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Osage County Courier from Carbondale, Kansas • 3

Osage County Courier from Carbondale, Kansas • 3

Carbondale, Kansas
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the name of our common safety, nnd True of Kansas. Half-finished nativo cattle will al popular young man of Junction township. Miss Yenninns has mnde her homo for several years past nt George Markley's. She is a young lady most ways have a lively competition with well-finished ranae cattle. If there is of public decency, and above all, in the name of the luwitin absolute respect for which we believe to ba indispensable td good citiVnship, Misses Lottie McChiir, second Primary teacher in our schools, ahd Anna fart-man visited friends at Topeka this week, mi, and Mrs, C.

Kathary was in attendance at the, marriage of their daughter. Miss Anna, which took place at any good in the range cattle industry hay while his team was running away the other day, dislocated his left ankle and bruised his left shoulder. Teacher's AsNocinllon. The Northeast Division of county Tencher's Association met in the' principal's room of the Carbondaie school, Saturday, December Kith. Meeting called order by the Chairman, C.

A. Deardorff. The secretary highly respected by a large circle 01 friends and who is worthy of the high for the corn belt country it must come from its enforcement of the practice of esteem in which she is held. All wish feeding our native steers out to the full finish. This means the turning of Topeka on Wednesday evening.

NT 1. 1: MEN'. C.T. Thompson, A. Patterson, Seth Z.

Briggs, T. J. Chase, G. L. Cha-e, E.

Myers P. W. Rob i son, W. II. Reed.

Mr. and Mrs. Markley a pleasant and prosperous future, It will be remembered that some time Mrs. Kate Gibson took an ap a full portion of the coin product of For fine Serges, Broadcloths, Flannels, Cantons and Yarns go to the Pioneer Cash Store. There will be a Christmas entertainment iriven at the m.

E. church Satur being absent, Miss Maggie Montgomery wns appointed to fill her vacancy. The program arranged for the day R. IT. McClair, ().

J. Ganger, T. D. Bradley, day evening, consisting of recitations, Jno. Cann, O.

B. Miller, A. J. llarman, A. O.

Bailey, L. Monger, S. Fninees U. Piatt, Alice .1. Reed, Susa M.

Laybourn, Alice li. Myers, Lorn hVnsley, Mary Miller, Rose Baldwin, Villa liobison, Alice, M. Jones, Minnie GauK'r, Agnes McChiir, Nellie M. Sparhawk, Anna Munger, Bui'dett, Mary Kirkner, Lucy Thomas, Liiie Brad ley, I villa Patterson, Iiello Conner, Mary Pinkerneil, Emma Newell, Callo Randall, S. E.

Keddiek, Lillie Veatch, Mrs. A. Duffy, Martinettn McDonald, Sarah VanFosson, Mrs. A. Sprout, M.

E. human, Win Duncan, (ieo. Dnvies. W. 1 Thomas, peal from the circuit court, which had found her guilty of violating the prohibitory law, to the Supreme Court, and that the higher court had sustained the findings of the lower court.

Afterwards, her attorney's made on effort to have her case reinstated in the Supreme Court but the motion was over-ruled, thus sustaining in a more emphatic manner the finding of the district court. What her next move will be is hard to determine, as she is fnllf pluck aud her attorneys fruitful in resources. OvlCKIinOOlC RKPOltTKll. Miss Hello Burdotte, of Carbondaie, our farms into the markets in some other form than that of corn itself, and this in turn signifies better prices for corn sold as corn, ns well as a bet ten price for that sold as beef, to my nothr ing of the figure it cuts in the matter of freight rates. AVhcnever the people of the corn belt lose sigljtof this string of facts in their practice they are ignor-antly playing into the hands of theiii neighbors who have a cheaper grade of stuff to dispose of in the markets, but whose better efforts can than compete with our poorer efforts.

What is called the "warming up" process with two or three months on corn will never fill the bill. Open up the corn cribs, make an all winter's job of it, light it out on the line if it takes all summer. It is the only thing that, will answer. Nebraska Farmer. Jno.

T. Thomas, J. B. Ellis, songs, etc, after which the children will bo treated to candy and nuts. Look at our new line of Canton Flannels.

The best values in the county at the Pioneer Cash Store. Wo. made the statement last week that W. A. Sproat had sold a half interest in his livery bam aiid stock, and from the information we had, supposed it was so, but Mr.

now informs us that such is not the case, that no sale has been made, hence we make the It. E. Belton, Elv Piatt. J. M.

