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Daily Reporter from Valley Falls, Kansas • 1

Daily Reporter from Valley Falls, Kansas • 1

Daily Reporteri
Valley Falls, Kansas
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Hist. Soc, Topeka, Ka. VOLUME I. VALLEY FALLS, KANSAS, SATURDAY, NOV. 27, 1915.

NUMBER 151. Published in the interest of alley Falls and Jefferson County Admitted to the Mails as Second Class Matter Act of 1879. Celebrated Wedding Anniversary -Electric Tonight- A DAILY LETTER FROM THE COUNTY SEAT. By J. C.

Blevins. International Comedy Male Quartette Harmony singers and comedians. Good comedy, perfect harmony. We have heard this quartette and KNOW they are good we know you will like them in their imitation of Ring-ling calliope, their Chinese songs, etc. A copy of Judgment from the District Court of the Missouri in the bankruptcy case of the The-odor C.

Peltzer Investment Co. has been filed with the Register of Deeds. The Judgment was given John C. Pollock and covers land in the north east part of the county. Times may be hard 'and the cost of living high but some are not suffering from lack of food if the following menu of a family Thanksgiving dinner given to us by a participant is any criterion.

They had a big turkey, two oppossums, three ducks one ham, two gallons fresh oysters, sweet potatoes, irish cranberries, salads, 12 pies and several cakes etc, etc. Owen Johnston has completed the concrete bridge over' Jeff. -Lou dviyers. oi rerry a county seat visitor Friday. F.

Coleman and Ab Cole went to Kansas City today to buy a car of stockers or feeders. Supt. 0. M7 Rhine of the Mc-Louth schools was a caller on the County Supt. Friday.

Ben Wison, state Senator and Clay Bayne of Williamstown were transacting business here Friday. Ed. McGuire a prominent farmer of north of Perry was transacting- business at the court House Friday. Judge 0. C.

Dewey of Ozaw-kie who has lived in Jefferson County as long as any person now living made his annual visit to Oskaloosa tody. Frank Searles with his family and Minor Clark, autoed to IN THE DARK Don't let anybody keep you from Seeing and Hearing this Show some Holsteins with a view of purchasing. Albert B. May, mail carrier on the rural route and Miss Grace Wray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Irwin on South Walnut street celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving day. It was a cold dreary November without but nevertheless there was much happiness and a cheer ful Thanksgiving spirit in the home.

It was the first time the children have all been at home at the same time since they were married. There are four boys and two girls in the family and are all married but one. The day was spent in visiting and feasting. Ten years ago the family numbered only eight and now there are twenty two. A very bountiful dinner was served by the daughters and daughters-in-law.

One table was set for the original family and another for the grand children. It certainly was a day well spent. The sad part of a gathering of this kind is the parting time but that time must always come. We as a family feel honored to make note of this occasion and sincerely trust that we may all be together once more for father and mothers "Golden wedding day. The children of a distance are: Mr.

Roy Irwrin and family of Meriden, Ks, Mr. R. B. Hays and family of Kansas City and Mr. Elmer Blessing and family of King City, Mo.

The rest of the children live in and around Valley Falls. Ben Legan Dies Suddenly. morning whert Ben Legan, who lives about two miles southwest of Boyle went out to feed his hogs and was gone longer than his wife thought that he should be, sent their little ten year od granddaught-ter, Mable out to see what was the trouble. Mable came back and reported hat her grandpa was lying face down in the hog pen. Mrs.

Legan hurried out to offer assistance but when she got there the hogs had been at work on Mr, Legan's face lacerating one side badly, tearing out one eye and a portion of the nose off. Mrs. Legan sent word to the neighbors for help and to Dr. M. F.

Marks. Legan was a man of 78 years and for the past week has not been in the best of heallh but did not call a doctor. A week ago he had some trouble with his. head. This morning he was not feeling very well, had a bad headache and did not eat much breakfast.

He went out to feed the hogs in hopes that the fresh air would make him feel better. The is of the opinion that when Mr. Legan reached the top of the fence in his effort to climb over that the extra exertion caused the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain which made him unconscious and was bad enough to cause 'his death. He fell forward into I the hog pen striking on his head. the hogs had not been at the be ly long possibly while Mable ws back at the house tell grand ma.

J. L. Wray are to be married Sunday, November 28th Albert J. Rolin of Dunavant was in town today making, out "his first naturalization papers. He was born in Money Belgium 29 years ago and came to the U.

S. when three years of age. Word was received from Kan- j.i i. i- decided it was necessary to op-erate on Mrs. C.

S. Patrick and Dr. A. Smith went there today to assist. Her husband and rr brother, w.

JE. nudaieston re Creek west of Half Mound and returned home today with his force. The bridge has a span of 38 feet and contains about 150 1 yards of concrete. Next Mon-f day he expects to commence the construction of a bridge near Maxwell's in the Blue Mound neighborhood and after that to build one north of Ozawkie. I Wilbur Roberts was' in town today.

He has. rented the Ste- Hackett home farm at Round Mound and will move on to it as soon as Mr. Hackett has had his isale. He now lives on I the Roy Scott farm to which Mr. Scott will move as soon as Mr.

