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The Denison Leader from Denison, Kansas • 3

The Denison Leader from Denison, Kansas • 3

Denison, Kansas
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The beautiful Dreamer Slept On. EDITOR LEADER: 'The following may be of Interest to two young no one else. Two of our Industerous young men left word with the cook to have breakfast early Friday morning, as they wanted to do a big days work and attend a select party in the evening. Four o'clock p. m.

tound them on their way to supper with a little less than 100 bushels of corn to the credit of each. Finding it to early to dress, they streatched their manly forms on their downey couch to regall a moments in the arms' of Morpheous. The result was a peaceful night of sweet repose and two nice young ladies are still wondering why they did not attend the social. Ica Kennedy is on the sick list. Will Merriot is building an addition to his barn.

J. J. Doyle and wife ate dinner Sunday with friends at High Prairie. Wm. Hale and wife dined with Marshall's folks Sunday.

Henry Housh, is improving lads place by digging a well. Mary Marshall is looking after the wellfare of Mrs. F. M. Smith.

See the Christmas goods at the Hummer. Last Thursday evenings dance was a great success. S. A. Kennedy is rejoicing over the fact that he has his corn all husked.

We are glad to report Mrs. Leeson off the sick list. Jay Rifenbury returned from Nebraska yesterday. The Hummer will save you money on Holiday goods. Some nice, bright, spicy Christmas bargains have just been received at the Hummer.

The nicest assortment of Men's and adie's ties ever shown in Denison now on display at the Hummer. Ed. Lyons school has been closed on account of small pox scare. No more school at "48" until after the holidays. Albums, Work Boxes, Cuff and Collar boxes, Toilet sets, chief and Glove boxes, at the Hummer.

There was a birthday surprise parity on Andy Early, last Faiday eve and a good time reported. T. C. shipped another car of hogs to K. C.

last Thursday night. J. accompanied the car. Coleman and Lanning were "corned under" last Thursday, having on hand 10 car loads of corn and no cars. Clarance and Clint Allen, of Oskalooska, are in the city visiting at O' Neal's.

Mr. and Mrs. McAllexander of Mayetta, attended church at Denison Sunday. Misses Roberts and McConnell report having learned the art of cycling last Saturday. Misses Wright and Gilleece went to Holton, last Saturday to attend Teacher's Association.

Lloyd Bowser, who has just recovered from a long siege of Typhold fever was in Denison Saturday. Mrs. O'Neal returned home Thursday after a few days visit with her son at Guffs. Owing to lack of cars, Coleman and Lanning after filling their elevator with corn have been compelled during the past week to pile large quantities on the ground. Dan Stott reports the fine Dwelling of J.

C. Torrences completed. Mr. Torrance has a ine place, the house is fitted up in the most modern shape with hot and cold water throughout. We acknowledge receipt of a poem from a llolton poet which will appear in our next issue.

There will be a Christmas tree at the Christian church, also one at the Methodist church, and a ball at the City Hall Christmas eve. Verily Denison is booming. Word was received today announcing the serious illness of Mrs. Ridgway (nee Miss Lyons), and her aunt, Mrs. A.

E. Cline left for Valley Falls this afternoon to be at her bed side. Miss Bulah McConnell sustained a fall on her way home from church' Sunday night, resulting in a seriously strained or fractured arm. It is, we beleive, quite al frequent occurence for arms to get "out of place" after church, but this Incident proves more puluful and serious than the ordinary. CEDAR VALLEY SCHOOL, We are a live.

Walter Coleman, from Denison, made our school a pleasant visit last Friday. C. Trimble is moving to Boyles Station, Jefferson county, this week. Mr. Bohannon will occupy the honse vacated by Mr.

Trimble. Steve Early shelled corn Monday. A. Tripp came from Belvidere, last week to spend the winter with his folks. Miss Minnie Barnett visited our school last Friday.

John Roles and wife were calling on friends in this neighborhood the first of the week. C. Coleman and F. M. Brenneman, treated themselves to new heaters last week.

C. Campbell and Joseph Mann traded farms last week. We are sorry to loose his children from school but our loss is anothers gain. Stella. Bohannon missed school Friday and Monday.

The Ross girls are out of school temporarily on account of their mother's absence. We have a new grate in our school house stove. John Nell is expecting a visit from a nephew in the near future. CEDER RIGHT. N.

