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The Fall River Citizen from Fall River, Kansas • 3

The Fall River Citizen from Fall River, Kansas • 3

Fall River, Kansas
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Thoroughbred Corn. Looal Laconics. GUTTING AFFRAY! Excursion Rates. Annual Encampment Kansas G. A It has become a fact, well known to IT Yaii Dusk, the eheep man, sent a car all enterprising farmers that a judl Lawrence, February 26th ti March 1st, 130B For this occasion ex-' Wire Worms.

This pest is one of the most harassing the farmer is called upon to deal with. In turnips, mangles and grass the presence of wire worm is often not so apparent and remains undetected, A winter fallow is desirable after an clous change of seed corn every fe Henry Edwards Uses a of fat sheep to Kansas City, Sunday. Mrg. Win. Tippett was a visitor 1 years puts many extra dollars into 'curslort tickets will be sold from Fall River to Lawrence, Kansas, and return their pockets, by means of greatly Frcdonia Saturday and Sunday last, at rate of one fare for the round trip.

I selling dates February 23d to 20th in- Painting sddti be in order and creased yields. But when the seed is brought from distant localities it is found to be only the thoroughbred sort there is lots of it needing to be done i elusive, limited' for return March Knife on Charles Taylor. THE WOUNDED MAN MAY RECOVER. Has to its already immense stock this town. A.

0. U. W. Meeting, Wichita, Kan-- that outstrips the common rundow Schuyler Crow is now located at sas, February 22d, ta March 2d. corn grown In the new home, The ex Cartels ville, Indian Territory, where For thfs occasion excursion tickets perlence with Kansas grown corn i lie is at work.

a complete lino of SPRING DRY GOODS. the Ohio and Mississippi valleys during will be on sale from Fall Klver to ichlta ahd return at rate of one fare" Justice A. W. Morgan and family the year 1883 fully demonstrated this nrs enjoying a visit from Mr, M's siste In the spring of that year I obtained attack in heat, oat and barley crops, in which damage is plain and manifest. In this case the land should be cultivated immediately after harvest, and moved constantly, so that nothing may grow.

Early in the spring the ground should be stirred again and vetches sown, of which wire worms do not seem to be very fond. When oats and barley are attacked, dressing with soot and rolling should be tried, or nitrate of soda to stimulate the plants, says an exchange. It should be harrowed in if possible. It Is suspected that wire worms are adundant in land sown with grass some rape seeds should be for the round trip. Selling dates Feb.

19th, 20th, 23d, 25th and 26 limit to I return Mdrcn 3d, 1805 Jemimah, of Wichita. somo Kansas thoroughbred seed, which When you consider the small additional expense it will be td sell by reason of it fixed type and charae Mrs. P. G. McDaniel and daughters One of the bloodiest cutting affrays which has taken place in this section for some time, occurred at the old Charleston school house last Friday night between Henry Edwards and Charley Taylor.

A short drama 'and basket supper was being given In the arrived last Friday and Mr. MeD. and these goods, you will see what low prices we can make ncter, and its reen flexibility ot con stitution (causing it to be easily accli family are "at home" in the Patton W. H. Bevaxs, Agent.

Cough and Cough and Cetigh, But if you desire! to stop coughing mated) made a splendid yield of a first residence. class quality of grain, while the Kan E. II. Abbott attended a ltimbermans sag common seed, with its inheren convention in Kansas City this week try Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. It relieves instantly and will effect a per- mauent cure quicker than any cough school house, Edwardsand Taylor botli being present.

It seems that at the close of the drama, a number of the young men started out doors including weak character and low organization CLOTHING. It was a royal crowd ana tney had a could not stand the shock of so great sown with the seeds to attract the wire IIoo II oo time. care on the market. Price 25, 50 and change. Consequently, my neighbors worms, until the grasses are establish Hamilton, this county, seems to be who planted it did so to their sorrow ed.

