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Marion Baptist from Marion, Kansas • 6

Marion Baptist from Marion, Kansas • 6

Marion Baptisti
Marion, Kansas
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A NEW VERSION OF TRILSY. Bul'y Ike, by Mountain Mist, cwued The Baptist, KANSAS STATE NEWS. Mickey Give the IJoy 1IU Uplaloa of by Cash Henderson of Wichita, won the first race at Dubuque, Wednesday, over 17 entries. Tho bets REV. W.

F. ALLEN, Publisher. 'the Plot of the Story. "Say, Mickey, wot'a trilby?" "Hully gee! Trilby ain't a BRIEF BITS OF NEWS THAT INTEREST KANSAS PEOPLE. wcro 40 to 1 against tho Wichita Kansas.

Mtrioti, Trilby's a darao. Why don't yer read, Jimmy?" lorso. Two boys, Jamca Ramsey and Georgo Bostlc, aged respectively 19 and 17 years, been arrested on The Week's Key ew of Personal and General New Condensed. to Short Paragraphs for the Couveuleuco of Hurried Headers. Keeping track of the weather in this part of tho country just now enough to make anybody sick.

ho charge of robbing tho house of William Delancy, near Salim. It Is nllegod that tlioy broke into Delancy'n louse ana got away with S'20 worth of The Central American republics propose to have at least one more good war all around a3 a preliminary to forming a peaceful federation property. After being out 5.1 hours, the jury the Matson murder caso at Topoka, The city council of Atchison has do; eidcd not lo levy an oocupatiou tax. ourbonoaity fraj sll convention which met at Ft. Scott Saturday, was addressed by Senator Pcffer.

The heavy rains of Sunday night and Tuesday morning. are causing1 the was discharged. Eleven of tho jurors stood for tho conviction of Frank A. Novels, the colored man cha-ged with the crime, while ono colored Juror saved Nevcls from a term in the pjnl pcoplo of Kansas to rcjoiob on account of tho great good it will do tho corn crop. tcntlary by resolutely insisting ho wbb innocent, There great indignation expressed at tho action of colored Juror Jordan.

The supremo court lias decided that the regents at the state university Elmer Muhlick Rasmusscn, son of Jacob Rasmusscn of Lincoln, is at have no right to charge tho students tracting considerable attention in and for tho use of the library and labor about Chicago a3 a bicyclist and American school children have Just as much spirit now as they had in the old days, when they waited on the British general in Boston to protest against the petty annoyances from his soldiers. The fakirs who tried to cheat 800 school children in New York with a show that did not come up to the advertisement came to this conclusion when they had to take refuge in the cellar and call for police protection. Hungarian papers are responsible for the statement that a woman in Zemplin was married for the twelfth time the other day. The woman is but 40 years old, and last winter lost her eleventh husband, with whom she had made a trip around the world. She will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of her first wedding next fall at the side of her twelfth partner In life; so she hopes, at least, a3 she significantly expresses it.

marksman. Ho is a member of the Second regiment of Illinois national guards, a leader of tho bicycle club, and also a member of tho Orerland bicycle club of Chicago. N. Ilulpieu, six miles north of Gar "Well, den, who's Trilby?" "Oh, youse fellows make me tired. Youse don't know nawthln'.

I read de book up at de doctor's. Trilby was a dame wot wuz bro't up In de fourt' ward la Paris, Her old man wuz a preacher, but got ter bottle too lively an her old lady slung gin in a Joint. D.jy got stuck on each other and hitched up, but de booze got de best of dem and dey croaked in Paris and left two kids. De girl was Trilby, but de boy kid don't cut no Ice In de story. De girl was a dandy, and some painter bloke got stuck on her shape and made a model of her to drawer from.

Den dey all got a-palntln' her and makln chalk images of her left foot er and so she met three English guys who wuz In Paris learnin' palntln. There wuz a big bloke blgger'n Cor-bett, and a Scotch mug and a little dude. Of course, Trilby's old man bein' English, she fell right In wld dls push, and soon she wuz mendin' deir socks and right to home wld dem. "Bimeby de big bloke got spoony, but youse kid3 can't understand that part of It. Annyway, the little dude wuz the winner.

