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Carbondale Independent from Carbondale, Kansas • 3

Carbondale Independent from Carbondale, Kansas • 3

Carbondale, Kansas
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(ARBONDALE INDEPENDENT. TOWN AND COUNTY. Ho for TALKS CA SH Wm. Jackson, Silas Ting, Pleasant Robinson and Ellis Cuiry returned from their hunting excursion to the Indian territory, in excellent spirits and health, on Tuesday last. To the wondenful BUB1L K.

BUSH BUSH BROTHERS. DIRECTORY. ID There seems to be a great deal of i cr1 as Everybody's Goinar to Topeka to see the handsomest woman in the world, and 22 performing elephants, 1,000 wild beast, colossal circus in two rings, and grand free procession of industry at Topeka. The great Forepaugh show exhibits at Topeka Thursday, September 14. In addition to a grandly great circus in two great rings, and a monster menageria of 1,000 wild beasts, all transported by four great railway trains, there is to be a great, grand, free procession on the day Forepaugh exhibits there.

Every County Exama nation. Osage City, July 21, 1882. Board of county examiners met at Central school building, at 8 o'clock A. as per call duly published. All the members present.

Enrolled ninety-two applicants. Examination took recess from 5 o'clock p. m. to a. m.

of next day Osage City, July 22, 1882. Board met pursnant to adjournment. Full board present. Concluded examination in all branches required by law At 5 o'clock P. m.

adjourned to Saturday, Aueust 5th. 9 o'clock a. at 22 EluPhfi IS, difficulty in making a settlement in the Ashley Bentley affair, and it is Warner's Kidney Cure at Moore's. Independent Real Estate Agency. Aslier Callen collect and remit promptly.

Callen Bush pay taxes for nonresidents. B. F. Ilendrix, of Osage City was in town Friday. 7-9- impossible to yet judge which is in the right, we will not give particulars.

All parties holding receipts against the German Insurance Com pan and 03 OSAGE COUNTY OFFICEBS. HcXTY CutRK. C. A. CottrelL lurjtm C.

lUnklu. toiHTKR. H. W. Jennesa, kk or Court.

W. A. Cotterman. ob atr JnxiK. Alex Blalc.

iKBirr. H. W. Smith. )umty Attuhmev.

8. B. Bradford. TKViv oK. IX Coon.

0mvKH. Calvin Ransom. ommishiosera-u. S. Brock, A.

L. Lan M. 1 3 1 who have not received policies, are re- tag. H. quested to notify me at once at Em Be sure and attend the Burlingame fair next week.

Horses, wagon and harness for sale at Grant's stable. GO poria. M. L. Samson, Dist.

Agent. W. W. Dymond this week received his benefit money from the Marriage Aid Association, ac TopekajHe received two hundred and twenty-eight dollars for an investment of sixty-three thick op District Court, C. B.

Grave. cntv bun. H. K. McConnelL 1 TOWNSHIP OFFICERS.

arrE-Ernest Weatzig. lbrk. O. J. Ganger.

1RBAIURKR. Aaron Klnuey. I'ffricEa. John T. May, ONaTABLKN.

Chas. Manrose. Porter Willis. CARBONDALE. Lyndon.

Lyndon, August 5, 1882, 9 A. m. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Graded papers and Issued twenty-two first grade, thirty-nine second grade certificates thirty-one examination standings. Ordered that county superintendent, make up and register the certificates, II.

D. Ingraham, of Lyndon, was in town on Saturday. town in this county will be represented in this hute, highway, holiday parade. In addition to this, the great pageants of "Cleopatra" and "Lalla Rookh" will be presented in the show parade. The latter spectacle is described as being the most gorgeous ever seen upon the streets of an American city.

The lovliest lady in the land has been secured to personify the beautify eastern princes, Lalla Rookh whom poets describe as "more beautiful than any of those heroines whose 1 LOW PIUCES A good house for rent. Enquire of Kansas Lumber Co. iiicf5 are submitted, as I iiiii gohitf to sell To persons in need of Furuttuse. the cut my large stock at cost for essh only dollars. For sale at a Bargain.

