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Kingman Morning News from Kingman, Kansas • 4

Kingman Morning News from Kingman, Kansas • 4

Kingman, Kansas
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RAILROAD TIME TABLES Robinson Bros, offer Groat Bargains in White Goods, Em broidories, Lacos, launs anil all Summor Goods. KINGMAN, PKATT fSTK.VTKHK. Time Table No. 8 In effect June 33, HOTEL, arrivals. Bank.

The public library will be a success. THE MORNING NEWS. Vote tor the bonds. BO. 1.

WEST STATIONS. NO. 8 HAST. "Work is progressing on the Catholic 10:35 a. m.

It. 5:15 p. m. If you want a nice rocker, P. Summer's.

go to C. 183-tf HULL. Manager. 11:40 church. NO- 3905.

11:21 4:4 p.m. 4:29 p. m. 3:55 p.m. SATRUDAY, JULY SO.

1887. 11:37 11:55 Saratoga is be- D. S. Cook, President. B.

W. Hinton. Vice-President. W. E.

Ma ward Cashier. W. W. Ceamness, Assistant Cahier. Wichita Several capitalists from The Clifton house of ing moved to Pratt.

LACLEDE. Smedley, Turon; A Church, Wichita; Davis, A Crooke, St Joe; Parker, Hollings-worth, Phila; Henry Hamptraan, St Joe; Kimmerley, Crist, Wichita; were in town yesterday. 13:05 p. in. 12:28 p.

in. 12: IS p. in. ANNOUNCEMENTS. i Pratt 3:4 p.m.

Cullison I 3:34 p. m. Haviland 2:53 p. Brenfaam 2.35 p.m. lar.Greensb'; 2.20 p.

A niece of Mrs. Judge Whitelaw is Vote for the- Union Pacific bonds on the first day of next August. 1 p. ni, 1:18 p. in.

1:35 p. in. in the city from Dodge on a short visit. Foley et ux, City; Brown, Johnson, Greensburg; Several of the leading citizens of Trains No. 1 and 3 will ran daily.

Let the city fathers turn the channel sheriff. 1 hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Kingman county, subject to tho decision of the Democratic of the Pokomoke, and the marshal kill Norb Gunzburger, 2f Lacey WICHITA WE8TERN. FIRST NATIONAL Bank of Kingman. CAPITAL, S50.000.00. JDoes a General Banking Biosiriess.

East side North Main Street, Kingman. Pratt contemplate going to Las Vegas Tuesday. For the howling dogs. Time Card No. -ln effect September 21 IP.

Hutchinson, Terry, Kingman; I A Fisher, Hutchinson; Dover, Chicago; Atchiuson, St Louis; 1 have a five room house with a good county convention. J. C. McClelland. We are authorized to annonce tho name or O.

C. Brlcker as candidate for the office of sheriff of Kingman county, subject to the decision of tho itepublican county cellar, well and cistern tor rent. Newburger, Piiila; Leller, 183-tf JJr. s. Kesner.


4 7 5) pa 4o lv.Wi l.itA..ur K'JOam 7 15 7 59 8 62 Ave. Vl" 7 06 830" 24" Goddard 73M 63ZM 8 44" 38" Plain. 7 So" 617" 8 58 61" 711 BOB" 917 1011" 653 6 43 9 40" 10 35 30 5 30- BDyehr, Maine; II Garge, Topeka; The north and south road through Kinsman county will add $500,000 to Geo Albee, Ninnescah; Ransom, A Patterson, Wichita; A Hartshorn, Kiowa. Furniture, Carpets, Etc. Hon.

Isaac Rush informs us the new three story brick on avenue A will be ready for occupancy by the first of September. Our esteemed cotemporary up the street has another lesson for the News. It is not history this time, but the 'critic'' is as far oil as usual; and to add insult to injury, he spells "Greek" with a little This may be correct, but it looks odd to a printer. our assessable property. Trains No.

2 and 3 will run daily. All other trains daily except Sunday. 1 and 4 etxid Carpets At the last council meeting not one run in connection witn k. v. railroad kindly word was spoken for the Poko- trains for CuUison.