B. -The above was written for last weeks issue but failed to reach us in -Ed. LARKIN LIGHTS. BY Mr. Gibson and Steve Artman took a trip to Eftinghan Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Flowers of Colorado, are visiting at Ed. Wards. Jim Richard took a flying trip to Arrington, Friday.

Ada Puckett and her mother went to Holton Saturday. Frank Ward and Miss Nellie Akright were pleasent callers at the Larkin school Friday, Miss Josie Monagham visited the school Monday. Spelling contest at Arrington the 11th benween Larkin, Arrington and Coal Creek schools. There will be an entertainment at Marble Hall, in Arrington Friday, given by the Arrington school. Proceeds for the benefit of the school 11- brary.

George Jhonstone was seen on the streets of Larkin Monday evening. County Supt. Jhon Kloppstein visited the school Wednesday. Albert Zuelke started to school Tuesday. The dance at Dave Dutt's Friday was a grand success- -socially.

Oysters were served the merry dancers at twelve o'clock, at the hotel, by Mrs Rose Walton. The rocking chair which the Gibson Bros. present their patrons are very nice. Mrs. Sweany got the first one and Mrs.

Carry Foulk the second one. Will Van Wagoner and Miss Berry of Effingham, were at the dance Friday night. Miss Gertie Douglas is visiting friends in Denison this week. A. Watson went to Will Marriott's Tuesday to work on a barn.

Lee Clinkinbeard of DeKalb is in our neighbarhood at present. looking after his farm two miles South of Larkin. Santa Claus has sent his first consigmment of Christmas goods to Gibson Bros. Enough for a Christmas gift to all. The Larkin school is very busy preparing an entertainment and Christmas tree, for the "night before Christmas." Come and help us have a good time.

Orval Cobler, three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cobler of this city, died at 4:20 Monday morning, after a protracted illness occasioned by drinking lye about a year ago. Rev. Coole conducted short funeral services at the residence at 10: a.

m. Tuesday, after which the remuns were intered in New Harmony cemetery. Our elevator is humming these days--Coleman Lanning are utilizing the vacant lots about town, on which to store king -which Is rupidly rolling in. BIRMINGHAM BREVITIES. is Coming! "he pretty things in HOLIDAY GOODS at the HUMMER was never equaled in Denison, and the prices Make your head swim! Sets you crazy! Presents nice enough to satisfy the fattest purse; Pretty sensible presents cheap enough to accomodate the leanest pocketbook.

You will miss it if you purchase your Holiday, Wedding or Birthday Presents before calling on the only HUMMER and original the only and original HUMMERS! EXPRESTION OF GRATITUDE: We hereby desire to express heartfelt gratitude to all those who so kindly and generously extended aid and sympathy during the sickness and death of our little son. Mr. and Mus. H. W.

COBLER. Glancing out of our santumn at one time this afternoon, we beheld fourteen loads of corn waiting for an opportunity to drive on to the scales. The holiday season is here and so is my Stock of all kinds of Christmas goods. Come and select your goods before the holiday rush. J.

M. HEDRICK. The Cubian Pickenchalk seemes to be quite fashionable. FOR SALE. Three good milch cows, one good heifer calf, one brood sow and several choice young sows.

Inquire of MORRIS ASHTON, Denison, Kan. Please mention that you saw this notice In the LEADER. STOCK SALE. I will sell at public sale, at my place one half mile north of. Denison, SATURDAY, 15, 1900.

Commencing at 12.30 p. the following property. Thirty head of cattle, consisting of 16 milch cows, part with calves at their side, and some to be fresh soon, one 2-yr-old heifer, 10 head of calves, 6 heifers and 4 steers, 3 short horn bulls, one 2 year old, 1 yearling, and I bull calf. Four head of horses consisting of 1 brood mare sired by Evermond, one 3 year old driving gelding, one 2 year old colt and 1 yearling tilley. Twelve head of shoats, 1 low farm wagon, also a new spring wagon with canopy top and one new top buggy will be offered for sale.

Terms. -Nine months time with 5 per cent interest with approved security. Ten per cent interest will be charged from date if not paid at maturity; 5 per cent discount for cash. All property must be settled for, befor leaving premises. J.

M. CHESTNUT, Blacksmith. John Dutt, Auctioneer. BY LOOKOUT. The Misses Benton's gave very pleasant party last Thursday evening.

Geo. Barker of Holton, was in town on business. J. R. Dutt and Al Eddington, are busy butchering.

