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The Clay County Star from Clay Center, Kansas • 3

The Clay County Star from Clay Center, Kansas • 3

Clay Center, Kansas
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Jewelry at Mclntire's. LATO HERE n. Of Clay Center, Kansas, the "Hub" of the Universe, BAKER APPLETON. GENERAL MERCHANDISE For Bargains, for Styles, for Qualities, for quantities. SPECIAL SALES on Some Lines of Goods Every Day in the week.

Saturday of this week we will sell 300 wreaths at 25c each, regular 50c values. WE PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION CEBT ALL GOODS NEW AND FRESH. SPECIAL MILLINERY ATTRACTIONS this week. Regular Summer Styles. Take advantage of this great attraction.

LADIES' WALKING SHOES, cheaper than you ever saw Fine Goods sold before. BLACK ORGANDIES. We are goinr to sell out a case of Black Organdies, just the thing for Summer Dress. The price will be One Dollar a Pattern, of 10 yds. This goods is worth 15c a yd.

Kv-ry tlay in tin? week wo sell Lawrence L. Li. Muslin at 4c a yard. Fine Cheeked (Jinhanis at fc, and the Host Quality of Prints at 5c. SUMMKU COIISKTS, fine ones, well fitted and warranted not to rip.

Price, only IIIHIIONS at wholesale prices. Over SS00.OO stock to select from. Prices, from le to $1 per yard. WE HAVE ON HAND A LARGE ON WHICH WE WILL MAKE The Regulator People Are Hustlers, and you Match the Bargains they give, when you look at Quality. JVIRS.

L. tfL. WEIGH-SELBflUJVl, -DEALER LN Mif finer), JSCottonjs vVefr R. J. MORTON, President.




E. DA VIES, ERNST HEINEN. J. L. Hainey, DEALER IH Everything! In The Line of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Gents' Furnishing Goods, L.

W. Baker has completed the carpenter work on the fine residence of John Walker, north of town. It is a fortunate day for a man when be first discovers the yalue of Ayer's Sarsa- parilla as a blood-punfler. With this medicine, he knows he has found a rem edy upon which he may rely, and that his life-long malady is at last conquered. Has cured others, will cure you.

We have a number of farms for sale on the installment plan at terms which all can reach. One sixth pur chase price down, balance one sixth each year until paid, deferred payments at 7 per cent. This is the most liberal sale offer yet made and all who want homes should call and investigate the plan, or write for full particulars to the Star Real Estate Agency, Green, Kansas. Those in distant parts of the county desiring to attend the meetings of Mrs. Annie L.

Diggs and Mrs. Jenkins will be entertained if they will send their names to Mrs. E. A. Worsley of this city not later than May 23.

Besides the meeting of Sat urday evening, May 26, these ladies will hold meetings in which suffrage for women will be urged from a Bible standpoint in the Congregational church Sunday, May 27. Clay Center Times. J. W. Mahaffey, "our editor," does not teel like joining Coxey any more.

He moved into his residence in the west part of town the first of the week and has no kick to make as long as editors are permitted to live in houses like other people. Green in Clay Center Times, The latter statement is a mistake, a sad mistake. Editors dare not aspire to "live like other people." They must be content to simply exist, and if people will just allow them to stay somewhere, they will be thankful. We are just staying. NOTICE.

The Board of County Commissioners, of Clay county, Kansas, will meet as a County Board of Equalization, at the office of the county clerk, in Clay Center, Monday, June 4, 1894, to equalize the valuation of real and personal property, at which meeting all persons feeling themselves aggrieved, can appear and have all errors corrected. The sev eral townships will be considered in the following order: Athelstane, Blaine, Bloom, Chapman and Clay Center, June 5, 1894. Exeter, Five Creeks, Garfield, Goshen and Gill, June 6, 1894. Hayes, Highland, Mulberry and Oakland, June 7. 1894.

Republican, Sherman and Union, June 8, 1894. Clay Center city, June 9, 1894. J. J. Marty, County Clerk.

The writer and wife visited at the home of the latters mother, near Chepstow over Sunday. We had the pleasure of listening to an elo quent memorial address by Rev. TXT 1 1 i 1 1 -i vveDD tnat ciay. ine services were held last Sunday, owing to the neces sary absence of Rev. Webb this week.