In meadow lands infested with $1. A positive guarantee with eyery bottle. Sold by Trusler Co the only town hereabouts that is malt Our Spring stock is arriving, and we can assure you that the styles were never so nice, and prices so low Nice Black Worsted Suits Edwards and Taylor, and while in the hallway, these parties became involved In a wordy row. Soon the lie was was passed and blows followed. Which as it was almost a complete failure.

wire worms, rolling with a very heavy inxanv improvement in the way of Ed Howe: Anna Jenness Jfillef JNOI80 wnn tne inorougnorea seea new buildings. roller is sometimes beneficial. Salt at from five to seven cwts. per acre is Its type and habits being so thoroughly says people should not eat oat meal, as struck the first blow is in dispute, so far as we can learn. fixed and uniform, and as the laws of for $6.00.

Best Blue Flannel Saits for $7.00. Big Line Boys and Childrens Clothing. sometimes useful, and folding sheep For Salk or Trade A span of good fbules. Will sell same on time or trade it produces flatulency of the breast Then why shouldn't men use It? They heredity and reproduction are so po with mangles Or swedes carted on to Regarding the stabbing, there seems furcattle. J.

H. McGinnis. tent, It Inherits its high character and the grass land is a most valuable reme don't belong to any Cultivation of Big to be difference of opinion. Edwards dy. Prxirie Farmer.

Romig shipped a car of com from productiveness wherever It may be transported. A thoroughbred eofn friends claim that Taylor, had knocked him down and was beating him over this station to Arkansas City yester A gentleman of this county who has day and two cars of wheat to Missouri Already has the supposed organ of the head with a pair of knucks, when in other words, a good corn cannot be judged by its size, weight or color, al from New Albany, 1 the Republican party of Greenwood he drew his pocket knife and stabbed SHOES. though these requirements are neces excellent judgment remarked to us the other day that he knew of no pill, so good for constipation, dyspepsia and' liver complaint as DeWitt's Littld (and It is when there is revenue In After a cold winter, hydraphobia is him. Taylor's friends claim he had no knucks on, that he was knocked down sary to a handsome sample, ight) announced its prefcrenbe for quite prevalent. Therefore it is nec- by Edwards once and that he knocked Sheriff.

Of course, it may be pre oseary to kill off all stray and useless We have the only complete line of FINE SHOES in this section, Early Risers, Trusler Co. A good corn is one that will produce a healthy, prolific typical stain. It is not cheap, for its producer has given it Edwards down twice; that when Ed and when it comes to medium priced and cheap goods, we have no A religious meeting in Florence was sumptious, on the part of a country newspaper take Issuse with the Eu wards got up the second time he had a competition, whatever. addressed by a speaker on "Intcrde- patient, intelligent expensive labor and dogs, roaming about the country. Ed Crews, an old Fall River boy wasa visitor with his mother Sunday We understand he holds a good posi knife in his hand and stabbed him be reka organ, but here goes anyhow.

years of valuable time. He has kept it There are a lot of men who would make fore he could defend himself. This is nominationalijm," but by the the time he arrived breathlessly at the end of 5J25j 5E5B prolific, uniform and true to name the two versions of the affair as we tion in a mercantile establishment in goon candidates. For instance, the present deputy sheriff, Harry Want. his subject, the audience was ready to go.

learn it. The tacts in the case wiil be ever endeavoring co place it on a ttlll higher plane of purity, vigor and per Jopliri, Mo. No one has ever accused him of not do developed on the trial. GKOCERIES. Beggs' German Salve is the most per fection.

Consequently It is much su W. H. Ensminger leaves next week Taylor's wounds consists of cut over log his duty. If not 'Ansome 'Aarry feet Pile remedy ever )ut on the mar- perior to common sorts as thorough or Bowling Green, Mo then whats the matter with Billy By the left eye, a stab directly over the ket. Cures where all others fail.

