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Carbondale Independent from Carbondale, Kansas • 1

Carbondale Independent from Carbondale, Kansas • 1

Carbondale, Kansas
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Carbondale Independent. Carbondale, Kansas. This city la situated on the T. S.r. railroad, about sixteen -miles south of Topeka.

in tbe northern part of Osage county; contain! about 1.500 Inhabitants; In the Immediate vicinity are extensive mlnee, from which an average of twenty cars of coal art being daily produced. The city is surrounded by a splendid fanning and atock-raisins; section, and is well supplied with water, making it one of the most desirable places in the State to locate; Is well calculated for business, and has some extensive dealers. A good bank, mill, etc All we need is capital to make it as prosperous a city as any in toe state Come and see ns and be convinced. tCBUSn. RE.

BUSH. BUSH Prop'rs. St. O. BUSS, Editor.

EPENDMNT; Jems. $1,50 Per Aim, to lima WE SPEAK Jg. MEN, NOT PARTY. The cheapest an A best paper In the countv. FuBLIIHIS I TUT THURSDAY.


Manufacture of Moss. SUMMARY OF THE WEEK. The Future EarFDt. Exchange. MINOR MENTION.

Migration ia brisk to Texas. FOREIGN. BELIEF FUNDS. Cincinnati Timas-star. Demoreat'g Monthly for February.

Lr. udson, one of the earliest mis J. Recollections of the Octogenarian, Probably few persons who, while William Ewart Gladstone trained the sionaries to Burmah, completed the Watson Webb. J. Watson Webb writes as follows to Parnell has forwarded to Father Gallagher 100 of the 385 received from the New York CONGRESSIONAL KANSAS LEGISLATURE.

The house held a short session Jan. 19 The usual grist of bills were introduced. Mr. Gamble offered the joint resolution to amend the constitution relating to representatives in the legislature, providing for an eppcrtiorj- traveling in Florida and other of the Gulf States, had their attention attract translation of the New Testament in are very much in society of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. The New York Times: I am obliged IirFaris beads vogue.

In the senate, Jan.I30, Mr. Plumb presented 1823: The manuscript was' destined father Gallagher, in acknowledging the money, writ that the suffering people of Donegal are subsisting on food only fit for beasts that private charity cannot cope with to you for your kind remarks accompanying your publication to-day of my letter to the committee of the Trow a memorial of the legislature of Kansas praying for the establishment of a Soldiers' home in that state. The joint resolution appro The first daily newspaper appeared in 1702. ment of the state in 1886 on the census of 1885 into -115 districts: counties afteward organized to become representative districts the widespread distress there: that, the gov last election over Lord Beaconsfield by his denunciation of the eastern policy of the latter. But curiously enough, he has since adopted that policy and made it his own.

The great Tory leader bought the control of the Suez canal, and secured Cyprus with' a view to the ultimate capture of Egypt, so as to ive Great Britain the shortest route to ndia. In his whole career, Beacons-field never did anything bo repugnant bridge banquet u.t Detroit, on Friday ernment alone can do so, and things will very ed by the vast quantities of gray mos3 hanging upon the forest trees, ever thought that it was an important article of trade. Yet it is very extensively used in stuffing mattresses and chairs, and its use is increasing every year. No Southerner native in the localities where it grows remembers or ever heard of the time when -it did not grow, yet it seems never to have occurred to Miy one that it could 10,000 homeless within a year to enter on a strange history. The Judsons went to Ava, the capital of the empire, very hopeful of doing effective missionary work there.

War, however, broke out between England and Burmah, and all foreigners were soon regarded with great suspicion. On June 18, 1824, Dr. Judson was apprehended, and with cruel Violence aud with gross indignity was cast into the death prison. In a few days, There are fully waits in New York. numbered from 115 in regular order to 125; and that no county shall be organized after thi otal number of representatives shall equ.

until after another apportionment. last, but I am compelled to decline the honor of claiming in that letter to be 85. Why, that would make' me the contemporary of my friends Peter Cooper and Charles H. Russell, who loek upon me as a mere boy as compared their riper and more mature period The senate, Jan. 30," went into committee of The church of England has an income of 4,525,000.

to tne moral sense ci mankind as the bombardment of Alexandria and the be made an artice of commerce until war on Arabi Pasha to enforce the and who have so justly won the Yankees went South during: the Senator-elect Kenna, of West Virginia, is only 35 years old. rebellion. Tlie trade in it began soon through a money payment, he and other piisoners were removed from that awful place to an open shed within the prison bounds. There they lay with iron upon their limbs. When her hus built iniquitous claims of a syndicate of conscienceless bankers; yet Prime Minister Gladstone is responsible for these nefarious measures.

It has resulted in making Great Britain master of Egypt, and the policy of Beaconsfield is vindicated by the action ot Glad Dallas, Texas, is said to bo over a graveyard of mastodons. soon come to a crisis. 2 RICH DISCOVERIES. Captain Henry Freeman, who has been prospecting for tin, in Mexico, has returned to St. juouis, and brings with him nearly a ton of rich ores and smelted tin found in the state of Durango, Mexico.

He says he discovered very rich deposits and liberal and valuable grants from the Mexican government for working the mines. RAILWAY PROJECT. An imperial concession has been granted to a firm of English contractors for a railway by which all Vienna railways will be united by branch lines and a circular railway. A ministerial announcement says these works were rendered necessary both by public convenience and the state of the labor market. REJECTED.

Switzerland has rejected the naturalization treaty proposed by the United States, according to which nationality is forfeited by residing for a certain period abroad, on the ground that this clause of the treaty is contrary to the Swiss laws. O' A PLACARD. their length of years and good works the honor and respect of all classes of our fellow-citizens. Well may they be proud of their honors, and long may they be spared to enjoy them. I am not only made to say in that letter that I am 87, instead of 80, but also made to claim that I was a lieutenant of ar after the war closed, but like most other' such enterprises was of slow growth.

