothorn Solo Bo George Waetzig 1st Bb George Cusworth 2dBb A. Ml Sutherland Solo alto Cartney for the purpose of carrying on creek crossing of Market St. Be sure and do not forget to look the matter the hardware business.

We respect JUSTICE MAY. James Wilson, vs. Mary Byrnes; action note, $25. J. S.

Callen for up. fully solicit a continuance of favors S. D.Barry Alto D. Dol Tenor John Cochran Baritone J. M.

J. Moss Bass Joseph Curry Tenor Drum For nobby hats' Minshall takes the You need notcoto Toneku to Cad upon the agent before yon go east A COOPEK, Agent CARBONDALE 1M KSTOFFICK. Office hours from 7 a. m. to 8 p.

m. Sundays open from 7 to 8 a. m. and 1 25 to 2 p. nt.

Money oret and, register department from 8 a. m. to 5 p. tu. T.

S. going east Mail closes, 2 :30 P. arrives. 2 53 m. T.

going west Mail closes. 12 30 p. arrives, 1 13 m. Ijvwrence Southwestern Mail arrives and leaves at 8 A m. Carbondale and Burlington, via Dragoon.Fairfax, Lyndon and Kedron.

Arrives, Mondays and Thursday, at 4 M. leaves, Tuesdavs and Thursdays, at 8 A M. Evening mail closes st 7 30 p. in. U)DGES.

HURRICANE GRANGE, No. 35'J. P. of IL Meets every other Saturday evening in school district 16. Ofllcers; Milo Emery, Master D.

8. Falrchild, Overseer I S. L. Heberling, Sec Col. Hayes' Post, No.

94. G. A. R. Meets every Wednesday evening at Mitchell's Hall.

J. G- FJhs. Post Commander Geo; Donnau Adjutant. Carbondalk Division No. 1, A.

O. of H. Meets every Wednesday evening at Mitchell's Hall. Hugh Sweeney, Harry Laffey, Sec. shown the old firm Heisel McCartney.

On March 1st I commence to close out my entire stock of DRY GOODS And NOTIONS, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots an4 Shoes, I get a nice stylish hat. but go straight An Ice Cream Parlor. The following officers as present to Minshall's and see his line and and get Remember that at Stoltzman's. the John Hunt and R. M.

Grant have rented the lower story of the Witte HORSE-SHOEING- S-All kinds of Plow Work. plaintiff. Judgement obtained and execution issued. JUSTICE GRIGGS. I.D, Burdick, vs.

Wm. E. Vincent; amount claimed $05.00 on note. S. B.

Bradford for plaintiff; J. Callen for defendant. Cause' dismissed by plaintiff. S. B.

Stage vs. Thos. Rolen. Pending. Wm.

Duncan vs. Joseph Taylor, building just west of this office boot and shoe man, you can get anything you want in the line of footwear from a 50. cent carpet slipper to a $10 aud have been at work all the week fitting it up for an ice cream parlor, and when the arrangements are com sewed boot. Much interest was manifested in the Done on short notice, and satisfaction guaranteed, -All work done at lowest living rales. Call and see me.

lv. EAKIN. J. G. ELLIS C(L pleted, they will have one of the neat est little establishments in the state preside over it's meetings: President, Moss Secretary, A.

M. Sutherland Treasurer, S. Barry. Meetings are held every Monday and Friday evenings. Our citizens should now come forward and give the boys the financial support, they so deserve for their pluck and perseverence in giving us an organization which every town should be proud.

Advertised Letters. The following is the list of letters remaining at the Carbondale postoffice May 1st, 1883: recent Burdick-Goss suit. The question of what constitutes a law was the absorbing topic for several days among A partition has bean put in running down the center on one side of which a counter has been put in. with a fine stock men and grain buyers and sellers DEALERS IN line of fresh confectionary and fruits, Many a poor suffering who submits to the surgeon's knife because of malignant sores scrofulous swellings, might and a fine soda fountain has been placed in position. On the east the roopi will soon be fitted up so that At prices that will insure a speedy-sale, as I have determined to give my entire attention to the Grocery Trade as soon as I can get the room these goods occupy.

Everything will be sold CHEAP FOS CASH, And Everybody wanting any Dry Goods or Clothing should call on besaved, sound and whole, by taking ZDry Goods Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, anyone will gladly give them a call B. Bradford for plaintiff J. Callen for defendant. Dismissed by plaintiff. B.

Burdick vs. G. Goss. J. S.

Callen and R. R. Dunbar for plaintiff S. B. Bradford for defendant.

udge-ment rendered in favor of plaintiff for 100.00 and costs of suit. J. II. Howard vs. Stephen Adams.