E. HOLBKOOK. RIVERSIDE. A Rrock, Nashville, Kas; II Weatherly, City; Geo McGaugu. Albright, Spivey; McClan-ahan, City; Walker, Fort Scott; A Are you wanting Agent.

moke. Poor old Pokomoke. COUNTY I'LKItK. 1 hereby announce my name as a cunUldate for tie Ropublluun nomination for county clerk. My record as an official and otherwise I am willing to leavo with my constituent and will abldo by the result.

Charles Kickma n. We arc authorized to announco tho name of J. J. Stevens as a candidate for tho office of County Clerk of Kingman county, subject to the decision of tho Republican County Convention. DENVER, HKMFII I Jc TI.CTIC KT.

call and If you want a center table P. Sum 1834f see the immense stock at C. mer's furniture store. FDRN1TDRE, CARPETS, OIL Several more candidates make their Hill, Eldorado: Heade, Wichita; Chetopa Time Table No. 11.

In effect June 9. 1W. aiinouiicenieiits in this issue, and more Baldwin, Cees Sunimitt; More, The thermometer indicated 119 in Cloths, Mattings, Shades, Lace Curtains. the sun yesterday "at three o'clock. Cullipon: McCandless, Allen, Medicine Lodge; M.

JRedfern and wife, Greenville 111; Lute, Hellen Blazes, but it was hot. WEST. EAST TRAIN S3 STATIONS. TRAIN No.l. gg Koo 9 a.

.0 Ar. Belle. Plalne. Lv. siTiHUp.

8:30 10.7 Oxford. 9.7 7:00 9.7' 7:30 a. 30.4 Lv. Winfleld. Ar.

.0 8:00 UNDERTAKERS GOODS! will follow in the near future. One thing is certain, and that is that the people of Kingman county will have plenty of good timber from which to select their officials at the coming election. KKOISTKR OV DEEDS. We are authorized to announco the name of Isaac W. Hush for the office of Register of Deeds, subject to the Republican county All purchasing tickets from King man or points west tor Wichita tne Kansas BALL HOUSE.

Joe Gibson, Geo Rush, Trains rnn dailv and connect at Belle Plainn tW RemembePthat C. P. SUMMERS carry a large line at low prices. TULL BLOCK, MAIN STREET, We are authorized to announce tho name with Missouri Pacific trains to and from the west. D.

J. Thatbr. Minneapolis; Weaver, Stafford; Green, Ceice; Heudre, Wichita. of Frank C. Leach as a candidate for the Register of Deeds of Kingman county, subject to the decision of the Republican Chief Engr.

and Gen. Manager. DENVER, MEMPHIS ATLANTIC Time Table No. 3 In effect June 30, County Conveatlon. day of the Las Vegas excursion, take a receipt for the money, which will be refunded by T.

B. Mills, at Las Vegas. 200-tf C. B. Jordan is having two handsome cottages erected in Thornburg's addition in the northeast part of the city.

Musical instruments and sewing machines of all classes and descriptions repaired, furniture upholestered and repaired on short notice and at reason Is it not high time that a stop was put to the driving of droves of bron-choes and beards of cattle at full speed along the principal streets, as has been done in several iustances within the past few days? Danger has been caused to life and limb at every crossing THE WEATHER. Rains are reported in New York and Pennsylvania. Slight ram yesterday F. M. WELLSFORD, President.

F. P. NOBLE, Secretary. We are authorized to announco the name WEST. EAST.

in eastern Kansas on the Neosho river. STATIONS. of J. H. White as a candldato for Register of Deeds, subject to the decision of the repub So 233 1 Fo 223 9 224 Vt 2iS WILL: lican county convention.

Belle Indications for to-day showers western Kansas with high wind. 6.30A, AT at a Crosslnu-i 9.UU 9.18 9.32" 9.55 I Grapes for sale by W. T. Peel. Kiverilule :.10 44 11.40.

Anson 15.50 and it is the general opinion that the time has arrived when an example should be made. l8-tt A Thriving Town of 350 Inhabitants. 7.30' 8.001 9.00 THE DEPREDATING HEN. 'lv 10.45 I .45 able rates by L. C.

McMillan, at Lane Book Store. All work guaranteed or .20 10.30 Bananas always lor sale by W. T. 9.35' no pay. im-u Of all the things in nature that afflict the sons of Pekl.