John Heisey and Miss Lizzie drove to Holton yesterday. Sunday school add church was well attended Sunday on account of the weather. A good sermon. The Modern Woodman have a specdal meeting 13. Miss Fannie Wark is acting as clerk in John Winslow's store.

Roy Margium was busy last week bailing hay, which he shiped. L. L. Elledge and wife were in Birmingham on Saturday. Dr.

Adams is having rock hauled for his foundation. John Winslow has his new Xma8 supplies. John Kennedy was in Sunduy again. Harry Dutt is having a well drove on his farm. There was a pleasant evening spent by many at Geo.

Millers home last week. Charles Liedy has his well complete and water flowes freely. J. B. Heisey is anticipating on golog to Pennsylvina, Christmas.

We ought to have another turkey shooting Christmas. The elevator is doing a good business lately. Miss Dickey of Holton, was the guest of Miss Penton Suuday. She Knew. Little Nettle was learning to read and part of her lesson ran thus: "The cat has rat." "Hugh!" she exclaimed, "the man who wrote this book didn't know much.

Cats don't have rats; they have -Kansas City Star. Wisdom Born of once. Little Willie- "What do they call a man who lives In Paris, pa?" Pa (who has just returned from the esposition)- Parisite, my 802." Kansas City, North Western Time Table. East Bound. No 14 Accomodation 6:17 a.

m. 12 Mail 1:57 p. m. 44 104 Local Freight 11:40 p. m.

West Bound. No 11 Mail 10:49 a. m. 13 Acconvodation 7:23 p.m. 103 Local Freight 3:13 a.

m. W. I. GROFF. Agt.

No ver a river but brims and Alls By the ald of numberless little rills." Beloit flour at the Hummer. New sorghum molasses at Hedrick's Pencil boxes with lock and key, 5c. each at the Hummer. John Henry Taylor was in the city today. Mrs.

Gardiner, of Holton visited relatives in the city Saturday and Sunday, returning Monday. From the way our new butcher is stocking up, looks like there would be no more trouble about plenty of meat. Nathan Clark, a brother of D. W. Clark.

died at his home near Netawaka yesterday, from typhoid fever. 'Mrs. Geo. Ross returned from Missouri Sunday. Sue reports her motiter improving.

The celebrated "Red Wind" stoneware, any size from galon to 20 galou at the Hummer J. W. Marshall who has been on the sick list all last week is again able to be on our streets. Advertise your sale notices in the LEADER and get your hand bills printed at this office. The best line of Arctics, Felts aud overs, Rubber boots that money can buy, is now on sale at the Hummel.

If you have property for sale of exchange list it with the LEADER exchange. For neat job printing matter what send your orders to the LEADER. Lowest prices and satisfaction guar anteed. Low Rates on Gold Cote. Immense quantities of gold al'e shipped nowadays across the ocean, and the danger of loss is so small that the precious stuff may ho insured at 80 low a rate as one-tenth of 1 per cent.

It is Insured Just like so much grain, and the documents written in old-style legal phrases, guarantee its safety against all perils of the seas, including "men-of-war, fros, enemies, pirates, rovers, thieves, jettisons, letters of marque reprisal. takings at sea, arrests and detainments of all kings, princes," etc. very large trans-Atlantic steamship his on board a treasure-room, which is great steel box, built much like a vault on land. Pottery from a Tomb. The Para museum has recently issued the exploration of the mortuary vaults constructed by a former race of Indians on the banks of 'he Rio Cunany and of the pottery found therein.

These vaults or pits were about seven feet deep and half that in diameter, closed above by a granite disk and at the bottom expanding into a somewhat hemispherical chamber in which the pottery was found. This consisted of a number of vases and flattened dishes of quaint and graceful shapes decorated with elaborate nattorne In E. MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY Fast Mail Route 5 RUNS 4-DAILY TRAINS-4 BETWEEN Louis EQUIPPED WITH PULLMAN BUFFET SLEEPING CARS RECLINING CHAIR CARS (BRATS) AND ELEGANT PARLOR CARS RON MOUNTAIN ROUTE THE ONLY LINE TO THE Famous Hot Springs of Arkansas (THE CARLSBAD OF AMERICA). All principal cities in the United States are reached via the Missouri Pacifio Railway ASK Your particulars, Nearest or Agent address for tickets and CHAS. E.

STYLES, Pass. Ticket Agt. ATCRISON, KAS. U. C.

TOWNSEND, Gem I Pass. Ticket ST. LOUTS, NO..

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