Garnishee. J. S. Callen for plaintiff, R. R.

Dunbar for defendant, judgement for plaintiff. State of Kansas vs F. G. Grimes. Drunkenness and disturbing the peace, Plead guilty and fined $2.00 and costs.

J. S. Callen, prosecuting attorney. State of Kansas vs. Elias Conrad, for a dish of ice cream.

They will also Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This will purge out the corruptions whicli pollute the blood, and by which such complaints ate originated and fed. AzDell Sam 2 lirown EA Bar Joha Brown Chad wick John Carpenter Chas carry a small stock of canned goods, Loo uk No. 70, A. F.

A. M. Meets the 2nd and 4 th Saturdays of each month at Masonic Hall Jan. Dickiusheets, A. V.

Sparhawk, Secy Carbondalk Lodge No. 102. 1. 0. O.

F. Meets every Wednesday evening at Odd Fellows Hall Morgan Meredith, N. G. Lewis Eakin, Secy. Friendship Lodgk.

No. 2340, K. of every second and fourth Tuesday eve. at their hall. R.

II. McClail, Dictator V. Sparhawk Recorder. Carbondalk Lodge. No.

72 A. O. U. W. Meets every Friday night at their hall.

George Perry M. W. L. K. Eakin, Secy.

t. Andrew's Lodge No. 40 K. of P. Meets at their castle lia.Il on every Thursday night, C.

Bradley, C. C. O. J. West, K.

of R. S. CHURCHES. Baptist Church Preaching eveTy Sabbath ai three p.m. Sabbath school at two p.

m. LEVI MORSE, Pastor, M. E. CHt'Rru. Preaching every Sabbath at It A.

M. and 7 30 P. M. (lass meeting every Sabbath after service and Monday eveninit. Prayer Be sure and give them a call and -ASD- Markley McVay William -Mead Geo MarklyTB Mc Fail and A Olson Ellick Pratt Bros Robertson John Kedtnond Joseph Selkin Smith 8 Worrell Perry Young James fitcn Gibbs William A Grimsby Henry Joseph Johnston J.

McClancey. of Osage City, is now engaged in drilling wells in this city. you will go again. POLICE COURT. His honor, John G.Ellis, on the 5th inst.

fined F. G. Grimes $5.00 for riding on the sidewalk. NOTIONS! Groceries and Queensware! Klrus Joseph unaer monies is About ten days since he completed a well for R. J.

West, who is now assisting him, and struck a fine vein of McCoUum Bobt misdemenor. County Attorney Heiz- me before buying. water in the sand stone at a depth of LADIES Davenport Mrs Martin Emma Turner Mrs Marv Bean Miss Flora Hunt Miss Bell Pure Teas and Spices fifty feet. They are now engaged in Ontiiaw Nancy Weldou Miss Mary meeting Thursday eveuiug. Sunday school at 10 A.M.

All are invited. W. A. JOHNSON FOKEIGN Prints and Domestics My making a well deeper on Minshall's residence property, going down about five feet a day in the hardest rock. a specialty.

All kinds of Chas. Montgomery admitted that he had been on a plain drunk and ornamental disturbance of the peace, and got $5.00 and costs on the 5th Alexander Walker walked up like a little man on the 7th and admitted the same thing. He was treated as well as the others and received a reward of merit of $5.00. Ashton Dick Robert Hawes William Munnock Hobert OLsson Miss lliland Salhart John rastor. Conorkoattonal CuniCH.

Preaching every Sabbath at 11 A. M. Praver meeting every Friday at 3 P. M. Sunday school at 10 A.

M. HOTELS. Sutherland Hotel, To form an idea of the number of To obtain any of these letters the applicant must call for "advertised letters." If not called for in one month, er and J. S. Callen for State of Kansas vs.

Richard Roe and John Doe, petty larceny. County Attorney Heizer and J. Callen for plaintiff. Found at Last. Carbondale, May 4, 1S83.

To the Editor of the Independent. I have, for the past sixteen years, been afliicted with a terrible disease of the eyes, being almost entirely blind, and utterly impossible to do any house hold work, and after being treated by twenty diff doctors, and advising by many high in the profession in distant cities, but all without relief, and M. Sutherland, l'rou. they will be sent to the dead letter office. D.

S. Doel, Prod-acel taken in Exchange for Goods. CASH PAID Young Lyman was arrested and confined in jail for a similar charge. Mkrohant Hotel. Cottaqb Hotel.