After the address at the church, the march was taken up to the cemetery, a half mile north, where Barnes Post G. A. R. held appropiate services over the graves of the departed heroes, after which 1 1 -l a -i xne cnuaren strewea nowers over their last resting place, followed by nearly every one in the large crowd placing a token of remembrance to the memory of the gallant dead. The Spring Valley band discoursed some beautiful and appropriate music which added much to the exercises.

The crowd was the largest in many years and the day was observed in the characteristic good style of the Chepstow people's endeavors in this and other lines. Children's day will be observed at the Chepstow church on the second Sunday in June. All are cordially invited to attend. Preparations for good music and entertainment are now nearly com pleted. Riley Regent.

A match game of base ball will be played between Riley and a nine bearing the name of Leonardville at the fair grounds, Saturday, May 26. The Leonardville club is composed of players from Green, Leonardville, Randolph and Fancy Creek, and is a strong one. They hope to stop the straight string of victories of Riley, and a good game may be looked for. Died Mrs. Funk, of Bala, at Manhattan on May 11, of cancer of the stomach.

John Martin killed a good sized copperhead in" the furniture store Tuesday. How the reptile got there is a mystery. The snake was seen just after Case Martin had stepped over it, and was a close call to getting bit. The Rev. J.

Morlais Richards, of Omaha, has accepted a call from the Presbyterian church at Bala. The new pastor will commence on the charge. next Sunday, May 20th. We wish Mr. Richards and the church all success.

The mumps seem to have been get ting in their work the past week, several parties around town now having them. TO THE LOT OF BIG REDUCTIONS IN PRICES. Vice-President. W. E.

DA VIES, Cashier. of Green. THORNTON, Sr. M. BONER, S.


ORGANS. known as the Dimity,) which has been Implement until it is today The Acknowledged PEER a PRINCE and you will be happy. by All Kinds GARDEN SEEDS. Car-Load of salt PIANOS- Base ball goods at Mclntire's. Ice cream freezers at Mclntire's.

Miss Wilson, of Fact, was a visitor in Green Tuesday. Mrs. H. Diefendorf paid Clay Center a visit Wednesday. See the laugh-maker at the school house Monday evening next.

Wm. Thornton has anew roof over the north half of his residence. J. M. Lanning, M.

of Lasita, patronized our job department Tuesday. Good Republican river bottom 80 for sale by the Star Real Estate Agency. It is reported that John Walker has the finest field of oats in this part of the county. A brand new organ, the finest made, to trade for cattle or No. 1 horses.

Call at the Star office. II. M. Benham, solicitor for McCoy Bros. Bass Commission firm, of Kansas City, was in the city Monday.

John Poots will retire from the livery business June 1, and will be succeeded by Ed. Putnam we understand. Rev. and Mrs. Warner enjoy spending their evenings sitting under a new porch, which has lately been added to the parsonage.

Notice the "ad" of the Mohawk Indian Medicine in another column. They will be here two weeks, begining Monday next. Morganville's citizens are reaching out after a creamery. The people of Green should do likewise. No investment would pay so well to everybody.

Teacher's institute begins June 11. Information in regard to board and rooms can be obtained by writing Jno. B. Park, county superintendent, at Clay Center. From reports received while at home Sunday, we learn that our big brother-in-law is not a very successful cook.

At least it is said to take him an awful length of time to get his Coffey Dunn. J. C. Johnson, of Clay Center, is supposed to have failed financially, and attachments for several thousands of dollars are issued against his property. He left town for a few days visit, as he said, just before the suits were instituted and it is thought will not return.

Dr. Moore went up to Ames Monday and vaccinated 17 of the denizens of that burg. That prompts our poet to emit the following effusion: "Ob, its nice to be a doctor When small pox does alarm, And vaccinate the pretty girls Sometimes upon the arm." Palmer Index. Something is going to happen shortly, we think. "Straws show which way the wind blows." One of our neighborhood young men recently budded out in a new suit of clothes, a new buggy and a plug horse oh, hat, we mean.

Parents should begin to guard their daughters. Farms for sale in the vicinity of Green are very scarce, none of our home farmers wishing to sell out. They know that they can't better themselves. The Star Real Estate Agency has, however, one private farm for sale within four miles of Green, in as good a farming country as there is in the state. Our job printing department is complete, and we are prepared to furnish on short notice anything in our line at very low prices.

