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The Holyrood Enterprise from Holyrood, Kansas • 2

The Holyrood Enterprise from Holyrood, Kansas • 2

Holyrood, Kansas
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art srrtr T'TTTTI TTTNTTTPT) DT) TOTH Farmers Md. TUB MOhT f'VKEtt ADli IJY ASY I'AVEtt, CORRIGANS Wo lourn that the M. 0. l' will be I'unniiijj tliir earn lute Ellswouh la CO dnys, 1UU ante should be w'oll sailed and tuyu tt will keep for nil time to come Tlio pielij)iliiaiy steps have already been taken tlio K. of will be by the painuau lash of and ry threats of the n'Uiilties of desevtioii.

On the other tide Is inmy no less vaiigated it; views and discordant In uttonuiees. Standing bhoulder to shoulder may bu eoaq the extreme protectionist, man whoso principal da-giro Is li) reduce the revenue but who prefer to accomplish his purpose by checking all rovvnuo from imports by means of a prohibitory tariff, tho man INSURANCE 1 havo a large list of Lauds, Comprising Improved Farms, Runchns ud Iny Lands, at low prices and easy terms. Tho following are a few qt the many Brgafans. AGENCY. No.

80. 180 acres 80 acres unjsf cultivation, Stone Houso, Stone Stable, good well of water, one acre fruit trees, Price, Cash. $1,500, balance ft years. No. 21.

100 acres 70 acres undoi cultivation, 2 wells of water, 7 miles from markot. Price $1,700, Cash $700 balance 4 years time Jit 6 ppr cent In. terost. No. 17 160 acres, all under cultiva tion, new Frame House 5 reoms, good well, Barn 24 xlO, Price $9,600 Cash 1,500, ballance on good time, No.

20. 820 acres one mile from Holyrood, 70 acres nnder cultivation, Price $15 per aero one half balance on 3 5 years. No, 10 ICQ acres, 45 acres fenced, gopd well, 110 acres uuder cultivation, good Uouso and Barn. 0 miles from County Seat. Prioo, 8.00P, 2,000 Cash balance ou easy forms.

No. 20. 180 acres 40 acres under cultivation good House and Stables, one mile of fonce, 10 miles from Ilolyrood, miles from It. bl ation. Pnco 2,000, Cash 1,000 balance long time and low interest.

No. 6. 160 acres, 100 acres under fenoo. Prica $1,600, Cash $700 bal ance 4 years, this is a bargain. No.

15. 80 acres 8 miles from Iloly rood, smooth land, 27 acres under cul tivation. Price $1,200, Cash bal ance i years. JOHN CORRIGAN, GO to RED FRONT, FOR HARDWARE, STOVKS, TINWARE, CUTLERY, NAILS, PLAIN and BARBED WIRE, and any thing else you may want in this line. Call and examine our Stock.

And will give you bottom prices, and save you MONEY. A. MERCHANT, Manager, IIOLYUtQD, KANSAS. M. U.

VOODMAft8EI5, Ei) tru it a si) PmnttuTon Johi A. Martin, (ioverno i. 1 LU'tit Governor H. B.Allen Sec. of State.

McCarthy Auditor of Etuto i. p. Bradford. Attorny (Jeneral H. Supt piiMn.s'lruct'n II.

llorton Cluei' Justice. M. Associate Justice John Ingalls U. S. Senator.

B. riuml) J5. Senator. 4ohn A. Pistl.

0. Unwell 3. fi'hqnm Ryan t'tiE. Htato Ronator 30. fj.

H.Jtluds udsoU Judicial Cowaaty 33irctot3T Ml)raBtlve S.Bard perk of Court A. R. Hcpperly. 'ounly Beu Kitpn. County Treasurer, A.

Sinidth. Sheriff J' II. Baldrldgo. County Attorney. J.

LniTeity. I'rboato Jiidjjo. Sue-gmlller. Register of Deeds S. Card.

Jupt of Puli Inst'n 8, H. Thomas. fceuuty Surveyor F. Si. liwslter.

bounty Dr. E. It. Lacey bmuitssio'ner, 1st District J. Essick 2d II.

F. lloesmau 3rd District 0. B. (lotre SUBSCRIBERS YOUR PREMIUM. Every person subscribing to or renew-their subscription to this paper will ia supplied with, the Kansas City Weekly Journal, Free during the Campaign of 1888.