186-tf 10.10' Located in the eastern part of Kiowa county, and surrounded by one of Milton Norwich ja.00 Bt-luiont 4.35 In our announcement columns appears the name of Charles Rickman, men, W. M. Wallace, of Illinois, is the 7.62 7.3a" 0.40 8.15 5.15 the best agricultural counties to be found in southwestern Kansas. It is on 11.00' There is nothing that I know of beats the depre If you want a good steak call at the Union meat market. 190 lmd AhimnlH.

guest of S. K. nowe. Mr. W.

is look dating hen; the lme of the following railroads: The Kansas Pacific and Western, Den 11.32" 12.10 10.46 10.58" 11.20 11.32" 11.50 12.40 12.55 Kinirman U.05 If you see a wild eyed woman firing: brickbats ing up a location, and admires ver, Memphis and Atlantic, and the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific, all K. Crossing from the shea, Penttlosa. 3.30 For sale by W. T. Peel.

Plums! lBB-tf of which Ere now under construction, and will be completed the following You can bet a hen has busted op her little flower 2.30 3.15 3.02 4.30 4.05 3.40 3.10 3ftt" bed. summer. Turon Nola ar Stuiii.rd lv Cigar Maker Wanted 1 wish a 1 3.40 She plunders and she acratches, she cackles and .43 shoe store for a 117-tf. 1.35 4.25 Go to the Boston neat lit in tine shoes. 1 2.30 she hatches.

good cigar maker, one thoroughly capa-le and steady. To such a one steady And forty thousand cowboys couldn't keep her In who is a candidate for the Republican nomination for county clerk. More words could not convey the high reputation Mr. Rickman enjoys in this county where he was one of the pioneers, has been favored with responsible official positions and never failed in hi3 trust. Should he receive the nomination the Democracy will have to hnnt up better timber than is now in sight in order to beat him.

Close connection with all roads lendinir We have the finest ot business and residence lots for sale cheap. Will sell on easy terms, one-third cash, one-third in six months, and one-third in a pen: north, south and east. Soo advertisement in ladies at 147-tf. She was sent on earth to fret us, to excoriate tho Brooks Bros, fine shoes for tho Boston shoe stove. another column ot this lMUKT.

employment will be given auu the best of wages paid. Apply at once, either personally or by letter, to C. T. Wilson, 168-tf Coldwater, Kansas. W.

J. VAN PELT, Apeiit. lettuce; She'a a thoro' going nuisance, is the depredating twelve months For fnrther information call on or address. Th.e WrellsfbTdL To wn Company, hen. Groceries.

A little moisture now and thenar I threw a brick and missed her, as she hustled out WELLSFORD, 8stf KANSAS. Omar Gillette Go. my beans, But Julius Caesar's statue waa smashed to Gents see those linekanagroo shoes at the Boston shoe store. 147-tf. Children's shoes, all kinds and sizes at the Boston shoe store.

H7-tf. Agency Best Brewing Nevada, Mo. The best beer made. relished by the best of men, including residents of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Kansas. I saw her digging rifle pits where I'd put my (SUCBSSORS TO) A petition has been filed in the district court setting up a queer cause of action.

It seems that in 1878 one E. G. Boardwell, aged sixty-three years, pansiesin, I fired a good sized rock and hit my hired man on Take advantage of the cheap rates to Las Vegas, N. Aug. 2nd.

Round the shin. Grdllette GKllette W. T. Peel She busts aU bounds and shackles, she giggles Lemons! For sale by 186-tf and she cackles, was married to a widow with eight children. In 1884 the family removed She makes me say some earnest things I haven't Wanted.

A good cook in hotel. time to pen. Address Box 52, Ninnescah, Kas. I never used bad language, but now I'm filled to Kingman county, where they now reside on the northeast quarter of sec with anguaee. Florida and California oranges for HEADQUARTERS FOR Alasl Trts broke the record, thro1 that depredat trip from Wichita, $27.50, with a rebate of 30 per leaving the round trip $19.25, with tickets good for 90 days.

For further particulars inquire of W. M. Inman, Kingman. 200-tf Since the News opened a broadside against the police commission, the peddlers of the petion have "taken to the woods." FOR SALE. sale very cheap by W.