Letter heads, note heads, bill heads, envelopes, cards, wedding stationery, sale bills, posters, dodgers, pamphlets, book work, or anything in the job printing line. Fishing tackle at Mcln tire's. Surveyor McLaughlin was in the city Tuesday. Frank Clark and wife were Clay Center visitors Monday. The Mohawk Indian Medicine will be here Monday next.

The Misses Shadle took yesterday's train for Clay Center. Born to Mr. and Mrs. D. J.

Brown, Goshen township, May 14, a boy. Albert Rundle, of Hayes township, started last week for Salina to attend school. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Puckey, of Clay Center, Saturday, May 12, a girl.

D. J. Stokes was for the third or fourth time during his life, again ''son struck" last week. Guy Buyarlay and J. C.

Sebring drove their wheels over from May Day yesterday evening. The roof over the hardware store is being repaired this Wm. Miller is doing the work. Born, on Wednesday, MaY 23, 1K1M, to Mr. and Mrs.

Jas. Appleton, of Fancy creek, a great big girl. Dr. Chaffee and wife, who had been visiting at the home of his mother near Lasita, returned home Tuesdav. A.

J. Wilson has added a neat addition and porch to the south of his residence, which much improves the looks of his property. Another large invoice of station-cry, envelopes, just recsived by the Stau job department. Remember us for work in this line. Mrs.

J. A. Reese was reported as suffering with neuralgia Sunday, but under the skillful treatment of Dr. Morton is now convalescent. Arrangements are being perfected for a grand 4th of July celebration at Green.

The band boys will manage the alfair. Full particulars later. Mrs. Baker and son, Fred, mother and biother of Mrs. A.

J. Wilson, departed for their home at Loon Lake, Washington, on Thursday morning of last week. The Epworth League Social given at the school house Tues. ev'g was a success, both socially and financially. A good crowd was in attendance and the receipts were about $1G.

On our trip the last of the week by way of Kimeo and return by May Day, the crops looked to be in first class shape. The frost last week did some damage, but not a great deal. The Concordia Empire says there is so much fishing done in the Republican near Clay Center on Sunday that every time the church bells ring the fish take to the rocks and hide. The Star Real Estate Agency this week listed for sale two 80-acre and two 160-acre farms. These are home farms and are for sale at right prices.

Call and see us or write concerning them. The following shipments were made during the past week: L. R. Haswell, cattle 1 car; Thornton Wilson, hogs 2, corn R. E.

Shadle, hogs J. II. McQuillan, hogs Jno. Connigan, cattle D. A.

Mabie, hogs I. Arrangements are being completed for the building of two more good buildings here soon. The I. O. O.

F. are figuring for the erection of a hall and we understand that the building of a masonic temple is now assured. These improvements will add greatly to the appearance of the city. Hammocks croquet setsatMcIn-t ire's. lie sure and see the Mohawk Indian doctor.

Larson, of May day, was in town Monday. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Will Henry, Five a boy. Old papers for sale at the Stau ollice big bundle for 5c.

Jno. Connigan. from north of Fact, hauled hogs here Tuesday. llcnj. Craig and J.

W. Roberts did business at the hub Friday. Wm. Curtis, of Fact, was doing business in (ircen Tuesday. J.

II. McQuillan hauled hogs here for shipment Monday and Tuesday. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ahjuist, Union township.

May 15, a y. Frank Usher, from near Fairbury, )wnn in the city the last of the week-visiting relatives. Ambrose Harr was down from the Kimco neighborhood and added his name to our list of readers. Hro. L.

A. Palmer, of the Clifton News, passed through on hU way home from Manhattan Friday. Chris and Andrew Down and Jas. Hrown attended Prof. Lee's mesmerist entertainment at Clay last week.

John Dugan and wife were guests at the homes of John Foots and C. Putnam several days during the past week. Hall'n Writable Sicilian Hair 1 to newer is, uiHim-xtiouably, tlie best preservative of the hair. It Is also curative of dandruff, totter, and all scalp affect lous. Henry Bacon and family, of Clay county, were visiting at Dr.

Edger-ton's Sat unlay. Randolph Enter- J. W. Knowles, of LasUa, was in town Saturday and called and took advantage of our clubbing rate with Ihe Advocate. Mrs.