Dat's just like de wimmin; dey don't know when dey got a good thing. If she'd made a play fertile big guy I think he'd a flew the coop wld her and den de story wouldn't ha', been rlttln. But the kid was the winner, as I sed, but she gey him de marble heart, because she know'd she'd been sittin' round wid the painters and his folks mightn't like it. So den a dago wat wuz a great muslclaner got in wid de gang, and of course he got stuck on Trilby, too. He wasn't no good except for playin' the planer and wuz always pullin' some one's leg and wouldn't give annyone the glad hand who was fool enough to cough up-well, annyway, when the kid told her he'd skip if she didn't marry him she weakened and said all right.

"Den de kid's ma cum over frocr London and put de blinkers on the' whole racket and made Trilby fire him, see? Den de dude took sick and de dame went on de bum for awhile, when she met de dago and he mesmerized her, same as de bloke did doe3 guys atory. Brakeman Mart Dccn, at Lo Loup, near Emporia, rescued a mother aud child from a terrible death under the wheels of a train at the risk of hie own life, last Friday. Postmaster Joseph Fugate of Newton, and ex-Representative Peters are In Washington for the purpose of having the free delivery system again established at Newton. The 18-months' old child of 0. 0.

den City, reports pumping up gold in the well water on his place. It was collected on flannel cloths and a sam ple sent to an expert who pronounced it puro gold. A jeweler at Garden City has offersd $20 an ounce to it. It comes from a 12-foot vein of Baud and Martin, of Ottawa, was almost fatally water. In a preliminary contest of 20 in the American conservatory of music, Chi burned Tuesday.

II. S. West, who was hanging paper in the house, smothered the flames wiih a quilt cago, Miss Kuthcrine Edwards, daugh The supremo court decision in the W. T. Harris, United States commissioner of education, In a recent address said that the bureau of education had been Inquiring of manufacturers throughout the country what effect the common schbols had on wages of employes.

The replies showed that the common school course added an average of 25 per cent to the wages of common labor, that 13,, simply productive laborers who were npt employed In overseeing. The high school course added about 25 per cent more. Householder case is that they have no power to compel Governor Morrill to ter of J. J. Edwards of Emporia, was chosen to represent that conservatory in a con test with representatives' similarly chosen from three other conservator ies.

The final contest came off last Saturday. Miss Edwards was revoke his order suspending Senator Householder from the board of Frank Novels, a colored man, is be again wirner, and will on the 18th of this month receive an elegant gold medal. ing tried iu the district court at To peka, charged with tho. murder of Miss Iliggins a musio teacher of To-t Mrs. -A.

Matson, who was found brutally murdered in her homo in To peka last December. peka, sold some furniture to a second hand dealer, and after he had taken it away she. remembered that her diamond breastpin and earrings, valued at under the top of a marble-top center table. When she went to the second hand store, she found that the owner had gone to Kansas City for the purpose of selling In the Douglas county district court at Lawrence, Saturday, Clint Os-born, charged with the murder of It is a wise merchant who learns from the ad-smith to have his advertising in type, days, if not weeks, ahead of the time he intends to use it, All large city firms, especially In furniture-, clothing and jewelry lines, have their ads written, set up, and in proof from a week to six months ahead. Thus the clothing house is ready with a mackintosh ad on rainy days and an ulster ad on blizzard days.

Thi3 affords opportunity to revise and correct to a point of perfection impossible in eleventh-hour Charles. Ham ble at Holton, was denied bail and his trial set for the next No vember term of court Eight Commandcrios of Knights Templar in southeastern' Kansas have contracted with the Missouri, Kansas Texas for a special train to take them to tho Boston conclave. At St Louis the train vitl be liaudcd orer to the Wabash. A drawer in a desk in the sheriff's up at de museum last week, and hully gee! how she could sing when she was asleep no, I mean when she was under his influence. Well, in a few years she made a big hit all over Europe and come to London, and wot d'yer think? De night she was to make her daboo dat means her first appearance, see? didn't de dago drop ded in de box, scared death of the big fellow I wuz tellln yer about wot wuz struck on Trilby In Paris, who wuz in the theay-ter dat night.

Gee, den dere wuz fun! She couldn't sing a little bit, because de dago wuz'nt dere to mesmerize her, and she got sick and de little dude got sick; but anyway dey both croaked. But youse couldn't tumble to dat part of the story. If youse could read and understand dere's lots I couldn't tell about dat would make yer leak even If you wuz tuff. The big feller wuz a corker, and de kid wuz a game one, but yer can't phase wlmmln. My Maag is jest de same way.