A bred cattle are to scrubs. Though its where he will remain for the next an, of Madison, An honest, reliable heart, which is not deep, the knife com cost may be double, or even quadruple, year. He is a worthy young man and Our stock is large and complete and we give positive guarantee with every box A Trusler your popular druggists, ing ia contact with a rib, and a stab in and well-respected gentleman. If he don't suit, what's the matter of going that of common seed corn its value is we trust will prosper in his new home, th3 right side directly over the upper BIG BAEGAINS. keeps it.

fourfold yea, tenfold. down into Lane-tp. a township that lobe of the lung. This Is considered the The Methodist church at Chetopa has only real dangerous wound. knife A.

F. Wilkinson, of Cbanuts, was in the city Sunday, the guest of 0. W. KomE and family. "Artie," as he you want to plant first-class was driven in to the' handle and the never has had a county officer and nominating Mort McVannan, a man who is as honest as they make them, thoroughbred seed corn, this spring.

put in brand new pews and pulpit and the small boys are having great luu scratching their names on the varnish blade entered the lung a short distance. familiarly known in his boyhood, by can furnish same at reasonable prices. and is not afraid of the 1 or Democ Dr. Truster was called at once and re our people, may become a resident of O. W.

Romio. racy. As a matter of justice (if there lieved the patient's sufferings, and It is not a miracle. It won't cure this city again. on Saturday morning, in conjunction Getting the Seed Ready.

I everything, but it Will cure piles. That's what DeWit's Witch Hazel Salve If a person is disabled sufficiently to draw a good strong pension, wouldn't is such in politics) Lane-tp. is entitled to the office of Sheriff this fall, and M. M. McVannan is the man.

with Dr. McCray, of New Albany, The rough, rainy or snowy made an examination of his injuries will do, because it has done it in hun days of winter may be spentto advant Id reds of cases. Trusler Co. At this writing (Wednesday noon), he ageindoois. The seed corn is to be is reported to be on the road to recov Michigan Beans 7 lbs for 25c, or $2.10 per bushel.

California Prunes, 5c a pound. TWENTY-THREE pounds Granulated Sugar, $1.00. Colorado Potatoes, 70c bushel. Warranted Baking Powder, 10c pound. Galvanized Water Pails, 20c.

Good Smoking Tobacco, 15c pound. 30c Plug Tobacco, 20c. Broken Java Coffee, 15c pound. Six Pounds BIG RAISINS, for 25c. We Can Save You Money.

'THE LEADER," selected, if it was not done in the field er)', although inflammation may yet set Old People. Old people who require medicine to Beggs' Little Gtant Pills 1 Beggs' Little Giant Pills Beggs' Little Giant Pills Keep the name in mind when you when gathered, as it should have been. in the lung wound and cause death. Choose long, thin ears with deep, long. Edwards' complains of his head narrow grains.

Such corn will ripen want a perfect and honest pill. 40 pills urting him considerably, and It is in regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bit ters. This medicine dees not etimu late and contains no whisky or othef intoxicants, but acts is a tonic and al in each bottle. All others have from early and will yield from fifty to sixty badly battered and beaten condition. 25 to 30.

Sold by Trusler Co. bushels of shelled grain to the acre. Saturday afternoon Henry Edwards it ue a good idea for them to remain in tlie house after night time, during cold and inclement weather, instead of trying to find out what other people are doing. Win. MeBrown lost one of his fine Morgan mares this week.

The animal was playing around in the lot and accidentally (ell, striking a sharp rock or stump, cutting her side and hurting herself internally. She died from the 'fleets of the injuries. W. Fanshier takes the clerical position in the First National Bank which is made vacant by Jas. A.