The moss sent to market was for some years mainly obtained in Louisiana, but the trade gradually ex band was thrown into prison one of the first acts of Mrs. Judson was to bury the whole to further consider the joint resolution proposing the resubmission of the prohibitory amendment, and Senator Thacher obtained the floor and proceeded to reply to Senator Everest's speech of Friday. A number of bills were introduced, and bills on second reading referred. A large number of petitions and bills were introduced in tba house, the most striking of the whole batch was one by Mr. ftamona, of Wyandotte, to prohibit any public oflicer from receiving or railroad agent from issuing passes.

A violation of the act by either party is niade a misdemeanor to be punished by a fine of $100 to $500 and in the case of a public officer, a forfeiture of the office. The fine for a violation of the act by a railroad is to be collected by levying on the railroad's property. Public officers are to be prosecuted by proceedings in quo warranto. priating $100,000 for the work of the census bureau until the end of the fiscal year waa passed. The remainder of tbie day was consumed in a fruitless discussion of the tariff.

The house followed suit In a wrangle over the intricacies of the same question. In the senate Jan. SI, the bill providing for holding a centennial cotton and industrial exposition in 1884 was called up, and after being amended so as to provide that invitations to foreign nations to participate in the exposition shall be given by the board of managers instead of the president, passed. The tariff bill wns taken up for consideration. Mr.

Frye offered an amendment to make the duty on sugars of all grades 40 per cent ad valorem, and ou molasses 25 per cent. The debate was interrupted, by the presentation of the house resolutions relating to the death of Representative Orth. Mr. Harrison, Mr. Frye and Mr.

Voorhees made addresses and the resolutions were adopted. Adjourned. In the house, on motion of Mr. Caswell the senate amendments to the house Joint resolution making appropriations for continuing the -work of the tenth census was concurred in. After completing the consideration of fifty-two of the 160 items of the chemical schedule, the committee rose and the house began eulogies on Representative Orth, of Indiana.

Resolutions of respect were adopted and the house adjourned. In the senate, Feb. 1, the president present the manuscript of the New Testament Obeqon canned in 1882 534,700 cases of salmon, valued at $2,782,000. tended to Mississippi, Alabama, stone. This shows how much potent is the drift of events, and the ana norma.

Ane nnesc moss tillery stationed at Detroit in 1829, in under the bouse in the soil, lest it should be found and destroyed by their persecutors. When Mr. Judson was permitted to receive a visit irom his policy of nations, than the wishes of UB tu wmu.u stead of 1819, whereas in 1829 I was actively engaged in this city editing Not far from $6,000,000 has already been Bpent on the census of 1880. men temporarily in power. Mr.

Glad- nonaa-, xtxe S7 moss absolutely tone was really sincere when he pro- an taking root and perfecting brave, wife, and they could speak to The Courier and Enquirer. In fact. I shall not be 81 until the 8th- of Februa- tested flo-ninsr. "lins-ninm Ho bna I uucl uu nuuoiauw me uuic aw gether a little, naturally, one "of his hP.n wfifl trmA th arr. niri mosphere.

There is no danger of the ly, and when reflect tipon the pro- Miss Louisa Alcott's first story brought her 5 and her second $10. Man," for if ever a human being la ubiiik eiLauu, greS3 cf our country since I first enter- The eenate, Jan. 31, after the usual routine bored for the good of his human kind A placard was posted a few days ago in a earliest enquiries related to the safety of the work which had. cost him so much toil and time. The rains had set in, the manuscript would be destroyed if it remained long in the ground.

A It is estimated that $1,000,000 will ea thearmy in 1819, it is scarcely pos- fh16fwe l0dJU Partf vf 8iWeto realize the experience of a sin- the oouth to which the gatherers take i i he has done so. History will here went into committee of the whole, the special order being the proposed resubmission of the public garden at St. Petersburg enjoining the people to avoid places frequented by the be required to preserve Niagara Falls, after crown him as the greatest minister as well as the best mtentioned, of court lest they should be hurt by anything it, and are paid an average of one cent prohibitory amendment. After some discus was stationed at Detroit wnen its population was only 2,000, it is now up plan for the preservation of this precious treasure was soon devised. Mrs.

a pound, lhe process of manufacture any- who has guided the destinies of mat mignt nappen. HOUGH USAGE. The Princess Louise has been styled sion the further consideration was made the special order for next Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. After the introduction" of several is to put it in an overflowed spot or the British Empire. But the fact re- Judson sewed it up in some cotton ed a joint resolution of the legislature of It is reported that Russian political prison the beauty of the British royal family, ward of 150,000.

1 was stationed at St. Louis when its population was mams that to-day Egypt is as much a thoroughly saturate it with water, and pile it in heaps. It is then left to rot ers in sioena are robbed, beaten and starved. stuff, which she further encased in matting, thus "making a pillow for her hus Illinois relating to the Yellowstone National park. Messrs.

Blair and Mahone presented province or, Hingiand as India or Cana The director of the prison is said to have stated that it made no difference if the prison 000; it now exceeds 550,000. I was stationed at Chicago ten years before for from thirty days to four months, band, so unsightly and so hard that she da; nor will Egypt suffer, by the change. The people will be better petitions for national aid to common schools. Three hundred and seventy-live thousand persons work underground in Great Britain. the -first "house was erected, and its when the cuticle comes off, after which it is placed on frames to dry.

When ers starved to death. IDENTIFIED. supposed that no one would care to governed than for generations past. i present population exceeds 600,000. new bills in the house, House bill No.

92, re latin to the service of notice of protest in certain cases therein named, was passed. The prohibiton resolution was then called up, and Mr. Dunsmore, of Neosho, obtained the floor and proceeded to speak in opposition to the resolution. At the conclusion of his speech the further consideration of the subject was made the special order for next Wednesday at 3 o'clock. take it from mi firimi it lfl twinft run thrnnrrh a mtpr I Two prisoners in Kilmainham jail, Dublin, Mr.