Two lots a'nd house with five rooms, good well, property situated just opposite Ohio I A if ob. R. H. Bartlett. 'OMCB J.


GrlRK. t'KKARl'RER. O. J. Gainer.

W. Arrel. lm kn. R. B.

McKee, R. H. McClalr, Fred Koewler, Wm. Irvin, Chan. Davis.

SCHOOL BUAltD. 'i trr House on Main St. west of depot. En n. B.

Ray, of Richland, called at this office on Wednesday. The Robinson building is receiving the finishing touches, The Swedish Nightingales will be here on September 7th. Three and five-year real estate loans at the Carbondale bank. 35 Voven Wire Mattress. 7.00 reduced to 5.00 Spring- Bda, 5.00 Best 5.M) i Panel 3.00 Tables 4.50 4.00 Hocking Chairs, 3.50 2.75 Ri'frio-erators 2G.C0' 23-00' Book" Cases 30.00 2G.O0 quire of Dr.

M. T. Peeiune. I Carbondale, Kansas. J.

K. Gamble, of Burlingame, who RBAMCRBR. R. H. MeClair.

UiKBiTvH. Jas. DIcklnstieeM. SANTA FE TIME TABLE. and that another examination be held at Lyndon, on Saturday, Sept.

2, 1S82. II. K. McConnell, Pres. J.

Ada Sec'y. Business Change. Last week wj mentioned the fact of Heisel Urich having bought the hardware store of Green McKee, and into which they have since removed their stock of shelf goods. Now we have to say since the former transaction the firm of Green McKee have desolved by mutual consent. Mr.

R. B. McKee retiring from the firm AND "BOLIVAR," Largest Elephant in the World, Coming, and Eighteenth Annual nr. and wll Exlii.iit Afternoon and Evening TOPEKA, Thursday, September 14, 2 03 A has been engaged in the practice of dentistry here in the past, has just returned from an extended visit in Penn 4:15 A 7:36 AM 9 10 A Four-drawer Bureaus vsAy names and loves embellish the songs of Persia and Ilindosan more perfect than the divinest images the House of Azor." In this gorgeous, glittering oriaental pageant, Lalla Rookh is is seen reclining in her sumptuous howdah, borne aloft upon the back of a ponderous and kingly elephant, the largest on this continent, whose embroider velvet trappings touch the ground; a fair young female slave sits fanning the Princess through the rose- Bureaus with large glass, $10. Towel-end wash stand, 2.00.

Clu'l- 1:10 AM 9 10 A 10 05 AM 1:07 PM 3 01 Mt 2 15 Uolug West. W. II. Reed will soon be able to move into his new rooms. 2: Extension tables, only $1.00 jkt foot 1 07 sylvania, and paid Carbondale a visit on Monday.

The Misses Nellie and Nora Stevens, 2 IP 10 :05 9 dren rixh chairs, only $8.00. Bed with tsble, 1.2.. hingie raw silk or carpet lounge, ounge, only 10.00. Mixed paints, best quality, any col- 4 Denote that train does not stop. Winilov or, only SI.

5 per gallon glass, cut any size, at bottom prices. anv nuantitv, and at 1 icture Iraines in leaving a very flourishing business Remember that Heisel Urich are next door to the post-oftice. The Weekly Kansas City Times and The Indepenent only 2,25. Honest advice and strict attention to business. Aslier Callen.

Greatesi of all Use Great Eorepaugli Show trotu lue up. into hands well capable to carry it on. I ocket and 1 en knive: Albo Babv Carriasrc cuv ffiasses ircm iwc. un. price.

Revolvers rant 1.00 up. Curtains from 10c up. Croquet at Fasv Chairs, Himmouks, etc. colored veils, with reatners or argus- liiait, pheasant's the lovely troupe of Tartarian and Cashmerian maids of Mr. McKee retires with the good feelings of all our citizens, with whom he has always shown himself to be an iora Bailey and Lillie Humphrey, and Messrs.Frank Rangier and Frank Stevens, are to start to-morrow fora hunting and fishing expedition through Wabaunsee county.