T. Peel. 186tf ing hen. This space is reserved for Thompson Weaver, the leading Main street druggists. They carry a complete stock of drugs, medicines and toilet articles.

Prescriptions carefully compounded by graduated pharmacists. tion thirty-six, township twenty-seyen of range six. The petition alleges that in 1865 said Boardwell was married in But now thro' out my cabinet there floats a pleas Choice New York State Cream Staple and Fine ant smell. Cheese at Omar Gillette 181-tf Dent county, Illinois, to the plaintiff, And the reason for that perfume isn't hard to tell: who was seized of considerable prop- If you want luscious peaches you can i mam a nrt A For when I rose this morning, saw my cabbage get them or r. i'eel.

ioo-ii perty at that time, amounting in the bed a wreck, I caught that depredating hen and fiercely wrung aggregate to some $50,000, which her neck; Boardwell persuaded her to sell; that mm ie then took the money and left the I hear her fizz and crackle, no more she'll scratch and cackle, Or make my summer garden look like some hyena's den. Bathroom fixtures consisting of heater, boiler, two bath tubs, two lamps, two comb cases and glass, two and a half dozen towels, two wooden chairs, oil cloth, bath brushes, water cocks, etc. Will sell cheap. Enquire of or address, A. O.

Parks, Kmgman, P. O. box 303. 196-tf plaintiff, and that without having procured a divorce married again in She far too long has bossed me, she far too much has cost me, ril eat at luncheon time today a hundred dollar hen. The Khan.


Notary Public. Missouri and finally removed to this county. The petitioner seeks to secure the land, alleging that it was her money with which it was purchased Choice New York State Cream Cheese at Omar Gillette Cos. 181-tf Order your beer from the agency Best Brewing Nevada, Mo. 184-tf July apples for sale cheap by W.

T. Peel. 186-tf i Choice New York State Cream Cheese at Omar Gillette 181-tf For city loans and prompt attention call on A. U. Pauling Co.

77-tf. A few choice farm loans wanted at once. Apply to A. R. Darling Co.

88-tf Mr. J. M. Troutman, of Kingman, A "tabor Saver, accompanied by his sister, Miss Flora, Keep constantly on ire recuperating at the Sheard Nin and that she is the only lawful wife of Boardwell. nescah Herald.

The attorney who commenced the BOUSMAN WILLIAMS, General Real Estate Dealers and Loan Brokers. hand all kinds of goods in our line and always F. J. Westfall, a carriage-builder of twenty-nve year s. experience nas re action resides in Missouri.

The defendant, Boardwell, is now 74 years old. cently bought the blacksmith shop on avenue east near Main street, for at the lowest prices. erly run by G. It. Jjennett, ana is prepared to do all kinds of wagon and PERSONAL, MENTION.

Mrs. Coe is visiting her son at Stafford City Property a Specialty. Greeusburg. carriage work. Geo.

W. Jones is his horse-shoer, and can be found at his old stand. Horse-shoeing, wagon and carriage repairing neatly done. All D. II.

lihodes yesterday visited his The only full and com brother at Cario. Office first work guaranteed. 167-lm Fifty thousand acres of fine farm lands at low prices and on easy tonus. door north of Farmers' Bank, Stafford, Kansas. Geo.

Ninnescah Herald D. McKenzie, road master on the Don't forget the Boston shoe store when you want to buy a good shoe or boot. U7-tf. Call on W. 11.

Huruer, at the Union meat market for fresh or salt meats. 190-1 md Remember your wife and little ones by presenting them with a certificate in Bankers Life and Trust Co. 20-tf To RjfiNT Some good residences in various parts of the city. tf Jas. P.

Mead Co. To Let. 3 roomed house, very cheap. 201-tf P. J.Conklin.

plete line of was in the city yesterday. W. intends removing his family W. R. Hodgson has been appointed to Kingman as soon as he can scure a notary public for Kingman county.

good house. He prefers Kingman to jcm p. irakep FINE GROCERIES Salmons sold a lot on avenue Wichita. FRISCO LINE. east, to Mr.

Sheafer yesterday for $1,200. Passengers going to any point east "Why, Tom, what on earth are you doing with that dog?" "Oh, this an idea I have been working with success for some time. You see, I just throw myself in the water and the dog does the swimming. It saves a great deal of labor." Judge. The Power of Sympathy.

