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Homeseeker's Guide from Fall River, Kansas • 3

Homeseeker's Guide from Fall River, Kansas • 3

Fall River, Kansas
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A XsUa Art, EfciviA lleraU. An I a pert sat fteH4w rtou. I fMilUrll, Judge of Utt nnro nnnnnri nraun BAIN, HANNA AND MILBURN 'i i A Regular Landslide UA80E of Choice Bargains. In our lat Mad we promised to begin a sale of genuine bargains Novrea ber which should Mlay In the shade" any of our previous effort. There COOKING HEATING STOYES.

CO NOT DUY UNTIL YOU SEE MY 8TOCK. o. w. romig, FALL RIVER, KANSAS. About two mouth ago a seventeen rcar-oM girl caiue to Joplla and hired out at Mr.

Gumming brdiug house oo VirgtnU-av. near Broadway, a kitchen girl. Her name is Myrtle Willi aod she I a pretty Rule brunette. Ed Crews who Is boarding there became acquainted with Myrtle and learned that she had run away from her home la Oklahoma. Ed advised her to return home.

Myrtle said she about tired of her bargain but was haoted to return home so soou. la th meantime EI commenced corres- Bonding with ber father and informed htm where Myrtle wa. day a gentieinaT) came Into the Cummlng boarding boose and aked to see Myrtle Willi. She came Into the parlor and there met her father face to face. She stood for a moment In surprise and wonder thea threw her arms, around hi neck and crle for Joy.

Mrrtle I treated kindly at home. She ran away from home because her father would not let her keep com psnymhb a young man whose morals are not good. It was a commendable act In El to plan to have the young girl returned to her parent. How many other young men there are who would have planned for her down fall. Ed I a model young man whose moral are of a high character.

Joplla (Mo.) Voice. Saturday Sight. How many a kia has been given. bow many a curve, how many a prayer, how many actress, how many a kind word how many a promise has been broken, how many a heart has been wrecked how many a loved one has been lowered la the narrow chamber, how many i babe hat gone from earth to heaven how many a crib or cradle stand silent now, which last Saturday night held the rret of all treasures of the heart? A week 1 a life. A week It a history.

A week marks events of gladness or sorrow of which people never beard. Go home to the family, man of business Go home, you heart- erring wanderer! Go home to cheer that await wronged waif of life's breakers! Go home to those you love. man of toll and give one night to the Joys and comforts fsst dying by. Leave roar books with complex figures, your dirty workshop, your buy store. Rest with those you love, for God only knows what the next Saturday night will bring you.

Forget the world or care and the battle of life which have furrowed the week. Draw clotearouod the family hearth. Go home to those you lore and as you bask la the loved presence and receive la return the loved embrace of your heart's pet, strive to be a better man and blest God for giving hit chllJren so dar a step ping stone In the river to the eternal as Saturday night. WM. MM BROWN THE PIONEER.

Had a rushing holiday trade and has not had time to Write np his ad for this year. It 7ill appear, later. Look ont for it 1 The Alliance Union under the new management, will be called the Eureka Times. Is the editor anticipating a change la the name of hU party Rev. Phtlbrook aod family removed last week to Western Park, where Mr.

Phllbrook will have pator-la charge of a Congregational church. J. F. Hoffman, County Clerk, and family, have removed to the city, and are oeeupt lug the houee the sulh- nl otiirr of Walnut ami Third -I. Mr.

attd Mr. C. A. Sudani. Durlingjioe, they were married lat Friday, art iel lu the city on CbrUt-tiu mi a vldt with telatlve.

Mi. S.udard I he eldest son of A. M. of ihU city. Dr.

J. M. Smith, yu all remember ui in, wa dw frvtn 04watomie lat and Wcduedy to see hi if twlhcr, Mr. Hunt, of Bachelor- who Is quite poorly. They may may remove back to this county.

Eureka ger. Mis. L. E. Clogta left on Frldsy afternoon of last week for Pond Creek, Oklahoma, to Join her husband.

G.W. Watson, of Sedan, and Laura B. Bats, of Twin were married on Christmas day, at the home ot the bride's parents, la Twin Groves Rev. J. T.

Bays, officiating. Tho. Enterkln, of Fall left this week for the state of Washing ton, where he will visit A few week! with his parents. Rev. McCune, who was pastor of the Congregational church at this place fifteen years sgo, Is now located at Pond Creek, Ok and was at Wichita recently trying to negotiate for a building that could be moved to Pond Creek sod used as a church.