On io House. transient people in our town, the Merchant's Hotel accommodated over two hundred persons during three days of last week, among whom were several of the Philadelphia excursionists and several speculators from California, How is that for a town of this size? And what will it be when the stone Will be kept replenished from time to time, so you can find Anything ysu want, and CHEAPER than elsewhere, for I mean business, and will close out the entire above enumerlted as speedily as possible. My New Spring- Clothing-is now in and will be included in Mrs. M. A.

Hunt Prop. "Win. Hendrix, Prop. Mrs. C.

H. Green, Prop. Postmaster. He plead at the bars around town and Church Dedication. then at those of the city pen until they gapped open in amazement and The new Baptist church in this city, after its many trials iind tribulations allowed him to skip.

A New Firm. is to be dedicated with appropriate MP" All business locals not otherwise ordered, will be published until forbid at the, regular price of Five cents per line per Insertion. TOWN AND COUNTY. Since our last issue. J.

W. McCartney ceremonies on Sunday. May 27th. We are not yet able to give the names of for all kinds of GRAIN. North Side Main Street, Carbondale, Kan.

crushers get down to business. Mr. J. S. Callen the bright and popular attorney of Carbondale met with a severe accident while in Topekalast week, which is likely to prove fatal.

This will be heard with great regret by Mr Callen's many friends, partic who recently left the employ of R. H. McClair, has purchased the interest of the above. S. MINSHALL.

READ REED those who will take part in the services except that the well-known choir hope lanquished. However, after persistant persuasion I was induced to consult Dr. Kemberlin of the Kansas City Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat In-firmay. With his wonderful instruments the doctor explored the cavities of my Henry Urich in the firm of Heisel Rain! Rain! Rain. of the Burlingame Baptist church will Urich, well-known hardware dealers in this city, and the new firm now Join the Grand Army! ularly the young ladies who have al be on hand and assist with their music.

The dedicatory service will take stands Heisel McCartney. Business "Wall paper at Bradley's. ways held him in high esteem. It happened that Mr. Callen had occasion to visit the Capital upon business relating to a case in the district court, URD1GK TOP.

D. B. BUEDICK place at 2: 30 p. m. of that day.

will be carried on at, the old stand with a larger stock of shelf and heavy Warner's Kidney Cure at Moore's. This is drouthy Kansas with a Cone's Vearetable Liver Pills, Are anti-bilious, liver regulator, lax- hardware than ever, all reliable goods. new firm will also add a full line and in proceeding irom the Copeland House was severely struck by a pair of black eyes belonging; to a young lady of the city, a daughter of a prominent physician he sustained a frac cheapest, and also W. II. Reed.

ative.cathartie, the best, safe and sure. We have tried them. At Moore's. For Furniture all kinds, from the Best to the CAPJJETS, of all grades, call on that Lca has one Little smoker should try Wislies to say to the public more put in a large stockof Every Joker." of queenaware to the stock at present carried, on which they will prepare to eyes and found there- a firm body which had been there everysiuce my birth, and which he carefuully removed, after four months treatment all disease was removed, and I am now at my home in Carbondale, sound well and cau see like others. Any one afflicted with any of the above diseases will find immediate relief, by calling on Dr.

II, Kimberlin, 147 Walnut Kansas City, Mo. At Ganger's Drug1 Store, you can alwavs procure a srood cigar ture ot the heart and has not been the same person since. Cards will be out in a few days, Lyndon Journal. give the bottom prices. The Tremont House.

For Window Shades in pretty designs of any coioy, kind or size Farm Implements, or Fountain fine-cut, the best in the If old Sol. would come out everybody would rejoice. $3,00 buys a pair of men's calf boots at Stoltzman's. market. The "Tremont" House, formerly known as the Cottage Hotel, has re At the Glass, All sizes, and cut to Moore's.

Get your kindling wood: J. G. Ellis and is large For Picture Frames and Mouldings. My stck cently been rented by S. Herren, who has already moved in and will at once PLUMMEE CREEK ITEMS.

John Horn had a valuable mare gored to death by a vicious cow at Obert's. The loss comes rather heavy on John as it spoils his team, and leaves him with but one horse. Dan. Shea returned from his trip to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, better BELLE MCCANN, Mr. Arbuckle and ths Black Valley Railroad.

H. Reed. well assorted. To satisfy yourself go and see Co. have cobs to sell at 35 cents per proceed at the workaf modeling it, load.

preparatory to making it the most Old StaxxdL Hest to Green McKee, And I shall have on hand the celebrated New and handsome patterns, latest attractive house in the city. Mr. For WALL PAPER; my stock is complete. Designs all new and Fresh from the FACTORY. You can see the patterns by just stepping styles wall paper and border at Brad satined with Kansas, than ever.

