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Scammon Journal from Scammon, Kansas • 1

Scammon Journal from Scammon, Kansas • 1

Scammon Journali
Scammon, Kansas
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VOL. III. SCAMMON, CHEROKEE COUNTY, KANSAS FlilDAY, JUNE 8, '1906. NO, 4b Settlement In Sight Mass Meeting BEST FITTING, STYLISH 1 SEAMS 'allowed 1 POPULAR Council Meeting The city council met in regular session Tuesday evening, Mayor Marl-ham in tho ohuir and all members present. Bills were allowed and then the consideration 6f ordinances was taken up.

The ordinance granting a fran. chise to the Fitch electric line whs read the first time. Then it was read and passed by sections. The reading and passage of the ordinance by sections occupied the time until twelve o'clock. The Journal had never learned the fact before, but it developed Tuesday night that Scammon has 1V giimi i 1 i IP A large supply of these patterns on hand.

Call and get one. J. W. HOOPER, SCAMMON, KANSAS. 3' 1 I I Best PRICES iMOW A mass meeting' was held at' the city hall last night.

The object of the ac-cording to the printed call, was for the purpose of protesting the action of tho city council Tuesday night in granting a franchise to the electric line. The call was signed by Wright Shaw, Bud Hisle, W. 3. Pixley, and others. At the meeting the friends of the city were in the majority as was seen by the election of John O'DOrinell as chairman and J.

T. Stewart secretary by practically a unanimous vote. Instead of a motion to condemn the action of the council, Wm. J. O'Brien moved that the action of the council in passing the electric line franchise be commended.

It was supposed that the motion would beget a lively discussiohj but it did not. The impression had gone out that there was material change Jn the last ordinance passed and the one passed some months ago in regard to the route through the city. 5 Thc first section of the two ordinances was read, and when it was seen that there was no material change, no discussion was had. The motion was then put and the city government was upheld by a vote of 71 to 3. The meeting was then adjourned with a whoop for Scammon's The outcome was glory enough for one night and, the crowd dispersed feeling good.

It is regrettable lhat these little misunderstandings should come up, but the outcome of this one is such that no harm has come of it. Scammon's council and Scammon's citizens can always be depended upon to do the right thing at the right time. The Journal chooses to cast its lot with the progressive element, and that means 90 per cent, or more, of the population of the city. "Small-Talk" We are in receipt of 'Small talk' A magazine published at Loretto Academy. Kansan City.

We notice on the staff of the magazine tho name of Miss May McDoriald, daughter of J. N. McDonald and wife, esteemed citizens of Scamm-on. Miss McDonald has a nicely written article in the magazine on the printing plant used in its publication. In a contaston elocution at the academy, in which there were eight contestants, Miss McDonald won the first prize.

Her success is Scammon's success and all are proud of the honor and disticiction Miss McDonald is reaping. Left Monday Joe and Besse Crilley left Monday evening for their trip across the big pond, called Atlantic ocean. They will be gone from sxty to ninety days. Celebration Remember that Scammon will have a celebration and picnic on the day the electric line begins to run cars into tlie'ty. The day is not yet knownVbut it is well to be getting things in readiness for one of the best times ever known in this vicinity.

John Mitchell reached Kansas City yesterday morning and the conference took a turn for good. The Missouri difficulty is left to arbitration and matters are prac tically adjusted far the renewal of work. The turn affairs have taken justfies the comtention of the Journal all along that matters' would come out right. i. Mooved to Pittsburg i Davis has moved' his har ness business to Pittsburg.

He will wish, in six months that he had never left Scammon. Came Over Lambert Schrappen and Wife Dan Ryan and wife and John Ryan and wife were over from Mineral Monday evening to' see their brother and sister, Joe and Besse Crillej start on" their trip to Europe. A Mistake. The Journal was mistaken last week in saying the awning on the Fidelity was put up by a Pittbburg firm. It was a Baker Lock-wood awning and was furnished by C.

R. Quarton. The work was done by Ed Hof meister. Back From Des Moines Rev. C.

G. Hamilton retruned from Des. Moines the first of the month, at which place he had been attending the general Presbytery as a delegate from the district. He held his usual services in the Presbyterian church here Sunday. As to Chickens A good many complaints are being made by persons in different parts of the city about chickens running at large doing damage to lawns and gardens.

There is an ordinance prohibiting this and per sons will do well to take heed to it before its force is compelled to be invoked. The ordniance does not make a distinction between roosters hens or young chickens. Labor Sermon At the Presbyterian church Sunday the Rev. C. G.

Hamilton will preach a sermon to the laboring people of Scammon that should be heard by all union me. The subject for the address will be, "Labor Unions and the Church; Christ and the Laboring Man." The standing of Rev. Hamilton in his and community, both as minister and citizen, makes it certain that such a sermon by him will be appreciated and tend to great good. Running the Plant The power plant at Scammon for the Fitch electrie line was started permanently Sunday morning. Two feed wires were completed Saturday night and the power was furnished Sunday for the line between Weir and Chicopee.

The plant is one of the most conplete ever constructed and the work it is doing is satisfactory in the extreme. Before the first of July cars will be running to the north edge of Scammon. The situation is encouraging" and lends a buoyancy to business interets of onr city that will tell in our prosperity more than the most sanguine have hoped for. Scammon's prosperity is assured if the newspapers and citizens do their part. Reeld -L't small bunch of kickers in tin city.

It seemed from their talk that they wanted the ordinance defeated if their own personal in terests were- not subserved. The Journal is pleased to stats that the good sense of a majority of the council prevailed and tho city was. saved the disgrace of having turned, down the only thing in sight that would benefit the city. The ordinanee as passed will be found in this issue of the Journal and its fairness can be judged by its provisions. It is not a city railroad, but simply an inter-urban line, and cities like Scammon, Weir and Columbus are fortunate in getting them into the city limits at all.

This line will bo built into the city so as to unload its passengers in the very heart of the business section, and the amount of trade each merchant gets will depend on the attractiveness of his goods and prices and amount of attention he call to them. The situation for the franchise looked serious for a time, but it turned into another vindication of the saying that "The darkest hour is just before day." Failure's are not likely to occur in Scammon, for the progressive element outnumbers the obstruct tionists 16 to 1. Returued Friday J.N: McDonald, P. Allison, C.R. Quarton, John Morton and Geo.

K. Mackie returned last Friday morning from their trip to Arkansas. They report plenty of fish in the waters of that hilly clime, but that the catch was only about five hungry men's fill each clay. Wood ticks were plentiful and mosquitos life size. Visited Scammon S.

L. Walker, of the firm of Skidmore Walker, lawyers Columbus, was transacting legal "bussiness in Scammon Tuesday He also visited the power houes and saw other evidence of Scam mon's prosperity. The firmt Skid more Walker, is a popular one and a large amount of business goes to them from this section. The Social The social given by the Christ" ian Endeavor of the Presbyteran church was successful. The weather proved favorable and every thing that had been prepared was the society a neat sum.

Not a failure has ever attended socr ial entertainments by the churchscs of Scammon. Parties who have been loitering abont the school houses must stop it The board will prosecute persons for trespassing on the ground hcaeafter and must be heeded. AiDANGE IN Take .4 4 4 GREAT ASSORSMENT OP re aw SOUVENIRS JUST ARRIVED Wonderful' Values for the Money. It will pay you to see them Mercantile Compy i 1.

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