A contract was closed last week, whereby E.Crebo will erect for Messrs. George E. and Frank U. Thrall a family vault la the Green wood Cemetery. The vault Is to be of stone, large aod well constructed; It will cost about two thousand dollars.

Sweet ha purchased the CapU Pumphrey building this week. John Malooe Is confined to his bed with a severe attack of the grippe. A teachers association meeting will be held at Climax next Saturday, Jan. 13th. A "show" Is holding forth la Mc Brown hall tonight and tomorrow night.

The Severy Se very lie, thl week starts out on the seventh year of It existence. Lawyer Miller has been kept busy of late, attending law business In the neighboring town. Mr. Geo. Howell, near lllckma.

has been very ill from a siege of the grippe for some time. A couple of the Governor's friends were la town 1st idht look log after his political fences we suppose. Mr. Cba. Dili enjoyed a pleasant holiday visit from her mother, the lat ter returning to her home yesterday.

It Is reported that a newspaper was issued this week from the Tillage of Virgil. Thete Is still room at Hamil ton and Climax for a "moulder of public opinion. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson enter talned a number of their friends on last Friday evening.

Cards and social conversation were the pastimes of the evening and an enjoyable time was had by those In attendance. Eureka Time. X. B. Buck, one of the editors of the Toronto Republican, died very suddenly at his home in that place last Friday night.

Mr. Bock has been In bad health for a long time, hot his sodden demise wss un looked for, lie wss a good newspaper roan, and the sympathy of the press Is extended to the bereaved family. The ctty council of Stillwater, O.T., has moved for temperance reform by passing an ordinance prohibiting the sale of liquor to confirmed drinkers. The cltlsens regarded as confirmed In the habit are named la the ordinance, and the list wltl be revised each month by the addition of the names of such persons as get confirmed from time to time. The ordinance may not effect the desired prohibition, but the uncn viable distinction of having one's name mentioned la that connection will certainly have a tendancy to dis courage the work of getting confirmed NOTICE.

The first of January It the proper time to pay up and begin anew, therefore, desiring to settle and close np all outstanding book accounts, eve rv body Indebted to mc are hereby notified that I want them to call oscs, and settle same. O. W. Rom to. An on your paper Is a sign you are In arrears on subscription.

It will only appear occasionally. The Lawrence Journal says the next time Governor Lewelling wants to "preserve harmony, instead of tackling Mrs, Lease he will probably hunt up a hornet's nest and punch it with a long, long stick. Early Risers, Early Risers, Early Risers the famous Utile pills for coo ttlpation, sick headache, dyspepsia and nervousness, Trualer XL Co. Is the spectacle of lira. Lease making a bitter fight to hold on to her oflclal position, tended to make votes for the cause of female suffrage? It's all the tame, a tllrht cold, con gested lungs or severe courh.

One minute cough care banUhe them Truster A Co, Jwdk-Ul IH'tric, reodered a very Im portant decii4ee reoeoily lu a habeas rorpu suit brooght before him by Wm. tShcllman, la fetch be held that a 00m- pialator Ittformatiou sworutoou la formation or belief, did not rwfcr Jar- ldktiof upon any court or urbanal over the persoo Informed sgslnt and did not give any court tLs -rijbt or aathotlty to Issue a a rra the rrfrom and that any person that arrested was illegally be and lhat'u briber au la- formatioa purporting to have been worn to positively, was la fact sworn to only upon. Information aod belief wat a proper sutject of Inquiry la habeas Corpus suit, and that, though worn to If Che aSdrrit to such laformatiou was baaed merely up-' 00 Information, the fact that It slated the facts poa-itirety did not change the? nsiure of ft. Thl case was so alleged violation of the prohibitory taw. The complaint (Information) alleged in gen ersl term several violation of the law, aod wat sworn to positively on Its though the Complaining witness admitted la hi teetimony a trial that he knew fectblngof any klation of that law except what he hsJ been told, and that his to the cow plal at was haaed wholly upon Information and belief, aod for that reason the persoa was released.