Herren is an old hotel keeper and will reflect credit on the business. We ley s. Litchfield returned last Friday into from Eureka bprings, "Hackmetack." a lasting and fraa hope the traveling public will give the Arthur Basel, J. Hamilton and Mrs Wall paper 10 cents per roll and upwards at Bradley's. J.

D. Connell, of Scranton, visited at the Merchant's on Tuesday, 81.00 buys a pair of ladies serge congress gaiters at Stoltzman's. Chas Bacon and wife, of Leonard-ville, Kansas, was in town this week. A nasal injector free with each bottle of Shiloh's- catarrh remedy. Price 50 cents.

For sale at Moore's. Shiloh's Cure wll immediatly relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis For sale at Moore's. Last evening, quite a number turned out to hear G. W. Arbuckle, in spite of the inclement weather, and were well rewardeifor so doing, being highly entertained by hia graphic description of Valley Railroad, or the life path of thos wh allow appetite to rule them.

This greatest of all railroads is placed before the audi rant perfume. Price 25 aud 50 cent. Tremont its share of their custom. Tom. Wiggins started for the Sprin a or sale at Moore s.

last Monday in hopes of recruitin; Eawson' Mower For their health. Conference Meeting. Oyer 200 different patterns and Spring Beds, Mattresses, Looking Glasses, Window Glass, Brackets, Easy Chairs, and Spring Rockers. Examine the large assortment at W. II.

Reed's. all new styles of wall paper at Bradley's. There will be the regular quarter? ly conference meeting held at the I M. E. church in this city on next Sat Hiram Ward and A.

C. Easter, of urday and Sunday, May 19 and 20. Con Dragoon, favored us with a call on Friday last. ference meeting will be held on Satur day at half past ten and preaching on For lame back, side or chest use ence in a striking manner on a canvass eighteen feet long and eight feet ide. Jlr.

Arbuckle is a host in himself and held the audience throught the evening with his songs and oratory, sparkling with wit, being at once instructive and entertaining. Wherever the gentleman, who is already so favorably known in our state may offer I am also prepared to do work of all kinds. I will Re-Upholster Sofar, Chairs or Lounges in any Style or Color desired. REED. Shiloh's porous plaster.

Price125 cents. Saturday evening and Sunday at the" usual hour. A cordial invitation is a or sale at Moore s. J. Ryder has been building a small honse on Carbon Hill.

McKee furnished the lumber. 'A. W. Reynoids, of Wilmington, called on Saturday and subscribed for Nelson Anderson has fenced in the quarter east of his place. G.

W. Goss has fenced in the quarter south of Falley's for pasture. On every hand fencing and improving. is going on. Before many years stock range will be a thing of the past.

Farmers are generally about done planting corn there is some complaint of a poor stand, where it has come up, owing to the ravages of mice and squirrels. Prospects for fruit this fall is very flattering. Uncle Dick. FOUNTAIN RIDGE ITEMS. May 13th, 1883.

To the Editor of the Indkpendent The farmers of the vicinity are through planting corn and are ready extended to all. We have some more of those fine And also the old reliblfe Meadov; King 'And Buckeye Mowers. And I have tlie DEERING Twine Binder, WAGONS, visiting and address cards on the road. Attention Farmers 1 Persons desiring any Goods in My Line will be convinced of the Call and see them, Having changed our base you will the best paper in the on and after this date iind us on Car A word to the seek no further. Forster is putting a coat of paint on his program, we bespeak him a liberal patronage being confident that all who hear him and see his painting will be satisfied.

u. it. itoDeris writes to us am a says facts by a glance at my stock and wise is sufficient. bon Hill receiving grain. We will try "and make it to your interest to call on Jos.

Stienhilber's house, greatly improving its appearance, us before selling your grain, bix years he cant do without the Indepenient, and for us to send it on quick. J. J'. Moss, went to Lawrence last practical experience in the busines en "HAPPY RESULTS." New clothing just inat Minshall's. ables us to have better lacilities for I keep constantly on hand a full line of undertaking gbols.

operating than parties with little ex Suits from $2.50 to $5.00 for boys, and they are nohby. Look at perience. Thanking you for past pat- H. Reed. night to met a brother just there from Indiana.

lie returns on Friday. Mrs. W. L. Green returned from Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy a positive cure for catarrh, diptheria and canker I have the sonage we win sun try to please.

J. G. Ellis Co. Look Look Boys coats, 25, 40 and 50 cents. mouth.

or sale at Moore s. O. J. GAUGER, TURNBULL for the May showers. John Bybee appears like a new man this morning owing to the nice showers that fell yesterday whicli refreshed his strawberries.