For Sale at a Bargain. A house with two and a half lots pleasantly and healthfully situated on school house hill. Excellent cellar, well.cistern CARBONDALE POSTOFFICE. Offlce hours from 7 a. in.

to 8 p. m. Sunday tram 2 :15 to 3 p. lit. Money order and register department from ft a.

in. to 6 p. m. AT. 8.

Kolng west Mall closes. arrive. 2 13 M. going west Mall closes. 1:20 arrives, I 50 m.

Lawrnne Southwestern Mail arrives and leaves at 8 AM. Carbondale and Burlington, via Dragooii.Fairfax, Lyndon and Kedrou. Arrives, Mondays and Thursday, at 4 M. Leaves, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 8 a m. honor ride upon each side of the Princess upon small Arabian horses.

Rajahs and Mongal Lords follow, accom honorable and fair-minded gentleman. He will for the present keep ont of active businoss. I also carry a lull line of Stationery, Blank Books, Flower Pots, Hanging Baskets, Lamps, Brackets, Wall "Pockets, China Chamber Sets, Accor-dions, Stereoscopes, Toilet Saaps, Brushes, Solid Gold Jewelry, Playing Cards, Children's Toy Bonks, Chromos. Dolls, and an endless variety of Piu ses and Pocket Books. Sewiiiir Machine N-edles for ail-kinds of machines.

The Weekly Inter Ocean and The Independent, both for 85.25. Do you want to buy land? Address Callen Bush, Carbondale Kas. Hogs and chicken cholera warranted prevented and cured, at Moore's. V- '--it barn and carriage house. Also a cow.

panied by Cavaliers in costly armor, mounted upon "Steeds with their housing of rich silver spun, Their chains and noitrels glittering in the sun And Camels tufted o'er with Yemen's shell. Shaking in every breeze their light-toned bells." atever you v.aut, call and see me before pur- Mr. W. L. Green, who will still conduct the business, is well known in and about Carbondale, and will hold his share of the patronage as he ought I cannot enumerate all tho tha I keep, so vl chasing and 1 will uiscoiait any lamse in the county.

Enquire on the premises of F. G. Sherrill. A little girl who has been visiting UNDSBTAKING GOODS. to, because of his genial gentlemanly way of doing business.

W.L. Green went east on Wednesday to purchase his fall stock of goods. Miss Mary Sherrill left yesterday for her school in California, Missouri. with her mother in Kansas City and is now visiting here writes thus to her father: "Carbondale is hot. drv and In keeping with the author of Lalla Rookh's description of this grand, glittering, lavish and lilxurant seen the Guards of the great Ked- ar Kahn, with their silver battle-axes and maces of cold, followed by the Caskets, -M ComnS, dusty, and has thirteen saloons.

Kansas City is just the same only it has'nt so many saloons." Geo. Little on Sunday last, took unto himself a partner for life in the Do you want to sell land? Call at the Independent Real Estate Agency. Gibbs has everything in the staple and fancy grocery line. Call on him. Republican Central Committee Meet-mar.

There will be a meeting of the Osage county Republican Central Committee at the office of the Osage City Free Press, on Sat urday, Sept. 2, 1882, at 10 o'clock a. for the purpose of fixing a time and place for holding a republican county convention for the nomination of candidates for county of-ficrs to be voted for at the fall election great Nizir, or Chamberlain of the Herein, and the retinue of fhe Court of Delhi, mounted upon elephants camels and Arabian horses, decorated in oriental trappings, and bearing aloft the royal standards the entire scene recalling to the beholder 1,500 WILD ANIMALS, COLLOSAL CIECUS II TWO RINGS. 1 ,000 Men and Horses. Coming with 2, 3andofter 4 Great 'Railroad Trains, ALL EC ROPE'S GREATEST RIDERS, Special Circus for Boya and Girls.

The Grind I will wiU sti'l continue my TTiiportaking Funeral Fixtsires at remarkably low pi-ieec. Business, and Coffins, Caskets, Robes, and al C. V. BRADLEY. person of Miss Kate Stephens.

