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Neosho County Chronicle from Chanute, Kansas • 1

Neosho County Chronicle from Chanute, Kansas • 1

Chanute, Kansas
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14. our present leaders is they want office more than they want to aid the masses." Botkin neglected to men tion that Senator Taylor of Wyandotte county, says there never was a time in the history of Kansas City when gamblers, policy shops and joints were in such force as now LOCAL AND PERSONAL. Pawpaws are said to be ripe. The straw hat should be laid aside. The Golden Eagle has a new p.d this week.

Ed Smith of Thayer wan in town Tuesday. S. W. Foster's family has joined him in Kansas City. Mrs.

C. Penny is expected home from the east to day. Mrs. B. F.

Shinn is visiting in Fre-donia with her parents. W. D. Stringer is visiting his daughter, Mrs. R.

C. Kawlings. Miss Nola Giles of Howard is the guest of Miss Minta Snyder. Geo. P.

Wilder is mentioned for councilman in the second ward. Visitors to the Fredonia fair last C. C. Kramer Sulcldei. A dispatch from Tacoma, to a San Francisco paper gives the following account of the suicide of C.

C. Kramer, formerly of Chanute: Charles C. Kramer, aged about 40, proprietor of the St. Helen's Hotel at Chehallis, was found dead in his bed at the Grand Central Hotel about noon to-day. He had taken an overdose of morphine with evident suicidal intent.

He has been in the city nearly a week.most ot the time leading a fast life. Since Friday night he has been locked up in his room. Nearly all his clothes were pawned. Only ten cents was found in his pockets. His wife and child live at Kansaa City.

He has been in financial difficulties. Mayor Frank Hardesty has issued and that "nine-tenths of our people believe that the administration is a beneficiary of the lawlessness in this town." And especially did Elder Botkin, in his plea for the governor, omit the words of Associate Justice Allen who said in his private letter to Percy Daniels "within the past few days I have learned, not from the enemies, but the friends of the administration of circumstances showing that the ad ministration of affairs in some, if a proclamation calling a special election for the choosing of a councilman in the Second ward to fill the vacancy caused by the removal of Councilman H. N. Price. The registration books are now open at the office of City Clerk Buchanan and will remain so until tomorrow not all, of the cities of the first class, is thoroughly corrupt, and that to the knowledge at least of the governor." Of course there are some populists who don't read much who will say these are "republican lies," notwithstanding that these opinions Friday saw an exhibition mile in 2:15.

L. H. Isham is receiving a visit from his sister, Mrs. Stewart, of Yates Center. W.

W. Saunders of Burlington, was the guest of his friend, Dr. Barker, Wednesday. Col. A.

B. Hedrick returned last Saturday from the K. of P. conclave at Washington. The campaign seems to be more active in other parts of the state than it does in this locality.

J. B. F. Cates of this city and J. L.

Denison of Erie went to Fredonia yesterday to attend court. Miss Cora Gault, a former Thayer girl, is very low at her home in Inde- pendence, and is not expected to live. J. M. Allen, the Erie populist in town Wednesday and heard I Gov.

Lewelling denounce bankers eren- 1, POPULIST DAY. The populists had a rally in Chanute Wednesday afternoon and night, Governor Lewelling and Elder Botkin being the speakers. Williams' hall was procured for the occasion, but it proved too small to comfortably accommodate the many who were curious to see and hear the chief executive of the great state of Kansas. The populists came from the north, east, south and west, and from Allen and Wilson counties. Including men, women and children we presume between .500 and 600 people were present.

The governor spoke in the afternoon, devoting his attention to the money question entirely. He talked about the "g-r-e-a-t c-o-m-m-o-n p-e-o-p-l-e" until one could almost see and hear the pulse beats in the great governor's bosom. The republicans who believe that the silver and tariff questions are secondary matters to the people of Kansas and that state issues are the more important were disappointed, and the wavering populists who had hoped to get a denial of the charges of corruption from the governor's lips were equally amazed. The people of Chanute had a right to demand that Gov. Lewelling make some kind of an explanation to these things, and when he sought to evade these subjects by attracting the voter's attention to the money question, he virtually admitted that he could not defend himseif.

The governor is a good speaker in the sense of entertaining an audience, and the financial ideas of his party, as glitteringly set forth by him, were beautiful to imagine. He admitted that he was in favor of free silver as only a temporary relief to the present condition of the country and that the populist party believed in paper money absolutely. He touched lightly, very lightly, on the legislative war in his night speech, and drew a touching and sad picture of the Dunsmore house marching in with bowed heads and sorrowful faces and submitting to the legal Douglass house. Elder Botkin made a short talk immediately after the governor's evening at six o'clock. The election will be held under the Australian ballot system on October 3d.