Ingalls presented petitions of citizens of Dakota against the division of the territory and asking its admission with its present boundaries. Mr. Vest, presented a memorial After about seven months had representatives oi we- DanKen, -e-- When iflrst passed through Aiunaio. to separate it from sticks and twigs, called the" "Board of Control," which have been identified as the Phoenix park murderers, and the car on which they rode has 1819, it contained some fifty houses, passed, the prisoners were suddenly and also to Separate the fibers from and it now boasts a population of near Kino Milan of Servia is to be crowned on August 22 next in the ancient convent of Kraljevo. thrust again into the inner prison, and really governed that country for some years, were a eantr of plunderers, who been recognized.

THE PALACE GUARD. each other. When ready for market ly 300,000. At that time the shipping loaded with extra fetters. A he tew the prepared moss is graded accord thought of nothing but what they could poor mattresses, which scarcely seemed A Cairo dispatch says the British sentries at all the palaces have been removed, Egypt ing to quality and sells at the factories to ease their aching bones, were taken get out ot the unfortunate tax-ridden fellahs.

If ever there was a righteous for from three to ten cents a pound. of Aiakes JSne, Jiuron, and Michigan consisted of one steamer, the Walk-in-the-Water, lying high and dry on the shore near Buffalo; three small schoon trom them, ana among these the rough favoring the extens'in of the limits of the Yellowstone park. Sherman introduced a resolution, which was agreed to, directing the committee on education and labor to inquire into the expediency of providing by law against the employment of convict labor by the United States, either on public works or by contractors under the United States. The tariff bill was taken under consideration. A lengthy discussion ensued.

The house talked tariff the entire day without making any perceptible progress. Rhode Island's fund for the statue of General Burnside now amounts to more than $30,000. ian soldiers unaeruuang we auty oi guara ingthem. REVOLUTIONISTS. war it was that undertaken by Arabi The poorer grades are used in the manufacture of mattresses, and the bundle upon which Mr.

judson was wont to lay his head. The first night ers, the Decatur, the Jackson, and higher grades for stuffing furniture. Pasha; but in as in thousands of instances in history, might was not on the side of right. LordDufferin is now the and one hermaphrodite brig The revolutionists in Ecuador captured Esmeraldas, and Alfaro is named supreme oi this new misery the- prisoner ex carriage cushions, etc. The industry belonging to Canada.

Who shall pected speedy execution, and Dr. Jud dictator, ine dictator still noias Uuayaquu. the real ruler of Egypt, the khedive be enumerate the craft -of the lakes is said to be very profitable and requires little capital, everything con About $7,000,000 worth of neckties are worn, and mostly worn out, in this country every year. IDENTIFIED. son thoughts dwelt a erood deal on the ing a mere figurehead, as are the In In the senate, Feb.

2, Mr. Hoar presented a Eight men were arraigned and Identified in contents of the strange pillow he had nected with it being produced upon the dian princes in Hindoostan. Here Dublin police court as the murderers of Lord now? Then, as commissary of subsistence at Detroit, I received my pork and flour for our command from petition of President Elliott and other professors of Harvard, asking that no one but a ground except a small engine, picker, after it will be the aim of the British Cavendish and Under Secretary Burke. CETEWATO REINSTATED. lost.

He thought of passages in the New Testament which might be more perfectly translated." He wondered Both houses held protracted sessions Feb.l. Lathe senate a large number of petitions, on various subjects, were presented, and a number of bills referred and recomnended for passage. In the house, Mr. Geo. W.

Martin' house bill 97, to raise the limit of levy of school tax in cities of the second class from eight to ten mills, passed unanimously. Carroll's house bill No. 11, giving juries exclusive discretion in the measure of damages where death is caused by the wrongful act or omission of another, passed by a vote of 92 to 8. Scott's house bill No. 98, legalizing a certain tax levy of Lyon county, passed.

In the senate, Feb. 2, after the usual routine, the regular committees reported. The committee appointed to investigate the Kansas City, Kansas, stock yards reported that eald company is a corporation, doing business under the laws of Kansas, and carrying on a trade in conformity therewith; that the yards are in good condition, are worth $1,000,000, have an expense of $600 per dav, and are ho hierher priced than St. Louis. The only real Buffalo, and contracted for my beef government to develop the resources professional astronomer of experience shall Miss Mary Dickens, eldest grandchild of Charles Dickens, aged 19, is about to become an actress.

and a bale press, lhe demand for manufactured moss is said to be greatly in excess, of the supply. Persons Cetewayo was king of Zulu of the vallev of the Kile. There will with the late Gen. Yaneer, of Ohio who hereafter be eligible for the position of super what the future xt the manuscript land, in presence of five thousand of his be security of life and property, and intendent of the United States naval observa would be. Would Mrs.

Judson ever the cotton and grain of Egypt will yield countrymen. resigned. drove his animals through the black swamp to Detroit, at 3J" cents per pound. Then all the regions of whose health requires a residence in a warmer climate would do well to think see it again? Would it in some future rrrAnTAr rpmnia Senator David Davis has made tory. Mr.

McPherson introduced a bill to Improve the efficacy of the naval academy. The question of tariff was taken under considera than at any period thin nr. nrnr year be found, and be a source of light A Paris dispatch says Casimir Periere has resigned his seat in the chamber of deputies. the lakes was a howling wilderness during tno.jast two years tion and discussed at great length. In the and when, as adjutant of the 3d regi of Burmah? The jailor, however, to A BISHOP'S DEATH.

speculating in Illinois real estate. house, Mr. McCook, of New xork, presented a memorial of the chamber of commerce of ment, I accompanied the regiment up that scienee will profit by European Rowlnr. Roskrell, (Catholic), who resigned the bishopric of Nottingham in 1874, is dead. New York, urzlns: congress to pass a bill limit All tbe Tear Round.

the Fox river and down the Wisconsin control over the archaeological treas whose share the pillow fell found it so uncomfortable, and apparently so worthless; that he flung it back into the The Pennsylvania railroad is about The bow, that "touchstone of good (Ouisconsin the French had named itr) PINED. ures of that most interesting of all countries known to history. But the breeding," says a French writer, has to establish hospital-cars at intervals ing the coinage of silver dollars to the requirements of the Petitions were presented protesting against the transfer of the revenue marine life saving and coast survey tbe Indians alone occupied the 6ountry, The printer of Prince Jerome's manifesto prison. 1 astes diflered, and if the and the Winnebagoes forbade our pass possession of Egypt by Great Britain undergone strange mutation since the obsequious days of the Georges. Now prisoner liked that sort of thing to rest in Paris has been fined 403 francs.