Thi say a writer la the ITamholdt Colon, certainly goal law, for If a persoa could be put In Jeopardy of his life or liberty because of the mere hearsay tertiooay of another, the great fundamental principles of our law which laa re our safety lu such nat ters, tThat la all criminal prosecutions the accused shall be Informed of the nature and caaseof the accusation, and no warrant thai lue baton probable sVoeld be holly lost. Ton, Sit A Cue young boar; large for his age. Inquire stihUofice. A TopeVa woman who ef -piled for aid srot the dollar that wat give a her to buy coal for a wool fascinator that was going at a great bargain. am prepared to do auctioneering la either town or country, oa short notice SatUfsctsoa cuaranteed and charges reasonable wt.

Jeans. A tramp at Roillle not only tot li posMeSoa of a houe la the absence of the famllr. but coaled a tmcal for him self before he proceeded on hi journeys Mover If you want to renew an (41 losa or make a new one, call oa Batxn A Msftoy, S-A I'areks, Kans. There are 125 Chinese la Saasss, aod ooly tuenty-flve of them have fornUh-cd the United States Internal Rcrcnoe collecter lib, their pkturrs. When aa Atchison fiddler plays at a rag he always slu hear the door so that he can get out when he hears the first fighting word.

K. C. frtar. It's Just as easy to try Oae Minute Cough Cure as anything else. It's easier to cure a severe cold or cough with It.

i your next purchase for a rough be One Minute Cocgb Core. Better medicine, better result, better try It yrusler A Co. Miss Msttie Good la left for Topeka yesterday where she cxjcis to retnaia for the present. Her patent anticipates moving to that city sext spring; Bscklea't Araka ftahe. The beet aalve In the world forCottj Bruises, Sores.

Ulcer. Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Cbsrped hands. Chilblain, Com aod all kla eruption, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It I guaranteed to give perfect sail action jor money refunded. I'rice 25c per box For sale by Truster A Co.

11 It not only relseves It does more, it cures. We refer to One Minute Cough cure. Suitable for all age, all coo 41 lions, at all times Trualer A Co. ST. LOUIS A SAX FR AX CISCO TIME TABLE socsp.

Fstsenger Xo. 1-fl m. rasseerer Xo. 4 1 .22 p. m.

Local Freight X29p.m west nonro. Faaseeger Xe. 2 l.t p. m. Fasseerer Xo.

I 2.15 a.m. Local Frvtgbt, S.44 a. Trsia Xe. I rmnecU at Barrton, Ksa ith A T. A 3.

F. IL for polsu la Oklorsdo, Aritsons, Xevsds, Wyoming, Utah. Idaho, Montana tvaahlagton and California, lias ree re cilnlogchalr car to Cleburne, Tex-aa, via Wichita, through Cherokee Scrip and Oklahoma, aod FuUmaa sleeper and free recllaisg chair car to ttarrtou, htansa. No. 2 coaoecta at MeHt foe point la Indian Territory sis Xeosho; also with rotibulcd train for 4nu la Texas and Arkansas, Us I'ttllmaa Weeper and free reclining chair car, from Mottest to Cleburne, via 1'aria and Dallas, wltbout change.

Through Full-man Skrper CUbutue 10 Gslretsbou. Ounecu at St, I-oui with all lines to the eat north aod southeast, flat free rerllnlng rhalr cars to iU Louts. Train Xo. cowoeets st Barrton. with T.

A S. F. for point In Colorado, Xew and Old Mexico, A ri sons asd California, lias free reclining chair cars to Anthony. I'aiUmaa Weeper and free recUnlrtg chair ear to Burrtoo, throe gh Follmaa Sleeper from tterrton, siaaa. to t'ueUo, Denver, Ogden.

1U I'sso, Los Angeles, Se lle1go and isa Frsaclsco. Train No. 4 ouooert at ttooesx for all point la Arkansas end Tessa. Full- man Sleeper tlonett Dallaa lexa via I'srl. Connects at MooeU wltii vestitjled train for SL.

Louis, Connects at Xt, Loul ith all lines to the cast, north and soeihesst. I la Full-man Sleepers and free reclining chair cars to Su Luls. 7i a. 2. oa Kaoaa I lnon every Sunday hss through Full man Tourirt sleeping Car to Los Aegelee.