The marriage ceremony was performed at the residence of Mr. Washburn, and was strictly private. The happy pair Chas. Smith, contractor and builder, of Burlingame, was in town on Monday. The Greenback party will hold a and for the transaction of any othor have the best wishes of a large circle ofjriends.

SPRING- CAMPAIGN '82 the glories and the grander of the distant Indies: the whole forming the most magnificient, pictursque and re convention at Lyndon on Saturday next. LODGES. Lenox No. 70. A.

F. A. M. Meets the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at Masonic Hull Jas. lXcklnsheets, A.

V. Sparbawk, Secy Lonuic No. 102, 1. O. O.

F. Meets every Weduesdav evening at Odd Fellows Hall. J. J. Harris, N.

G. Lewis Eakiu, Secy. FRiKNDsnrr Lodck. No. 2340, K.

of H. M-ets every second and fourth Tuesdav eve. at their hall. J. W.

Rice, Dictator O. J. Gauger, LonoK. No. 72 A.

O. IT. W. Meets every Friday night at their hall. Martin Heisel, M.

W. L. K. Eiikin, Secy. Bt Andrkw's Loixik No.

40 K. of P. Meets tit tlielr castle hall every Thursday night. Win. H.

licllwrath, C. C. V. Bradley, K. of R.

8. CHURCHES. M. E. Church.

Preaching every Sabbath at 11 A. M. and 7 30 P. M. Chuw meeting every Sabbath after service and Monday evening.

Prayer meeting Thursday evening. Sunday school at 10 A.M. All are invited. H. A.

KING, Pastor. Coxurkoational Church. Preaching every Sabbath at it A. M. Prayer meetiiiK every Fri-day at 3 P.

M. Sunday school at lo A. M. F. G.


Sutherland, Fron. bkchaxts Hotel Mrs, M. A. Hunt Prop. Con ACE HOTEU C.

A. Ellis Prop. Olio HOUHK. Mrs. H.

Green, Prop. BILLIARDS. a. M. Sutherland.

Alex Montgomery. Etl McCall. C. H. Green.

Kobt. Mitchell. Jas. Edgar. Frank Rangier.

LIVLRJt-X T. G. Muir. Chas. Manrose.

Ashley Bentley. lllce Ferryman. It. M. Grant.

DRAYS. Rice Perrvnian. Ashley Bentley. liuv ruvwu inciiiirFi)ivs "Mrs. E.

R. Bartlett and son returned alistic oriental spectcale ever present on Tuesday from an extended eastern If you are near sighted or have weak eyes, at Gauger's Drug Store you will find the celebrated spectacles and Eye Glasses, the best in Opened March 1st, at PROCESSION OF INDUSTRY In which many of the leading Mechanics, Merchants and Manufacturers will take part, and visit. TheWeekly Capital and The Independent, only per year. Cheap ed in the new world, requiring the expenditure of a hundred thousand dollars in its preparation, eclipsing itself all displays of pageantry ever produced by any exhibition, and In itself worth miles of travel to behold. Remember, this superb spectacle is pre business that may come before it.

All members of the committee are urged to be present, as well as all other republicans who feel an interest in the success of the party. J. V. Admire, Chairman. J.

E. Rastall, becretaiy. New Millinery Store. Miss Kate Heisler, who has for a long time been engaged in the millinery business in the store of Frank O'-Donnel and who has established a very large patronage, has recently associated the world. By the use of the Octome- ter, you can in one minute have the spectacles adlusted to your eyesight.

Try them. MINSHALKS enough. A. T. Braucht and wife, who have been here for some weeus.

left on Fri The county superintendent has just day last. STORE. sented daily, between the hours of 9 and 10 a. Mn and is a great, grand gorgeous, free public festival for all to look at and admire. disbursed $2,970.80, the second semiannual apportionment of State school funds for the year 1S82.

This is or two cents per capita. District treasur New Goods now arriving, and will be sold on a CASH BASIS, at a small margin above cost. THE COLLOSAS ORIENTAL PAGEANTS Illustrating the beautiful Eastern itomane of a. Departing from Delhi. The Princess personated by the HANDSOMEST WOMAN In tlxe World Who gels Ten Thousand Dollars for her Beauty and apnearing iu this Grand Parade, and the Greatly Grand Egyptian As Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt Miss Nora Bailey, of Lyons, Kansas, is visiting with the Misses Stevens at present.

Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Richaidson, of Lyndon, paid Carbondale a visit on Monday.

Francis Lawry came in on Tuesday and added his name to the Independ ers can obtain their orders for the amount due their respective districts by calling at the office of the county I am still overstocked in my clothing department. and v. ill sell all CLOTHING through JUNE and JUL Vat Notice. A great many people are under the impression that F. D.

Stevens is a partner of mine. I wish to state that Mr, Stevens is not, nor has not been, a partner in my business. with her in the business, Miss Rosa Rielly, who is well known in this city and vicinity. The firm have secured one of the new store rooms recently erected by Frank O'Donnell, just west of his store and have fitted it up in elegant style, and have put in a very large and fine clerk, at Lyndon. P.

L. Rangklek. ent's list. Callen do a general insurance R. Mlnshatl.

Green Mclwe. J. G. Ellis Co. F.

O'Donnell. There are stories afloat of a young white girl being abducted by three negroes one woman and two men from north west of town on Friday last, but as the parties have not been captured, and it is impossible for the stories to "hang" together, as the negroes should if they are guilty, we will mention no names. stock of fall millinery goods. Our ladies will do well to pay them a visit before they buy, as we will guarentee that the most fastidious wil.l be satis business. Seven first-class companies represented.


I buy in car lots, and sell under Shawnee prices, and guarantee good satisfaction or no sale. GROCERIES, Etc. D. H. KldwelL P.

M. Gibbs. fied with what they will find there. Shiloh's cough and consumption cure is sold to us on a guarantee. It cures consumption.

For sale at Moore's. Will you suffer with dyspepsia and liver complaint Shiloh's Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you. For sale at Moore's. Sleepless nights, made miserable by The National Workman and The Independent for only $2 10 per year. FURNITURE.


Bradley. fltemaining in the Carbondale Postoflice Southern Negro Camp Meet August 1st, 1S82: DRUGGISTS. Both the Independent and the Leavenworth Weekly Times for only 1.75 per year. ing Melodists. Absolutely the Greatest, Grandest C.

Moore. O. J. Gauge r. We are informed the, the IIon.Thos.

Ryan is to be at the Burlingame fair which will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, next and will speak at the fair, and also address the people on the political issues of the day, in Union Hall on Friday evening. that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale at Moore's. PHYSICIANS.

is those of any man in Osage counly, for My grocery stock is complete, and my prices as LOW the same quality of goods. Try my J. S. Callen and P. E.

Gregory went to the county seat on Tuesday on legal business. I. D. Burdick M. T.

Perrine. M. McNally. Moore. Adkmson Liberty Ayers Roddy William liurd ifrank Bates John Brown .1 Cuntry Frank Corner 1 hi vis Mrs Mariah Dunn William Douglass Iarling Miss Lottie -French Prof iamble Hall Ernest Harrisou Mary Miller DrSM Mvrtck Madrew Mrs Nancy McDonald James Mouser Ralph Nelson l'eterton Crist Peterson Peter Paul Books Rodney Stevens Mrs Jennie Smith Miss Ida 2 Stevens A Smi John Smart Nellie Stenner A Alf.

Foshay, of Ridgeway, last week sold thirty-four head of cattle for the handsome sum of $1,708, or fifty-two Street Pr )cessiok. to merit the Thanking one and all for their generous during the past yep' Kime for ISfti, 1 remain The obedient servant. The Vaudeville troupe home talent will soon come out with an enter HARDWARE. R. H.

MeClair. Helsel Urich. Green McKee. dollars a head. It is also expected that Senator John J.

Ingalls will" be present and address the people. Henry Smith, fresh Trom the Indian AND GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. tainment. Hon. S.

B. Bradford returned from Admission only 50 cts Harrison sanmei Territory, and P. E. Gregory, of Car AbrahaniSn.lJh iiliamd IMPLEMENTS. R.