EMIGRATION. on the line for maimed employes pend ing removal. cause for complaint is the custom of "docking" on piggy sows and stags, taking from their weight 100 pounds. This was agreed to ing through Winnebago lake. 1 as ad is full of peril tor Hingland 3 future, services to the navy department.

The tariff bill was taken up and warmly discussed. his head upon, he might Tiave it for all the body must not be bent, only the for it brings nearer the day when she Emigration from Germany decreased 16,000 the jailer cared. Presently there came neaa inclined, cordially or otherwise. must enter the lists against Russia to Jn the senate, Feb. 3, Mr.

Cockrell present jutant, was sent by my colonel (Leavenworth) to have a talk with them, it being beneath his dignity to oe reaucea to eigtity pounas. ine committee, however, suggested that the docking did not belong to the Kansas City Stock Yards com A fine white clay, which tit a dis last year, as compared witn loai. THE CZAR. a day when the prisoners were stripped of nearly all their clothes, tied "two retain possession of Hindoostan. The according to circumstances; genuflections are relegated to dancing and ed memorials of the Missouri grangers, asking for the passage of a bill to create the office of The czar wants his coronation papers ready fact cannot be overlooked that for every tance cannot bo distinguished from snow, has been found on a farm at ana two," ana driven Dareiootea over posture masters, whose palmy days white soldier England can place in the hot gravel and burning sand to a meotthem.

We held a council on the banks of the lake and I was gravely told that the gates of the lake were closed and we could not pass through them. I demanded the keys, and re pany, but was wholly between the buyer and seller. House concurrent resolution No. 24. fn relation to the duty upon lumber, was adopted.

In the house, two bills were passed, one creating the office of weighmaster in cities of the third class, and one to make the service of summons upon the township London, Ont. field Russia can place ten. Dytnesutn. PRINCE JEROME. Prince Jerome has been removed to hospital.

are now a record of the past, in the time of the Merrie Monarch the plumed wretched prison some miles away. When on that occasion the fierce Oar I mnorti and EiDortf. secretary of agriculture. The tariff was taken up. A windy and unprofitable discussion ensued.

In the house, the senate bill passed to encourage the holding of a world's industrial and cotton centennialexposition in 1884. The tariff bill was considered in committee of the whole. and jeweled nat was dotted with a Demorest's Monthly for Burmans were seizing all the spoil they sweeping grace tor the very ground, We nave been importing rather too ceived the answer that they were at Denmark sent Great Britain 88,491 sheep in 1881, the United States 40,223, Germany, 401,999, Netherlands 254,477, could, the mat was unfastened by one much during the past year, and our and there held till the lady so saluted the bottom of the lake and could not be GENERALITIES. IBOJI AND STEEL STATISTICS. of them from Mr.

Judson's pillow, warehouses have got so lull that there nau passeu or retireu. j.ow me nai is furnished- To which I replied that it I replied that and as the hard stuff within seemed The secretary of the American Iron and and Canada 66,478. tmiuiv raiseu in recognition oi a iair is no further need of buying goods to be of no value it was thrown away. WASHINGTON. THS PUBLIC DEBT.

Steel association, basing his statement upon official statistics, reports that the production acquaintance, who must give the in abroad. Then our exports nave in was of no consequence, as my Che-o-ge-ma had a key of his own, consisting of five hundred bayonets in the hands of A. Christian convert piolcea it up as a itiative by a slight inclination of the A substitute for celluloid has been creased largely. We are now sending of Bessemer steel ingots in the United States The public debt statement shows a decrease relic he would keep in memory of his uc nuuiu lccu jucuiul ui mo 4 in a. i i-ioiiu i -i head, and we are informed, by an aris live hundred che-mo-ka-men (soldiers): invented which is said to possess all its valuable qualities and the additional during January of cash in treas- "rin't -WL 7p dear teacher whom he feared he would Iorwara a Qeai OI iwn, wneat, SSliS SSS and corn- Xt h3 been that produced i again.

tocratic authority on matters of eti that at 6 o'clock on the following certificates of deposits outstanding. quette, that "a gentleman returning teen completed works, was 1,334,349 tons, an crops were not so very large on the continent, a proof of which is found in 000; refunding certificates, legal what the mean-looking cotton roll contained. Months' afterward, when morning we should open the gates of the lake and pass through and that we should shoot any Indian who increase 01 per cent, compared with lssi. advantage of being lire-proof. The paid-up capital of the buildinj the bow of a lady with whom he is but slightly acquainted should do so with a deferential air," but if there were an Rails made from imported blooms and open tenders outstacding, 340,681.

014; fractional currency outstanding, $701,809,317. the fact that Jb ranee aud liermany are trustee the only egal service upon the municipal township In the senate, Feb. 3, the following bills were passed: Providing for successive levies upon personal property under different orders of attachment or execution, and prescribing the effect thereof; to legalize 'tbe acts and proceedings of the county commissioners of the several counties of this state in laying out, establishing and opening roads and highways to amend sections 2, 5, 3 and 281, of chapter 31, of the general statutes of 18C8, being an act entitled an act to regulate criminal punishment; to prohibit the sale of pistols, re- volvers, dirks, slung-shots, etc, to minors, and fixing punishment for same also, to prohibit the carrying of the aforesaid weapons by minors; to empower the state board of commissions for the permanent school fund to exchange bonds of school district. No. 101 of Howard county, for an equal amount of the tonds of school district No.