California, without change via Barrtem, Alba-qoerqoe and llarstow. Through tickets ou sale at all pc4nts For further particular call on address W. It.Brvav AgmuFaJlRHxr, K' The New Year's dance at Brown's hall, was a very sociable and enjoyable afialr. About forty couples were in attendance. Miss Iva Klrkpatrlck and Miss Ma mie Rlssler, of FredonU, were visitors with Miss Claudia Winthrop a few dajs this week.

F. L. Lockard and family returned Tuesday from Neodesha, where they had been visiting with-Prof, smith and family, New Years. Miss Nettle White is lerrnlag the art ot handling mall under the tuition of Kitty Crews, the eEclent assistant un der the late postmaster. Services will bo held at the Baptist church next Sunday morning and evening.

Preaching by Rev. Jones. Everybody cordially Invited to attend. Born, on Saturday, December 3ttb, 1SS0, to Mr. and Mr.

Robert Morton, a son. Uncle itooeri says inia was we second sen which came Into his family last week. Mrs. Mattle lUdcIiff, a trustworthy employe of the Racket store, has had charge of their branch store at this place this week during the absence of Mr. Whltbcck, Its manager.

Ex-iotuiater Barrett left Tuesday for his hotou In Oklahoma, bearing with him the well-wishes of his old patrous, many of whom remember the uumerous favors and accommodation shown them the pn four years. The Advocate ami Weekly Globe- Democrat (t Ice a week) for only Tho-s. Fleming, the reliable Frisco roaduiaster from Beaumont to Anthony was in town Saturday, returning Sun day. He came after his son John, who had beeu euJoviRg the holldajs with the Fitzmorrls and Collins families. Ex-PotinaMer ChrUtman and family of Fredonla, were gueve of Postmaster Defevers and family last Saturday and Mr.

C. assisted in checking up the postoSlce at this place, prepara tory to Mr, Deft yrs taking possession. The Frisco had a new and much larg er pump put in at this plac, this week, to be used on their pump. As the wat er tank at Piedmont cannot be relied on to furnish water all the time, it became necessary to have better pump- log facilities at this station. The will be a teacher's examination held at the school building In Howard, Kansas, on Saturday, January 27th, 1S34, commencing at 7 o'clock a.

m. All teachers whose certificates have explrrd, and others desiring to take said examination, take doe notice. D. M. Bar a lit, Co.

Sapt. Watch meeting wa held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. M.

Hobbs New Years eve was participated in by Misses Claudia Wlnthrope, Luc 11a Cunning ham, Nettle White, Minnie Rlssler and lva Klrkpatrlck, of Fredonla, and Messrs. Chas. Winthrop, of Falrland, I. and W. D.

McKeel. The St. Louis Glob--Democrat for sale at this office every morning. E.J. Shacklett is again behind the counter In Truster's drug store, Eph made a trip through Southwest Mis souri, Arkansas and the Indian Terr! tory last summer and tells some Inter esting talc of hi travels.

While In Arkansas, he visited the battle ground of Pea Ridge, where the Kansas troops did some good fighting. Died, at her bom near Twin Falls, on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1S0I, of erysipelas, Susan, wife of C. It. Vandcmark, aged about 33 years, after so of see eral weeks.

The deceased was a daugh ter of L. Pritcbard, one of the pioneers of Kansas. She leaves besides a husband, four children to mourn her death. The remains were burled In Greenwood cemetery, near Eureka, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. Fenn, of this city.

Died, In this city, at the residence of W. A. Pumphrey, on Sunday, December 31st, 1803, Lucy Ellen, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Jos.

Pumphrey, aged thirty dsjs. This is Indeed a sad blow to the bereaved parents, being the third child they have been compelled to give op within the last eleven months. It nas laid to rest beside Its other sister and brother In the North Pole Cemetery, the funeral sermon being deliv ered by Elder J. W. Butler.

most be reason upon walca to bee good rraon. First, we found a Jobber a manufacturer of DUCtt COATO reduction. Then, Tla, a wholesaler made price far Cash Dew that In nored. A Khoe Use donate It share KPOT S05EY and the clearing out of decided that some of our cadi to hi carrying hi good even though he sold (all we wanted) garments st surprUlngly NOW HE All ussra CL0VZ3. Men genuine calf skin el ted seam glove, worth 1, go In this sale for t-c Men's lined goat kln gloves (not many) for 45c, worth 73c Men's nsra tan gloves, finswt to be bad, now lie, regular price I TSe, Men's heavy bog skin glove, lined.

go at 00c They are cheap at ft .23. Men best heavy buck raliten not secood will sell at regular whole sale price. 1 1. 00. We bate about ti other kinds of men's and boy's glove aod mitten to be told at corresponding reductions.