Pat terson, began with a song, entitled, "Guide Me," by a Choir of high school pupils, and a recjtation by John Watkins. "An illustrated lesson on Primary Numbers," by Miss Eva Piatt, was preceded by a short paper given by the lady on the same subject after which a class of seven small pupils did some excellent oral work in numbers. Letta McChiir led the discussion. Messrs. Albin and Laybourn and Mrs.

King took part in the general discussion. The choir rendered, "Dear Old Homo." Mr. Laybourn's paper on "Parent's relation to the school," was very good, and touched on. all possible points. Misses Kathryn Montgomery and Mary Tevis led the discussion, and in the general discussion Mrs.

King, Messrs. Laybourn, Albin and Rogers took part, YV m. Conner. Frank Moody, 1). F.

Vail, Frank Rendell, A. Miller, E. AV. Badger, visiting in the city, the guest ol and Mrs. Roy Tyner.

N'. L. Ullery, J. Ullery, Wm. Rendell.

L. E. Laybourn, K. R. Bart let I.

There is more reading ot the Junto in Overbrook than there 1ms been for years, Robert Krskine, Messrs. Britle. Fusion, hekliart. LOCAL MENTION. Arron Kiiinoy son shipped two cnr-loads of fat cattle this work, Oranges 25 nnd 3f5 cents pep dozen nt Moody's, i.

C. Markley made a businoss trip lo Lyndon Wednesday, Good eating or cooking apples nt Moody's. 0. H. bloody was a llurlingamo visitor 'Wednesday, Mrs.

J. A. Nelson went up to Topeka to day to visit friends for a few days. Little Helen McKee left for Topeka today, where sho will visit relatives and friends for a few days. Fine assortment of Cliristtnas candies at Moody's by pound or pail.

Miss Grace McKee, who is attending Bethany Collie at Topeka, came home yesterday to spend the Holidays. Catawba grapes at Moody's for 25 cents per basket, or Amakgra grapes -'0 cents per pound at Moody's. W. AV. fcUrii'kland stopped in C-Dnlo to view old scones, on his way to the liymenial alter, Wednesday.

0. S. Moody went to Topeka Thursday to order Christmas goods. Thos. Johnson will build a new house soon, on the farm he purchased lately, Just south of town.

Mrs, L. 1). King, one of the teachers in our public schools, loft for Topeka Tuesday, where) she wil spend the Holidays, Mrs. AV. H.

Jones and daughter, Artia, spent from last Friday until Tuesday of this week, visiting friends at Topeka. Fresh bananas at 23 cents per dozen at MoodyV. Miss Sutherland, of Topeka, will arrive Monday to spend a few days with her many friends in the city. Corn is still coining in lively, and the 1mm of the speller is continually Jieard. There will he a grand ball given in Sutherland's hall on Christinas night, and good time is anticipated.

Ij'resh oyste.iss hy the can or bulk, 40 cents per car qr 45 cants per quart, at Moody's. Mrs. John Peterson and daughter, Miss Carrie, went to Topeka last Monday to visit friends, returning oii Tuesday. Mr. Geo.

Jiirkner, wife and baby, of Table Rock, will arrive here, Hun-day, to spend Christmas with his mother, Mrs. Mary Kirkner, and family, Robt. and John Watts, of near Over- Hnrvev. Piatt, Eatron, Reed and Em Meeting adjourned untq 1 :30 p. m.

Afternoon session opened with a ery went to Topeka last night to be For Sale. The undersigned has a number of line Short Horn bulls for sale. Address, M. Waitmirk, Fountain, Kan. Mr.

Ed. Kleopfer, friend of Vern Bentey, who has been here for tl)c past six weeks, who traveled with Berry's show as a the past season, and who has made many friends while am-mg us, returned to hi9 home In Coloraio Savings, Wednesday njglit. Joe Coughlin; who has been clerk at ti. jn(- flm iiiwf. niv months, has in attendance at the dedication ol the new Masonic hall, to assist in iniatia- song, "Sing Jchovahs Praise," by the Wanted a Bonnet to Match.

Friend It is costing more to make, over that old dress than it would cost to buy a new one, Mrs. Managem (a smart woman)! am trying to make it. "What?" "You are not. married yet, you know, When my husband sees me in thin dress, he'll think its a new one, ai)d he'll have a regular fit about woman's extravagance, and ought to be asham-, choir. tion and to be present at the banquet.

They report an excellent time. Recitation "Clearing House," Cora Ganger. Recitation "When the Circus Comes Air. Chas. MeDaniel and Miss Rhodn C.