101 of Chautauqua county, an act fixing the terms the troubles were over, and the Jud hearth steel rails are not covered by these buying three bushels of our cereals this approached either the river. or lake. sons were free again for their loved figures. APPROVED. The president aDrjroved the sericulture an- intimacy he would raise his hat with year to one last year.

it is now ex had simmar annoyance from the SHORT IN HIS ACCOUNTS. work, the New Testment was found no greater freedom of action, "and consid societies of Pennsylvania aggregates $30,000,000. The money has been used in homes, two-thirds of them in pected that gold will again, begin to Indians at the portage from the Fox Isaac H. Vincent, state treasurer of Ala- worse for the perils through which it erably-higher." In France it is the to the Wisconsin river, but they were come from Europe, in which case we will see a great revival of industry in Dama, nas nea irom Montgomery, leaving a deficit of $227,000 in his accounts. He left propriation bill and the act amending sections 1924 and 1727, revised statutes, so as to extend the limits of the jurisdiction of justices of the peace in the territories of Washington, Idaho and Montana.

gentleman who bows first, and there, had passed. It- due time it was printed, and to-day the men and women of only idle threats. Now all Wisconsin Philadelphia. too, the bow is the signal of recog and the west bank of the Mississippi a letter stating he was bound for New York, where it is supposed he had made extensive Burmah read in their own tongue "the the early part -of 1883. The nation is rich in natural productions.

We never nition between members of the sterner wonderful works of God." The French are a shrewd business transactions in cotton speculation. Governor O'Neal sent a message to the legislature de sex; in England a nod suffices. The had so much cotton, wheat, corn, and. are well-settled, flourishing states. And all this during the active period of a single life.

Then all the region of people, yet, strange to say, do not be two most polite in the old-fashioned tailing the event, and steps have been taken petroleum, to send abroad. The pros CRIMINALITIES. COBB'S FATE. Youncr Cobb, who shot and mortally wound ri -1 1 sense of the word of our kings, to secure the fugitive's capture. Vincent's Mn.

I. in try's Beauty and Acting, 'Pollux" in Chicago Tribune. lieve in newspaper advertising. Even pect ahead is hopeful. wnicn a write was a solitary wiiuer- bondsmen are good for the shortage.

DISCHARGED Af a word more may be said upon a the papers of largest circulation have Charles II. and George took off their hats to the meanest of their sub Great Britain's Kevenae. 01 court in tne lmrteentn juaiciai aissrict; fer the relief of Carlton S. Jones, of Franklin county; for the relief of Maxwell A. Phillips, ness, occupied by the Indian only and the game upon "which he lived.

Now ed Sheriff Shenneman, of Cowley county, Kansas, some time ago while the latter was at Lonrlon Letter. much-abused subject, I would like to very few advertisements. The supreme curt of Vermont discharged jects. The revenue of the United Kingdom point out just where the mistake is it boasts a population af zU.UUU.UUl) oi tempting to arrest him, and who a few days before shot and killed a constable in Jefferson three prisoners serving long sentences im A lady obeisance to royalty fifty and an act lor tne protection 01 game, eenate joint resolution No. 4 for the submission of a proposition to amend the constitution of generaliyLiade in the criticisms of the intelligent, enterprising and prosperous posed by justices' courts for selling liquor, on At.T.

thd ritlpa nnrl nil hut twnWo rt of Great Britain and Ireland amounted, in the quarter ended on December 31st, countv, was taken out of jail at Winfield be- as wivcu um ui jau TT1UUC1U lady. I visited the theatre last evening years ago, was an acrobatic feat, lhe knees were bent and the body slowly i the towns in Massachusetts voted at the twefn Vnd 0Iclock Thursday morning by of masked tne grouna mat me liquor jaw was unconstitutional when it allowed such commitment, freemen, rardon this digression. 1 intended simply to protest against my party men and hanged to the rail and saw Mrs. Langtry; in my company .20,998,148, which was an increas. were a number of friends; near me 78,588 on the corresponding quar-wato nt.hAra whom VnAw Tho om.

ter of 1881. The items in the final to- being assumed to be 87. the state 01 nansas. in me nouse, Anderson's funding bill for Salamanca township, Cherokee, county, was passed; also Mr. White's bill changing the time of holding court in tbe Eighth judicial district; Senator not giving tne aecuseu tne right 01 appeal, MAXDERSOX ELECTED SENATOR.

brought forward in graceful and reverent guise, the equilibrium being recov road bridge on the outskirts of the town. During Wednesday evening he confessed to November election upon the question of license, and the official returns show an aggregate of 88,323 votes in favor of Kevlvlng; Greek Plays. ered by a backward movement very tal show the following cases of increase The Nebraska legislature elected General Manderson to the United States senate. He jority of them were disappointed. They Demorest's Monthly for February.

Airs, cnenneman, tne widow or the dead sheriff, that he was Charles Cobb, and gave her his revolver. Subsequently he stated to Sher difficult to perform with ease. But our or decrease: An increase of Jtuu.uuu said she was not as pretty as so and so, 75 votes; twenty anti-monopolists A short time since a number of licenso and 76,953 against it. monarchy waxes old, and republican naming numerous persons of our ac Kelley's bul to legalize tne levy 01 io in Coffee county; Mr. Venard's funding bill for Ness county; Walton's bill to legalize the election in Mulberry township, Clay county, and bonds issned in pursuance thereof.

supported eticKie, ana tne democrats gave in customs, 197,000 in property and income tax, and 120,000 in the post- manners, assertive of independence, quaintance- who certainly are pretty, iff Mclntyre that he had been led to the committal of the lawless act by reading the exploits of Jesse James and other desperadoes. The body hung at the bridge most of the day, uoya ana Morton 14. INDIGNANT CADETS. make high-flown courtesy students of Harvard University produced the Antigone of Sophocecs in the original Greek. It was an interesting performance, and attracted much and office and telegraph services, and a decrease of 57,000 in excise, 110,828 A Bermuda correspodent of the New York Times says: "They say down now courtesy to royalty is merely a A revolt in the naval academy at An Now if one goes to see a pretty woman, and goes with a commonplace -or, rather, not so much commonplace ana nunareas 01 people went out to look at it.