Ed. Clark goes to Topeka to-day to welcome some of hi3 relatives from Pennsylvania, who will remain with him some time. Mr. McColm's advise to those who are contemplating purchasing the McGee hog is to call and see his received from Ohio. McGee should New fichues, new lies in lace.

Swiss. Marsh's Golden Blood Liver Ton-io is a Grand Remedy I My wife has used Marsh's Golden Blood Liver Tonic for dyspepsia and derangement of the Liver with happy II. Johnson. Austin, Minn. Marsh's Golden Blood Liver Tonic has cured my little boy of scrofula and general debility.

It is a grand remedy." Thos. J. Smith, Kansas City, Mo. i mull and silk, new collars in abund AND keeps on hand a full and fresli ance and all cheap at Minshall s. (Successor to Dr.

C. Brown,) always supply of JNew coats, 40, 50 and 75 cents. New suits all linen, $2.50. New suits all linen, $2.00. New Vests all linen, 75 cents.

New pants all linen. 75 cents. her visit in Kansas City on Thursday. Lew looks a great deal better natured. Why will you cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief.

Price 10 cts. 50 cts. and $1. For sale at Moore's, If you want any thing in dry goods and notions, clothing, boots and shoes, hats and caps, you can save money bv Lamp chimneys only 5cts at Brad MITCHELL ley's furniture stfre, and everything Alpaca and lustre to $2.00. else at proportionately low prices.

And also keep in stock the Ten dozen nice new -and nobbv cor- Ail tnese are at Minshall s. Attention Comrades. DBUGS, MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, -A-xxd Toilet JLrtioles. bear in mind that Kansas farmers know good hogs from poor ones even if they are shipped from Ohio. A.

II. Bets are on sale at Call CORTLAND and see them. They are a special bargain. "lour Golden Blood Liver Tonic and Golden Balsam for the throat and lungs give excellent satisf to my customers." L. T.

Dorsey, druggist, Burlingtoai, Iowa. Marsh's Golden Blood Liver Tonic. All members of J. Hays Post, No, 94, G. A.

R. are requested to attend the meeting Wednesday evening, May SEALED PEOPOSALS, New prints, ginghams, new lawns. Wao-ons and Buaes Also, Books, Blank- ana btationery. "Will be received by the City Clerk of the City of 23d, as business of importance is to be new laces, new dress goods in newest shades and at newest prices at "Minshall's." UiUUUg UU lUHIHIiail. Rev.

A. C. Easter, of Dragoon, on Friday last, bought a fine thoroughbred yearling Shorthorn bull from J. M. Marcy's celebrated "Plumwood Straw hats, three for a quarter.

Braid hats, 50,75 cents and 81.00. Misses sailors 35 and 50 cents. Mens wool hats 60. 75 cents and Si. and all these are to be found at attended to J.

G. Eixis, P. C. Don't Read This. aroondaie, up to May aam, 18.

at six o'cioek P.M., for the, furnishing of material and the buildind of a bridge over Berry Creek, on Market Street in said City. Bias may made for the furnishing and laying the rock, or for the furnish FAT CATTLE And H05S Minshall's shoe stock is now com U-6S 'sbsubx 'eiBpuoqjug 'eogjo plete and you can see the largest as the great alterative and cholagogue, and Marsh's Golden Balsam, the famous cough remedy, and for sale at the City Drug Store Carbondale. Thousands of bottles have been given away to prove their extraordinary merit. Large bottles 50 cents and 31. More new goods at Minshall's, this week.

Look out for novelties. sortment to select from, and the low Paints, ODs, Glass, Putty, etc, And Everything Usually Kept in a First Class Drug Store. Physicians Prescriptions an4 Family. Bcipes Prepared With Care. Carbondale.

Hansas. S.Sl-Ifl A UUOf 938 pn H0 'QOl -ou joi(s uo epujt ie jo 6Jidaj osiv ing oi tne lumoer aua tne carpenter work, separate if party ehoose. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids. Plans and specifications can be seen at the of flee of the Citv Clerk. BOUGHT AND SOLD est prices guaranteed.

The ladies are especially invited to examine his stocK of low cut 'slippers and flue button qsBD -no jo 90ia mot aqj xoj euiqoBj 3aiAag aasuig eq puq By order ot the Council, P. V. GK1G0S. Carbondale, May. lfitlt1883.

Cii.vClotk. DOOtS. Thanking theUiublic for past tavors 1 remain a i er tneneople servant. D. B..

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