Sam Fyffe's feed store is the polling place. Register if you wish to vote. We desire the business men of Chanute to understand that when they place an advertisement in this paper they are at once guaranteed a circulation of satisfactory proportions. We believe in advertising, erally. are from leading populists of Kan-sas, and populists don't lie.

Botkin spoke at night to a full house. The State Capital glee club was present and pleased the audience with a number of selections, a representative of the Topeka Advocate raked in a few subscribers, a collection was taken lor Brother Botkin, and all was over. HE CAN'T DO IT. The Rev. J.

D. Botkin, who said at Topeka that he believed no man had any right to own a foot of land and who is in the People's party because he thinks it is drifting towards the confiscation of lands from' private owners, has gone on the stump. The Emporia Republican puts him up a stump with the following questions: Can he tell why Lewelling used convict labor to defeat the miners of the state in their fight for higher wages? Can he tell why Pullman's taxes were reduced, and how the state board of railroad assessors earned their passes on Pullman cars? Can he explain the charges of Justice Allen aud lien Henderson that the state administration is in league with the joints and gambling Henry Edwards reached his 70th birthday last Saturday and about twenty of his relatives gave him a surprise. To populists: We will send you the Chronicle until Maj. Morrill is governor for 15c and throw the Topeka Advocate taj.

F.B.Dawes, one of the best campaigners in Kansas, will address the people of Chanute and vicinity on the political issues October 6th. The railroad boys received their final ultimatum this week from the Santa Fe to the effect that they cannot be re-employed under any consideration. Fred Grant of Osage Mission was placed in the county jail yesterday for stealing $5 from Joseph Farmer, in Osage township. His sentence is for thirty days. Girard World.

The firm of McAllister Locke, druggists, has been dissolved, Mr. Locke, retiring. Mr. McAllister has procured a good druggist from Coffey-ville and will continue the business. Robt.

J. Mackey, assistant state auditor, was with the State Capital glee club here Wednesday. Mr. Mackey is a successful politician and has held various county offices as a republican in Wilson county. He is a politician who makes it pay.

The old soldier's reunion of Neosho county will fie held in the fair grounds at Erie, Friday and Saturday, October I2th and 13th. Speakers advertised are J. J. Ingalls, David Overmyer, Oscar Foust, Ed. H.

Madison and others. Wood and straw will be furnished free. but it must be carefully and properly worded, and should be changed twice a month br at least once a month to insure any noticeable returns. Our space is for sale to advertisers who look upon advertising as a business proposition. No issue of the Chronicle since the paper was started has been less than 500 nor more than 2,000 copies.

John Carter's Sons are now nicely located in their new store room in Jones new block, built expressly for them and alter their own ideas. The new Jones block is without any question the handsomest structure of its kind to be found in any town the size of Chanute, and the people ol this city are proud to know that we have such public spirited citizens as the Jones brothers who in these depressing times are willing to risk their capital in such an enterprise. Carters occupy the whole lower floor which is 100x100 feet. Our readers are so familiar with this firm that we consider any words on our part super-nous. Last night they gave an opening and the store was thronged from 7 130 until 9 130 with sight-seers.

Matt Wilson's famous orchestra was engaged for the occasion and they diccoursed sweet strains of music as the crowd inspected the handsome lines of goods to be seen on every side. densf Can he defend the murderous thug, Chase, warden of the penitentiary? Can he offer any excuse for the retention of such men as Todd in office? Can he make a scientific defense of the mutilation practiced bv the monster, Pilcher, superintendent of speech and told what he knew of him as a moral man and as a citizen of Wichita. He called the charges of boodle and corruption made by populists republican lies and presumed a good deal upon the ignorance of his audience. He did not say than Ben Clover, a populist ex-congressman, had said of Lewcll-ing's administration that it was the "most corrupt known in history;" that Mary Lease says "I have facts in my possession to prove that Lew-elling's administration is the most dishonest and corrupt that has cursed Kansas;" that Lieut. Governor Daniels, who is prominently mentioned for congressman in this district, says that "the trouble with the Imbecile asylum? Can he offer a certificate that the Populist members of Congress didn't vote on the tariff bill at the dictation of the trusts as Senator Peffer charges? In short can he explain any of the charges against the "reformers" made by Justice Allen, Ben Henderson, Senator Taylct, Percy Daniels, Cyrus Corning, W.

H. Ben nington, Carl Adkins, Mrs. Lease and other leading Populists?.

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