napolis led to the placing of seven cadets in deep dip, a sudden collapse, as if on springs, and a re-attainment of the in stamps, and 175,933 inmiscella-neousreceipts. During the nine months solitary confinement and the sending of thirty- KANSAS NEWS A family of six died of diphtheria at MALPRACTICE. At Worcester. Franklin Price, claim as conventional and modern idea of two on Doara tne cantee. ended on December dlst the revenue perpendicular.

here it is the middle of January, but I don't believe a word of itl How can it be when wo can go out and pick fruit from every tree and flowers from every beauty, then they will be disappointed. Mrs. Langtry is not pretty her face deserved attention. 1 be students 01 Cambridge University, in England, have followed this example by playing the Greek play, "The Death and Burial of Ajax," by Sophocees. This is Winfield, recently.

shows a net increase of 522,576. A Downs man paid a Cawker git- Baking Babies in India. is too strong, too large, and so are her ing to be a physician, was held in $3,000 ball for manslaughter in eausing the death of Mrs. Barney Bemis. He treated her for internal erysipelas by bathing her in kerosene oil and rolling her np in bandages saturated with that oil.

The woman was literally blistered and THE MARKETS. MARKET QUOTATIONS. Important Proclamation. Miss Stagg, a missionary in India, bush?" mouth and chin, for that. The Peter Bowe is Sheriff of $150 for failing to come up to the matrimonial mark.

The following reliable report of the stock the first time two thousand years that this particular play has been act the City and County of New York. writes: One of my pupils named Ma-com (which means butter,) said to me There is none of the beauty of girL-ishness, of artlessness, of emotion even, market is furnished us by Geo. R. Barse William McNeil Clough, one of th John Battersbt, the ex-living skele. skinned alive and died after a week of horrible suffering.

ed. It naturally attracted a great deal Recently, in conversation with one of our reporters, Mr. Bowe proclaimed the live stock commission merchants, of Kan leading lawyers of the state, died at after her lessons were finished: "Oh, goes without saying, and this prettiness ton, has never been in good health sas City. Leavenworth, the 26th nit. which she has not is what the world, or following fact: "1 consider ot.

Ja A BRAVE OFFICER. Forty citizens of New Braunfels. Texas. since he began to increase in weig mem! you must not go away without seeing Khooki." (Girl babies" are call at least the ordinary world, admires A son Mr. Newby, who was herd cobs Oil an excellent remedy, and one armed with euns and axes, broke the iail Annr ed Khookies, and boys are Jvhookas.) and esteems; hence, to the general of attention, and the actors were praised highly for their work.

The music was original," and undoubtedly far superior to that actually performed in Athens when the plav was originally produced. Although Greek music has that ought certainly to find its way in to secure and lynch a murderer named Napo ing cattle near Cimarron, Gray county, was frozen to death, recently public, Mrs. Langtry must be a disap to every household. Mr3. Bowe al I if teen years ago he tipped the beam at 69 pounds and could slip an o'rdinary bracelet oyer his knee.

Now he weighs 120 pounds and is paralyzed in the leon Pitts. With a revolver in each hand the jailer drove the vigilantes pell-mell into the pointment. ways has a bottle of it there, and Frederick J. Miller, brother-in-law of I am very fond of babies, eo I readily consented to see Khooki. We went down the street across a very dirty court, and then Macom stopped at the street, ana tney abandoned their design.

But to one whose artistic sense of makes a family remedy of it." Aew not come down to us, a good deal is Professor Love well, of Washburn college, Topeka, was instantly killed by a completeness looks for something more, York Evening Telegram. lower extremities. A DEADLY DUEL. At Socorro, N. two Mexicans quarreled LIVE STOCK Cattle Native shippers, native stockers, native feeders, 4.67; native butchers' steers, native cows, native heifers, $2.65 3.12K- -Hogs Sales ran, sdfrom bulk from $6.306.70.

Sheep Native muttons, $3.003.50. GRAIN AND PRODUCE. Grain No. led winter wheat 94i; No. 2, red winter, 89M No.

3 red winter, 83 No. 2, mixed corn, 42; No. 2 oats, 33W; No. 2ryet 53. Produce Eees, 22a23: cheese, skim known about it.

The Athenean orches door of a little room, adjoining a shed who would see the ideal of the old fall from a ladder. over a girl and to settle the difficulty locked tras had as many different instruments as those used in modern music halls where the cows were housed. Greeks in its union of delicacy and -The Yellowstone National Park Improve themselves in a room and foueht with axes Owing to the illness of Dr. McCabe, Lillie Singleton, a school girl of opened a door and I looked in, and ment company has been organized under the strength; a head firmly poised, a per and opera houses; but, of course, the One was killed and the other terribly wounded. Cambridge, slipped and fell saw just one mat covering tho floor, on laws of New Jersey, with a capital of fect oval, set upon its delicateiv pit chaplain of the house, his place has been filled for a few days by Dean Ellerby, of Grace cathedral.

which lay baby and baby mamma. portioned neck "and sculptured bust, 000. Its incorporators include Ruf us Hatch, upon the street, and a lead pencil, GRANTED. Governor Crittenden's requisition for John Eipe and tne reed predominated. ney ad nothing corresponding to the violin or the brass "instruments.