First Councilman You don't look welL Second Councilman My wife's pet dog was sick, and we was up all night with it. The dpg died this morning. "What was the matter "The doctor said it was blood poisoned by bad air." CITY REAL ESTATE AND LOAN OFFICE. IN THE CITY- or north should remember thi3 popu John Martin, formerly in the em lar line. They are running i'uiiman and day coaches on all trains from ploy of D.

II. BJiodes, returned to Sar Lost. A small watch charm by Charles Rank. Finder can get reward atoga Tuesday. Wichita to St.

Louis without change connect! at St. Louis union depot Miss Hallie Jordan returned yester Sole Representative for the Kansas Loan and Investment Company pf Wichita, Kansas. Goods delivered to any part of the city free. by leaving same at tnis oince, c. i Summer's, the popular urni with all lines to tne tamous summer resorts.

Through tickets may be ob day from a week's visit with friends turn dftaler. carries a complete stock of tained at the union depot office, Jung "Well, welll Are you goin' to get another arneta and undertakers goods. 183-tf man. m-tt dogf I just sent for one." City Real Estate and Insurance a Specialty. will iriv, vou more goods in my Li.

li. Amirman sold iarm near WE WILL NOT BE line for the same money than any other ''Let me know when it comes. Ill see that the streets and alleys are kept clean in your Mabel to Wilson Toms and has opened a grocery store on North Main house in town. o. y.

summer 183-tf. UNDERSOLD. neighborhood evn if I have to vote money street, between avenues and C. He for another poUceman." Omaha Vyprld. One Way of Expressing It.

Try our Standard 2,60 per k'sitin. it cives utmost satisfaction. Omar Gillette will erect a handsome residence and City and farm loans made on short notice. Agency Best lire wing Nevada, Bays Harper's Bazar: "Our language is singularly deficient; we have no word to remove his family to this city. Meala on the European Plan.

117 MAIN STREET. Mo. Wm has remodeled th old represent fiance or fiancee; 'my daughter's beau' is old fashioned; 'my daughter's young If you want to gather snow in August iro on the excursion to Las near Wellington. S. T.

Scott, of Kansas City, a gentleman apd a brother-in-law pf M. M. Kennedy is in the city. T. W.

Coverdale and family have gone east. Mr. C. will purchase a large stock of fall goods while absent. Mayor I.

W. Hendry, of Norwich, was in the metropolis yesterday learning how to boom cities by observation. E. B. Wykera, or Kingman, was in the city last evening and stepped into the Eagle office a few minutes.

Wichita Eaqle. Mrs. I. W. Decater, of Witchita, an old hiend Mrs.

Venable, passed through the city yesterday on a visit to relatives at Graensburg. James Serviss, conductor on the K. Jlw tl Shinn Clay restaurant and is now pre man' is very countrified; 'my daughter! Vecati. N. 2nd.

Tickets pared to turnish meals at all hours and Private rooms for signing' mortgages. Business so desired will be strictly confidential. lover' is scarcely a proper phrase; so we have to order. Everything the market at good ft ninety days. 202-4t 11EKK( HKKK! i fords is served at his restaurant, oppo Office Nq.

25 west side Main street, near Laclede Hotel, For Sale, Trade or Exchange. 2 houses and 8 site the Laciedij. near the P. O. Mr to beat about he bush unless we adopt the French word." A Noirristown youth doesn't experience the difficulty complained of by The Bazar.

He calls him "that measly dude who's Eweefc on my sister," and lets it go at B. Neubauer, Nevada, is selling "Wm. Lemp's Anhauser-Busch and the N. has fitted this room up in excellen Kingman, Kansas. shape for the accommodation oi the public.

The only place in town where Uudweltter a imager ueer. m-u LOST. that. iTorristown Herald. any kind ot an order will be niied 199-tf J.M.

8. P. R. W.HODGSON. president.

GEO. F. BERRY, LEE. Cashier. RICHARDSON, Book-kee -keeper.

John Kimmerley and J. J- Christ Subscribe For proprietor and architect or tua new brick block nearly opposite of the La clede, both of Wichita, were in the li CITIZENS NATIONAL BAN! POES A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS city yesterday. They promise to hur p. will hereafter make his home in Wichita, since thrpugh trains have been put on to Greensburg. W.