Baxter, two of Junction's most pop to TOwn," Allen Sharp. ular vouiur people, were quietly wed Paper on, "Curent Topics," J. T. Al ded nt the residence of tiie bride's parents near Michigan AVednesday evening, Rev. J.

G. Melvern performing bin, Discussion led by E. M. Rogers; also participated in by Messrs. Van taken the position ns night operator at ed of myself." "I shouldn't wonder," "Yes.

Then I will tell him that thin is nn old dress made over, and all thesq the ceremony. The Reporter begs leave to extend congratulations to Betty Almstrom, Sarah Thomas, G. Badger, Ella Ellis, 1), King, Eva Piatt, John Newell. O. Mitch 11, A Dothard, Doel, Sarah Harman, Olive Brown, Wmli'vin, Lizzie McClair, Anna Miller, jrinshu 11, siary Belton, Elizabeth Hunt, Leath Hunt, Mary I'edii ick, Eliz'eheth Jim-dick, Moody, Clara Prinslow, Eliza Blacker, Ellie bong, Fuller, Mattie Fuller, Elizabeth Rennie, Lii.nbeth t-Jibbs, Annie Browning, Hoy, Betsy mc Daniels, IOmina Down.

Mary Ann Cann, Nellie Jones-m linger, llellen Jones, Clltl'fMI, Mary Burns, losio Watkinsoii, Jennie W'eiker, II litter. two now one mighty people. C. Browning, AV. O.

Brown, E. B. McClair, A. AV. Foster, Henry Poth, J.

II. King, A Miller, Wm Harman, Miller, AValls, Wni Hunt, lteddick, Prinslow, Wnlter Phut, Joshua Hunt, John Ruby, Bailey, James Rennie, AV A Chas Baldwin, Gibbs, llolcombc, Oscar Ostrom, BFlloy, AV McDoui'l William Cann, Robt Gi'aliam, Ferrell, Albin, Webb Greer, AV Smith, Martin Calreii, Mnggart, Stevens, Wolkor, Latter, A Dean, Bert Davis, Tnmes Dennison, James Newell, Sloan, John Fewell, trimmings and furbelows are to coven np stains ond tears and threadbare places jn the miserable old rag." "Oh, that's it." "Yes. And then he'll feel so mean and cheap and disgusting that he'll Cedar Grove, and left for that plhce last Tuesday. Joe is a young man of exemplary habits, and has made many friends during his stay among us, who will wish him success wherever his lot may be cast. W.

C. Davis, of Peterton, takes his place at the depot. Mr. P. is a very pleasant gentleman, and we extei-J to him a cordial welcome among us.

it i ShUs. On Tuesday evening two ol August Carlson's little boys were playing in the wagon while their' father was drjv-ing, and in a good natured scuffle one pushed the other over into the wheel. Before the attention of the father was House, Sparhawk, McClair Cann ond Maggie Song "Sweet Summer's Gone," by Choir, Roll Call: 21 teachers present, A motion was made that we hold a joint session with Northwest District at Scranton January 13, 1804. Carried. On motion it was decided that our present committee and Messrs Van 1 loose and Edwards act as committee on program for joint meeting.

After a brief intermission a solo, "After the Ball," was given by Helen McKee. Recitation "The King's daughters," Lulu Burdick. I give ine $50 for a new bonnet. New York Weekly. attracted and the team stopped, one leg had been broken.

The injury is a severe one, but the lad is recovering now. 1 For boys 4 to 12 $1.50 to $4.00 per. suit. At the Pioneer Cash Store, C. Moody of this city, was clean-in out a of wells for LB.

Ow.nnnooK 11kkai.ii. Masters, east of this city, last Wednes This neighborhood has a good many day. Tliey had finished one, and was flnishinsr un the other, when the tub Protecting Ymmi? Trees From Ridibits, Joseph Steel, Preble county, writes that "the best and cheapest way to protect fruit trees from rabbits is tu take soot from the stove pipe and ini it with sour milk nnd paint the trees, with the mixture in the l'tiil. We. burn wood, One application will hist all A boy can carry a small bucket of the mixture in one hand and an old.

-cloth in the other. Grasping the tree close to the ground with the ratr which has been dipped InTTiO buck Recitation "The Puzzled Professor," that was used to draw the mud out, in cases of the "grippe." Some two weeks ago Dr. Newlin, of this place and Dr. Long of Topeka, removed a small tuinor from Rev. H.