The liaby was a dear little pinky bit of hu Roscce Conkling, and a number of other such a head and figure for example as which was in her pocket, B. Dennis, arrested at Lancaster. for An old man named Charles Wolf and inanity, and I told her mamma that I flats, 89 butter, Kansas dairy, 2324; the Venus de Milo or de Medici, some prominent capitalists. musical accompaniments were usually her right side to the depth of about forgery in St. Louis, was granted by the gov- chickens? per doz.

hens, mm four inches, causing serious injuries. crnor 01 2.50; potatoes, 7075; hay, small baled new, thought her pretty: "Oh," said thing, too, like one of Tadema's stately chanting by the chorus; but the marvel ASFBUKNHAM, Mass Jan. 14, 1880. she "she will soon be black hko tho his daughter, who were out herding sheep twenty miles north of Cimarron, were frozen to death during the lat cold snap. $7.257.5 SHOT DEAD.

matrons, to such Mrs. Langtry is a satisfaction and a study. I have been very sick over two years. They ous harmony and the melody of modern music were unrevealed even to the rest of ua after I have put her Two of the men who attempted the rnhherv The pencil was broken, and a surgical operation had to be performed to out in the sun for a few days. Just is it unworthy of one while to most advanced of the cultured Greeks.

all gave me up as past cure. I tried the most skillful physicians, but they did not reach the worst part. The lungs and heart would fill np eveiy night and distress me, and my throat William Drury was accidentally shot of a Central Pacific train near Montello were shot dead in western Utah by a posse sent ont from Salt Lake. think! Every new-born baby has its extract it. CLOSING QUOTATIONS.

St. Louis. Wheat, February, March, April, May, $1.13. Corn, February, 50; March, 51; April, 52; May, 54. Chicago.

Wheat, February, $1.06: March, It has been denied that the race has ad consider this, for why did the great London world, busy with all its tasks little body well smeared with mustard oil, and is then put out in the sun to vanced in the knowledge of morals, was very Dad. tola my cnuaren 1 never and -pursuits, tarry so long to Balute and killed at a ball at Genda Springs Caldwell county. He dropped a revolver on the floor when it exploded, the ball passing through his stomach. but no one disputes that. science has should die in peace until I had tried Hop Bit Mr.

George II. White, in Harper's Magazine, says: "The poet Whittier dry. I interceded for baby, and Ma CASUALTIES; April, May, red this woman as beautiful. ters. 1 nave taken two Dottles, iney nave had a prodigious development, and that music occupies a far higher place com premised sue would prevent them helped me very much indeed.

I am now well. Perhaps, because, in the reaction TTEBY FLOODS. The Cuvahoera river overflowed Ha hBnlr at is much above tho average height of from doing such a dreadful thing. from modern prettiness and littleness There was a lot of sick folks here who have seen ho.w they helped me, and they used them winter, February, May, Corn, February, 56J; March, 56; April, 665; May, 58. New York Wheat, No.

2, red winter, $149. Corn, quiet; No. 2 mixed, 61. than it did when Sophocees wrote, and 1 nave seen very young babies, after Cleveland, and curiously enough caused a conflagration. OU and refuse from a leaky Phidias fashioned his wondrous statues, and are cured, and feel as thankful as I do men, and few of tbe pictures that have seen resemble him.

His hair and it saw in this human face and figure a reflection of the old strength and having been oiled, put out in the hot, that there is so valuable a medicine made. vat floated away, and drifting under the boil blazing Indian sun on a bit ot board, dignity. 1 i MRS. JULIA G. CUSHJLNG.

Oar Great National Park. Lincoln on Bloodletting. n.mA,.iHl Ifnnthlv for Fphmnrv. with only a bit of cotton cloth placed it is the artistic element, the 83sthetic beara are quite wnite; he wears no mustache, and his lips are set with an expression of much decision and It Is claimed that the state of Indiana has Hy next summer all who can anora under the head for a pillow, it is really element, which has proclaimed Mrs er 01 tneureat western Oil works, which were partly submerged, was ignited. The flaming flood attacked the works of the Standard OU company and they were destoy-ed.

The loss is estimated at aU the war from Joseph E. McDonald, of Indiana, tells of an interview he once had with Presi it mav visit Yellowstone Park, as the a wonder that so many live to grow Langtry as a beautiful woman, and as been swindled during the past twenty years out of more than $1,000,000 by the use of dent Lincoln: up. lhe mothers 1 have sometimes in all these facts and follies there is a energy, which is emphasized by a $150,000 to $300,000. funds by state officials in violation of law. grain of truth, so in the admiration of "'Taking that for granted then, from railroad will have reached it by that time.

This is undoubtedly tho most weird, wonderful and picturesque reeion on the face of the globe. Tt has short, quick utterance." remonstrated with. They are always much surprised to hear that English BNOW-6LTDE. A snnw-allrln neaV Irarln rv.1 tmnoVJ Mrs. Langtry there is a grain of useful An Important Discovery.

my Knowledge 01 you, Mr. President, I judge you are averse to bloodletting," I said. people do not treat their babies to a ness. uavcicu mue to the bottom of the gulch, sweeping FTflK been madri wharebv a successful vegeta 1 1 Tijr a. 1 the mountains 01 tne gey New Orleans also has "the profes Of course we go primarily to see her, Bimiiiar van.uis.

ixusl XJeugaii uauies ble combination has been introduced, which sers of Iceland, and the black forests are tronbled with very little clothing, sional masher," but it appears that the acts upon the bowels, the liver and the kid Topeka Commonwealth: Capt. F. B. Colver, one of the oldest compositors in the city, is to be congratulated, having received from the pension office a check for $2,067, being the amount awarded him for arrearages, from the disease necrosis, resulting from eighteen months' prison life. In the state senate of Kansas, there are: Farmers, lawyers, 16; physic cians, printers, merchants, 5 bankers, real estate, 3.

In th-rf house there are: Farmers, 81; founders, lawyers, 27; gentlerr en liverymen, contractors, printers, merchants, 7 miners, millers, stockmen, teachers, 1: saddlers, 1: bankers, 1. The Fort Scott Mrjnit0r announces the death of Charity eckard, prohpJbiy the oldest mhabint 0f thatcitv, who died at her ho; on the Pla'a, at the age of 1047ears, 9 month!" and 22 days. Mrs. Dp'ckard was borrT in East Tew ness'Je, April 3, Her father was of Russia; while its rare scenery repro Some have silver ehain around the 'You judge me he said; 'if I was the butcher there wouldn't be much meat eaten in this world. The and, if we go with the ideal I have described, we go not in vain.

