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The Fall River Citizen from Fall River, Kansas • 3

The Fall River Citizen from Fall River, Kansas • 3

Fall River, Kansas
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Cough and Cough and Cough. NEW FIRM. PRACTICAL WORDS. A little common sense and a smat But If you desire to stop coughing mm Local Laconics. "Wheat looks fine.

iRomigA Wilkinson. try Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup, It terlng of chemistry in manipulating relieves instantly and will effect a per Romig Wilkinson are one's meals is of great Importance manent cure quicker than any cough March came in somewhat on tlie lion Why serve soggy potatoes when to cure on the market. Price 25, 50 aud order. carefully pare and soak them in cold $1. A positive guarantee with every 5-H5H5H5H5HSH5E water an hour before cooking will ren This Week Introduced to the Public.

Gardner, the tinner, is kept busy bottle. Sold by Trusler Co. these times. der the most unpromising specimens tender and mealy, with a surface as Junction City has a lunch counter Has added to its already immense stock Tlieflrm of Romig Wilkinson are which is "neat and tasty." That is the white as fallen snow flakes? All vege metiers from Rustlerville. trouble with most lunch counters, says tables should bo cooked swiftly and Miss Jennie Hogue visited with her au exchange they are so tasty you Thoroughbred Corn.

It has become a fact, well known to1 all enterprising faimers that a judicious change of seed corn every few years puts many extra dollars' into their pockets, by means of greatly yields. But when the seed Is brought from distant localities it found to be only the thoroughbred sort that outstrips the common rundown corn grown in the new home. The experience with Kansas grown corn in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys during the year 1883 fully demonstrated this. In the spring of that year I obtained some Kansas thoroughbred seed, which by reason of it fixed type and charac-acter, and its green flexibility of constitution (causing it to be easily acclimated) made a splendid yield of a first class quality of grain, while the Kan sas common seed, with its inherent weak character and low organization. Those who show enterprise and take up a lino of business and fol eaten beforo the vitalizing gases ef brother and wife this week.

a complete line of SPRING DRY GOODS. can't get rid of it. l'ervesce and render them heavy and S. H. Butler is having a well put unwholesome.

A gentleman of this county who has down on his residence lots. lows it, trying to make a success of the same, deserves the patronage and support of the people, regardless of religion or politics. Orange W. Romig The tannic acid accruing from tea and coffee after they have passed the excellent judgment remarked to us the other day that he knew of no pill, so Koniie Wilkinson. This signifies subtle rubicon of scientific distillation good goods the best made.

When you consider the small additional expense it will be to sell came to Fall River when the town was good for constipation, dyspepsia and liver complaint as DeWitt's Little Is deadly poison, and cuts into the Mrs. K. Washburn was quite these goods, you will see what low prices We can make tirst laid out, and engaged in the hard stomach and intestines like vitriol. In Early Risers, Trusler Co. sick last week, but is much better.

ware business. and fires making these delicious drinks, to in Owflty Attorney Jackson was in Prof. Blackmail recently lectured in town between trains lust Friday. Leavenworth on the laissez faire doc have caused losses, but nevertheless he has stayed with it, attending Etrictly to his own business, letting others sure strength with fragrance, the water should be put on cold and the brew trine. This doctrine is what Leaven Born, on Tuesday, February 2Gth, ing done the instant it reaches the CLOTHING.

worth likes if applied to the saloon alone and advertising. Aceommodat- 1895, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morton, boiling point. a son.

question. ng to all, lie has held his original pat- could not stand the shock of so great a change. Consequently, my neighbors In choosing beef or lamb take the cut of bright red with suet or tallow of Jesse Defevers and Mr. Wolever, of ronage and added thereto. It is not a miracle.

It won't cure who planted it did so to their Sorrow Our Spring stock is arriving; and we can assure you that the styles From this date however, he will have Fredonia, attended the dance last Fri everything, but it will cure piles bluish white. Roast in a quick oven and as it was almost a complete failure. a partner in the person of A. F. Wil were never so nice, and prices so low JSTNice Black Worsted Suits day night.

That's what DeWk's Witch Hazel Salve Not so with the thoroughbred seed. kinson, who is just as enterprising and for Best Blue Flannel Sjits for $7.00. will do, because it has done it in linn James Armour has purchased the Sammy Grimes' place in the southeast as much of a rustler as Mr. Romiff is. eds of cases.

Trusler Co. servo so rare that the red juices follow the knife. Veal or pork should be of a bright pink, well seasoned with sweec herbs and cooked thoroughly. Cold meats should be served with some sav Mr Wilkinson needs no words of com part of town. Mr.