Harbour's neck, and he has fuly recov some way got loose from the man tin ton while lie was in the oct of sendjng Delia Dean, James Dennison, 'WTFerrcll, Amanda King. Ruby llarmau. councilman Sharp. it down, and fell into the well, strik ered and is attending to his duties Mattie Reed. Next paper on, "What Holidays and birthdays should be odserved, ond how," was presented by Miss Alcestn fcome of the', toys' suggested were Columbian Day, Thanksgiving Day, ChristmiHs, New Years Day, Washington's birthday nnd some of the most brook, was in town yesterday a few.

ing Mr. M. on the back and shoulder, On motion of knocking him down. He is quite it wns moved nnd second that the pe i tition together with the names he I severely bruised and hurt about the ihoulders and face, and now has one arm in a sling, and will be unable to work for several days, although he is et, nnd moving the hand upward about lil'teen inches, completes the work, My two little boys could paint trees in a This is a valuable suggestion, for in some seasons the rabbits do a great deal of, injury National Advertiser. noted authors.

The subject wns discussed bv Miss Albin, C. A. Deardorff ond others. Other days. Arbor day, Decoration day, and Kansas day, were able to be about the street It was verv narrow escape, and the only won der is: that he was not killed, ns the suggested.

Song "Three Busy Bees," by Choir Song "America," by Association. Renort on program read nnd accepted A motion was made and carried that THE COJUIRRfUL BINIi CAR BON DALE, KAX wiint, meetintr becrin at 10:30 a. m. and lecture nt 3 p. m.

On motion it was decided to have all hours, looking up old 8Choomurffnu friends, h. S. Braekmon and 0, Muddy made a trip to Topeka yesterday on business. They drove up Mixed nuts 25 cents per pound at Moody's. Rev.

Osenr Ostrom expects to spend part of the Holidays with friends in Kansas City. The Gorman class has taken a few weeks vacation. Cora Jryin, having her hands full of work, has decided to tpiit the study of German. The planned Christmas entertainment of the CU)iigivgatiQnal church, has iieeiv-'postponed on aeeoiuit of the diphtheria scare. Fred Ruby is home from Baldwin, where he is attending Baker University, nnd will spend the' Holidays with his parents.

We received a letter this week from tr, Howard Rice, an old Carbondaie boy, ordering the Comumt sent to nt.A)pn Junction, Col. Mr. Eli Cann, one of the teachers in the Carbondaie schools last year, but persons write, a synopsis of his paper for publication. O. J.

GAVUKR, BASK Kit, Tt wns decided bv motion that the GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS DR. WINCHELL'S THING SYRUP TEE Hih best medicine for all diseases Incident In again. V- Both of Bert Radcliff's children have had an ottack of scarletina or scarlet fever, and the oldest has been left with running at the ears, a common result of scarlet fever. The youngest is quite sick nt present, Lv.n'dox GitAritie. Mr.

L. I). Crotchet, of Quonemo, has been appointed deputy county clerk. There were $370.00 subscribed to the Oneal Canning Factory enterprise by business men of Lyndon last week. John Beard slipped and sprained his right knee Monday evening while watering his cow.

Pan teg school house, District No. SI, in the north end of Olivet township, buiWd to ashes Tuesday morning just after the fire was started for the day. We are informed that it was insured fo fair amount, and the loss will not very much to the district. Mr. cjro.

It. Folsom is the teacher. The. conflagration will end the school for some time at least. The editor of the Lebo Enterprise awarded a year's subscription to his spicy paper hist week ns premium to to the former who brought in two ears of corn weighing the most.

The premium went to our farmer friend, E. O. Williams, of Arvonia township. Thus Osnge county enrriod.on the prize with two ears of corn weighing two pounds and one ounce. Sixty-eight ears like them would make over a bushel.

Mr. S. C. Scott "nnd wife left last Thursday for their home, Fredericksburg, Ohio. Mr.

Scott has been here for several weeks pnst settling up matters in the estate of Thos. Metzler, deceased, and now bids Lyndon and her people farewell. The business relations of Messrs. Scott Bro's during their connection with the Lyndon Roller Mills, were very pleasant, and they leave with the best wishes of the business men of this city. Free Tress.

The father, mother and two brothers of Nels Esplund, of Grant township, arrived from Sweden recently. Mr. and Mrs. James Rennie, of Carbondaie, made a business trip to Osage last week and stayed over night with his brother, John Rennie. Mrs.