G. Bish, of Ford county, an old friend of uncle Clark Godown, came tn from Ford county yesterday, with his family. He reports everything dried up in that locality Hereafter he will ry the block forward io completion at the earliest possible moment. The The My dog lost his collar and tag, No. Ri Leave at News aud get reward.

ii0' Jack Colwell. 200-tf For Kent. Livery barn on lot 67, west side North Maiii street. Inquire of John A. Cra-SiS! KiMCman National Bank.

153-tf Rooms to rkait. Some choice rooms can be obtained at the new residence Mrs. W. D.Fossetton the hill. A family preferred.

JS9-tf Llttkelmann, agent Best Srew-i5Yv Nevada, sella "Standard "Export "Blue Ribbon," SSSSi knownP brands. Kate lower than from Kansas City. 84-tf is becoming one of torrid heat does not appear to inter lots. For Sale, Trade or Exchange. 2 houses.

2 lots with each house. For Sale, Trade or Exchange, 200 acres of improved land. For Sale, Trade or Exchange, 160 aes of fine fere with active work. Attention Subscribers. WM.



PROVINE. AU who have subscribed P. J. M. BURKET, H.

SHAFER. "Exchange bought and sold and collections promptly made Daily News! St, Louis. Ft. Scott ami im rtr Lilts wuuuj 'v n. The only way to reac remain in Kingman.

Phil. Terry, agent for the Fire Extinguisher company, returned last evening from ail gxjtended trip through the western part of this state ami the eastern portion of Colorado. He reports it very dry out there. Mr. L.

Severy, one of the directors of the bania Fp? and a large property owner of Ninnescah, waa in town JagJ; Friday looking after his interests and trying to adjust the differences existing liere between the people and the property owners. Jfirald. CHURCH SERVICES, the pla by the 'Frisco routo, Wichita K.B. for the erection of the ilpthodist Episcopal church are hereby notified to pay either one half or all their subscriptions, as the case may be, on or before August 5th, 1887, to John A. Cragun, treasurer building committee, as our first payment icae the finishing of the foundation will be due." By order of the Building Committa.

201-10t. Drs. Light Weir have recently purchased complete Spts of instruments for treating all diseases pf jthe rectum, such as piles, rectum ulcers, and are now prepared to guarantee a perfect cure In each and avery case undertaken for operation. Their Uatment does not consist of cautery or the use of the knife, is painless, does not require a detention from business, and the cure is complete. Office hours, 8 to li and 2 to 4 p.

m. Office AND MISSOURI PACIFIC RY. Having purchased George Yon-tors' stock of Harness and Saddlery And rnoved it in. the frame building fpuj dpprs north of the Laclede hotel, and having also added a large stock of new good in my line, I am now prepared to sell goods cheap for cash, GIVE ME A GALL. W.

Rueh. fhc shortest line tq Kansas City and St, Louis and all points north and west. Pullman sleeping- cars tp Kansas City dally. Free reclining chair cars daily to Kansas City and St. Louis without change.

Direct connection made in Union depots for CWcago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, New York, Atchison, St. Joseph, Omaha and. Paul. W. Newman, General Traffic Vanaper, H.

Townaend, General Passenger aud Ticket Aarent. St. forming land. For Sale, Trade or Exchange, 1 house and lot on almost any terms WE GREEN, Lost-A lady's hand sachel, brown leather, at or near the D. M.

A. depot. It contained photographs and amall articles of value only to the owner. Return to the Famous shoe store and receive reward. 200-3t To parties ptirelwwing lots at the auction sale the itb aud Pt August at Las Vegas, to the amoujijt ot 50), they will have their car and sleeper atf refunded and furnished a ftee r.ound triptklcetto the West citv to the United Fe, 200-tf On Mabbath morning the pastor of $6 Per Year IN ADVANCE.

Louis. T. Fisher. Assistant General Pat- the Methodist Church will preach on "Christ's Mind and Man's Mind." At night the ladies of the W. C.

T. IT. will songev Agent et 1 x. a. w.

Wichita, Kansas, For tlokets and rates call on W.J.VANPELT8, Agent D.N HAgttfta. Kusss. bold a Union meeting at the church..

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