Hully gee! office at Wichita was pried open Wed nesday at noon, and $35 belonging to the Christian Endeavor Local Union stolen. Wm. Smith, treasurer of the According to the St. Paul Dispatch another effort is now being made to secure the pardon of the Younger brothers. These men invaded the state of Minnesota with a gang of bandit3 on a mission of robbery and murder.

They accomplished a murder at Northfleld, but failed to carry off any booty. They deserved hanging for the murder of the bank cashier. Their good conduct In prison is no atonement for that crime. Exact justice and good example require that they serve out the term of their imprisonment. No governor can pardon them without subjecting himself to severe and deserved criticism.

Union, is clerk 'u the sheriff's office, and was keeping the money in the drawer. Friday evening, at Rivcrsido park, Wichita, the Kansas State Holiness association began thoir aunual camp meeting, which, will be continued 10 davs. A mammoth tent has been the diamonds. The police are after him. Miss Ida It.

Wells, tho noted colored lecturer on anti lynching, lectured in Topeka Morday night. She is a highly educated young woman, and has traveled all over the United States and Enarland, speaking against-the lynching of colored men in the South, which she claims is, in too many cases, entirely unwarranted. Miss Wells will, on June 27, be married to Ferdinand L. liarnett, a well kno colored attorney of Chicago. The constant cutting away of the land by tho river will soon render the bridge over the Missouri river at Atchison practically valueless.

Tho Santa Fe, Burlington, Missouri Pacific, Rock Is'and and St. Joe Grand Island, the roads making use of this bridge, will, some time this year, it is said, rebuild the old St. Joe Topeka line, constructed many years ago from El-wood, opposite St. Joe, on tho Kansas side, to Atchison, and which was used before tho bridgo at Atchison was built Thursday morning a patient of the Topeka insane asylum, itlose McDonald, aged 50 years, from Drown county, hanged himself with a three-foot window cord to a tree in front of one of the buildings, from which he and two other patients, Jacob Schaffer of Lincoln county and Schuyler Dressier of Ellsworth county, had escaped by taking out a window. They were all known as quiet, harmless paticnta, having been allowed to go Into town quite often alone.

It is supposed that ho obtained the screw driver, while on ono of theso trips, created for tho services, and hundreds of smalt, tents are being used by the participants. llov. J. McQuird of Olathe, delivered the baccalaureate sermon to the grad nates of the State Deaf and Dumb In A good deal of interest was excited among lawyers, doctors and druggists not long ago by a lawsuit in England to restrain an apothecary from selling a compound bearing one of the best known names of "Food for Infants," with a notice -printed on the wrapper to the effect that somebody else's food for infants was better. The justice declined to grant any injunction, and dismissed the suit on the ground that the defendant had not committed any stituMort Sunday afternoon.

The ser vices were opened by a prayer in the sign language by a mute boy, Charley A Worried Farmer. A farmer who has been studying agricultural journals writes the editor of an Ohio paper that he is stumped. He says he reads in one journal that a side window in his stable makes a horse's eye weak on that side. Another paper tells him that a front window hurts his eyes by the glare; those on diagonal lines make him shy when he travels; one behind makes him squint-eyed, and a stable without windows makes him 'blind. The farmer wants to know whether there Is any place outside the heads of those editors where he can hang his windows.

i Itean, 10 years old. "Nearer, My God, to Thee," was sung by tho choir and signed to the pupils by one of the wrong in using the plaintiff's wrappers graduates, Miss Clara Eddy, who ex as a vehicle for praising hi3 own or hibitcd grace of movement and quick tiess of 'conception, in her beautitu rendition. The song, "Rock of war; given in the sign language by live girls irises Jessie Quidling, Ida Den other wares so long as the addition to the wrapper contained no direct disparagement of the compound which the plaintiff manufactured. The case wa3 taken to the court of appeal, in which a decision has now been rendered reversing the action and ordering a new trial. ton, Eva Hunter, Bertha Metz and Or ael Alttnan.

The commencement ex "How can you ill-use your dog in that fashion? I thought you were a member of the Society for the Protect tlon of Animals!" "So I am, but haven't paid my subscription for the last three months." Lustlge Blatter. crcises took place Tuesday. with which they took out the window,.

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