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The Daily Dispatch from Clay Center, Kansas • 1

The Daily Dispatch from Clay Center, Kansas • 1

Clay Center, Kansas
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THE 'I CLAY CENTER, KANSAS, WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER- PRICE FIVE CENTS. TEN PAGES. ThoKankts vrrUawi M. conference met at Wyandotte yesterday, TtaeKeiituokV it ui'), at 11 Hprln, Ark.

was burned yesterday. Hair Yesterday was a busy day at the Fai Grond. at the entry clerk's office crowds of people flocked to make proper entry of their of their several exhibits and class supqrlnten-dants, with sometimes two or three assistants were kept busy putting thing in places. Floral hall was transformed from cold walls to a thing of beauty. The fancy department BY WIRT WALTON.

An uprising of communists has occurred In Vera Cruz. Tills "Week at tlie The fear of trouble between Gel. any and Spain has greull.v alleotPd business uu ui never looked prettier. In the south wing 01 Pnrls and Uorlin bourses. t.hP, hnildiua.

Clav Center township comes to CITY CHAT. A Busy day. Read the new advertisements. This is a good timet rest. Try it-G.

F. McKnight is dangerously ill. Twelve the Pittsburg gias ware factories the Iront with a magnificent display ofgarden floiri fnrm nvod'ucts. Mr. Drake, the that had suspeuded.imve resumed operations.

The rumor of the rising of the Mollie Ma-miresln Pen n. is pronounced false. township suprentendant, has used excellent In fine Dress Goods, such as Rep Supers, Satin Berbers, Canvass Cloths, Merino Cou-pures, Tricots, all wool Satine and taste in the arrangement of his enteries, uuu in addition, placed the public under ODiiga- The Jennings county bank at Vernon, failed on tho Uth and is reported to have hml rarrvinir 377.000 fraudulent township tlonsby showing some large paintings In oil, of his own handiwork. Mrs. Kehoe, mrs.

Schiltz and Mrs. Harkness have their de partments in fine shape for the throng 01 vis trustee warrants. Six companies of infantry have been ordered to Wyoming on account of the Chinese troubles. itors that will pass into the ouuuing tu-ua The fruit department Is well rilled. Some ol Al.

August returned from east yesterday. Will McKnight came down from WaKee-ney yesterday. Jessie Cleavenger, of Leavenworth, is here visiting her old friends. Mrs. Campbell, mother of H.

returned yesterday from Topeka. Prof. A. J. Eiddison and Manager Taylor made the d.

d. d. a pleasant call last night. Wool braids, Yak Laces and other in great variety. flnpst, stock in Kansas is on tne grouuua.

Tho srenral will decide on the le tt inn TT. Wrisrht of Junction City, snows gality the expenditures of the Alabama a herd or Holstein cattle, shipping them di claims court. rect from Bismark. J. Porter of tne mow Socialistic mass meetings are giving a Grove stock farm of this countiy shows a herd good deal of trouble in London.

the Jacksonville. Flannels, the best in world. Blankets all colors and prices. ofeight. Messrs.

Hemphill, Carpenter ana other well known breeders are on the ground with representatives ot their herds- Mr. Mrs. TT. G. Allen came over from Lincoln TKAOli T.M.Bi.

Col. J. H. TSrady, of Abilene, President of Center yesterday, to attend the Fair Hines shows a hog that weighs aDout iw a viwinn nf stuffed birds and animals the Kansas Pacillo circuit ot lairs, arriveu this morning and will be a prominent figure Charlie Swineheart; of Industry is spending In lhe judges' stand to-day. XX by M.

Covvels of Morgantown attract mucn attention. The lop-eared rabbits exhibited by the week in the city. a Mnrrimn is clerk to the judges and Ladies', Misses', Men's and Children's A fine Une. Miss Allie Peckham is up from Manhatten, will take notes when the slow horse strikes Mr. Brower, of green house fam, draws crowus A dozen stands furnish lunch visiting her sister, MrsKehoe the quarter stretch, es and refreshing drinks to the thirsty.

In the horse department there are about forty in the baby show There's going to be fun department- entries. Dan Myers says he never saw so mnfi horses together in the West. This Gage The Celebrated Self-adjustable Downs Corset, best in two worlds. It Is rumored here that a man was knocked nf thf. stieed rins which has fifty A.

T. Martin will sell you a beautiful quarter stretch badge to-day for 25 cents, Patronize the grand stand in charge of Mr. Stratton. Twenty-five cents admits you all day. "Sol Miller" went lame at Bismarck, out Hon.

Cy Leland's Golden Girl came through -11 nrin tmtin the free for all. Sol fviom vprv fast. The time entries, suiuc mo tn.f,n,v in the free for all pace will prob than ever was made over our down and robbed, in the streets of Wakefield, yesterday. Mrs. Dieter returned home yesterday from Junction City accompanied by her mother, Mrs.

Lemley. nir Tho hest horse owners and drivers Is -the best 4 ye ar old pacer in the west, and are delighted with the track and say it is-ihe An elegant line of Cloaks by all It the i tnia tv. We invito- ho- have seen in the circuit, oiay was never beaten iultil he went wrong lina the other day. He was named alter tne veteran editor of the Troy Chief. Dr.