Hero Is an opportunity to place in yoiir family the largest and best Weekly paper published in Kansas City. Scud jn your names at once and get two, pa-pis for Ibe price pf our own. The teachers of the McPherson city Uools walked out on Monday and refused to work unles the school board (iccede to their demands. The schools MpPheiSon closed for perhaps two months during the scourge of sraall-pox In that city, The teachers claimed pay for the full time of their enforced idltt- Bess and the board refused to allow hem Pay for 01lly 011(3 roontn, The board declares that no striker will be pmployed, and are trying to fill their Ellsworth Domocrat. Items.

lot weather and the ground extreme? ty dry, Mr. Whitney of Howard City, hero rtnd will occupy his place which 1m unroll iisfid of Mr. Holmes, in a few lavs Cumberworth and J. Biddinger is nearly ready to start for their place Uraliot county and will leave the 1st of May. pilly Barklcy lias a buggy now and if some girl does not get a buggy ride in lie near future, we will be greatly mis taken.

D. Chase has nearly fifty acres of f.uru already planted. E. Berkley intends to plant nearly J00 acres of corn this year, Brae and Roi't Woodmansee have a horse whieh they are training for the track, they have got him so he can tray el a milo on a half-mile track, in -23 and calculate to have him so he nan make it in 2:11 84 by the 4th of July, What has become of Lorraine and here is her gigantic boom. We took In that city the other day and succeeded' in reaching the outskirts of the city Without getting lost, Mr.

McNamara who taught in the Chapln district last winter, has return; tul to his home in Indiana, Mrs. Frank Williams has been away Hilt visit, John Corrigan of your city was in this vicinity last Wednesday. I see by your valuable sheet that M. 0. Woodniansec of this place will man-ago the Tonsonal parlor ot Holyroed, Hcrcs luck to you Mat, I.

0. U. Fine spring weather. A few more 15 boys. Gardening is tho order of the day.

Brag Is a good deg but hold-fast and get there, only 7 1-3 to 15. The Getty Larkin flourlmg mills will soon be ready to resume R. M. Hall has just completed a fine residence id the Minick addition. bestof Ellsworth salt will keep tho one 'hundred packers.

The Frisco pay car was in Batuiday. PaUrson has the foundation resjde'nce Jn Minick addit- lOlk'Vi- Cy special arrangements with, tjie pub- llslu'ia of thi Farmers' A largo 40 column paper, published at Muncin, we are enabled to give this excellent Farm Journal one year and 13 jurmops by Rev, Ttdmago. "To Tho Woman of Amorlca, Willi Practl cal Hints to' Men." Free to all who will psy us ifl.23 la advance Remember, the ENTicnntisu and Faiimkrs' Record, and tho 13 per uiou8 ono year fqr only ouc dollar and twenty Ave cents. This Is a most libcial offer, and we want to add hundreds of new names to our list in the noxt few weoks. Subscribe Now.

T5E OALTFOfUTIA OAO KLE JX Is the only POULTRY JOURNAL published West of tho ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Bound In Mngnsilne form, 28 hunsonaely illustrated. Subscript ion, ulways in advance, 51,00 per year; thrpp months, 25 cents; single copies, 10 cents. BTAM.L'STAKJSA. ACUi'CSS.

Tho CACKLER, San Francisco, Cal. Women, Delays auk Dangerous I Madam Revero's Female Pills for Women never fails to give speedy and certain relief. Satisfaction guaranteed or money returned. Sent by mail so: curely scaled, in plum wrapper, for Qne Dollar; three boxes fpr Two Dellars, Particulars in letter for four cents in postage stamps. Address.

Hits. Visits, liox 383, Jersy City. J. Ilslljrrooa Corrected weekly by the leading deal ers of Holyrood. Wheat no 2 ,71 cts.

8 60 4 ...57 8 ...70 cts. 5 4 57 rejected .40 4J Pkoducb. Egs .10 ctsf Jd Butter. 18 lb Lard Bacon. 12J Hams.

..........15 Chickens alive 6 eti Turkeys 8 EZRA WEAVER, laroenter under. Work donejn TOWN, or COUNTRY, Also SHOP Repairing and CABINET Work. Will Furnish all Material, and BUILDINGS taken from the Ground upward, or either Part Separate. PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS Fur nighed on Short Notice. HOLYROOD, KANSAS J.

G. Lunnon, Dealer in all kinds of Nursery stock. 8x4 years old apple trees, 15 cts each. years old 6 to 6 feet high first class 10 cts, 2 years sizes as low as 8 cts. 3 years old Crabs finest variety 2Scts.

STANDARD PEAHS. 3x8 years old 4 to 0 feet high 40 each. Dwarf Pears 2 years old Doz. 4 yeas Reaping size SO cts each. Cherry Trees 1 year 8 to 4 feet high Doa.

5 years 4 to 0 ft high 94,00 Duz finest varity. Plum Trees. 2 to 3 years old 4 to ft high $3,50 Doz finest variety. Peach Trees 1 yevr old from bud 4 to 6 ft 10 cts. Ayfficefs Russian.