Jackson's receiving the postofflce appointment, and has already assumed his new Carefully select four or five bushels as arrested on complaint of Calvin Hypocricy is one of the cardinal sins terative. It acts mildly on the stomach of ears of such corn out of the corn Taylor, charged with an assault and crib and spread them upon the utent to kill, on his brother Char and yet many good sisters Indulge in it occasionally, saying the hardest and ley, also charging M. S. Kirkpatrick and bowels, adding strength and giv ing tone to the organs, thereby aiding Nature in the performance of thefunc tions. Electric Bitters is an excellent floor of the barn or in the granary, where they can be kept dry and free most cruel things about eacli other one an accessory.

Both parties were day and inviting each other to tea the from vermin. It may take several HUBBELL Fredonia, Kansas. brought before Justice Morgan, and bound over In the sum of $1,000 each day after. Ex. appetizer and aids digestion.

Old peo- days to pick out the right kind of seed. pie find it just exactly what they seed. but it is time well spent, says a writer for their appearance today (Friday) for preliminary examination. PricoSOoa bottle "at Trusler Co's1 Two Lives Saved. the Baltimore American." The garden sweet corn should be jration.

Mr. Fanshier one of our drug store. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction likewise as carefully selected. The Salina Republican: The editor ot Wilson County Citizen.

City, Illinois, was told by her doctor 01 Will TOT most- popular and competent young men, and will make the First National a good helper. Howard Courant. editor knows of a gardner who gets the Osborne Farmer has an eye to curv- she had consumption and that there two dollars a bushel for all of his was no hope for her, but two bottles of tlnear figures. He likens the Ivew Fifth district to a serpent that had just The entertainment given at the 'evergreen sweet corn," and has done Dr. King's New Discovery completely SS5E5H5H5a5a5HEul5a5a5a5H5H5a5a5H5cl5a5a5agaB cured her, and she says it saved her swallowed a colt, and the new Sixth to a pair of saddle-bags.

so tor a number of years. A farmer grows some 200 bushels of yellow corn, true to name, for which he receives an life. Mr. Thomas Eggers, 139 San Francisco, suffered from a Promptness is a commendable viitUR extra price. These extra prices are re dreadful cold, approaching con sump SEED CORN, GARDEN SEED That's why we offer you One Minutct ceived by those growers who are care- tlon, tried without result everything cough Cure.

It is prompt In relief tul to make a proper selection year Charleston school house last Friday night, was pronounced by those who attended, as being a very enjoyable affair, and was only marred by a row which waa started after the entertainment was over, and the baskets were being sold. The performers did their parts well. It you want to renew your loan in the Lombard Investment Company, see H. Johnson. else then bought one bottle of Dr.

and prompt in curing. That's what it is made for. Trusler Co. after year. King's New Discovery and In two It should not be forgotten that it Is weeks was cured.

He is naturally Flax Seed, Grass Seed and all Kinds of Enterprise claims to be the only town list as important to make a careful se thankful. It is such results, of which in the state where the ladies' aid socie- Ike Hudson slew seventeen rabbits Tuesday with his little gun. Mrs. Alex Hunt was very sick the early part of the week but is now better. Mrs.

T. C. Singleton had a severe chill the other day and has since been very sick. In an opinion handed down by the Supreme Court last Saturday it was held that the law was unconstitutional under which Kansas counties had been paying bounties on wolf and rabbit scalps. Whig Southered, the traveling man, who is well known by a good many Fredonlans, has quit the: road and engaged in the merchandising business in Chanute.

Only a few more weeks and, de-spite the prophesies of ground-hog, lection of farm or garden seed for one's these are samples, that prove the won Seeds to Sow and Plant own planting or growing as it the ties don't make weekly reports lu the papers. derful efficacy of this medicine in coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at seeds were grown for sale. The corn should not be shelled off Some people always look fresh and Trusler Co's drug store. Regular I the cob, as It gathers moisture when size 50c and $1.

young, while others look prehiaturly old, with skin dried up and wrinkled. IRS A FEW DAYS. shelled and kept in bulk. It should be shelled by hand a few weeks before Garden City Sentinel If we thought The only difference between the two is the loss of vitality in the blood. Peo we would have room in the Sentinel planting.