II. MeClair. Burdick BroH. Heisel Urich. D.

B. Burdick. James Wm. Jones The firm Ashley Bentley, in the livery bvslness, has been dissolved by mutual consent. Turner -Vifrea Eureka on Saturday, but is now at Burlingame where the Schafer liquor trial is still going on.

bondale, are in the city- to-day. Gregory is a candidate for representative Warner 1) lirrie Miss Cora Woodward Children undsr years, 25 eta. for the northern district of Osage county, and will be elected, Evening Rev. Mr. Greeley, nephew of the late LUMBER.

W. U. Wlieatly Co. W. C.

Edwardi. Scranton and Pauline plays a match game of base ball on the Fair Grounds Extra Trains Low Rate Laud August Wilson Cooper To obtain any of these letters the applicant must call for "advertised letters." If not called for in one month, thev will be sent to the dead letter office. It. II. Bartlett, Postmaster.

famous Horace Greeley also Mrs Brig-ham and daughter of White City, are visiting at Mr. Sherrill's. IMIO ORE'S First established and well known RELIABLE DRUG STORE Corner of Third and Main streets, Carbondale, Kansas. Always on hand Fresh Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals and Perfumeries, Books, Stationery, Oils, Glass, Varnishes, Paints, Putty, Dyes, Etc. To and From Town to see the Great ForenangU Show.

Don Forget the DAY and it ts Herald. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Dissolution Notice. Carbondale, August 29, iS82. at Topeka to-day.

For lame back, side or chest use Shiloh's porous plaster. Price 25 cents. i'LOUlt AND FEED. Carbondale Mill Company. .1.

M. Curry. J. Jurrcns. n.

A. Thomas has sold his noted Clydesdale Second," never enaugeu. ADAM FOREPAUGH, Sole Proprietor. For sale at Moore's. MEAT MARKETS.

Miller Dargitz, B. F. Hoy. Notice is hereby given that tne co-partnership to It. H.

Cornett. The terms of sale have not been made public. Diptheria. There are said to be cases of this disease in this city. Three things must be kept in mind.

Diptheria is a constitutional, not a local disease. It is one of the most infectious dis BHOE STORES. W. F. Stoltzman.

H. Bjorklund. NATIONAL WORKMAN We send you the Kansas City Weekly Times and The Independent for only $2,25 per year. Mrs. F.

Hoy started on Monday for a month's isit with her daughter Lizzie, at Chicago. Henry Little has been commission neretotore existing Dei ween Aioerr Asmey anu Thos. Bentley for the purpose 61 carrying ou the livery business under the firm name of Ashley Beutlev is this day dissolved by expiration of par-nership contract ALBERT ASHLEY, THOS. BENTLEY. Dissolution Notice.

CARBONDALE, August 28, 1S82. Notice is hereoy given that the co-partnership heretofore existhisr uetween W. L. Green and R. AND HARNESS AND SADDLES.

Ti. Scott 8, D. Barry Co. Physicians' Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. The State Contention of the Wonians Christian Temperance Union will meet in Burlingame, Kansas, the last Wednesday in September.

I want to sell or trade all my stock and fixtures in the livery business. Will trade for land. Call on or address. T. G.

Muir. "risr nris Patent Medicines of every description in full supply. CONFECTIONERS. John T. May.l B.

L. Itoyce. Jas. McDonald. eases known to the sciences.

A kiss has been known to coram unicate it. Therefore cases should be carefully isolated, An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure, and in a trouble like this, that is almost invariably fatal, it i nr. iimrawDi 01TLY $2.10 Per Year. ed Justice of the Peace to nil vacancy in Ridgeway township. If you want mortgages, deeds or oth Call at Moore the old stand- BARBERS.

July 7th, l-o l-ly B. McKee for the purpose or carrying on the general merchandise business under the firm name of Green McKee, is this day dissolved by mutual consent AU accounts for or against the Arm will be settled by the same. All parties kn- wing themselves indebted to us will please call and settle at once. W. L.

GRF.EV. R. B.MCKEE. Eugene Norraandln. Ed.