1 to 2 years old 4 to 8 ft high $5,00 Doz. Quince 3 ft high fcl.oo per Doz. (Jrnpes 9 vears old $4,00 Dox. 1 year Id $3,00 per Doz. Currants, tiooshenys, Rassberrys, Blackberries, Pieplant and Strawberries.

At lower figur than has ever bin offered In Kansas. The Dwarf lime berry, The finest fruit In the United States 3,00 por Doz. Evergreens, a ton ft biali 1 per Doz. trecsOlolOftuigh A Iiussiai'inull iviry A one year old forist trees sbout tiMial f)iieo. sock an low as the lowest.

Will rctilaeeUM'l stock for half prise. Hedge plain pel thousand. Louuon' Holyrood Kansas. am organized fp this place at an early date, with about 73 charter members, The business of the Frisco Hue, is still od the Increase at this point, and we think lu another six months they will be getting up in tho world. II, 0, Johnson of tlio Salt well fame will attach their new cugiue and pump, and trill swing their npw Diamond Drill In the well this week.

Parties from St. Louis will it is understood bo preson), to Inspect the salt cqro and if it Is as goed as represented, will sink a shaft at onco, The mumps is taking quite a sway in this the fair cily of tho plains, and tho boys some lliem, reminds us of the ground squirrel his jaws Joaded with cQi-a. The fira alarm was sounded at 2:00 Tuesday the 17th inst. The hose com pany promptly responded end soon had tho fire under control. It proved to be the carpenter and undertaker establishment of A.

L. Flanders. Loss, $000, Insurance 100, supposqd to bo the work of an Incendiary, X. Pleasant wpallier. Business on the increase.

0 Mr. Hills from Thomas, was In jown this weeli. Win, Bobbins and Gus. Houser, of Bush-ton took in our town Saturday. F.

A. Tuebncr was on the sick list last week, Mr. 8, Clark and M. Woedmansep, Ed. Ilolyrood Enterprise took In Lorfalue Sunday last.

The Santa Fe will soon commence extending their road west of Ilolyrood to Hays City, they will also build a depot and side tracks at this place. There is some talk qf Bushton and Cain City consolidating, and give Bushton a new name, that would be a wise act, and should have been done long ago. John Tullis Is making more improvements around his barn in town, you ought to see his bran new buggy, boys if you want to entertain the girls with, a plesant buggy ride, call on John Tullis, he will fit you out. Marshal band and campaign club is all the talk among the boys here, we have a patriotic, enthusiastic set of pollutions in our town and don't you forget it. The Frisco pay car came through Satur day and made the boys happy, Rather windy this week.

A nice litle shower on Monday night, Crops around Lorraine are reported to look favorably well. The Hotel will soon be completed, and Lorraine can boast of having one of the finest hotel, in this part of the country. I. Trump and Peterson from Thomas, were on our streets last Tuesday, sizing up town property. The new section house Is now completed and tho carpenters are still at work on another building at the engine house.

The passenger business on the Frisco Is increasing daily, a great deal of emigration is going through from Arkansas to Califor nia, Oregon and Washington Ter. It was reported that the old traveler himself, with all his family and fiddles was on the train the other day. Will Kprf from Bushton was in town last week, he Informs us that the small pox at that place is a fraud, and there has not been a single case, II. Elrod shipped a few car loads of wheat to Wichita last week. John Tullis has settled his right of away case with the Kansas Midland Co, He received within Hft of what he asked in the first place.

Cheeky Joker. From our regular Correspondent. Washington, April 20th 1S88. Since I last wrote you there began In tho House of Representatives a struggle that is destined to be memorable in the political annals of the United States, After months of preparation, during which the entire country has been a great national tariff debating school, the House has at last entered upon the real woru ot tne session tho consider ation of a bill for reducing redundant revenues. The ranks of the opposing forces in this battle are considerably diversified.

Under lie sauio banner fight the uncompromising free-trader, the advocate of a tariff for revenue only, the mem ber wnose sole aim is to reduco the rev euuo by a removal of tariff duties, and weak-kneed protectionist who be-ioves that concessions must be made satisfy public opinion, or who feels hat ho is fighting in a cause ruinous to lie Industries of the country, and to party, feut who is whipped into line who resists a reduction or import duties simply because lis is interested in the removal of Internal taxation from tpbacco of fruit brandies, tho free trader In theory but opponent of tho prac tical enforcement of tho theory this country, or at this time, or as applied to some local manuiaeiuring industry, and lastly tho rear guard, oimilar to the corresponding branch of the opposing tinny, who do not bother with political economy, but who are for their party whether right or wrong, Thl? motjoy appearance, In motlvo and opinion, presented by the allies on both sides of tho question, gives an uncertainty to tho contest, and adds to its Interest as a mere spectacle. It being known that tho debate on tho Mills tariff bill weuld open on Tues day, tho Hall of the House was full both tho door and galleries. Mr. Mills, of Texas, tho Chairman of tho Ways and Means Committee, lod off In the contest with a speech which his sympa thizers ou the tarili question regarded as a mastcrpieco an unanswerable appeal for tariff rofann as embodied iu the bill. Mr.