Fox is at the head of the military Big Line Boys and Childrens Clothing. mendation at our hands. Growing upj Its type and habits being so thoroughly fixed and uniform, and as the laws of heredity and reproduction are so potent, it inherits its high character and productiveness wherever it may be transported. A thoroughbred Corn of Kansas. In this case the granes J.

C. Webster left this county this week, and will run a farm near How Fox was after were not sour. from childhood in this place, he is acknowledged to be one of the best salesmen that ever stood behind a counter ard, in Elk-co. Promptness is a commendable viitnc iliss Gerturude Dnud was a visitor in other words, a good coru-cannot be in this citv. Eeinsof an aofiomrnnrlsit- gHsasasagESHsa SHOES.

That's why we offer you One Minute Cough Cure. It is prompt In relief With her aunt, Mrs. Ella White, a fewfina. disnosition and unmiestinnahlv judged by its size, weight or color, al days last Week. honest, his old friends will nntnrnllu and prompt in curing.

That's what It though these requirements are neees sary to a handsome sample. ory appetizer, The New York Observer says thi.t "almost any good wide awake woman, after little experiences in cooking, will tpd two things true, first, that there are certain laws which not even an angel would dare disregard if he hoped to make perfect dishes. For example, she observes that custard will always curdle if it is allowed to boil; that yeast bread will lose its heat and It you want to renew your loan in come to him to trade. Everybody will is made for. Trusler Co.

A good corn is one that will produce the Lombard Investment Company, see. welcome "Artie" back to the city, and We have the only complete line of FINE SHOES in this section, A Texas paper says it has been so a healthy) prolific typical stalk. It is L. II. Johnson, those who have never met him should and when it comes to medium priced and cheap goods, we have no cold down there that they pronounce not cheap, for its producer has given It T.

Hunt starts to the Oklahoma not fail to. He will-welcome you all competition, whatever. blizzards as though it had a dozen patient, intelligent expensive labor and country next Monday, where lie ex-1 show you the finest line of hard-. z's" in it. peets to remain.

ware, implements, harness and leather years of valuable time. He bas kept it prolific, uniform And true to name, Some people always look fresh and Mrs. John Morgan, who has been oods ever shown in th city. And sweetness if it allowed to rise too long; that it is the wire spoon whip and not the Dover egg beater that converts the ever endeavoring co place it on a ttill young, while others look prematurly more uus unn carries notining out ick at her mother's in Eureka for higher plane of purity, vigor and per old, with skin dried up and wrinkled. first-class goods None of your some time, is Improving.

GEOCEEIES. fection. Consequently it is much su white of egg into the tender large celled froth so essential to tLe best The only difference between the two is It Is said there is seventeen candi perior to common sorts as thorough colored cheap stuff. Give the new firm of Romig Wilkinson a call and you'll not regret it. the loss of vitality in the blood.

Peo. dates for the Republican nomination bred cattle are to scrubs. Though its cake, and so on. Aud secondly, she will discover in herself a quite unsus lor Sheriff of Green wood-co. pie using Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood Maker always look fresh and Our stock is large and complete and we give cost may be double, or eyeu quadruple, pected talent for making fresh combi Paul Wiley severs his connection R.

B. Hogue, the New Albany mer healthy. Sold and warranted by your that of common seed corn its value is fourfold yea, tenfold. BIG BARGAINS. nations of materials and producing with the Severyite tomorrow, the sick chant, isks one trial.

He can con popular druggists, Trusler Co. new and toothsome dishes. A fair de printer having -got well again. vince you that it is to your financial interest to trade with him. An Atchison man while drawing gree of common sense or "gumption' jUd.

Mnsnier lett this week tor you want to plant first-class" Howard, where enters the employ of thoroughbred seed corn, this spring, I as it used to be called in New England and a little imagination, will suggest water out of a cistern fell in. A man who has water in his cistern at this time of year shouldn't mird that. Burch field, the merchant. We are can furnish same at reasonable prices. such combinations.

New Albany Jottings. Guy Smith was up from Fredonia glad 'Gene has "caught on." O. W. Romig. Many culinary sins are committed in Sheriff Smith was in town Tuesday, the name of rice and macaroni, than Friday.

Patronize Romig Wilkinson looking for a couple of parties who had which, when cleverly prepared, there Michigan Beans 7 lbs for 25c, or $2.10 per bushel. California Prunes, 5o a pound. TWENTY-THREE pounds Granulated Sugar, $1.00. Colorado Potatoes, 70c bushel. Warranted Baking Powder, 10c pound.