Robinson. er instruments accurately drawn up, call on Asher Callen. The we ter table having arrived and been put in position, the walls of the school building are fast going up with becomes of the utmost importance that every preyentative should be used to R. H. MeClair, BLACKSMITHS.

Jas. Dickinsheets. L. K. Eakln.

keep the disease from spreading. STONE MASONS. The business will be continued at tiie old stand by the undersigned. Thanking all for past favors I would resiiectfullv solicit a continuance of the same. Resectfully, W.

L. GREEN. a large force of hands at work. Catarrh cured, health and sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Catarrh Kennedy. Price 50 cents.

2fasal In n. II. Heberling has brought in some excellent peaches and mammoth apples during the week. That hacking cough can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guaran DEALER IX- George Perry.

JohnWagoner. J. H. Dymond. Glass, All sizes, and cut to order Moore's.

California Kidney Tea Always cures, costs less than any other. Nothing as good for Liver or POSTOFFICE NEWS STAND jector free. For sale at Moore's. tee it. For sale at Moore's.

WAGONMAKEBS. Thiw. Leachman. Daniel Wolf. Hardware, C-uxlery, Line jast If you want anything in the Headin, call on Croup, whooping cough and bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's cure.

For sale at Moore's. W. W. COLLINS, Who carries a full line of Literary Papers ana PAINTERS. O.

R. CVBrten. Saml Watklns. Forrester. Mr.

and Mrs. John B. Lovingston, who have been visiting with Mrs. Hunt here for a week past, left for their home in St. Louis on Monday night.

Alf. Foshay has some two hundred Kidneys. Large packages for 50 cts. Buy it of Gauger. 32ly.

California Kidney Tea Pamphlets, as well as all the Dailies on time. Also Blank Books, Stationery, Notions, Cigars, etc. Give me a call. Drives disease from the system by R. B.

McKee and J. W. Edgar went to Emporia on Wednesday to attend the Democratic State Convention. and sixty acres of fine clover, on which he has three hundred hogs and sixty-five head of steers running this season. way of the Liver and Kidneys.

Large package 50 cts. Buy it at Gauger's Drug Store. 32-ly. CARBONDALE BAKERY Mrs. W.

J. Raymond, of Lawren ce, accompanied by her sister. Miss Weed of Ohio, was in town on Saturday. Stoves, Tinware, QUE E3ST.S"W'A'E,E, Farm Implements and Wagons. IBstirlooci Wire Speoi.ty O.

J. GAUGER, MISCELLANEOUS. Postofflce, R. H. BarUett, Postmaster.

Geo. Waetzhc Watchmaker and Jeweler. Wm. Collins, Postofflce News Stand. K.

R. Dunbar, Hay and Stock. 8. a Bradford. Attorney at Law.

J. Howe, Dental Surgeon. Fred Koessler, Tobacco and Cigars. The Carbondale Bank, J. D.

Salmons, Cash. Irvin Contractors and Builders. Ellis Curry handed us some peaches on Tuesday which he had brought from Eureka, which measured eight and Dr. Cone's Elixir Of Barks, Iron and Guaiacum, is tne best, most safe and sure ague enre, stimulant, tonic, anti-rheumatic, and kidney cure sold. At Moore's.

three-fourths inches it circumference. SCHAFER PROPRIETORS. For Sale. One span mules, several good milch cows, several pigs and other stock. Enquire of, John N.

Shafer. Elsewhere will be found an interest Oscar Peterson, who has charge of the engine iu" the Carbondale mill, was favored on Saturday last by a visit from his two sisters from North To California Kidney Tea Onlv water needed to prepare it. We will always keep on hand a full line of the Freshest Bread and Pastry. Also a fine line of Confectionery, Cigars. Etc.

ing article on the causes and prevention of diptheria, which will bear reading. keeps on hand a full and flash J. Cusworth. Restaurant and Bakery. Miss.

L. C. Mlnshall, Milliner and Dressmaker. Ed. McCall, Restaurant P.

V. GrlRgsXand.Loan and Insurance Agent CITY MARKETS. Flour cwt ti 75 Rv II husn 75 If you have Liver or Kidnev trouble it will cure you. Large package for 50 cts. Buy it of Gauger.