Roberts leaves. Mr. Hacket has sold his other farm to a Mr. Curd of Lawrence, who is a broth er of 0. C.

Curd who used to live in Oskaloosa. The basket ball season opened at the Opera House last night with a game between 0. H. S. team of 1916 and has beens or team of 1915.

The 1916 team is composed of Sheldon, Leach, Blevins, Standiford and Jenkins and Vendel. The Alum-. ni team was composed of Taylor (Anderson, Roberts, Frisbie and Clark. The score was 60 to 31 in favor of 0. H.

S. The attendance was good and receipts were $20.00, which will be used to buy suits. Mrs. Alta Royer and Mrs. (Lou Hauck returned home last night from St.

Joe where they had been to buy a lot of Christmas and winter goods for the Hauck store. Odd Fellows Get Busy Tuesday night, Nov. 30 is election night and every Odd fellow is wanted. Important business. It takes some people longer to make up their mind to do a thing than it does to do it after they get started to work.

Get- ting started to work in this contest for that Ford auto is one of those jobs. Don't lag behind and let somebody win it while 15c 111 THE CHURCH DIRECTORY THE BAPTIST CHURCH Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday School at 10 a. m.

B. Y. P. U. at 6 m.

Preaching at 7:30 p. m. John Carpenter, Pastor. THE FEDERATED CHURCH Sunday School at 10:00 a. m.

Preaching at 11:00 a. m. Preaching at 7 :30 p. m. 2 A.

L. Wood, Pastor. THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sunday School at 10:00 a Preaching at 11:00 a. m. m.

Preaching at 7 :30 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6.30 pm. Chas. Kimball, Pastor.

Miss Frances Shaffer came home to spend Thanksgiving and while here could not resist the temptation to get behind the counter at J. A. Evans to renew old acquaintances and habits. She returns to Emporia tomorrow to resume her college studies. Notice To Correspondents desire that each and every correspondent sign their name to every letter of correspondence that they send in to that we want to publish them in particular but so that we may know who to give for them, also write the heading to the items so that we will know 'from what community that they come.

Sometimes a letter of news reaches us witlout either the heading or the signature and we cannot at times figure out where they are from and find it necessary to send them to the waste basket. Be sure to sign your name to them. IN THREE PARTS By LUBIN 15c NORTONVILLE ITEMS Mr. and Mrs. Tim Davison of Ef fingham, are visiting Mrs.

Davison's sister, Mrs. Arthur Olinger and family of Nortonville. Chares McCoy, who has been working for Fred Wagner, left Friday morning for Charlie expects to go form Topeka to Kansas City where he attend the Sweeney Auto train-' ing school. His friends wish him success in his chosen work. Mr.

and Mrs. Shughart of Winchester and Mr and Mrs Hunsucker and their families were jn Nortonville attending the funeral of J. C. Haines Friday. Miss Bessie Moyer who is attending Midand College at Atchison returned home Friday morning to spend the weekend with her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. C. S. Moyer. When Nortonville built its City Hall in 1908 it was thought that had been arranged all right, but it soon developed -that the furnace had been placed under the wrong end of the building and consequently proper heating of the hall was impossible.

The floor slats and as the furnace had: been placed under the high end of the floor, heat could not be forced to the lower end of the building. The furnace room was badly in need of drainage and these reasons compelled the city council to have the furnace changed to the other end of the building. The furnace has now been, properly installed under the south end of the build ing and the furnace room has brick walls and a cement floor. The coal bin is also more easily filled in its present so that Nortonville is now able to comfortably seat a large crowd in its spacious hall. William Jones left Thursday evening for Stocton, Kan, where his son Morris is sick.

If Morris is too sick to come the wagon Will intends to send him home on the train and to drive Morris' team and wagon home. Ragan is now paying 52c for white or yellow corn and 50c for mixed corn at his elevator. 51tf. mained in Kansas City with her. Mr.

A. Yae of Grainfield, 'Ks. father of Andy Yale shipped two ars of stock to the Kansas City market and after disposing of same made a side trip to Oskaloosa for a short visit with Wm. Payne and Cy Jones. No one had any excuse of no place to go Friday evening there being a C.

E. Social at the Presbyterian church, an Epworth League social at the Methodist church a county Rally at the Baptist church and a basket ball game at the Opera House. i J. C. Gardiner has rented the Chase building on the north side and will start a restaurant.

After searching for a location from the orange groves of Florida to the corn fields of Nebraska he concluded that Oskaloosa looked good to him. Dale Stark, Wm. Gruiter and John Payne of Perry acted as guards from Perry here Chaperons here and Red Cross nurses on the return journey to Ernest Raines and Roy Yost who re-i ceived a Masonic degree in the lodcre Friday evening. a i rtl A deceased, partitioned among the heirs has been filed by Belva Wise, a daughter against the. other heirs who are John B.

Harman, Noah Webster Colfax B. Harman, E. Hor-tensia Patten, Cynthia Lockhart Zimmerman. Denton W. Har man, and Cyrus Harman, Ellis! i vi -e tr -i-i I and Yale of Kansas City repre- you are thinking about getting! The funeral will be held at rted.

IKoyle, Monday at 2 o'clock. Ci sems ine piainun..

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