Galvanized Water Pails, 20c Good Smoking Tobacco, 15c pound. 30c Plug Tobacco, 20c. Broken Java Coffee, 15c pound. Six Pounds BIG KAISINS, for 25c. Mrs.

John Johnston is seriously robbed the cash drawer of a lumber are are not two more wholesome and ick this Getting the Seed Ready yard In Yates Center and Eureka. savory dishes tor any family dinner Bucklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, Chilblains, Corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refund John D. Gardner is on the sick ine severyite returns tnanks tor a table.

Rice, when served as a dish, The rough, 'cold, rainy of snowy list this week. fresh fish, a present from a patron. It needs to be In the combination with is little acts like this which make the Jo. Risinger was up from Frodo some pantry elements in order to give days of winter may be spent to advant ageindoois. The seed corn is to bo selected, if it was not done in the field nia Wednesday.

it favor, and nothing can be more high ly recommended than curry. To cur ed. Price 25c. per box. For newspapermen feel they are appreciated.

are glad to know that Wm. Gard C. D. Rusk will depart for Okla when gathered, as it should have been. sale by 2-20 Trusler Co.

lionia Sunday. ry rice properly a tiny onion should Choose long, thin ears with deep, long, narrow grains. Such corn will ripen Lewis Guess made a trip to Coy first be minced and fried a nice golden brown in a heaping teaspoonful and a We Can Save You Money. 'THE LEADER' ner, the tinner is doing a good business. Mr.

G. does not chatter around like a magpie or cuckoo, but attends strictly early and will yield from fifty to sixty ville Thursday. half of butter. To this should be ad bushels of shelled grain to the acre. Charles Leach, of Missouri, is visit Beggs' Little Giant Pills Beggs' Little Giant Pills Beggs' Little Giant Pills Keep the name in mind when you want a perfect and honest pill.

40 pills in each bottle. All others have from to his own business. Carefully select four or five bushels ded a teacup of washed white Carolina ing relatives in town. The Methodist revival meeting has rice, along with a bunch of niinced Geo. Smith Is moving on the Ben closed, three persons joining on proba market herbs, a level teaspoonful of of ears of such corn out of the corn crib and spread them upon the floor of the barn or in the granary, nett farm east of town.

HUBBELL Fredonia, Kansas. tion, being the fruits thereof. Those curry powder, a pinch of pepper and a 25 to 30. Sold by Trusler Co. Dr.

Wm. Brown has postponed his joining were Mr. and Mrs. V. E.

Dow half pint of liquid beef extract. Stir where they can be kept dry and free sale uutil next Tuesday. and Miss Hattie Graham. from vermin. It may take several the compound lightly, but completely W.

D. Sutton shipped a car of corn then over the top of the tin pan place a Last night the Charleston Dramatic Company gave "Out in the Streets" to to Suniriiner-co. Friday. days to pick out the right kind of seed, but it is time well spent, says a writer in the Baltimore American. butter greased paper and let it all cook very gently for forty minutes.

Prairie a fair audience in Brown's hall. The B. S. Dillon departed last week Farmer Cooking Department. The garden sweet com should be performers did very well, considering for Nebraska.

likewise as carefully selected. The Samuel Titus is making arrange Examination for Graduation. Knights of Maccabees. The State Commander writes us from Lincoln, as follows: "After trying other medicines for wbatseem-ed to be a very obstinate cough in our two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and at the end of two days the cough entirely left them.

We will not be without it hereafter, as our experience proves that it cures where all the practice they have had. Fon Salk on Trade A span of good editor knows of a gardner who gets ments to move to MUsouri. Eg5a5H5a5H5a5H5g5TE5g5H5B5E5a5a5agaga5B5H5aD two dollars a bushel for all of his mules. Will sell same on time or trade New Albany is threatened with an Examination of candidates for grad evergreen sweet corn," and has done attack of Salvation Army. tuition from the common schools of for a number of years.

A farmer so Greenwood-co. will be held at the fol W. N. Johnston has purchased SEED CORN, GARDEN SEED grows some 200 bushels of yellow corn, true to name, for which he receives an property in cast New Albany. other remedies fall." Signed, F.

Miss Jennie Hogue is visiting extra price. These extra prices are re lowing times and places: March 2d, at Hamilton. March 16th, at Eureka. April 6th, at Madison, Virgil, Ham Stevens, State Com. Why not give relatives in Fall River this week.

this great medicine a trial, as it is A. Trlmtnell shipped two car load Flax Seed, Grass Seed and all Kinds ofi guaranteed and trial bottles are'free at of stock fronijthis place Friday. ilton, Neal, Eureka, Reece, Climax, Fall River, Severy and Piedmont. Trusler Co's drug store. Regular Seeds to Sow and Plant for cattle.