SST 000SX We are selling right along all the lead ing brand of calicoes at 4 je yard. It's a tittle strange that some people cannot recognl a good thing when they meet IU there are some who say they uont want calicoes ai rents. Djm the price change toe quai- Itr? Merrimack. Glooeeter. Simpson.

Cocheco, and other good brand, Best fcaihet ticking, 13c per yard. Best quality 3-1 table oil cloth, 12ae per yard. Estra heavy outing cloth that coun try dealer char re lie per yard for, and that our competitors In Fall River and Fredooia. if they have the gooi, at per ysrd, we are selling at 9c per yard. Suitable for drre.

skirt. waists, shirt, etc Aotmany pieces in stock. Good ysrd wide unbleached moslla at ier yard. Take all you ant. See toe new cioaas at t.w to 9 jo.

The other fellows asy we advertise willing to sell at the prices Frcdonia and Xew Yerk OScr, Stf Broadway. CO I I 00 Pi -) OQ h3 cs a 2 cs 3 a CO I cs on on 1 5C 0 EH I handle GArJD, LBHE, VJOOD and Wicr City CI Ol AIL Highest Market price paid for Grain A. 1I0KGAE. THE 3 of duty 1 proail like thl. and there Awlr very CLOVEO badly overstocked.

Tbea decided to sell out hi at a tig of DRY COOD3 and Faratduags to our customers could not be Ig of good thing, the consideration being certain lines. A manufacturer of Cloak credit In the bank would be better than at a aod he let a hav about 100 low prtars. THE PRICES i irzssra sucz cqatx tsrariat. M'KOf .) Good duck ct. VOei better OOC.

I i.i a. Duck coat, worth a third more than our price, fl.23. Bet black duck coal. 12. IS.

worth every wlere t2.73 and fJjrjo. All the linings la above coats are from good, heavy canton Can el to the vaar rr blanket lioing. XII 25flL Men finest oil train boots, sold the world over our price fLUO. Only 19 pairs. Men's fine veal calf, pairs were all we could get at the price, worth 1JA tod SIJW, win cii lor rz.7 anJ ij.w.

Men's oil grain bmu warraoted not to rip. worth elsewhere 1 2.7a. I sold here for 12.23. Cheap ctl graJa boot bear no resemblance to thc Men's boots as low at $1.23, worth some thing. 22? SSSS3.

TI ImpoMible to fell about all the good tstinar a few must sufsoe. Wotnen glove grain shoes, 70c The rXuiara" ret a dollar. A few don golu sheet la this lot at same price Woeo-ns fine turned shoes we sell for 2X5, worth more School shoe, warranted not to rip, we'll fix 'era If they do, cow 1.39, School shoe, me as above, 13 to 2, at ft .2 notfio. Kame oualitr. sires to at 0c not i.uo.

leader. May be we do, but we're Fall River, Kansas Not one minute elapses between the taking of Oae Minute Cough Cure and relief. Why shouldn't people take One Minute Cough Curef ibey should. they do truster A Co. SsUre le II eater.

The public I hereby wifiol that hunting will not Ue pertuitled ou the the ptcaie ot the naeri gned. and any ote duing so will be protecoaed aomrdiar to law. liiarmNl T.J. Morgan, M. Ithlaa.

A. IUtenoa, John Iry, A. Morgan. IeWlu's Witch llaz -1 Sal re cleanses purines and heal. It wa made for that purpose Ue It for burn, cuts, burise, chspped hands, sores of all description and If you have piles use It for them.

Truster A Co. A Leader. Since Its first introduction, Klectrlc Bluer hss gained rapMly In popular favor, until now it I clearly la the lead among pure medietas! tonics and alterativeo containing nothing which permits it use as a beverage or i a toxicant. It I recognised as the best and purest medlcf for all ailment cf the Mooiarn. loiter and Kidneys it will cure slckbea.laebe.

lodlgetioo, conti laxioo, and drive malaris from lbs tern. ratl faction sruaraouwd wit it each bottle or the money ill be refunded. I'rice oojy per bouic bold by iruaicr uo. A pious looking man snatched a lit tle woman's pocket book la a Xew York cable car. She jumped off the car after him and chaeed htm until her cries brought the police.