S2ly. (Successor to Dk. A. C. Buoavx,) always supply of James M.

Morris, of Bradford, I1L, peka. J. V. Admire, editor of the Free Give us a call. Second door east of Bank.

proprietor of the Peerless shoveling board, called at this office on Tuesday. To the Public. I am agent for the firm of Geraughty Press, was in town on Friday and called at this office. Jake has quit the Wheat bush 75 Mixed oats bush 30 Corn bush yeUow 60 white eo political business and now says that "corn is King." Miller Dargitz will open a branch meat market in thier new shop next to Bradley's on Monda September 4. Textor, Leavenworth, Kansas, dealers in Marble and Granite Tombstones and are prepared to furnish you work of any designs on sort notice, and satisfaction iruaranteed.

12 10 Fresh Butter Ekes doz The majority of the ilia of the Aumam hedy arise from a derangement of the Stiver, affecting both the stomach and bowels. In order to effect a euro, it it necessary to remove tks cause. Irregular and Sluggish action of the Bowels, Headache, Sickness at the Stomach, Pai in the Hack and Loins, indicate that the Xiiver -ts at fault, and that nature requires assistance to etnabto this organ to throw off impurities. pricfely Asli Bitters are especially Compounded for this purpose. They aro mild in their action and effective as a cure are pleasant to the taste and taken easily by both childre-n and adults.

Taken according to- directions, they are a safeandpleasantcureforGysjCTPSiA, General Debility, KaSsitual Con stipatioa, Diseased Kidneys, etc. Jis a Blood Partner they are superior to any other medicine eleansina the system thoroughly, and imparting new life and energy to the invalid. It is a medicine and not an Intoxicating; beverage. ASJ TOUR CRUGGIST S3 FSIGELT ASH tiTTCS, and no othet. lEICS, 1.00 per Bottla.

PRICKLY ASH BITTERS PROPRIETORS t. Louis and Cily, Mo. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GLOBE-DEMOCRAT Enlarged to Ten Pages, only Rev. Levi Morse will preach at the Baptist church on next Sunday after Chas. E.

Asher. DRUGS, MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, Toilet Also, Books, Blank Books and Stationery. Paints, Oils, Glass, Putty, And Everything Usually Kept in a "First Drug Store. Physicians' Prescriptions and Family Eecipes Prepared Prescriptions and Family Shiloh's Vitalizer is what yon need for constipation, loss of appetite, dizziness and all symptoms of dyspepsia. Price 10 and 75 cents per bottle.

For sale at Moore's. Office with Asher Callen, Burlin- 1 game and Carbondale. noon, au are coraiaiiy mvitea to S. B. BRADFORD, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Carbondale, Kan.

Office on Main Street second door east of Third. McNALLY STAGE, $1 Per At Gauffer's Drug: Store, you can always procure a good cigar or Fountain fine-cut, the best in the market. Cone's Vegetable Liver Pills, At the regular school meeting it was decided to to levy a tax of one-fourth of a mill for building purposes, one-forth of a piill for incidentals and one mill for teachers' wages. B. Col.

Wilson and Judge Ayers, of Ft. Scott, were here on Friday, and Saturday in the interest of the Kansas Nebraska Central railroad company. No definite conclusion has been arrived Rt as yet what this towns'iip will do is the matter, With Care. PHYSIC! AN 8TJRO EON. Offices, Carbondale and Michigan Valley.

California Kidney Tea Always brings relief. No other Liver or Kidney Medicine has cured as many patients. Large package 50 DAILY, per $12 00 SEMI-WEEltLV, per year 3 oo TRI-WEEKLY, per year 5 ou Your Postmaster will receive your subscription, or address GLOBE PRINTING Send for Sample Copy. ST. LOUIS, MO.

Kansas. Are anti-bilious, liver regulator, the best, safe and aure. We have tried them. At Moore's. McKee was re-elected clerk.

ts. Buy or Ganger. aiy.

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