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Kingman County Citizen from Kingman, Kansas • 5

Kingman County Citizen from Kingman, Kansas • 5

Kingman, Kansas
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New ffdoih nt Clinmberlaln'g. Hogs to sell at Chamberlln's. 36tf Go to Goldberg's dry goods and KIN'OMAN, KANSAS, COR. MAIN SHERMAN Kf EI Fh.i.ey, Kdltor and Proprietor TfiASK L. Snur.

Associate Kditor. I broom corn 36tf seed at Chamberlln's. FOR SALE. Parties desiring to purchase- aood stork cattlo should rail on mo at my ranch In Hooslor township 7 miles north-west of Kingman, where I have head of good, "well wintered young cattlo for salo. Post olllco Klugmau, Kansas.

Wilson Tctkhs, Juno 1st, 1881; 89f2 STRAY I) 6 STO LEN. A bay horso ponjy eight years old, shod all round, a bare spot on right hip about tho slzo of a man's hand, somo brands on horse. Had ou a picket ropo and pin when it left home. In formation leading to its recovery, loft at tho otlice, will bo liberally rewarded. E.

W. C. Paukkk. $10,000 FOR SCHOOL BONDS. School district officers who conitcm plato Issuing bonds will find it to their interest to call on Gossan Brothers Ss Bankers, beforo dis.

posing of their bonds. Blanks aud in formation regarding tho issuo of tho bonds furnished upon applica tion. Sltf WANTED IMMEDIATELY. A few good, first-class claims. Don' caro for extra improvements, but laud must bo good.

If incumbered, intcre must not bo too high. Wilt pay differ ence in Illinois' land or cash. Call ou John JI. Shup, at Kinsey Shup'i office. TO THE FARMERS.

Of Kingman and adjoining counties In consideration of tho poor crops for tho past two years, and in order to help secure what now promises to be an abundant yield, I will for. the next twenty days sell groceries at cost and carriage. Bacon at 10 1-2 cents per pound shoulders, 8 1-2 cents per pound. This ofl'er is made for the benefit of farmers only, and strictly for spot cash. In no instanco will I deviate from this.

Now is your time to lay in your supplies for harvest. 39 L. C. Almond. DISSOLUTION NOTICE.

The co-partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Jones Ss Toslyu, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts duo said firm to be paid to L. F. Jones, who will pay all debts against said firm. L.F.

Jones. E. W. JOSLYK. Marshall, May 20th, lsSl.

Mr. Joslyu remains at the old stand and will bo glad to see all his old customers, and as many new ones as can crowd in to see tho new spring stock. Come anil see us. Resp'y. L.

F. Jones. SUCCESS. The festival given at No. 80 last Wednesday evening for the benefit of N.

S. Arnold to rc-imbursc him for the use of his hall during the past year or two was a perfect ovation from our people and a just tribute to enc of Kingman's most generous, public spirited citizens. T5y 8 o'clock tho hall was lighted, when the elite of Kingman and vicinity began to gather until the hall was crowded to its utmost capacity, many persons being compelled to stay on the outside in the street on account of the want of room in tho hall. A long row of tables was spread, loaded down with tho finest of fruits, cakes, ice-cream, lemonade and all tho doli-casics of tho season, about which, a happy, joyous crowd assembled, keep ing tho tables filled until tho "wee sma hours," when tho assembled multitude silently wended their way to their sev eral homes after having spent ono of the most pleasant evenings of tho season. WOOL.

Wo give below the wool quotations for tho week ending May 26th St. Louis, May 20th, ISM. Tho market has been a little nioro active during the past few days. Prices aro not quotably higher, except for choice to fair medium wool, which is a shade stronger, We quote to-day's prices as follows Choice medium Wool .24 ft 24 Fair Conrfifi and low pradc (22 TJiCht lino mentio 18 Heavy 15 Choice tub-washed Low to fair .....10 Hurry and dirty wool lose, according to coudiliou. Corn, rlco corn and Chickens Hutching'.

wanted at Turner 89tf Dry goods and groceries at G. B. SlglcrV 34tf SHOES! SllOKSU Turner Hutchins still lead on 39tf shoes of all kind. Spring and summer clothing at Goldberg's Hutchinson storo ehcapor than any other houso lu tho city, 87tf A largo number of diseases aro caused by disordered liver. Cso Dr Marshall's Ilromol'me, tho big fifty cent 'Jyer Regulator.