James Rennie. of Carbon- who is now attending the State Win versitv at Lawrence, lias rt 1 4 ..1 JIOMlt III nnr ivjuvuij spread upon the Journal, nnd the whole proceedings of the Council be published motion prevailed, Councilman Sparhawk discussed at length the practicability of carrying out the wishes of the petitioners. The power of the mayor and councihnen to do so, he admitted but the expense of enforcing would, under the present county administration fall on the tax payers of Cai'bondole in lb is way the petitioners would see the inexpediency of their proposition. Personally 'he would aid in whatevercould be done. The Rev.

O. Ostrom, or the Congregational church, who with Rev. C. B. Holeombo of the m.

F. Church circulated the petition, was present, and on the Veipiest of J. N. Sharp, explained the motive nndniin of the petitioners, lie snid the petition meant "peace," not "war." It asked in a friendly spirit the mayor and council-men of Carbondaie to use their inllii-ence and authority in behalf "law and order." lie said that the sentiment against the evil which could be checked is growing towards he pitch of righteous indignation. Councilman J.

Sharp said, if there be an explicit ordinance against the illegal sale of of liquor, he, for one, would aid in enforcing it to its fullest extent. AVith this statement council-men Forbes, Hartman and T.unuui agreed the latter, Mr. human, deplored the pre vol ing disorder on Sunday. In the absence of the city attorney, and as the exact wording of the ordinance was wanted, a final action on the petition was postponed until next regular meeting in January. It was moved nnd seconded that the marshal be instructed to have the public places closed up promptly nt II o'clock p.

and also on Sundays; motion prevailed. It was moved and second to adjourn. P. AV. Roiusox, City Clerk.

Letting in the Sun. The supurb health of my family is to a great extent due to the habit almost living in sunshine. Every bright day all of the shutters are open, and the entire house gets the benefit of the sunlight. It drives away dampness, mold, niierobs nnd blue-devils, and puts us all in good humor and good health. I cannot imagine good sanitary conditions and darkness.

Even my cellar is as light as I can ossibly make it, and whatever fruit and delicacies need to be shut away from light I put in close cupboards or covered boxes. I have sheets of canvass that tlii-iiu-ii over them before they eliiiilriMi. It retaliates the dowels: assists denli. tioii: euros dlan liea and dysentery in tile worst forms; cure. eanker sore throat; is a eeitain pre.

ventiveof diphtheria and soothes all nam invigorates the stoinarii and dowels; corrects all acidity; will cure uTipiiin in the dowels and wind colic Do not fiitisnn yourself ami child with sleepless nHhts when il is within yonr reach to cure your child and save your own strength. Dr. Jaqite's German Worm iktlies destroy worms remove Idem from the system I'repared dy Emmert Proprietary Chicago, III. Sold by L. Beasley Son.

bucket dropped about 20 feet. New Enterprise. Barnes Newell have purchased a feed and grist mill, which will place in operation' next week, when they Will invite patronage of the pub-lie, nnd guarantee good work. They will grind and keep on hand a full stock of Graham flour, mea), chop and feed stuff. We wish them success.

Watch this paper for further particulars next week. Wedding Hells. At the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs, Li- Kelley, cor. of 8th niuHMon-roe, sts. Topefca, on Wednesday, Dec.

20th, Mr. W. W. Stricklnnd and Miss Anna 1). Kathary, were united in holy bonds or wedlock.

The ceremony Was performed. at, by RjlV. I. A. Shutt, formerly of this The bride was attired in a beautiful White silk with pearl trimming, and carried a lovely bouquet of Marchell Neil roses.

The groom was dressed in conventional black. After the ceremony, a bounti-vus supper was served in courses. The table was decorated with cut roses ond evergreens. The bride is one of Car-bondale's most estimable young ladies, and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Kathary. The groom, a former resident of this, place, is well and favorably known, and holds a desirable position with the Santa Fe, R. 1L at Bins lingame. Mr. and Mrs.

Kathary and family nnd a number of intimate friends were present. Many beautiful presents were received. This happy event occured on the 25th wedding of the brides pare 11 ts. The Coi niKii joins their many friends in wishing them a long and happy life. Scisaxtox Gazette.

That most dangerous of all disease to children, diphtheria, isreported to be inB city- It is currently reported that the Carbon Company is buying Scranton coal largely. Joseph Sheldon's cattle sale was well attended. lie sold some 80 odd head altogether at fair figures. At about noon today Frank llulsup-ple, who works in Snyder's barn, was kicked in the face by a horse and badly hurt, lie may possibly lose an eye. Miss Lizzie Yeainans, daughter of J.