J. H. McGinnis. John Morgan, another of hard working and Industrious men, leaves here in a few days having rented a farm adjoining the town of Eureka. May he prosper in his new home.

C. C. Miller, the practical well digger, is prepared to dig and wall wells on short notice. All kinds of rock blasting a specialty. Address him at Fall River, Kansas.

16 The case of State vs. Edwards, growing outof the recent cutting scrape at the Charleston school house, was call-in Justice Morgan's court yesterday and dismissed, bavins been comnro- Arthur Whitesides, of Fredonia A board of teachers selected by the size, 60c and $1.00. is visiting relatives near town. County Superintendent, will preside over these examinations. Mr.

Ketcherside, of Pieasanton, would Joseph Reed was up from Oklaho. probably "ketch 'em going, and com ma last week visiting friends. Lists of questions will be prepared Ins;" too. IN A FEW DAYS. by the county examining board and Miss Jennie Sutton, of Fredonia Headache is the direct result of indi visited friends in town this week.

sent to each local examining board. ceived by those growers who are careful to make a proper selection year after year. It should not be forgotten that it is just as important to make a careful selection of farm or garden seed for one's own planting or growing as it the seeds were grown for sale. The corn should not be shelled off the cob, as it gathers moisture when shelled and kept in bulk. It should be shelled by hand a few weeks before planting.

Seed oats, if oats are grown, should be run through a fanning mill four or five times, Take off the chaff screens and put in screens Nos. 3, 4 and 5. Put a last'screen in the upper notches of the mill. This w.ill keep the oats lon The same rules will be observed as Thomas Sanford is back from Ga. arc usual in the examination of for gestion and stomach disorders.

Rerae dy these by using DeWitt's Little Ear Iy Risers, and your headache disap lena, Kansas, visiting his parents. In purchasing seeds it is essential that none but the best quality be Miss Florence Cale closed her achers' certificates. The manuscripts will be sealed to pears. The favorite little pill every secured. I carry none but the best tested seed found in the market and with a I school in the Forsythe district Friday For a man who joined hands where.

Trusler Co. gether with a certificate as to the man F. M. Wheeler, the postmaster, only the leading varieties. Therefore if you want a sure cjop and good quality of product, I carry the seed you want.

ner of conducting the examination, One of Chester I. Long's constitu moved iuto the Chapman property this and sent by messenger or express to week. ents, who remembered the reputation the Superintendent's office. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo of the Seventh district, gave him Charles Powers and family, of The manuscripts will be graded by half dozen pair of socks for a wedding Duck are visiting relatives political enemy for public pap, and who admits he does not advocate bis party principles stronger for fear of losing patronage, Hudson of the Eureka Times, shows a lot of unadulterated gall in insinuating tbatanyoiie is after boodle. The Washington Birthday ball last Friday evening, was a complete success.

About thirty couple were pres the County Board, together with such present. ger on the screen, and a more com in town. other help as may be called in to assist. My Spring Stock of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS and a diploma or statement of the plete separation of the heavy grain from the light and chaffy will be had. In these days of telephone, telegraph A valuable young mule owned by Lige Hall, was drowned in Fall River grades of each candidate will be issued electricity and steam, people cannot last Tuesday.

as circumstances will require. The mill should be turned briskly and the oats put into the hopper gradually. Oats so cleaned Will be worth sixty to afford to wait days or as many hours for relief. This is our reason tor of Candidates win supply their own Several of our young people attend ent, a number coming from the neigh writing material. ed the ball at Fall Rive the evening of fering you One Minute Cough Cure boring towns.

Everybody enjoyed themselves until about two o'clock, are arriving, and are the best make and cheapest ever brought to Fall Eiver. If you are needing, or contemplate buying, either a Washington's birthday. Neither days, nor hours or even min seventy cents per bushel, and when drilled, two bushel will seed an acre. Carrot, parsnip and beet seeds may be W. S.

Slough, County Superintendent, It May Do as Much for Tou. utes elapse before relief Is afforded. going home expressing the sentiment Rev. Jones, presiding elder of the U. B.

church, is conducting a revival Trusler Co. that it was one of the finest dances of cleaned in the same way. in the joint district south of town. the season. A large number of farmers on their The Woodson-co.

Sunday school con Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111 WAGON, CART OR BUGGY, Cyrus Busby and Mrs. W. E. Hall vention was not a success.