Laport brought over from Minneapolis Center will never see a bigger or better day racing than will take place to-day and also to-morrow. Eveiy man, woman and child in town ought to attend to-day and show that the city appreciates the efforts of the society to make this the best county fair ever held in Central Kansas. a fine team of flyers to trot against alton John Osborn says that when a stranger meets him after night, he (the stranger) don't want to make any fake moves. -j If the editors of ehe once-a-week papers keep and eye and pair of scissors on tee daily they wili be able to get up spicy papers this week. win Rnss'.

of Rlaine township, left yester eVfcfy W6tirSlarKVchild whaisHs the Fair, to call and inspect our magnificent stock of Fall and Winter Clothing, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes and Furnishing goods. Respectfully, J.RBILUNGS&CO. "pair." Joe Jarvis is here from Concordia with a little mare that has lots uf friends Foot-liglit Flashes, The opera house has been papered very in Clay Center. "Santa Fe's" admirers will be delighted to see him go off all right in the ti ot. The Southwick boys, of Wakefield, are on nicely, but the "Invisible posts" ana Mgu-board drop curtain are still there.

cininiP.a, didn't have a pedigree that would hand with some good horses. Mr. A. C. Smith, of Denver, is here with horses that take no one's dust-unless their entitle her to go in the thoroughbred class.

PIANOS ami ORGANS. She had no mamma. have to, which is seldom. -Mr Sullivan is auitean actor. His Pyg- Chas.

Terbush goes around smiling, feeling mallon Is well conceived and decidedly well that he has a string of horses that have5 won day for a four weeks visit to his old home in Illinois. He will attend the St. Louis Fair. You can talk of tnousands of people by advertising in the daily. They will be here tomorrow' Thursday and Friday.

The Concordia excursion toMunction City yesterday was a being unable to secure coaches; Mr, and Mrs M. Latnrop came down from Miitonvale on the three o'clock train this a. m. to attend the great Fair. Mr.Buchman, of Chicago, who has been visiting here the past two weeks with his sons Arnold and Walter, started for his home yesterday.

It may be well enough to remark, paren- more places this year than any ot the boys. Prof. J. G. Ilartwell and Miss Agnes rhil- lips will drive the Roman Chariot race tins afternoon.

It will be a lively one. tendered. The pianist gave a few national hymns In long measure, common time-very common. The costumes were ellegant, though not altogether appropriate However the audience was somewhat divided in the latter opinion. One of the costumes was also somewhat divided.

A lovely piece of marble. ThP mcin corner was snugly filled last night, Gifford came up from Milford last night to take his old place as starter for the races. J. C. GRUBS, Big base ball game at ten o'clock.

Mr. Johnson, a veteran of the turf from nrro Vio tiin a (. t. is not only a Dr. Linder, Pete Kehoe and Capt, Shawhan Kansas City, will be heard from in several Sells the classes.

are evidently a little near sighted. Beautiful Statue. Would make a fine mon on fnra srood editor. 1 1 tt 1 1 A 1 tv daisy, but a sunflower as well. It gets up early in the morning.

Misses Leonlce Hisrinbotham and Eva Val rrun will he Frou Frow This entino nf Tonnkii. and Miss liettle Higin- "Chantilly" ean fly. Boys should remember this when they are inclined to bet a wa. termelon on the running race.

The track Is In excellent condition, weather fine and horses rested. There's going to be is the companys' favorite. Go to hear it. botham, of Manhattan, are the guests of Mr. aud makes a daisy Galatea- and Mrs.

Hlginbotham of this city. Mr- Johnson is a Chrysos of no mean por fun this week. tions. When he reached the crisis 01 nis pari, Miss French returned yesterday from the cry sissis were all round the stage. About nine different gentlemen think they BEHRBROS.

Pianos her visit in jueau county. Cry sos ought to entea the 200 pound fat men are going to win the county horse bugg trot. race. Ladies were out last night practicing for the equestnansnip contest. Almost Trasedy.

a ti, rwhnrn was returninsT homo There are already several entries for TYian'a ram. Ct. M. Stratton has I LC.) Uiwi 'J Hapgood'sband played last night on on Saturdayiigbt from his daily trip to town with melons, he met a villain on asked permission to contest as ne inmKs that it will make him popular with the the opera nouse 1 At hofi in raiiiieiiu xxi ntid rtAHci T.nwHrti 111a cicii- Tvricc Anno Tiimnnsnn. of Cedar Falls.

nntvAfnorft nan be det)endea on with a wbilfc mask on. This unwelcome toward Mr. Osborne in Ca Iowa, is visiting her sister, Mrs. V. Will soon have a newjlot in and see them to show his speed, and J.

P. Campbell, 1 1 inVK oi.otrAll?" TCn W. Miller. with ctnmi innftr. a.

uaao ui who cai'ea 10 nun, -answer was returned and he again asked A atvwu. 1 'ovti-nct ot malt" ai me eoai. wm un tM. Walton bought the other half in- vesterdav. in himself with a Maud S.

record. Step "What do you wanu" as no was paid Mr. Osborn said if the man in the mask did not stop he would shoot. up, gentlemen, and give us your names. Lt.1 'J VA u.

1 nonincr linrHA "T)nn." the OH6 Ve ll have the tracK wiueneu atcum with tho record of court OfctaMforSWIiG. modate you record. He accordiugly drew out an umuj volver which lie carries about his person to keep the boys out of his melon patch, and fired. The phantom vanished and nr. 1 TtonH ia hanniest man in E.

LohiwmtoW'nm tow It's a grandson, but it's a blamed terloo, Iowa, and than' the Ekler, Mr. gUpwimw.w.wiuwiu F.mest Pinkerton are to be J. C. GHRXTBS. iness.

Mr. Johnson is sou u. gmoke the raiser 01 nne uieiu way homeward rejoicing. This encoun ter occurred on the road just south of the fair grounds and we are thankful to relate so far as our knowledge extends 110 blood was shed. banker, a Avealthy man, Dut no dently without the vices -k fc advertising ITU til Street.

1 tA nttonh nnnsi in UKiiitu invm i cr;ai wplmmfl here. I in tne u. u. u. 1113 Will 111 Allison sells the best Farm Wagon on Earth..

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