N. Yeamans, wan recently married to John W. Markley, an industrious and YOU CAN CURE THAT COUGH WITH En 9 President of the northeast district and secretary of northwest district, preside at joint meeting. The meeting was a decided success. Adjourned.

Alice Rrcow, Secretary, Council Proceedngs. CAHDPXH.U.K, Dec. 19th, '93. Council met in regular session. Meeting called to order by Mayor R.

B. McKee. Councilmon present, A. V. Sparhawk, J.

N. Sharp, II. J'. Ihtrtinan, Geo. Liimnn nnd Robt.

Forbes. Minutes of the last meeting rend, and np-xroved as read. -'The street and alley commit tee on the Harmanwalk, reported that no stone walk be laid in front of his building now under construction on Main street. It was moved and seconded that the report be accepted. Carried.

The street and alley committee recommend that the side walk in front of lots 2, 4, 0,8, nnd 10, in Block 4, Browns addition, bo condemned. It was moved and seconeded that the report be accepted, and that the above walk be condemned, and new walk be laid. Carried. R. Mckee presented bill of $2.00 for Win.

Gibbs and Bert Davis for police service at the Merry-go-round. It was moved nnd seconded to draw an order for same. The following petition was presented and read to the Council. PETITION. To the Ilonornble and Council of the city of Carbondaie.

Gentleman: AVe, the undersigned, citizens of Carbondaie and vicinity, do hereby most earnestly protest against the non-enforcement of our city ordinance touching the prohibition of the illegal sale of intoxicants and petition and request that the law be rigidly enforced. We believe that this course is rendered imperative by the shocking prevalence of drunkenness and disorder in our community, and therefore appeal to you as the executive body, in Davlie-ht Liver Pills A small vecetahk' pill. Cures Sick fViinaHmi. Dvsoensia. it! Ills i Henry and Robert Blckley, of near reranton, brothers of Chas, Blckley, our courteous flight operator at the depot, left from this city this for Tolono, III, to visit relatives.

William Hunt and his sister-in-law, Mrs. John Hunt, of Colorado, City, arrived he.i'8'lasj Saturday, and made a ahort visit among relatives and friends. We understand they returned home on Monday. Uncle John Bpangler, living near Silver Lake, Shawnee county, and a former resident of this city, spent from last Saturday unil Monday in this nity, attending, to business, and looking up old friends. School was let out last Tuesday for a two weeks holiday.

Itwasdjsmissed a week sooner than was intended on account of diphtheria in our midst, and parents being afraid to send their children to school. F. X. Jordon, of near Overbronk, shipped oricar load of fat cattle from this station last Saturday. Also W.

C. Chamberlain of the same neighborhood, shipped a car load of fat cattle at the same time. Harry Jones shipped last Monday night two car load of to Kansas City. The cattle belonged to Wy His AIiiiirer. son of landlord Munger, and Disorders of the Stomach, l.iver and Bowels, Sold by L.

Beasley Son. IS THE BEST MEDICINE tor the. OeneralAilmenls of Mors-, Cattle, Hops and t-herp. It purities the dlocri, prevents and cures I 'ouj-lta. Colds.

Culic, Hidcdound, Worms, DisK-nipcr, etc. Nothing P'iIs It for 'lojl lliolera. Jlourst and in honest liiu-kagM: linen and wannnteii lor over ieiny Ciitl 1 i.Mii-mnAllV are put away, and always take pains to V'fe so arrange my stores that nothing will 1 chu-aw. 111. Cum' 1 Iwrlif I 1..

LT.hrc,. I M.fil Itv.i'ix Or Viiniwr Jones' Horse liiailiti AL-nwiae and dale, who has been visiting her family for three weeks in Osage City, anticipates going to her own home in Carbondaie Friday. Oscar Ferris had two of his fingers badly smashed while loading steel rails at Barclay the other day. One of them was taken entirely off and the other had to be ampfttated. A son of Wes Nichols, of Superior township, in jumping from a load of free.

now holds the position of head book Ite lnjureu nv nuumimn, People who "live in badly lighted apartments have little color and less health. 1 for one do not intend to spend my davs in an atmosphere of gloom. S.ilf Uncle Sara's Nerve and Bone Liniment for Sprains, liiuises. lUu'uimi'iMii, etc. lioesrwht to tiro iot pain.

Nothing else so good for JIan mid Animal. Try it, 8old hy Beasley Sou, keeper of White Rial commission merchants of that city. Mr Jones fattened them on contract. Culture..

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