Rose, of May Day, was a peasant caller Monday, and subscribed for the Star for her little daughter, Belle. Messrs. Ilogan and McNamara returned from the Kansas City markets the last of the week, where they had been with stock. Attend the free entertainments to be given at the school house Monday evening next and every evening for two weeks afterward. A.

T). Ashbaugh and W. E. Davies attended the entertainment of Prof. Lee the mesmerist and hypnotist at Clay Center Friday evening.

A young man who has been living with chas. Koerfer, had his wrist broken and dislocated bv being thrown from a horse the first of the week. Win. Miller and wife and Wm. Rundle and wife, from near Green, came up Saturday and spent Sunday with Henry Rundle and family.

Clifton News. E. H. Hubbard, foreman of the bridge gang, which has been repairing U. P.

bridges in this vicinity for home days, stopped off here to look after the work Tuesday. i Our young friend, Walter Com-Htock, of near Kimco, is now wearing three links. His application to become a member of the Odd Fellows' fraternity was presented on his 21st birthday. Mrs. Thomas, of Hayes township, undertook to smoke her chicken house Friday, when the house caught fire burning it all up.

Fortunately help came and the stable was saved but the corn crib was burned down. Chiy "ViterDispatctw After reading Clay Center advertisements and investigating, that I can buy more goods at Jim Hainey's with a dollar than any place in Clay county. Jim says there is difference between cash and time. Bring your cash and he will duplicate any bargain to be found anywhere. Joel Hunter was down from Fact yesterday and made us a call.

A 7-column hand-press roller for sale, cheap, at this office. New. Wilson, the Baker medicine man, is interviewing our citizens today. Thos. Thornton, of Clay Center spent Tuesday with relatives here.

The Misses Davidson, ot Leonard-ville, were visitors in the city yesterday. Mrs. Thos. Appleton and Mrs. W.

E. Davies did shopping at Clay Center Friday. Miss Katie Hunter, of Fact, started for a visit to her parents near Stock ton Monday morning. Mrs. Chas.

Miller has the thanks of the Star family for remembrances in the way of several beautiful bouquets presented. Rev. B. F. Newton, of Manhattan, got off of Saturday morning's train for a few day's visit with relatives in the vicinity of Fact.

Miss Belle Rose, one of May Day's bright little ladies, has our thanks for a bunch of fine rhubarb pre sented to us Monday. A. D. Ashbaugh returned from Kansas Citv last week, where he purchased a large stock of new goods, a car-load of which arrived Monday. On Friday of last week the band voted to accept the invitation to furnish music at the Decoration Day exercises at the baptist church, May 30.

Frosts have occurred in this vicinity on two or three different nights and some damage resulted, but it is thought by many that nearly every thing will come out all right. There are a number of lead half dollars bearing the date of 1861 in circulation in town. They are very like the genuine article in all respects except the ring. Clay Center Dispatch. The sugar-coatiag on Ayer's rills not only makes them easy to take, but preserves their medicinal integrity to an indefinite period.

It dissolves immediately after reaching the stomach and thus permits the fall effect of the physic to be speedily realized. A couple were seen on the road north of here a few evenings since, and the young lady was presumably nearly frozen. She had donned all her own wraps and also two gentleman's coat sleeves. We have a job lot of blanks, consisting of Justice's blanks, Constable's blanks, Estray blanks and various other blanks which we will dispose of cheap. Come in and look at them and see if you want them.

For Sale. Good residence property in Green. 2 lots, stable for 2 horses, fine cyclone cellar, first-class well of fine water, fruit trees, shrubbery, and other improvements. Call at the Star office for full information. Chancellor Snow has observed Kansas weather longer and more accurately and knows more about its past and future than any other man in the state.

One thing he has noted is that a series of six or seven years of more than average rainfall invariably follows a like series of less than average rainfall. He says ws are just now reaching the end of the dry series and he is now looking for some good crop years. Clay Center Times. Slxoet ZLvdCuLsIc, EooHszs, All Sold on Easv Pavments-REPAIRS ON HAND REPAIRING DONE. H- Achenbach, Ola37" Oentex, ORDERS BY MIL PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO.

The above cut is a correct representation of Cultivator for listed corn, (forcnerly perfected by the Rock Island of all cultivators for listed corn. Buy For bale THE IMPLEMENT MAN,.

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