The thkf was arrested and the plucky littly we- man Is again carry log ber pocket book. A Sore Care far files. Itching piles are known by moisture Use respiration, causing Intense Itch lag when warm. This form a well a Blind, Bleeding or Protruding, yield at once to Dr. Boaaoko rile remedy which acts directly 00 parts effected, absorbs tumor, allsys Itching aod ef fects a permanent cure SOc f4J by A.

F. Defevers, druggist. 1-22-ly Free FasBpeiet Describing the reooorce of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arisooa, Xew Mexico and Csl If orals, may be had by addressing D. Fassenger Agent 1M. Ixml A Sao railway, lit.

lxniis. Mo. CSTMen tioo this paper. An Albany, X. V.

baby received a silver medal for a Christmas present. The baby made the trip from Albany to the World's fair with Its parents last September and did not even whimper 00 the way. The grateful passengers on the sleeping car took up a sebcrip tioa aod had the medal struck as aa expression of their esteem Burns are absolutely painless hen DC Witt's Witch flscel Halrels prompt ly spplied. This sutemeut true. A per fret remedy for skin diseases, chap-pel hand and Hps, and neter fails to dure piles Trailer Co, A.

D. MILLER, Attorney at Law. AND NOTARY PUBLIC, FaixIUtkr, Kamis. Insurance written. Collections made, "Deeds and Mortgage drawn and all Legal Business prompt! attended to.

A. W. MORGAN, Justice of the Peace, Fall River. Kassas. Deeds, Mortgages and legal Doco-umenU of every kind written up.

Collections promptly attended to. ZA27SAS ADVOCATE. SnSCTTTiTi A TTZOITS Local, Persszol Otiercrisa. 'Elder Jewltt Is holding a protracted over in Woodon-co. Now they are complaining of chicken thieves la and around Hamilton.

Cattle are being shippe to Hamilton to eat up the surplus corn of that section of country. John and James Iry visited with their aged mother at Paola, this state, several days last week. It Is said that reter reenter will be appointed postmaster of Climax In due time. So says rumor. The Madison Star has employed a foreman and otherwise improved the appearance of that paper.

"Mrs. I. IX Johnson has been taktng fcare ox oer lamer (. ki. ouonj I Unce the death of ber mother.

D. C. DrumhUIer, A. BIackms.ii, F. H.

Cunningham and ether, were in Curefcaoa business this week. Mr. McBrown has had three substantial pillars placed under bis ball floor, thus making it entirely solid. James Ivy, came In from his ranch In northeast Texas last week for a hol iday visit his with his brother John. We would be mighty glad to receipt every one of our subscribers up to the 1st day of Jan.lSOS.

Cone and see us. J. J. Brawley, an old citizen of this county, died at his home near Climax on Tuesday of last week from heart disease. Miss Berry has sued Dr.

L. J. Cunk- le, of Madison, for $3,000 damages, for Injuries claimed, to have been caused by defendant. Miss Austa Watson, of Eureka, was among the crowd of teachers who at tended the State Teachers' meeting at Topeka last week. We observe by an item In the Joplla Voice, that Ed Crews, one of Fall River's former young men, has commenced the study of book-keeping.

The Alliance-Colon at Eureka, has been sold to E. F. Hudson, a Greeu- wood-co. teacher. We suppose thl means fusion the next campaign.

MLss Laura Harris was an attendant at the State Teachers meeting last week. Miss II. Is determined to keep In the front rank of educational work Bud Wilcoxon recently received a sentence of ten months in the county Jail and a fine of one thousand dollars for doing the boot-legging act In Toron to, Woodson-co. A number of State papers are advo cating the nomination of State fSceiS by the primay election system. This is a sensible idea and should be given a trial.

It would be less expensive to the candidates than a convention. -The grip 'goes hard with old peo ple, and with old and young, medicine is required to neutralize it. The doc tors agree that the recuperative powers of the system is not enough to caue relaxation and expulsion of the tetrad oos trouble." It is a fact worth noting and rem cm beringthat the deficiency bill parsed by Congress and signed by the Presi dent contains a section declaring a oenelon to be a vested right to the ex eat that it shsll not be taken away or suspended except upou conclusive proof that It ws illegally or Improper ly granted. Wluoa County Clutcn..

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