Druggists sell it. Parties who have land tor salo or exchange will find It to their advan tago to call on or address Raymoud Grocu. 37tf To crcato a hearty aud regular tip- pititc and at tho samo timo have all kinds of food agrco with the 6tomach use Ball's Digestive salt at your table. nstcad of ordinary table salt, Sec ad vertisement in another column. 38t4 From tho amount of marblo slabs with silver labels on tho side, placed upon tho counter of C.

W. Myers wo should judge that Noyes would soon bo dishing up cold sweetened wind to tho girls and boys of Kingman and vicinity. Wo understand that John W. Sel-by folded bis tent like the Arab of old aud silently stolo away Monday night, lcaviug a largo number of anxious creditors to mourn his sudden depart ure and the democratic party of this county without a leader. Rome may bo only a rum, and hope but another name for deception and disappointment, but all those using Dr.

Marshall's Bromolinc, for costiveness, biliousness and dyspepsia can be cured. Big bottles, fifty cents. STB A i ED One bay pony marc (Texas) 6 years old, branded on left hip F. on neck 21, shod in front, halter on with snap in both ends. Any in formation concerning it will bo thank fully received.

1). II. Dickasox, Terrapin, Kingman county, Kansas. Hon. Geo.

D. Orner, of Medicine Lodge, passed through the city yester day, en route for Leavenworth, where he will nttendtho sitting of tho United States district court, as a juror. Mr, Orner, while here, called on the Cm- zkn and spent an hour or two in pleas ant conversation. Tho annual June ball will bo given at the new stone store building of Messrs. Babcock Ss Cravcraft, Friday evening Juno 10th.

First class or chestra music will be discoursed during the evening. II. Wait, floor manager E. F. Sliinn, prompter.

A general in vitation extended to all. Goo. M. Knox, Kansas Loan and Trust company's land inspector, spent a couple of days this week looking at Kingman county farms. Mr.

K. lias unbounded faith in tho futuro of this county aud has bought up a number of farms in different portions of the county, which ho will hold for a raise, Judge Peters won golden opinions from tho bar, jurors, and parties lit! gant, for tho courteous and dignified manner with presided during court last week. His instructions to the jury and rulings on points of law arc considered by the bar as being ex ccptionably good from legal stand point, stamping him as one of th ablest jurists in this state. P. J.

Conklin is removing the par tition walls from No. 80, and having tho samo fitted up for a town hall This is something that has become al most a necessity to our people as there is at present no place for holdiug pub lie meetings but at tho school house, Mr. will have the building fitted up in good style, well seated so that it will be, when completed, quite an ad vantago to our enterprising little city It Tas noised around on last Thursday, tho 26th, that the schoo teacher at Waterloo, J. W. Heche, was going to have comsauy.

A few select friends were called in to the reception aud when tho party arrived, it proved to be a young lady of very promising appearance, with whom the teacher was so well pleased, that ho dismissed school for the remainder of the week. that he might have an opportunity getting acquainted with tho fairyoun, stranger. It has been arranged that tho young lady will make her home for tho future with him, as his pupil. clothing houso lu Hntchlnsou tor bargains. 37tf If you want Information concerning tho land office rulings call on J.

II. Bross, as ho Is now taking nioro proots than anyono else in this couuty. 37tf Tho excess of exports over Imports of tha United States for tho year ending April 30th, 1881 was an increase of nioro than 80.000,000 over 1880. All cases of weak or lamo back, back-ache, rheumatism, will find relief by wearing ouo of Carter's Smart Weed and Belladonna Back-ache plasters. Price 2.1 cents.

New York Is making preparations to hold a grand music festival next year under tho superintendence of Theodore Thomas. $.,000 has nl rcadv been subscribed as a guarantee fund. Ladies who apprcciato elegance and purity aro using Parker's Hair Balsam. It Is the best artido sold lor estoring gray hair to its original color aud beaut v. 37U Remember that J.

C. Chamber- ainhas tho largest and best assort ment of ladies uross goods, prints, muslins, and all kinds of dry roods and groceries ever brought to ingman, which ho will sell for less money than any other house the south-west. Givo him a call when in town. 38tf Wo understand that a meeting will be held at the court houso Satur day at two p. m.

to make preparations for celebrating the 4th of July. We mpo that everybody who feels an in terest the success of the cclcbration will bo sure to be in attendance. We ought to have a rousing old timo this year, but if we defer action much ongcr it will be too late to make the necessary preparations. -Decoration day passed by without being in anyway fittingly observed by tho citizens of Kingman. Wo had loped that our people would sec tho necessity of at least calling a meeting to take the necessary steps to organize a cemetery company, but as it seems that no one can be found, who feels enough interest in the matter to call meeting for that purpose, wc will liave to "let the dead and the beauti ful rest." -The new combination ot smart weed and belladonna, -as used in Car ter's back-ache plasters has proved to bo ono ot tho best that could bo made, ono ot tneso popular plasters any case of weak or lamo back, backache, rheumatism, neuralgia, soreness of tho lungs, and you will bo sur prised and pleased by tho prompt re lief.