As an actress she is fair neither bad nor neys, and at the same time imparts strength and vitality to the entire system. Burdock gallantry of the gentlemen or the' tone of morals of that city confine him to duces all that is striking and wonaer- waist, and perhaps a gold one around Blood Bitters constitute this important dis msmring in every part of the globe the neck. death penalty is one of the most difficult good. cijui men ana me snait-nouses of six mines. J.

W. Goodspeed, a brother of the Baptist clergyman of Chicago, was recently burled a hundred feet by a slide near Gothic. PERISHED IH THE FLAMES. A. D.

Stage, living in a farm-house near Dassell, barely escaped from the burning building with his wife and babe, and four children perished in the flames. A COMPLETE JOB. covery. Price loo. limits which he could not endure else Bv next summer it will have hotels, quetmuna wilii wmcn a nave to ueai.

roads. bridle-Daths and telegraphs. So a Friend in Need I Topeka Commonwealth: Dr. Ash- where. He smiles and smirks at pass- -1 When a soldier deserts to go over to I uniformity Death the enemv and is cantnrefTI let the I New York Tribune.

far. it has not been efficiently poncea, Time over and again Thomas' Eclectrio more has been pardoned for the crime log ladies on corners, at church and at matinees; but one of the papers of that uil nas provea a saiutary inena to me aia- and as a consequence the pot-hunter of murder committed some ten years law take its course, but when a man has Colonel Parker asserts a truth which been a lono timn in thn Bnrvif n. nnrl hoa I teachers sadlv need to know that uni tressed. As a reliable curative for croup in has been abroad, slaughtering myriads ago. The pardon was granted by Gov.

set I Near Jewcomerstown, a youth children, sere throat and bronchial affections. city says that if he speaks to one a gen te with not had a furlough, and who. when on I formity in schools is death. He does a of game, which should have, been St. John ana is to tase enect eoruary and as a positive external remedy for pain, it straw stacK anre, severea nis wmdpipi a razor and leaped into the flames.

II saerefllv protected. The time is com tleman promptly punishes him. le waa picket, gets to thinking of his wife and not believe in "per cents." He would 11th. Ashmore was sentenced to be is a never-iaLung antiaote. very effectually roasted.

hung for the murder of his wife in ing when Americans will find more attractions in their own country in children and breaks for tall timber, I not nave; mem in scnopis unaer any never let them hurt a hair of his head circumstances. "Here is a child who in schools burns well there's so-called silk it. Real silk North Topeka, and has been in the penitentiary about nine years. It is smoulders into an When cotton in ash. naturaFscenery than in any part of the The finest plantation in Alabama the Oswicheo Bend place of 4.C00 is not so quick mentally as another; And now, don't give yourself any con Old World.

There is nothing compara he studies as hard and labors as faithful said ne will return to tnis city ana en vneroh-ee ana her mother a acres, was sold the other dav to Mr. ble abroad to our Gardens of the God cage in the practice of medicine at A SEVERE GALE. A terrific wind storm visited Denver, demolishing several buildings and unroofing a number of others. Several persons were hurt and one fatally injured. DAMAGE BT STORM.

The damage by Monday's storm at Denver will exceed $200,000. The Denver and Rio Grande shops suffered to the extent of several thousand dollars. in Colorado, the Yosemite Valley Hatcher, of Columbus, for S3Q.200. ly as the others, but not being able to advance as rapidly he is marked 50 per cent, while others walk off waving cern about this case. The papers have not reached me yet, and I-don't intend to be in a hurry about getting hold of them when they do come.

I hope, before very long, that things over the once. ESfThe wonders of modern chemistry are apparent in the beautiful Diamond Dyes. All kiuds and- colors of Ink can be made from California, and the Yellowstone ark This is less than $8 an acre, and Mr. in tbe Northwest. It is true T.

have them. their per cent triumph it is dis When von visit or leave New York City save Hatcher was offered $10,000 advance on his purchase the week after he made way (poiating across the Potomac) will One of the lady readers tij. Greenfield sends to it this "sad truth," Gnfnd central Depot. 450 elegant rooms, couraging to the moderately dull child' and wrong. If a child is examined nnd asked the name of a river and can iro iu ouuu ouejra mat vve lull nil JUill in (Mass.) Gazette colored womtin.

From Tennessee she moved t) Arkansas, and there she be-, came acquainted with Mrs. Julia, R51iy. Their friendship grew mora and more intimate, ana about eighteen years ago the twp moved to iort Scott. By dint of hard work over the wash tub they saved enough money to buy the property on the; Plaza, where they have lived of late 'years. Mrs; Deckard had been a member of Baptist ohurdi for meaty-five years, In North Georgia lands command FATAL RUNAWAY.

In a runaway on a Chicago boulevard Mrs. a grana juauee. no Mont Blanc, and no but after all, Europe is attractive, hot bo much on account of, its natural beauties as because oi its historical associations. we see nature in its freshest and, wildest aspects, but as she calls it; "In the little village of readily from $13 to $30 an aero alon; not answer off goes five per cent. John Brooks was thrown from her carriage and killed.

fitted up at a cost of one million dollars, reduced to $3 and upwards per day. European SI an. Elevator. Restaurant supplied with ae best. Horse cars, stages and elevated i railroads to all depots.

Families can live bet "Why are those things on your dress, tho railroad, Tho avcrago value of Montague, within the limits of half a mile, there are living at the present time forty widows, twenty old maids, and ten younger marrhT-eable te, while thorp are called bogle trimmingsl" George wanted to Norfolk and Portsmouth have twelve in Goorgin, as returned for taxes, abroad we study th9wprks of man, and '-CV LHy replied, L'htly, "be. cotton TTV A FRIGHTFUL PANIC. A patilc at a Bombay wool iactory rr-u't-i in tha flcr.i tt twe-ty-t-rts 'consttntly a work tl ter for rroney tttrB urara uuiou uoxai 3,12 an acrfl. cfb- 3 cr la, 'j nlretcen etr'3 FC-' 1 -1 Hi,.

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