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Daily Reporter from Valley Falls, Kansas • 1

Daily Reporter from Valley Falls, Kansas • 1

Daily Reporteri
Valley Falls, Kansas
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Topeka, Ka. Hatfield left on a busiMayor Kansas City this ness trip to morning. Mrs. Thomas Wood went to this morning for a visit Easton with her parents. J.

R. Morrion Cedar was in town this of the vicinity of forenoon, South a business mission. on few Valley Falls folks Quite attending a to court business are at the county seat, today. Mrs. Charles Vavra and son, a at Marlin, were passengers going to her folks for the balanee of Oskaloosa this afternoon to visit the week.

as Mrs. Wilson Griffitts, in comwith Mrs. S. H. Steffey, pany went to Topeka this morning, to day on an errand of spend the arbusiness.

have been at work Carpenters out the worn out parts today, of the tearing floor at the Missouri Pacific depot and replacing with and make it much more renew THE DAILY REPORTER the act off March 3, 1879. Valley Falls, Kansas, under Entered as second-class matter June 9, 1915 at the NUMBER 164-472 postoffice, at THURSDAY. DEC. 14, 1916. II.

VALLEY FALLS, You Think of This KANSAS, Mrs. Ralph Hull Gladys favorite daughter of Mr. and Agnes Burris, the fourth and Burris was born in Mr. 0. M.

Valley Falls, 1894, and died in the Kansas, September 14, city aged 22 years, 2 months, of her birth, December 10, 1916, land that is fairer than day. Here schools she and was graduated in the reared, attended the class of Her 1913, Valley ambition was Falls High School. make her mark as a teacher and succeeding when durshe was her second term at the Waling nut Creek school she was compel led to give up her work on account of failing health. On July 15, 1915, Gladys was united in marriage to Ralph H. Hull of this city Rev.

Chas. Kimball officiating at the ceremony. She is survived by her husband and babe, her father and five sisters and one litmother, tle brother. The funeral was held from residence of Mr. and Mrs.

A. the Hull on south Maple street I. Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Holmes Chas. Dysinger assisted by Rev.

the serH. Kimball conducting in the presence of relavices tives and friends. burial was in Rose Hill The cemetery. A loved and loving and sister, a true wife and a member of a large circle of dear passed on to the friends has Mrs. McNorton has purchased the Harry McGuire property giving $3300 for same or $1800 and one of her other properties valued at $1500.

My Best Friend the best friend I ever had I'm I like to be with me, I like to sit and ask myself sit and ask myself if things confidentially. I often I shouldn't or if I should, And I find that my advice to me is always pretty good; I. walk with me, and I talk with me, and I show me right and wrong, And you would be surprised how well myself and I get along. just hold a little council So with yourself, And guide yourself with you, you will be surprised how And well, Yourself will like you if you do Advertise In The Daily Reporter Special Meeting of the Association A ed Jan. rooms ing and special meeting of the stock holders of the Fair has been afternoon, call for Wednesday 10, at the Commercial club for the purpose of hearreport of the officers the executive board and the transaction of any other business that may properly at that time.

All stockup holders should make it a point be present if possible. A report reaches here that home eight of pound Mr. and boy Mrs. Vern arrived Farnsworth near Topeka this morning and was All promptly namKenneth Miller. doing could be expected.

She as be remembered as Miss Brittie Miller, sister of Hi. S. H. Knowlton has made to buy the Mrs. McNorton property on the corner rangements Oak and Broadway where James Norris lives, consideration $1500, and gets possession February 1st.

They intend move to town and will be given the glad hand of Valley Falls. An exchange says: If want to see the town grow, quit kickin'. If you see a started defect, help remedy it." If you to remedy it you might pinched like Boyer did. If call attention to it so as to public sentiment aroused against Well you it will don't make any differbe called a knocker. ence -what you do somebody will find fault, even the is always trying to knock who "knockers." "Business is good" down the big pond east of the Dating since yesterday it is the scene each evening ter school, of skaters numbering sufficient to appropriate its tended area, indulging their thusiasm for the sport of and joicing at the chance again desporting themselves the healthy exercise.

we ever saw was part of the tonnage Fe freight this morning. It of the south bound Santa the case of about a 60 foot was flat car piled as high as the loaded with just shingles They height of were a furniture or automobile car and a over the top to hold with frame work built around and made a. huge lookthem on ing car load. The biggest load of freight Did you know that right here home town that you can in your get with magneto and a good Gasoline Engine, pump equipped jack all for $35.00, freight paid. Did you know that I house can meet your mail order such as prices on most anything fence, the terms and conditanks, implements, on same tion? I have on hand a nearly engine.

10 horse new gaoline and friction clutch pulley. Also power, equipped with magneto good sawing outfit cheap. a See me for "Can't Sag" gates, made up or in the flat. They are good. -E.

E. SAMSON. A. B. Carter was in town today, interviewing the drug trade W.

A. Cox and daughter Zelma and two grandchildren of Hall's Summit, in Coffey county transfer passengers here were enroute to Arthis afternoon, for a brief visit with rington Ben, the Union Pacific his son there, before going to agent Missouri to spend the holidays. spectable. Earl Keener is attending the funeral of Mr. and Mrs.

at Clyde Totoday. They were neighCorbett's baby occurring peka his family while resibors of dents of this vicinity. above zero has Ten degrees the state of the weather been most part of today. Old for the in a little work at meltSol got the snow in the sheltered ing places but it was little enough. was among the Guy Spillman from here bound for passenger morning, where he at overhauling and Easton, this is engaged work of automobiles for the that will repair one of garages busy for some time to keep him is to be the result German's overtures for Whatever of walnut logs, out of the which peace, to the make gun stocks, being assembled here for shipment, until is daily are several car loads being augumented now there piled up.

Mrs. John Rogers of Mr. and Arriba, Colorado, arrived guests Tuesday, here and since have of Mrs. Rogers' aunt been the Grandma Faulk and family, were passengers this morning bound for Kansas City, the winter. where they expect to spend Miss Edith Black, for the past and fall engaged at summer housework in the vicinity of Den ison, came down this afternoon, remain the guest of her sisto ter, Mrs.

Dan Schoonover and for a few days before family going home to Scranton, with to spend the holiday season her parents. you get fellow on city af- exen- reonce at Mrs. D. M. Hennessy who has been visiting her daughter, Urs.

N. P. Cornell and family here for time, returned home to some Wichita this morning. Mrs. Cor accompanied her and will nell spend the time until after Christ her guest.

N. P. will main tain mag bachelor's quarters for the as time and feed his face with pro vender of his own concoction. Haas who has been Harry with helping the care of the livery stabhis brother, Charley, le business while the after it proprietor himis unable to look self, had a horse he was grooming yesterday step on his foot. As a means of hurrying the antmal up in getting off he gave it a swift punch in the mouth.

As an after clapp he suffered the be little broken at the base joint and finger of his right hand to quite a gash as well made neat the blow same in place contact by with 01.3 of the force his the animal's teeth..

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