In bad cases of chronic dyspepsia a plaster 'over tho pit of tho stomach stops tho pain at once. Ask for Car tcr's Smart Weed and Belladonna back-acho plasters. Price 25 cents. Sold by W. N.

Porch. 38t4 Somo parties have started a bank in Kingman, and the other day they sent some trcighters to Wichita their safe. They got as far as after Mar- shall ou their return journey when, as they were crossing a mud hole, tUoun weildly thing toppled and fell into the pitddlo almost burying itselt out ot sight. The safe weighs forty hundred pounds, and how they will ever get It upon a wagon again is a mystery to us. Index.

Messrs. Graves and Bardwcll who had tho contract of bringing the safe from Wichita, reached hero with last Tuesday morning. Gossard 35ro.s Ss Co. have temporarily placed it in the storo building of L. C.

Almond, where it will remain until they build a suitable bank building, when it will be removed from its present location. THE WHEAT. It is always a sourco of pleasure for a newspaper to chronicle a good prospect for This is especially gratifying to us after experiencing a season or two of drouth, but wo aro pleased to say that at this writing tho indications are that wo will havo such a harvest in this county, as has never before been witnessed. Thousands of acres of wheat will yield from 25 to 30 bushels, while pieces that were considered badly winter killed lins, under tho influence of tho bountiful rams sinco Easter, grown rauk, well filled and as thick on tho ground as is necessary to make a good crop. 73 Convenient to tin buMm-a jiurtloncf Hint-it r.

SPECIAL l'AIXS TJUK) To Aecomiuoiluto CUSTOM. Doauu llv Tub XA.Y OH. W33333I3L JO-HOUSE KKW1.V t'U'un bod mitt tt talilo. Sun. Huuin, sstr W.

It, NICHOLSON. Proprietors of Stage, Mah ani Exi-kkss KINGMAN, MEDICINE LODGE. Daily Stago to and From Hutchiir sou. Tri-Weekly to and From Mcdicino Lodge. JCS-Flwt-rltiM llvi-ry uinl IW'tl stabl'-.

nmTl of court lioiiiw 84UUVU, Kingman Kansas. tib QHEE3ST. REAL ESTATE LOAN A(i KN'I S. Kingman, Kansas VOR RALE. luljolnlng town Bite of HKI.

CSAtltKS, our half mile from Kiw- JaVaVa mini, jj jjoilll WC-IIb of Wlltl'l', 1U1I-K under rulttviitimi, Inline liouxeltixlii, reiki-wullod up, irtmio etiililo ISxlS fret, vorriil one-four nciv fenced with wire and it idled fur' slock, lii iipijli- trecm, IVireKt tivee, tinii.r lictu'lnir, lilacklii-iTtes, etc. watered liy Niniie-Bc-uh river, etone quarry the land, three fuiirtliK niik- to court house, l'rico l'liruHn on aiiidicatlou. 'Mt' IL.01TID03Sr aPTTK-aPL-El, Absolutely SURE DEATH to Potato BUG One pound sent prepaid on receipt of 35 Wholesale Druggiat, Hutchinson, Kansa. 1 sect 2 i 5 2 Wv 7- 'f 3 a a 1 A 5' 3 R. 'U ALIOS Co.

Heart bar tri-' angle, triangle. Either kip. 1 Kingman, Kingman ooii.t-ty, Kansas Oomrxwl lanrelv of eowik-r. Mlc or IvinirJMH, is 1 REST ami CHEAPEST lubricator lutho world. Itislliebeet because it does not sum.

but forms a niKmy ponsnea unaca uv duolrfs friction and IlKrtte war the axie. re It in the cheapest because It costs no mors ining tn orurt, than Inferior brands, and one box w'il do tne worg ot two or any Ma4 a it Anuumm rwiliM.ll of any other Axle Crease MUi (tearing, Threshing- MachlnoR.Oorn-l'lHiJtrK Kiualiy well lor liarvtcwrf CartiafK-g. Biwin. an for Viuroim. GUARANTEED to contain no For Bale by afllirst-clims dealers, OT Clur Jwi Cyclopnlia of Thing Worth Knowing mnuru MICA MANUFACTURING CO.