Seed oats, if oats are grown, should we would publish a list of the candi be run through a fanning mill four or In purchasing seeds it is essential that none but the best quality be ple using Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood Maker always look fresh and healthy. Sold and warranted by your popular druggists, Trusler Co. dates for county office this fall, but sorry to say we have no white paper five times, Take off the chaff screen secured. I carry none but the best tested seed found in the market and only the leading varieties. Therefore if you want a sure crop and good and put in screens Nob.

3, 4 and 5. Put upon which to issue a supplement. goose-bone and corn husk, the energetic farmer, who clings to soil-stir a last'screen in the upper notches of Bucklcn's Arnica Salve Charles Sumner and Harry Hartley plead guilty to charge of petit larceny yesterday and were sentenced to the reform school by Justice Mitchell. On Wednesday they and Fred Jones were caught carrying away some furs that had beenstolen from W. H.

Phillips grocery. The boys are about fifteen years of age and will probably be better off in the reform school than at large. Messenger. The entertainment given by the pupils of our schools last Friday evening was a very creditable entertainment. Those having parts to perform did fine and the whole performance showed that hard work had been done by the participants.

A well-filled house greeted the performers, which received each part ot the program with appre Headache is the direct result of Indi quality of product, I carry the seed you want. the mill. This will keep the oats Ion ger on the screen, and a more com The best salve in the world for Cuts, ring, will have his oats sown. nokc Smith la striking an old sold gestion and stomach disorders. Rerae-dy these by using DeWitt's Little Ear plete separation of the heavy grain ooooooooooooooooooouoooouoo Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped hands, ier in this county with his pension ly Risers, and your headache disap from the light and chaffy will be had slicing blade every few days.

Where every- chilblains, Corns and all skin erup pears. The favorite little pill where. Trusler Co. My Spring Stock of The mill should be turned briskly and the oats put into the hopper gradually. are the opposition papers that formerly tions, and positively cures piles, or no vigorously resented any intimation pay required.

It is guaranteed to give Oats so cleaned will be worth sixty to Severance News It is reported that that the Democratic party was not as perfect satisfaction money refund AGRICULTURAL IIYIPLEEYIENTS seventy cents per bushel, and when true and generous a friend of the veter the editor of the Robinson Index was caught reading the patent side of his ed. Price 25c. per box. For sale by drilled, two bushel will seed an acre Trusler A Co. 2-20 Carrot, parsnip and beet seeds may be ans as the Republican party Only the echo of such an inquiry breaks the own paper during the railroad block cleaned in the same way.

ade of last week. ciation. A snug sum was realized for succeeding silence. are arriving, and are the best make and cheapest ever brought to Fall River. If you are needing, or contemplate buying, either a A large number of farmers on their LET An Iola woman who has only just limestone solles, raise clover seed, and A.

C. Busby, who was In his sev take cold winter weather to thresh it entieth year, died at New Albany, now read Trilby says "It Is perfectly awful." She finished the book though out. It threshes better out of the hull Tuesday, after a week's: illness. He and wishes she could understand Such seed should be recleaned, so that had lived in that vicinity' about fifteen WAGON, CART OR BUGGY; "them French words." years, we think, and had quite a num The weepers- weep, and the liars lie and the class-, leaders with the sickly green eye, bet on horse races and sell whiski on the sly ber of relatives in the county. The In these days of telephone, telegraph COME AND SEE IE.

funeral was held Wednesday and burial made in Jackson's cemetery. Uncle the light seed can be blown out of it, besides the light weed seeds. This is important, as only prime heavy seed Is wanted. Dealers say the best clover seed comes from the West. This is occasioned by our farmers not being careful enough in the cleaning of the home electricity and steam, people cannot afford to wait days or as many hours for relief.

This is our reason for of Abe, as he was familiarly called, was au honest and straightforward man and in his death the community has lost a good and useful citizen. fering you One Minute Cough Cure. TRULSER CO. Neither days, nor hours or even min grown article before sending it to utes elapse before relief is afforded. market.