The best While in Eureka a few hours this limestone soiles, raise clover seed, and take cold winter weather to thresh it writes that be had a severe Kidney were baptized into the Christian results cannot be obtained unless there church Monday, by Rev. P. Bayes. out. It threshes better out of the hull.

is green grass. week, we heard words of connnenda tion on all sides concerning Mort McVannan as a candidate for sheriff. trouble for several years with severe pains in his back and also that his COME AND SEE ME. Such seed should be reclcaned, so that. Frank Busby, of Illinois, who has DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured J.

been visiting relatives in this place, It is conceded that Quincy-tp. should bladder was affected. He tried many so called Kidney cures without any G. Gorrell of the worst case of eczema ever known in the State of Indiana. It the light seed can be blown out of it, besides the light weed seeds.

This is important, as only prime heavy seed is returned tohis home in Illinois Sunday have the office. If this office goes to good result. About a year ago he be the north part of the county, either Elba Wright is one of the ''phunny cures scalds, burns, indolent sores and gan use of Electric Bitters and found wanted. Dealers say the best clover M. 31 cVanuau or V.

J. Ryan should phellows" and yon will always regret never fails to cure pile's. Trusler Co relief at once. Electric Bitters are es seed comes from the West. This is oc be nominated.

it if you fail to hear him Tuesday pecially adapted to cure of all Kidney One of the presents at a Yates Center itt i if' i ijff casioned by our farmers rot being care and Liver troubles and often gives al Effects of Cold Weather on Wheat. wedding which broke the ususl monot night. E. Elba Wright, the celebrated ful enough in the cleaning of the home most instant relief. One trial will ony of pickle dishes was "$1 in cash humorist and impersonator, will be at grown article before sending it to market.

Tins Michigan crop report for Feb prove our statement. Price only 50c, for large bottle, at Trusler Co's the I. O. O. F.

Ilall next Tuesday The hair is the crowning beauty oi women and is something every woman The hay chaff from the hay mows evening. drug store. ruary says: Cold weather prevailed during Jan-nary. Snow fell in the early part of shsuld be carefully gathered every few should be interested in. If your hair Rev.

Frame, of Middletown, Wil- Old people who require medicine to weeks and kept stored in a dry place, is dry and brittle, falling out or turn- so n. co. preached the funeral sermon of the month in sufficient amount to af egulate the bowels and kidneys will ag gray, try Beggs' Hair Renewer. A and in February sown thickly over the pasture. This seeding will thicken the little Jessie Ogle at the Baptist church find the true remedy in Electric Bit positive guarantee with every bottle.

ford good protection to the wheat crop The average depth of snow on the low Sunday. ters. This medicine dees not stimu sod and and drive out weeds. Prairie Price 75c. Sold by Trusler Co.

Peninsula on January lath, was late and contains no whisky or other The New Albany public schools in Fanner. It is said that one of the Fredonia about eight inches and at the end of intoxicants, but acts is atonic and al connection with the G. A. observed Washington's birthday with appropri 3ftn this connection we can ad! poor recently applied to the relief committee for "a veil with little dark spots ate ceremonies. terative.

It acts mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding Nature in the performance of the func that if you want first-class, warranted grass, field or garden seeds, Romig, tho on It." Chas. A. Thornton, our popular Pioneer hardware merchant can fur Beggs' German Salve is the most per and obliging Frisco Agent, will leave Bargains in Sewing Machines. nUh rou with what vou want. next week for Webb City, Mo.

Al feet Pile remedy ever put on the market. Cures where all others fail. A tions. Electric Bitters is an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it just exactly what they need.

though he will be missed in social and the month there had been no reduction. In reply to the question: "Has wheat during January suffered injury from any cause?" 192 correspondents in the southern counties answered "yes" and 205 "no;" in the central counties 34 answer ''yes," and 112 "no," aud in the northern counties eight answer "yes," and 82 "no." The condition of live stock averages from 03 to SH5 per cent, comparison being with stock in good, healthy, thrifty condition. farmer nor rra ft. miFfTOi religious circles, yet we are much pleased to note his deserved promotion. Beggs' Tropical OH.

The wonderful Liniment for Sprains, Price 50c a bottle at Trusler Co's positive guarantee with every box. Trusler your popular druggists, keeps it. rug store. Bruises, Rheumatism and all dep am By those who know, it is conceded The Methodist church atChetopa has A baptistry has been placed in the seated diseases where a powerful liniment is required. Ask for be sure you ut in brand new pews and pulpit and Campbellite church at Leotl so that no that Komig Wilkinson carry the best line of implements in the county.

the small boys are having great tun amount of drouth can interfere with get Beggs' Tropical Oil. Every bottla FALL RIVER, KANSAS. Go and tec them. scratching their names theJvamUh. the work of salvation.

warranted. Sold by Trusler Co..

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