Mills Is one of those old-fash; loncd statesmen who disdain to write their speeches out beforehand, and he delivered his without aren notes to gqido him, though by his side sat the clerk of his committee, armed with the official statistics and documents that the speaker was likely to need. When he closed there was a loud burst of applause and tho tvholo Democratic side of the House crowded a- round him with congratulations ex cept Mr. Randall and, several other Pemocratic uubalievcrs, who sat coldly attentativo to tho speech while it was being delivered and coldly abstainod from any demonstration of approval nt its close. The opposition was ltd by Represent tative Kelly, of who is a Republic can, an enthusiastic protectionist, hav: ing been called in past years "Pig Iron because of his vigorous advo cacy of high tariff on that metal for the protection of the industries of his State, and the oldest man in Congress as well as tUG one WI1P Ias served the greatest number of years in that body. The President sent to the Fiftieth Congress this week his first batch of vetoes of private pension bills, They were three in all two against bills which originated in the Senate and one against a House bill.

A bill was introduced into the Senate by Senator Stewart asking a pension of $5,000 for Mrs. Marian Waito. He said he did this entirely upon his own responsibility, for the reason thftt bo believed the widow of the Chief Jus tice 6hould be provided for in the same manner as widows of ex-Presidents. There seems to be considerable cred ence given to the rpmor that the Presi dent has determined to appoint Hon. E.

J. Phelps, of Vermont, at present Min isler to England, to the vacant Chief Justiceship of the United States, Mr Phelps is sixty-six years old it is true, but be is well preserved, and it is said that under all the circumstances, Mr. Cleveland does not daem it wise to select a younger man to preside over those old veterans qf the buprcmo Court Bench. Patents Granted to citizens of Kansas during the past week, and reported exr pressly lor this paper by (J, A. enow Patent lawyers, Opp.

U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D. C. E.

Barker, Junction City, Metallic shingle, C. R. Black, Topeka, Saw jointer. G. Heller, Dillon, Mill feed.

E. G. Martin, Concordia, Vapor bur ner. E. nevely, Topeka, Rotary en gine.

F. C. York, Salina, Line protector. To whom it may concern: Notice is hereby given that the un dersigned has filed with the Probate Judge, of the county of Ellsworth, and State of Kansas, a petition signed by the requisite number of persons asking that a permit be granted him to sell in toxicating liquors as provided by law, and that said petition will be heard be fore the Prcjbato Judge of Ellsworth, county, Kansas, on the 10th day of May, 1888, at 11 o'clock A. A.

B. Cox. Mew' Ieat Market JAMES CORRIGAN, Proprietor. In Post Office, building. WHAT AM I TO DO? The symptoms of Biliousness are un- nappuy but too well Kniwn.

They nit fer in different individuals to some cx tent. A Bilious man is seldom a break fast eater. Too frequently, alas, he has an excellent appetito for liquids uut none for solids of a morning. Hi tongue will hardly bear Insncction any time; if it is not white and furred, it is rough, at all events. She disgustivo system Is wholly out of order and Diarrhea or Constipation may bo a symptom or the two many alternate, There are often llemei boids or even loss of blood.

There may bo ciddiness and often headache and acidity or flatulence and toiukrucfas in tho pit of tho et ranch. To correct all this if not effect a euro trv Giieen Acgubt Floweu, it cost but trifle and thousands attest its efficacy. ALEXANDER RICHTER Wholesale and retail Manufacturing Tinner Algo cary ft full line of HARDWARE. HOliYROOD, JOHN Practical Photographer and Crayon Artist rm-Havine purchased the Gallerv formerly owned bv C. A.

Atenarini. I am prepared to do any work in my line. Ellswortp Kansas. A HIITlTVa TJYVTVI7T V4.VIU-UAV 13 jn.VSX.E4JU, G. W.

MASTEKSOIST, Prop. First-class accommadation for the traveling public. rr- KAKIAH NBTBY KANSAS. FRED- ZAHN KANSAS II BRICK ELLSWORTH N. D.

STARR- STARR Dealersin War, aM Sfiiiles, 1 Screen Doors Oalc Fosts and Building Faper We will make It to your l4irt to call on us befor puchMins. HOLYROOD.

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