The hay chaff from the hay mows Trusler Co. Public Sale. shsuld be carefully gathered every few The Coffeyville Board of Education will give you the worth of your money just the same. We brought weeks and kept stored In a dry place, is to about to adopt a rule expelling from the schools of that city every boy and in February sown thickly over the pasture. This seeding will thicken the sod and and drive out weeds.

Prairie who smokes cigarettes at any time or the school library. Capi. Purophrey and John Ivy returned from Dallas, Texas, last they had been disposing of a car of mules. They made money by shipping. Dallas, a considerable snow fell, and they say the Texans pronounced it a regulai- blizzard.

A watchful eye was kept oaa basket which John carried when he alighted from the train, by a number of the thirsty brethren, but an examination proved that it only contained an empty sack ith a lot of rope tied round it. It may be a little early to make such announcements, but as there Is a commissioner to be elected in this district this fall it is necessary to ask in reason who can be selected, who will be the best man to select, and what man can be chosen who will look after the interest of the taxpayers, regardless of politics. We don't believe Salt Spalnga-tp. has ever had one of Iier citizen in the past nominated on the Republican ticket for- this pltee. KHsha Scott, the present township trustee would be a vast Improvement on what we have had in this office.

A taxpayer himself, there is not a man of any political faith in Salt Springs-tp. who can assert with any degree of truth fulness that Elisha Scott has cost ibe cost the county a dollar illegally or tinnecessariallr township trustee. Jle shoitfd be county commissioner, PMCES DOWN, in any place. Farmer. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve cured J.

this connection we can add G. Gorrell of the wurst case of eczema ever known In the State of Indiana. It and afe lowering them as rapidly as circumstances will that if you want first-class, warranted I will sell at public sale, at the T. B. Johnson farm, 3 northwest of Fall River, on Tuesday, February 26th, 1895, commencing at 11 o'clock a.

the following described personal property One gray mare (7 years old), 1 sorrel mare (7 years old), 1 span 3-year-old mules, 1 two-year-old mare, 4 fresh cows with calves, 3 dry cows, have calves in April, 2 yearling heifers, 1 Kentucky wagon, 1 feed wagon, 1 road cart and harness, 1 set double harness, I John Deere listers, 1 cultivtor, 175 shocks of corn fodder and 6 tons of millet hay. Terms of Sale. Sums under cures scalds, barns, indolent sores and grass, field or garden seeds, Rotnig, the never fails to core pile's, 'f rosier A Co, I at all permit, Youi perhaps are not aware of the Pioneer hardware merchant can furnish you with what you want. The Hope band recently bad Its in struments locked up until It paid for the rent of tbe room. The band was BENEFIT WE HAVE BEEN Beggs' Tropical Oil.

The wonderful Liniment for Sprain, evidently hornswoggled. Bruises, Rheumatism and all de-p Toe hair la tbe erewning beauty ot Bargains in Sewing Machines. 0. W. ROrwIIG, women and Is something every woman $3.00.

cash. On sums of fa.00 or over, 0 mouths' time will be given, bankable seated diseases where a powerful liniment Is required. Ask for be sure you should be Interested In. If your hair I to you, whether you have ever traded with us or not. If not, just li3ten to our opponents talk a few minutes and you will be convinced.

Trusler Co. get Beggs Tropical Oil. Every bottle is dry and brittle, falling out or turn note drawing 10 per cent interest being required. Seven per cent discount fur cash. M.

S. Kirkpatrick. warranted. Sold by Trusler A Co. ing gray, try Beggs Hair Renewer.

A I The cases ot State vs. Edwards and positive guarantee with every bottle. Price 75c. Sold by Trusler Co. FALL BIVER, KANSAS.

Kir kpati Ick were ccuioai to the 38iir- Today is Washington' tirthday..

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