31 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Floreston Colonic, A Now, Delightful sndFaihlonnble rerfnme. Exccodlnglr ltcfrcsiibg. Sold ty drupgtiti and fancy goodn dtalcrn. llltcox CliemlstK, N.

Singer, Buchn. Handrabo, Stilllugia andt many other of tho best medicines known are coin-J bined'so skillfully in Parker's Ginger Tcnx as to make it tae orsatest 0100a runner ana ins Host Health and Strength Ecslorer net nscd. T. I-u 8leeptetsneii, and all diseases of the and all Female Complaint. It you are wasting away witli or ionic to-uay, iNomancrv.n.u your symptoms may be.

it will surely help you, Remember! Tins Tonic cures drunkenness, is the Best Family Medicine ever made, tr.Urc!) different from Bitters, Ginger Preparations av.C iother Tonics, and combines tho best curative prop-ertiesof all. tuv a joC. bottle of t. None genuine without our signature on outMik wrapper. Hwnx Chemists New York.

DADbTDIC UAID DAI CAM Tobitiindrrnto- rnniaii limn unwnm 1 ncmical Kt.r Crtusj; rmTTCl mnybofnnnilonfll'-atOox iUlO JrAtiliiV p.ftowcll: Co'uNcM vuc Advertising Bureau (loflnr oe 1 T. a LOCAL LINKS. Commissioners meeting Monday. Oct your money of Wilson Tito Insnrnnco nont douo our town and country last week. Tito price paid for hutter imd ergs at G.

H. Slglcr's. 34tf Remember tho 4th of July nig Saturday, at 2 o'c lock in. meet- A good Khvard harvester for snlo at Clmmhcrlin's on easy terms. 89tf Tho court proceedings will bo fouud on another pnse.

Geo. Cubitt will accept our thanks for a nice mess of radishes. Capt.Misner was in tho cily Monday und Tuesday. Tako your butter Turner Hutchins'. and CL'flfS to 39tf Hazcltiuo and II.

A. Do Wolf called on our merchants yesterday. Jauo linugio tolls a good story on C. W. Sample about a pedigreed heifer, that Jako bought up in Ke'no county.

Parties borrowing money should call on Green before doing elsewhere. 35tt Judiro made a business trip to Wichita during the fore part of the week, returning Tuesday evening. lurncr Jiutciuns receive new goods every week and mark them low for the cash. 39tf Myriads of young toads have made their appearance during the rainy weather of tho past few days Judge Dcaty came up from Brigh ton last Wednesday, and spent the rc' inaindcr of the week in the city at' tending court. Pev.

James Hopkins, of Cowley county, is spending a few days in this county visiting his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and JSirs. Greer of Bel mont township. iicaa me new announcements in tins week's Citizen. If tho nominees selected at the primary election this year aro not good men, it will certain ly not bo for want of excellent matcrl al to select from.

J. Roberts brought us in a gooc mess of new potatoes Monday, that ho raised on his farm south-east of town, -Too is one of our rustlers who al ways has his crops planted in time to raise something. Invitations arc out for a grand ball at Babcock Craycraft'a new stone building Friday evening, June 10th. Vanfossan.will get up the supper in magnificent style for 50 cents a couple, with free lemonade to all holding supper tickets. Wm.

Cox was up from the Clri-caskia country last week attending court, and while hero entered into the examination for admission to tho bar, but failed on account of not having studied the required length of time. Bill is one of the plucky chaps and we have no doubt will be nblo to go through all right by October. Mr. John II. Simp, member of the firm of Simp, Johnson loan brokers of Newton, Illinois, is visiting his brother, Frank L.

Shup, junior editor of the Cjtizkx. Mr. S. will remain here for several days looking at the couutry, with which, he is very favorably impressed, and may at some time in the future move his family hero and become a permanent resident of this county. 1' or several weeks past wo have been1 publishing occasional letters from tho pen of Noble Prentis, one of the most brilliant and versatile writers in this state, who has been traveling through tho south, observing the cm toms aim conditions ot too people that section of the country and writ ing them up for the Atchison Champion.

These letters have a peculiar interest for the old veterans who marched through the south, thousands of whom will doubtless eagerly read especially the ono wo reproduce this week, which will recall to tho memory of many an cx-prisoucr the terrible sufferings they endured within the gloomy walls of Libby linson. -1 i.

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